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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 17, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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small engine. this doesn't have whole lot of go. the economy and earnings. lastly everybody wants to buy it. you realize it is just a gremlin. [closing bell rings] a little bit of danger. be careful. liz: we shall. crossing unchanged line 165 times, the dow is flat. connell: a big jobs push from the white house today. huge savings for investors with president trump touting the impact of tax reform the commitment to bring opportunity back to families in the u.s. the dow, if it would be up for the day, it would be a high for the year. melissa: so close. connell: it is one of those almost there. looks like it will settle a little bit lower but we'll see. fighting for gains into the close, down three points as we speak. we'll see how things settle out there. the s&p 500, tech-heavy nasdaq do end the day just slightly in the red. there we go. i'm connell mcshane. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell."
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we have more on the big market movers. first here is what is new at this hour. the fbi about to hold a news conference in denver where federal officials say the threat to columbine is over. a law enforcement source telling fox news that the woman, quote, infatuated with the high school shoot something dead, just days before themation marked 20 years since the massacre. we're monitoring the event. we'll bring you breaking headlines. authorities are still trying to piece together exactly what caused the historic cathedral to catch fire. we're live in paris with the latest. holding dictate toreships accountable. white house announcing pressure
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on cuba and venezuela, putting pressure on nicolas maduro's regime. connell: gerri willis at new york stock exchange and blake burman and edward haw recognize in the white house and kristina partsinevelos in the new york newsroom. let's start with the. reporter: opportunity zones attached to the new tabs code rolled out. the president touted new opportunity zones. officials said that the new regulation was help with compliance, treatment of gains and what qualifies as an opportunity zone. the president saying this will help areas which 35 million americans live in all across the country. he touted long term financial incentives that come with the invest. >> in order to revitalize these areas we lowered the capital gains tax for long-term
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investment in opportunity zones all the way down to big fat, beautiful number of zero. you're saying i don't want to go there. i don't love the location. then they hear about the zero. they say i think i'm going to go there. reporter: one of president trump's likely fed board nominees says he is not withdrawing. "wall street journal" published an interview with herman cain. he told the journal, the president is a fighter, kudlow is a fighter. they might get a lot of blow pack from some folks, i don't know, but i don't think they're getting uncomfortable with it. here is the problem for herman cain, connell, melissa, four republican senators came out and saying as it stands right now they cannot support his nomination. that four is one too many. back to you. melissa: interesting. thank you, new details on a timeline on a trade deal with
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china. edward lawrence has the latest on this one. it is always a developing story, probably one of the most important ones. edward? reporter: another step forward here. u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer and treasury secretary steve mnuchin will go to china april 29th. this is the 10th round of talks related to a u.s.-china trade deal. the chinese want the tariffs gone forever, never to return. the u.s. wants to use the tariffs to make sure china follows through with any agreement and be able to reimpose tariffs if they break the agreement outright. still deadline after deadline passes president donald trump optimistic about a deal. listen. >> our trade deal with china is moving along and it is moving along nicely and we're asking for a lot of things. i have a feeling we'll be successful. and it will be good for both countries but that is moving along quite well. you will be hearing about it very, very shortly. reporter: and the president of
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china, president xi xinping does not want, according to my sources come to the u.s. to make a special trip to sign this. it looks like it will be on neutral ground, possibly a signing, if, if we have a deal at the g20 summit in june. melissa: thank you. connell: pinterest and zoom set to go public tomorrow. what we've seen from lyft the performance has investors on edge. let's talk to gerri willis from new york city. reporter: we have two companies, pinterest an zoom. pinterest is advertising bulletin board. let's do it by numbers. 11 billion valuation. big float, 75 million shares. originally hoping to raise 1.15 billion. the price was originally 15 to $17 a share. they raised it this afternoon to $19 a share of the big thing no
