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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  April 23, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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reporter: quite a change of tune. thank you for joining us. connell: we have another big show tomorrow, a lot of tech earnings. >> "bulls and bears" now. >> president trump is rebuilding this economy, unemployment rates over all three .8%, that is a great number, unemployment claims virtually all-time low, whetheblue collar. employment rising booming right now for many years. david: president's top economic adviser larry kudlow speaking today. this is s&p 500 and nasdaq are closing at new record highs for the first time this year. this is "bulls and bears" thank you for joining us, i am david
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asman, joining me in the panel today. >> president railing against the media for not giving him enough credit on the economy, tweeting out, old days if you were president and you had a good economy, you were basically immune from criticism. remember it is the economy, stupid? today i have as president perhaps the greatest economy in history, to the mainstream media it means nothing. but it will, so will strong economy and record stock market trump -- pun intended -- everythineverything else this 2. >> you look at lbj,6% gdp growth, goldwater wants to
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impeachment, and they talked about reagan was talking about impeaching him, president clinton 4% gdp was impeached. the fact that presidents are not immune from mudslinging and attacks from other side, however, i presidential good economies get credit, i think that trump gets a lot of credit for the economy and deservedly so. >> there should nothing traditional about this presidency, unfortunately i think that economy' will be the case, it a must if he will be reelected, it has to be good. if it goes sideways that will impact him, but i don't think it alone guarantees the election, there have been a lot of issues brought up around things like healthcare and student debt that will weigh on top of the economy, economy at-this-point taken for granted.
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so i think unless gop comes up with strong plans, that could be an element of weakness. >> if you talk to people whoen to like this president and you ask them why, they give you one or two reasons before it comes the economy, that not front of mind for most who are critical of this president, the economy is very good and i believe getting stronger in recent weeks, market highs i am expecting them in month to diagram, low interest rates -- month to come, if i wanted to give any push back, i would say, if we're talking about the economy being greatest of all-time, why was it that administration was wondering would fed fund rate still have historical coverage if we have to keep rates so low. but all told, i really like the signs that i am seeing in this economy. >> i mean, is everyone on this panel forgetting the midterms.
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the economy was humming along yet republicans could not keep control of congress, they were distracted at midterm, they could have hammered on taxes and economy, they lost with immigration and healthcare, i don't think it will be about the economy in 2020 at all, i think actually the republicans will have a tough time just like they did in midterms. >> david: presidential usey are use about the economy, unless there is a major military conflict going on. and you think of what, i would like to have your opinions on this. you think of what democrats have offered with regard to the economy, nothing is about building private sector, it is about building the government, right? >> there is great scolding by democrats too, if you have to pick someone a favorite, democrats have to show something
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different before i can say they stand a chance, average voter is risk averse, i have a job, things are okay with my family and my finances, i will stick with what i have unless i see something really compelling from democrats. >> back -- >> when -- >> when you look at mid terms, i am sorry caroll, i hate to interrupt my friend. but when midterms, you have 80% time since civil war when president party comes up for reelection in midterms they close a lot of seats that historic high happens. -- historically happens. but for when an economy is good and president at war, when you talk about jack said is right, the socialist, i don't believe have a chance, if democrats put a socialist forward, only 18% of this country believes in socialism if a socialist somehow gets to their primary, there is no chance. a moderate has a chance but only if the economy falters.
