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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 16, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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you know who could, would probably by 10? charles payne. the guy is made of money. he prints it. has the gdp of latin america. charles payne, that is 2,000 bucks. charles: that is lot of money. i know where your office is if i ever need a loan. thanks a lot. good afternoon, i'm charles payne. this is "making money." this is big day for blue-chips, particularly earnings, pushing the market slightly into the green. the nation's largest health insurer, unitedhealth group, the stock exploded at opening. first quarter numbers are really good. it got slammedded after warning about "medicare for all." speaking of health care, bernie sanders doubling down on his message for "medicare for all" and lifestyle guaranteed by the government as he defends being part of the 1%. we'll have details from last night's big town hall.
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saving what is left. we're talking of course the paris fire, notre dame cathedral. hundreds of millions of dollars from billionaires and ordinary folks pouring in to rebuild the cathedral, gutted by a massive fire yesterday. we'll go live to paris with the latest. we have that and so much more on "making money." ♪ charles: bernie sanders swagger on full display as he took the role of front-runner last night on fox's town hall. >> not everybody thought i should come on this show. it is not whether you're young, it is whether you're old. it is what you believe in. i believe health care is a human right, not a -- [cheering] if we spend all of our time attacking trump, you know what, democrats are going to lose, all right? [applause] charles: sanders of course also revealed himself to be one of those big bad millionaires that he constantly at after releasing 10 years of tax returns showing his income crossed the million
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dollar mark in 2017 but he says he is not apologizing for that and he had a message for president trump. >> i guess the president watches your network a little bit, right? [laughter]. hey president trump, my wife and i just released 10 years. please do the same. let the american people know -- [cheers and applause] charles: he talked about signature issue. that is "medicare for all." finally acknowledging the high price tag that comes with it. >> health care costs money. every other country, virtually every country does it in the same way we do education for our kids, okay. when a kid walks into school, a kid doesn't have to take out a credit card, right? it is paid for out of public funds that is it what most countries do. if you're asking me, if your question, is a fair question, are people going to pay more in taxes? yes. but at the end of the day the overwhelmingly majority of people will end up paying less for health care. charles: he did not explain exactly how that would happen.
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maybe the panel will. joining me progressive commentator rashad ritchie, deroy murdoch and our very own kristina partsinevelos. let me start with you. i thought bernie sanders had a fantastic town hall. he didn't have to go into details. he said everything he believed in with conviction but at some point you will have to get around to crunching the numbers for all these plans. >> definitely. we still haven't received a concrete answer. everyone has a different picture when it comes to "medicare for all." how will we pay for it. extending medicare, medicaid. i think there is mixed message coming from there. i think it was really great he came on to fox news. all too often, i'm out in the field i was covering the midterm elections, reached out to democratic candidates they would flat-out ignore me. that is the problem. we need a voice from both sides on our network as well on these other networks. charles: no doubt about that. of course i'm glad bret stopped
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attacking network while you're on it. you have the platform. present to the folks out there. what do you make of it. the presentation and where we to from here? i'm telling you right now my mind he is clearly front-runner for democrat nominee. he surpassed biden. wall street takes him seriously. if you look at the carnage, the carnage in health insurer companies, united health had amazing positive earnings report, up eight bucks but down 10. people are taking him seriously. >> i think we should. the level of confidence and poise he presented last night i thought was impressive. to me what is most amazing he is not even a democrat. he is a socialist. an independent socialist for vermont he is running for a party he is not a member. the fact he is socialist he believes all this stuff is completely taken for granted. doesn't seem so unusual or my god, that is extreme. what is extraordinary remarkable about him he is democrat running
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as a socialist. charles: nancy pelosi taking a shot at aoc maybe she was taking a shot at bernie sanders because she really tried to draw the line. she said she is not for socialism. she is progressive. where do you see the democratic party going? i see them taking it over right now? >> i think the democratic party is a i diverse party as it always has been. let's be very clear, inside of the democratic party you have variant of political -- charles: which one is winning out right now? >> right now, right now the progressive movement of the democratic party is winning out. that is evident by the fact that a bernie sanders, not an independent socialist but a democratic socialist as he self-proclaimed is really polling number one. i would say this about the money conversation, charles, we have unlimited amount of money to kill people and blow things up. it is called war. we never argue over the budget of war. in 2015 we had 500 plus trillion
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dollars, billion dollars dedicated to war, military discretionary spending. now that is hitting right at one trillion dollars. the difference between 2015 and 2019 is one thing, political will. if you have the political will to create "medicare for all" you can do it. also the majority of americans are for it. 56% in the last poll said yes. charles: people are for things until they know the details of it, 190 million people will get paid employer's insurance plan, maybe they don't want to get off of it. a lot of people found out they couldn't keep their doctors on obamacare. the broad strokes, kristina, look fantastic. by the way i will say one thing with respect to money for war. i would say it is money to keep us free. so all four of us can have this information not worry about someone bum rushing the studio a kalashnikov. that is the question. i don't think it is war, defense and freedom. i will bring kristina in. >> 2015 we didn't have as much money in the chess as 2019.
