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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 19, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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more refraction on the virtues of the west, history and civilization and a little less on continuing cultural self emulation. that is it for us this week. i'll be back next week with more in-depth interviews right here on the wall street journal at large. thank you for joining us. passover. lou: good evening, everybody. radical dimms have been throughout the day and almost perfect harmony with hysterical hypehyperbolic howls of protestd considerable confusion, seemingly incapable of comprehending that their efforts to overthrow the president of the united states have now ended in une give cabal abject failure, a day after the attorney general released the report that exonerates and vindicates president trump. the radical dimms have turned to more hyperbolic rhetoric and pivoted to a hastily contrived narrative. suddenly the radical disms are
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claiming the same report that exonerated and vindicated president trump is now their road map to impeachment. we take up their newly constructed efforts to divert their attention and that of the american public from the disastrous end of their orchestrated plot to bring down president trump with fabricated support for their claims of collusion. while all of this unfolds in the swamp, hundreds of miles away the southern border crisis is raging. thousands of illegal immigrants still being released into american communities. the cartels exploiting the immigration system and another border community declaring a state of emergency. former acting i.c.e. director tom homan joins us tonight. we'll have the latest for you on the fight for our national security. as the radical dimms reel from the release of the mueller
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report, no collusion at all, the dimms call for the department of justice to hand over entirely the unredacted report. attorney general william barr stating just ten days ago the redacted material must be protected. >> members of congress have said they intend to ignore the public redactions. and leak the full report. would that give you pause if that were to occur? >> someone is going to leak the full report? >> that's what we -- that's what they're saying. >> that would be unfortunate because, you know, there's grand jury information in there that under the law has to be redacted. lou: but the rule of law means nothing obviously to the radical left. they've trampled on the corns teution anconstitution and theyt of salt on the presidency of president donald j. trump within failing on their reports to oust him.
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state attorney kim foxx's future is in doubt. will the jussie smollett case be her last? we'll take that up as well. our top story, america's crisis at the border, no signs of slowg. slowing. breitbart news reporting the department of homeland security released more than 12,000 illegal immigrants into the nation, bringing the total so far this year to 146,000. think of that. almost 150,000 released into the country. most of the immigrants never to appear for their court dates. new mexico has declared a state of emergency demanding national guard troops be deployed for their help. the county says they need their help, will consider suing the state government if nothing happens within the week. and an armed malitia in new
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mexico this week holding nearly 200 illegal immigrant as they waited for the border patrol to arrive. customs and border protections saying it quote does not endorse private groups or organizations taking enforcement matters into their own hands. really? we'll take up the issue here tonight. joining us tonight, tom homan, former acting director of border and customs enforcement. it is great to have you with us tonight. let's start with. >> good to be with you, lou. lou: thank you were sir. let's start be the border crisis. in all of this people are right now distracted considerably and in most cases rightly so. by that border is still -- border crossers by the thousands are every day moving into the united states or being released into the united states. your thoughts. >> look, i've been saying it for a long time, they'll keep coming
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because there's no consequence, no returns. i'm pushing. i'll say it again, i.c.e. needs to do a nationwide operation, look for the family groups and single adults who have had their court date, either didn't show up and got order removal. 90% of them are in that bucket. find them, remove them and show central america we're taking this seriously. i did it three and a half years ago and it worked. border numbers went down significantly. lou: and catch and release. everyone has talked about it from the president on down. catch and release is still in effect and the numbers are disspirittinspiritting to say tt at the number of illegal imglant being released into american society. >> two things happened that's going to help with that. the wait in mexico program is expanding across the southwest border. again, they've had a ninth circuit rule against it was there was a stay.
