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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 23, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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demand is because you get reservations to star wars theme land when you stay at disney hotel. they are requiring reservations, that's why people want them. if you don't stay in disneyland hotels, you have to go on lion -- online may 2. maria: 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, focus on earnings right now, four dow components, verizon, coca-cola, proctor&gamble. powerful earthquake rocking the philippines this morning, water from a rooftop school pouring down the side of the sky scraper, incredible pictures here.
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elon musk is vowing that robot taxis are ready for the streets, they will be here next year. amazon stock, find out how much, mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: let's take a look at futures this morning. earnings once again, the stop stories, futures indicating lower opening, dow industrials down 20 points, and nasdaq down 7 points, rolling on this morning earnings can dow components coca-cola, verizon, proctor&gamble and united
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technologies, twitter and lockheed martin later on releasing quarter results, it has been the driver of markets, joining me capital portfolio strategist, francis, thanks for joining us so far. characterize what you are seeing in terms of earning backdrop as it relates to stock? >> well, earnings backdrop, i'm looking for surprises, any surprises could create weakness in the market, we are coming up against the old all-time highs, volatility is extremely low. so surprises in earnings will change that. if the index stays below 12.50, all-time highs and because volatility is so low, we will take out the all-time high and as long as earnings with accelerated growth, that's what
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i expect to see. maria: decelerating earnings, do you find that you don't want to put money into stocks today because decelerating earnings and valuations the way they are? >> yeah, the comp from last year when we had valuations are hard to take out. we have wages coming up, input costs coming up, we have a very strong dollar, it's going to be really hard to take out the peak earning from last year, we have a lot of economic growth priced in, they have a lot of the china trade priced in, the devil's turn of the fed priced in. maria: how are you indexing right now? >> long energy, we are doing very well.
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we captured some of it, we are not chasing but really interesting to know we have the watch earnings, we have to watch all of the economic numbers. if you look back historically, nine out of 12 times that the fed went from hiking rates to easing, we had a recession. these are the historical things we are trying to watch. bear market rallies 9 out of 12 times and we basically had a selloff that occurred 5 months after the last hike. so we have some sensitive specifics coming up but, again, so much of this is priced in so just keeping an eye on surprises with earnings. maria: even as interest rates are low this morning on the 10-year, last week i spoke with jpmorgan, chairman and ceo jamie dimon about the yield curve and the economy. you know it was inverted 5 days, that's typically an indicater
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that a recession is on the horizon. >> i don't buy that personally. i think it's true but not every time it's going to be true. with the distortion of the yield curve central bank actions, i just wouldn't look and say it represents, i think people are overreacting a little bit and panic takes place like in fourth quarter, and so those things -- panic overdone. maria: so according to him, francis, according to jamie dimon it was all about, you know, scares over where interest rates were but in fact, the broad economy is doing quite well, listen to this. >> what we see in the u.s. that the american consumer are strong not weak, more people going back to workforce, it's a good thing.
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the companies are in good shape, profit is good, capital expenditures are going up, high level, houses in short supply and the fed is on pause which they will do the right thing. more time to adjust. other than trade, i'm not sure it's going to stop it in the next year. maria: you don't see a recession in the next couple of years? >> i don't. maria: the only thing that could stop this is mistake on trade, francis, i don't know why there's such upset over potential of recession when in fact, we keep getting strong numbers as he just noted? >> no, yes, where i agree with him for history of yield curve, typically had indicated recession, monetary policy has essentially changed with quantitative easing, right, that's where i kind of agree with him, but not necessarily signal like it used to but the things to consider where we look
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cautious, we are late in the cycle. when you look at the fed turning doveish the times that you had off landing, part of business cycle, we are at the end of the business cycle. we had the expansion for 9 and a half years. those are the areas that we are going to watch. i think what determinations whether or not we have recession is if we have problems in credit markets, remember we are taking 15 billion off the balance sheet through september until further notice, we are still tightening, i think those credit markets will determine whether we have an extended sort of 2-speed economy as jamie dimon suggests. maria: francis, good to see you, thank you so much. >> that were, -- thank you, maria. maria: company steps back delaying smartphones as it is investigating screen issues revealed during the product
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testing, dagen is on that this morning. dagen: morning, maria, if you will pay over $2,000 for folding phone, it better work, a lot of technical glitches with the galaxy fold, reshelf in the united states and close to 2 grand. sam sing has had to push debut the company says it plans to make public a new release date in the coming weeks and you're looking at some of the problems that were occurring, flickering on the screen and the like, buyers who preordered the galaxy fold samsung is telling them in an e-mail to expect shipping information in 2 weeks, gives you a better sense of the timeline, here is what was going on, some reviewers noticed flickering on the screen, problems with the hinges on the phone, other viewers including
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one lady who revealed to wall street journal noted that you unknowingly -- thaw -- they thought it was screen cover. part of the screen. samsung gives clear warning. don't remove top layer of the screen, it's not protective cover, samsung suggesting that there's problems with the hippings on the phone, there's damage that could be impacting the performance. let's go back 3 years, note 7, batteries caused to catch fire, compare these problems with the galaxy note 7 problem, i guess you can say the fold, at least it ain't bursting into flames. that's the best you can say about that. maria: that's a standard?
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dagen: it's not an fire. good day for samsung. maria: thanks, dagen, see you in a little bit, breaking news, sri lanka linking bombings to new zealand attacks, we will have more on this this morning. first the philippines rocked by 6.3 magnitude out earthquake. cheryl: a lot of global news to cover for you, maria, the earthquake in central philippines coming one day after a 6.1 quake rocked the northern part of that country. now, there's no immediate word on casualties or damage. at least 16 people died in first quack, some victims after super market collapse. take a look at this. earthquake was so strong it sent water from rooftop cascading 600 feet down sky scraper, incredible video coming out of that area.
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well, there are more delays against theranos ceo, postpone the trial while additional documents are review, facing fraud for deeping investors out of millions of dollars. and elon musk looking to challenge uber and lyft. promising a robot fleet, have the capability of operating without a human driver, he's expecting regulatory approval in one market and allow robot taxi service by 2020 stock was down 4% yesterday. maria: i was not expecting that, cheryl, 2020. cheryl: regulatory approval.
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maria: quick break and breaking news this morning sri lanka linking bombings to new zealand attacks. speaker nancy pelosi, reined in party and talk about impeaching the president, russell wilson's big gift, giving back to teammates by giving them back amazon stocks.
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♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, reining in calling for impeachment, urging the party to hold off on proceedings against president trump after release of mueller report. she writes this, we all firmly agree that we should proceed a path on finding the truth, it is also important to know that the facts regarding holding the president accountable can be gained outside of impeachment
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hearings, during cnn democratic presidential town hall last night some candidate, well, they had a different view. >> mueller believes because of the directions from donald trump justice department that he could not bring a criminal indictment against a sitting president, so if he served the whole thing up to the united states congress and said in a set that there's going to be any accountability, that accountability has to come from the congress and the tools that are given for accountability is if impeachment process. >> i think we have very good reasons to believe that there's an investigation that has been conducted which has produced evidence that tells us that this president and his administration engaged in obstruction of justice, i believe congress taking steps toward impeachment. maria: joining the conversation this morning fox business dagen
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mcdowell as always, radio host of fox news contributor richard fowler and lindsey bell, great to see you this morning. >> morning. maria: change in tone on the democrats? >> i think what you saw here candidates at the bottom tier, second and third tier. third-tier candidate who are trying to make a name for themselves in primary, joe biden announcement that he will jump in the race this week. they are trying to make a name themselves, move to the left, call for impeachment, the green new deal. we are the left, vote for us versus people who are, you know, looking for more candidates, if you look at recent polls in south carolina, new hampshire, as well as iowa, the number one issue for democratic voters is stability where joe biden maybe mayor pete, the top tier.
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maria: reports this morning that joe biden is delaying entering the race or at least announcing the race because initially you thought that he was going to announce tomorrow but now he's delaying it. i don't know what's going on with joe biden. dagen: i looked at real clear politics and joe biden just faced purely on name recognition was about 7 and a half percentage points above bernie sanders. he was in first place at 30%, but with bernie sanders in second place, so it was elizabeth warren, kamala harris jumped on impeachment band wagon. elizabeth warren in recent new hampshire poll, she wasn't in top 3, it was biden, bernie and pete buttigieg and i said yesterday that you say a campaign balloon and she's trying to pump it up and give campaign of air and nancy pelosi
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knows better, if they go after impeachment of the president of the united states, based on obstruction of justice, the message to the voters from the trump campaign will be, no underlying crime as layed out in mueller report, you had a white house that fully cooperated in terms of million documents, many, many people giving voluntary interviews and essentially a president who is just angry about being wrongfully accused. that would be the message from the republicans from the trump campaign and i think that the democrats in leadership, they dog-on well know that. maria: nancy pelosi is smart enough to know that that if the sentiment of the people is not there she wants to back off particularly like the journal wrote about a week ago, obstruction of nothing. what are you obstruct if you didn't collude. >> history has important factor in this.
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the fact that a year of investigations after the report came out, before impeachment. what they are saying this, the american people say we don't believe and we will vote against him. >> you saw mayor pete and bernie sanders step back toward impeachment. dagen: mayor pete said he will let the voters decide. maria: president tweeting this morning, fake news new york times has lost all credibility as false and obsessed with hatred just as others, how stupid he is, he said market would crash only record high since, i wonder if "the new york times" will apologize to me a second time as they did after 2016 election, this one will have to be a far bigger and better apology.