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profits not yet at pinterest. the loss is narrowing. revenues up 60% year-over-year. the zoom, the videoconferencing software company coming public at nasdaq. 9 billion-dollar valuation. it raised the ipo range to 33 to 35 a share. the company is profitable, a tech company profitable coming to market. it is interesting to see how the two play out, giving options to investors. everybody talking about these two deals. we will be watching it tomorrow morning, camera in hand. connell: that is the way to do it, gerri. thank you. as we bring in our panel, jonathan hoenig capitalist pig hedge fund founding member, fox news contributor. todd horowitz, bubba trading show with us today. first, jonathan, gerri talking about with the ipo, pinterest, zoom, either one make jonathan hoenig excited what do you think. >> the question not whether they make me excited, connell, what do they do for the market writ
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large. these unicorns are setting the stage. the response to lyft shock ad lot of investors. this was highly anticipated ipo. has not done so far down 25%. we'll see what the response is to pinterest and zoom. 24 new highs, 89 new lows. markets are waiting, watching, keeping abreast what happened to the managed care stocks. those are down 15% since the democrats are talking about "medicare for all." a quiet day on wall street. the question is it the calm, or calm before the storm? connell: calm before the storm, right. speaking of which, that is, todd a decent transition to the other, a big event that we will have tomorrow and that event is the release of the mueller report, right, redacted mueller report. from your point of view, todd is that looked upon at all as possibility of being a market moving event or it is not even in that category? >> you mean all the blank pages
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we're going to get tomorrow? it could be market moving if there is something in there that is total shock to everybody that would create some fear in the market. generally i would say no but of course they're going to find something and of course it could make the markets react. a lot of markets react on a word said out fear. if there is something that scares the street you could see some movement but my guess there will not be anything in there, especially we're getting 8,000 blank pages anyways. melissa: 15 months of fresh hell. a new expose' from "wired" magazine, facebook's internal struggles to restore its image and leadership battle with ceo mark zuckerberg. fox business's kristina partsinevelos is here with all the details on this juicy and somewhat gory story. reporter: it was 12,000 words long a very long article that focused on the drama that happens within facebook. the drama between employees. the drama between mark zuckerberg that you're seeing on
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the screen right now and certain people like the founders of instagram. facebook bought instagram for $4 billion, according to the article they did not get along. the article painted mark zuckerberg jealous about instagram success. sheryl sandberg has a private conference room called only good news. how moderators need to take 80 hours of training to decide if there is fake news on the website. that training how to read emojis. a lot of detail but the overlying theme on the article we see with a lot of headlines that facebook focused on growth at expense of user privacy. suns we're talking about growth, if we look at the monthly active users was a graph taken from facebook's fourth quarter. you can see over the past
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several years they have been climbing steadily. everybody is worried about facebook showing down. you see monthly active user growth there. facebook at the moment admitted they have been wrong in the past. they admitted. we reached out to facebook to get comments regarding this article. they did not respond. the stock is relatively flat today, but over the years up 35%. reached out to several analysts a lot of price targets very bullishes, especially bullish on earnings coming out the 24th. seeing numbers like $195 like likes of goldman sachs. investors seem to like the company despite the negative headlines. melissa: kristina, thank you very much. jonathan and todd is back with us. the reason these stories dig so deep because they were sanctimonious with facebook, you learn what was going on inside with sort of the hypocrisy.
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the quotes are unexploded landmines everywhere planted 10 years ago that blow up about this idea that facebook was trying to prioritize growth over all other values for most of their existence. there was bunch of bad links, bad ideas that hit them in the way of public trust when those landmines exmode flowedded later when they were -- exploded later when they were made to pay the price. jonathan what is your take on facebook. >> they invented social media, doing it in real time, sometimes more successful than others. the stock is up 35%. to call working at company hell, i don't know, average salary at facebook is 150,000. the founders of instagram were paid a billion dollars, shareholders paid a billion dollars, if that is hell, i'm sure it is competitive, if that is hell that is a hell most people want to be a part at the end of the day.
