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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 19, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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disclosed before mueller report came out. major change coming to mcdonalds. find out what's appearing on the menu. mornings with maria starts right now. ♪ ♪ dagen: our top story this hour and all morning long, no collusion. attorney general william barr releasing redacted mueller report yesterday lightly redacted finding no evidence of conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia during the 2016 election. president trump speaking out after the release. >> i'm having a good day too.
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no collusion, no obstruction. there never was by the way and there never will be, we do have to get to the bottom of these things i will say. this should never happen to another president again, hopes this should never happen to another president again. dagen: joining me now criminal defense attorney anthony and attorney lisa, anthony, lisa, good to see you, first reaction. i know you've read the report, i've got it over here. >> i've read it. my first reaction, 2 years of investigation the lights of which i have never seen to use 16 prosecutors, 500 witnesses, i've never seen an investigation like that in my career and was absolutely not only was the president and his family, not one person in the country to be tied in to conspiring with the
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russians to effect our election. not one person. dagen: right, despite the indictments that bob mueller -- >> well, i don't think anybody disputed the fact that the russians tried to hack -- those were process, but as it relates to this collusion, 2 years, it's over, it's done. dagen: lisa, your reaction to that, a lot of editorials written in addition to this in wall street journal, i've read most of them and others and lay out that going through possible issue of conspiracy with russia, they literally went through a whole host of possible laws that could have been broken, conspiracy statutes, campaign finance laws, lobbying registration laws, any other statute that was on the shelf, the wall street journal editorial board writes and there
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was no -- there was nothing that they came up with. >> and you know what they say, everybody has an opinion, i'm going to go with what anthony said, it's fascinating because mueller has broken down final statement where he says this isn't something that's going lead to me pressing charges and now basically passing it off to congress -- dagen: you mean on obstruction. >> obstruction of justice. he basely said pass it out -- pass it out, meaning impeachment processes but in general we are not going press charges now because it wouldn't be fair to trump and he needs to stay in court and we don't want ability to cloud him being president. it's completely unfair. dagen: what do you mean on mueller team punting on obstruction of justice. >> a prosecutor's rule is
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whether to prosecute someone. the collusion was clear. there's nothing they could say about it because there was no evidence of that. the obstruction, those ten items that he listed in report about possible obstruction, that's all suspicion, what do you mean by that? what was his intent? that in and of itself does not support that you were trying to obstruct the investigation. all of the things they came out with, you look at and, well, there's suspicion there. there's no evidence, the only thing is what he said. i think it was wrong for mueller to say that. that was wrong. >> but the point is if you're reading it to congress because they are the only body that can say we will try to attempt to take the president out of office. the part that's difficult with obstruction charges, we were talking about collusion charges is you have to prove that
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intent, you to prove the corrupt intent and we are just not seeing it. dagen: going through the volume too on the issue of obstruction of justice, you see a president who is very lucky that he was surrounded by people who protected him by himself. that don mcgann refuse today fire robert mueller, his legal team made sure that the president did not sit down for interview and ultimately that could have been a critical mistake for him. time to -- whether it's mike flynn, prosecutors go after crime. they made sure that the president did not -- did not sit down for an interview protecting him. >> well, that was good lawyering. dagen: right. >> any target of an investigation to sit down with a prosecutor. it's not our job to help you win the case, criminal case, it's
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your to try to do that. even though the obstruction was left out to dispute and debate, i still don't see anything that the president did that really show to go bring something before a jury. dagen: other than being angry of conspiring with the russians. if you read the report, every american could say -- >> oh, my gosh. dagen: he was angry. >> the frustration of not being able to act as president, really did cloud his ability and that's exactly what mueller references in the report. dagen: i want to get to former fbi director james comey after redacted report was released. >> so many answers -- so many answers, again, with the forest, jim comey ought to be nervous at this point because you have the inspector general looking what led up, what triggered the counterintelligence investigation against the trump campaign starting back in 2016
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and then also you have bill barr, the attorney general, who said i am looking into the issue of spying and whether it's predicated or not. >> right, also the potential that made release as well. there will be quite of bit of information coming in the future and months ahead. also pushing back and we are going to see exactly what they may find. dagen: i will give you final -- >> absolutely, i agree, that's the investigation that everybody should be interested in. a credible judge to sign warrants to go in and surveil the trump campaign. you talk about an action that is so contrary to our democracy, that is it. that is it. dagen: indeed. unverified dossier and that mueller report. right, thank you so much,
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anthony and lisa, nice to see you. more potential problems for boeing, cheryl casone has the details, hey, cheryl. cheryl: yeah, dagen; u.s. and canada not seeing eye to eye when it comes to pilot training for the 747 max jet. the canadian government it may want more simulator introduction amid the faa so far not backing. initial training could create more delays for getting jets back in the air. the trains have been grounded worldwide following deadly crashes in indonesia and ethiopia. well, carlos goshn reportedly set to be indicted next week on a new charge, broadcaster, former nissan and renault chairman will face additionals charges aggravated, goshn was arrested for a fourth time earlier this month, maria talked to goshn's wife carol goshn and
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spoke to maria earlier this week, she called on the president to intervene with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. all right, now, to facebook, they are under pressure again, the instagram breach much larger than initially reported, facebook says millions of passwords were on servers, not tens of thousands as first thought last month. and then there's this, amazon is now offering a free music streaming service courtesy of alexa, you don't have to be a prime member to take advantage of this. hoping the free service will get more speakers in homes, they'll offer general, but the service will be supported by those advertisements, 70's-like hit,
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i could go on and on, dagen. dagen: thank you so much, cheryl, coming up american jobs coming home. new analysis projecting big one for u.s. auto workers under the new nafta, usmca trade agreement, the numbers ahead. plus major change coming to mcdonalds, find out what's disappearing from the menu, that's ahead. ♪ (vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it?
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dagen: breaking news, vice president joe biden making announcement on wednesday, according to atlantic, joining the conversation cfra investment strategist lindsey bell, white house communications director anthony scaramucci and republican strategist and former white house correspondent. welcome one and all. mr. anthony scaramucci talk to me about, happy easter and happy passover. does joe biden have a shot? >> i think he's the nominee. i think he's the nominee because he has highest recognition obviously he would be the guy with roots.
6:15 am
>> the part of the establishment is the tone again. >> yes, i said that to jess watters. [laughter] >> that's a bad combination of democratic party. you can laugh about it. [laughter] dagen: do you think behind him are the issues of -- it's not crazy if you're italian or southern, so i think maybe we understand that. >> beto o'rourke and joe biden, adams family nominee. here is the thing, he's got issue with ukrainians and issues that he will have to address as power and influence in washington and how does that affect. i think that's going to be a bigger issue. >> i think that creepy joe biden is the biggest problem that he has to overcome, i think that's advantage for him.
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he said that they want to win the democrats, i'm assuming that's what you mean, they did put hillary clinton in 2016, we all could agree not a great candidate. we have this 20 democrats in this race, i don't know that necessarily the person most lickly -- likely to put a good fight against joe biden, you have bernie sanders, joe biden, we have seen a lot of their laundry. that will be their advantage and candidates that can talk about issues and winning this election. dagen: pete buttigieg, he's a comer. >> survived the media of the world view -- joe biden had the doors blown off, the president gets doors blown off every day. right now they are lifting him, allowing him to speak and, you
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know. he doesn't survive. >> he also doesn't have a lot of substance behind him as far as policy goes and i think people want to hear a lot more about that. >> secret weapon and his husband is secret weapon. >> mayor pete is a very good communicator. i'm not writing him off, we have to see what happens after he goes through the media washer machine. dagen: let's turn to mueller report and die to go know what you think about this. long-awaited report did not contain any evidence that the russians meddled in 2016. okay, meantime democrats demanded the release of the report and one minimally redacted are still not satisfied. anthony, to you, where does it go? mueller punted on the issue of obstruction and that is what the democrats will use if they do
6:18 am
choose to pursue impeachment. i want to point out that adam schiff said yesterday, part of a bigger quote, failed impeachment is not in national interest. >> so i think if they want to beat president trump, whatever is inside the mueller report, a chance to look through it. i don't see any new information, the market pricing is in mueller report. to they go to impeachment, a bunch of lunatics in the left that want to do that. dagen: speaking to have market, we've had incredible rally in the market in the beginning to have year leading to the report coming out. that was not what happened and other factors at play in 1998 ahead of ken starr report. and, of course, that was long-term capital management.
