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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 18, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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you. for being with us. tammy bruce will be here tomorrow, join us, good night from new lauren: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. we are hours away from the release of the full yet redacted mueller report. a battle is already brewing on capitol hill over how the long awaited report is being unveiled. we are live at the doj with what we can expect. and on wall street, two unicorns go head to head, pinterest and zoom go public this morning. can they a avoid the same fate as lyft? facebook says it unintentionally uploaded millions of users' e-mail contacts. the latest privacy scandal hitting the tech giant. more trouble in the college admission scandal, how actress lori loughlin's daughter could be the target of a criminal investigation. plus, there's a new college scam surfacing. this one over in-state tuition.
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it is thursday, april 18th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. cheryl: here is how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. u.s. futures virtually flat right now. breaking news could change everything as we wait on the mueller report and the blockbuster ipos to hit the market. right now, the dow is down. we're down 65 right now. s&p down 5 and a quarter, nasdaq down 15 and a quarter. now to europe. growth concerns keeping markets somewhat muted but to the downside, the ftse, the cac and the dax all slightly red in trading there this morning. taking a look at stocks in asia, somewhat quiet e overnight, despite a positive report on u.s.-china trade talks. the hopes for a summit still alive between president trump and xi-jinping. the kospi down almost 1
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and-a-half percent. lauren: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning, i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: and good morning, everybody. i'm cheryl casone. well, today is the day. we are finally going to get the long-awaited release of the mueller report, the redacted version of that report going to be released to congress later on this morning. we're thinking sometime between 11:00 a.m. and noon. attorney general william barr is going to be holding a news conference before the release to congress of the report. that's 9:30 a.m. eastern time. you want to make sure you stay with fox business. we'll have live coverage of this. we'll have more on the mueller report in a few moments. lauren: first, from washington, let's go to wall street, two unicorns will make their trading day today. pinterest and zoom will test invests' appetites for ipos after lyft stumbled when it went public in late march. what kind of reception will pinterest and zoom get from
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investors. jonathan honing and michael lee are here. gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning. lauren: are you excited by pinterest or zoom, jonathan? >> well, now we get to see, do unicorns exist in the real world or just in fantasy, in private markets. that will set the stage today, lauren. these are long-awaited. this isn't something new. the market has been waiting for these unicorns, new opens for quite some time. it's hard to underestimate how important these are. think of these companies as the p tip of the spear when it comes to risk in the market. my sense is that if you get the same type of reaction for zoom which was valued at $1 billion two years ago, it's going to be valued at near $10 billion this morning. if you get that same kind of reaction that you got with lyft, weak price forweak price perforn be a bad harbinger. lauren: there's a new breed of unicorns, a profitable unicorn,
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and that is zoom. it actually makes a profit. we've been talking about lyft being a disastrous ipo. now there's a lawsuit, investors saying it was over-hyped, stock down 17% since the ipo price. what do you think? >> big difference between lyft and the two companies coming public today in that lyft may never make money. it's estimated that pinterest could make over $400 million in just three years. and zoom is already profi profie on an adjusted ebb tak ebitda b. lyft was the worst from a financial standpoint of all the unicorns to go public this year. they acknowledge they may never make money. i think the lawsuit is a bit of a joke. i would say it was a very successful ipo. it's the trading aftermath that's a big difference. it's important to bifurcate the two of them. on the first day, a lot of the companies will trade spectacularly. after that it's anybody's guess.
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lauren: jamie dimon testified before congress on the economy and the health of the banking system. he spoke to maria bartiromo in an exclusive interview. she asked him if he thinks a recession is coming. watch. >> maria: what kind of the year are you expecting? >> i think the united states is going to be okay. again, i could be wrong. we don't predict that. we don't run the p company that way. we're going to serve our clients regardless of the economy. we want to be there in bad times for our clients. japan is growing a little bit, europe is growing a little bit, germany is slowing down. i think china will make its 6%. brazil went from negative 4 to zero. there are positive signs. people tend to focus on all the positives, focus on all the negatives. there's some bad things out there, there's some good things and we'll see. lauren: jonathan, he is relatively positive on the condition of the economy. a fox news poll finds that 54% of those asked think the economy is fair or poor.