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on this one they will have to get on their knees and beg for forgiveness, truly enemy of the people. he writes, i continue i will be going to green bay, wisconsin for really good rally saturday evening, good crowd, much to talk about, make america great again the president wrote this morning. radical left, democrats and fake news media have gone totally insane, that means that the republican agenda is working, stay tune for more. paul did say on election night when will the economy recover from donald trump, never. quick break and controversy over brewing, major chain starbucks around the country. we have that for you. banning glass, that's the mayor's idea. back in a minute
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maria: welcome back headlines across the journal this morning. pilot killed in a crash. beechcraft took off from houston airport in haiti yesterday around 7:30 a.m., plunged into the ranchland northwest of san antonio, cause of crash under investigation this morning. miami herald this morning writes, new reason to visit mansion. restaurant offers breakfast. seahawks quarterback russell wilson is gifting defensive linemen $12,000 each in amazon stock, short appreciation in heels of signing a contract making him highest-paid player in nfl, he sent gift and mental
6:26 am
note, investing in companies that will grow and change the world. obviously he thinks amazon is among them. [laughter] >> kudos to russell wilson. he grew up in richmond, virginia, i don't know about the growth of amazon. [laughter] >> i don't know what to say, dagen. [laughter] >> i will definitely still take it. [laughter] dagen: it really does promote investing and ownership and investing in america, really great idea. maria: coming up, breaking news this morning, industry lanka linking the deadly bombings to new zealand attacks, we will have that next.
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maria: welcome back, good tuesday morning, everybody, thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, tuesday april 23rd, 6:30 on the button on the east coast. verizon, united technologies, coca-cola and proctor&gamble. all reporting earnings, the numbers coming out. meanwhile oil continues to rise this morning after u.s. ended all iran's exemptions, just below $66 a barrel this morning. futures indicating the markets lower as oil prices move higher, there are worries that that cuts into economic growth, of course, earnings report, dow industrials expected down at opening of trading, futures down 17, s&p futures down 2 and a half and nasdaq down 5 points right now. yesterday the dow was down 2 of
6:31 am
the last 3 trading sessions while the s&p was up two consecutive days, yesterday the dow was down 48 points and nasdaq was up 17 at the close yesterday. check which you were intean -- european indexes. in asia overnight, markets continue to react in surge of oil prices as airline stocks in china see big decline. brewing major change. then this, banning new glass in sky scrapers of new york. the mayor of new york city blasted that will obviously change the whole look of new york. the skyline. vacation time.
6:32 am
millennials are spending more on vacations coming up this morning, first, president trump tweeting for the fifth time this morning, this time on the economy, he writes this in the old day if you were good on the economy, you were immune. today perhaps the greatest economy in history and mainstream media it means nothing but it will writes the president. meanwhile there's war on terror, covering this morning the sri lankan government warned about attacks by the united states as well as by india. they took no action, joining me right now fox news senior strategic analyst jack keane, general, thank you for joining us. >> good to see you, maria. maria: your reaction linking the two attacks. >> certainly the defense minister, i'm speculating,
6:33 am
linkage to new zealand last march and that would be pattern that's connected to isis and al-qaeda in terms of their behavior and certainly while there's no confirmed linkage yet to international terrorist network, the small organization that exists in sri lanka, normally focuses on discrimination and vandalism against buddhists and christians, to move that organization to conduct a sophisticated terrorist attack on multiple locations, multiple churches, multiple hotels and also take people who are used to vandalizing shrines to wear a suicide vest and go into a crowded facility and blowing
6:34 am
themselves up. that's also significant in terms of that movement, so clearly some ideology has crept into that organization that was not there in the past and likely some connection to isis or al-qaeda and i'm sure they are going to get to the bottom of it. maria: underlining that they are alive and well. >> no doubt about it. no organization like isis had ever accomplished that before, they exist from isis alone in 30 countries, some of who are organizations that were in countries beforehand but they adopted the name, also with resource. maria: wow. >> al-qaeda also thriving and this is a generational problem, it's an ideological movement and even though we killed some of the people that are in it, the
6:35 am
ideology lives on that makes it challenging. maria: let me switch gears and go to the border, released march statistics, we are talking about a system wide emergency in processing and holding facilities, they can't hold, we don't have anymore more room, authorities in méxico stepping up, mexican police and immigration agents reportedly launching a surprising raid on caravan detaining hundreds of people, this after release of exclusive video on mornings with maria, we showed this video last week where migrants made their way across the arizona border, this was just one day that we are showing the exclusive video that we had been running that the border patrol sent us, this was one day last week, the 16th of april, 900 -- 980 people got out of a bus and just crossed the border, general, your reaction to what's happening and the activity has picked up so significantly.
6:36 am
>> yeah, it's staggering. it is an emergency, it is a crisis. it's all of that. certainly méxico has a huge role to play here, they have yet to significantly tip federal police on southern police, they are now starting to pick up some people who are traveling in caravans and deport them, that's key. if we can stop the people coming from the northern triangle el salvador, honduras and guatemala because they can't get to méxico as transit point that's significant. the other thing is you have to work with the mexicans, maria, in helping put down cartels and human traffickers, they are making a fortune in moving these people along, 5 to 8,000 a head in these groups that they move and use it as a source of revenue for themselves, plus, we know for a fact they are moving drugs with them as well.
6:37 am
that's -- the mexicans needs help, if we don't have the fbi in there, we have to get them in there and hope the mexicans step up further in terms of turning g the caravans not while in transit, stop them at border, close their border is what needs to happen. maria: we have all the laws on the books, like the amnesty standards, handcuff the u.s., we know that. we have to get to one of the biggest stories of the week, crack down on iranian oil, secretary mike pompeo yesterday said that the u.s. would no longer countries importing oil from iran. oil up to $66 a barrel this morning. secretary of state explained the goal of making this move. watch this. >> our goal to get countries to cease importing iranian oil bierl. last november we granted exemption, we will no longer
6:38 am
grant exemptions, we are going to zero. maria: china, india, turkey. >> the fact is that most people thought -- they are on a wave of 6 months, the united states will impose sanctions on them. many people believe that those three countries will have waiver removed. what's happening here? the trump administration has made a decision unlike any previous administration since islamic republic of iran was established in early 1980's and began killing us, americans in early 1980's, this administration has doubled down on iran and said, this is over, we are going to stop iran from
6:39 am
sponsoring terrorism in the region from killing americans as well as others in the region and certainly not going to permit them to move towards a nuclear weapon and the only way to stop iran is to shut them down economically, get their -- get their attention, squeeze them so much so they don't have the resources for the war in syria, undermining the government in yemen and for their global terrorist activity. that's what this is about. doubling down on this organization and certainly others in the region are going to support them, europeans will likely be frustrated because they want to trade with the iranians. maria: meanwhile the obama administration was so focused on doing deal with iran and no focus that russian was meddling in the west's business and we knew in 2014, even before that that russia was want to go meddle into our election.
6:40 am
and nothing was done about it, general. >> well, it's obvious now 2-year plus investigation confirmed that our intelligence agencies told us way back then. maria: exactly. >> that russia was clearly med until the elections in line with the iranians. russians are are down in venezuela and aligned with the maduro regime, trying to prop up the regime. they clearly had global ambitions that the predecessor did not have. maria: general, let me switch you back to u.s. for a second. alexandria ocasio-cortez now focused on the department of veterans affairs, i know that you will want to hear this. the freshman congressman defending the va during town hall, she did this last week insisting that the va provide some of the highest-quality
6:41 am
healthcare. [inaudible] maria: best health care in the world is from the va, your response. >> well, first of all, challenges of the va, the facts are that demand for health care and va overwhelms the system, that's number 1, number 2, we put new leadership in there and the congressmen giving authorities to remove people that are not responsive and that was helping, the major problem with the va is not the quality of health care, people look at va system and believed the
6:42 am
quality of the care once you're in the system is good, the problem is getting access to the system which is what frut -- frustrates the veterans. wehave veterans dying. so the va clearly is not where it should be. i do believe that the administration has put emphasis on this as others have not. issue of establishing efficiency and southwest -- access to that system. maria: great analysis, general, thank you so much. starbucks installing needle disposable boxes in the bathrooms. cheryl casone with the story.
6:43 am
cheryl: so far they have now placed boxes in bathrooms in 25 markets, thousands of employees signing the petition to place boxes in high-risk bathrooms because it -- of increased drug use, oregon fined starbucks, were tricked by needles in one month. new york city bill de blasio announces plan to fight climate change during earth day news conference. >> we are going to ban the glass sky scrapers that have contributed so much to global warming. they have no place in our city anymore. cheryl: well, de blasio looking to cut greenhouse emissions by 30%, democratic mayor says all
6:44 am
glass with energy that escapes through the glass. they are going to launch this in one in 2021, take a look. interested in galaxy, 216,000 light years across space. maybe we can build glass towers there, those are your headlines. maria: thank you so much, when we come back herman cain pulled his name from fed consideration. dow component out this morning including twitter. millennials and money, the generation most concerned about cash is spending thousands on vacation, all of that next. back in a minute. ♪
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maria: welcome back, avocado toast not the only thing millennials are spending their money on, they are apparently splurging on vaik -- vacations, lauren. lauren: new survey, millennials spend, are you ready, $5,000 plus on vacations. $5,000 or more, more than double the average vacation. and one of the reasons that they're spending so much money is that they are too lazy to
6:49 am
shop around and they take the vacation over and over again because they enjoy it and find it worth the money. can you imagine that? i want to show you, guys, some of the traits about how millennials travel and the younger generation, how they travel, so millennials are all about mixing money and leisure. gen z, check off bucket list and 90% of their decisions on where to go influenced by social media. i found that interesting. finally how many days do you think you take off each year? how many days, maria? 2. [laughter] dagen: i have no idea. lauren: for millennials is 35 days, gen z 39.
6:50 am
millennials are taking a week more than baby boomers. they are so overworked and underpaid. 5,000-dollar vacation. [laughter] dagen: my advice spend it while you've got it and travel and take every single day that you get. [laughter] maria: that's for sure. dagen: spend it now. i have to save and retire and you retire and boom, you drop dead of a heart attack. [laughter] [laughter] maria: earning season this morning, coca-cola and harley davidson among big names reporting moments from now. stay with us. herman crrrción ain pulled name for consideration for federal reserve board. we will tell you about that when we come back.