6:19 am
the russian debt crisis, nevertheless the market was -- certainly investors were not sitting around worried about what was coming in the report. >> you also have to remember we really got a glimpse on what the results were a few weeks ago with ag barr's summary, the market is doing well, the economy is doing really well this year, we are in the third year of presidential term which has reliably been a good year for the market so i think that the trump administration and trump campaign should focus on those things going into 2020. >> to your point of failed impeachment would be bad for the country, but not in your point but what democrats are saying, they know that, they are smart enough to know that, they don't win, if you will, that that will hurt the democrats more than not bringing forth the issue, they can stretch it out as long as they want. keep the conversation through 2020 so the conversation is going on and the cloud is hanging over the president's
6:20 am
head. they know it. >> in your experience as a strategist, do you think people care anymore about the mueller report? >> it does -- rear-view mirror now, is that a mistake? dagen: you can take a sip of water. >> no, i think i've got it. it is a lot of noise but they have keep noise going about something, you have a president that kept a lot of promises and if that's the noise that you need, they need to take noise somewhere, unfortunately for the democrats the noise they have to point to, there's not as much as they probably would like or not expected from president trump first-term. i think that's why they'll do it. you have to attack him for something. this is a place they could go. yesterday was a bad day for the democrats especially in 2020. >> i was enjoying watching networks. last supper antitrumpers sitting around. dagen: you know what it reminded
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me of the bachelor. all the rejected women who were angry, crying. no crying. coming up deadly weather, thunderstorms and tornadoes tearing through the deep south, easter holiday weekend forecast but the national inquirer's 100 million-dollar sale, the man who plans on buying the infamous tabloid ahead. 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch,
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or get unlimited. and now get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today. dagen: severe thunderstorms heading east on holiday week. fox news senior meteorologist janice dean. janice: today and even maybe tomorrow, the front that's move ago cross the east coast and we
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have hundreds of reports of severe weather, lots 48 hours, large wind damage, hail and tornadoes. tornado watch for parts of alabama, in through georgia and florida panhandle. we have a tornado-warned storms in eastern georgia and couple of severe thunderstorms for panhandle towards southern alabama. here is your severe threat for the evening, moderate risk for parts of carolinas up to mid atlantic region into virginia, we could see the potential, again, for those damaging winds, large hail and even isolated tornadoes and that could be ongoing throughout the dinner time hour and into the overnight as we have the front that's going to continue to move through, much of the bad weather on saturday but lingering showers and thunderstorms
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through sunday. aprils -- precipitation and the big deal the storms that continue to march east ward, dagen and slight delays unfortunately for the east coast which we will keep you up to date on, back to you, happy easter. dagen: have a wonderful weekend, coming up potential win for the american worker, usmca trade agreement projected to deliver thousands of jobs in the auto industry and mcdonalds flans watching the menu, signature items are headed out, details on this the lexus es.
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dagen: welcome back dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo, it's friday april 19th, your top stories 6:30 a.m. eastern. markets are closed for good friday, but are open for business. the retail ice age hitting pier1, the company set to close dozens of stores, stock down 80% from a year ago. netflix bringing jobs to new york city, how much is investing in the big apple, that's ahead. plus the national inquirer finds a buyer, find out who is paying a hundred million dollars to tabloids. find out what is disappearing from the menu. trade in focus, the new north american free trade act would boost the auto part production that could limit your choices when it comes to what you drive, this is according to a report from the international trade commission, joining us now
6:31 am
senior fellow, strategy mattie. >> good morning, dagen. >> talk to me of this report on the impact of trade deal, would we be able to get passed through congress and signed into law? >> free and fair trade is good for americans. as you mentioned before, this is something that will see increase in gdp if it can get past .35 percentage points. if that doesn't seem a lot, consider the fact that most of critics of donald trump administration said we couldn't get to 2 and a half percent much less 3% of last year, excuse me, a lot of growth over the course of the next couple of years, now, the question is whether you get to congress is another question entirely. this report release yesterday was a step that was necessary in moving the ball forward on the usmca, republican congress, passed into the law the
6:32 am
fast-track authority for trade agreement, that sets into motion a couple of different steps. president still has to submit to congress the agreement and congress has 90 days to get that passed in both changers and ready for signature. dagen: anthony, do you think we can get this passed. nancy pelosi, speaker of the house, wants change to the labor standards and some republicans don't like to concessions made to labor and environmental groups. when i see something that neither side thinks it's perfect, then it's a winner. >> yes, i'm just skeptical now about everything in washington, so, you know, i have to say that you have to be worried it won't get passed. enough for everybody and not enough not for each side which makes it a good compromise and will lead to better job growth and higher wages for americans. i hope it gets passed, dagen, they don't really care about the american people, they care about how they can go at each other.
6:33 am
i'm word about it. dagen: lindsey, what would be the market reaction, we talk so much about the negotiations for the china-u.s. trade deal, this is critical. it's -- this needs to get to congress in terms of investor sentiment and market outlook. >> yeah, i do think it needs to get through congress, there's definitely a sentiment impact if this did not get throw, the auto industry is big part of american economy and important industry to us. my question for mattie, really, is where is the disconnect because a lot of economists and think tank really think the deal doesn't benefit the u.s. and it's going to lead to higher commodities for americans and the consumer. >> i would disagree with the characterization of the usmca broadly. nafta was passed almost 26 years ago now, before the internet was even really a thing and now the
6:34 am
internet is everything in our lives. this updates a lot of digital rules, ip protection, but the auto reveal world are cause for concern, dagen mentioned in the beginning that this is something that might restrict options for american consumers because might restrict buying cars in the united states. that taken against the rest of the deal which would continue to broaden american companies and manufacturers, canada and méxico, trading partners. dagen: i want to move on but i didn't understand what the president was trying to do threatening tariffs on auto import from méxico when, again, it's kind of offshoot of this trade agreement but this is a tariff-free zone in terms of auto production and he's stepping on that using it as a threat. he is tariff man in his own words. threat against méxico if they don't stop the flow of migrants and drugs into the united states. i don't know where that goes.
6:35 am
he brings it up again, maybe, we need to be concerned but so far he's -- he hasn't mentioned it in recent days. i want to move on, speaking of jobs, new jobs in the big apple, netflix announcing set to open a production hub in new york city which will bring 127 jobs, unbreakable and orange is the new black. signal that new york is open for business? >> potentially, comes on the heels of amazon pulling out of new york, progressive backlash that they were coming in so we will see, i don't think that it shows that this is going to be job growth in big apple simply because of the fight with amazon. you see cities across the nation, california, san francisco, trying to attack ipo's right now, very hostile, job creator, putting a bunch of
6:36 am
strings attached, very difficult for these companies now that would be job creators and create economic growth to come in to some of the cities and new york has demonstrated hostility might be barrier in the future as well. dagen: we will stay on the topic of new york city, for the first time in decade the population is dipping, federal estimate show that is the city's population falling about 7% in 2017 and 2018. other major cities also reporting decline, anthony scaramucci this is because, again, what do you get for your tax money that you get in the city here, you still have potholes, alexandria ocasio-cortez upset about the asthma that children in the bronx suffer from, that's a failure of government despite being a socialist city. >> yeah, we have a one-party system, if you asked president xi, start anticorruption campaign, one-party system in new york, you have corruption, you have one-party system that
6:37 am
they can't define the corruption. it's worse than everybody thinks. when mayor de blasio population decline. and, again, prices and taxes, taxes and price for services, taxes are high and deliverable for services are very low. people will continue to leave the city until they make some changes. dagen: this has -- what were you going to say? >> we live in a world where new york is a wonderful place that you don't need to be in new york to do -- >> first lady, you want to talk about that? dagen: more than half a billion. >> misplaced half a billion dollars, nobody talking about it because it's a one-party system. dagen: mattie, final word on this, again, once corruption
6:38 am
develops in a city it's hard to uncover because there's not another party involve today dig at the dirt. >> where is the accountability in new york city? taxes are high, people don't see anything for their taxes, remember where is all my tax going? dagen: i love cardi b. i was at the gym yesterday talking about her because she had the best explanation of why you need to have lower taxes because she said all my friends, they are making a couple million but they are supporting their whole family and you take 70% of their money potentially, she's like u where is that going, she said you're crippling these people who don't have a long career. i thought why isn't she running for office. good to see you.
6:39 am
have a fantastic weekend. you as well. mattie, pier 1 closing stores, cheryl casone has details. cheryl: company in trouble here, dagen, and the troubles do continue, excuse me, for pier 1, closing stores and up to 100. sales falling 20% from a year ago and the stock plunging 25% yesterday and now trading less than 50 cents a share that puts it in jeopardy of delisting. the national inquirer going for $100 million, the tabloids being sold to owner of hudson news, obviously, they are for newspaper stands, david pecker reported to have business dealings over the years. well change is coming to the mcdonalds menu, fast-food chain scrapping signature crafted burgers and focus on the quarter pounder, sandwiches are getting
6:40 am
dropped. fast-food chain looking to bring back customers, increase the wait time at the restaurant. folks really -- if you've got a bun in the oven, ladies, the story is for you, there's a website that will weigh your unborn child, yeah. the site appropriately is how many big packs is my baby. this is real. the site says will roughly weigh that much, but end of the pregnancy, the average baby is worth 17 big macs. all i keep thinking how a big mac sounds right now. [laughter] dagen: is he a big mac fan? >> loves mcdonalds, jimmy johns, burger king.
6:41 am
>> i remember 17 big macs in my belly, i don't need someone to remind me or tell me. dagen: i don't want to go back to 2016 campaign, the thing that surprised things about president trump, he had incredible ability of retail politics and he would get off the plane and go to events and look at the cop, where do you like to eat? where is the nearest jimmy johns anding? that the media missed. >> the police officer was trying to say hello to him, is there a jimmy johns here. dagen: let that be a warning for the democrats or the democrat who is running against him next year. ban at the san antonio airport. their story next and glasses that can protect.
