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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 22, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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steel structures that exist if you don't do it there are million dollars fines. he didn't mention whether it was million dollars a day or not. >> driving people out of new york. david: more of the amazon business. thank you for joining us. we will see you back here next time. ♪ liz: i'm elizabeth macdonald. speaker of the house pelosi just held a conference call with house democrats to discuss their next move after the mueller report. they are debating whether they should go forward with impeachment proceedings. edward lawrence is live at the white house with the breaking details. edward? >> yeah, liz, president donald trump responding to the subpoenas that the democrats are putting out trying to get his financial bank records from banks, responding with a lawsuit to stop the banks from giving up his financial information and turning them -- or being forced to turn over the documents.
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the president's lawsuit says that the chairman of the oversight and reform committee as well as the committee itself is overstepping, ignoring his constitutional rights, adding the chairman is trying to expose confidential information, while lacking legislative purpose. the president's personal attorney says, quote, we will not allow congressional presidential harassment to go unanswered. a democrat held a call about an hour ago to decide whether to go forward or how to go forward with impeachment going after the president or looking into investigations. some democrats still calling for impeachment on that call. others the leadership didn't really go that far. >> we cannot be an america that says it's okay for a president of the united states to try to block investigations into a foreign attack on our country or investigations into that president's own misbehavior.
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>> and house speaker pelosi pushing back not going as far as saying they need to pursue impeachment. the president taking to twitter about all this, he says quote, on twitter, only high crimes and misdemeanors can lead to impeachment. there were no crimes by me, no collusion, no obstruction. so you can't impeach. it was democrats that committed crime, not your republican president. the tables are finally turning on the witch hunt. now, late today, the house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler issued a subpoena for former white house counsel don mcgahn to come testify in front -- with the obstruction of justice investigation that nadler is conducting at this point. don mcgahn, you know, may not be able to invoke executive privilege on this because the president did not invoke executive privilege on the mueller report. back to you. liz: thank you for your reporting from washington. the lay of the land in news tonight, sri lanka just had a major islamist terrorist attack, slaughtering christians on easter sunday.
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n.y.p.d. and law enforcement are on alert here over that. also the u.s. has a border crisis. a new report out today shows social security is in crisis. it's insolvent. all this as the impeachment fight still hanging up the house. the democrats case is this, president trump pressured aides to thwart the mueller probe, asked aides to lie, was happy to get information from russia in violation of u.s. code section 301.21. in the last hour, house judiciary chair nadler issuing a subpoena to former white house counsel don mcgahn to testify in his committee's ongoing investigation into obstruction of justice. let's get right to republican congresswoman judiciary member, congresswoman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, liz. liz: your take on the democrat phone call? what about censoring the president and moving on because polls show americans are relieved there was no collusion? polls are showing americans want congress to start fixing things. >> well, i totally agree with you. americans are not interested in
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more investigations of donald trump. i mean, the democrats have done this for the last two years and have continually claimed that president trump and his campaign was colluding with russia so he could win the election, and it came out it was totally untrue, but do they give up? absolutely not. it is really getting to the point of ridiculousness now when you have the nadler issuing subpoenas just about every day and everybody and anybody along with the other house democrat chairman, just trying to find anything on president trump to undermine him. this is all about the 2020 election. you know, i was at a local peoria, arizona, event this morning and nobody, nobody asked me about the mueller report. what they cared about is their local transportation system. i talked to a man who said that
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he doesn't believe democrats at all, ever since the kavanaugh nomination hearings were so ridiculous. it was so obvious they were trying to destroy that man. now, they are trying to destroy the president of the united states. this is outrageous. liz: here are the democrats pushing impeachment over the weekend. watch. >> read this document and really see that i personally think that there's a lot of obstruction here. >> i think it's clear from the mueller report that that's exactly right. the obstruction of justice in particular in this case is far worse than anything that richard nixon did. in every way this is more significant than water gate. >> they have proven some of this would be impeachable, yes, obstruction of justice if proven would be impeachable. >> when the senate tried to investigate what happened, donald trump took multiple steps to try to derail or obstruct that investigation.