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melissa: still, todd, the take on this from a lot of really smart people, basically facebook right now is almost dead money, because it will get hit and hit and hit an hit and hit again with these sort of negative articles and landmines blowing up where they betrayed the customers trust or they have done the things they are going to get in trouble for, and this kind of narrative never ends so as a long-term investment from here, it doesn't make a lot of sense, do you buy that? >> no, i don't buy that. in fact i do own fates book. really the only game in town as jonathan said. the dirty little secret they make a lot of money and investors are not running away. there are many, many reasons for the stock to collapse, yet here it is charging higher. we purchased at 129. now it is 180 again. people don't care. they're getting new subscribers they're the customer, they're the product and providing facebook with all the money.
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melissa: the best way to chitchat with your grandparents. there you go. connell: nothing wrong with that. melissa: no, that's great. connell: we're getting even closer to the 2020 election, closer by the day, as they say. you know what that means more nicknames from president trump. melissa: like holland. i'm sorry. connell: brander in chief is already using his expertise in this area to label his opponents. we'll talk about this, this is real, you know if the watched the last election this is real. we talk to how war kurtz. melissa: i hate when people call me missy. don't do it again. sounding alarm over upcoming congestion tax. critics pushing back at new york's pricey plan other cities consider adding a similar tax. it is like the tariff battle. how it could impact you. connell: can only mean that jeff flock -- melissa: look at that. >> jeff is at the auto show in new york at the javits center. you don't want to miss that.
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melissa: so what the hell does he know about branding? he only became the president. that is what donald trump had to say about himself this week. that wouldn't me. now the president's revealing his nicknames for his two
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leading democratic challengers, tweeting quote, i believe it would be crazy bernie sanders and sleepy joe biden as the two finalists to run against maybe the best economy in history, in the history of our country and many other great things. i look forward to facing whoever it may be. may god rest their soul. hmmm. 2020 shaping up to be one for the history books again, and maybe the bismarck -- bismarck getting. nickname time again. >> breaking nickname news. he has been calling bernie crazy. variation on low energy jeb. melissa: was a good one. >> president weighing in early this stage on democratic front-runners he is particularly obsessed with bernie sanders since he participated in the fox news town hall, he has taken a couple whacks as well.
4:19 pm
melissa: we're okay. >> it was a very good town hall. i think what happened here, donald trump is so used to put a early dominating all forms of media, even sports pages he predicted that tiger would win the masters, democrats running are starting to get more attention. he wants to get into the stories, tweeting and commenting about democrats running particularly bernie is anomaly the democratic front-runner. melissa: you're so smart. you say he is doing it from a marketing perspective. that he makes sure he is the headline of the story. i'm feeling childish. he does love branding people. some of the best ones, we remember crooked hillary. he remembered teases that was coming. i have a great one for her, just wait. you mentioned low energy jeb he couldn't shake. "lyin' ted" and little marco. one i forgot, evan mcmullen, he called him evan mcmuffin.
4:20 pm
>> he doesn't like jeff bezos. amazon founder. he called him jeff bows sew. it's a little bit childish. at the same time it works because peep remember it. whether it is marketing or not, president can't help himself he has to be in the middle of every story including this one. melissa: it does plant the seed, close to being the way someone is perceived, rightly or wrongly it really does stick. to label joe biden, sleepy joe biden, linking, people talked about his age. >> oh, yeah. melissa: ostensibly the same age as the president, but if it is sleepy joe biden, what does that imply? what does that do to joe biden? >> you know, they're both in their 70s. biden is a few years older. clearly a shot at his age and the notion does he have the stamina for the job? it is kind of thing that is designed to plant a little seed of doubt in potential voters. melissa: then there is this.
4:21 pm
nancy pelosi counterpunching against the group of far left freshmen democrats. you say though she might be the one getting bruised. how do you see that? >> well nancy pelosi is in a bind because she, donald trump wants to run against the democratic party as a bunch of socialists and she has prominent let's say uber liberals like ilhan omar, like aoc, who get a lot of media attention. ocasio-cortez is on the cover of "time." they don't have much power in the senority ranks. nancy is not trying to directly dissing them but accused not trying to protect them. he is defending moderates. that is how they became speaker, they won 40 seats many in moderate districts. fascinating, melissa, president, nancy doesn't have a nickname. melissa: i call her nancy. >> yeah that is the nickname. he hasn't frontally attacked her. that she is ilhan omar's puppet.
