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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 23, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: good evening, everybody. tonight we undertake a further consideration of the evidence accumulated by special counsel robert mueller and presented in his report to the attorney general. it is a report that vindicated president trump, that produced no charges of any kind and, therefore, arguably should have been one volume shorter. but it was not. tonight we begin what will be a nightly examination every week of validations that the democratic party, the democratic national committee, some of its officials and operatives joined with a number of officials of the department of justice and fbi officials in a conspiracy to
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prevent the election of and the overthrow of the presidency of donald j. trump. we'll also tonight examine the role of officials of u.s. intelligence agencies including the cia and the director of national intelligence in what was a broad conspiracy to overthrow the president of the united states, and we begin now. republican national committee chairwoman ronna mcdaniel will be among our bests as will ed rollins. in sri lanka terrorists massacred christians on easter sunday. they killed nearly 300, they injured more than 500 in the coordinated suicide attacks. and president trump has declared there will be no excuses permitted for nations that violate the u.s. sanctions against iran. secretary of state mike pompeo saying it's time for iran to end its support of terrorism and
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enter the community of civilized nations. >> the goal remains simple, to deprive the outlaw regime of the funds used to stabilize the middle east where, for decades, has allowed iran to the behave poorly. lou: walleed paris and k.t. mcfarlanding among our guests, and armed mexican troops confronted u.s. troops patrolling the area. why did our troops surrender their weapons? we take that up with council president brandon judd, also among our guests tonight. our top story, from the outset of donald trump's presidency, the radical dems, the deep state and the national left-wing media have tried to subvert and overthrow the president of the united states just as they did his candidacy. it has been a full-out assault against president trump. everything the left does to this
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end. they know there was no collusion found by robert mueller, yet they invent new lies to smear the president. the left knows the president did not engage in obstruction, so they obstruct using subpoenas as political weapons. they try to subvert still the president's agenda. the biggest political scandal in this nation's history the effort to overthrow this president and the u.s. government. in all due respect to some, it has never been hashtag resistance. it has never been a hoax. it's never been a political game. it's never been disappointed democrats or just the left as bad losers. it has always been a conspiracy to seize power and the effort to carry out the greatest crime against our government and our people in our nation's history. joining us tonight, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst ed rollins.
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ed, good to have you here. >> thank you. lou: we are now some days from the special counsel's report. it is clear who did not commit crimes. it is also clear that crimes were committed. but those crimes were not committed by republicans, they were committed by democrats and, indeed, institutions of the democratic party. >> absolutely. having read report over the weekend, clearly, there was no collusion, there was no crime, so how do you basically play the obstruction of justice game when there's no crime? the president did what he had to do. the fbi director and some other people were misbaying in the fbi -- misbehaving, and i think to a certain extent it was $30 million, every kind of investigate story thing thrown at him. at the end of the day, no crimes, no crimes, no illegalities. lou: the collusion that did exist was among agencies of our intelligence community.
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it was collusion between the justice department and the fbi. it's the top officials. at least some of those top officials. it is also clear that the incipient root of this incredible crime against america started in the obama administration. >> with many of their very significant people in intelligence who had to know very early on that the president's team was not basically fooling around with the russians. quite the contrary. my sense is this thing should have been shut down two weeks, three weeks, four weeks after it got started, if it ever got started. and the transparency -- lou: well, in all respect, ed, i am less interested now in is the special counsel, it's done. i'm less interested in what the white house did or did not do. i am very interested, and i believe the american people are very interested, in the crimes that were committed.
