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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  April 24, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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and like me on facebook and instagram, we thank you for being with us, see you tomorrow, good night. trish: tonight, american we will make sure we get them, i am setting record straight, i want tto -- on what happened with fia warrants. and i want to see this video, this just came in hundreds of migrants hitching a rude through mexico on a train known as the beabeast, to avoid mexican officials trying to stop them, we have the leytest on this, and why -- latest on this why president trump is warning he going to send armed guards to our border. and navy seal -- is here he has some advice for socialist darling aol -- alexandria
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ocasio-cortez who said that the v.a. is not broken. the man who killed osama bin laden is here. in just moments with his first hand experience, trish regan people timprimetime begins righ. >> americans want answers. the attorney general wants answers. inspector general wants answers, and president of united states wants answers. you know, what we deserve them, because what happened in 2016 was very wrong. and no president should ever have to deal with the wrath of the establishment, in deep state washington insiders the way that president had to, as a nation we must know why the u.s. government would use opposition research, bought and paid for by hillary clinton campaign to spy on innocent americans, that is the weaponizing of the
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intelligence community. the intel community most of whom served under president obama's term would say, they needed to know whether trump was an agent of the russians. come on, you knew the answer, they knew the answer be they knew it then, they know it now. no collusion. so where all the hoopla? why try to torment and harass the sitting president, why try to prevent him from doing his job. don't you want him to be able to do his job. isn't that the good thing for fr the country. just because you don't like him? i predict we'll see in heads roll, any week we'll get a lot of clarity on what went down and how it within down and who was involved when we see inspector general michael horowitz report.
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in the meantime consider, the so-called dossier, the intel gathering by christopher steel, bought and paid for by hillary clinton a campaign is part of what was used for the fisa application, they were spying on carter page. i am baffled by this, who the heck treats opposition research like gospel. i encourage you to head this thing, the dossier, that is, it is written for a 10-year-old and simplistic and sensational it makes the "national enquirer" look like william shakespeare. this is what the democrats dwhat the intelligence community did, there were no checks and balances, there were no fact checker, james baker claimed that he never looked at the
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underlying documents. that tonight is the country in which we live? people can make up lies about an opponent. put it in writing then get a fisa warrant to spy on american citizens? think about that, know the whole mueller collusion issue is about to get a lot bigger. hillary clinton seems to know that. but perhaps, as usual she doesn't get it. her new op-ed, rights mueller report document a serious crime against american people, that part is right. you know but then, what she doesn't get is that she is the one -- her party is the one at faulted. stop trying to turn the tables here, hillary clinton, the crime is not a president insisting on his innocence for a made up crime. but the making up of a crime
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itself. we need to be taken deeper, we'll dig deeper, we must know how big our government really is. and how much of a deep state conspired against the will of the american people. joining me right now, with more former deputy as i aterry terchd greg ray, what is your reaction to this, knowing that fbi within out there, got fisa warrants, never bothering to tell a judge it was opposition research they were using to justify it? >> trish. this is the darkest hour in history of fbi sworn counter intelligence program. i think that every fbi agent, former fbi agent i have talked to about this last couple of years, all of us had these questions early on, and do not
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understand how you can explain this unless you explain it this way that the top level, top layer of fbi, deputy director. the attorneys who were to make sure they don't happen, and they were always working within the guidelines, all of them absolutely failed in their responsibility to make sure this case was looked at right, they thus became part of it, there are all kinds of ethical issues here, but when you think about this that if you were first office agent out of quantico, and christopher steel dossier is first thing you were given, first question you would have asked after being trained for 16 week, is this verifiable? has everything in here been corroborated,? if it has not, that is the first thing we have to do before
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anything else. trish: in you are not asking -- if you are not asking those questions, and did not bother to tell the judge that is what you did. what kind of culpability do they have? >> carter page. the trump aide who was surviv surveilled upon, he has constitutional rights which play have been violated. fbi had a duty. to explain things like whether or not christopher steel was working for hillary clinton and dnc campaign, as opposed to what they said, a presidential campaign without specifying, they had a duty to explain where they got this information and corroboratincorroborating sourco
