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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 25, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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and like me on facebook and instagram, we thank you for being with us, see you tomorrow, good night cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. here we go. joe biden expected at any moment to throw his hat into the 2020 ring this morning. other candidates already feeling the heat. bernie sanders hit a roadblock on the campaign trail. we've got all the breaking news this morning on the road to 2020. from a tech wreck to tech on top, a bruising loss for tesla, a big cost jump for facebook, microsoft hitting the trillion dollar valuation mark and it's not over yet, folks. amazon reporting after the bell today. also, why some tech companies may want to steer clear of the city by the bay, how san francisco wants its own piece of tech ipos.
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we've got details on this new outray just proposal. -- outrageous proposal. are home devices opening your family to criminals? how some of the technology meant to keep your life easier, to keep you safe, might be doing the exact opposite. is thursday, apri. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. lauren: here is how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. u.s. stock market futures searching direction as wall street awaits another da delugef earnings. the nasdaq and s&p a 500 snapping a three day winning streak yesterday, looking to get their mojo back today. in europe, stocks are down across the board. the index to watch in asia is china. the shanghai composite tumbling about two and-a-half percent overnight.
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better than expected data there worrying investors that beijing could pull back on stimulus. cheryl: welcome, everybody, to "fbn: a.m.." good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning, everybody. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: we have got a lot going on this morning, folks. former vice president joe biden expected at any moment to officially launch his presidential campaign. he is set to announce his third white house bid by video at any moment. we're standing by for that breaking news. he'll be entering the democratic primary contest with at this point a significant lead. lauren: other candidates are certainly feeling the heat. senator bernie sanders hits a roadblock on the campaign trail. we have details. >> reporter: good morning to you. looks like joe biden sort of dodged what turned out to be a pretty tough forum for at least the current democratic front runner. watch. >> as somebody who -- i know i date myself a little bit here,
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but i actually was at the march on washington with dr. king back in 1963. >> reporter: bernie sanders met with groans and jeers at a forum in houston. he struggled to answer questions about minorities and white supremacy. he began to remind the audience how he marched with mlk but that seemed to crash and burn. you can he see him raising his hands, wagging his finger to quiet down the crowd. two other candidates flat-out pledge to have a female running mate if they win the nomination. >> would you pledge to have a woman running mate? >> i will have a woman running mate. it's clear that we do that. >> i pledge i will ask a woman to serve as vice president. >> reporter: this as we wait for joe biden to make his 2020
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campaign official today. his website appears to be locked this morning. perhaps it's undergoing renovation for the 2020 launch. the announcement is supposed to come through a video message. once it does, biden will become the 20th democratic hopeful in this race. back to you. lauren: we'll see if three times is the charm for him. thank you so much. as soon as joe biden makes his announcement, fox business will bring it to you live. be sure to stay with us for any breaking developments. cheryl: the other big news this morning, it is earnings. we're going to get results from dow components 3m and intel along with other big names, amazon, ups, comcast, starbucks, all of that today. and your head may still be spinning from yesterday, folks. tesla reported one of the biggest quarterly losses ever after the closing. let's bring in dan ivec, chief strategy officer, and gus gecko,
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ceo of hudson valley investment advisors. dan, let's start with tesla. your initial reaction to a big loss for tesla. >> yeah, i mean, look, if you looked up debacle in the dictionary, you would see this for tesla's numbers. the big issue here is really the man in the u.s. and how the company is going to address. i think profitability continues to be the issue going forward. this was a major gut-punch for the bulls in terms of tesla. cheryl: we should say, gus, that elon musk for the first time in really a year kind of came out and talked about the fact that he may need more capital and that wall street's been saying that for a long time. he kind of hinted about it last night. >> yes, he did. they had a massive cash burn. there's a lot of moving parts, looking at expansion, looking at other initiatives, and overseas expansion as well. so i moon, here we are with a new car coming out and these all don't happen in a vacuum. definitely was something that