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dagen: headlines across america this morning, the chicago sun times reports, two top deputies,
6:46 am
a state attorney fox, one tied to smullett case to resign. first chief ethics officer and mark, veteran prosecutor and civil attorney who revamped the process to review wrongful conviction claims. the san antonio express news writes this, san antonio city council rejects brock houses to reconsider chick-fil-a contract. in error 6 to 5 vote, turned proposal from contender to revisit a decision to remove chick-fil-a from an airport contract because of alleged antilgbtq behavior. and the houston chronical says, 1200-pound great white shark spotted in gulf and she's not alone. nonprofit organization that tracks great whites says it's now following a massive female
6:47 am
off the gulf of mexico. reminder of jaws, one of my favorite movies of all time. dagen: why are sharks so far? >> the movie that everybody has seen and after you see the movie, why am i going in the water again? so you're getting in pool all of your life. most shark attacks, it's very random, lighting strike. a lot of people have bailed out because of jaws. dagen: you were worried about a shark but not -- anything and everything else in that water. >> exactly. here is the coolest thing ant sharks, when you really study these things, they have the best healing cellular structure of all fish and so they are doing technological research. >> they sleep with their eyes open. >> when i get my cartilage injection hopefully it's shark
6:48 am
cartilage. dagen: this is why we have anthony. >> definitely not all natural. i'm comfortable with it. dagen: this is why we have you on. i'm not going to follow up on that, by the way, anthony graduated from law school with rod rosenstein. >> good guy. dagen: he's still there standing behind bill barr, though, like -- he looked like the bride's maid who is never going to wear the white dress. [laughter] dagen: knees were locked out like he's about to go over. more on rod rosenstein and mueller report next hour. we have a look at unique glasses that can protect you from your computer and your phone [ phone rings ]
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dagen: bright light from your phone can do something to your eyes and impact your sleep. joining us the ceo david roger, david, you brought some fabulous with you, sunglasses and regular glasses, just explain how these glasses work and what they would do for somebody? >> so, yes, our products which is anything for sun,
6:53 am
illuminating glare, culprit, digitalized computer vision syndrome. the eyestrain, headaches, the things that you might get after staring in front of the screen for 5, 6, 10 hours and, you know, doing pretty bad at the end of the day, a lot has to do with the glare. eliminate glare and making more comfortable experience. >> your product which is what i have on right now and i paid up to get the blue light filtration on my glasses, a little more expensive than yours. >> yeah. >> what's the pitch to get me to change to your brand? >> totally fair, so, you know, we believe in ourselves, we think as ourselves as, you know, a brand that represents, we want people to live more happier and more productive lives, everything that we do have filtering and technology and we have a proprietary solution where we are really perfect balance with something that's highly effective yet clear.
6:54 am
what we are using is what everyone else in the market is using, it's going to be okay but not great, what we are doing is a lot better. >> affects a lot of people. i've never had a headache -- maybe i don't work hard. >> very lucky. >> is it something that affect all users who use technology for so much time that they are all having headaches or you have a small group of market? >> independent group, they report about 60% of the entire population reports symptoms of digitalized syndrome whether they don't realize it or not, eyes gets tired or headache at the end of the day, if you're in the 40%, hey, that's great, don't worry about it. >> eventually contact lenses that have filter as well. dagen: why wouldn't you license the technology to other brands like make your own glasses? >> again, we want to promote a happier more productive lifestyle and we want that to
6:55 am
be, you know, the few -- future, the core. dagen: where are they sold and how much are they? >> so we start at $95 and we go all the way up to $145 per prescription as well. they are going to charge you 95 but extra as they go into filtering or antiglare or anything else and so that's where the difference is. [laughter] >> yeah. dagen: where are they sold? >> exclusively online right now. dagen: where are you advertising, podcast advertising? >> podcast is great, facebook, instagram, we view partnerships, we have done some things on the radio. you know, there's hundreds of different ways to get to listeners but the strongest
6:56 am
thing is word of mouth but if you're creating a good product, things travel pretty fast. dagen: he has money, you want funding? >> the president will get mad at me but he has bifocals. he never wears them in public. dagen: just reading glasses? >> yeah. >> you look good. dagen: this one? >> we named after friends. calvin the lovely. dagen: partners and the daughter of lord byron i think. >> you're a history buff. ing day. dagen: i'm a nerd. two lawmakers weighing in on the mueller report fallout.
6:57 am
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or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. dagen: good morning everybody. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's friday, april 19th. your top stories. president trump taking a victory lap on the release of the mueller report. >> it was called no collusion, no obstruction. [ cheering and applause ] there never was, by the way, and there never will be. dagen: the fallout as some democrats are calling for impeachment. former vice president joe biden getting ready to run. a new report out says he will enter the 2020 presidential race on wednesday. because of the notre dame fire
7:01 am
-- the cause of the notre dame fire, we'll tell you what officials believe started the fire as france honors the firefighters who prevented complete devastation. plus, serena williams' new game is business. the details on her new venture, coming up. the markets are closed for good friday but we are open for business. with me this morning, cfra investment strategist, lindsey bell, sky bridge capital founder, anthony scaramucci and republican strategist and former white house correspondent, ronica cleary. i wanted to give really quickly, anthony, the andy mcr ca andy me real credit. he taught bowe talked about thes were heavy breathing about the conspiracy allegations and collusion and then at the end of the indictment you would even like say roger stone, for example, you would get to the
7:02 am
end and then be like okay, it smells like collusion, heavy breathing, sounds like collusion but there's no collusion. i think that really did -- he expected that this mueller report under the volume one would look like that and it did. it was a lot of like little detail but it was essentially just a bunch of like small anecdotes that didn't amount to a consisten consistency with ru. >> -- conspiracy with russia. >> i was on the president's transition team. i didn't see any of it. i was on other networks battling it out with people that desperately wanted that to be the case and so my real he question is to democrats, why are you going to continue to push this? isn't there something we could do for the american people as relates to policy, continuing to fix the trade situation, work on infrastructure, work on the immigration situation and the crisis at the border or are we going to stay on this for the next two years? i think the american people are tired of it, dagen. we'll have to see if i'm right. you can sense that the american
7:03 am
people are like enough is enough. >> such a strange time that the democrats want the outcome to be different. so bizarre, to want collusion to be the result. >> some of the anchors are like i'm so happy for america that there was no collusion. but the truth of the matter is, they were shooting to kill the president and there's no kill shot anywhere in this stuff and let's point out to our viewers that this is a fairly unredacted report. we were very surprised to see how little information was block blockaded in in the report by the department of jus justice. dagen: there was full cooperation between the trump campaign and the white house individuals with the investigation. no executive privilege asserted there. there were a million documents handed over, hours and hours of an interview with don mcgahn, the white house counsel. again, that was a white house not getting in the way of this investigation, despite the list of kind of anecdotes in volume
7:04 am
two. i want to get to our guest. we'll talk about this as the morning moves on. rod rosenstein, anthony went to law school with him. attorney general william barr released a lightly redacted mueller report yesterday, finding no evidence of conspiracy between the trump campaign and rus russia during e 2016 election. that's not stopping some house democrats from calling for president trump's impeachment. here's house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler. >> when you say this comes as a response -- to hold the president accountable, does that mean impeachment? >> that's one possibility. there are others. we have to get to the bottom of what happened and take whatever actions seem necessary at that time. dagen: new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez weighed in, tweeting this. mueller's report is clear in pointing to congress' responsibility in investigating obstruction of justice by the
7:05 am
president. it is our job as outlined in attar kell one, section two, clause five of the constitution as such, i'll be signing onto the impeachment resolution. joining me now michigan congresswoman debbie dingell and texas congressman, dr. michael burgues. congressman dingle to you first, where do the democrats go from here? what say you? >> i'v i got back to washingtont night, read the report, haven't done it in detail. there were parts of it that are really disturbing to me. i don't think it totally cleared the president. i think what bothers me the most was the -- it is very clear that russia did try to interfere in our elections. i think they're still going to try to interfere in our elections. how do we work together? i think the intelligence and
7:06 am
judiciary committees will continue to ask questions. but i also -- th i'm focused wih working with my colleague, dr. burgues, on things that matter to the american people. i've been hearing a lot more, rather than this, about inhalers which are now costing almost $700 for some people. we've got to lower prescription drug prices, take care pre-existing conditions so people aren't -- insurance isn't being denied, fixing roads and bridges is also very important and something we have to focus on and get done. dagen: i want to point out, certainly on the issue of collusion, the report clearly states -- i want to stick with this quickly -- the investigation did not establish that the trump campaign coordinated with the russian government in election interference activities and they looked at a whole host of possible statutes that would apply or violations of the law,
7:07 am