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what do you make of the results? >> well, they probably have a pretty recent memory, lauren. think about it. it was just december, it was christmas when most economist, most analysts were talking about an imminent recession that was on the way the way the market was changing. tech stocks have come back 30% since then. there's this dichotomy. on one hand you have stocks near a all-time highs, that's generally a bullish signal. at the same time, we've seen an inverted yield curve, we've seen signs of a recession. the risks are mixed. it makes it incumbent on each individual investors to have the right portfolio for his situation. lauren: he we'll get back to you in a moment. viewers can catch more of jamie dimon's interview this morning on "mornings with maria." cheryl: all right. we've got a lot more news and we want to of course talk about that right now. the mueller report, we are just a few hours away from the release to congress. but there is a big battle that's been brewing on capitol hill
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over how the probe is being unveiled to the publi pub and po congress. lauren: it's just the beginning of the action. griff jenkins is live at the department of justice with on what we can expect. >> reporter: this is the day everyone's been waiting for in washington. the entire country, along with congress of course will finally get to see that nearly 400 page mueller report in its redacted form. we expect to see two things for certain, one is more about the ties between the trump campaign and russia and there was no collusion between the two and we'll learn about the question of whether or not there was any obstruction of justice on the part of anyone. that will be very interesting. at 9:30 a.m., the department of justice building behind me, attorney general william barr will be with rod rosenstein, they will hold a press conference. between 11:00 a.m. and noon, members of congress will receive
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that redacted version. thereafter, at some point, the rest of the country will get to see that redacted version, perhaps having lunch in a little bit of light reading of that nearly 400 page document. one thing that we will certainly not know until we see it is how heavily redacted it will be. democrats of course have been demanding from the start that they want an unredacted version. we learned in the roger stone case yesterday that they may get a form of that. the government writing this. once the redacted version of the report has been released to the public, the justice department plans to make available for review by a limited number of members of congress and their staff a copy of special counsel's report without certain redactions. that will be interesting to see what happens. the redactions we are going to see today will be color coded into four categories. there will be grand jury information, like witnesses and search warrants, classified information like intelligence, sources and methods,on going case information, like the my l
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michael cohen case and information protecting uncharged individuals. jerry nadler in new york holding a press conference, demanding that barr postpone and cancel this press conference this morning because he believes it takes, quote, unprecedented steps to spin the report ahead of its release but the house intelligence, the ranking member of the house intelligence committee, devin nunes, had this to say. >> the constitution has three branches of government, an executive branch, legislative and judicial branch. the executive branch and attorney general can do whatever he wants to do. it's not for the legislative branch to tell them what to do or how to conduct themselves. >> reporter: we also know, lauren and cheryl, that the president's attorney, rudy guliani has been preparing a response to this. maybe the president will speak. one thing we can bet on is he'll tweet something by the day's
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end. guys. cheryl: probably a good bet griff, thank you very much. the mueller report is going to be released during the trading day. that press conference going to be at 9:30 a.m. eastern time right as the markets open. what will markets do when all of this hits the tape today. jonathan hojonathan honing and e with with us. markets will be looking at what is in the report which i'm assuming could be a political problem for the president, who has been a market friendly president. >> he oftentimes tweets about stocks or particular companies. this should not move the market but we simply don't know. i think back to the late 1990s when democrats were looking to impeach -- republicans were looking to impeach clinton. the markets soared during that period. this shouldn't move the market. but if democrats decide to make an issue about something released in the report, go for impeachment, that could have
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market moving effects in the days ahead. cheryl: that's a good point, michael. we expect more investigations. we're hearing about other things that democrats and the house trying to do, trying to pin on president trump and the administration and a lot of a anger has been focused politically at least at william barr. will markets be listening, at 9:30 a.m. eastern time, with the ipos tha we that we are talking, that's something to digest as the bell rings. >> there's been so many leaks and innuendo from this mueller report except for one important one, that there was no collusion. so i think there will be something in this for everybody, for the supporters, for the detractors, but i don't think there's going to be enough to move the markets or necessarily remove the president which was kind of the goal of the left in all this. i see this kind of as a nonevent. unless there's a bomb shell that should have come out. cheryl: what would that bombshell be, michael.