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>> from a historical economy stand point when mitt romney within against president obama, the economy was dismal, he was not able to overcome, that theory rhettil -- theoreticallyt should be a big issue, but people are taking it for granted they believe it will continue to hum along, some promises of you know free unicorns, whatever el sound appealing to people, i have concerns there are people who'll chase that. david: i hate to tate obvious, but mitt romney is no donald trump, i like mitt romney, he is no donald trump, donald trump has that personality, and obama had a great personality as well, sometimes that is the extra edge. but what about the issues that were plaguing the economy in particular market in december? december was not that long ago. everyone was talking doom and gloom, i am wondering how soon, we got a few months before the
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election, more than a year. >> yes, what could happen china could happen. i know you are seeing we do not have resolve with the trade spat we have with them, that is reverberating in the german economy is 4 straight months of contraction. so that is of concern, we're seeing numbers in china do well but note pick up in germany. world economy could hurt us. >> one thing changed between end of last year and now, interest rates, fed signaled it will pause on rates, risk, they never had control over longer boneds but -- bonds but short rates risk was you would see 3% or 4% from your bank, stocks are still best. >> that is why markets' trump to win. marketsry these it was donald trump who was railing against
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the fed everyone said, a president railing against the fed, that is terrible, it turned out by everyone's standard now high of right to do it -- he was right to do it, the fed pulled back, markets went up, hard to ice that as a talking point with the average voter but as far as markets and investors, they realize who was right on that issue, no? >> that and i was going to say, i don't love the railing on the fed, i think that fed certainly was very slow to get to the point of where they are now. but reality is average voter that does not resonate with them, what resonates their 401(k) are going up and ira is going up and they have strong. am and wages are going up. it will resonate with them, the things that affect their pocketbook matter to them. david: president -- in most people's eyes, won from mueller from end of mueller investigation, yes, there are some things that still overhang,
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and yes democrats are trying to take advantage of it most people realize it is over, no conviction no indictment, markets being more easily. >> i think that is a lot of white noise to a lot of people be look at this mudslinging back and forth between the republicans and democrats, that does not really affect them, i don't know what caroll has against free unicorns, i am not sure what that mythical creature did for her. >> they are never free, we're pay are for them. >> i think one thing that is a potential black cloud is exemption for ira iranian oil. if there is any systemic shock we could have a problem with oil prices that could heard. david: john, you are in texas, you talk to your friends in oil business, pump or frack more we'll be fine. >> they are doing a great job here. david: they are on "bulls and bears" tomorrow we'll speak with
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director of national economy counsel larry kudlow in a fox business exclusive, asking him more on the state of the economy, where things stan with trade negotiation, and fed and democrat move toward socialism, on "bulls and bears" tomorrow. >> coming up, a student conferenced bernie sanders on socialism at a cnn town hall. >> my father's family left soviet russia in 1979, thre leas the same socialist policies you seem eager to election in this country. >> bernie's answer coming next.
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david: breaking news, cbs board of director now suspended search for a new ceo, extending acting ceo joseph ianel o's through the end of the year. and former cooreplaced les moonves on an interim basis.
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>> 2020 candidate berndt bern bs confronted at a town hall, student say his platform has same policies of soviet union. >> it is you is -- i first had. democratic socialism means to me we expand medicare, provide educational opportunity to all americans, we rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, there is something prim fundamentallyg with 3 family own more money. and top 1% owned more wealth than bottom 92%. david: bottom 92%. what do you think.
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>> exciting, never starts at authoritarianism socialism, always starts with democratic socialism, and then with author tatatativepowers. >> he is so focused on that. that is where he misses boat. >> republicans are going to have themselves to blame if they end up getting bernieed in the next election. any time someone mentioned so much as extra 10 bucks for a school lunch program, bring out smelling salt this socialism, this is the next venezuela, there has to be balance. if you look at balance where money went percentage wise it went far more to top incomes than bottom, republicans should get on this issue a little bit to prevent something worse from
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happening. >> jack, i agree but problem history of wealth inequality in world is probably worse right now with a global economy, people get richer by far by average than in the past. it was just reregional or country economy, you see wealth inequality at historic levels but government policy has never been able to mitigate that, as bad as capital can be, it also reason you went from 30% global extreme poverty in 11% global extreme poverty, you have seen wealth get wealthier, but, global extreme poverty disappears and moves toward middle class, that is due to capitalism, i don't think that this message of socialism is going to work well in america. >> the fact of people getting wealthy, is a future of
5:18 pm
capitalism not a bug. it is also brought things in our lives like fact we held something that likes like this in our pockets, a supercomputer that lets you allow with all information created in time. reality is people need to push back harder on bernie sanders, he said he does not want to be a a authorit -- authoritarian, atd of the day, government's job is to protect our individual rights and property rights we need push back. >> can i give a happy birthday greeting, federal minimum wage of $7 .25, a happy 10 birthday coming up this summer. 10 years, you pay people below poverty level that sends them to earned income tax credit, then