conspiracy statute, campaign finance laws, any other statute and there was nothing. >> you know, the thing i would come back to you on is, look, i'm not signing on to ray shy te impeachment resolution but it was clear reading in the report, the extent that russia was trying to interfere in our elections. i'm not going to -- this morning, i want to see what we're finding in these investigations as they go forward. people rather than saying hey, this is a good opportunity, shouldn't we maybe report it to the fbi. there were things in there that just left me uncomfortable. i didn't sleep last night as i read through it because i am someone that thinks that we've got to bring people together and work on issues and this is going to continue but congress has an oversight responsibility. dagen: congressman burgues, your response to that? when i was reading through the report, i looked at what russia was up to and said out loud to
7:08 am
myself, well, where was the fbi and department of justice under president obama, where was the intelligence community because they trained their sights on president trump and made it about president trump but why weren't they doing more when they knew that russia was trying to interfere in our political system, in our election, and we knew that for years and years, where was our entire law enforcement community at the federal level and where was the intelligence community? that's what i was upset about. >> well, i did focus on that time of april of 2016 when the bulk of the activity against the dnc was occurring. and i had the same questions that you did. the fbi has ways of knowing when computer networks are entered i'li'll illicitly and what was e communication between the fbi and dnc on this. this is long before donald trump
7:09 am
had sewed up the nomination. he's not involved in this discussion. what was the back story between the democratic nation committee and fbi. did they talk to each other about what was going on here. i would be interested in know what broke down in that process where someone couldn't have been alerted, a system couldn't have been hardened or if nothing else, people be at least aware that they were being watched. it's extremely troubling. you go down the road, all this other stuff, and i'll just say i think the president had a pretty good day yesterday and i'm glad that he did and i hope the country can move on. look at the accomplishments this president has had, carrying this stuff with him. now that that burden has been lifted, i think this president's going to be much more effective. that's good news for the american people. dagen: i'll point this out. we should mention that the horowitz inspector general report on what led up to the investigation of the trump
7:10 am
campaign, that will be coming out in may, june perhaps. we also have an attorney general who is going to be looking at whether the spying on the trump campaign was predicated or not. is there any evidentiary basis for that spying? i want to point that out. this is not going away, whether the democrats pursue obstruction of justice, impeachment and then information coming out about why the trump campaign was spied on using a dossier which is barely mentioned in this filing. a dossier that was funded by the democratic party, the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign. but speaking of democrats, both of you, congressmen, a former vice president, joe biden is said to be running for president. he's expected to make the official announcement wednesday, according to the atlantic. we were telling you for some time that it would be after easter that vice president biden would make the announcement. he spoke yesterday to striking
7:11 am
workers in boston, sounding like a presidential candidate. >> i'm a politician. i get is. this is beyond that, guys. this is way beyond that. this is wrong. this is wrong what's going on around this country and i've had enough of it. i'm sick of it. and so are you. dagen: congresswoman dingle, do you think joe biden is the best person to take on president trump. >> i have 20 friends running for president of the united states. it's kind of hard to believe. i think he's one of the stronger candidates. i've known him for a very long time. he's a good friend. i've made it clear to everybody, i will not be endorsing for the first few months. i want to see how well they do. i want to see how they connect with people. i think he is somebody that is clearly seasoned, clearly has a lot of experience and has the ability to bring people together which is something that i think we need in this country right now. when you talked a minute ago about the spying on the -- look,
7:12 am
we do need to have answers, we need to have answers on the dnc, members of congress were hacked, like myself. why does it have to be this way? why can't we work together to make sure russia doesn't interfere on our election. dagen: i'm going to give you the final word on this. i think i can answer it. because someone is always running for re-election. the discourse in this country has reached a level where it's difficult for some people to say nice things about another, if you disagree with them, even on what should be a point of fact. >> i do remember a time when democratic party did seem to care about the middle class. i'm sorry that that is not the case any longer, but this president is focused on the middle class and he's brought jobs back, wages are growing, trade things that are being worked through i think are going to accrue to a positive for the united states middle class. and tax code, yes, some people
7:13 am
have complained about it. i think the tax changes have helped the middle class. so this president has been focused like laser beam on the middle class. i think that's important. i think whoever carries into the next election will be going against the track record of a president who has successfully rebuilt the middle class in this country and that's a good thing for all of us. dagen: congresswoman, i heard you sigh heavily i think when congressman burgues said that. it's how you help the middle class, that's where the disagreement is. >> i think you and i worked together on a lot of things. to say democrats don't care about working men and women is not a fair statement. i want to work with you to lower the cost of the inhaler that's gone to $700. i want to work with you to lower prescription drugs. we should be able to do that. dagen: i will leave it there. >> your predecessor did help me with lowering the cost of the inhalers and i'm grateful for that. we've still got work to do. >> yes, we do. dagen: congresswoman dingle and
7:14 am
congressman burgues, are we going to be talking about healthcare in the next year and-a-half or obstruction of justice. >> i'm going to talk about drug prices. dagen: there you go. you talk to your l fellow party members. thank you both. the latest on the notre dame fire investigation, officials say they may know what sparked the massive blaze. we are live in paris. and serena's secret job, how the tennis great is using her fortune to help entrepreneurs, next. ♪ was ahead of its time.
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dagen: new developments in the massive fire at kno notre dame. it was most likely caused by an
7:18 am
electrical short. greg pelkott is in paris with the very latest. hey, greg. >> reporter: hi, dagen. it's a lovely, peaceful good friday in paris but at least in this immediate area after a very horrendous week. i'll ask my congressman to zoom into the structure itself and show you what could have happened. see that right tower? we now know that the flames were in there and were about to consume that tower until the firefighters took control. they were within 15 minutes, however, of toppling that tower, those flames and it could have fallen onto the left tower and basically gotten rid of the whole building. there are now structural efforts being made to make the whole building safe. but on thursday, the firefighters were honored at the
7:19 am
palace and at the city hall for all of their yeah jus their wor. the investigation seems to be centering in on an electrical short in the wiring that's being used to renovate the structure. the republican h renovation in s well. there is about a billion dollars donated and that money will be vastly needed. some people say it could take $8 billion to completely bring this up-to-speed. of course, controversy here too, dagen as you can imagine. some people saying hey, that money could be used he'll where and yes, -- elsewhere, and yes, those yellow vest protesters will be out on saturday. sunday, there will be services all across paris and this church will be remembered. back to you. dagen: have a blessed weekend. thank you so much for that report. coming up, a prime pilot program, amazon and walmart
7:20 am
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thanks! just say "watchathon" into your x1 voice remote to upgrade and keep getting more of what you love. dagen: pain at the pump p, gas prices climbing across the u.s., drivers on the west coast getting hit the hardest. the average gasoline price in california is now north of $4 a gallon. that's the highest level in nearly five years according to triple a. joining us now, oil associate
7:24 am
president andy lipow. why is it a five year high in california? some of it is local, in the location of the state. is that something that will spread across the u.s. in terms of five-year highs for gas? >> well, it will not spread across the u.s. but in california and the west coast we've seen a number of unscheduled refinery outages. it's a who's who of refiners, whether it's phillips in los angeles, valero in the bay area or shell or bp have contributed to the refining outages that reduced inventory and caused soaring prices. >> what do you see happening to oil prices in the second half of the year? we've had a sharp rebound at the beginning of this year, up 30% in wti as we refocus on the supply issue with oil. but in the second half of the year we've got some pipelines coming on here in the u.s. and there should be more oil
7:25 am
flowing. >> well, there is definitely going to be an increase in permian basin production as the new pipelines come onstream at the end of the year. in the near term, i still see the geopolitical situation with sanctions on iran, sanctions on venezuela have taken a significant amount of oil off the market and what's also troubling is the increasing violence in libya that could remove 500,000 barrels a day of oil from the market that's already tight. dagen: what about shale production coming, ramping up here in the united states? is that not enough to offset? >> well, i don't think it's enough to offset today. oil production in the u.s. is at an all-time record of 12.2 million barrels a day. it's expected to ramp up in 2020. more supply is coming from the u.s. but at the same time world oil demand is also increasing by
7:26 am
about 1.4 million barrels a day here in 2019. dagen: andy, good to see you. thank you so much for the insight, as always. have a great weekend, andy joining us. the mueller report released, kellyanne conway's husband sparking outrage over the latest call to remove president trump from office. there's an op ed, what he said, next. plus, lights, camera, game on. how video game makers are using movie-like trailers to capture the attention of gamers. ♪ i will walk 500 miles. and i would walk 500 more. ♪ just to be the man who walked 1,000 miles to fall down at your door. ♪ when i'm walking -- kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
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dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's friday, aprilment your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern. markets closed for good friday but we are open for business.