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dhs can go forward. they need to go forward fast on it. the second thing is the attorney general made a great decision that asylum seekers who pass their first credible asylum interview if they cross the border illegally, they usually will get bond. he's saying no. that's not the way the law reads. if you enter this country illegally and claim asylum, even if you pass your first interview, you're going to to be detained until you see a judge. that will help. lou: i was stnd as stunned as s ruling overruling an immigration judge in that case. i, for the life of me, did not realize how clear the statute was, the regulation, and he's exactly right. that means that this has been going on through three presidencies until this attorney general stepped forward and shut it down. >> look, if you look at what's
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really happening, if you come to the port of entry and claim asylum which is the legal way to do it, you weren't allowed bond. but if you enter the country illegally in violation of the law, you were allowed bond. it's the complete opposite of the way it should be. he went back to the way the law is written. lou: and the incentives under two previous presidents with, these are outright incentives for illegal immigration into this country. and it's that straightforward. let's turn to, if we may, some of the -- this surge, fight against i.c.e., the radical democratic congresswoman threatening a hunger strike to push for the shutdown of immigration and enforcement. the radical dimms are focusing on i.c.e. and it infuriates them, drives them to some sort
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of sigh so he was that psychosis inexplicable. your thoughts. >> it's disgusting. i can't believe show she got elected to congress with her thoughts and positions on this. if she doesn't look what i.c.e. does, do your job as a congresswoman and change the laws you think you need to change. they're not making these laws up. they're enforcing the laws. they want open borders and they want these people on a hunger strieng. let me let you in on a secret. go on a hunger strike. we'll get a court order and force feed them. she'll telling illegal aliens, put yourself in harm's way, get sick rather than me doing my job, i'm going to try to embarrass i.c.e. by having sick people in detention. it's shameful and disgusting. the democratic leadership needs to do something about it. lou: the democratic leadership
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needs to do something about it. the president is moving to reform department of homeland security. think about this, the president ordering a shift and priority within the department of homeland security from counterterrorism to illegal immigration and border security. it is the largest department. it is a mammoth creature, as you know. but you can already begin to see some of the effects of that decision on the part of the president. >> president trump is a great president. he -- i've worked for six presidents. he's done more for border security than any president. he's the only one trying to address the security. his administration. the democratic leadership hasn't offered up one option, one idea. they hate this president so much, they resist this president. it's more important to them to hate this president and see him fail than to do their job and defend the country. they hate this president more than they love their country.
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it's disgusting. president trump is the only one doing anything about the border. he's a great president and he will not fail the american people. he will not give up. lou: and you say the radical dimms, the left in this country hate the president more than they love the country. i think that is true. but let's be, i think, very clear about this. they hate the fact that they are not in power, that hillary clinton is not the president. they hate that. but this is all about power no matter how they want to dress it up. this is about power and they know that they are now vulnerable as a result of this president prevailing against a 22-month-old witch hunt that is going the change history in this country for the better and for a very long period of time. tom homan, it is great to see you. thank you for being with us, my friend. >> good to see you, lou. lou: still ahead, new troubling numbers for american churches.
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we'll take up what that means for the country. pastor robert jeffers joins us here tonight. up nects, the radical left and their friends, their accomplices say that robert mueller has shown them the way forward. >> i think it was probably written with the intent of providing congress a road map as other reports have in the past. >> the mueller report is a road map for the november 2020 lects. >> bob mueller has set out a road map. >> road map. >> road map. road map to impeachment for democrats in congress. >> is that how you read it? >> it's absolutely how i read it. lou: 24 hours, road map. the radical dimm word of the evening. we'll be joined by greg jarrett here next. here next. stay with us. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios
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jerry nadler today subpoenaed the justice department for a fully unredacteredacted mueller. the justice department issued this statement, quote, congressman nadler's subpoena is premature and unnecessary. the department will continue to work with congress to accommodate its legitimate
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requests consistent with the law and long recognized executive branch interest. hello, mr. nadler. hello, mr. schiff. hello, ms. p pelosi. they rejected an offer to review a less redacte redacted report t week. they went the whole enchilada. president trump blasting statements made against him in what he calls the crazy mueller report. president trump tweeting, quote, because i never agreed to testify, it was not necessary for me to respond to statements made in the quote report about me. some of which are total bull -- the president can say it and i can say it. -- total bullshit. given for m them to look good ad me to look bad.
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this is a hoax that never should have happened. joining me now, gregg jarrett, "the new york times" best selling author "the russia hoax." and what a hoax it was. good to have you here. >> great to be here. lou: i love the crafting of the response to the justice department to the nadler suicidal subpoena. >> it's ironic that the people are demappedding t demanding tot when william barr offers to show it to them. i don't think a federal judge is going to look kindly on that. it's and uphill climb anyway to get a judge to say the secret testimony by law must be unveiled. so n nadler, good luck with this. lou: could you imagine a federal judge saying just eliminate the redactions on grand jury. >> right. lou: material. i mean it's unthinkable.