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are we safer in 2019 than we were in 2015? charles: i don't want -- >> change the topic we're editorializing. go back to "medicare for all," statement before, everybody wants that. i think that is generation of what the american population wants at this exact moment because nothing has been specifically outlined when it comes to medicare for you will. there is no doubt about it. prescription fees here, way too expensive. something needs to be done but a system like this, you cannot change it overnight. what is working right now are the messages. the messaging is working on the extremes just like president trump did in 2016. the democratic party is learning from that, trying to do their own thing. charles: maybe bernie sanders is learning from it by the same token though what should the gop is learning? apparently this was the number one issue that hurt them the most in the midterms? >> couple things. i think the pop should have a clear plan, this is the gop plan, rather than this plan here, that plan there. amazing to me they have not been able to coalesce around one plan. that is first thing. point out shortcomings of
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single-payer, government pays all system. call it "medicare for all." i call it va for all. the va is system where government pays the bills. you see the situation is. long, long waiting lists where patients died, dropped dead waiting to get medical care. i don't want to see a system like that across the country. charles: thank you all very, very much appreciate it. meanwhile french officials say there are still some risks endangering the structure of the notre dame cathedral following yesterday's monstrous blaze which authorities say was caused by an accident. the damage could have been worse as firefighters removed priceless artifacts. amazing display of generosity, billionaires, large corporations contributing $700 million to rebuild the national monument. we have professor of the architectural history, lisa riley. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. charles: everyone heard of it.
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everyone seen it but the magnitude of the notre dame cathedral, explain it to our audience, please? >> it is one of the kind of signature buildings of the middle ages. i tell people i'm a medieval architectural historian, could be a conversation stopper, you study the notre dame, everybody knows. that is why the support for it is very generous. for the french nation that is heart of identity. it is cathedral not just of paris but all france. they talked about how distances from paris are measured from notre dame out. it is seen as the key building. mid 19th century restoration was very deliberate to construct it as the image of france. charles: of course of course macron saying no one can describe the pain. it is epicenter of the french
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people. 13 million people visited a lot of things were saved including the crown of thorns. as a historian how does that make you feel, when we saw the images yesterday it felt like nothing was going to be saved. >> it was heartbreaking when i was watching in the afternoon. i really wondered if the whole building was going to go up. as so many people talked about, still involved, are partly intended to keep fire from spreading from the roof where most of the wooden construction is in a building down to the rest of the building. as we've seen they largely did succeed in that particular function. but at the same time water is pouring in. the building is now exposed to the elements. we don't know how much the heat damaged the stone of the fact that so much has been taken out of the building safely, a lot of statues have been taken down for the renovation. so they weren't damaged. i think, in many ways it is truly a tragedy but we've been very fortunate in how much of
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the building stands. charles: lisa, once smolder something gone, the debris has been pushed aside, rebuilding they start having this conversation about the rebuilding, do they try to make an exact replica? do they take the facade we keep seeing there, do something different? what do you think they, the approach to rebuilding, how should that go? >> well there is a lot of aspects to it. i would probably advocate, because so much of the building survives, in particular trying to replicate the previous building, if you look at images of circulating quite a bit which was damaged after first world war, rebuilt, same thing international outpouring of support. john d. rockefeller gave much of the money. took 20 years. we have a building most people visit today that people don't realize was so badly damaged. i think the same thing will happen. with notre dame we have much better recording. one of my colleagues in the