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and the crimes in every instance to this point have involved the fbi -- >> right. lou: -- officials of the fbi and officials of the justice department. and we are talking about dozens of officials, it appears. and not one of them has been brought to justice. >> don't forget the cia director. lou: well, i'm dealing separately with the cia and the rest of the intelligence community. >> okay. certainly very significant players. the problem we face is you're going to now have house democrats who are going to try and do this all over again with the president and the president's people. the senate republicans, who have control, need to do the same thing in the counter, and the justice department needs to lead the charge to go out and get these people who clearly violated lots of laws and make a full scale investigation of them. lou: president trump has said that this should never, ever happen to another president, and i think he is absolutely -- and i think every american would agree with him. >> sure. lou: in part because no other president is ever likely to have
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the strength and the courage of in the president to stand against every element of the establishment, every element of the deep state, the radical dems, everything from the intelligence community as well as law firms and smear merchants. it's been an extraordinary challenge to this president, and it's ongoing. don't let me suggest in any way that it's over. because it's just taking on new forms and shape because the democrats mean the till to have their way and -- still to have their way and subvert this president's agenda. even if they cannot overthrow him. >> that needs to be ridiculed every day, because there's no reason to do this, and i think the spotlight has to be put on it by people like you and others that have been telling the truth from the start. you just can't met them have another whole series of hearings here and do the drill over again. lou: the reality is the only way to prevent this from happening
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ever again to any president who succeeds this president is to bring to justice those who have committed crimes. and there are many crimes, obviously. we don't know all of them -- >> right. lou: and we don't have evidence for all of them, but there is a certainty that crimes have been committed, and we know precisely, in many instances, who. >> it needs to happen by the justice department, and it needs to happen right away. you can't let it go on longer, because the longer it goes on, the less people get interested in the it. lou: and william barr is an attorney general for this president, he is standing up strongly for the strongest president in, since, certainly, reagan. >> he also realizes the great injustice that was done by people in those departments that we talked about. he needs to clean it up. lou: ed rollins, thank you very much. >> thank you. lou: still ahead, the standoff between u.s. and mexican
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soldiers on u.s. soil will certainly allow you to question just how secure that border is, just how poorly secured is it. also, we'll explain what took place during a bunny brawl of all things in florida on easter sunday. up next, the radical dems' new efforts to overthrow our duly-elected president. >> i have called on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings. [applause] >> there's a lot of obstruction here. >> in the every way, this is more significant than watergate -- >> do you think this is impeachable? >> yeah, i do. lou: it is bigger than watergate, it is a scandal far greater than watergate. and it rests clearly on the dems. we'll have much more on that and more as we continue. please stay with us. ♪ ♪ hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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lou: house intelligence committee chn adam schiff still failing in his efforts to in any way reasonably teal with the -- deal with the president on the issue of collusion. he keeps making bizarre comparisons between russian meddling, the trump campaign and
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watergate. he is particularly challenged. the dem congressman failed to recognize robert mueller's conclusion that neither the president, nor his campaign staff, nor any american -- remember that expression? -- nor any american coordinated with russia. also ignoring the fact that the russians wanted bernie sanders to win in 2016. schiff also failed to mention it was president obama's administration that ignored all signs of russian interference in our elections and without consequence. robert mueller's exoneration of the president has the radical dem searching for new ways to obstruct the president and his agenda. just listen to house oversight committee chair elijiah cummings. >> if we do nothing here, what is going to happen is that the president's going to be emboldened. he's going to be emboldened because he'll say, well, i got away with that. lou: got away with that. do you know this wasn't a single
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follow-up question to ask what the president got away with, exactly what he was emboldened about? what exactly cummings and the dems are concerned about, "face the nation" moderator bob schieffer -- i knew i could remember the name -- instead asked cummings what intrigued him most about the mueller report. fascinating stuff, don't you think? joining us now, judicial watch president tom fitton. tom, great to have you here. tonight we have begun our pivot to the crimes that were actually committed and our attention turns to the people who committed them, not to people who did not commit crimes; namely, the people in this administration. your thoughts about how important it is, as the president has framed it, that this never happen again to any president. >> well, it's going to require significant investigation, and
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as you point out, criminal charges where appropriate to make sure that future government bureaucrats don't decide to engage in coup operations against an elected president or attacking properly the political opponent of the presidential candidate you favor. there's got to be some significant accountability there. but also there's got to be transparency that can be done in the meantime, meaning expose everything that went on. the teach state's hiding behind -- the deep state's hiding behind classifications to keep documents secret. the president can open the floodgates in terms of transparency. but also we've got to recognize who the bad guys are and don't pretend they're not bad guys. because there are a lot of public officials including people like congressman schiff who have knowingly lied for years about russia collusion, and yet they continue to participate in the public policy process with no accountability. and we need to start highlighting that in a more aggressive way.