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>> a clear obstruction of justice leading to impeachment. cheryl: clear. okay. >> that's already been denied. i just don't see it. cheryl: unless it's clear obstruction of justice we move on. okay, guys, jonathan, michael, thank you for being with us. we'll know a lot more today and more to talk about tomorrow. guys, thank you. lauren: north korea is testing a new tactical guided weapon with a powerful warhead. state media claims kim jong un supervised the launch. the u.s. has not confirmed the report. this comes months after president trump and kim's vietnam summit that ended with no deal. today, u.s. envoys meeting with russian officials to discuss north korean p denuclearization and kim could meet with russia's president as early as next week. cheryl: and here are some other headlines making news this morning. a man is under arrest today for alleged librarying four gallons of gas cans to new york's saint patrick's cathedral. police say he had lighters and lighter fluid when he tried to
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enter the city landmark. he told security he was cutting through the church to get through his minivan which had ran out of gas. investigators say the story didn't pan out. schools are back open in denver today after a florida teen obsessed with the columbine shooting was found dead. police say she killed herself with the same kind of gun used in that 1999 attack. her body discovered in a remote mountain area of colorado after a nearly day-long manhunt. saturday we should add marks 20 years since the columbine shooting. well, house democrats stepping up their investigation into president trump's finances. we were just talking about this. r reports say the house financial services committee led by congresswoman maxine waters has subpoenaed nine large banks as part of the probe. the house intelligence committee is also part of that probe. the president has denied any wrongdoing, calling the
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investigation presidential harassment. well, the u.s. and china are planning two rounds of face-to-face meetings in hopes of wrapping up a trade deal. trade representative robert lighthizer set to return to beijing the week of april 29t april 29th. the chinese envoy returning to washington the week of may 6t may 6th. president trump said the negotiations were, quote, moving along quite well. lauren: maybe we'll have a me more l y'all day deal. the crisis on the border the number one issue on americans' minds. we have the latest. and time is on brett kavanaugh's side and people are not happy. the growing outrage after the magazine puts the supreme court justice and his accuser on the same list. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.."
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if somebody's thinks measuring is full, i tell you, my community in indiana isn't full. we were built for 130,000 people now. i could use taxpayers to help us fund it. lauren: pete buttigieg taking a swipe at president trump while campaigning in iowa yesterday. the south bend, indiana mayor responding to the president, saying the u.s. is full and could not accept more migrants into this country. as the debate over whether there is a crisis at our border continues. cheryl: whether you think it's a crisis or not, it is now the top issue for he voters, even beating out believe it or not healthcare. take a look at this new fox news poll, 21% of voters say
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immigration is the most important issue facing our country, followed by the economy at 10% and then healthcare. lauren: the new homeland security chief, kevin mcalinin is urging congress to take action on what he is calling a humanitarian and security crisis at the border. he is getting the support of one democrat. cheryl: very with all the details, a lot to get through. good morning. >> a lot of twitter users are shocked by this, online, arizona senator kyrsten sinema calling on colleagues to come together and secure the border. here is the tweet. she says ai we bear the brunt of the broken immigration sis tome. system. we're calling on the department of homeland security to send additional resources and staff to arizona ports. she just got back from a visit to the border where kevin
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mcalinin urged congress to deal with the crisis during his first public address there. >> many who take the journey arrive sick, injured or trauma advertised antraumatized and tor lives in the process. without action from congress, individuals will continue to suffer along the border. >> there were more than 100,000 immigrants arrested at the border in march alone, that exceeds the crisis agents experienced back in 2014. democrats are hitting back. congressman elijah cummings inviting steven miller to testify before the house oversight and reform committee to sort of explain immigration policies like the president's idea to send illegal migrants to sanctuary cities. it's not clear right now, though, if miller would take up cummings on this offer but the congressman does believe that he