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so i have called on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings. liz: does all this rise to the level of impeachable offenses? >> absolutely not. i mean, as you said, i'm on the judiciary committee, so i will be hearing the testimony from the different people that chairman nadler is bringing forward and subpoenaing. and so i will get a better understanding of everything that they are trying to get at, but this is just ridiculous. the american people, they want our border crisis solved. they want congress to work together to solve our immigration issues so we don't have thousands of people traveling thousands of miles to cross our border. as you said, they care about our social security solvency. i mean, for goodness sakes -- liz: -- a new york times op-ed said william barr is right about everything, admit you were wrong
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and the president tweeted quote do you believe this? the new york times op-ed, meaning democrats owe trump an apology. they got that one right. that's interesting that the times ran that. the question is, could impeachment backfire with swing voters? the swing voter in the last election all about the economy and kitchen tabletopics, to your point, senator klobuchar in new hampshire on friday said she was only asked four questions about the mueller report, over 100 questions about healthcare. your reaction? >> well, you know, i do think it's going to backfire on the democrats and that's probably what nancy pelosi is afraid of. i mean, she's been around for a while. some of these new democrats haven't. and so, you know, she knows politics. and the people that i talk to are either mad, you know, if they are republican, they are very very mad at the democrat behavior, but if they're middle of the road, like the man that i talked to, he was so upset about the kavanaugh nomination
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hearings that he doesn't even trust the democrats at all anymore. i mean, this is over the top, just insanity, if you ask me. i mean, the american people want us to work together on big issues. you know, this is over the top. liz: congresswoman, thank you for joining us tonight. appreciate it. >> thank you. liz: as we were just talking about, democrats do whatever they can to block president trump's growth agenda. that's what republicans are saying. what has d.c. in an uproar is the white house and the trump organization filing a lawsuit today against democrat elijah cummings to block his oversight committee's subpoena of president trump's accountant in order to get at the president's finances. joining me now is a former federal prosecutor. katie, your take on this, the constitutional grounds the white house is citing here? >> i absolutely agree with what the white house has cited. i think that the supreme court case law really supports the president in trying to quash the
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subpoena. this effort by the democrats is another attempt to get some bad information on the president because the mueller report didn't deliver. and i think that the white house has very good legal grounds on which to oppose this. liz: you know, the white house, the same argument they are using against the attempt to get the president's tax returns as we've been reporting last year, it's bringing up a scotus decision that congress's mandate is about legislation. yes, congress does oversight as well, but the white house and its fight with elijah cummings is saying you have a constitutional grounds to legislate. yes, oversight. oversight though is supposed to end up in legislation. what kind of legislation could they come up with by going after his finances? >> well, that's exactly right. congress has to prove that this is something that's in the legitimate legislative sphere. and of course people can make any sort of argument to try to connect it to that, but at the end of the day, is it going to
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be reasonable or persuasive? i don't think they have that here. i think they could say they are looking at potential impeachment and that's something that's within congress's authority. and i think obviously that's what this really pertains to at the end of the day, but they cannot go on fishing ek pe -- fishing expeditions to try to get more information because one investigation didn't yield what they were looking for. liz: robert mueller -- 14 potential cases for prosecutors. misgivings about the steele file were out there two years ago among the fbi and investigators. new york times reporting that the mueller report reveals how false and fake the steele file was. your reaction to that? >> i think it's important to look at the legitimacy of any investigation, and i think that law enforcement agents across the board need to be held accountable to not go past their mandates and to not dig further and further when they don't come up with what they are looking for. and i think the mueller investigation is a very good example of that. we see it all the time, on the federal side of litigation, and
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this is just another example of continuing way past the point of reasonableness when you're not coming up with something. liz: katie, a new report indicates that federal election records implicates the team associated with president barack obama. team obama paid nearly a million dollars to a law firm that paid fusion gps. that's the outfit that's behind that anti-trump steele dossier. remember hilary clinton's campaign paid millions of dollars, so did the dnc pay millions of dollars through that law firm to fusion. now team obama is kind of close to this story as well. your take? >> yeah, i think that the more the democrats dig, it could get worse for people that they didn't intend to target in this. i think that's a real risk that they are running here. so they want to continue down this path, keep questioning everything that came out of the mueller report because it wasn't what they were looking for, but it could end up really backfiring for them. liz: yeah, again, team obama,