10:18 pm
forget about sources and thet thodz. >methods. >> the law is clear. there are stated exceptions but none of these fall around the stated exceptions. good luck, nadler. lou: the last thing i want is for that man to have any good luck at all. because he is part of what has been a cabal, an organized conspiracy to overthrow the president of the united states. and i really -- i am so disgusted with even their response. now they're talking about a road map to impeachment. and they talk about ten instances of obstruction of justice. they are ten, the category of ten, actually 11, but ten pertaining particularly to the president, that were investigated by the special counsel and the.
10:19 pm
>> the mow, larry and curly of democrats who are obsessed with this nonexistent conspiracy will per sue impeachment nevertheless. the 183 pages that robert mueller spent was nothing more than a smear. he knew there was no obstruction of justice. lou: volume two. >> no obstruction of justice under the law. he knew it. so he decided he was going to twist the law and say i can't prove the president didn't obstruct justice. that's not what prosecutors are supposed to do. just the opposite. if they don't find sufficient evidence for an offense, they're supposed to shut the you know what up. lou: well, the other part of it is, there is something of a time line of tradition in this country. as a matter of fact, its legal foundation presumed innocence in our judiciary. >> right. lou: so i don't think nadler and pelosi and schumer.
10:20 pm
and the rest of the bunch have any business in carrying on like this. and just ignoring that reality. very simply, the prosecutor has to prosecute or he or she has nothing to say. >> in bob mueller and andrew wiseman and the whole team of partisan have an ounce of integrity, they would not have spent 183 pages smearing somebody -- you know, a prosecutor, if he doesn't have the evidence, he should just issue a one-sentence finding that says, no recommendation for prosecution, insufficient evidence. lou: one of our favorite people on this broadcast is james clapper, former dni under obama. and he came up with what i think a brilliant concept. he says mueller couldn't find active collusion but there was, he says, passive collusion. clapper, brennon, of course,
10:21 pm
comey, the geniuses who spied on the presidential ca candidate. >> clapper is a liar, he and brennon both. this is their new mantra is adam schiff is on to it to too. i never went criminal collusion. i meant the colloquial collusion. lou: adam schiff, the man never ceases to surpass himself, saying that the attorney general misled with the mueller report summary saying he's not the president's personal attorney. your thoughts for mr. schiff. >> you know, schiff is one of those guys who managed topaz the bar exam without knowing a darn thing about the law. california ought to double-check and make sure somebody else didn't take it for him.
10:22 pm
it's amazing to me -- lou: that would be a story. >> really. you know, nobody takes anything adam schiff says seriously anymore because he's lost all credibility. i mean for two years he claimed there was a mountain of criminal collusion evidence and where is it, adam. why don't you show us. lou: yeah. >> because it doesn't exist. i mean that was a very exculpatory section of the mueller report, no conspiracy coordination or collusion with the trump campaign and the russians. you can't be more clear than that, unless of course you read my book. mueller could have saved $25 million in 22 months -- lou: we're going to feed it. what is the name of the book. >> "the russia hoax" he could have just read the book. lou: he could have but then again that would have left all of us in television news to lit toll say. good to see you.
10:23 pm
thanks so much, greg. >> thanks, lou. lou: up next, indiana farmers installing a new sewer. well they made a mammoth discovery this week. 13,000-year-old bones. the farmers first thought they were chicken or cow bones they dug up. then they saw, well, they saw all of this and that. a massive giant tusk, 4-foot long thighbones and they realized they were dealing with something a little beyond their expectations. they were ancient members of the elephant family. they roamed north in central america before becoming extinct. an expert confirmed that the remains belonged to a male mas to non. they plan to donate the bones to the local museum. remember this from president
10:24 pm
obama? >> if you got a business, that -- you didn't build that. lou: socialism and oh look, there's his former vice president. he has his own microphone and his own take. >> you build america. we build america. ordinary middle class people build america. lou: they're learning. we'll take that up and much more right after the break. ed rollins joins us. stay with us. stay with us. we'll be right back. 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ )
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♪ ♪ lou: fox news confirms joe biden is floong announc planning to as presidential bid next week. the former vice president would start his campaign as the front runner in what is now a crowded field of nearly 20 radical dimms seeking the opportunity to run against president trump.