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maria: breaking news, harley davidson out now. beat on both top and bottom line. let's get to ashley webster with details. ashley: good morning, to you, maria. harley up 98 cents on 65 revenue. the headline numbers, beat on top to bottom. retail sales overall down 4.2%. sales down 3.8%. although u.s. market share showing some more positive signs, actually gaining on the market share. that's exactly in sign with estimates. down just a little bit in
6:55 am
mid-range, 4.2%. this is a company that has struggled with tariffs from the eu, paying 31%, had to leave production overseas to offset some of the tariff they are being hit with. is expected to rise in june of 2021 unless the u.s. and eu can figure out some sort of deal in trade. overall, numbers top and bottom beating, persuading younger customers to get on a harley, hard go for the company. maria: and coca-cola is hitting the tape as well, ashley, you have the numbers right there but looks like coke is also just hitting the wires, i know that we can come back to you, coca-cola shares. numbers just came out right now.
6:56 am
looking at the chart over the last week or so and the stock has come off of the highs over the last week. what can you tell us? >> let's have a look, earnings per share 48 cents. beat on earnings, revenue coming in right at around 8 billion. also estimate was 7.88. the pane says four-year guidance. operating results in first quarter, rise in line with the guidance, they will remain confident in that. it's encouraged by first-quarter results. north american down 1%. worldwide volume up 2%. trying to get more of a foothold in emerging markets, that's encouraging the volume up 2%.
6:57 am
maria: thank you so much, ashley. we will watch the impact here as the numbers are now getting -- getting out there and impacting markets, still ahead, we are waiting on twitter, verizon and jetblue in terms of earnings, we will have the numbers. we will tell you their favorites to steal, next mornings with maria run with us in the unstoppable john deere gator xuv835, because when others take rain checks... we take the wheel. run with us. search "john deere gator" for more. . . . its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life.
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, april 23rd. your top store rice right now, 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. we are awaiting twitter earnings, four dow components are out this morning. coca-cola shares are up 3.5% right now. the company beat earnings expectations with the recent quarter on the earnings and revenue line. harley davidson with a double beat, although shares also trading higher. you're looking at the performance of twitter which we're waiting on. it is trading lower, although volatile this morning ahead of the numbers, down 2 and a quarter percent many oil big story, continuing to go up after the u.s. ended all iran sanction
7:01 am
exemptions crude oil up to $66.04 a barrel. as oil prices go up, stocks have been going down. futures indicate a lower opening for the broader averages. the dow futures are indicating a gain, up 11 points on the dow futures right now. s&p futures are lower by 1 and three quarters points, nasdaq futures also weaker this morning. yesterday the s&p was up slightly, led by energy, communications and technology. s&p was up 3 points at the close. the nasdaq was up 17. the dow industrials down 48 points at 4:00 on wall street yesterday. check european indices, they are mixed. fq100 up 29 points, the dax in germany is lower by 30 points. oil certainly one of the big stories and take a look at where oil is overnight, in asia it impacted markets, nikkei average was up. the shanghai composite in china down one half of 1%. measles outbreak continues, 71 additional cases were reported.
7:02 am
plus the virus spreading to two additional states. and then this, the 2020 race, bernie sanders says the boston bomber should be able to vote from prison. yeah. elizabeth warren's plan to can l sell college debt by taxing the ultra wealthy, we'll take a look at all the proposals. the facebook team is beefing up the legal team. they named a new general counsel, an attorney from the u.s. state department. joining me to break it down, dagen mcdowell, radio host, fox news contributor, richard fowler and cfra investment strategist, lindsey bell. great to see everybody this morning. >> great numbers coming out. technology beat top and bottom line. that will help move numbers in a positive direction. looking forward to getting deep into earnings this week. maria: is the earnings period from your standpoint better than the lowered expectations? >> yes. so we came into the quarter expecting a 3% decline in eps. now the estimate is negative
7:03 am
2.3%. consensus estimate. and i think this week you're going to start to see that move forward and we're going to get to flat to positive when all is said and done. maria: we're just getting twitter right now, it's on your screen. the earnings are better than expected, 37 cents a share versus an estimate of 15 cents an share. revenue at $787 million versus an estimate of $776 million. the stock is up 2 and two-thirds percent right now. ashley webster is looking through the report to he see what is the driver here of the earnings. i guess the expectations were pretty low here. ashley: they were b they were. when you put the stick on the ground, it's easy to walk over it. monthly active users at the end of the quarter was 330 million. it had dropped 9 million in the previous quarter to 321. so it appears they've regained
7:04 am
those 9 million monthly active users. which is a good sign, of course. the company saying that it's a solid quarter, we are taking a more proactive approach says the company to reducing abuse and its effects on twitter. data licensing revenue growth is one of the big reasons for the boost. but again, those -- the monthly active users -- i'm trying to get the daily active which hasn't come down yet. monthly active users back up to 330 million, that had dropped to 321 million at the end of the fourth quarter. so that is certainly more positive for twitter and a beat as you say, maria, on the earnings and revenues. so a more positive. the stock is up 8% to 37, 30. this stock has made a strong comeback. last year it was up 14% this year. and with these numbers, gaining even more traction. maria: i wonder if this is a pivot in terms of an understanding or a belief now that the company can really
7:05 am
monetize the business, because it wasn't so obvious just a couple quarters ago. now we're looking at investors jump on here, 9% higher, ashley. ashley: that's the key to all of this, to monetize what they have. the company's also contemplating another corporate structuring for some geographies which means larger income overseas, expects the head count growth in p 2019 to exceed last year's at 16%. again, that's a very good number outlook for the rest of the year. talking about, again, trying to reduce abuse and effects on twitter. that's a big issue right now. sees operating expenses to increase 20% this year, in line with what was expected. but those monthly active users numbers, very impressive. i've not seen a daily active number yet but overall very strong, much stronger than expected. maria: and procter & gamble is better than expected, $1.06
7:06 am
versus $1.03 on revenue of $16.46 billion versus an estimate of $16.37 billion. we'll come back to you. i know you'll be reading through the p & g report. i want to get your analysis. let's talk with daniel ives. good to see you this morning. the quarter for twitter is being talked about and bid up this morning. what's your reaction. >> this is a major feather in the cap. there were sceptics going into this print. this is a prove me quarter for twitter. it shows it's about monetization. it's not just about user growth. i think that's the key here for social media. look, you contrast twitter with maybe the likes of facebook or snap, i think that's why there could be a fork in the road for some of these names. >> i think there's two things we see coming out of twitter. you're seeing their users are up in the early months of the year. two, they've changed how they measure user response. they changed the monda monetizee
7:07 am
daily active user numbers, which tells me how we view ads on the or the twitter ap, that's going to impact what you see for the stock, no? >> that's lyle key. it's -- that's really key. it comes down to advertising. the name of the game continues to be in social media advertising, despite all the privacy and data issues. >> they're media companies. >> they're media companies. look, that's been the issue with facebook because investors -- zuckerberg can talk all he wants. it's monday he at the say monetf advertising. twimenter, you have to give them credit. dagen: they're not going to call themselves media companies. they they can't be sued for defamation under federal law because they're no not categorid as media company. if that changes, that changes how you value the stock. >> it's a balancing act. the last thing they want to see is them back in brussels or the
7:08 am
beltway. right now the focus is making sure the street's happy with these numbers and that's why i think right now across tech, social media obviously the first star but we'll see more cloud names and fang names later this week but for tech, this is really a key earnings season and definitely starting off on the right foot here. maria: so again, what lindsey said is the earnings have been better than the lowered expectations, you agree? >> i continue to think numbers across tech need to come up and i think that's something you continue to he see stocks get rerated as earnings come up as well. tech, there's a lot of fuel left in the tank in terms of the l rally. we continue to think tech stocks continue to move up. dagen: i will add this. going into the presidential election season as twitter becomes more critical for all the democratic candidates, all the democratic contenders and president trump, i think that it could have legs from here, at least that's what people have told me. >> remember, the boon boom for
7:09 am
advertisers too. >> the best thing to happen to twitter was donald trump. maria: the president said this, harley davidson struggled with tariffs with the e.u., currently paying 31%. they had to move production overseas to try to offset some of the tariffs that they've been hit with, which will rise to 66% in june of 2021. he's tweeting at me, because we just did the story, so unfair to the u.s. we will reciprocate. and the president has been very clear in terms of using tariff as leverage to change the dynamic, not just on the trade situation but change the dynamic with china as well. has that been an issue in the earnings period so far? >> no doubt. the biggest risk coming into 2019 for tech was china. and now when you look at what's happening on trade and some of the tea leaves, especially for fang names, especially for apple, you look at semi names, that's been an overhang, starting to get removed from the
7:10 am
names. that's why you're starting to see stocks rerated higher. we need to see details as the tariffs and trade details come out. it comes down to i.p. protection. dagen: the european tariffs on harley davidson motorcycles were in retaliation to u.s. actions on steel and aluminum imports. that was retall y retore tall t. that wasn't a first move. that was a response. maybe we call a truce on the tariffs, that would help harley davidson here and prevent them from moving production overseas. >> they already did move things overseas. maria: one thing out of the jamie dimon interview, he said there's no law the economy can't keep growing and doing well for the next several years, he sees nno signs of recession, the one thing that could change things is the trade situation or if the deal with china doesn't go
7:11 am
through. the president has gotten the chinese to the table, he's gotten $11 billion or something in terms of the treasur treasur. i don't know that he necessarily wants tariffs in place all over the place for an unlimited amount of time. he's using it as leverage and it's working. dagen: you asked him about the negotiations with europe on automobile tariffs. we have a 21% -- maria: the chicken tax. dagen: on light trucks. it's been in place since the johnson administration. it's called the chicken tax because we got into a fight over poultry exports out of the united states into europe. it's been in place -- he likes it. he said essentially to you the last time he interviewed him, no on zero tariff. maria: he did say that. i'm not expecting that to go away. that's significant money. he said that he's going to look at europe after china and he says the europeans are worse to the u.s. than the chinese are.