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field, the late andrew talon did an extensive digital scan of this building fairly recently which i imagine will be invaluable to the restorers. it gifts us every detail of the building from the digital scans that he did. so the possibility of replicating it is even stronger than it has been in the past. charles: lisa, thank you very much. we appreciate you sharing your expertise with us. >> you're very welcome. thank you. charles: we will have a live report from paris later in the show. meanwhile president trump tweeting, no collusion, no obstruction as anticipation hits a fever pitch for soon to be released mueller report. eric trump slamming house democrats for escalating their investigation into president trump's finances with fresh subpoenas. is there an overreach? more next. ♪
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thanks! just say "watchathon" into your x1 voice remote to upgrade and keep getting more of what you love. charles: eric trump slapping back after house democrats subpoenaed deutsche bank and other financial institutions in an effort to investigate president trump's finances. eric trump saying quote, this s&p is unprecedented abuse of power. simply the latest attempt by
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house democrats to attack the president and our family for political gain. instead of legislating the committee is obsessed with harassing, undermining my father's administration, doing everything they can to distract from his incredible accomplishments. here to discuss, to preview the full mueller report which i will be released on thursday morning, attorney and fox news contributor emily campano. when you think about all the investigations, all the speculation, it feels to me eric trump does have a point hire. it feels like an endless attempt to find anything. it seems also to be quite frank with you, reckless attempt? >> yes. i think what really strikes me about this is the sheer volume and the collaboration going on in the house right now as well as the longevity. for viewers to understand. this is not new. obviously deutsche bank has been subpoenaed, so have a lot of other financial institutions. president trump's accounting
2:18 pm
firm. this is collaboration between the house ways and means committee and intelligence committee and financial committee, right? we have requests going back as far as as 2017 by rep waters which at the time republicans blocked. note too, that the house ways committee subpoenaed the irs for the last 10 years of president trump's tax returns. so i do think it begs the question, yes as constituents is this what we want your legislators focusing on? mind you, that is tip of the iceberg. the new york state attorney general also has subpoenaed financial records from deutsche bank among others. definitely as i said the sheer volume of this is quite extensive. charles: also, emily, from a legal perspective, looks like they're in search of a crime without any sort of evidence. in other words most of the time with any sort of investigation it is triggered by something. in this particular case it feels like this investigation or investigations are just triggered simply by anti-trump animosity. what evidence do they have that
2:19 pm
would suggest there is something in president trump's tax record that the public must see them? >> right. that's the fascinating legal question, frankly at the heart of this. when you have a congressional subpoena, that is issued in terms of catalyst for an investigation. that is totally separate than the specificity required, for example, by a law enforcement warrant, right? what we are entitled to, enjoy as citizens, protection against obviously at the macro end unreasonable search and seizure. we're used to that specificity. here it doesn't have to contain that frankly. that is why there is such pushback by the president's attorneys, as well as for example, the treasury department attorneys pushed back on this, we'll not comply at this point of the give us more. that begs the larger question, inevitably, what is the showdown look like of the subpoenas when you're dealing with international institutions as well? it is in their best interests to comply simply to further goodwill in our relationship but also at what point do they not?
2:20 pm
charles: especially deutsche bank. let's face it, less than a minute ago, ask you what you think we'll see thursday morning with the release of the mueller report? >> we'll see a lot of color-coding. here is what i want viewers to come away with, unlike a common sentiment put forth by the left there is not clear and established precedence regarding grand jury testimony redaction of the courts have held basically that the two sides have to push together and come to an agreement. so meaning, moving forward we've seen civil and criminal things play out in the court especially with the "fast & furious" for ray. but here is remains to be seen. nothing is set in tone in terms of what in fact subpoenas or redactions can uncover. charles: i hope you keep your morning free on thursday. i have a feeling you will be in much demand. emily. thank you very much. we appreciate night thanks, charles. charles: stronger-than-expected earnings from blackrock and johnson & johnson driving the dow, s&p and even nasdaq closer to all-time highs.