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christopher steel. trish: your thoughts on where this goes now? terry, you look over next couple of weeks, i imagine a little bit of information will leak out here and there, 1 w once we gett report do you think some questions will be answered or just present us with more? reporter: >> i think that the a g is doing right thing, we have to have the questions answered. expmeand add far as are we going to get those, look at what is happening now, active obstruction, by democratic representatives by house and senate to try to keep us from get tot -- getting to t. think about summer of 2016, information was being leaked, and president was being called
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by many people a spy. during that same period of time, we heard nothing about the fact that for 5 years, fbi had been looking at shover -- ho chauffer for diane feinstein who had been driving her around for 20 years. i have worked 17 years, that is one of the worst things that happened to have a chinese spy driving a senator who is on the intelligence committee, we should think about things like that. but no we're looking at a dossier that was uncorroborated, not verifyd and basically trash. there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. trish: greg circumstance this an example of watergate on steroids? >> i don't think it is in terms
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of trump administration, but keep in mind, ukraine is also looking at leaks. there is a lot of investigation going on now in to not -- >> i mean in terms of the dems what the heck the obama administration was up to. >> it could be. trish: okay. >> we'll have to watch those investigations. trish: indeed, we deserve answer, terry greg, thank you. >> we have democrat still pursuing path of most recess res to this president despite robert mueller finding no collusion after two years of expensive investigation. take for intense, dnc chairwoman maxine waters. >> i think as level of interest and level of you know not putting up with this president any longer comes to the forefront and lays on leans on
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and pressures the congress of the u.s. u.s., we'll have to do it, we'll have to impeach, i just wish it was sooner than later. trish: well. let me tell you, she is not doing her party any favors, joining me right now stephanie and robert. robert where will this get you? >> there is a separation between blue state dems and red state dems, red state dems are against this idea of impeachment. there are not enough votes to impeople. therimpeach and there bowl be -- trish: that tells me you have a problem within the parties, now you divide yourself between red state dems and blue state dems, if i am a democrat running, i just want the dimms backing me, not divided like that, stephanie what has happened to the democratic party, is maxine waters going to tank them. >> i could not imagine being around maxine waters all day
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long, where she is just screaminscreaming out impeach 4. this idea is crazy, history has shown us that the impeaching party would not necessarily benefit from this, they need that back off, they pushed that russia hoax against president trump and people in his orbit for almost 3 years, they came up empty handed, what they should have done was apologize and work on what the american people care about. we see what happens in 2020. trish: look at hillary clinton he op-ed, right, robert? she is not going to let this die, if you ask me, the tables have turned, i have a lot of questions about her role as secretary of state and president obama's intelligence division.
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>> the house some censure the president, there was enough information in mueller report involving manafort and cohen. and that would be bipartisan and a -- >> bipartisan, okay. mm-hmm. >> all parties. >> by the way they were after him for a crime that never happened. i read all 400 page, not even tiniest thing, the russians could not get to first base in getting to know anyone, they wanted to call the president to congratulate him when he run election night -- he won on election night, per report they had 240 geeat they had no inroa. yet all this has ensnared the nation in total chaos for the last two years, i suppose that one benefit for the russians. >> they are trying to go after him over obstruction, a crime that never happened, it looks
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like was a real set up, we need to investigate the investigators, then we'll have a better idea of the story, trish this is something you have touched on a lot, americans are really just disturbed by everything that we're learning, part of the mueller report the things that were left out we'll find out those things, and just my last word on impeachment, is 60% of americans almost are against it in th the -- it wille a favorite talking point. trish: thank you so much. >> coming up, alexandria ocasio-cortez under fire tonight, after claiming our v.a. provides the very best service to our veterans. hardly, you know what. the man who killed osama bin laden, a v.a. member himself, former navy seal, rob o'neal says that aoc is wrong on this one, she joining me to set the
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record state. but first, migrant, riding on top of a train whatever it takes. to get to our border, they call this train the beast, texas attorney general ken paxton will join me with new intel on this border crisis. >> we're confronting reality, and the grave crisis on our southern border, that is why i have declared a national emergency whe which is what it .