7:12 am
we don't know if there's going to be another big fight with europe after he gets a deal done with china. we'll see. i think wall street's nervous about that. dagen: they're nervous about getting the usmca ratified as well. you're starting to see more and more stories about it, more and more discussion about it. ultimately falls on the shoulders of nancy pelosi and the democrats in the house to move first with this but they've got to get a that -- maria: i'll repeat what darryl issa said on sunday. it's peril for the democrats if they don't ratify usmca, a loss of at least 100,000 jobs from the deal. it's on them, either ratify this and get moving -- the president said if not usmca, then it's pre-nafta. dagen: you have to take him on his word on that. >> when you look at stocks, if you look at trade and you look at the next sort of steps here, that's the one variable that i think investors are trying to get a grasp of.
7:13 am
i think you'll see new highs, especially in tech, with semis and apple and some other names where that continues to -- >> tariffs, the whole problem with this is it impacts margins. that's what investors want to know, are margins going to contract or are they not. we're seeing top line sales come in strongly for a lot of companies. that was the question mark, you need the top line to get the margins to at least stay at the high levels that they're at. operating expenses are increasing, especially at the tech companies. what do you expect to see? amazon said we're going to increase expenses. how is that going to impact the tech sphere. >> right now it's a gol goldilos scenario for tech earnings. you're seeing more and more investments, what the effect is on the bottom line, especially social media, they're continuing to ramp up investments, you see that on facebook front and center. that's going to be the focus as we go through the white knuckle period with some of these names. dagen: i want the democratic candidates more and more as they campaign to get asked about what they would do with all these
7:14 am
tariffs that's are on the books. maria: i'm asking all democrats that come on, are you going to he vote for usmca. a number have said not in the current form. i don't think it's because there's anything wrong with it but they don't want the president to have another victory. daniel, good to see you. thank you so much, sir. we'll be right back. the introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough.
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maria: welcome back. the measles outbreak is growing. cheryl casone on headlines now. cheryl: 71 additional cases confirmed last week alone, bringing this year's total to 626. plus the outbreak is hitting two additional states, bringing that total to 22 states reporting cases now. well, we are learning more about beyond meat's plans for an initial public offering. they're looking to sell 9 million shares for 19 to $21 each. that would value the company at high as $1.2 billion. beyond meat like the name suggests makes plant based meat
7:18 am
substitute. the company plans to list on the nasdaq. bricktown brewery restaurants is anticipating selling up to 1.9 million shares of between 7 and $9 each, raising just over $17 million. and america is a nation of food thieves. in a new survey, commissioned by ben & jerry's, four in 10 americans admit to stealing food. the most common victims are our friends, our coworkers, and our partners, with one in ten literally taking candy from a child. the problem is so bad, majority of respondents say they resorted to hiding food. the most common food stolen at home was ice cream. at work it was chills. not pointing out any names. just throwing it back to you, maria. not going to say anything about those -- maria: when you walk by chips and jelly beans and everything else, i mean, of course you're going to try it. dagen: charles payne has mints
7:19 am
on his desk for anybody who needs to freshen their breath. i steal them all the time. charles, your door is always open, i appreciate that. if your mints disappear, right here. maria: breaking news on carlos ghosn. prosecutors in tokyo have tried to issue a no contact order between carlos ghosn and his wife, carol ghosn. this happened yesterday. japanese news sources are reporting the reason that the prosecutors tried to come up with this no contact ruling is because they were not happy that carol ghosn went on television. you know that she went on tv with me here a week ago and then she wrote an op ed in the washington post. they do not want carol ghosn speaking out and so as a result, they've come up with this no contact order between carlos ghosn and his wife, carol. japanese sources are saying that
7:20 am
the regulators, the prosecutor, rather, does not want any spousal privilege. we know in the west there is spousal privilege. she came on this program with me and said carlos ghosn is innocent, something that we've talked about, i've said certainly from the beginning because there was a coup going on at nissan. they wanted him out. they didn't want him to merge nissan with renault. he continues sitting in a japanese jail right now. the prosecutors after detaining him again, coming up with new charges last week, now trying to get him to have zero contact with his wife who keeps going back and forth to tokyo, incredible story. dagen: incredible there isn't more pushback from the global corporate community against the treatment of him and his family. maria: i'm going to look at the foreign direct investment into japan. has it changed in any way? we'll see if international still want to put money in japan after this crazy judicial system. they throw you in jail without
7:21 am
even questioning you. we'll talk about they that coming up. also, oil is in focus, iran sanctions impacting the price of crude this morning. plus, feeling the pinch, millennials believe they face more financial problems than any other generation. the results of that new poll, right after this. ♪ you can find me in the back of a jacked up tailgate. ♪ watching these pretty things heading into retirement you want to follow your passions
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maria: welcome back. oil prices are now at a nearly six month high. the cornel aftethe surge after p administration announced the u.s. would no longer exempt any countries from importing oil from iran. mike pompeo speaking out about the maximum pressure campaign against the iran regime yesterday. >> our goal has been to get
7:25 am
countries to cease importing iranian oil entirely. last november, we granted exemptions. we will no longer grant any exemptions. we're going to zero. going to zero across the board. how long we remain at zero depends solely on the islamic republic of iran's senior leaders. maria: joining me right now is the global head of energy analysis for opus, tom klossa. thank you for being here. >> good morning. maria: we're seeing oil really react to the information that we're going to see less oil from iran on the global markets. what's your reaction to that and the administration has said, look, we are not going to watch gasoline prices get out of hand in terms of really becoming an issue for people because saudi arabia is there to pick up the slack. what's your reaction? >> my reaction to that is the idea that the saudis might think a certain price is stable and the u.s. would agree on that is
7:26 am
probably a stretch. the saudis do have extra oil. the united arab emirates have extra oil. they have it in their pocket. they can readily tap into it. but there's some real question marks as to whether or not they think they should tap into it at $70 as opposed to 80. it's going to be an interesting summer. it's going to be a summer of sizzle because the timing of this is a little bit inelegant. we've got very high gas prices right now for the season because they've exploded relative to crude oil on refinery issues and we've got trouble in libya, trouble in nigeria and pure chaos in venezuela. this is going to be a tight rope. maria: do you think oil prices keep going up then? >> i do. i think that the $70 crude oil price for brent becomes an $80 standard or something in that neighborhood. and i think that the u.s. wti price probably goes from $60 to $70. now, how long they spend there,
7:27 am
we don't know. we might see that extra oil come on the market very, very quickly at that point. the thing that surprises me as well is that if the president and the state department had waited until the fourth quarter, we probably could have sort of mustered up another million barrels a day of texas output because the pipelines will be working to bring the oil from west texas and new mexico to the rest of the country then. >> quick question for you. how about domestic pressure on oil prices. we saw movement in the florida legislation and the united states congress to limit offshore drilling a off the coast of florida. is that having an impact on oil price as we see them spike now? >> i think it's a reach to think we'll be able to drill for oil off florida or the u.s. atlantic coast and even to a certain extent in the arctic, although i do think there will be more oil coming from alaska. we've got plenty of easy oillet t-- easy oil to find.
7:28 am
west texas seems like a perforated sheet, there's so many drills and wells that aren't even operating at the moment. we've got plenty of crude coming on-board we may get to 15 million barrels a day of crude oil in the next few years. so crude oil will not be the problem for the united states. it may be that our prices are very advantageous versus the rest of the world. dagen: real quick, tom, it's dagen mcdowell. do you think in the short run -- because you said it seems like what you're saying is it's going to take time to get more crude coming out of texas, say the permian basin there, to offset the crude lost on the world market from iran. but do you thinker we need to tap the strategic petroleum reserve in the short run? >> i don't think so. i'm not a big fan of the strategic petroleum reserve but this isn't about a shortage. it's about the perception that there may not be enough crude to
7:29 am
satisfy 100 million barrels a day of international demand. the united states should be relatively in much, much better shape. watch out for the relationship between the united states and china. china is of course one of the countries that's not going to get a waiver. and to the extent that they try to go around the regulations or maybe look to stockpile crude, that's going to have a big impact on the market. and the other thing is, watch the price of gas. we're going to be over $3 in a bunch of red states before long and i didn't think was going to happen this summer. maria: all right. we'll leave it there. tom, good to see you. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks. maria: coming up, earnings in focus, better than expected results from united technologies and coca-cola have boosted the dow futures. we're standing by for lockheed. futures indicate the market will open mixed this. market. disneyland hotels selling out
7:30 am
ahead of star wars land and the park's decision to limit the number of hours visitors can be in the park. ceo bob iger received criticism from a an heires of disney. all that coming up. ♪ it's like rain on your wedding day. ♪ it's a free ride when you've already paid. ♪ it's the good advice. ♪ there are roadside attractions. and then there's our world-famous on-road attraction. if you've never seen yourself in a mercedes,
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, april 23rd. your top stories right now, u67 33:00 a.m. on the east coast. we're watching earnings this morning. it is a busy week. four dow components reported earnings this morning. coca-cola, twitter, procter & gamble out with a double beat this morning. coca-cola shares are up almost 4%. twitter, up 8 and two thirds percent in heavy volume this morning. we're looking at a big reaction from its earnings and procter & gamble flat, down just a fraction.