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that information shows that it is closer to what happened than previously thought. we know about the unmasking and all of that, but this happened all under the obama administration's watch. thank you for joining us. new reports saying illegal immigration is taking a heavy toll on u.s. taxpayers. fox news will -- fox news william la jeunesse breaks it down. >> the latest caravan more than 6,000, most arrive without a penny in their pocket. how do they get by? asylum seekers qualify for work permits others work under the table but majority also receive taxpayer subsidized benefits. >> when they claim asylum, they get work documents, a court date years later they are eligible for a full benefits state and local and many federal. >> many federal benefits are supposed to be off-limits. in practice many are not. 25,000 according to hud receive
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subsidized housing. also 26 states offer state funded benefits like cash assistance. 11 other medical care. others like california offer food stamps and disability. >> if those states don't have a growing economy and don't have jobs that are open, immigrants much like anybody else, they are not going to see them -- those states as the most -- as the biggest draws if you will. >> because of their lower income, adults and their children are entitled to a host of programs, some qualify legally, as asylum seekers others by using stolen identities. >> there is a cost to communities for sure, whether it's uncompensated care at hospitals or in the education system and other ways, it is never really been measured, but it is very real. >> u.s. expects a million illegal immigrants this year. right now about 4,000 apprehensions a day. now despite safety net programs, more than half of central americans living in the u.s. live in poverty. in los angeles, william la jeunesse, fox news. liz: thank you very much. just ahead on the evening
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edit, the yellow vest rioters. they are angry -- first they were angry about the carbon tax. now they are really mad because some folks with big hearts and big bank accounts, they want to rescue the notre dame cathedral after the devastating fire, right before easter. we have the debate on how these rioters in france clearly missing the point. that's coming up. but first sri lankan officials now blaming an islamist terrorist groups for killing christians on easter sunday, and injuring 500. that death toll could rise. american authorities warn that more terror attacks could be imminent. today secretary of state pompeo offering u.s. assistance. >> this is america's fight too. i spoke with the prime minister of sri lanka this morning. and our embassy and other parts of the u.s. government are offering all possible assistance to americans and sri lankan
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>> terrorism remains a threat. the president has been very clear about it. i've been very clear about it.
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we are continuing to do real work against these evil human beings that went into places of worship, on easter sunday. liz: an islamist terrorist attack killing christians in sri lanka on easter. a revered holy day in the christian calendar. the u.s. warning terrorists continue to plot sri lanka type attacks. at least 290 people dead in sri lanka. 500 injured. the state department saying at least 4 americans killed in nine coordinated bombings that ripped through churches and luxury hotels. carried out by seven suicide islamist bombers. two dozen suspects arrested. officials say a little known islamic terror group is to blame. sri lanka's president now giving the military sweeping wartime powers to arrest and detain suspects. joining me now is american islamic foreign for democracies. doctor, thank you for joining us. why is this happening now?
6:20 pm
and why in sri lanka? >> well, this is a global jihad, and the jihadists will pop their head up to commit acts of horror just heinous homicide bombings wherever they can, where they see vulnerabilities, where they see opportunity and where they can send a message and sri lanka has proven not to be an exception. it is not about anything domestic going on. the group is about basically radical islamism. its name actually is a contradiction to the christian trinity, which means one god, there is it is not a surprise they would attack on easter. it is not a surprise they would attack the diverse community of sri lanka, which has a buddhist majority, hindus, christians, and muslims. muslims are only 6, 7 percent. this is their 9/11. the fact that they had warnings months in advance which is somewhat some of the reports are saying, the fact that you needed so much communication to coordinate eight to nine bombings at the same time, tells you how vulnerable their security apparatus is that they missed this. and i think it shows that the
6:21 pm
global jihad even though isis is destroyed in syria will continue to be the primary threat to our security globally for everyone in the west. liz: you know, n.y.p.d. and law enforcement here in new york are saying al qaeda is resurging. getting back to what happened in sri lanka, bombs are still being found. earlier today a van parked near one of the churches exploded when police tried to diffuse a 6 foot pipe bomb inside. also bombs found at an airport and 87 bomb detonators found as well. fortunately no injuries. this was a coordinated attack. your take on that, doctor? >> well, again, we're going to have to be ever so vigilant. remember, what causes these? this is not something domestic. it is basically a cell gets together and decides that they want to do something. they're radicalized in their area. but they were missed by national security, and they have probably global input. i think that's where we're going to learn about how this coordinated attack was not thought up in sri lanka.