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charles: faa draft report finds that the boeing 737 max's revised anti-stall software is quote, operationally suitable. financial times that boeing is facing calls for boardroom shake-up. institutional shareholder service telling its clients that boeing ceo dennis muilenburg should be stripped of his dual role. we'll keep you advised of these developments. market hit a 2019 high today, as first full week of earnings season heats up. blue-chips, johnson & johnson, united health both out performing when reporting earnings and revenue. united health even raised guidance for the year but the stock taking a beating along with the rest of the health care
2:26 pm
sector. this after the company ceo observed "medicare for all," would destablize the nation's health system. with me now to discuss bellpointe market strategist david nelson, bubba trading chief strategist todd horowitz. let me start with you. fascinated with you nighted health up eight bucks, now down double digits. went to 238. down to 217. 20 point reversal. it is getting slaughtered. what do you make of it? >> good afternoon, charles. you will see this, the more they try to fool with the health care system, you will see companies doing nothing but darlings will get hammered. again if they start taking, start taking away private insurance it will obviously dampen the bottom line of these companies. so no matter what their guidance, if bernie sanders gets his way, he is not only one. they're all looking for this health care, they will hammer these stocks into oblivion.
2:27 pm
i don't think he will get his way. i think wall street will wake up to see we have to have a free market even in health care but until then you could see some damage here. charles: we're already seeing a fair amount of damage in this whole space. >> the company was trading 238 in the premarket. that was the high. we're down around 217. that is an enormous swing. that is a political dynamic. "medicare for all" as bernie sanders would like to point out, with a $32 trillion price tag, americans have to understand that could mean medicare for none. that is a big, big cost. ask europeans in my country, about the health care system, versus what they have in europe, they came here largely because of the health care system, because over there, in canada, you have to wait eight, 1015 weeks for critical care. charles: uhn took us down. it is a big weighing on the dow. we're rebounding on boeing.
2:28 pm
the stock is up five bucks now. do you think now perhaps the worst is over for boeing? >> certainly the worst is over. i'm not surprised that there is a fix. boeing their arm of engineers, eventually they will find this issue and fix it. the biggest problem for boeing right now isn't within the company. the biggest problem is regular haar to. the faa is now going to coalesce with china, europe, host of other countries. think how long the faa takes to do everything. imagine that spreading around the world. charles: consequence of them dropping the ball or maybe being too friendly with boeing? >> i think by very nature of relationship, boeing only major u.s. manufacturer of aircraft that size in this country i understand that but i think they dropped the ball. now they have to save face here. charles: todd, boeing's rebounding here. one of the things i'm seeing in this market, a lot of these oversold names, folks are kicking tires on them, is this one you're looking at now?
2:29 pm
>> absolutely. boeing is a a great company. the market is telling you, the street is telling you they're satisfied and lows are in for the stock for the time-being. things can change but one thing we do have here, charles, is a very dullket. we all know dull markets continue to drift higher and drift higher. i think boeing will participate. if they get any really great findings the news comes out really great, boeing could explode and go back to highs again. charles: one of the things market is looking for all-time highs in part because we think the fed is out of the way but there are question marks there. today, national economic council director larry kudlow said the white house is looking, speaking to number of candidates for the fed board seats, besides herman cain and stephen moore. take a listen. >> stephen moore is in the process. we support him. we support herman cain. we'll let things play out in vetting. >> are you interviewing anyone in the spots in case they pull
2:30 pm
out? >> we're talking to a number of candidates. we always do. charles: todd, is it important to you as an investor who they choose? >> it would be important to me if they end the fed all together, we wouldn't have to worry about it. the fed is always political depend hog is in office. i have no problem with herman cain. i think he is a great guy, really sharp. he is smart and understands business. one the big things that federal reserve lacks is understanding common sense and how businesses actually operate and what it takes to run a business in the open market. charles: david, it is absurd like the court system, of course a position that powerful will be politicized. that is why elections matter. does a specific name matter to you? >> not particularly. we look back, what we understand is certainly a mistake. they're trying to correct that to their credit jay powell reversed course. he read the data. he changed. markets responded. >> all you have to do is cut a couple times, and him and the white house will be on the same page.