7:34 am
oil is on the rise after the u.s. ended all iran sanction exemptions, we knew that yesterday and oil prices skyrocketed yesterday. oil is now at $65.91 a barrel. we just heard from tom klossa. he said oil is going from 60 to 70 and he said brent is going to 80 and he said he was not expecting gasoline to be above $3 a gallon in red states but that's what he's going to see this summer, in a summer he called a summer of sizzle. better than expected results for united technologies and coca-cola boosting markets this morning. the market is expected to be up on the dow about 34 points, the nasdaq and s&p are lower right now. yesterday's close was quiet. take a look at the numbers at the close yesterday with the dow industrials gave up 48 points, s&p 500 was up 3 and nasdaq up 17. we are looking at a miss in revenue on verizon. $32.13 billion versus an
7:35 am
estimate of $32.16 billion. this is a very fractional miss, some people could say it's actually in line but verizon, that's a dow component, we'll check the stock. take a look at the european indices, fq100 up 31 points, cac in paris down 9 points and dax index lower by 32. in asia overnight the highlight was the shanghai composite, it was down, but that was the biggest mover, one half of 1%. on to the 2020 race, bernie sanders says that the boston bomber should even be able to vote from prison. plus, elizabeth warren's plan to cancel college debt by taxing the ultra wealthy. what else. millennials are feeling the squeeze. they believe they face more financial hardships than any other generation, more financial hardships than the depression, more financial har ships hardshn the worst decline in a generation. journey to a galaxy far, far
7:36 am
away, people booking expensive rooms for the opportunity to experience the new star wars attraction. had they might not get the time they expect. wait until you see it. breaking news, ashley webster is on it with lockheed martin's numbers this morning and here again you're looking at a better than expected report. ashley: we are. that's been the theme of the morning, maria. perhaps more importantly, the guidance for the most part has been pretty strong across the board. lockheed martin check this out, the earnings per share coming in at $5.99, the estimate was $4.34. so a huge beat on the earnings. on the sales revenue side, $14.3 billion, much better than the $12.59 billion expected. lockheed also increasing its guidance for 2019, by the way, has a record backlog of orders of $133 billion. so lockheed martin very, very healthy report indeed. again, that record backlog tells
7:37 am
you why they're raising their guidance for the full year. premarket, that stock up 4.3%. wanted to mention very quickly, maria, jetblue came in during all this excitement, generally beating on the top and bottom line, the revenue was about in line but as you can see, up 2.3%. they're raising their full year outlook. they say capacity up next quarter, expected 4 to 6%. operating income also beat expectations. jetblue says it will offer a european service in 2021 from boston and new york to london. so make your plans now. maria: all right. lot of good numbers, ashley. overall, very strong quarter it looks like to me. ashley: better than expected. maria: expectations came all the way down. we'll get back to you. our top story this half hour is the race for 2020. vermont senator bernie sanders asked during a cnn town hall last night if he believes prison inmates like the boston bomber, for example, should be allowed to vote. here's what he said.
7:38 am
>> if somebody commits a serious crime, sexual assault, murder, they're going to be punished. they may be in jail for 10 years, 20 years, their whole lives. that's what happens when you commit a serious crime. i think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy, even for terrible people, people who commit crimes, they pay the price. when they get out of jail, i believe they should have the right to vote. i believe even if they're in jail, they're paying their price to society but that should not take away their inherent american right to participate in our democracy. maria: joining me right now is the washington examiner's senior editor, kelly jay torrance. what do you tim think about tha? >> even democratic colleagues of bernie sanders don't agree with that. anderson cooper asked pete buttigieg if he amayor pete sad
7:39 am
no. he does think they should have it once they leave jail. he said no, not while they're in jail. i don't think a lot of americans are going to agree with bernie sanders on this, especially as they brought up last night, people like the boston marathon bomber, people think if you do something that serious, you do lose some of your rights. that's why you're in jail. so i don't think this is going to be very popular. i'm surprised that bernie is making this an actual issue. maria: the other thing is, i don't know if they're actually up on the issues that matter to the american people at that time, being behind bars. are they up on healthcare and medicare for all versus different healthcare plan or the green new deal. so just getting the attention of the person to the issues that matter to the american people is always questionable, isn't it? >> that's a great question, maria. the top issue in the mid-terms
7:40 am
was healthcare. this is what people are worried about is, hey, i can't afford healthcare anymore or i have concerns about what obamacare is doing for affor affordable heal. last night, anderson cooper asked mayor pete why don't you have a single policy issue listed on your website, you don't have a section devoted to policy. mayor pete responded, well, people know where i stand on the issues. for example, i'm in the forefront of wanting to change the structure of the supreme court. that was the first issue he brought up. i don't think that's a winning campaign for 2020. i don't think americans are most concerned about changing the number of members on the supreme court and i have to say, mayor pete, he's been doing a good job of connecting with people, he's been going way up in the polls. i'm surprised he would make such a mistake as to think that changing the structure of american government is what americans want to see right now. dagen: right now it's about personality and it's about
7:41 am
authenticity and it's mayor pete, it's a focus on him talking about what he's done in south been, indiana, which by the way a lot of it sounds like capitalism. he talks about bringing businessings and residents back into the city after the vitally revitalization. it's filling potholes and changing streets. also his cute dogs and his husband, that's what it's about. his husband has a major social media game. he's hilarious. he doesn't get into politics. people like mayor pete because they like his. maria: i like the fact that he said here how to pronounce his name. dagen: by the way, this is what joe biden doesn't have. people are very upset that vice president biden did not quickly respond to the allegations of him like grabbing on people, that it took him days. it took him from friday to i think it was wednesday for him to make a statement. again, it's how are you
7:42 am
connecting with voters and it doesn't have to be policy. you can just -- i mean, elizabeth warren's got a tsunami of policy. maria: we learned that from donald trump. you either loved his personality or you didn't. dagen: elizabeth warren has a policy on breakfast cereal. you know what? nobody cares. >> i think we've seen in the past in 2008, 2012 and 2016, the idea that personality matters. to start with bernie sanders around voting, i agree with him to the but part of his statement, if you're back in society paying tax as a convicted felon, you should have the right to vote. in prison voting, i think that's part of the punishment. i think that's just me. we need to look at are we putting too many people in prison. maria: the president just did prison reform. he's focused on exactly that. dagen: a lot of the states allow felons to vote in those
7:43 am
states, which ex-cons don't even know that. i interviewed people on the ground and said i can't vote, i'm like yeah, you can. maria: it's not just about personality. it's also about some of the policies that frankly don't make a lot of sense, like the green new deal, medicare for all. you're talking about capitalism versus socialism. that's what i think this election is getting set up to be. >> none of the democratic nominees right now are-the ones that are running for president, none of them -- they they don't differ very much from each other on any of major policies. i think we want to see differentiation as we get down the line. dagen: i want to add something about mayor he pete, his ability to talk about his marriage to his husband and his faith that more than anything is resonating with young voters in the democratic party right now. >> faith doesn't know party. dagen: he's not afraid to talk about his faith. he can explain why being married to his husband is important for bringing him closer to god. it's a huge issue and not enough people are talking about it. maria: kelly, thank you so
7:44 am
much coming up, disyo disney dis criticizing bob iger. plus, needing privacy at work, one company using the age-old tool of the telephone booth. ♪ telephone line. ♪ give me some time. ♪ i'm living in twigh twilight. ♪ oh, oh, telephone --
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7:48 am
maria: welcome back. apparently millennials believe they face more financial woes than previous generations. cheryl casone with details on that. cheryl: poor little snow flakes, maria. a new survey finds that a majority of millennials believe they face more financial hardship than any other generation. the survey shows 68% of millennials say they either agree or strongly agree they have tougher obstacles when it comes to money. 49% say they're living in the worst economic environment. 54% believe they're facing the toughest job market. anyway. all right. now to this story. disney's ceo robert iger he's got a job but he's under fire from a granddaughter of the company's co-founder, abigail disney, she's criticizing iger's $65 million pay package.
7:49 am
disney tweeting, quote, let me be very clear, i like bob iger, i don't speak for my family but only for myself. other than owning shares, not that many, i have no more say in what happens there than anyone else. but by any objective measure, a pay ratio over 1,000 is insane. well, a recent study found that iger's annual compensation is more than 1400 times more than the median disney employee's pay. meanwhile, disneyland's three hotels are selling out ahead of the highly anticipated opening of the new star wars land. only rooms going for more than $760 a night are still available. this opening day by the way, mat time at disney the company is limiting visits to the new attraction to four hours during the initial soft opening but a lot of buzz about that family fuel is taking a cruise. they're heading out to he sea. carnival cruise lines announced
7:50 am
the game will be a feature on the new mardi gras ship that debuts next year. the set will be complete with the buzzers. steve harvey won't be there. the ship's cruise director will act at the mc. maria: privacy at work, you know about this, the company using an old school idea to make your phone conversations just a little more pleasant and private at work. we'll show you the new phone booth we've got here in the studio when we come back. ♪ jenny, i got your number. ♪ i need to make you mine. ♪ jenny, don't change your number. ♪ 867-5309. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: we want to introduce you
7:54 am
to room, that is bringing privacy to work. the company producing a soundproof office phone and it's an office phone booth had, giving workers a private space for meetings, phone calls and everyday office tasks. we have one right here on set. joining me right now is the founder and ceo of room, brian chen. it's great to have you on the program. >> thanks for having me. maria: we've been teasing this throughout the morning. cheryl is there. and we want cheryl in there because we want to check how soundproof it is when she talks to us in a second. what are the benefits of using this phone booth? >> well, first of all, it's soundproof. it reduces noise by 29 decibels. you can have that private phone call or that peace and quiet when you need it in the open floor plan. we achieve that by using over 1,000 recycled plastic bottles in the walls of the phone booth. that's used for sound absorbing. we use this plexiglass door which seals magnetically and prevents sound leakage. maria: the company is debuting
7:55 am
the new edition of the office phone booth. what kind of reception have gotten from? >this?>> we launched a year ago. we've worked with over 1,000 unique business, small and large, from all industries. our customers include jp morgan, nike, sales force, all the way to your local startup. maria: that's fantastic. it's good because most of the time people are using their own cell phone, right? >> yeah. maria: there's no phone in the booth. >> that's correct. maria: but you've got the privacy. how do you like it there? i don't hear cheryl. that's good. actually, that's very good. it is in fact soundproof. you said some of the companies like jp morgan and others. is there a sector that uses it more than others or is it wide variety in the s&p 500. >> the fact is that 70% of working americans go to work every day in an open floor plan office. that means that the problem of
7:56 am
noise and lack of privacy is pervasive. really affects almost everybody in the office. maria: that's true. we didn't hear you, cheryl. let's see when we open the door. cheryl: you couldn't hear anything. maria: we couldn't hear you at all. cheryl: i can sort of hear you a tiny bit. i also have an ear piece in. maria: do you feel good about it? >> it's very comfortable. i've got coffee, got my glasses in case i want to be in cognito which i want to do right now. maria: i like those glasses, cheryl. what's the price of this? >> we sell for 3495, free shipping included. a lot of our success i would say is due to the fact that we've taken a direct to consumer approach to b to b industry. we sell from factory to business. it's easy, go to our website and buy in a matter of seconds. maria: are people using it for the privacy of doing a phone call or are you getting in there, maybe you want to go on your computer, maybe a place to think. >> all of the above.