4:22 pm
because she is controlled by ilhan omar, she is controversial. comments about 9/11, past anti-semitic comments. he is trying to tie the house speaker to the freshman congresswoman. we will see when that works. melissa: i call hermance sy. >> i call her melissa. melissa: that is very nice, howie. connell: he didn't call you missy. melissa: i'm sorry you pave you that. connell: you should be. we'll get on to the rest of the news of the day, boy, paris is still something to talk about. moneywise, nearly a billion dollars of money already raised in crowd funding to help rebuild notre dame which is amazing. we'll take you live to paris after the break with more details. the u.s. hitting the central bank of venezuela with fresh sanctions. will this effort take power away from nicolas maduro? we'll be right back. with drivewise.
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from across the globe to restore france's iconic notre dame cathedral after the massive fire there. fox news correspondent molly line on the ground in paris with the latest for us. molly. reporter: good evening, connell. onlookers continue to gaze on the wounded heart of paris an inspectors continue to look for more information as they prowl over the walls, occasionally see a peek of light been consistent over last couple days. we're beginning to get more information about the response to this catastrophic fire. the paris fire brigades confirming it took half an hour for the first fire trucks to arrive. initial calls were delayed. people inside didn't realize what was going on yet. another hour for trucks with tall gantries to come into the area with spouts that could reach high up to get a start on the ferocious blaze. they managed to save the north belfry and twin towers, saving the overall structure here on the ground and there is good
4:28 pm
news as well, some of the treasures within the rose windows have survived although they are covered in smoot. the rooster sat across the top of the spire that burned and crumbled found slightly damaged. they aim to repair that. finally the can three dal 18th century organ with 8,000 pipes surveyed damage. it will need a very thorough cleaning. there is shared effort to repair damage here. already, roughly a billion dollars has poured into to get started what could potentially be a worldwide project with architects and efforts coming in from across the globe. connell. connell: that part is amazing. thank you for the update, molly line live in paris for us. >> colorado's all-out manhunt coming to an end. the fbi wrapping up a news conference providing an update on the investigation after authorities confirmed the woman accused of threatening columbine
4:29 pm
high school has been found dead now. we're on the ground in denver. that's next. connell: plus taking a page from new york's playbook. why more big cities are considering a tax on drivers to try to ease up on congestion. neighbors of the empire state are currently planning their revenge. melissa: yes, they are. from software bugs to bedbugs if you're heading to apple's flagship store to pick up an iphone, oh, you might come home with something unexpected. bugs. connell: no. melissa: the issue believed to have been started during the store's overnight hours. the management says the threat has been isolated. watch out! yikes. connell: uh-oh. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug
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whoooo. did you know the exact same hotel room... ...can have many different prices? that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price! >> we do have breaking news on the mueller report. we know the redacted report released tomorrow morning. fox news confirmed attorney general bill barr will hold a news conference tomorrow morning. that is set for 9:30 eastern time. bill barr news conference. melissa: the massive colorado manhunt has come to an end the fbi just updating the media after authorities confirm the teen who was allegedly infat eighted with the columbine high school shooting was found dead. fox news's alicia acuna is in denver with the latest. reporter: melissa, the fbi just
4:34 pm
did wrap up the news conference, they knew to look for sol pais in the mountains west of denver. that is where someone had seen her. that is where they found her body. >> looks she was found alone and took her own life with the weapon she procured. reporter: denver agents were tipped off by the miami field office that the 18-year-old florida teen was headed to colorado, but did not know she might be a threat where she ared a weapon two miles from the colorado high school. they say pais was infat eighted with the columbine shooting that happened in 1999. the gun broker said pais brought the shotgun legally. she went through the fullback ground check and was given clearance by nics, national instant criminal background check and cbi, colorado bureau