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is the primary force behind the president's immigration policies. back to you. cheryl: all right, thank you very much for that live report. appreciate it. lauren: let res go over to paris. disney the latest company joining the effort to help restore the notre dame cathedral after the massive fire. disney is donating $5 million. the university of notre dame is donating $100,000 for the project. this morning, french investigators are questioning about 30 people including those who were involved in the cathedral's restoration work about what happened and why. meanwhile, france's prime minister is announcing an international architecture competition to rebuild the iconic spire atop of notre dame. cheryl: nice distinction, notre dame and notre dame. i had a viewer correct me on that years ago. coming up, trouble for samsung. how the company's new $2,000 phone is breaking hearts before it even makes it i into consume'
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♪ cheryl: telephone, another hint at our next story. samsung's new foldable phone hasn't even hit stores yet but there are already problems being reported. lauren: big, expensive problems. tracee carrasco joins us with more on that. hey, tracee, what's going on. tracee: this samsung fold isn't
5:25 am
even on store shelves yet. a number of tech reviewers have gotten the phone and they're saying it's breaking within days of having it. this is the foldable phone that samsung has really kind of been bragging about. it's breaking at the hinges. some reviewers say they've had it for a few days, reporters from bloomburg, cnbc, the verge, they're tweeting pictures about r their blacking out phone, the hinges breaking. samsung says it's able to withhold about 200,000 folds but it doesn't like it can even handle a few days. so preorders according to samsung already sold out. we'll see how it does when people actually get it into their hands. cheryl: they're banking a lot on this. they're expecting a financial hit, a positive one from this. they could be in trouble. lauren: time magazine is out with the list of 100 most influential people. and a lot of people are talking about this pairing. brett kavanaugh on the list and
5:26 am
his accuser, christine blase ford. tracee: a lot of criticisms from supporters of christine blase ford saying how can you have both of them on the list. this list, you can see there, the cover of the magazine with the 100 most influential people, you've got da taylor swift, gaye king, nancy pelosi, and an egyptian soccer star. a number of celebrities on the list, politicians, entertainers, a very wide variety. what was interesting, you brought this up earlier, people write a tribute to these people on the list. the people who wrote the tributes, you have chris christie writing a tribute about president trump, which that was interesting. you had kamala harris writing something about christine blase ford, writing about the person and why they are influential. lauren: influential people are writing about influential
5:27 am
people. tracee: beyonce writing about michelle obama. cheryl: tracee, thank you. lauren: we're hours away from the release of the mueller report on russianed meddling in the 2016 he'l election. democrats already crying foul on the way it is being unveiled. the outrage, coming. then, you might want to relax a bit. how one company is celebrating mothers, teachers and more in may with free trips. where are we going? cheryl: i like that. that beach looks good. ♪ i, i did it all. ♪ was ahead of its time.
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cheryl: let's get you caught up on global market action right now. u.s. markets under a bit of pressure right now. we are awaiting of course on the mule remueller report and blockr ipos to hit the markets today. dow is down 64 in the premarket,
5:31 am
nasdaq is down by 12. in europe, growth concerns keeping markets somewhat muted. now germany's market just ticking up into the green as you can see. ftse 100, cac 40 are in the red. and stocks in asia, somewhat quiet overnight despite a positive report on some good news on the u.s.-china trade talks. there's hopes about a potential summit between president trump and china's xi-jinping. lauren: back to the u.s. all three major averages, 1.5% from all-time highs. earnings season rolls on this morning. two dow components posting results, american express and travelers will report along with honeywell, schlumberger, phillip morris and union pacific. we'll get retail sales for the month of march before the open. retail sales expected to jump nine-tenths of 1% after sliding in february. cheryl: attorney general william barr will be sending a redacting version of the mueller report to congress later this morning, but it's stirring a big
5:32 am
controversy even before its release and the press conference by him at 9:30 a.m. eastern time. let's bring in correspondent p amber athey. what are you expecting today? >> bottom line, i think both parties are going to use this to their advantage, to push their own narrative. republicans have said that the president is fully exonerated. that's something that a.g. barr has been careful to say is not actually the case. we do know that there is no collusion and apparently not enough to charge the president with obstruction of justice. democrats are actually alleging a coverup on behalf of a.g. bill barr. they accused him of misrepresenting the contents of the mueller report which is a bit silly considering everyone's going to be able to read the mueller report. if he were doing that, it would become pretty obvious when the report is released around noon. cheryl: it's interesting, because jerry nadler, house judiciary committee chairman from new york, he is a democrat.