7:57 am
it gives you the space to make a phone call, video conferencing, a place to do individualized focused work. maria: very cool. the company is called room. brian, thank you for being here. losing big on bitcoin, the soft bank founder gets hit by a crypto loss, next hour, right here, "mornings with maria." stay with us. ♪ here i go again on my own. ♪ going down the only road i've ever known. ♪ ♪
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i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, april 23 top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, we are watching earnings this morning a host of earnings out today and for the week, this is one of busiest weeks first quarter take a look at moves coca-cola 3 and a quarter percent twitter up better than 6% lockheed martin up 6 1/3 percent all of the above beating earnings expectations, on the top and bottom lines,
8:01 am
markets are showing mixed story opening of trading however. take a look at futures indicating dow industrials up 58 points, s&p 500 up 2, and nasdaq up 4 3/4 things are turned positive, on the heems of all earnings, ultimately universited technologies univery a firmir tone start of trading yesterday it was a mixed story for the most part fractional movers, the dow industrials down 48 points yesterday, 4:00 on wall street s&p 500 up three, the nasdaq was up 17. european indices this morning look like this, we do have mixed story there as well ft 100 up 35 points, cac quarante is down seven the dax in germany down 26. in asia overnight, markets fractionally moving exactly unchanged in hong kong, shanghai composite in china down one half of 1%, oil continues he to be the story of the day for markets, after the u.s. ended all iran
8:02 am
sanction exceptions, oil soared yesterday it is continuing that run this morning, up another fraction of a point six 5.6 4 a barrel, on oil -- 65.64 power of social media credit card issuers boosting ad did spending n facebook to attract borrowers, bitcoin loss son every founder of softbank mega 134-million-dollar hit on cryptocurrency tuesday morning joining me to break it down dagen mcdowell, radio host new leader senior fellow richard fowler cfra investment strategists eliminatedy bell great to see you this morning. dagen: viewer on twitter asked why do we care about oil production in iran here in the united states, and. maria: good question. dagen: right because oil is fungible largely interchangeable around the globe priced on world market so the production anywhere whether iran, russia saudi
8:03 am
arabia impacts price of oil that here in the united states. maria: bottom line a global market, so when you take oil out of that globally market everybody is impacted. >> oil so many industries impact air fares what you pay at pufrn your groceries, so oil has impact on literally everys consumer goods. >> you wonder if oil indicator of things to come? or is it actually an impactr every things to come, is oil up to 65 dollars a barrel, because it is indicator that global economy is doing well? or is it about to squeeze consumers because gasoline prices are going up, and indicator of perhaps the economy going to slow down? i don't know, i go back-and-forth on this. >> i think it is you know a difference between supply and demand always moving oil you have to look at both sides of the equation tom was talking about supply-side of the issue but what about demand right now that was what is took the oil prices down, in the fourth quarter last year, also,
8:04 am
helped bring it back up, global demand worries eased into the first part of this year we will see with what happens as we move forward. maria: . >>. dagen: issue tom brought with up more than anything why now why couldn't administration wait to use maximum pressure later when it wouldn't show up at pump heading into center driving season when you have peak demand here in the united states when permian basin other shale producers might get more barrels on the market. maria: issue deadline for exceptions may 2. dagen: they could have kept it in a waiver, and until later in the year but they decided to do it now, in the spring for whatever reason i have not -- >> i tend to agree with dagen, i mean, going into knowing the price going up in red states whether driving season people are driving to see grandma to see grandpa units uncle now seems interesting move for white house knowing they need
8:05 am
to conference people in a couple months to reelect as president. maria: a lot of upset by countries that didn't get exceptions so you you've got 8 countries that had he exemptions, from the sanctions against iran, they were you know, buying iranian oil, u.s. the administration doesn't want any moreing exemptions mick pop' said zero yesterday. >> going back to timing, we are in middle of trade talks with china, china was major one of the major a players receiving waivers. >> you know why? why we can do it now verses a few years ago? because of the policies in part coming out of this administration, we are stronger, in terms of oil production than we have ever been national security issue where world we are world number one oil producer more we control, our own energy production, the more power we have over nations that hate us. maria: right deregulation on
8:06 am
spying ots democratic leeds backing away from impeachment proceeds against president some hopefuls will not get go kevin cork at the white house, good morning to you. reporter: good morning, maria. the president actually asked that question on twitter yesterday you are busy may not have seen this, but a lot of people at home, i am going to help you out the president asked succinctly talking about impeachment he said how do you impeach a republican president for a crime that was consummated by democrats? make america great again! if you listen to democrats they say all you have to do maria is look at the mueller report because their argument there is plenty there, that give them a reason to have procure impeachment, nancy pelosi was on a conference call with democrats said this, we have to save our democracy, this isn't about democrats or reputation, it is about saving our democracy, if what we need to do to honor responsibility to the constitution it will if that is the place the facts take us that is place we have
8:07 am
to go, on capitol hill revenues are convinced impeachment will do nothing but hurt the country. >> here is where i think going on in house there is going to be a stampede to impeach president trump, they are going to use mueller report anything they can find to try to destroy his presidency, nancy pelosi is not in charge of the democratic party. >> meanwhile, a number of democrats running for the 2020 nomination will ask about this topic in a town hall last night interesting, some were saying go with impeachment like elizabeth warren others saying we need to have this conversation, like kamala harris bernie sanders maria said something important, he said if democrats are talking about trump and mueller and impeachment, in 2020, they are not talking about health care, that matters to most democratic voters that he said will lead to a trump victory. we do not expect to see president today on camera, that can change if it does i promise to either will you know for now back to you.
8:08 am
maria: kevin thank you so much, at the white house, joining me for reaction, colorado senator member of the senate foreign relations commerce energy committees correspondy gardiner thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> what about that we look at the border obviously, a crisis sayings north korea immigration health care top issues for the american people and, yet, we can't get the attention of democrats because they are so focused on investigating donald trump, how is this going to play out? >> i characterize house revenge majority trying to seek revenge on a president they think never should have been elected trying to seek revenge speaker pelosi about to find ourselves a speaker without a conference, because she is going to be forced to deal with impeachment, there is no doubt that the rank-and-file in her conference are going to demand impeachment presidential candidates drag them toward
8:09 am
impeachment instead of focusing on he terrorism economy crisis at borders talking about impeachment of the president of united states even though report said no collusion no cooperation. by any american, so that is exactly what you are going to see this revenge it or majority in in house of representatives continue to procure. >> nancy pelosi is not stupidest nancy pelosi has been incredibly smart and strong, throughout an incredible career. sharp elbows had to push back on lots of men and women, to get ahead throughout her career, if she thought there was even a chance that there was anything impeachable wouldn't say this she knows nothing there trying to rein them in as congressman says aoc the close speaker having a hard time. >> not able to control or contain social media elements of conference so successful, in ginning up active elemental of base wanted impeached goes
8:10 am
to 2016 back to 2017 majority in the nat, the house, and the president. and revenge, you look at subpoenas issued you look at things that are being said about bob p mueller now that he wrote a report didn't go the way they wanted it to i think exactly with a she is faced with. >> thing is i think the american people see through this, okay? and that is the problem for nancy pelosi. because they are seeing through some of this craziness, in the radical part of her party, meanwhile, there is china people understand what is happened with china as well, huawei technologies trued 5g hardware built into smart cars you are part of this bipartisan effort that is warning against expanding chinese 5g technology like huawei or zte in united states tell us about that we have covered china, and huawei quite extensively i think effective way give us the sales pwhat are you trying to tell people about huawei. >> well, huawei this is not a republican or democrat only concern this is not a partisan
8:11 am
issue this is not a -- donald trump administration concern. this is an american concern, this is a nonpartisan concern this is something going to lastly beyond any republican or democratic congress or beyond any one administration. the concerns over huawei because what they have done is built information system that can scrape information be put together in a way that allows information to be gathered to be taken to be used against u.s. companies u.s. strz u.s. security, for our allies in europe, to think that we are just going to turn awayor turn another cheek not pay attention or let this issue die after the 2020 election it will not. this is going to continue i have introduced a resolution with chris coons democratic from delaware to tell allies around the globe if you move forward withh critical infrastructure systems energetics we have to taking actions maybe removal of a facility maybe that means we share less information with them it will he repercussions consequences we believe threat too real to security and our
8:12 am
economy. >> secretary of state mike performance apple has been trying to communicate that message to the europeans, and africans but huawei made real you know -- leeway in terms of setting up the infrastructure systems but in several european countries certainly throughout africa isn't that right. >> because it is cheaper. >> it is right that is why, that is why we have to focus on a couple things we have to focus on engagement things like buildbackaire reassurance initiative being a help u.s. businesses compete out compete huawei subsidized by the chinese government, and what we have to do also make sure that we have the equipment and the -- the ability to compete withh, sometimes i talk to leaders they say well, look we love u.s. company but don't think there is a u.s. company that can provide what huawei is providing to us we have to nature that we have the industrial capacity technology telecom capacity to compete directly with what huawei is trying to provide bar gain
8:13 am