4:35 pm
of investigations. we had no reason she was a threat to herself or anyone else. white she did not threaten columbine specifically or any other particular school, investigates say her statements to family friends, online postings were concerning so much so that the most of the denver area school districts closed their doors including columbine. administrators placed schools on lockouts. but today 560,000 students stayed home. melissa, schools plan to be back open tomorrow some with heightened security as you can imagine. melissa: alicia acuna, thank you. connell: doubling down. the national security advisor john bolton today announcing a new set of sanctions on venezuela's central bank over its support for nicolas maduro while issuing a new threat to russia. let's listen. >> these steps to venezuela's central bank should be a strong warning to all external actors, including russia, against deploying military assets to
4:36 pm
venezuela to prop up the maduro regime. the united states will consider such provocative actions a threat to international peace and security in the region. connell: we're joined by mike gonzalez from the heritage foundation where he is foreign policy senior fellow. mike, good to see you. >> thanks for having me on. connell: coming here in the studio. as the national security advisor said the idea is to send a message to russia. what do you make of this? >> he is exactly right. he is looking at two countries, one is russia and one is china. they have supported maduro. the president of venezuela nobody thinks he is president anymore, that is because of venezuelan government of maduro owns russia and china a lot of money. announcing sanctions against the central bank, what the trump administration is telegraphing, very forcefully, they will not be able to meet any obligations. saying the same thing to kremlin and beijing, cut off your ties now. you will not be able to get any money that they owe you back.
4:37 pm
now the new government may be able to pay you back but not this government. connell: are we at a point where some of this starts to work in terms of maduro really will be on his way out? and at what point do we get to a stage where all options on the table conversations when we really have to have, we have to talk about a military option. are we anywhere close to that? >> we're not close to that anywhere at all. we only started this. the sanctions only work if the whole world is united. the history of late tip america, they never get involved. they don't like getting intervening in each other's affairs. there is reason for that. bolsonaro is different leader in brazil. the president of the chile. you have conservative governments, duke in colombia and conservative governments in chile and argentina. connell: right. >> europe is behind the trump administration as well. the trump administration has done a fairly good job heeding the world to rally against
4:38 pm
maduro. connell: people are talking about new approach to cuba. i want to ask you about that. first we go back to john bolton talking about this. here he is. >> americans who have their hard-earned property stolen in cuba will be al how to sue. anyone who traffics in property stolen from americans will not be issued a visa to the united states. they are not welcome here. connell: now the ban on lawsuits had been in place for two decades. this is a big deal. certainly a much different approach than what we saw from the obama administration. >> this is a law that bill clinton signed in 96. it was the liberty act. there is waiver, each president since clinton, title 3 which is to hit, to hit companies doing business in cuba with military government with sanctions. every president has waived it off. there has been a waiver. this is the lifting of that waiver. for the first time since the law was signed, what it says to companies is, we're, the world's
4:39 pm
largest economy. you want to deal with us? connell: what is the effect again? >> any european country, if you do business to cuba, not travel here to do business in the united states and american citizens can sue you if you're transacting in property that was stolen from anybody who is an american now, including over two million cuban-americans. that is the new thing. connell: but again, a different approach, just at least in tone and in practice. >> that is the important thing if you want to get maduro out. that is who supports the maduro regime, cuba, cuba, russia, as you say, china. mike, good to see you. >> thank you very much. connell: melissa. melissa: a tariff battle. new york governor andrew cuomo's congestion tax is gaining support from other big cities tackling pollution and heavy traffic and overspending but new jersey and staten island firing back plotting their revenge. here is liz peek, columnist, fox news contributor.