10:29 pm
if that tells you a little something about all of those people in that group. they want that opportunity. well here we go. president trump and his reelection campaign capitalizing on the mueller report victory this week. trump campaign chief operating officer michael glaz ner released a statement saying, quote, the release of the full mueller report directly led to the campaign raising a million dollars relevant to our recent dale average. the mueller news drove 20250% funding from grass roots donor ps. trump reelection campaign passed $30 million for the first courtequarter of the year. joining me now, fox business political analyst ed rollins. what about this pitt by the pive democrats. first the chon ratio exoneratiof
10:30 pm
president trump and now a road map to impeachment. is the american public going do get sick of their nonsense? >> i think they will. no crimes, no misdemeanors. whatever. lou: these folks don't follow the law on anything else. what would you expect them to. the more the judicial community gets to display their ignorance of the law, including demanding that they have the full report when most of its was offered to them already, i think it just helps republicans and certainly helps the president. lou: keep it up. speaking of ignorance, mitt romney, here we go, let's take a look at part of his most recent remarks. reading the report is a sobering revelation of how far we have strayed from the aspirations and principles of the founders, end quote. you can almost see mitt romney reaching for his snuff box as he
10:31 pm
spews that nonsense. your reaction. >> well i'm not a big romney fan as you may well know. lou: if you were, you wouldn't be here. i'm kidding. you'd be here no matter what. >> to a certain extent he got endorsed by president trump. he wanted to be part of the senate, part of the team. and every chance he gets he votes against him on the key votes. lou: what is his problem? >> he wants to be president. he wants to be in tofl office. lou: not another one. >> he does. lou: he's been rejected. >> and he will be rejected again. lou: he's been a nasty son of a gun, a bad bad lose ir. loser. really, he's the one, he's coming across with such sank mok mony. >> he did not need to make a comment. the comment should have made -- lou: especially an ignorant comment like that.
10:32 pm
he could have made a comment. >> he could have made a comment that he was glad the president was vindicated. if you're part of the team, that's what you do. but he's never been part of a team. couldn't beat obama at that point in time. i expect more comments as time goes on. lou: well i hope he reforms and i hope he spends a little more time in church as he tries to be that person that he's pretending with with his san sanctimonious nonsense. the country is now focused on that issue as this most important. that's going to have implications for 2020. >> well it's become the number one problem because he's made in around, the economy always was,
10:33 pm
more jobs than we've ever had before and the economy is booming. we're facing something which is if h nation's security and immigration is a serious problem. and my sense is he's made it one, great contribution on that front. now we got to cure the problem. and the only way to cure the problem is getting the congress to focus on changing the laws which they're slow to do. lou: we've watched, very simply, the radical dimms failed in their quest to overthrow this president but they did succeed in perpetuating the special counsel beyond the point of which the special counsel himself, robert mueller knew there was no collusion. >> right. lou: they perpetuated it into the 2018 election and successfully stole a midterm election. there have to be consequences. >> well the consequences are going to be in 2020. the voters get another shot. that's going to be the key. make every one of these people
10:34 pm
stand accountable for it. lou: how about putting them in orange jumpsuits. that just has a look for me that i appreciate just the thought of justice being -- these people being brought to justice. because it's really outrageous what they've done. >> it's totally yous ray yous. lou: and a national shame. ed rollins, great to have you here. still ahead, new fallout for kim foxx after her botched, well well, you know, botched handling is probably not the right word. her corrupt handling of the jussie smollett hate hoax. >. and are america's churches suffering a crisis of faith? we'll ask pastor robert jeffers here next. stay with us. we'll be right
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experience amazing at your lexus dealer. lou: president trump expected to formally nominate pack trick shan man to be the permanent secretary as soon as next week. a gallop poll shows church membership among americans have fallen, dropped to 50%. an all-time low. back in 1999 church membership was at 70% in this country. and the dc federal appellate court ruled that the house chaplain can bar bar secular pr.