6:22 pm
it was something global, and we need to put the pieces together to find out, this is why there's a global warning right now because this did not originate in sri lanka. the individuals did. they were homegrown, but the ideas didn't. but until we can continue the short-term -- but long-term we need to recoalesce against the ideology of global jihadism that will continue to rear its head against christians, against jews in israel, against anybody who wants a free society. liz: good to see you. >> joining me now is an ambassador. ambassador, your reaction to the attacks in sri lanka, murdering christians on easter sunday? >> another example of the radical islam that attacks not only jews in israel but everyone in the world. we are standing today with the people of sri lanka. we have to unite against radical forces of islam. liz: switching gears let's move
6:23 pm
on to iran. gas is now at $3 a gallon, half a dozen states. california seeing $4 a gallon. price of oil is spiking higher above $65 for the first time in six months. secretary of state pompeo announcing the u.s. will stop giving waivers from iranian sanctions to eight countries that want to keep buying oil from iran. the administration is trying to shut down to zero, trying to zero out iran's oil exports. let's watch this. >> both the kingdom of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have assured us they will ensure an appropriate supply for the markets. and of course the united states is now a significant producer as well. i can confirm that each of those suppliers are working directly with iran's former customers to make the transition away from iranian crude less disruptive. liz: the saudi arabian uae government stepping up. what is your reaction to this? >> very important step of the administration. we need to understand that
6:24 pm
iranians export -- the main revenue for iran is exporting oil. what they are doing with the revenues, they are exporting radical ideas, terror inside the region. look at what's happening in our region, lebanon, hamas, get funding from iran. 7 billion dollars a year spent on terrorism from iran. we hope that those sanctions will stop the possibility of exporting the revolution. i'm sure that the iranians will feel it and eventually they will have to change course and to come back into negotiations. liz: they have got -- sir to your point, ambassador, iran has civil unrest. the fear is always a hypermilitant crackdown on innocent people inside iran. your take on that? >> we support the iranian people. we speak to them directly. we know they are suffering. they are under the occupation of this regime. one day it will change. we're looking toward to that day.
6:25 pm
the sanctions are not against the iranian people. they are against the regime. they invest in terrorism. you can find the fingerprints of the iranian regime. liz: iran is second to china executions. it executes teenagers. are people aware more and more of the human rights abuses? is the middle east waking up to the horrific human rights abuses committed by iran against women, children, and seniors? they execute by the dozens their own people. your take? >> we don't hear enough about it. we actually the iranian people to share, use social media and share with the world what's happening there, and they will get the sympathy and the support of millions of people around the world who stand with the iranian people. we believe that the day will come where they will be able to actually live normal lives in iran. liz: your reaction to the trump administration offering rewards
6:26 pm
up to 10 million dollars each for information that disrupts hezbollah's finances? >> that is great. the way to deal with terrorism, to apply more pressure and more pressure. you want the terrorists to hide, to seek refuge, and that's exactly what they will to do now because most people will look after them and designate the terrorists and those who support them, those who allow them to transfer funds, those who allow them to purchase weapons not only the terrorists but the entire network. i think it's a very important decision of the administration. liz: ambassador, thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you very much. liz: coming up, another violent yellow vest protests in france. taking to the streets again, rioters wrecking and setting fire to public property, to cars, saying to the wealthy hey, you're giving money to rebuild notre dame. what about giving money to us? we're going to take that fight on. we're going to show you why the yellow vesters are totally wrong here. plus an alarming health warning for you. 10 million people worldwide according to a new study could
6:27 pm
die each year from superbugs, resistant to antibiotics. this could happen by the year 2050 according to the study. that's more than basically could outpace cancer. we're taking that debate on, coming up. ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: you're watching the fox business network. tesla's stock under major pressure, down double digits already this year. it's expected to get hammered on wednesday after it comes out with its profit report due to rising costs. elon musk is trying to pull rabbits out of its hat, robert gray has the details. robert? >> reporter: hi, liz. elon musk today touting self-driving cars and predicting they'll hit the streets next year along with a fleet of
6:32 pm
robo-taxis, providing a road map to the future amid rising concern about the company's current sales and profitability. musk saying the future is at hand, predicting tesla will get regulatory approval for the new taxis sometime next year. >> like a combination of maybe the uber and airbnb model. if you own the car, you can add or subtract it to the tesla network, and tesla would take 25 or 30% of the revenue. in places where there aren't enough people sharing their cars, we would have dead the candidated vehicles. >> reporter: -- dedicatedded vehicles. >> reporter: he said he's -- he's aha models are hardware-ready. you mentioned the stock under pressure today. a video from china out sunday showing a mold el s appearing to catch itself on fire.