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wall street had anticipated but was being denied by mr. musk. cheryl: well, the model 3 delivery struggle as you're mentioning was certainly a big problem. let's move on to the next one, that is facebook. obviously the big story there is that the business actually, dan, seems to be pretty strong, the underlying business at facebook but the $3 billion they're setting a aside for the ftc fine, that's expected to be the biggest fine ever levied against a company. what do you make of that? >> i think the fine is background noise at this point. i think investors were expecting that, actually less than expected in terms of fine. it comes down to money a monetin and engagement. engagemenengagement.we're seeis strong, twitter, now facebook. that's a key ingredient for the recipe for success for tech to move higher. cheryl: also with facebook, you've got the news and we'll talk about it later about mark zuckerberg, he's doing a
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podcast. they did make two executive hires which they talked about and there's kind of a thinking that maybe by beefing up the executive levels at facebook they're more ready to deal with what is to come, which will be regulatory fights. >> this was a company that didn't have a lot of money placed in looking at lobbying. s that's something they corrected. and also it was looked at as a one or two person organization. this is a very built out company. it's billions upon billions of dollars. you're looking at a lot of pushback from government and looking at regulation. you need to be able to fight. you have to come with a knife to a knife fight. cheryl: they've got it i think in this woman who they hired with a lot of experience. let's move ahead to other big names here. dan, i want to get your thoughts on microsoft, flirting again with that trillion dollar valuation level. cloud services is very strong. >> this was a jaw-dropping
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quarter in terms of cloud. del and microsoft, the next stage of cloud, i think microsoft will be the winner. investors were expecting large numbers, these were ones that we almost fell off our chair when it comes to cloud numbers. it's a major feather in the cap for microsoft. i think they should print his earnings press release off and frame iframe it. cheryl: they probably will. let's move on to boeing and the quarter and the costs associated with the 737 max. >> this is a short-term issue. i think you're looking at a company that them -- it's a due duopoly, it's them and airbus. you're dealing with a software fix. i think they're going to 42 planes per quarter as opposed to 52. they decided to pull back in terms of the amount of cash that they're using for share buybacks. on a cash flow basis, the way a that this company is valued,
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should have some negative impact but this is something that's a little bit of a hiccup down the road. cheryl: we've got amazon after the l bel bell today. there's so many earnings. can't get to all of them. thank you so much for being here. be sure to watch "mornings with maria" today. she'll have the breaking earnings newt. southwest airlines coming out today. lauren: a historic summit coming to an end in russia. kim jong un and vladimir putin are meeting for the first time. they met overnight. that summit has just ended. they say they had good talks about north korea's nuclear program amidst stalled negotiations with the u.s. of course, any breaking developments we'll bring it to you. cheryl: we have more breaking news to tell you about. carlos ghosn could be released from a tokyo jail this morning. we're monitoring our feeds out of japan right now. the former an nissan chairman hs been granted bail for a second
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time after being arrested back in november. ghosn is going to walk he free after he posted $4.5 million bail. he continues to deny all charges against him, including the latest one, a breach of trust for allegedly diverting $5 million in nissan money. we'll have those pictures. lauren: let's get to other headlines making news this morning. breaking overnight, deutsche bank ended merger talks with commerce bank. a deal was expected to be a announced as soon as friday. the deal faced a lack of investor support and stiff opposition from powerful labor unions. attorney general william barr set to testify before a senate committee on the mueller report next wednesday. lawmakers will get an opportunity to grill the a a.g. on mueller's findings and handling of the final report. democrats criticized him for honing a news conference before the release of the report. the nsa is recommending that the white house stop a phone surveillance program. the agency saying the burdens of keeping it outweigh its
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intelligence benefits. the program was created secretly after 9/11. it was exposed after edward snowden leaked documents about it to the press. the arizona is on the clock as the nfl draft kicks off tonight. kyler murray is the favorite to be taken first overall by the cardinals. that's what's happening now. cheryl: we have a lot happening with the news, of course, the earnings, we're waitin waiting r from joe biden. futures are mixed somewhat flat ahead of all the news we're expecting. nasdaq is up 14. well, still ahead, here we go, joe, former vice president joe biden expected to officially announce his run for the white house this morning. he will be the 20th democrat contending for the party's nomination, the most well-known, though. is that all that the former v.p. can offer, though, a party that is increasingly moving pretty
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lauren: at any moment, former vice president joe biden is expected to announce his run for