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trish: president trump not backing down from his focus on scousouthern boarer border cris. >> congress must also act to fix however our horrible obsolete weak pathetic immigration laws. [applause] we could solve the entire problem i say 45 minutes but it could go quicker than that. >> this is just hours after
8:20 pm
president trump tweeted this, calling out mexico for doing so little to alleviate the whole crisis, mexico soldier pulled guns. we talked about that, on our national guards, probably as a diversionary tactic for drug smugglers on the border, better not happen against we're sending armed soldiers to the bofort d . with me texas attorney general republican ken paxton, welcome back. do you need soldiers? people there from our military policing the border? has it reached that level of crises in your view. >> it is a great question. this is the worst i've sense it in over a decade that i've been going to the border, numbers are huge. that is a huge impact on my state, as it relates to drug smuggling, human traffics and
8:21 pm
other crimes in my state. trish: one thing that i am struck by in this immigration debate, hypocrisy of the dems in terms of what they used to say versus now, there was a time when they wanted more security. and stronger borders, you think about, the president offering sir, to send them to say nancy pelosi's district or position -n newsom's state or network networnew york newyork network, those politicians who say we need open borders, should they not welcome them, as oppose to leaving burden on you in places like texas and arizona. >> you are make my point, so easy for people from another state without same border issues as we, we have stev 65% of the
8:22 pm
border, those are on texans. it is a huge issue for us. it will even lee affect them too. trish: you have to scratch your head on this one, seems they are all for open borders, until the burden is something they deal with on their doorstep. ask you about human tragedy in this, people say this is so mean let them in. but, are we encourages violence by encouraging people to come here in the first place, given coyotes and caravans and money that takes place and abuse of the young women and girls? >> i think part was problem, a lot of these politicians don't know people that have been affected by problem we have not border, i know people, i have talk with family who lost their sisters and brothers and sons and daughters, and i have talked to people been affect by human
8:23 pm
traffics, it is devastating, there are hundreds of thousand of cases of human trafficking in my state and others that have a devastating impact on lives of so man young people. trish: how does it stop? i spoke with someone who side to me, someone close to members of hispanic community, saying, i don't know how it stops, people see this as land of opportunity, they believe if it comes here they will have an easier life, how do we knowing they want to be here and a porous border how do we stop this. >> this is a balance thing, we have decide what kind of policies we want in place, we need a process that actually works that works for or country, we need to close the border. decide our policy no matter what, we have to have some way of stopping people from crossi crossing.
8:24 pm
they are a danger to our people. trish: it should not be a political thing, it does not use to be. >> it should not. trish: but democrats made it one, thank you for joining us. >> coming up. democrat don't want to admitted they lost the 2016 election because they had a bad candidate. >> but first, alexandria ocasio-cortez under fire for praising our broken v.a. system, the man who killed osama bin laden the set the record straight. up. down. down. ah ah! that's one. up. that's two. down. down. get down, get down. everything we have, we've earned. we got no free pass. the unmistakable lexus is.
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trish: you know, if you don't know a lot about a subject, sometimes it's good to stay quiet, this is not going to, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, at a new york city town hall last week. she has been silent recently. she got a lot of criticism, rightly so, she is not a veteran, she doesn't know anything about the v.a. and well, she may be in a little overhear head on this -- over her head on this one, someone to tell you that v.a. is very broke. and needs help. is none other than navy seal who killed osama bin laden, rob o'neill good to see you back here. >> thank you. trish: why is she wrong?
8:30 pm
>> because i don't think she has been to the v.a., and any time she can say something to try to bring this administration down and say that like, big business and pharmaceutical companies are only people benefiting from this, she will go out and run her mouth. this is a lack of experience, and very poor advisers around her. i would welcome her to go check it out, go unnoticed. it is like when an admiral comes to a building in a month in advance, if she could just walk in, it is like going to a homeless shelter. trish: really. >> in dc, they go in, not even veterans, i was panhandled before. a guy said, do you have 2 dollars, i want a coffee, i said i'm going to mcdonald's what do you want, he said oh, i don't want mci wan mcdonald's.