6:33 pm
tesla is investigating that incident. and today a wall street analyst telling clients to sell the stock. apparently listening, down 4% today. another analyst saying he expects a, quote, train wreck when tesla reports wednesday after the closing bell. that firm seeing increasing odds that tesla will raise $3 billion in the future. elizabeth: swapping shareholder equity. great to see you, robert gray, thanks for coming n. let's get to more of your money. stocks ending mixed as investors wait for earnings season to kick into high gear. susan lee is at the big board with the latest. >> reporter: hey, liz. this week the focus will be on earnings. this will be the busiest week, 155 companies, $9 trillion in market cap. today we had a beat from kimberly-clark, the producer of kleenex, coe tex and other -- kotex and other materials as
6:34 pm
well. on tuesday it'll be twitter and on wednesday the big one for technology, microsoft and facebook and then amazon on thursday. a lot of focus today was on oil prices, highest since 2019, highest since november after the secretary of state said that they would be ending waivers for those five countries, big countries like india and china among them, to buy iranian order. that helped impact a lot of these oil stocks as well as oil prices. from the floor of the new york stock exchange, liz, back to you. elizabeth: thank you for your reporting there. we are keeping an eye on several other developing headlines for you. theranos founder elizabeth holmes appeared in federal court ahead of her trial on felon think charges for allegedly pulling off a $700 million fraud by lying to patients, medical professionals and investors about her company's nonexistent blood testing technology. this story for you too, a major setback for spacex, a rocket
6:35 pm
ship exploded on saturday during testing. plumes of smoke seen miles around. that rocket was supposed to bring astronauts to the space station starting sometime in july. but outsiders, watchers and analysts say that orange color of the smoke potentially points to a very serious problem with the rocket's engines. now, nobody was onboard at the time, but this could push back and they nasa's plans to put astronauts back into space for the first time in eight years. to the 13 teenagers who fell violently ill onboard an american airlines flight on sunday. they were coming in from miami to boston. apparently, all of them ate at the same restaurant in ecuador the night before the flight, but officials still have not officially pinpointed the cause of the illness. the teenagers were treated at a local hospital and released. we've got more legal trouble for one-time trump nemesis michael avenatti. he's now accused of embezzling
6:36 pm
and stealing nearly $2 million from a client's set almost. court filings say avenatti instead spent that money on a private airplane for himself. now, this case is part of the 36-count indictment already filed against michael avenatti. coming up, it's been nearly six months of yellow vest protests. more often than not they're violent. no end in sight. why can't french president emmanuel macron stop them? but first, 30 years from now this is a debate happening in the medical community. resistance to antibiotics are creating so many superbugs that superbulls could one day kill more people than cancer: dr. marc siegel with his take next. ♪ ♪ s to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
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6:41 pm
hour and a half as to the release of the mueller report, fox news confirming maxine waters told colleagues she does favor impeachment but is not pushing lawmakers to join her. now to this, a study commissioned by the british government estimates that by the year 2050 ten million people worldwide could die each year from antibiotic-resistant bacteria or superbugs. scientists say that could outpace the number of people who die each year from cancer. dr. marc siegel, fox news medical corps responsibility. really? is that true? >> sounds like science fiction. we're already up to almost a million people dying of antibiotic-resistant bacteria or antifungal-resistant fungus, already up to almost a million worldwide, and you're talking 32 years into the future, i don't think it's science fiction. it came out of the review of