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why is adam schiff still chairman of the intelligence committee? he doesn't have, he does not have the ethical moors to maintain the chairmanship, nor can he be entrusted, certainly, with classified information. lou: he's obviously unstable. he is, without question, lying. he said that he has had evidence of collusion for now more than two years, none of which he sees -- apparently, he saw fit to turn over to bob mueller and the special counsel team because bob mueller could not find any american who colluded in any way, conspired with, cooperated with the russians. he is an absolute charlatan. >> no, and we have to also recognize the mueller report, that phase of the coup is over, and now the other part of the coup will continue in congress. whether or not they go down the impeachment path, i don't think they might. but they're still having a series of unprecedented
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subpoenas targeting and harassing the president, asking for confidential financial information, trying to take his, excuse me, his irs files improperly so they can rifle through his tax returns. no president has been under siege the way this president has in such a lawless way -- lou: and all for -- >> based on politics, not because of misconduct. lou: yeah, this is now, i think it's gone well beyond politics. this is a group of committee chairmen, it appears -- along with the democratic party -- who are working very hard with many officials who remain in senior positions within the justice department and the fbi, they're trying to cover up their crimes. they are trying to escape consequence and punishment for those crimes. and it's, at the same time the judiciary committee, the oversight and reform committee have already filed ten subpoenas
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including one seeking the unredacted mueller report. this farce is going on, and if it is not, in fact, subverting, it is distracting the administration from its many, many duties including foreign policy and domestic security as well as, by the way, border security. >> yeah. the harassment has got to stop. schiff should be subpoenaing himself. certainly, the democratic minority and now majority was conspiring with fusion gps and their friends in the deep state to take out president trump. i think it'd be interesting to get some documents about those interactions. and we also have to recognize that the president is a crime victim here. that's the approach that needs to be taken, in my view, by the justice department -- lou: well, it's not even, it's not even -- there's no construction there. it's certainly not a contrivance, it's a reality. he has been assailed.
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>> well, you know, if a regular citizen were improperly spied upon, if they were creating fake evidence to justify spying, if they were abusing their office that was entrusted to them at the fb irk like peter strzok or james comey, if james comey stole your fbi file, lou, he'd be subject to being prosecuted by the justice department for violating the privacy act and stealing government records. that needs to be done in this case for president trump. lou: and all of this is within the purview of the attorney general. he finish and the attorney general has impressed me. i want to turn to you for your opinion. this attorney general has impressed me mightily in how quickly he has moved, how forcefully, how strongly, and each issue that he has a taken on. your thoughts. >> well, i agree. certainly, on the issue related to his handling of the mueller report, he's been excellent. he saw immediately through mueller's gamesmanship here.
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he saw this 448-page smear job and got to the heart of it and blew it all up by saying the collusion doesn't exist. that's the big conclusion. and, b, this obstruction gossip that you have doesn't pass muster, no obstruction. that's why the democrats hate him. and now he needs to start impaneling grand juries and go to town. and as i say, be transparent and be sure that the justice department is reformed in significant fashion. the justice department's been the center of the storm here in terms of the corruption targeting president trump. lou: he will also be, without question, the point of the spear if there is to be justice. very quickly, as we wrap up -- we're over time here, tom -- how should the white house respond to these subpoenas for all of the, you know, the documents that are being sought? let's be real straightforward here, all of the harassment of this president and his white house? >> they should oppose it.
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the idea that the president's lawyer would go and testify to congress without privileges being asserted would be without historic precedent based on what, certainly recently. if i were president trump, i'd turn the tables on congress. i'd start asking for documents from congress about how they've been interacting with the intend community so he can figure out whatted too -- what to do in terms of reforming and making recommendations to congress. why is is immune from oversight? it's about time congress started answering to the american people as well. lou: tom fitton, judicial watch, thanks so much. >> you're welcome. lou: well, here's one you wouldn't expect to see, a person dressed -- are we ready? there it is. i'm going to wait until we can see that up close. this is an easter bunny hopping into a fight between a man and a woman last night. the bunny intervened initially trying to pull the man off the woman, eventually throwing punches to separate them. [laughter] a police officer eventually arrived and broke up -- this is
4:23 am
a little more than a scuffle, because that is a free-swinging bunny right there. [laughter] we thought we'd share that with you in the spirit of the season. up next, dem senator elizabeth warren has a new, brilliant idea. she wants -- well, we'll share with you. as you might guess, her idea involve ares a pretty large price tag. we'll take that up and more right after the break with rnc chair ronna mcdaniel. she joins us. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪. lou: desperate them, radical dem senator elizabeth warren racing far left as she can trying to get some sort of attention and some relevance in the predicable gang for 2020. she has proposed a plan to forgive billions of dollars in student loan debt. >> anyone who has got
4:28 am
outstanding student loan debt can have up to $50,000 with a student loan debt canceled out so long as they their income is under $100,000 and it stepped in up to there is no help for anyone whose family income is about 250,000 that is it. lou: that's it. it's that simple. my gosh. it only costs one and a quarter trillion dollars just that's all. over ten years. financed by the altar millionaire tax to present on both about 50000003% if you're a billionaire. but the average american is already subsidizing higher education. you know that. our research finds taxpayers subsidize $7,500 for each student in a public college or university. the 500 just for openers. at private schools the number comes closer to 8,000. the real question is why anyone
4:29 am
would want to subsidize what is truly a higher education in the country are college and universities filled with leftists and why would we be subsidizing the indoctrination of america's students? a recent study published by the national association of scholars find investors registered as democrats outnumbered republicans by more than ten: one. that is better than 90% of them are lefties. the greatest disparity found in the mitigation department or if you have a kid there and you are underwriting it you may want to know a whopping 108 professors compared to zero republicans. the most balanced field we could find was engineering. that still was 1.6 left-wing professors to each conservative - what happened to engineering?