4:40 pm
i thought this was hilarious. on my ride in this morning in the car i was listening to the battle between all the boroughs and what our neighbors were saying would do in retaliation if new york charges to come in from new jersey. we want an exemption or else we'll do this to you. new jersey even said they would go as far as to introduce congressional legislation to hurt new york. staten island has another idea. how this play out do you think. >> some new jerseyians are talking putting a tariff on people going to new jersey to make it even. this is enormous tax basically on people who commute to new york. and what's offensive about it is that the details are not yet known. that's a point being made by a lot of the people rejecting it. the details are being kept secret until those responsible are revoted back into office. so they don't have to take really responsibility for the details. what are the details? for example, not all bridges and
4:41 pm
tunnels that lead into new york will be subject to the congestion pricing, which is sort of head-scratching. in other words the gw, george washington bridge will carry that tariff but apparently the tunnels from new jersey will not. so it is one of these sort of tinkering situations. melissa, just that people need money. so other cities are looking at this. we don't know the details. we don't know if it will work in new york city. it could cause a tremendous overload on mass transit. if you're not driving in, presumably you will take mass transit in. otherwise for people actually facing this, this is another 3,000-dollar tax. connell: melissa: yeah. >> here is the bottom line in new york. it is the state with the worst out-migration in the country. things like this pile up, pile up and drive people away. melissa: but that is exactly how this started. that is the irony, liz. >> yeah. melissa: the hypocrisy, sanctity money acting hike it has to do with the environment, we're
4:42 pm
trying to encourage people not to drive, so you tax the things you want to stop. the truth is governor cuomo went to president trump to talk about the out-migration the fact because we can't do the salt deduction everybody is leaving new york. they have this huge budget shortfall. instead of lowering spending, the governor comes up with an idea to squeeze the people even further when the reason why they're leaving is because taxes are too high, so his solution is to tax them some more as opposed to, shrinking the size of government and waste and spending. >> here is the problem, melissa. it is same for blue cities and states across the country. all of these organizations, these states and cities made promises to public employee unions that are basically taking the majority, lion's share of budgets. there is nothing they can do about that. those are commitments that will not change. if you look, for example, police funding in our city, almost all of the money goes to benefits
4:43 pm
for retirees and also for current day workers. there is almost no money left over. this is the problem. and you couple that within amazing lack of accountability in our politicians who are voted in, one party rule year after year. who basically don't have to plan for the future. you have armageddon. that is where we are. a city like philadelphia is scrambling. they think, wow, congestion pricing another source of revenue. this is city put in a soda tax, it was a total flop. it was not for schools. it was for balancing their books. melissa: liz peek, very wise, thank you. connell: possible jail time mean time for the cheating elite. new details on the college admissions scandal after actress felicity huffman pleaded guilty. facing for public humiliation, prosecutors planning to release video of the patriots owner
4:44 pm
robert kraft. melissa: no one wants to see that. no one wants to see that. connell: not one person in the entire country. how his attorneys are responding to it next. ♪ all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. craftsmanship and technology that have made the rx the leading luxury suv of all time. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $409 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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connell: we do have breaking news related to china. china is refusing to issue a visa to this man, michael
4:48 pm
pillsbury, a formal advisor to president trump on issues of china. regular on this network. axios, pillsbury attending conference in beijing. told "axios" chinese sat on application. he still has not received his passport back. kind of interesting with the trade talks. melissa: prosecutors will release video of patriots owner robert kraft from the day spa but the judge is halting the action for gnaw. laura engle is in the newsroom. hey, melissa. >> we're getting worth emergency conference call circuit judge overseeing case, will not allow release of videos until he has ruled. that is quite a different from few hours ago. it has been dramatic week of back and forth over release of surveillance tapes, prosecutors show new england patriots owner robert kraft, paying for, receiving sex acts in a florida spa, video prosecutors say will
4:49 pm
be pixilated or blurred before it is released. earlier today, in a court filing made by prosecutors, they wrote this. the state as custodian of the record cannot delay release of records to allow a person to raise a constitutional challenge to the release of the documents. kraft's attorneys have been pushing back of course asking the judge to prevent the release of video it will destroy mr. kraft's right to constitutional fair trial. prosecutors aler they are required to release the tapes. they come from alleged human trafficking sting that took place at or kids of day spa where kraft ailing he hadly frequented. no trafficking charges came from the sting. he paid to have sex with employees twice during january. florida's sunshine law provides right of access to governmental proceedings at both state and local levels, which means it includes this case. kraft who pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor charges of