5:33 am
he is blasting barr for holding the news conference at 9:30 a.m. eastern time. you have to ask the question here, what is he going to talk about in the news conference. is he going to tout the report again before it gets to congress? william barr being accused of -- by democrats, of being one sided when it comes to defending president trump and not necessarily defending the nation. is this just noise or do you think that this is something that continues to pick up steam, this fight? >> that's the curious question, is what barr is going to talk about during the press conference. obviously, he already released the letter with his principle conclusions so what else is there to talk about without people reading the report first. it's important to remember that the special counsel's team did work with bill barr on the redactions on the report. of course, mueller declined to review barr's letter containing principle conclusions a couple of weeks ago, so theal lee gas stationgasthe allegationsof a ce unfounded.
5:34 am
cheryl: the biggest question is journalists on stand by for so long, is it going to be electronic, is it going to be pdf, on a cd-rom. we're hearing all kinds of things about the physical form of the report. what do you know, amber? what are you expecting? >> it's a great question. i would expect that there will definitely be pdfs sent around, electronic versions from members of congress to vairs jusvariousreporters. i think it will be passed along pretty much immediately so reporters can start digging into it. it's a couple hundred pages. it will take people who are actually reading the report a while to get through and start to pull out things that might be embarrassing to the president, things that aren't technically politically advantageous to the president but as we know, of course, no criminality, no additional indictments. cheryl: with congress not necessarily in town right now it will be interesting to see the june juror staffers, i think a
5:35 am
lot of -- junior staffers, i think a lot of pizza places will beover loaded in washington. thank you so much to you. and folks at home, here we go. fox business is going to carry the all's news conference, it's going to be live, 9:30 a.m. eastern time and we'll be following this story throughout the day. lauren: as you said, it's go time. democrats are taking on wall street. the heads of seven major u.s. banks recently testifying before the democrat led house financial services committee and jp morgan chase ceo jamie dimon opened up to maria bartiromo on what it's like. maria: jamie, you recently testified in front of maxine waters' financial services committee. how was that? >> it was a great pleasure. i look forward to doing it again. look, i think congress has the right to call people and question them. that's their job. i always look at those things and say make them constructive. and some of it was, some of it wasn't. the fact is, that's politics and
5:36 am
i'm not a a politician, but ifi have to do my share and help that, i actually thought it went okay. lauren: you can hear more of the interview later this morning on "mornings with maria" starting at 6:00 a.m. cheryl cheryl: facebook is under fire for reportedly collecting the e-mail contacts of 1.5 million users since 2016. they said it was unintentionally uploaded and they're deleting it. lauren: joining us now is brett larson. how can facebook unintentionally do something about privacy. >> the business model is all-around connecting all of us. when you hear something like oh, they -- when you entered your e-mail address, they uploaded contacts. that's very valuable information for them. they make all the connections, like the connections you make in your brain. that betters them to put you in
5:37 am
front of specific ads that may be of interest to you. they can see how many times you've e-mailed these different people in your e-mail book, in your address book, excuse me. it kind of reminds me of linkedin many years ago when we signed up for it and we inadvertently clicked that thing, do you want us to import and then send every person in your contacts an e-mail to join you on linkedin and then your ex's are wondering why you're e-mailing them. this is another bad step. wired has an attar kel an an ar. it's stuff we've already known. it's all pieced together in one place. but the troubling take-away from this, and we were talking about this in the break, is they seem so unprepared for everything that keeps happening to them. their whole mantra of move fast and break stuff absolutely is what's happening. the only problem is, it seems like when you walk away from it what they've really broken is the users' trust in the system
5:38 am
to protect their privacy, to make sure that they're not seeing fake news or false information. cheryl: at the same time, they're also breaking shareholder trust. you have a lot of shareholders now that want mark zuckerberg to step aside. that he founded a great company but he's not fit to run a great company. you do have an adult in the room in cheryl sanburg. is she more the leadership inside of the company now, brett? >> it seems like she is trying to take the reins here. you're right with the mark zuckerberg situation. and i understand that. when you look into a company like apple that has had success for so many decades, there was a point where they pulled steve jobs out and then they brought him back and apple was a shining star again. with facebook, i feel like mark zuckerberg might be too young to really understand the enormous impact that his company is having, worldwide, really. lauren: or even too attached because it was his baby from college. brett, thank you for joining us this morning. you can cash brett larson on fox news headlines 24/7 on sirius xm