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people reaching hands in my pocket. david: he talks about 92%. the 1% have it all, 92% have nothing. 92% comprised majority of middle class in america. he does not recognize, that he talked about 92 dollars as% as y are serfs in czarist russia, 80% of americans have in their hands all information that world has created, the extraordinary wealth that most americans have was unconceivable just 30 years ago. >> yes, bernie sanders saying he can spend his money better than you can, that is his whole platform then give it to the bottom, 1%, he does not want pro vie economic opportunity -- provide economic opportunity. >> i want to refute the straw
5:20 pm
man jack threw out, number of people what work full time, 35 hours a week or more who are on at or below federal minimum wage is 1%, 1%, most of the people who are at federal minimum wage are part-time workers young people with that it discriminates again people who are young, and disadvantaged getting to work force, again the government request not do that better than free market can. it has been proven over again. >> much higher minimum wage in 20th century i would characterize greatest sustain -- it is okay. >> we have to end it there. i'm sorry, john we'll talk you to coming up. >> i'm sure. meanwhile could your car be as antiquated as a horse and buggy in tesla's elon musk saying it could be happening sooner than
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>> consumers should be taking today it financially insane to buy any other than a tesla. it will be like owning a horse in 3 years, fine, but you should go into this with that expectation. david: elon musk making bold prediction of self-driving vehicle, suggesting owning anything other than a tesla would be like owning a horse and buggy or just a horse. jeremy owens, so is musk right? >> no. he is not. self-driving cars are in the future, when is a big question, nobody, absolutely nobody in a
5:26 pm
vehicle community he is in a short timeline as elon does, remember he is trying to sell cars, he said teslas will go a million miles with minimal maintenance. a car sale man doing what a war sala carsalesman. >> this is caroll roth. so interesting to me. tesla is part of the driving experience. you want to go to sport mode and ludicrous mode, once you are in autonomous then that experience a passenger experience which is different. given that is what he sells at and they are in financial trouble it tesla even a player. >> they are trying to. tesla put tablet in middle that
5:27 pm
you could use and watch that might happen a lot when we move to this autonomous future, you can watch things, they have that set up. they you know put themselves toward that autonomous future, but it is as close as to what they say. >> john la layfield here, other technology advance from past, stage coach to train, opened up commerce, and car to plane, that opened up commerce to a autonoms cars you will take away so many good driving jobs, what do you see job scenario looking like, whether 2 or 20 years they are coming? >> for sure, autonomous cars am enwill end up as robotaxi's fir.
5:28 pm
it just a question how fast does this roll out. it will be a negative for people who drive for a living, not just uber and lyft, we're talking truck drivers it all about timing and how fast that happens. >> kevin kelly in new york, financial capital of world, shareholders seem to give musk a pass, yet toyota on their heels they give level two driving experience like tesla, we'll need a unstres unprecedented but of the towers. >> he will need cash. the biggest thing financially, from that autonomy day yesterday was him changing from saying they be cash flow positive to
5:29 pm
cashbl flow neutral, suddenly al of the promise of gap probability have dialed back, we'll spend a lots of money on getting to this autonomous goal quickly, then it will be all cash all from there. until he announces his next goal and dream for tesla, then it is not. >> this is jack howe from your corporate company baron's magazine, he is a. he is talking about residual value of today's cars, that includes tesla, why would anyone want to buy a tesla that is not part of autonomous age. and fall off a cliff like a horse, and if i am a finance car, making a lease possible why
5:30 pm
would i not want to assume a plunge in residual value. >> he said for leases that they don't get to be part of robotaxi. he also said that cars will appreciate, which if you know anything about car business they do not appreciate. that is one asset you buy that is as soon a buy value slides down. so, you know, you have to take everything he says with a grain of salt, this point when he seems desperate to attract buyers. >> switches from tech and cars to tech and healthcare, apple ceo cook pushing hai healthcare today of, saying, i think apple's greatest contribution to mankind has been in healthcare, i think that will happen, is tim cook right? >> i think he may have misspoke.
5:31 pm
tim cook's greatest contribution to apple is healthcare in terms of apple watch. that is one device he launched when he was there and was not in charge, when he leaves, they may say he made is an essential device, the iphone and steve jobs will be what apple is known for, and tim cook leaves a legacy particular be apple watch and healthcare. >> do you think we'll get any indication of healthcare with apple reporting soon, 60% of revenue from the iphone, do you think they would make a push during this earning no announcet coming up about health care. >> i think they will talk about software and service a lot. it not as much of a moneymaking service, they want to push it as a marketing gimmick more than
5:32 pm
actual financial windfall. they hope subscription services will bring in more money, healthcare is a way to get people to buy into apple eco system, spend money elsewhere, not as much of a financial windfall from health care. david: jer jeremy owens thank y. >> thank you. david: democrat still demanding the president's tax returns, their deadline of 5:00 p.m. today, that has come and gone, congressman ron estes from house, ways and means committee on what happens now. fight back t with tums smoothies. it neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪tum tum tum tum smoothies. also available tums sugar-free.