10:39 pm
one recently turned down a request by an atheist who wanted to lead in secular prayer. joining us tonight, robert jeffers, pastor of the first baptist church of dallas and fox business contributor. great to have you with us. it is amazing to hear a court support effectively religious faith in our congress. >> wrel, that's right, lou. and look, i have prayed myself in the house, forth conroy invited me to come and pray one time. and when i prayed, i prayed to the god of the bible through his son jesus christ. i believe he's the true god. i believe other faiths ought to be able to pray as well in the house chambers. but what is not right is to have
10:40 pm
an atheist offer a quote secular prayer. a secular prayer is an oxymoron, kind of like a diet cheeseburger. they don't exist. and the court was right in saying you have to have a divie being to pray to. and this freedom of religion foundation this is a left wing organization that's trying to force this. their specialty is suing towns and school districts for mentioning god in a prayer or singing about god in a christmas car roll. carroll. carol. they're lo life. lou: why are atheists so intent on destroying any reference or practice of faith. if they don't believe in god, why isn't that in itself sufficient for them? >> well, you know, i think deep down they do believe in god. you know, the bible says in the fallments, the fool, literally the moron has said in his heart
10:41 pm
there is no god. you have t to be a moron to look around and say all of this happened by chance. but they don't want to acknowledge god because if they do, that means they have to submit their lives to him and they're unwilling to do that. lou: then they go beyond that and want to destroy others faith and eliminate their right to practice their faith. >> that's right. and the reason is, anytime they hear god from me or you, they're convicted in their heart about it and they hate that conviction, they think they can silence the mention of god. but every time you look in the sky and see the sun, that's a reminder that there is a god. lou: absolutely. reminders are everywhere. this latest poll where we have seen people describing themselves as religious in this country, believing in god and going to church, our temple or whatever form of religion, 50%.
10:42 pm
50% down from 70% in 1999. what's at work here and what in the world is to be done? >> well, i read the poll this afternoon, the study. and if you dig into the numbers, most of those numbers in the protestant churches are coming from the main line liberal denominations that have given up preaching the true word of god, the bible, and they've shaped their message around the changing culture. but all churches aren't doing that and all churches aren't declining. this week vice president pence made a surprise visit to my church on wednesday. we had a great visit. and i showed him around our facility. we cover six blocks of downtown dallas. our attendance is up 50% in the last ten years. we've had over $200 million worth of new buildings because we're a conservative church that preaches the bible. and i would say to those watching "lou dobbs" tonight, if
10:43 pm
you're in a dead dying church, don't quit going to church. quit going to your church and go find a church that is alive and is teaching the conservative true word of god. lou: pastor, first of all, congratulations. your council is going to have a few pastors a little nervous as we go into easter sunday. we do want to wish everyone a happy easter, a happy passover. it's a stunning time in our history. like i happen to believe, providence is at work. you know, it's a special special weekend for us all. thanks so much, pastor. pastor robert jeffers. happy easter, pastor. great to have you with us. great video now of a u.s. army specialist reuniting with a friend. tyler mosley adopted that puppy named daisy while mosley was
10:44 pm
serving in syria. daisy had didn't foun been foune field. he wants to give daisy the life she wouldn't have had certainly in syria. up next, another report of anti-conservative bias in silicon valley. they're a bunch of left-wingers. what are you kidding me? anti-conservative bias. that's who they are. gina louden, mark simone joins me next. me next. we'll take that up and ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the house, kids, they're living the dream ♪ ♪ and here comes the wacky new maid ♪ -maid? uh, i'm not the... -♪ is she an alien, is she a spy? ♪ ♪ she's always here, someone tell us why ♪
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are reportedly panicked about frequent leaks at the company. who knew those leaks refiling political bias in people. according to breitbart conservative employees at google disclosed internal discussions noting hostile work conditions after they expressed what they call nonleft-wing opinions. you mean conservative opinions. some conservatives have facing threats about their employment with the internet giant. one would not be surprised. three top officials have resigned from the office of embattled and, well, discredited
10:49 pm
cooke county states attorney kim foxx. they've left her office in the wake of her decision to drop all charges against "empire" ak actr jussie smollett. one is foxx's ethics officer april perry who suggested foxx recuse herself originally from the smollett case. the others integrity director mark roturt and chief spokeswoman kierra ellis. it'seit's not a good time in tht office. integrity and ethics are obviously struggling. joining us gina louder, member of the president's media advisory board and wor radio personality, mark simone. agree thatgina, let's start with conservative employees pressing nonleft wing .s. employees.