5:39 am
115. let's get to other headlines. the measles scare hit google's headquarters in silicon valley. the p company telling employees a worker who visited the office within the last couple weeks has been diagnosed with the virus, potentially exposing employees, 21 cases of measles have been reported in california this year. at least 12 people in chicago in police custody this morning for allegedly stealing up to 100 luxury cars, using the r car sharing app, share now. police are investigating how the suspects managed to manipulate the app in order to commit the crime. the company insists the systems were not hacked, saying that users' information was never exposed. share now has temporarily suspended operations in chicago. the app is owned by daimler and bmo. two major fashion brands jumping on the recycled bandwagon. polo, ralph lauren is offering a shirt made of recycled plastic
5:40 am
bottles. they were dyed through a process that uses zero water. they go on sale today. adidas stepping out with these, a new sneaker made from 100% recyclable materials, designed using nothing but recycled ocean waste, no glue. carl's junior is selling the ultimate happy meal for one day. the fast food chain is selling a cannabis infused bu burger in denver, at one location, that's this saturday in colorado, this saturday is april 20th. let's go to may. may is the month we honor mothers, teachers, nurses and military members. sandals resorts is giving them a chance to win a free trip. every day of the month someone will win a vacation for two adults at any sandals resorts.
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you can nominate people in that category. i'm a mom. cheryl: a pot infused burger, don't you eat the burger after the pot part? i don't know. lauren: that's a very good question. cheryl: still ahead, we've got a lot more coming up. we're getting new, pretty crazy details in the college admissions sca scandal. lori loughlin's house may be getting a bit less full. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is using the scandal for a bit of class warfare. and going out with a bang, how the retired now rob gronkowski left his mark on the patriots' legacy forever. that's all coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ break down, standing here, can't you see. ♪ break down, it's all right. ♪
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lauren: new details on operation varsity blues. the daily mail reporting that while actress lori loughlin is facing up to 40 years in prison, one of her daughters is allegedly under criminal investigation, having reportedly received a letter from federal prosecutors. what does it say? joining me now is senior counsel, misty maris. how big of a deal is this, these reports that one of lori loughlin's daughters is under crime l nail investigation. >criminal investigation. >> this is a big deal. this is bare knuckle tactics by
5:45 am
the prosecutors. we heard that some of the students who were 18 years old, they were adults at the time of the scheme, who knew about the scheme when it was hatched and accomplished, the planning, preparation and accomplishment of getting into the school, may be the target of criminal investigation. they received these target letters. this tells me that the prosecutors are using this as leverage against these parents who have yet to plead guilty. the gloves are off, prosecutors are going for it. lauren: is it something of substance or more of a warning shot as you say to the parents who haven't pled guilty. >> i think it's a warning shot. the reality is, if the student was an adult at the time and was part of the conspiracy, they can actually be charged with the same crimes that their parents are. so in lori loughlin's daughter's case, look, they took pictures, said they participated in crew when they had never participated in crew. that's not going to bode well. so this is really something that the prosecutors are going to leverage and push people to take these plea deals.
5:46 am
lauren: speaking of pleading guilty, felicity huffman and others did plead guilty. this gets political. alexandria ocasio-cortez, a congresswoman, is commenting on that. she's calls the justice system in the u.s. class enforcement. this is what she says. our country has a justice system that krilcriminalizes poverty yt routinely pardons those with wealth and privilege. >> i read this today, lauren. and i got to tell you. it tells me she doesn't really understand how white collar crimes are prosecuted. look, i don't think anybody's getting off easy in this college admissions scandal. prosecutors are taking every opportunity, offering plea deals that only include jail time, sending target letters to the children of these parents. they are being prosecuted hard. felicity huffman, she was the perfect defendant in this case. lauren: how much time do you
5:47 am
think she gets? >> her lawyers are going to argue for zero to six months. prosecutors are going to recommend the low end of four to 10 months. she pled guilty, she showed remorse and that's how you get the best deal in a case like this. lauren: aoc is say that's not enough. >> tells me she doesn't understand how it works. lauren: thank you. we appreciate you. cheryl: still ahead, a bat clears the benches at the royals, white sox agai game aga. the brawl that boiled over. and a health warning, forget everything you know about sleep. how some of the greatest sleep myths of all time are actually hurting you. we have details coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ naysayer said no one would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers.