7:30 am
a major recall for bmw to tell you about. it's recalling nearly 200,000 cars due a fire risk. what you need to know. a prime pilot program, amazon and l walmart teaming up for online grocery orders. plus serena williams' new game is business. the details on her new venture coming up. and spot mini goes commercial. boston dynamics showing off how it will produce these robots. creepy or cool? to our top story this half hour, the mueller report. georgeway, husband of top white house aide, kellyanne conway, writing a piece for the washington post titled this. trump is a cancer on the presidency. congress should remove him. in it, he says this. the facts in mueller's report condemn trump even more than the report's refusal to clear him of a crime. this is the latest example of a division in the conway
7:31 am
household. here's what kellyanne told maria last month. >> my husband also has been very critical of the president publicly, which is unlike him, because he's traditionally been a private person. maria: what does your husband say when you say let's leave this private and not go on twitter. >> you can ask him that. i've had the conversation. i'm not asked to choose between my marriage and my job. the president has never made me feel that way, maria. dagen: i want to get anthony scaramucci's reaction to this. this is not a tweet. this is an editorial that goes into what he thinks particularly on the obstruction of justice section, the volume two of the mueller report. and then he ends it by saying white house counsel john dean famously told nixon there was a cancer within the presidency and it was growing. what the mueller report disturbingly shows with crystal clarity is today there's a cancer in the presidency,
7:32 am
president donald j. trump. how do you rationalize this? how do you explain this? this is bananas. >> i like george. i met him a few times. kellyanne and i have a pretty close relationship. the one issue that i'm confused by is what kellyanne just said. let's interview george. i would love to get him on the air and see what's up and what's the pillow talk between the two of you that's got you this riled up. is there something that the american people need to know that you're not fully expressing here. yes, you're giving us your opinion. but what is underlying this and what is the basis for all this? i think it's fascinating that you have one person inside the white house supporting the president and the other person calling impeachment in the same -- that's may be in america, people at dinner and holiday parties. dagen: i want to ask you this. again, the focus -- i think mary katherine ham said i hope you
7:33 am
got in a good leg day because you're moving the goal post here. now it's about obstruction of justice. there is no kill shot. there was no conspiracy with the trump campaign and the russians, done, put away, volume one. volume two, what's the plan? >> they're going to try to impugn the president's character and trying to say the people surrounding him, there was nefarious activity and they're going to say the president wanted to obstruct justice but but for people like don mcgahn it didn't happen. so therefore he's unfit to serve as president and let's remove him from office. it's a preposterous point of view. i think they're making a tactical mistake. speaker pelosi said weeks ago she doesn't want to go in the direction of impeachment because she knows it bill a disaster for them and likely lead to a rise in the president's approval rating. dagen: adam schiff said a failed impeachment is not in the
7:34 am
national interest and you need a two-thirds majority in the senate, correct, to move of on impeachment and that's why the impeachment proceedings failed against -- >> i'm a money manager. we're using probability statistics. nothing is ever certain. i think you can pretty much put it in the bank if you move to impeach, and even if they get the votes in the house, there's no way they get two-thirds of the senate. dagen: i want to point out andy mccarthy who has been so right and so spot-on, former prosecutor, worked in the justice department for years and years and he wrote right after the mueller report was released, wrote an editorial that was in the new york post. he talked about there were numerous witnesses made available and a million documents disclosed to the mueller team. the witnesses made available voluntarily, even don mccann, the white house counsel. more importantly, the president's frustration wasn't over fear of guilt, the typical motivation for obstruction, but
7:35 am
that the investigation was undermining his ability to govern the country. the existence of such a motive is a strong counter to evidence of corrupt intent. critical because corrupt intent must be proved beyond a reasonable couldn't in an obstruction case. he goes on that bob mueller made no decision, leaving it to attorney general bill barr that there was no obstruction. the constitutional right of every american to force the government to prove a crime has been committed rather than to have -- to prove his or her own innocence. and he says this flouts the constitution, what bob mueller did. he should have had the courage of his convictions and recommended charges the president since he wasn't convinced there was enough evidence to charge, he should have said he wasn't recommending charges period. >> there is a danger in everything you said. we've become so politicized that the rule of law and your point about the goal posts are moving. what you need in a country -- dagen: that was katherine ham. >> what you need is an
7:36 am
unwavering rule of law. rod rosenstein, last easter he met with the president of oval office and we talked on easter sunday and he said you may be right about rod rosenstein. i said i know this guy for 33 years, he's as straight as an arrow, you didn't do anything wrong and you'll be basically exonerated which is effectively what happened despite the kabal from the left. >> if we could go to the george conway op ed, no one would be publishing this op ed if it wasn't an opportunity for the media i believe to exploit the divide in that housed hold. we didn't hear from him before president trump won. i take issue with how comfortable they are sort of flouting whatever is going on inside the conway household. i find that very -- marriages are private and whatever george's reasoning is for publishing this, they are all too happy to -- >> this is an open question for
7:37 am
george. you're publishing this stuff. you're tweeting about it. why don't you come on and let's -- explain is there something that you know that we need to know because right now it seems nonsensical what you're doing. >> it reflects a divide that is in congress, is in politics and is in media right now. i think the american population has become frustrated with it and they want congress to do their job, focus on policy, focus on running this country and keeping it the economic powerhouse that it is. dagen: i want to ask you this before we go. in the volume two, the obstruction of justice section, i saw a president who was lucky to be protected by people from himself, to prevent him from -- keep him from his worst instings instincts. he had every right to be angry and upset. you can't act on that anger. he had don mcgahn and cory
7:38 am
lieu win dluwindowski did not de message. there were multiple incidents, don mcgahn not firing bob mueller. are there people around the president now who are doing this service for him? >> i think there are less people. i think the president was right to have some indig nation. he needs more people to push back. there's a form of selfishness and self preservation. honest people -- you know this. if someone comes into the office and tells me i'm tall and i'm right, i know i've got a problem. if they come in and say i'm short and i'm wrong, we have a relationship. the people needs to have people around him that won't conform their personalities to him because of the bluster or awe of the oval office. dagen: that just not applies to things that might be dangerous to the president, but also the
7:39 am
policy. >> you've got to tell him the truth. i'm not a fan of the anti-press people. i wrote an op ed about it in the hill last week. you've got to tell the president the truth. if you want to win and get the moderates and independents and rebuild the coalition that you need to win, knock off some of the nonsense. you're basicall -- dagen: the press proved the president right by pushing the nonsense collusion narrative for years and now they're focused on the president being upset about it. >> that's a seismic thing in the press right now, this is a cornerstone of a 243 year american president. the press is there to protect us against tyranny. it's also to help with economic innovation. if you teach a young child to think freely and speak freely, they can innovate. dagen: i'll end with this. i would rather be surrounded by people who will willingly punch me in the face than stab me in
7:40 am
the back. >> i'm a front stabber. dagen: coming up, lights, camera, game on. how video game makers are using movie-like trailers to capture attention. and hause how serena williamss using her fortune to help entrepreneurs. ♪ you better watch out. ♪ some guys are only about. ♪ bad things, bad things, bad things. ♪ bad things
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dagen: welcomcheryl: welcome o "mornings with maria i've got headlines for you. bmw is expanding. a recall that was issued back in 2017, they're adding more than 180,000 vehicles in the united states to that 2017 recall that was prompted by possible engine fires at the time. this expansion covering its three and five series as well as the z4 sports cars from the 2006 model year. bmw recalled over 740,000 vehicles from the 2007 to the 2011 model years. again, that original recall back in november of 2017. well, food stamp recipients in new york can now shop for groceries online and have them delivered. the department of agriculture given the green light to amazon, walmart, and shop right for a two-year pilot program. shop right and amazon offering the service to the new york city
7:45 am
area while walmart will make online deliveries in upstate locations. could be a lucrative play for the retailers, food stam stampsa $63 billion arena. serena williams has a side gig. she revealed her venture firm, serena ventures. the firm will invest in women, people of color and young entrepreneurs. she made the announcement on instagram, saying she's been running the firm since 2014. boston dynamics has announced its spot mini robot will be its first commercial product for sale. the company is looking to start producing the dog-like bot in july or august. manufacturing about 100 of them throughout this year. early this week we showed you footage of ten of the spot minis pulling a truck and if you wait for it, here comes the truck. the production model will include new features like skin to protect it and additional
7:46 am
cameras so it can be seen in all directions. boston dynamics expected to announce the price this summer and here comes the truck on the video. we've got a lot more coming up, folks. lights, camera, game on, how video game makers are using movie-like trailers to capture players' attention, it's coming up next.