based prices to africa, europe anywhere else to make sure they are not putting in threat to security, and economy. maria: how do they do it? there is they can just you know circle back any information and because it is obviously, espionage they are spying, they can send all that data back to chinese government i had on executive from huawei and i brought up the list of companies that have sued huawei. and they settled like microsoft, like cisco t-mobile huawei was stolen trade secrets he said we are not stealing anything not reporting back to chinese government, i said to him straight out well do you have you communists on your board then it was like oh, well yeah, because there are obviously, communists chinese government officials on the board. >> exactly right, you've got communist parties members placed on boards not just huawei but of companies, around china, u.s. companies are being forced to enter into
8:14 am
state joint venture agreements against data enterprises forced to transfer intellectual right rights. >> is this part of the deal coming up in conversation about a deal between u.s. and china on trade. >> absolutely coming up every day i think comes up every time they meet talking about huawei concerns talking about intellectual property talking about, forced transfer of -- of intellectual property rights they have to have a that is what is wrong with china look i don't like tariffs bottom line is this we have to stand up to china, we have to make sure, that our trade with china is fair, and right now, they are selling hundreds of billions of dollars, a year, in intellectual property from united states, i meet with, businesses that are concerned about back doors into bank accounts being told who can be put onboard this is not fair this is not china making progressive raermz they are stepping backyards frightening. >> microsoft former ceo steve bammer told me 90% companies in china have microsoft operating system, one percent pay for it, it costs microsoft
8:15 am
10 billion dollars a year in profits, was just an extraordinary number that is just one company! good to see you. thank you so much senator correspondy gardiner, earnings in focus we are all over twitter soaring this morning, back in a minute. ♪
8:16 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:18 am
. >> double beats for earnings gerri willis floor with details what has been a pretty good earnings period for the first quarter so far. >> all four companies double beat coca-cola strong demand for water soft drinks up 3%, expectations 46 cents a share 7.88 billion on revenues coming in 48 cents a share and 8 billion in revenues, take a look at united technologies, demand for aircraft parts essentially fueling this double beat expectations 1.71, and 17.98 top line they come
8:19 am
in 1.91, 18.4 billion up 3.5 cents, concurrently, number three, twit double beat shares soaring this morning opening up, coming in, up 10% now at 7%, eps expectation 15 cents a share come no at 37 cents a share, revenue 775.6 million coming in 787 actually what is going on a real number to pay attention to with twitter, monthly up in my opinion million estimate a decline in monthly active user may see sign social media company has found a sustainable path forward lockheed martin double beat on for the world's by havings defense company higher raised 2019 profit and guidance on revenues 4.34, 12.59 billion the expectation coming in 5.99 and 14.34 billion revenue actual, big morning for earnings for all
8:20 am
companies, maria, back to you. >> gerri thanks so much markets responded we are expecting higher opening for the dow industrials this morning and broader averages we focus on fed herman cain taking sthims out of consideration for seat on federal reserve board bitcoin loss billionaire founder softbank taking a major hit, 130-million-dollar hit on cryptocurrency. back in a minute. ♪ ♪ you be my glass of wine i will be your shadow you be my -- i will be your safety you ♪ ♪
8:21 am
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on each side to keep you both comfortable. and snoring? how smart is that? smarter sleep. so you can come out swinging, maintain your inner focus, and wake up rested and ready for anything. and now, save $400 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends saturday. maria: futures decidedly positive after a whole host of
8:24 am
companies reported better-than-expected earnings take a look dow industrials now indicating it will be up 730 points start of trading, futures right now up 73 points on dow s&p futures up 3 3/4 nasdaq up 12 points right now, joining us cio dan chung thanks for joining us. >> has what is your reaction, to what we've seen in fact first artery earnings so far your big investor in technology, how would you characterize numbers you have seen. >> you know a lot of there is a lot of concern because of the trade war, you know, fourth quarter last year was a rocky one. and -- and whether some respect -- but in the end, so far coming in pretty good. maria: right so what in terms of technology, in particular your with invested in the cloud you don't own twitter but you think you know why twitter stock performance is so strong. >> yeah, we see averages up instead of down people expecting them to decline,
8:25 am
pattern for them they can get turned to positive big positive change for them. >> on health care we saw last week markets sort of do this sort of -- roller-coaster ride down a little bit up a little bit, let me do it -- >> screaming] some said bernie some say joe biden ways your indicator how health care stocks do in the future. >> health care clearly is a sector regulatory political environment matters a lot we're looking at you know democratic and republican conventions nominees, proposals i think it is a bit more cautious about health care a very strong sector multiple years, and think about, opportunities in health care that for example, are less politically sensitive, more driven by innovation and technology. health care is really interesting sector it has the insurance hmos companies extremely technology driven. and we really like the areas
8:26 am
where whether software analytics gen otherics applied or whether it is -- med tech devices, still very vibrant areas in health care that is sort of where we are turning focus. dagen: health insurers fell out of bed after bernie sanders town hall he kind of you know softened rough edges as karl rove said on socialism he would get rid of private insurance in the country. >> the component of health care that traded down, what about the federal reserve, the board to hold open meeting today to discuss proposal similar replified increased transparency of rules president trump says herman cain asked not to be considered for the board was the president's pick for a board governor seat that is federal reserve. your reaction to the fed its moves obviously out of the way a while does that mean, that is a positive for the stock market.
8:27 am
>> i think out of the way is one of the most important things that investors should be focused on we have seen in instances the curve does relatively flat fed on pause as long as we don't head into recession don't see that analysts work at almaguer equities performed extremely well 20 plus percent average return. from a fed pause like that. >> so you think that kind of a year this year. >> i think we could. >> do you think the fed will cut rates the end of the year because 30% chance being priced into the market in at the present time n october-december potential because when they do move back start cutting rates you usually see recession around the corner. >> if smiling nine months ago, the same prediction was predicting three to four right hikes this year [laughter], no i don't think they will cut i think they are on pause. maria: just on pause, the backdrop? what you gain from earnings that we've seen, how does backdrop feel to you.
8:28 am
>> backdrop looks good, the first quarter is a little bit weaker, i think there is a pickup in earnings growth throughout the year, fed on pause, and investors should take comfort in really about attractive yearnings yields s&p 500 global equities, and so i am looking for strong year. >> briefly add some of the thinking is the economy is going to not only earn but will be picking up steam we saw that really good print on retail sales last week, the economy picking up steam employees back to the fed where you have yields going up concern that the fed is not on pause, concern that fed will hike the end of the year because if economy looks hot inflation picks up steam next day quarter next six months, did that could be navigator you hear as we go into summer. >> back right now at goldilocks economy can'tfying out if too hot too told;
8:29 am
right? >> that is right. >>. dagen: wage gains ring ten-year high, and core inflation below 2% that is good as it gets in fed on pause. maria: are you largely vested in the u.s. or looking at europe some people think that europe is showing actually signs of coming out of the down trendy it has been in for so long. >> we run global international funds invested in europe funds can go anywhere would i say still overweight u.s. significantly in particular what is interesting to us down market cap into small caps small caps are undervalued relative to lateralisming caps historically u.s. exposed but else benefiting from notification technology e-commerce a lot of ipos coming a lot of excitement -- small midcap. >> what -- >> 27 billion. >> congratulations, good to see you thanks so much. >> coming up bitcoin losses
8:30 am
billionaire founder of softbank 130-million-dollar hit on cryptocurrency the pair of social media credit card issuers boosting ad spending on facebook to attract new borrowers after this break stay with us. ♪ ♪ down. down. ah ah! that's one. up. that's two. down. down. get down, get down. your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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♪ ♪ ♪ mosque mosque thanks for a joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, tuesday, april 23 top stories right you 8:33 a.m. east, we are watching earnings this morning, twitter moving up, in a big way, after reporting a surprise rise in monthly active users up 6 3/4% coca-cola united technologies beat expectations, to add better is that an 40 points to dow industrials at open futures firmer tone to start this morning up 63 points off the lows shy of the highs of the morning quarter of one percent higher s&p futures up
8:34 am
2 and one half nasdaq futures up 8 and one half points european indices mostly higher a mixed story ff00 up. >> cac quarante negative down seven dax in germany down 2 in asia overnight fractional moves across the board take a look, big performer shanghai composite down one half of 1%, big bitcoin loss softbank founder a hugely 130-million-dollar hit, on the cryptocurrency, had incredibly volatile down year, plus power of social media, credit card issuers boosting spending on facebook to attract new borrowers, the fallout from mueller report next guest is out with a new op-ed in the hill, titled and the winner of the mueller the robert mueller sweep steaks is vice president, riding vladimir putin found a way ceding
8:35 am
information from meeting to cast doubt on candidates in 2016 now in mueller report has a fresh vehicle to continue selling discord distrust in america duly elected president for months i can hm laer boisterous laughter emanating from kremlin writes john, joining me journalist john solomon good to see you thanks for being p us, i love talking to you because i know that you have been on and you were seeking the truth like i was as well for the last two years, congratulations on being on right side of history, last two years, you think this whole ordeal has just done what vladimir putin want to do in the beginning. >> funny we started president obama left with first assessment it was that kremlin trying to help trump get elected defeat hillary clinton if you talk to intelligence i talk to former cia station chief in moscow saying a new assessment trying to
8:36 am
desamelize both sides at trump tower meeting events like that about december coverable wander them to about discovered us mush trying to help donald trump or what everything we have been through intelligence committee having different assessment about what happened in 2016. >> we new. >> 2014 russia was trying to undermine u.s. how come u.s. didn't do anything about it how come we have to talk about this after 2016 election, where we knew two years? >> that is right dn nuñez issuing a warning very clear one loser barack obama sat there watched this play out for months maybe because he thought hill was invincible at the end of the day he didn't do enough to protect our current from everything that did our collusion aside you have threat of russia meddling going into 2020 elections looks like this administration more assertive next may be safer than last one. >> op-ed 10 post mueller questions could turn tables on