2:31 pm
david, todd, always appreciate it. the economic renaissance is giving president trump an edge in the 2020 race according to at least the goldman sachs economists but do americans, do americans believe it is shared prosperity? trump's big 2016 campaign promise is build the wall. one company says they can make it happen quickly, on the cheap. guess what? we'll preview it next. ♪ you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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charles: welcome back. some stock alerts to bring you as market trying to get a little bit of traction here. shares of caesars entertainment rising after announcing a new ceo. naming tony rodeo veteran of the las vegas strip. change coming two months carl icahn i invest ad large
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stake in the company and advocating for new changes. kid box, styling service for children, walmart starting today, customers will get exclusive styling box for their kids delivered for 48 bucks after completing a short tile quiz on online. walmart's latest move into the world of fashion as it makes up the subscription service game. pick it up a little bit. shares of cvs are falling after the drugstore chain agreed to pay half a million dollars, that it filled dozens of percocet prescriptions that were obviously, obviously forged. turn back to our top story, parisians giving thanks to firefighters who fought ferociously to save the notre dame cathedral as the towers and rose stained-glass windows are still standing. president macron declaring a national monument will be rebuilt with help of hundreds of millions of dollars in
2:37 pm
donations. fox news's greg palkot live in paris with the latest. greg? reporter: charles, hard to believe 24 hours ago the cathedral of notre dame behind us, about 300, 400 yards away was a raging inferno. that fire lasted something like actually hours. we caught the tail end of it. we saw smoke and flames coming out. during the day we've been watching as firemen inspect and make sure that the structure is cooled down and safe. the damage as you have noted absolutely catastrophic. the spire, the highest point of the church was collapsed, knocked down. most of the roof was burned out. embers, timber going into the church, creating as much as 2/3 of the woodwork to be destroyed by this fire. artifacts however were saved including the venerateed thorn, crown of thorns believed worn by
2:38 pm
christ, solemn and significant moment for the christians in this easter week. as well as basically the structural integrity of the building. there will be more inspections over the next 4hours to make sure fire, firemen can go in and others can go in to assess the damage and pull out what remains that has been saved and then there will be the investigation of the cause. you noted it, charles, excuse me, it's believed it was the renovation work around that spire, some kind of an accident set that up but they still don't know what it was. certainly ruled out terrorism. they pretty much ruled out arson that investigation will be led by a team of 50. finally, yes, the feeling here, solidarity, unity, brotherhood. i have spoken to many people here, almost like a death in the family, a loss felt not just to the people here but to the parisians, to the country, about
2:39 pm
20 minutes ago we heard from french president macron. he actually called for that unity and for solidarity to rebuild this structure. to restore this structure. he claims it can be done in five years. most of the other architects and historians have said it will take much longer than that but they're already on their way to funding this thing. the latest figure we've got is 700, equivalent of $700 million has been raised, surely to bring back a restored version of the notre dame. it will take billions and billions, much time. back to you, charles. charles: the good news, greg, they will get that money for sure. always appreciate your reporting. economists from goldman sachs saying president trump's re-election more likely than that. goldman predicting that the economy gross 2 1/2% this year. unemployment down 3.7% this year. goldman says we could see 2.3% growth and even a lower
2:40 pm
unemployment rate the lowest since 1959 i think. the question will those numbers be enough to hand president trump a second term? we have marc chandler and deroy murdoch is back with us as well. marc, it is interesting the economy stupid is a famous phase by well-known democratic strategists sometimes that is not enough, particularly if people feel like they're not participating in that economy. >> i have to agree. i think goldman sachs is new here. i watch site, they have had trump ahead. i think as of this morning 40. you so you bet a dollar, bet 40 cents you get a dollar back if trump wins. charles: that is site based on collective wisdom of gamblers, mostly professional type gamblers. goldman is saying economy, the economic renaissance, deroy is
2:41 pm
so strong and undeniable that it will get president trump over the top. >> i think that there is a lot of truth. "gallup poll" has him at 39%. i have him at 45. rasmussen has i am 52%. if the mueller report exonerates him as we expect that issue disappears. they're talking about 2.3 or 5% growth. i don't know if growth can't be higher if we get some sort of china trade deal, oil down from 65 down to the 40s. charles: oil at this point considering america will be the largest producer ain't bad for a lot of americans. it is not as detrimental. you can argue, while it may cost us more at pump we're creating a lot of jobs. >> creating a lot of jobs because of fracking. >> why would goldman be in this, predict something two years out doesn't that make sense as investment point of view where you want to know where you start investing? >> it makes sense based on
2:42 pm
predicting shun. based on economic predictions. based on economy, as long as economy does well how much it favors incumbent. this time is different. trump did not win majority of popular vote. that is mistake. electoral college ultimately, but popular vote. a lot of my friend on wall street voted for trump, didn't vote for trump as they voted pens hillary clinton. polarizing candidate -- charles: hillary clinton is fiscal conservative compared to leading candidates now. hard to believe anyone who thought hillary damaging to the economy wouldn't think bernie would do worse. >> we're paying $1.2 trillion deficits. can any democrat done more than that? i doubt it. charles: no democrat, deroy would have cut taxes to this degree. would have lowered regulations to this degree. hard to consider any of them would have created 500,000 manufacturing jobs. none would have taken on china. so, pox on both houses for overspending i think the idea from an investment point of view, wall street point of view
2:43 pm
you want this to continue, what about main street? what if you feel like you haven't been part of this? >> come november of 2020, if the trend the continue, 3.8, 3.7% unemployment, record low black unemployment -- charles: what happens, deroy, democrats say the gap between black unemployment and white unemployment is significantly high. it is but narrow as it has been. hear someone like bernie sanders saying it is great. 80%, 1% are getting all of this. even though people are acknowledging because it is hard not to strength of economy, they're telling masses you are not participating, doesn't that resonate? >> if it is bernie sanders saying we want government take over everything, democratic socialism, washington, d.c., run all of our lives, tell us what to do while we wake up and go to sleep. that has resonance with the economic melt down. mortgages going up in smoke. economy is booming, people are prosperous, this sounds like alien chatter.