7:47 am
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next time, leave the fighting to the pros. >> okay, but what if there aren't any around? >> good one. >> hello, new york! ♪ >> order in the city. >> apparently the he show' showt
7:50 am
over. dagen: that was a clip from the trailer for spiderman, the video game, with big budget video games developing a reputation as technical marvels, the anticipation for trailer releases now rivals actual films. joining us now the ceo of super league gaming, ann hand. ann, great of you to be here this morning. let's talk about the art of the video game trailer and you work in the gaming industry. so what is the importance of these trailers to the game developers? >> yeah, absolutely. so it's an important piece of the marketing collateral, no different than the release of aa new movie. what you're trying to do is to bring new audiences into a game, because you're trying to widen the net and ensure that you're enticing a lot of people to try the game out. equally, you want to ensure -- because this is a piece of i.p. that could be around for 10, 20, 30 years, that you're also
7:51 am
creating some excitement about the stickiness to it. so unlike going to see a movie once or maybe seein seeing it at home on netflix, this is something that you're going to be engaging and interacting with potentially for several hours a week over a course of several years. and so they're really trying to find the audience for that game. >> lindsey bell here. what is the budget for one of these trailers? they're beautiful pieces of art work that last for a long time how does that compare to the cost of a trailer for a movie? >> yeah, i mean, i don't work for a game developer or publisher. when you look at the beautiful art that you see, you can imagine that it rivals what you see for big investment film as well. dagen: some gamers have reportedly complained that the trailers don't accurately represent the actual games. what do you think about that? >> yeah, i mean, hey, like gamers can be a tough crowd because they're deeply engaging in the games. so they want the promise of what
7:52 am
that trailerrerrer is. it's not that different about the movie you're excite offed to see at oscar time. sometimes you go into the theater and it's not what you hoped it would be. and so one of the things that is a little bit of an art and science is how to get the excitement going but also not over-promise and under-deliver in the game. so many of these games these days have so many deep layers of strategy inside them and the meta in the game is constantly changing. what they're trying to do is give you enough to excite you but also make sure you're patient with the game developers as they're working through the kinks of the game and fine-tuning it as the game evolves so more people enjoy it. dagen: what about the growth -- i know this is your wheel house, your business, the growth of the league of legends and mine craft events nationwide. gaming for many years is not about some lone livid ily indl
7:53 am
in the rec room playing. it's about a competitive, interactive experience talk about the growth of that part of the business. >> absolutely. if you think about it, the trailer is just one asset in many that starts to really create some excitement and long-term interaction inside these games and so what you're seeing now is the emergence of e-sports. e sports is an additional layer you can wrap around games, creating leagues and teams, either at the pro level or the super league platform, we create in real life amateur leagues for gamers. we wrap them around great game titles like league of legends and mine craft, fortnite, and we do it because game developers are looking for a different way to keep you into that game and a different environment. what we find increasingly is that gamers get excited by the trailer but then the next step is is after they start to advance their skills in the game, they want to take it to a
7:54 am
new level of competition and that's going out of home and that is trying to make more connections around the game and compete at a heightened level through competitive amateur leagues like super league. dagen: what's the hot new game coming out that we should be watching for? >> well, certainly apex right now captured a lot of people's attention. it's kind of -- it merges a lot of the great developments of overwatch and pub g. that creates excitement. one of the things that a lot of people who are sitting outside and looking in at gamers, you mentioned it yesterday earlier,t that the to stairover stereotype debunked. 46% of gamers say the game is a way to spend more time with their family. you're seeing the multigenerational effect. you're seeing there's a lot of genres of games. some games are five versus five.
7:55 am
others are one versus one, like playing a round of golf. each of the games have different styles to them and also different strategies to them. and so some really speak to one type of gamer but there's a variety of ways for different types of gamers to get involved in competitive gaming. dagen: it is a family experience, i can attest to that. ann, thank you so much. great to see you. ann hand for joining us. >> nice to see you. thank. dagen: still ahead, american muscle, dodge paying tribute to america's veterans with two new rides. next hour, "mornings with maria." ♪ you're love's got me looking so crazy right now. ♪ your touch's got me looking so crazy right now. ♪ got me looking so crazy in love. rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and
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ask your doctor about jardiance today. >>. >> maria: . >>. >>. >> for maria bartiromo friday april 19 top stories 8:00 a.m.
7:59 am
eastern, president trump taking a victory lap object the release of the mueller report. >> it was he calmed no collusion no obstruction this should over happen to another president again. . >> a fallout as some democrats call for impeachment, former vice president joe biden getting ready to reason i a report says he will definitely enter the 2020 presidential race wednesday bearing bad news facebook revealing instagram password breach was a worse than first thought disclosed it before mueller report came out automaker showing off stars and stripes charger markets closed for good friday we are open for business with me all morning, cfra strategist lindsey bell are former white
8:00 am
house communication director anthony scaramucci, welcome one will and all with a say you -- >> i am feeling pretty good this morning, but interesting how many times the president will say, no collusion no obstruction going forward. . >> i have a question. >> i think it is going to be so far behind him quickly. >> i agree with you i have a question brush includin-- abouta inclusion a lot of that. >> yes. >> thank you. >> clear up from the report that, you know, and listen they have got information on a lot of western democracy russian trying to undermine trust in voting the institution of the democracy around the west we have a problem. >> where was our law enforcement, where was fbi-doj, under president obama where was a intelligence community. >> the president's point i think interesting people
8:01 am
forget about this, the toughest sanctions last four presidents from president trump on russia. so he said more than one direct conversation with president putin knock it off as relates to 2020 elections we have to see what happens. >> i think that is a great point to bring you the the conversation, is now still looking at headlines in the paper looking at what people are focusing on still well should he the president have been charging with obstruction versus how are we going to ensure 2020 elections are not meddled in by russians should be focus concern conference. >> collusion william barr releasing lightly redacted mueller report no evidence of conspiracy between trump and rush during 206 election president trump speaking out after the release. >> i am having good day too it was called no collusion, no
8:02 am
obstruction. [cheers and applause] >> there they ever, by the way, there never will be we have to get to bottom of these things i will say, this should never happen to another president again. this hoax should never happen to another president again. >> this coming as house judiciary chairman nadler reportedly expected to issue a subpoena later today for the full mueller report joining us now former whitewater independent council robert wray what bothers you most. >> you would have thought big story should be how sophisticated to interfere with 2016 election cycle was beyond anything i have not read most americans i am sure will never get around to reading whole thing i was up until 3:00, 4:00 in the
8:03 am
morning i have i have read the whole thing most what i saw in obstruction piece of this things, you know, inside baseball stuff was in the -- the office of the president, aside, really isn't anything new, we already knew all of that. but the detail that is provided in the report with regard to the russian interference and the . >> so if isification staggering. >> what do you think they are hiding. >> as attorney general has already explained, there are pieces that have been withheld, and frankly having read the whole thing not that much, but there are things obviously, that are the cute grand jury material not going to be released with regard everything else whatever you may say about report as it stands right now redacted form congress is going to get
8:04 am
access a limited none of members of corning going to get access to everything else you have not heard a whole lot recently 24 hour cycle about further complaints we want to see whole report there is a little kracongressmen will see the whole thing the only way to get access for jerry nadler to say impeachment things i listened to eliminate last night he couldn't directly answer that well we are going to conduct further inquiry not prepared to say impeachment predicting. >> they need to get in line with nancy pelosi. >> she can cut your headed off without you feeling it. >> sure. >> but steny hoyer is not insubstantial figure in the house of representatives, i
8:05 am
think communicating pretty effectively that think about the fact election is 18 months away, not to waste time of american people any further -- >> the president's lawyer this morning happier camper. >> absolutely i mean game over just what you were saying no collusion no obstruction would i keep repeating it i would force the house judiciary committee engineer yoi nadler every day i would be asking so are you talking about impeachment proceeding today? >> i would force them corner them into making a judgment about that. >>. >> what happens next president's attorney is happier camper no collusion no obstruction what happens next when it comes to russian attempts to meddle. >> i think that is worthy of further inquiry wi congress in the position potentially to do something about it i have doubts whether or not there will be a serious efforts to do very much. i think look the intelligence
8:06 am
community has learned lessons as a result of all this, and i think one of the things the president obviously, is justifiably most upset about the fact the intelligence community came to the conclusion that can i now president was in on it, as opposed to trying to protect them from you know, make being appropriate notification to tell them look this is what we think the russian government is up, to be careful. you know, that is a very dangerous judgment to have made. i guess i can understand why in some sense we slipped into that. but i do think there is going to be further he inquiry particularly in senate about origins of what became collusion congratulations or not the bottom maria talked about you all talked about for months. >> talked about it for years.