4:30 am
joining us tonight rnc chair rhonda mcdaniel great to have you with us. when you look at those numbers and you hear senator moran talk about subsidizing what she really is saying is just on the right the salaries of every left-wing professor in the country. >> it reeks of desperation and i think she needs to go grab another beer and her campaign is floundering. her campaign is foundering and as you pointed out it is ridiculous and will cost billions of dollars in the course democrats want to upsize and pay for free college so they can control the curriculum and determine what young adults are being caught taught and what they think. i'm more concerned about the kids in third grade in this country who need to read and
4:31 am
about kids who aren't graduating from high school. those are the things we should focus on called school of choice major kids are bound to an education based on where they live, give them the opportunity to have the best education and those are things that republicans champion, not free college for everybody because it is opry and he will pay for it many years after for the rest of your life. it will never be free. lou: there's nothing free. let's be very candid about that because the question is who pays for it? right now public education we have primarily property taxes and you can argue whether that is fair and whether and argue about a host of things. corporate america is not pain its fair share when it comes to education. they engage all over the country about what is best for education and for training without in point of fact, supporting public education as they should. by the way, where in the heck is the republican party when it comes to the teachers union who have taken over education in this country? it's impossible to change the status quo in so many school
4:32 am
districts primarily because of the power of those unions. >> and who keeps raising the tuition? boards and board of trustees run by democrats and they are the ones hiking up the tuition rates so if students don't like their tuition, go look at who is running for university. is run by democrats and libera liberals. lou: if you like government everybody democrats do how does this school loan program work out since obama had the federal government take it over? it's an absolute, abject disaster and the only solution is a greater disaster which is fairly typical of the way radical dems think about government and its application. i want to turn to the president vindication. we are now on this broadcast turning specifically - we know the crimes that were not committed that the ministration was accused of but we now know there are serious, significant large crimes committed by the
4:33 am
democrats and the national committee and members of that democratic national committee and the list goes on. the obama administration has a large role in what transpires in this conspiracy against president donald trump and candidate donald trump. how should the republic and party respond to ensure this never happens ever again to a president of the united states and the perpetrators of this unprecedented crime are brought to justice? >> i think every republican is sickened by what we have seen from the obama administration. the failures of that in ministration that come out to this report that they knew there was meddling and did not pull candidate trump aside and say that people trying to infiltrate your campaign but instead they allow the dnc and the hillary clinton to fund the state
4:34 am
dossier that causes two-year investigation and president trump had to live under that title for two years and he's old and apology by president obama and by democrats and should never have had to live with this for two years of his term and look at the accompanist despite these headwinds and we need to make sure this never happens to another president again. lou: do you agree - do you agree it's currently important those perpetrators to those criminals be brought to justice? >> i think we have to get to the bottom of why and how this happened. we have to get to the bottom. lou: and the perpetrators should be punished? >> absolutely. if you are funding a fake dossier to put dirt out on a candidate that then causes an investigation that puts our country in limbo for two years
4:35 am
you need to be held accountable and that is what the hillary clinton and dnc and democrat party has done and they are doubling down. they're doubling down right now and let's be clear. the president did not collude and did not obstruct and was transparent and did not exert executive privilege but let his staff talk to the mueller people. this is a president whose above and beyond and have gotten so much less that he deserves. lou: and he also got more than he deserves. volume two of the mueller report is an absolute affront to judgment, reason and decency. he was charged or he was exonerated and was vindicated and now the criminals of the deep state and radical dems and those who absolutely abused power and the justice department and the fbi as well as our intelligence committee need to be held to account and suffer the consequences. rhonda mcdaniel, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. lou: up next, mexico troops on
4:36 am
our soil. and they disarmed some of our soldiers. we will have more on that and what it means. orbital counsel brendan judge will be with us in a minute.