2:44 pm
charles: we have to leave it there. thank you both. very much appreciate it. as the crisis at the border escalates, there is a company that says it can build a border wall under budget. can the private company fix what the government has not been able to? one day before netflix releases quarterly earnings, bernie sanders knocking the tax bill or lack thereof. does netflix need to be prepared for a showdown on the eve of announcing earnings. we'll be right back. >> netflix and dozens of major corporations as a result of trump's tax bill pay nothing in federal taxes. i think that's a disgrace. ♪ 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales.
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charles: democrats and liberal media quick to blast the cost of president trump's border wall but a construction company says they can make it happen fast and cheap and now they're showing off their ideas to lawmakers in arizona. william la jeunesse happens to be in arizona right now. william. reporter: well, charles, time and money, two reasons many oppose the border fence say 57 miles for a billion dollars or a mile every two weeks? for many that isn't good enough. democrats, they don't like the idea of a wall. they want just technology. this arizona company today is proposing both. they had a demonstration
2:49 pm
project. let me show you what they did. they brought in a ditch digger, put in a six-foot deep trench. moments later these excavators dropped in the huge panels 56 feet wide after steel fence. dropped it in moments later. in came the cement truck for the footing. there are four excavators here. that is over 200 feet early this morning, right. not only that, but, at the bottom of the trench there are two fiber-optic cabling running the full length of the fence that provides agents what we call situational awareness. they can see what is coming, an individual approaching the fence. bill cassidy after witnessing it, something he might be interested in. >> if someone has the ability to do it faster, cheaper, higher quality, bonding if you will to protect the taxpayer from all those claims not being true i'm
2:50 pm
interested in that. i think the taxpayer is as well. reporter: for perspective the border is 2,000 miles long. about 754 miles is fenced. about 2/3 of that is designed to stop pedestrians. a third to stop vehicles. president wants 450 miles by the end of his term. so this company is proposing they will put in 214 miles of fence, like you see here in 14 months for $3.3 billion. that is a bargain. they're throwing in a road. also the cameras and radar as well as fiber-optics, charles. so that's what they're proposing. it was a unsolicited bid. they had about a dozen congressman out here, officials from dhs, the core of engineers to evaluate, is it doable. that is where we are right now. that doesn't exactly stop all the asylum-seekers that is up to congress. the president may have enough money through the national emergency declaration. we'll have to see.
2:51 pm
charles: william, nice looking fence. pretty impressive stuff. thank you very much. reporter: isn't it beautiful? charles: it is. speaking of beautiful, maybe after the close we'll find out if netflix is still beautiful. they report now. the big question on every analyst's mind, is the streaming giant maintaining that torrid growth rate as it braces for competition from disney and apple. ♪ so, jardiance asks...