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cheryl: okay. here we go gone. baseball's biggest rivals produced another dramatic script, i guess would be the word. lauren: jared max. jared: whenever the red sox and yankees get together, the chapter of the history between these teams. cheryl: the book continues. jared: the book continues. two months, a new chapter, they'll play a couple games in london. last night the yankees and red sox wrapped up a series in prongs, nebronx, new york. the pitcher tried to hike the ball. it went over the punter's head, if you will. seventh inning, brett gardner for the yankees, he mows them down with a grand slam, the 100th home run of his career. the yankees sweep the red sox.
5:52 am
they have the worst record in the american league. leading the a.l., this is tim anderson of the white sox. now he takes brad keller deep and tosses the bat. next time, he gets hit in the rear. then the benches empty. the players would both get ejected. the players come out to dance with each other and the manager got kicked out. the royals win 4-3. rob gronkowski might be retiring but the long-time patriots tightened left his mark on patriots history, literally. before the red sox home opener april 9th, he thought it would be spiffy to use the trophy at a baseball bat. he was bunting against super bowl mvp. he bunted and dented the trophy. the patriots say we're going to keep the dent and tell the story. so another chapter there. patriots owner robert kraft doesn't want a visual story told in his solicitation case after the palm beach attorney's office announced wednesday it would
5:53 am
release video of kraft's alleged illegal acts, a judge issued a temporary protective order and the hearing will be april 29th to decide the fate of the video. zion williamson revealed he's going to the nba. yesterday he revealed a baby reveal, a gender reveal, is it a boy or girl? the video coordinator having a baby dunks the l ball and turns out it was a boy. it's a boy. lauren: jared max. catch the sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7 on sirius xm channel 115. cheryl: we've got a lot more coming up, details on the incredible new links that some stores are willing -- new lengths that some stores are willing to go to keep your business. we are debunking some of the greatest sleep myths of all time. some of them are actually hurting your health. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪
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♪ lauren: favorite elvis song of all time. two retailers testing waters accepting returns from other brands. cheryl: anything to say retail.
5:57 am
tracee: sign of the time, retailers doing anything to do what they can, you have walgreens and nordstrom, they will both be accepting returns and allowing you to pick up brands from other brands at their location. at walgreens, pickup returns, 8,000 locations across the country. they are working with brands like levi and urban outfitters, you can return it to levi store or website by sending it back or you can go to wall greens and take care of it there, walgreens sees as great opportunity, convenient location, they are everywhere, they are going to make this work. nordstrom, they are testing it out in 7 locations in los angeles, that's their biggest market. they are teaming up with other brands to see if this works.
5:58 am
tracee: maybe they'll pick something us. cheryl: lines in walgreens can be tempting. sleep habits actually hurt you. tracee: yes, they identified 20 myths and debunked them used falseness scale and team of sleep experts. some of the myths that we believe, one that alcohol is a sleep aid, however, research found here that, no, it is not going to help you fall asleep, also watching tv before bed, exercising within 4 hours of going to sleep and keeping warmer room, that's something that will also not help you fall asleep. cheryl: yeah, i can confirm especially the warm room. lauren: mornings with maria starts now. ♪
5:59 am
>> live here is maria bartiromo with the special edition of mornings with maria. maria: good morning, everybody, from kentucky, april 18th, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast right now exclusive interview with jamie dimon. >> i want to make sure that there are great people there who are available to the board and choose and stuff like that. maria: coming up, coming up diamon on women at the top and technology jobs in america ahead. 2019 ipo unicorns said to start trading today, pinterest and
6:00 am
zoom and the mueller report is due out this morning, attorney general bill barr holding press coverages 9:30 a.m. right before the release, time asking causing controversy this morning. plus, the nfl 2019 schedule not without controversy there, rob gronkowski, after using it as a bat. all the stories coming up. first, my exclusive interview with jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon, two big promotions at the nation's largest bank, watch. first let me get to breaking news of the night, naming new cfo, consumer lending business, why the changes? >> we obviously think about this way ahead of time and we want to get different skills. it's an exceptional cfo.


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