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into. lou: headlines were looking at sources telling fox news house speaker nancy pelosi and her leadership team meeting today and they are clear there are no
4:40 am
immediate plans to move ahead with impeachment of the president. during a 90 minute, call democrats were told to keep the focus on investigating it seems more presidential harassment is the preferred approach of the radical dems, i guess. they do not thing much of the conclusions of the mueller port which found absolutely no collusion, no charges filed and therefore it is cased close. at least for the president. now begins the imagination into the radical dems and their role in the conspiracy that included the justice department and the fbi. that is the focus of this broadcast for the future. new reports surfacing about two of our soldiers who were detained and disarmed by mexican troops on april 13, the soldiers were conducting surveillance on the us side of the southern
4:41 am
border and border patrol said mexican military believed the soldiers were south of the border and they were wrong, obviously. what are the consequences? turning us to talk about that border and it security and the future and joining us in the president of the national border patrol council and border patrol unit, brandon died. good to have you with us. the reaction if you will to the detention by mexican military on our side of the border and two of our troops. >> the american public should be outraged about this. first and foremost, there should never be a foreign military on our soil disarming our national guardsmen. the only positive out of this is this is president trump but he pressure on the mexican government they are deploying
4:42 am
troops to the border and that's a good thing but the problem is these mexican military are corruptible and we have seen time and time again - oftentimes there creating diversion tactics for the cartels to smuggle drugs into the united states not should be concerning to everybody. lou: is also concerning that that surveillance team of armed national guardsmen would surrender their weapons to the mexican military on our side of the border and that is about as - without apparently no one suggested to them that the cartels sometimes dress up as mexican military and disguise themselves so what in the world should not the rules of engagement reconsider those? one would think. >> well, i know that there's no way in the world for the patrol agent would have given up their firearms but if mexican mandate
4:43 am
would approach border patrol agents with long arms raised their most likely would've been a gun battle. we cannot give up our firearms as federal law-enforcement agency especially to a foreign military on our soil but again he committed - they committed so many different crimes in this incident and friendly, they should be brought to justice. lou: no doubt about it. i was talking briefly with the president today and i don't think he will mind me saying that he's looked at this and as he always does with some optimism about everything but he said this is a sure sign we are making progress that the mexican government responded in the way they did in your thoughts. >> well, absolutely. the positive we take from this is president trump has put enough pressure on the mexican government that they are deploying their military hopefully in an effort to stop this crisis going on but again that is what is and trump brings
4:44 am
to the office and brings the requisite amount of pressure to try to get things done and out we have to ensure these mexican military are not corruptible and the cartels cannot infiltrate them and use them to create the tactic and diversion tactics they done in the past. >> as you point out experience tells us they are corruptible in a deep, corrupt no matter which branch of the military or security or police. brandon jed always good to have you with us. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, appreciate it. lou: up next, why was warning but a terrorist attack ignored by sri lanka? take that up and much more after the break. two of the best national security analysts in the count country, they will join me. stay with us. stay with us. coming right back.
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♪ ♪. lou: authorities are blaming a local radical islamic terrorist group for the deadly easter sunday attacks in chillicothe and as i said, nearly 300 people killed waiting for american citizens, 500 people wounded. the longer authorities received warnings two weeks ago from the united states and india about
4:49 am
the possibility of that attack. they chose not to initiate any safety precautions. the we can attacks follow a series of attacks against christians around the world. every month on average nearly 400 christians are being killed and 105 churches, christian buildings, burned or attacked and last year 2018 more than 4,000 christians were killed worldwide. joining us tonight foxbusiness national security and foreign policy analyst doctor ferris, good to have you with us and katie mcfarland former national security advisor to president trump and served in the nixon, ford and reagan white house is. great to have you with us. my last question on the mueller report. your reaction to how you were treated and the experience.