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charles: hot on the heels of disney announcing the launch of its $7 streaming service set to debut in november, investors will get a closer look at the competition as netflix will report their earnings after the bell. what can we expect? here to weigh in, our very own deirdre bolton and david nelson is back with us. the estimates here, what are we looking for? >> so estimates at $57 per share as far as the earnings go and revenue would be $4.5 billion. if that comes in, that's about a drop of around 10.5% if you do same quarter a year ago. as far as the revenue, if they hit that 4.5 billion number, that would be 21.5% higher. just remember the last quarter. this is more important. netflix whiffed a bit on the revenue number. they did exceed wall street's expectations for the earnings and subscriber growth. here's the two things anyone cares about, net ads for subscriber growth, how many new
2:56 pm
people are signing up, growth in asia, that's a big thing, then just an update on the cash burn, because last year, the company went through $3 billion. it's likely to be the same or slightly worse this year. charles: what's the estimate for the net subscriber addition? >> net subscriber, there is a difference between domestic and international. netflix has already guided -- charles: almost maxed out here in america. >> yeah, they have been very clear in their defense, so 1.6 million domestic, 7.3 million international. i spoke with rich greenberg, great analyst, great media analyst, and he said listen, that international number, that's what everybody is looking for. they want to see growth in asia. the u.s. market is mature which we know what that means. charles: meantime, netflix has been one of the hottest stocks of the year. got dinged a little on the disney news, but investors always come back to this, even when they miss periodically over the last four or five years, it's been one of those names that rebounds quickly. they got the first mover advantage. here's the question, i guess. disney has this amazing vault of
2:57 pm
movies we have already seen, but what about original content and is their premium to be demanded by the stock and the company for having premium original content? >> i don't care how you get it. either you can grow it, you can buy it, you can rent it. whatever you do, you have got to get it and deliver on that. but the only thing that grows as fast as their revenue is their debtload. they continue to have to come out with debt. i think we understand now why disney bought the 21st century fox assets. i think that's a huge win. $6.99 is a new value proposition. i'm not sure i'm the best person to ask about this name. i missed the last 200 points in the stock. but i look at the valuation of this and i say to myself you know what, there's nothing proprietary about this technology. disney is not going to be the last media outfit to come out and invade this space. there's going to be many more. charles: how many companies can afford to spend $15 billion a year on content, though? >> maybe not $15 billion. charles: that's a pretty -- >> all these other companies, cbs offering is very, very good.
2:58 pm
you will see that expand. everybody with content is going to come out with some kind of streaming service. >> you have at & t coming out, warner with the partnership there, nbc universal, apple. apple is spending $1 billion and netflix spends at least $13 billion. we will get an update on that. >> by increasing the debtload, you can only do that for so long. >> listen, i don't have a dog in this race, if you like, but netflix does have 140 to 200 million to spend -- million subscribers worldwide and they are the 800 pound gorilla in the room. the thing disney does have going for it, if you are a marvel fan, they are so dedicated. same with lucas films, "star wars" or if you have little kids, all the disney properties. i actually don't think this is an either/or thing. i think -- charles: let's be honest, though. i think disney announcement, two things. iger's stand alone was 50% of the move but the other thing, they are willing to lose a lot of money on this. we were talking subscriptions
2:59 pm
$12.99, not seven bucks. it's a race, a race for both companies. probably it will lose money in an effort to get eyeballs. >> it will take five years to break even. >> don't you think it puts a lid on what people are willing to pay? $7 there eliminates the possibility netflix can continue to raise. charles: why do you think netflix got a raise this morning by a tier one firm looking for $400 a share? maybe they have the amazon effect. maybe this is one of those companies that has such dominance around the world, perhaps one competitor that at the very least, you know what, if disney and netflix split the world, what's wrong with that? >> i think you have a first mover advantage and they are the ones to beat. they are in the lead. that's why they got that upgrade. >> betamax had a first mover advantage. charles: that was easy to duplicate. >> birdbox, which i did not see, had 80 million views in the first 30 days alone. >> don't listen to me. i missed the last 200 points.
3:00 pm
>> i'm just saying, i'm just having fun. charles: great discussion to have. we will know in about an hour. this is a very influential stock. thank you very much for helping us break it down, deirdre and david. dow jones industrial average up 78 points as i hand it off to liz claman. liz: we have a lot of breaking news. i know you will be interested in this. we just got news about qualcomm. we will get that to you in a minute. from paris, french president macron has now in just the last hour put a timeline on the famed notre dame cathedral opening its doors once gagain. macron telling crowds the 850-year-old monument will rise from the rubble within five years. the historic gothic church in tatters after a fire yesterday that incinerated much of the building. its roof, and in a scene that had many around the world gasping, melted the footings of that iconic spire which then collapsed. french ols


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