8:31 pm
>> you do -- >>s there a lot of bur bureaucr. >> the bureaucracy is the problem, the doctors and nurses are wonderful. to get to them is difficult, everything from surgery his in dc, surgeon came in to see me after i was in recovery, he said, how are you. he said the iphone on your chest, if you fall asleep hide it they will steal it. >> tell us about appointment. >> they make an appointment for you, they decide where it is and send you a letter, i missed so many, i did not know that i had they threatened to cut my disability benefits, it should not be like that, there are times before people on suicide hot line goes to voicemail, and
8:32 pm
last -- >> do you think it getting better, presidentside -- representative alexandria ocasio-cortez v.a. is not broken it doing great because o of the. >> this run by government, president obama signed veteran choice program in august 2014, he wanted to do the same thing, i would hope that they could agree bipartisan, helping. president trump did something last year coming about, it is trying to get better, about in last 18 months 22 i have the raprap-- veterans have commute e in the parking lot, and last month in the waiting room. and sh she wants to give money o people who are not willing to
8:33 pm
work. i invite her to go to the v.a. in dc. saying that is irresponsible and ignoring it like it never happened. trish: anyone that is willing to sacrifice their life for this country, they out ought to be able to get the best darn medical care. there is a loyalty we owe our veterans for all you have done for us. >> a lot of veterans survive wounds, we're talking quadruple amputees, that could not before. they need help now, majority of people want to, there are great people that work there, but there is bureaucracy. trish: it needs to be improved. >> i want people here, with government-run healthcare think about your last experience at
8:34 pm
dmv, that is health care. that stuff needs to change, to get to caregivers, doctors and nurses are great, a lot of workers are great, but the power of no is surprising. trish: lovely stuff. >> too bad. trish: rob thank you. trish: democrat cannot geto their 2016 loss, they are still trying to find evidence of collusion. why can't they just admit they had a bad candidate? and rail bad strategy. -- really bad strategy. wait until you hear what the dnc strategy is for 2020, we get the answer, st mean it means 4 more years or trump. >> i know about rigging the system, because i had the system rigged on me, i know you know what i'm talking about. -uh, yes. 55 is a suggestion.
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>> they will lie, cheat, and steal, they will do anything to win, they have so eroded institutions of democracy, we have to be prepare for more lying, cheating and stealing. they have an approach to undermining our democracy that is shameful. trish: woe, wow. really? excuse me. what proof do you have for that? rather brazen and outrageous accusation there. join me rnc spokesperson liz harrington. is this a preview of what we'll see in 2020? >> apparently, first of all, i say rnc does not condone hacking or stealing private information, we also do not condone paying for fake opposition research designed to -- from russia ans spreading disinformation.
8:40 pm
i would ask mr. perez, will he pledge to the dnc will never again traffic in dirty dossiers. the factory main, republican party had nothing to do with the release of those, mail, trump campaign of cleared of any and all collusion. but the bottom line is, john podesta's e-mails were real, the dossier was fake. mr. perez, whose party was trafficking and lying? >> i have said it over again, and i led off the show with this, this is a tragedy what happened to this country be we deserve answers, every american. that was a big waste two years, no crime, no collusion. the russians did not even get close, yet if you listen to democrats all along. by the way people in intel januar--intelligence community,y
8:41 pm
were trying to lead american people down the path that president was a agent of russia. when you want to talk about lying mr. perez, just look back at those sound clips. i imagine you are waiting like i am ona ig report. >> the truth will come out and these people -- thi attempt from highest people involved have to be hil held awcialgbe accountabs designed to muddy water and pretend to russia stole donald trump's historic victory, the factory mains, american people decided what happened in 2016, not a single vote tally of affected. i would ask dnc, would you pledge to accept results of our
8:42 pm
free and fair election. perez or hillary clinton or abrams or gillem. >> >> by the way hillary clinton out with a new op-ed. >> she said something really wrong happened, something did really happen it was wrong. but it wasn't on president trump. it was i think unfortunately for history of this nation on the intelligence community and members of the democratic party, as we look to 2020, getting really crowded. you have candidates getting further left, they want felons to vote, warren with free public college, millionaire socialist bernie sanders saying he wants average american donor to make bigger contributions, they are not contributing to his campaign, he thinks he is taxing
8:43 pm
everyone at 90%. socialism never worked, they are trying to hand out freebie, how does that play in peoria, as they say. >> bernie sanders is a socialist, he is disappointed what he does not get it take enough of your hard earned money, he will be really disappointed if he ever, god for forbid gets to office and bankrupts country with his socialist ideas, he run out of other people money very quickly with the green new deal that would require every single american tax to go up and lose their precious freedom. trish: look at venezuela, a story we continue to cover, you have none other than look at that country over last 20 years, they went from being highest per capita income in latin america yet total poverty stricken, that is what socialism did to
8:44 pm
venezuela. liz, good to see you. >> thank you. trish: we'll talk more. >> thank you. trish: coming up, president trump's former attorney michael cohen walking back parts of his guilty plea, now that the whole russia thing is over, because there no evidence of collusion, right? wait until you hear what cohen, is now saying be his big web of lies when we return. 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres.