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david: breaking news industry secretary mnuchin issuing a letter to congress, writing he cannot turn identif -- turnovers
5:37 pm
tax returns until it consistent with the law. he will give richard neil a final decision on trump's tax returns by may 6, democrat were demanding president trump release his tax returns by 5:00 p.m. today, that was 40 minutes ago, congressmannesties is joining u esties. >> it is inaproip yeah, thapprod tax returns. it was to help gather administration to administer tax code, it was over in to be a witch-hunt to go after any individual's tax return. that seems to be what is going on here, i wrote an op-ed is december it bowl would be a terrible thing for democrat to start these hearings and investigations, instead of focusing on the good things we d
5:38 pm
to be doing. at that time chairman neil agreed but the political base seems to have pushed him. >> this seems like a summertime sequel, mueller report two. people will find out he was not a boy scout on his taxes, i don't think there is a person in america that believes he was. the thing, if we were in obama administration would you still feel strongly about this defense that were president obama not give his tax forms? >> well, the section 6103 was used for administering tax code, does not say you cannot exclude someone's tax information but it used for for example some trying to analyze information and income and what taxes they are paying, and percentages that may
5:39 pm
be paid for charitable contributions or deduction for taxes or mortgage interest, those are appropriate uses for code this a witch-hunt. you know you mentioned mueller report, it one of those things that they have been continuing to investigate president trump. and they don't want to take the truth for an answer, they want to come up with a new version. i would assume that on anybody's tax return they become up some way to say these donated less to charity or someone else did or used this business deduction, and others don't. there would be a ways to make a tax. but that never was the intent for the section 6103. >> this is caroll roth, i spend far too were time on twitter, i have learned that people on twitter don't care so much about
5:40 pm
tax's returns, but they care about people congressmen, congresswomen, like maxine waters and nancy pelosi who have been public servants and making a lot of money during that time as public servants. >> that is an interesting question. you think about it, speaker pelosi, she is third in line to presidency, should her tax returns be exposed too under this same assumption. at the end was day let's make sure we use laws the way they are intended. for this purpose it was to ensure our tax code was fair to ern and give up their work. it has been done for last 40 years, president's volunteering their tax rushes but never before that it was not an
5:41 pm
expectation, constitution was clear in terms of requirement to run for president, we lease your tax return is not one of those. reporter: i agree with you sir this is a witch-hunt by democrat i trying find some sort of topic dirt, i think this a good idea for president to release tax returns, this most powerful job or one of most powerful jobs in the world, and one reason they release these tax returns is for people to understand where their income comes from so there is so comment myselfing of -- compromising of any effects going forward, forget law, but would you personally like to see president and future presidents release tax returns. >> i am really not interested in seeing tax returns of and president. i remember when bill clinton was
5:42 pm
president his tax returns were released there were media story how much he did you duc deducter wear he contributed to charity. we have a process to do think if disclosure -- financial disclosures and include in the forms what nas information we h, and what circumstanc assets we n and transparent. david: we should mention that president irs is required by law to monitor president's tax returns to annual basis, we have new breaking news, just to ask you, nancy pelosi of at time ink gathering of 100 most important people of all-time, she said
5:43 pm
that in answered question president, she be meeting with president trump next week to talk about infrastructure. a lot of people would think, time congress got around to dealing with legislation, do you think there will be anything done at all between democrats and republicans on infrastructure? >> well, you are right there are so many important things to do, infrastructure one of those, we have talked about for years, it was manage that republican and toke cats folk -- to focus on. there is a lot to do. whether road and bridges but waters, and broadband and wastewater treatment facilities, we're seeing a lots of economic growth now. we need to make sure that
5:44 pm
infrastructure supports that and not get caught up in hearings and investigations, yesterday social security trustees presented their annual respect showing that we'll run out in 2020. >> i know. >> we'll start paying more out than being received, so, that is an issue we have to address soon as well. david: a lot of people are not expecting a dime from their social security payments over the year, i have my money stowed away under my mattress for my old age. >> elizabeth warren calling out amazon for shutting doubt small businesses. so why are her critics calling her out for hypocrisy? details coming next. as customizd small business insurance? huh-uh. maybe that's a song. yeah, maybe.