6:42 pm
antimicrobial resistance, very reputable. i think it's real. elizabeth: wow. so where is it, on hospital equipment? people feel like they have the put on a michelin man suit to avoid this. let me back up. do certain countries have more superbugs than others? >> yes, absolutely -- elizabeth: which countries? >> we're seeing a lot of it in the middle east and asia. and then, of course, we're starting to see it here. let me tell you why we see it. we see it -- there's three reasons. we don't disinfect our hospitals properly, or our nursing homes especially. we certainly don't do that in third world, underserved countries. we are not making new abilities because there's not a lot of -- antibiotics because there's not a lot of money in it for the drug companies. we don't have a new antifungal drug since 2010. the same antibiotics i learned about in when i was in medical school are the same one we're using now. everybody wants a z-pack for a cold, everybody wants to take
6:43 pm
amoxicillin all the time. we're overfeeding our animals because we don't want them to get sick, and they're standing in salmonella or bacteria, so we're overfeeding them antibiotic in their feeds. you know what you're doing? you're killing off the non non-resistant bacteria. guess what the resistant bacteria does? it multiplies. hence, a superbug. elizabeth: wow, that's amazing. i can't believe you just encapsulated it. how worried should people be? what do you think? >> i think people should be concerned, and i think they have to do something about it. by the way, the population we're most concerned about are the elderly, the infirm, those are autoimmune diseases, those with chronic illnesses. we're getting more and more of them. we have better and better medications to keep people with heart disease, with cancer alive longer, but then they get hit with one of these -- elizabeth: all right, we've been covering the deadly superfungus. now, the cdc has learned in the last month of the first known
6:44 pm
case of this superfungus, and there's more cases they believe out there. your take on that. >> yeah, i'll has it, new jersey and new york. we saw two people die of it in new york city past week alone. it kills about 60%. i think it's very similar to what i'm talking about now where we've overused our antifungal drugs. we're not cleaning our hospitals. this particular bug lives on intravenous lines, in the crooks of the hospital room, way up there in the ceiling. it can reside on people's skin. but in addition to what i said about antibiotics, we have fungicides that we're overusing on our peanut crops and other crops. that brings more resistant funguses. so this is another growing problem -- elizabeth: i just had my producer come up in my ear. what was that, charlie? pass for what? that people die from it, yeah -- >> no, exactly. elizabeth: that's so dangerous. you're concerned about it. >> well, we're overusing antibiotics, we're breeding more
6:45 pm
superbugs, not cleaning our hospitals properly, overfeeding our animals and then, by the way, we're not vaccinating -- elizabeth: what to you advise people to do? can they take antibiotics? >> i think people should hit the pause button and realize this fact: 95% of upper respiratory infections are viral. so before you go running and pushing your doctor for that z-pack, and, doctors out there, before you give that antibiotic, think about whether it's needed. if it's needed, give it, if it's not, wait it out. elizabeth: love to have you on. coming up, less than seven months into the fiscal year, the border patrol apprehended 164,000 illegal border crossers in the rio grande valley sector alone, that's more than the total for fiscal year 2018 for that rio grande area. we're staying on that story for you coming up. plus first, nearly six months straight of violent yellow vest protests in paris.
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now they want the handouts to come to them. we're going to take on the yellow vests coming up. ♪ ♪ this is the family who booked the trip. ♪ which led to new adventures and turned moments into memories.