8:37 am
russia collusion integrators n investigators, we know that they lost investigation intoh launched investigation no predicate didn't like him wanted hillary to win in presidential campaign tell us about questions. >> these are questions inspector general attorney general barr focusing on now post action review, i think at the end all sum up to one big question whats the fbi cia used, for political dirty trying to try to defeat donald trump in election if not defeat him dejimz him the first fundamental question to get answered when did fbi know hillary clinton was funding steele dossier once we know why proceed with flaws you heard bob woodward call gar
8:38 am
bailing, holy grail now garbage why did you give it to court. >> jim comey continues so say i did not know hillary clinton paid for dossier how do you not know it use any old garbage somebody brings you say oh let me spy because i have this. >> ignorance not a defense before fisa court had obligation to certificate dead evidence was accurate free from derogatory information like hillary rodham clinton funding it ignorance defense not holding up in a court. >> such incredible strategy to take down donald trump interest left not just steele dossier but informants, meeting with donald trump, jr., others to try to get them talking about policy, so later they could say you are talking about policy, then you had immediate strategy mark meadows broke news on my show last week sunday, by saying this media strategy that is about to come out, what do you know about this, where they
8:39 am
planted stories in immediate yahoo finance picked it up mother jones picked it up stories printed published used those same stories as evidence quote/unquote fortifiesa courted to get washington to spy on carter page. >> we have seen this text messages talking about a leaked strategy looks like planted a stories? media to use as evidence in fisa court to bulk up a dossier they clearly new anyone sufficient weak if that went on one of the questions inspector general looking at one of the questions i mentioned there could be serious he repercussions members fbi justice department could be in contempt could be criminal charges if turns out a conspiracy to defraud that court. >> the media leak strategy informant strategy dossier strat. >> all came together, to just get this nfgs out the into the so we talk about it two years question donald trump will there be accountability, lindsey graham told me he is going to do a deep dive into
8:40 am
this ag is apparently nose they were spying looking for predicate you've got inspector general coming out with report within a month i heard. >> i believe, i think getting two reports from inspector general one jim comey, handling classified information memos leaked to lawyers maybe media subsequently after that i think the report on fisa abuses i think that will be road map whether we have prosecutions incident or contempt before fisa court when into the public i think fisa courted may step in for the first time and say we want to know what you did to us they have been remarkably silently i don't think can say silent much longer. >> fisa judges have to feel like put on they were totally, you know hoodwinked. >> you have to think that health care for words chosen to avoid disclosing things very intentional document to avoid the truth. >> with all glaring truth we saw a long time ago now the public is actually seeing it, can democrats keep up charade
8:41 am
saying, yeah, we want to impeach yeah obstruction of justice all this stuff, to condition they ignore completely investigating of investigating the investigators may try they have a lot to hide the complicitous news media worked with in leaks stories, at the end of the day the tour of the attorney general inspector general fisa court will force everybody to stand up and take note of what is happening you can't sweep that under the rug any more normal reach when they make a conclusion release that i don't think dam is going to hold longer i think they have to say this wasn't a very good investigation we wrote with a really bad story line may take time but i think they will get there. >> don or donald trump needs to stay away from attorney general not make it look any way, shape or form that he is not independently he has shown real independence. >> what he complained to me in interview last year want attorney general adult running department has that won't have to worry about what is going on. >> you think going to see
8:42 am
accountability process accusations. >> a strong possibility strong possibility for prosecution at least a couple people. >> what about john brennan who is going around with former cia director title saying donald trump was traceonous any accountability for that? or adam schiff still holding clinging to collusion remarkable. >> it is people will go back and look at the schiff sound by this will not the be held up in course of history he will have been wrong many things he said i think june brennan may be most cing character we don't know enough about i think cia may have played a role ceding this setting a bread crumb trial for fbi if that is the case cia intervening domestic politics one of the things i know lindsey graham is looking at i think bill barr will look at it. >> why i think left digging in nowhere to go banked on this story, thinking american people were going to be studio not understand what took place
8:43 am
so long nowhere other than keep up lie. >> you have to do that for a while at some point doors come off the house everyone will storm in we get final truth wes swerve. >> will i expect inspector general next couple weeks. >> may i am hearing mid to late may likely time frame you could see comey report before then. >> before then, do you think there will be additional investigation into the hillary clinton e-mail mess the way she was handled by bbi. >> could be things going on we don't see i hear some memorandumplings little rock fbi doing stuff we don't know what june said i thought headed take haven't seen much evidence there is litigation through different courts might bring accountability to those issues as well. maria: all right wlooefl there it greatvites john solomon joining us bitcoin loss billionaire founder of softbank 130-million-dollar hit on bitcoin we've got the
8:44 am
story, then beautiful beaches are not the only doing things driving home buyers to florida detail behind a bill that may force california's richest to pay up in taxes, next up, stay with us. 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic.
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maria: let's talk taxes real estate taxes new tax could come to california residents, individual estates valued more than 3 1/2 million dollars affected, california already
8:48 am
boasts largest margin tax rate in country saying that is causing exodus to lower tax states like florida, the managing director, thank you so much for being here an impact this idea that this tax could be coming to california. >> no question, we've had so many buyers over the years, because new york has high he state tax, and they said you know i am modifying out of new york to california weather point of view everything wonderful no estate tax now all saying it gee we have to sell homes possibly move to florida nevada texas, looking at few options but not good for california. >> what we are saying on show money is mobile. >> yep money will go where treated best how is new york doing with millionaire tax. >> we are thinking going to impact who is going to want to buy take us -- for that tax,
8:49 am
buyer, seller ultimately like all based into price we think prices come down as a result. >> there is tax exodus how many folks talking about what is the landscape. >> about .47% of people have migrated out of new york highest of any 50 states. >> big number. >> 40,000 people -- i would say most as saying moving to florida because makes sense taxes so low. >> no state income tax. >> exactly. dagen: another thing with new york if people if you can justify where tax dollars are going, they might tolerate it new york city has a problem, that living conditions for the every man and every woman are appalling. and are horrible, and so they are not like you are not getting anything you are getting -- you are getting like, you know, in street every time subways don't run.
8:50 am
>> just in naples, florida going back next year clients looking to buy there doing advance work for them they told us look we just raised our income tax -- sorry another income tax oi sale tax from.6% to.675% park built on that money your tax dollars at work they actually think about that. seems that, we don't need to think about anything. maria: you know tucker carlson showed video last night of california grotesque you i think l.a. high and mighty there are so many homeless people on streets, in l.a. right now, similar situation that you are referring to in new york. >>. dagen: i retweeted excrement map from san franciscan on twitter, you are about to see ittub in of reports on that in san fran disgusting. >> is market weakening or strengthening. >> in new york. >> definitely weakening uflt
8:51 am
l interest rates seen impact in a couple months a good thing. >> great to see you. thank you. >> coming up crypto crash next stay with us.
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maria: welcome back. the head of netflix is getting a raise. cheryl casone on headlines now. cheryl: netflix benefiting from a strong company stock performance and the ceo going to collect an annual salary of $700,000 and stock options worth nearly, here we go, $31 million. little bit of pressure on netflix. big bitcoin loss for the founder of softbank. he lost more than $130 million when he sold his position in the
8:55 am
digital currency early last year, according to a report, front page of the "journal." bitcoin up 3% right now but sharply below the all-time high that was pushing $20,000. major credit card companies boosting spending on social media ads. capital one spending more than $18 million on facebook ads last year. that is up from just $3 million in 2017. american express shelled out $14 million last year. that's up from a million in 2017. we are just getting some news that president trump and the first lady packing their bags for london. according to a statement from buckingham palace we just received, the president and melania have accepted an invitation from her royal majesty queen elizabeth to visit the uk from june 3rd to the 5th. he will also meet with british prime minister theresa may and attend a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of d-day. as i toss it back to you, happy birthday, queen elizabeth. she turned 93 yesterday. maria: wow. fantastic.
8:56 am
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maria: welcome back. we heard a lot of earnings in this last three hours, and largely they have been better than expected. >> they have been significantly better than expected because we saw numbers get slashed going into this reporting period. what's good is you are seeing the stocks actually react and move higher even though we are at a premium multiple on the s&p 500, 17.6 times. maria: people overdid it on the down side. >> i agree. you saw it with twitter, with jet blue, especially because the entire market was under pressure because of what's happening with boeing, that jet blue did pretty well in this earning period is exciting. dagen: thank you to richard fowler for telling me to watch "homecoming," the beyonce concert special from coachella. i cried. it is that good.
9:00 am
>> you cry over anything, dagen. dagen: beyonce's hair flip. >> you cry because of the hair flip. maria: i'm glad. i will watch it as well. have a great day. seize the day. daig dagen, richard, lindsey, thank you. stuart varney, take it away. stuart: good morning, maria. good morning, everyone. speaker pelosi trying hard to figure out what to do with the mueller report after it reached that no collusion conclusion. yesterday's conference call with democrats lasted an hour and a half. at the end of it, the split was only likely papered over. to impeach or not to impeach, that was the question. speaker pelosi cautioned against it, but she will keep the investigations going. in other words, impeachment won't work but slime him anyway. at cnn's marathon five-hour town hall last night featuring five presidential candidates, senators warren and harris plus mayor pete came out firmly


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