10:50 pm
what are they to do? >> you watch this and there's no deviation whatsoever that will be tolerated or they are going to immediately go after the company for it. think about that for a minute. i know just recently when i was writing my book i had to figure out how to use a different search engine -- try this. google president trump or google the word "illegal immigration" and see if you can find any balanceds stories whatever whatr on google. it's high time somebody comes up with a competitor for them. lou: you would think there would be a competitor but all of that powerballer is in the half dozen technology companies in silicon valley. and, oh yes, seattle. mark, your thoughts about google. they're perfectly willing to work with china, but not so much
10:51 pm
with the u.s. military. and it's pretty clear. their idea of left wing is certainly not -- doesn't embrace anything conservative. >> i feel bad for the conservative employees of google. three of the nicest guys you ever met. i'm still shocked that cook county has an integrity officer. is this a part-time job? lou: apparently it's an open job right now. peopli give them credit for havg the integrity to leave those jobs in the face of what is obvious rank corruption. you know, i don't know where they go in chicago, the most corrupt city in the country. illinois, one of the most corrupt states in the country. there it is. they're at least trying. >> totally biased. google might as well move to chicago, operate out of there. lou: that would be much more comfortable certainly. >> the search engine is biased. twitter is biased.
10:52 pm
i've been shadow-banned for the last couple of weeks. lou: me too. >> these companies make chuck todd look nonpart dison. lou: let's start with the dimms. the radical dimms. they lose on the special counsel investigation. they had been counting on that to overthrow a president. they did manage to steal a midterm election. and i put it that way because the special counsel knew that there was no collusion on the part of this president and his campaign team or his administration. and yet they perpetuated it specifically for the purpose, i believe, of that midterm election last year. your thoughts. >> you can't get that back, lou. and there's a lot of other things you can't get back as well. like the productivity level of this president who is, i think, probably without exception, at least in our lifetimes, no other president has ever been able to accomplish what he has been able
10:53 pm
to accomplish. would we have, for example, been able to complete sphu infrastrue or other things that really matter to the people that elected him had he not been completely distracted with this ridiculousness -- lou: when you say completely distracted, if i may offer a qualifier, he is already an historic president for what he's done only two years in office. like you, i can only imagine wh could have been done. >> they did all they could to monopolize him with this distraction. lou: they may have tried but we're sitting here with record low unemployment, minorities never had anything approaching this low level of unemployment. wages rising, the economy growing, the president taking on foreign policy. he's -- it's an extraordinary performance. >> he's very tom brady like. he works best under pressure,
10:54 pm
comes from behind like nobody else. the fact that nadler has a subpoena for the redacted parts, it's his admission that there's nothing in the report that he can use. he's got to find something else. lou: this is the same guy -- you know, even discussing nadler and schiff and the whole bunch, they're nothing more than -- they were willing to sacrifice everything, the national interest, our sovereignty so that they could overthrow a president with this. >> the worst thing in there is sometimes he lied, sometimes he tried to coordinate a public statement. who ever heard of a politician trying to do something like that. lou: the ignorance in that 448 pages is enough to make you -- somebody needs to find out which cracker jack box these people got their law degrees from. thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. happy easter. lou: thank you. happy easter. up next, as the border crisis rages on, the radical
10:55 pm
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>> the desperate radical dems don't know what to do about the presidents vindication as a result of the special counsel report. at the same time they are trying their very best to ignore the crisis of the southern border. tom homan blasting rashida tlaib calling for hunger strikes to shut down immigration and customs enforcement. >> if you don't like what i said then do your job as a congresswoman and change the laws you think you need to change but men and women of i.c.e. are not making this up. and you supposedly love these illegal immigrants and want open borders and they want this hunger strike. >> and jerry nadler, he has subpoenaed the justice department for a fully redacted mueller report. the justice department said the request was quote - premature. and unnecessary. they were very kind.
11:00 pm
and certainly professional. that is it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. -- our guests monday, please be with us, have a good night. >> tonight democrats digging in their heels in an attempt to do anything to keep alive the investigations into president trump. now issuing a subpoena for the unredacted report. why that is still not quite -- what this desperately want to vipers and adam schiff, who for two long years has claimed repeatedly he had absolute proof of time to dodge the claims by taking direct aim at the attorney general, bill barr. >> the attorney general did a grave disservice to the country. by misrepresenting sign


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