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>> amazon because of its superior information come in and knock out all the competition. if you start a business, you just run a risk that amazon stipes in front of or google steps in front of you. >> do you order things from amazon. >> sure. >> what is let thing you -- last
5:49 pm
thing you ordered. >> a mail box. david: admitting she shops there. >> fascinating, she said if they are a platform they should not get your intellectual property and know how you perform and comcompete under cut you. this is resonating with voters that is a big threat to the market, it technology. regulation. it is -- she mentioned two biggest names it is coming down over in europe, it should come back over here in the states, how are they going to do it. >> i love that nobody on far left has any principle, amazon is terrible, do you order from them? , of course. there are 32 million small businesses, amazon creates a platform for a million small
5:50 pm
businesses that is about 50% of its sale, it allows small be to shine and do better in market. reality, if there is anything to crush small business that is government regulation, we have heard in the pastmonmont montgoy wards of a big bad guy. >> sometimes -- >> the same thing said about walmart, down here in texas, walmart is everywhere, they talk about retail killer walmart, walmart has lowered food inflation by a full percentage point in last 20 years, in america, amazon doing the same thing, they are intha infla in. >> blocking here. >> eli bet -- elizabeth warren
5:51 pm
should take this idea and mail it no that mailbox she ordered. send to to anywhere but america. >> i see in my town, we have many healthy small businesses, they have special products, and special experience, if they are selling a general merchandise. they are struggles to compete against amazon, and consumers get lower prices because of it. >> we have states attorney general looking at these companies. state of california rolling out regulation. it just -- just -- >> you are not in favor? >> no, no. i'm being a realist, as a tech investor, i know what is coming, i have to have my expectations in check. do we want warren coming up with that or republican party coming
5:52 pm
up with that in 2020. david: to john's point this is so regressive, helping average people who could never afford to have things sent to their door, but now it normal for not only middle class america but lower middle class america, idea you would break up one of best things going in terms of speeding products to your front door, that is against the common man, not geapts th again -- nott the top 1%. >> absolutely. i don't think we should be realist, and defeatist, say this okay. we need to push back, and allow free market to work without government interruption, violation, regulation, because at the end was day free market don't fail. >> what about state of california? they have passed a law, one of largest economy in u.s., they are ground zero what happening
5:53 pm
with tech regulation, i just think we need too get on this and tackle it quickly before any of these hopefuls on democratic party get their way. david: you draw a line from top of california to bottom and you separate it from the united states say, you or your own, folks. that is it. hey. >> an heir to disney fortune calling out disney ceo bob iger, find out what iger is getting that she says is insane.
5:54 pm
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david: roy disney's granddaughter, abigail disney, blasting iger's paycheck, calling it insane. 1400 times the median pay of a disney employee. >> i think some ceos may not be able to, but how many ceos in world could do bob iger's job, maybe 5 or 6. if you can bring in the money, whatever you pay, the college coaches they get 10 million, they bring in 180, if bob iger can continue he is worth the penny. >> he is one of greatest value
5:58 pm
creators in this industry, bought pixar, and lucas and marvel at fraction of what they are worth, created a big park. i had a big talk with iger last year, keep in mind, the transaction with fox, he was to retire a couple of career years, with this transaction, one thing that sellers wanted was to see bob iger in charge for a few years, you keep him onboard by offers a generous package, this is not a salary. >> he has create the a lot of wealth and value for shareholders, i believe some are actually disney employees, do we look to their net worth, including their stock comp compensation? i think most thing to note, bob iger should keep doing.
5:59 pm
>> there is noah, -- appropriate ratio, market pays what market pay. 143 billion in market cap he has created since he tenure, he is compensated fairly and ms. disney who i inherited her weal. he certainly has earned it. david: i have to be the skunk at garden party. everyone saying it okay. i generally agree john layfield with you, you get what market is coming to pay. but don't you think that when a democrat gets in white house there will be some call for curbing salary of these guys? >> absolutely, there no doubt, if a democrat gets in white house in 2020, this health
6:00 pm
inequality is a big campaign promise, by the democrats, they will do something about it if they get election florida thank you so much, that is it for "bulls and bears" next time. >> heated outrage and anger against bernie sanders. saying that felons, including boston marathon bombers should be able to vote from prison. people say bernie you are wrong, kamala harris believes that felons should vote before they do their time. >> door realitry -- realty checr bernie, claiming he does not support communism. and more evidence of bernie dodging and avoiding basic policy questions, as questions mount, will voters refuse to blindly take bernie's word for


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