8:07 am
>> what was going on with fisa court were there i efforts about i people to you know, to intentionally mislead or at least to omit material information to the fisa court that should have been included, as fullsome disclosure. >> jim comey preposterous came out that he didn't know that clinton pain paid for dossier, issued and renewed a few times on caterrter j page inspector general report coming out bill barr the attorney general saying i'm going to look at the whether there was a process predicate for aspiring base
8:08 am
for spying that was started what do you make of the attacks by people in media and anybody, on other networks wearing a microphone yesterday on the attorney general saying he is acting like the president, percentage attorney and not the attorney general. >> i think their efforts to try to preempt the legitimizes of further inquiry i think is despicable i am concerned about fact people should know better many of whom are former federal prosecutors armchair prosecutors on networks taking a direct attack, at the attorney general of the united states, if they did that to for example a federal judge lawyers would be subject to discipline i am going to remember who was out there trying to disparage a work of theening to frankly i have read the entire report, the argument that the attorney
8:09 am
general varied from fair characterization telling you my own conclusion for whatever it is worth that notion is completely rediclus. >> one of the greatest comments, it is the rule of law. >> barr, rod rosenstein are not going to carry water of president trump any way, shape or form. >> they new the whole report was coming out anyway. >> the whole thing is redim lus why being done why calling for resignation of the attorney general trying to undermine legitimately lawful authority. >> i don't think it is hale much of what i read in the obstruction part of the thing frankly was, you know, the president's understands standable frustration with
8:10 am
being able to try to conduct an administration free from the notion every turn if he made a particular action in the political process, that that would then be evaluated as potential obstruction of justice i looked at that quite frankly very much in line with attorney general's read he didn't agree with with everything there but even accepting bob mueller's construct hes determination after full consultation with office of legal council rod rosenstein what you would expect the attorney general to do arrived at conclusion there was not sufficient evidence to conclude president obstructed justice i am fully in agreement with that i have been through this drill before like a lot of déjà vu going through this, and i absolutely support the attorney general's determination -- >> one year from now are we going to still be talking about this. >> i imagine that we will in the context of the president election cycle would i hope democrats would be smart
8:11 am
enough to see the end game here, and the frankly the fruitlessness and the colossal waist of time it would be to attempt to relitigate, what is a 400 something-page report with many footnotes about all the things that were uncovered, i think it is time for the democrats to put up or shut up. and it is either over or it is not over they want to you know, prolong the agony do it i think that is political suicide. >> robert wray good to see you. thank you so much privacy alert facebook admits instagram password breach, may be larger than originally thought all-american tribute honoring the stars and stripes. ♪ ♪ falling in love with me ♪ ♪ one kiss is all it takes,
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>> turning to old school idea to grow revenue clerl cheryl hasdales. cheryl: dagen, of course, a payment company reportedly looking to issue credit card, "the wall street journal" says have been discussing with banks since late last year, shares of venmo up 27% this year. >> two tech ipos winner on wall street investors snap up shares of pinterest and zoom video communications first day of trading yesterday pinterest closed up nearly 30% going public in 19 bucks a share
8:16 am
pinterest has not turned a profit annual losses are narrowing revenue on rise expected to jump 291 million, zoom video, living up to name shares rallying more than 70% went public at 36 bucks a share above increased of last moment, pinterest, zoom making money revenues doubling latest fiscal year, to dodge, they are honoring tuhe u.s. military, the cars standing out from mother-in-laws with nine military inspired color choices dark green, gray studies show dodge has highest number of active military buyers, in the united states. and looks like even tiger woods magic can't drive golf popularity the journal
8:17 am
reporting younger generations aren't interested in the sport paper cites low attention span as well as growing age gap between today's sports stars and original golfer, think is a lot of time a lot of time that time people don't have about. >> makes you walk makes you concentrate learn a very specific kill, and i beg to differ with that article i have livered -- lived near driving range saw young people showing up with a driver in hand right after that. they were like going to driving range little kids with parents, because they watched tiger win masters. >> american jobs coming home new analysis projections a win for u.s. auto workers under nafta 2.0 usmca trade
8:18 am
agreement, the breach worse than first thought a new feature to the social media service. >> i am on my way, i'm on my way ♪ 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow,
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dagen: trade in focus new analysis of the u.s. pca shows it could add billions to the u.s. economy a lot of jobs, blake burman covering the story from white house hey. reporter: different ways to look at this as essentially reports yesterday one from usit.c. last week the administration rig to get ahead of this commerce secretary wilbur ross sort of downplaying report when you dig into some numbers you can see why it is an independent
8:22 am
government analysis here is what they said, if fully implemented usmca would raise real gdp by about 68 billion dollars and cia 172000 jobs by sixth year about a third of a percent to gdp, and about 1/8 of a percent to employment far short of deal administration has been pitching reaction from a democrat senator rob widen saying quote the economic analysis of trump's nafta shows us that this deal is nothing more a minor update to nafta without much benefit for american workers, however, the ustr also released its own figures contending usmca trade deal would lead to for example 34 billion dollars in new auto manufacturing in u.s., 23 billion dollars in new purchases of u.s. made auto parts 76,000 auto jobs alone statement now, from the trade,
8:23 am
lighthizer said one of the major priorities renegotiating replacing nafta to discourage out so you aring of american automotive jobs encourage more investment manufacturing jobs in the u.s. information from all the major auto companies confirm new usmca rule will achieve that goal report from usi. usihc would job 6% exports to canada more than 6% when you put all together dagen, it goes to show consideration that congress is eventually going to have the final say in all of this, that there is still some work that needs to be done in terms of pitching congress, to approve this trade deal the president trump and trump administration wants to see passed. >> did you blake, blake burman white house you have a great weekend in case you missed it some of the top moments from the show.
8:24 am
>> you are naming a new cfo your promoting marianne lake ceo evident consumer lending business why changes. >> we think about way ahead of time want to move people around get different skills i am bursting with pride marianne lake is exceptional cfo, the about capabilities, jen piepszak all over the company has become new cfo. >> great to celebrate tax day for the first time when taxes going down normally people look at tax day ther paying so much in taxes there is no question the impact in benefit this had on the economy. >> the first thing very concerned because we had a camera in the apartment that starts, put as part of the bail condition they were so concerned where the camera is wands to i can at a it down they didn't want world to see what they were up to, and
8:25 am
then -- they -- they told carlos you you are coming with us again to detention center under aarrest we have nothing to hide. >> handoff from liquidity driven rally to better you fundamentals revolving u.s.-china trade tension is one part, i worry a little bit that we are going to get a cease-fire rather than permeate resolution. >> the pressure at border, particularly southern border totally overwhelmed some of the current laws honestly it is a moment for everybody to get together and say we got a problem let's fix it, and the immigration laws do need changing. >> you are getting a refund you don't have emergency fund, let's put some money aside to be able to cushion yours, once you have that emergency fund in place, then i want you to definitely attack debt, get
8:26 am
debt out of your life, when you get out of debt you give yourself a raise allows more progress for yourselves and your family. >> what is special about will be -- >> the best cooperative we have ever seen created more value, he coached larger organization, but what we learned in writing the book, was that you need a coach, i thought was my coach but he was coaching the whole team could be most remarkable year in terms of of the evolution of streaming netflix ready quite sometime the program and vest at the end of the day, we think there is he going to be enough to spread around here in term longer term going to be a potential shake out -- expected to about among personable winner. >> limited edition 900 worldwide very special. >> how does door open here? the shape of the car so beautiful, look at it wow .
8:27 am
very cool. >> trademark for lamborghini. >> for millennials attract instagram generation. >> what makes ours different beautiful imagery design into text of picture i hope to deepen your experience if you look forward to easter, america's favorite east candy we sit at table going to look at kellogg's, cereal. >> -- >> right now to have you add a side of the --. acake syrup marshmallow chips with duncan-flavored peet's coffee with until deloittes peet's coffee creamer there you have it. .
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dagen: i am dagen mcdowell for mar-a-lagia bartiromo. >> top stories 8:30 a.m.