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6:50 pm
past weekend. they lit up and torched more public property, they set more cars and barricades on fire. the yellow vesters are angry over the millions of dollars in donations from the wealthy pouring in to help build notre dame cathedral after that devastating fire last week. they want the money for them. rioters are also angry that police kept them from protesting right at the cathedral. let's bring in the heritage foundation's kelsey bolar. why can't macron stop it? >> well, clearly, he's out of touch with the sentiments a lot of people in this country are feeling. but i think we have to the understand, as you just stated, these protesters are violent, they are not peaceful demonstrators, and, you know, they are rightly upis set about -- upset about high unemployment rates -- elizabeth: you know what? shut it down. that's what the critics are saying, stop it now, because here's to your point -- and it's important what you're saying --
6:51 pm
they're destroying public property, hurting tourism and economic growth. those are the things that will pay for the programs that the yellow vesters want. it's also like they're shooting -- almost like they're shooting themselves in the foot. >> i think they're highly misguided in directing their anger towards private companies and wealthy millionaires and billionaires who are choosing to donate their money to rebuilding the cathedral, a cause that they believe is worthy. you know, these protesters are directing their anger at them versus the government which is clearly, you know, the president of france who is clearly incapable of addressing their demands. but the problem is their demands are more government, and what france really needs is to free its economy and lower its taxes like president trump has done in the united states to enable these workers to see those lower unemployment rates and higher wages. elizabeth: what's your take on them, the yellow vests, being angry that they were blocked
6:52 pm
from protesting at notre dame cathedral? >> i think the protesters are, you know, being unreasonable in a lot of ways. not only violent, but they're making demands that are unlawful. if this were happening in the united states, people wouldn't stand for it. we would rightly so be calling out their violence, and that's what should be happening there as well. elizabeth: france, again, i want to return to this point, france thrives on tourism. the government makes a lot of money from tourism. so aren't the yellow vesters destroying what would help them expect economy there? >> absolutely. and we know france's economy, the tourism, is struggle. it's very cheap these days to buy a plane ticket to paris. france and paris specifically needs this income, and so, again, i think these protesters really need to take a step back and look what's working in other countries like the united states, and that is demanding lower taxes, not demanding
6:53 pm
bigger government programs that are, of course, going to end up not just taxing the rich, but taxing the middle class, the very people who are out there on the streets demonstrating. elizabeth: great to see you, come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: coming up, a shocking new statistic. the number of legal migrants apprehended in the rio grande valley sector in texas is already beating last year's, all those months combined. that's the entire fiscal year 2018. we've got more coming up. ♪ ♪ i'm working to make each day a little sweeter.
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and improve performance. now available at retailers nationwide. elizabeth: well, we have breaking news on e border. the border patrol just announcing total apprehensions in the first half of this fiscal year in the rio grande valley sector, the numbers are topping the entire fiscal year for 2018, meaning that they've already apprehended 164,000. again, more than the total for fiscal 2018. let's bring in arizona sheriff mark daniels. sheriff, your reaction. that sounds like a crisis to me. >> well, it is a crisis, liz, and thanks for having me again. we're setting records all over this border, and like we've said, this is the largest crime scene in the united states, our southern border. everybody's ignoring it. i don't know if they don't think it's real, but it's happening. elizabeth: what was your reaction to american defense officials saying that armed
6:58 pm
mexican troops detained u.s. soldiers while they were on the u.s. side of the border? what happened there? >> well, what happened was the mexican soldiers came onto u.s. soil -- this happened in texas, i was just in texas last week. this is alarming, this is very problematic. this should be every american should be raising his arms when you have mexican soldiers seizing american soldiers, disarming them and questioning them on u.s. soil. that's scary. that's a crisis in itself. truly, i'm alarmed that that's happened. elizabeth: yeah. it's a shocking headline, sir. and separately from that, what's your take on the fbi arresting the leader of an armed militia for apprehending illegal border crossers in new mexico? doesn't all of this anticipate to you that the border clearly is out of control and that if congress reformed the laws, maybe we wouldn't have these problems? >> you're exactly right on it, liz. we need laws. we need order on our southern
6:59 pm
border. it's not there. it's absent right now. you know, these militia groups that come down to my county, counties along the southern border are coming there because there's no order on the border. and i respect the intent of these groups there, unfortunately, the control of the unknown, the officer safety, agent safety with these groups scare me, scare many sheriffs on the border and, i know, our cbp partners. again, it just goes back to the whole issue of there is no order on our border right now. elizabeth: they're called right-wing vigilantes, so that's an issue. congress needs to fix the border problems with the laws. i mean, the laws clearly are broken, and they are a magnet. your take on that. >> and i agree, they are a magnet. we have had them in our county, and i've even met with them, and they told me as a sheriff, we're going to let the people decide about who controls this border, us or the government. because the view is the government's not doing that. cbp is doing their best.
7:00 pm
elizabeth: sheriff, thank you so much for joining us. and thank you for having us in your homes. thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. tonight we undertake a further consideration of the evidence accumulated by special counsel robert mueller and presented in his report to the attorney general. it is a report that vindicated president trump, that produced no charges of any kind and, therefore, arguably should have been one volume shorter. but it was not. tonight we begin what will be a nightly examination every week of validations that the democratic party, the democratic national committee, some of its officials and operatives joined with a number of officials of the department of justice and


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