4:50 am
>> president trump cause he had nothing to hide said for us all to cooperate. so we all did and i got to spend time with the mueller people and was completely open and what i'm happy with now is that it is time to move on. out of respect for the mueller commission particularly for president trump in the process i got to talk about this and look forward to talking about it in great detail at some point in the future but now get on the things that matter in the security of the nation. lou: as you noted at the beginning of this broadcast we are committed to focusing on the crimes that were committed by officials, top officials in many cases of the justice department, fbi, intelligence community and the democratic party. and some of their allies and we are particularly interested in how it all began and that means we are very interested in the obama administration. thank you very much for being here and let me start with - if
4:51 am
i may the sri lanka tax. two weeks ago the united states warned monica of the possibility of these attacks and they did nothing. >> at the beginning of the trump administration we looked at what would happen by defeating isis and destroying the islamic state and one of the things we realized the collateral damage would be a lot of the terrorists who were in the middle east with own québec home and be like shining light on a cockroach. they scamper all over the world and that's what this is. nothing islamic terrorists in asia and we have been monitoring it and when we share our intelligence we hope the host country understand it and act on it but in this case it does not seem that they did. lou: why would they choose not to? to me, it's inconceivable that they would not take precautions given the level of the warnings. >> i'm not taking their defense or not but many countries,
4:52 am
including ours, the first strike by jihad's is always a historical strike that you always are not waiting for this happened on 911 to the spanish in 2004 and the british in 2005 and the real question i have is from now on and i'm exciting and projecting that those who perform 11 attacks on churches and hotels will not be there only attack they will be. more ways and from what i understood in the intelligence officers intro longer, not now but a few months and years ago, they know and going back to the point that they are networks that were not prepared to the idea that those networks would go that large and administer so much casualties. lou: let's turn to iran. the largest state sponsor of terrorism globally. the president today makes
4:53 am
certain there will be no excuses from our allies in support of iranian oil and your thoughts and how effective will it be? >> by encouraging the energy revolution in the united states we have now become the replacement for the middle east and now the largest production export of national gas and oil and we don't need the middle east in the same way we did. and we now have the ability to squeeze iran and we can do that without affecting the world oil supply and at the same time we deny them their main source of income so the iranian preparation is well-educated and in fact, largely for western and many of them have the islamic extremists on the top and if we can urge them along because of financial difficulties at home maybe they would take things into their own hands. lou: how effective do expected to be? >> i think on this one the president and his administration are doing great step after step with a very important decisions
4:54 am
and sanctions on the president assembled a large middle eastern coalition that is very important tool and the question now as katie mentioned is how will that affect the real players inside the country? i agree with her the everyday people and those are usually 65% of the ablation will be moving and i would not even say maybe but will be so need to continue with the pressure on the one hand and work with our allies and open up to the iranian opposition doing in iran always done with venezuela if we can. lou: and to return to sri lanka this attack largely it appears against catholic minority in july the and christians all around the world as we recorded 4,000 killed last year and this is a war on christians and what is driving it?
4:55 am
>> this is the jihad he wore on christians we've been talking about it in publishing about it for now almost a decade and half. it's embedded in the ideology of al qaeda and isis and of all those jihad organizations but i go 1 inch further. lou: half an inch of time. >> long story but i can tell you it's a complete full war among community but also on the muslim world. lou: password and 15 seconds, katie. >> if the time at easter we should understand the importance of the christian religion for 2,000 years and we should do whatever we can to protect people of all religions but particularly christians. lou: thank you. we appreciate it. we'll be right back with much more, stay with us. ♪ limu emu & doug what do all these people have in common, limu? [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need!
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lou: radical dimms trying to subvert presidency of donald trump without consequence. it all goes back to barack obama and his failure to act. >> the failures of that administration came out in this report, they knew there were meddling, they not pull president trump aside, saying their are people pryin pry tryio infilinfiltrate your campaign. lou: it began. we than thank you for being wits tomorrow kevin hassett will join
5:00 am
us, "wall street journal"'s jame freeman. among our guests tomorrow, be with us, thank you for joining us, good night from new york cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. oil prices surging after the white house cracks down on countries importing oil from iran. gas prices already above $4 on the west coast. what the move could mean for prices at the pump in the coming months. well, some big promises coming from elon musk. he is he predicting tesla's self-driving cars will hit the streets next year, along with a fleet of robo taxis. but is this enough to turn the tide of a string of negative headlines and convince investors. democrats divided, speaker nancy pelosi trying to calm her party and pivot away from calls to impeach president trump as another 2020 democratic hopeful


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