8:31 am
eastern markets closed for good friday, but we are open for business, a blessed passover easter to everyone watching, a new safety push issue from uber, tell you about what you need to know before hailing your next ride, facebook revelation instagram password breach, worse than first thought. more on that, plus a change coming to the social media service, and the east holiday weekend box office scare versus prayers we have a preview for what could top it. facebook latest breach social media giant revealing millions of audience graham users's passwords stored in a readable format on he servers tens of thousands affected not millions joining me former microsoft corporation chief operating officer managing director the hits keep coming for facebook and instagram
8:32 am
will when will they get our act together. >> that is 64 there are a question, so to speak. facebook is like a teenager, that every other night coming in, admitting something new, and you are wondering is this kid going to mature? if it isn't a privacy problem, that is data breach it is onlining of significant proportions they need to really realize they need some maturity, in terms of tackling some things gets them to a steady state. the privacy thing has been sitting there for months, waiting to have definitive action on facebook's part to try and get out in front of all these regulators if they don't do that they are going to have a wild time with various governments and the
8:33 am
world over course of next year. >> a great point are they going to be able to get ahead of regulators or is this something they can learn lessons from from microsoft never has problems with privacy even apple out there all the time touting how great their privacy is. >> well that is a shame, you would think with all signals that they have gotten, that they would start to sit down with these various governments say okay, let's settle up, because the fact is the current status quo with facebook is unacceptable users have no idea what is going on with data no idea how to get to any features, to larn about what goes on, or to prevent what goes on, so all of these things need to be made obvious to user, user need to about in control of what it is they are handing over to this company simply not happening you would think the board would get disgruntled about all this realize they need to put some
8:34 am
new resources, against this problem right now nothing is happening. >> i want to ask you a question, you mentioned, i like this, that facebook a triage facebook came out when i was in college, and they are no longer a teenager is it a sign that perhaps, zuckerberg has to go? >> well i won't comment on personnel decisions but the fact is you need a lot of maturity to handle a core problem to this company that could bring it down. and why the board doesn't realize that this is gone on away too long something definitive needs to happen ois we are going to have condo misery. >> i want to ask you about uber safety ride-sharing company rolling out a safety reminder push notification aimed at cracking down on phony drivers after death of
8:35 am
would you think i don't mean in south carolina also looking down one-billion-dollar investment driving car unit ahead of expected ipo next month this is a company that is behaving like a grown-up. >> yeah they are doing, some good things, and i am encouraged, they have hands full i think they are into time thintoo many things driverless cars a figment of our imagination to a great extent. i will get excited about driverless cars when state farm and allstate want to ensure one. but the fact is, their anxious think they can add value in the driverless car area fine number one priority for them should be make uber car service absolutely excellent. it is a shame they have
8:36 am
distractions, they need to decide what to do on the driver front are these people contractors or going to be employees if they don't get in front of that issue governments will -- will lead the way. so they also have problems, but their demonstrating more maturity than two years ago. >> i want to point out fiat cries already rerecalled 320,000 cars in north america because they can roll the way because of a transmission issue that is another automobile problem i want to move to this, story about apple, there is a new book, from apple ceo tim cook's biographer claims cook is better leaders than steve jobs was cook he took over few months before jobs patched away in 2011 apple nearly tripled annual revenue why compare two i want to get your reaction to that bob. >> well you know, the ceo job
8:37 am
is very multidimensional there is no doubt on some dimensions tim cook does superb work, he was a supply chain expert working for steve jobs. he is the one that always had the iphones ready, when steve was kicking off a new product, so he is brilliant in that dimension. also a very good people person. i think he manages personnel very well those are two dimensions that weren't steve jobs' strengthen that is probably an understatement. on the other hand from the standpoint of innovation, there is no doubt that the world is still waiting for the big idea since 2011 when steve jobs passed away. yes you can have iphone 8 iphone 9 iphone 10, et cetera, the fact is slightly a better camera slightly bigger more
8:38 am
different size cameras and the like. that is not real innovation, and now, they have this big announcement where they are going to announce the future of where the company is going. and they talk about getting into streaming business and credit card business, these are two very fairly mature businesses, at this point, and streaming everybody and his brother seems to be jumping into that pool. and, you know, so it is a strange time for apple, looking more like a valued company it is clear tim cook is better leader than steve in that kind of a scenario but if you want raw innovation would you vote for steve. >> bob good to see you, thank you for being here, on this friday, have a great weekend coming up 2020 field gets more crowded former vice president joe biden reportedly entering the fray wednesday mr. varney
8:39 am
stuart will weigh in, audiences gearing up for a walk-through nature. and something uplifting this week the battle at box office, that is ahead. ♪ ♪ seen a lot of things in this world, when i -- ooh baby, here i am, signed, sealed delivered i am yours ♪ the introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger,
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dagen: former vice president joe bidenroll joining the 2020 race wednesday, joining me host of "varney & company," stuart varney. sir what say you? >> oh i think a very big deal okay long being forecast looks to me like he is going to run i think this is a big deal for a couple reasons, number one, the guy is reportedly a moderate, i don't know of any other moderates in the field the moment 19 candidacy amongst fronts runners a socialists, green new deal i don't think biden ftes in that camp there is a lot of moderate democrats out there would like to be represents somewhere somehow second, this could be an opportunity for joe biden going on a limb here supposing he was to be the one says enough, enough with this impeachment nonsense enough with investigations let's talk issues.
8:44 am
i want to talk about health care, i want to talk about income inequality he would seize i think an opportunity for him to do it what do you think. >> i think you are right can i ask you a question in a few words what was your initially reaction to the mueller report. >> great day for america. our president, was not is not never has been an agent of russia or soviet union or anybody else, that is great news. we spent two years god knows how much money and how many lawyers have been poring through this thing come to the conclusion no collusion that is good news our president is not a traitor that is exactly what the immediate has been saying the past two years, greet news for america. we've got a decent president a valid president a successful president thank you very much.
8:45 am
dagen: stuart i read that mueller report that seconds exi thought to miles if wrongly accused would i be really angry i would be -- as hot and mad as president trump clearly was. >> absolutely, dagen you are absolutely right. what is the president supposed to do what is anybody supposed to do when they are cumulatived from every when way direction that you were a traitor you worked with russians you are a bogus president, you don't deserve to be in white house what do you think you would say you would be mad as the devil and rightly so -- >> somebody scuffed my shoes i get mad. >> thank you so much we will see you less than 15 minutes "varney & company" starts every day 9:00 a.m. earn things, coming up scares and prayers audiences gearing up for box offireleases this easte
8:46 am
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clip from the new film "curse of la llorona" the old i am sure i said wrong old-fashioned ghost story one of heavy hitters making box office debut today the sr.,
8:50 am
vice president -- >> hello this is -- evil -- >> okay a to have you one. >> i knew would i foul it up what do you make of this because again kind of is it oditch ditch to launch a horror film east weekend passover. >> scares and prayers critics not loving this installment in franchise cost nothing to make that said people will probably go to see it hard to believe on easter weekend right i don't know if i want to know those people dagen, but looks like -- 17 to 20 million dollars coming in number one, topping. >> i am asked going head to what he had two disney motives breakthrough, tell me about it knee latest faith-based remove from franklin did miracle from heaven as well about a woman
8:51 am
unwavering faith sun's able to to fight against all odds, was fell through eyes underwater six minutes really an incredible story, if you, i did a behind sooenlz look you can meet the joyce and her son with actors. >> cristy metz -- so this is a big move for her she is the central piece of this film. >> this is a big breakthrough for her as it was. >> i think it is important to note that disney is doing faith-based as well they see as a big studio see potential of them for audiences out there. >> this motive will probably come in third i think probably estimates, 13 to 20 million dollars going to do better than that, monday morning wow, box office epiphany moment. >> learned from passions of christ had word of mouth a runaway hit one of the most
8:52 am
profitable films of all time. >> this is fox motive the first release in 71 dollar purchase of 20th century. >> quickly we were showing some clips from penguins, aavengers opens up next week i say final installment in this series, probably o lit rate competition a bad 2019 at box office down double digits worst since 2013, look to this to start to change things around for some studios so that has a it been garbage. >> wide rooes christmas week, weak season, fewer releasees, everybody waiting for "game of thrones," pregame your gooior g sunday night. >> i hope you have a fabulous
8:53 am
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is right for your first treatment. ♪ dagen: it's the economy, dummy. the mueller report out, no collusion by president trump and the trump campaign with the russian government, russian efforts to interfere in the election. this sets up the commander in chief to take his economic message on the road for the 2020 election. anthony scaramucci, will the economy trump the mueller report? >> i really do believe so. one of the things i really focus
8:57 am
on are middle class and lower income wages. i showed you that chart at the break. they are back up in real economic terms to where they were in the mid '70s. that's phenomenal for the president. dagen: black unemployment, females, latin american, is really low right now. can the economy in terms of the wage gains we've seen, can the economy keep running despite being literally ten years into this expansion? >> yeah, i think so. i think all 2018, a lot of people complained and said corporations, all they're doing with this money, the benefit from the tax plan, the cut in taxes from 35% to 21%, they are just buying back their shares. i think what you saw in the fourth quarter was capx at a new all-time high for s&p 500 companies. you are finally seeing in the last three or four months wage growth above 3% for the economy overall. i think things are looking very well. the labor market is very tight. i think you are going to keep seeing wages go up from here. dagen: go ahead. >> the media can shout as loudly as they want to about the mueller report and about the
8:58 am
issues that they seem to have with the president but at the end of the day, the people know that we are in -- the economy is in great shape and that is what the divided democrats, whoever they unify behind, that's what they're going to have to face in 2020, because at the end of the day we know what's going on in our households, with our lives. >> let's make the presidency fun again. the mueller report is in the distant rear view mirror. the economy's ahead of us. i do think you can see the economic expansion taking through 2020 and that really augers nicely for the president. dagen: how should the white house message that? >> let the president be the president. let him get out there and do what he's great at, talk about these things, talk about the common sense policies he's put together to deregulate the system and allow for more job growth. dagen: this was pointed out, and we saw it in retail sales numbers yesterday, retail sales numbers were much better than
8:59 am
expected. it does send the signal that she thinks it's a temporary bounce-back in the economy but whatever slowdown we were experiencing is really kind of -- growth is picking up steam again, moving into the current quarter. >> i agree. it feels like we have moved past the slump in the first couple months of the year driven by a slowdown in global demand as well as the shutdown that we had here in the u.s. now we're moving past that. we are getting more seasonable weather right now. that bodes well for the economy. i think looking forward, a trade deal is really the next big step for this economy because you get a trade deal done, you remove some tariffs and you will see economic growth and earnings for corporations really improve. dagen: you're shaking your head. >> i'm in agreement. i think the only thing i'm personally worried about is the environment where you are borrowing a quarter trillion a quarter, it could eventually put some pressure on rates. not now, over the next six to nine months but that could be a 2020 issue. dagen: it could be.
9:00 am
there's time to get the message right. very happy easter and very blessed passover to everybody. right now, it is all about stuart varney. "varney & company" is up next. mr. varney, take it away. stuart: i like that introduction. i really do. good morning to you on easter friday. good morning to you. all right. good morning, everyone. oh, we have news and it's not about robert mueller. it's about joe biden. there are reports that next week, he will announce he's running for the presidency. no confirmation yet, but his candidacy has long been forecast. this is big news in presidential politics. biden is considered a moderate. he would be the only middle-ground guy among the frontrunners. he would be just about the only candidate who could bring the democrat party back from its socialist drift. and we have news on mueller as well. the news is that the democrats are moving to retry the whole th


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