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>> subpoena is ridiculous. we have been, i have been the most transparent president and administration in the history our country, by far. only way they can luck out by constantly doing after me -- going after me on nonsense. trish: that is what they are doing, enough is enough, president is right, democrats are on a ridiculous hunt to find anything on the president even if the mueller report cleared him from collusion, it did. joining me, is this harassment? >> he has an argument for sure, we has on his side, strong and enforcement. i take issue with fact that nanu
8:49 pm
nannancypelosi said he obstructg subpoenas, it is his legal right to ask the court, is this all right, is it going too far, if president chooses to challenge the subpoenas, and it plays out on court longer than january 2 2021 he will still rise on the other side. trish: that is interesting he does have the right to push back. we spend two years, i am angry about it, i read the whole thing, i walked away there was no there, there, there never was any there, there, does he have any recourse, anyone that do the caught up in that, people who had savings destroyed, because they tried to fight -- they say
8:50 pm
don't fight the feds, but the feds were after the president and anyone in their inner circle. > circle. >> we've seen republican led committee make criminal referral to doj there has to be some time of acun bill tie for this -- accountability for this i think that president's elements of recourse have to do with what is set forth. if impeachment is started i can go to supreme court, that is not quite recourse he has legally but he could challenge the subpoenas and any type of request that the committees make, regarding tax returns on his part, irs, deutsche bank that is an international thing, they can choose to comply for goodwill, a testimony, documents and like, but it has to be extended first, he can't jump the gun before you start we'll go to court, but he does have the right to ecker exert his
8:51 pm
privilege. trish: talking about michael cohen, he is walking back part of his guilty pleas, saying he was innocent on whole ta tax evasion change. is it another round of lies? how do we inper trett interpretg that all that michael cohen says. >> how can they mine anything he said credible. -- how can may find anything he said credible. this all based on potential fluff anyway. we knew he flipped flopped, if he is allege for one second u.s plea deal of made under duress
8:52 pm
or without a full safe knowledge of what is happening, that is something he needs to take up with the court of. but his tappe attorney said sory about that, h he didn't mean it. trish: his attorney is a political animal too. that is discouraging too. putting politics aside, what does it teal you, given your legal background as a lawyer, had members of fbi gathering opposition research mad paid foy hillary clinton's team, presenting it to a judge and never telling the judge it was opposition research, wouldn't a judge deserve to know? >> 100%. the travesty is that it is for some reason partisan to say you want there to be an vervegation to whether or not -- investigation to whether searches and seizures are
8:53 pm
unreasonable. i, as a citizen, if that happened to me personally, would i not get benefit of the constitution before we get into this stuff, we need a reason why. now jim comey saying that is not what we should be, how is any representative of law enforcement or any branch not onboard with investigate figuref evidence was not there to surveil private citizens. trish: they are all in cya mode, they should be. >> emily thank you. trish: thank you. trish: coming up, talk to trish, a viewer is fed up with dems and republicans for doing nothing to immigration, i'm with you, my take wha when we return. ♪ ♪
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did you eat all of your treats? ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone >> my mother believed and my father believed that i could be president of the united states there mom, lived in long island for 10 years, or so. god rest her soul. and umshe -- your mom is still alive, is your dad passed. god bless her soul. >> chuck graham state senator here, stand up, god love you, what am i taking about. >> a man who'll be next president of united states barack america. kennedy: you have to laugh, you could aappreciate he is prone to
8:58 pm
those gaffes. joe biden to make his announcement tomorrow morning, with an on-line video, 6 a.m., the 20th ca candidate, maybe 20s lucky for him, maybe he gets nomination, we'll see, more on this tomorrow night, a very crowded field, so many people looking to tam to take him downd move to left. free everything. time for talk to trish. i love it. joel. >> how can any -- wel stop the e he wrotes, you know what, i agree. this should not be political, we should be look at how we have solve the issue could unfortunately, this is the world we live. think about last two years, we
8:59 pm
had an vist dpaig becaus 18 tirn entire investigation because of politics. there is a big problem with that. that worries me. grace on facebook -- she probably should thank god she got away with her obstruction. keep quiet, i am with you. she should be thankful. also that the president did not go after her harder, why not open the fbi files? on her e-mails. in the interest of transparency, why not let congress see that, i think he wanted to move forward, it felt like the right thing to do for the country, little did
9:00 pm
he know that democrats would continue playing politic, reach out. social media, use hash tag trish regan. kennedy begins next. kennedy: thank you. >> president trump is on the war path, he has a message for all the democrats and the haters who want to impeach him. i'll see new court doug lowell an, as youn. democrat is up reasonna everythinsubpoenaing everythingr report did not work out in their favor. today on twitter president trump lashed out on them. >> i did nothing wrong.


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