4:50 pm
soliciting a prostitute selected a jury trial on the charges. kraft's attorney filed a motion to suppress video evidence hearing about today. hearing scheduled on that, april 29. saga goes on. melissa: laura, thank you. connell: laura gave us interesting developments on that, maybe now the judge will hold this up because we were wondering would what happen here. it is different state to state. >> you're absolutely right. every state has difficult laws about the kind of evidence it releases pretrial, in every state there going to be competing interests just like there are in this case. does the public have a benefit or right to know? yes, of course. we compete with the victims. connell: right. >> in this case there doesn't seem to be much of public interest served. makes for a great headline. connell: other than tabloid interest, that is it, don't you think. >> there are other people decide robert kraft. other defendants as well as
4:51 pm
victims, people also in the tapes. connell: we have you here to talk about another story as well, college admission scandal for possible jail time for felicity huffman. prosecutors seeking four to 10 months in jail to the actress for her involvement in the scandal. that comes from a cnn report. recommend my, if that goes to four, is that the lower end, people looking at four months? >> every defendant is little bit different but the people who have accepted responsibility and pled guilty like felicity huffman early on in the case just at the very beginning almost always getting a better deal than if they continue to fight the government to the proof. connell: like lori loughlin did. now there were new charges. >> much more serious charges. connell: much more serious charges. proves you can make a deal, make the deal i guess. but the idea of jail time. even only four months, at lower end of that range, that would be still sending a message, you can do something like this, you
4:52 pm
spend time in jail? >> you will. they will do prison time. no doubt about it. if anybody has ever been to prison. i go to prison and jail for my work to meet with clients. i can tell you one minute in prison is not a joke. they can get much more than four months. ultimately will be up to the judge. the sentencing guidelines are just that, they are guidelines. she may end up doing more than four months. connell: do you think anything handled differently because of the involvement of celebrities or is doesn't matter who is accused? >> that is interesting question. when the press watches the case, it changes it. that is the always is. felicity huffman role is limited to a 15,000-dollar act. based on the guidelines, based on the u.s. code it is not uncommon they would look at relatively shorter time frame in prison than if they went to trial and lost. connell: right. recommend my, good to see you. thanks a lot. melissa. melissa: from the cheapest cars,
4:53 pm
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melissa: all right, new york auto show is under way, fox business' jeff flock is live on the scene with latest. reporter: we have saved best for you melissa. all about the suvs though, i know you have a family that could benefit from a suv. this is a sexy one, a kia happennehabanero. pretty sexy looking. not making this one, but there were a lot unveiled today, that they will make. and make money on like lincoln new course air save, the
4:58 pm
smallest lincoln suv made, focus on luxury, comfort and quiet, and matthew mcconaughey will have something to say about, outback from subaru, unveil, 88 straight months of sales increases for subaru. toyota, the highlander. a big seller for them, bob carter, talking to him, they compete for supremacy, but they do agree on please don't do the auto tariffs, talked to possible carter about this. >> we're hopeful that conversations a round tariffs does not exist, it is too critically important for this industry and economy. >> it has a bigger impact on our overall economy than just automotive, we're work closely
4:59 pm
with global automakers and are great trade relations, investing in our plant in alabama, hoping for the best. reporter: hoping for the boast, they -- melissa, they want to talk about plants in u.s. even overseas automakers want to ep size emphasize. >> show me that second car. >> look at that, that is sexy interior, very cool, you could hose it out with a garden hose. the gmc sierra has a carbon fiber bed, they were going to let me attack it with a baseball bat, but people at auto show said we don't want you doing
5:00 pm
that in here, you have to take it outside, they would not let me take it out sued. outside. melissa: i have a feeling you want take a rain check for that. connell: thank you jeff, and thank you everyone, we appreciate it. melissa: "bulls and bears" starts right now. >> no evidence at all of any collusion. when democrats say not enough to show a criminal case, no nothing. >> we have to find out what happens so it does not happy again. it is not up to the attorney general who said, basically that the president is above the law. and the rest, he is there to redact whatever he wants. david: tensions are rising in beltway with less than 24 hours until release of mueller report. this is "bulls and bears," i am david asman, joining me today, suzanne lee, steve forbes, jack howell and john layfield, and
5:01 pm
very special


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