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president of the united states, with the former v.p. set to join an already crowded field. 19 names on that screen. i hit the streets of new york city to see if voters actually knew who these candidates are. >> this handsome gentleman, i can't remember the name but i've seen him before. >> i wanted to know if you knew who this gentleman was. >> joe biden. >> are you going to vote for him? >> no. >> joe biden. >> what is he doing right now? >> running for office right now, i think. >> who is that? >> kamala harris. >> who is that one? >> i don't know her name. lauren: i wanted to know if you guys knew who this gentleman was. >> no clue. lauren: who is that? >> no idea. lauren: some dude? >> yep. lauren: do you know who that
5:16 am
is? >> absolutely not. no, no, no, none of these folks. lauren.>> elizabeth warren. lauren: is she running for president? >> yes. lauren: who is that? >> warren buffet. lauren: i'm wondering if you know who this pretty lady is. >> i don't think so. i've maybe seen her on tv, i don't know. lauren: cheryl casone. >> she's on tv. lauren: at least she knew cheryl from tv. most people couldn't name the candidates, including joe biden. joining me right now is pollster, scott rasmussen. biden is leading in most of the polls, is that mostly because of name recognition? >> primarily name recognition. him and bernie sanders are the only ones who have run a
5:17 am
nationwide campaign before. everybody knows who they are. they're upfront. they're two white guys over 70 years old in a party that's becombecoming younger and more diverse. lauren: biden would be 78 years old if he were to take the oval office. 78. is he too centrist for a party that is moving to the left. >> most people don't know who these people are. there is -- most voters are not paying attention. only about 8% of americans talk about politics on a daily or weekly basis. and 2020 is far away for them. so what we're going to be watching right now is joe biden is going to be one of the serious contenders, by virtue of his past office, by virtue of the campaign organization. bernie sanders built a great campaign last time around. i expect there will be two or three other people that lift up from the other 20 candidates or so who will challenge them. where it goes from there, nobody
5:18 am
knows. lauren: biden's message right now, as he has phone calls with donors and everything else, is look, i'm getting calls, he says from world leaders and everybody is telling me please run because we need to defeat donald trump. that's his message. you want me to win this party's nomination because i'm the only can t datcandidate who can defet president trump. is that why there's a big push in pennsylvania, a state that president trump barely won but did win. >> there's a lot of reasons for concern in pennsylvania, for both parties. but when you just said joe biden's message is he's the only candidate who can win, yes, that's a messages selling. he's saying getting trump out of office is the number one thing. the challenge for that message is there are a lot of democrats who believe anybody could defeat donald trump. they can't imagine a situation in which he would get reelected. i think that message doesn't work as well as it might. lauren: for joe biden, and this comes with being a senator for more than three decades, for
5:19 am
being a vice president, you have records to show how you voted and that can work for and against you. so in many senses, he's not fresh meat. >> no, not at all. look, we have history to look at in these things. rudy giuliani spent a full year running -- leading the republican polls for the nomination. i think it was in 2012. hillary clinton led in the polls for a long time when she was running the first time against barack obama. we don't know if those winners -- if these things translate because there was so much history, because there are things you can drag up. joe biden could easily collapse and be gone within a month of the campaign starting or he could also follow the donald trump model. four years ago a lot of us were saying there's no way donald trump is going to survive. he's not really leading the polls. there's all these problems. now he's president of the united states. lauren: you're saying you're waiting for the surprise factor. >> i'm waiting for the surprise. i'm waiting to see who the two second tier candidates who move
5:20 am
up are. lauren: scott, thank you very much. cheryl: we're waiting on breaking news this morning, hearing from joe biden. we've got a lot more coming up on the show. still ahead, he is not letting privacy problems keep him down. we've got details on the new way that facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is taking his thoughts to the people. and san francisco going after tech ipos. how the city by the bay wants to get its hands on a piece of the tech pie. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ penny lane there is a guard sharing photographs. ♪ all the people that come and go so, you're open all day, that's what 24/7 means, sugar. kind of like how you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico.
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♪ just what we need. ♪ get together naturally. cheryl: good dance moves in the studio this morning on that one. despite all the heat that facebook has been getting, mark zuckerberg is looking to make a positive turnaround. lauren: okay. what is he doing? tracee carrasco joins us with more on that. so what is he up to now? tracee: starting a podcast. what else would he be doing. he doesn't have much to worry about. cheryl: with all his free time. lauren: that surprises me about mark zuckerberg. tracee: he said he wanted to communicate more with people. i think that is part of that message. but facebook announced it yesterday on twitter, oddly enough. they posted a link to spotify. the page that it links to the podcast, it's called tech and society with mark zuckerberg. so far there are two episodes available for streaming. one is titled on technology and law, the other titled on journalism, privacy, and regulation. two things that he should know a
5:25 am
lot about. cheryl: eggs going t he's goit on journalism? tracee: apparently. >.lauren: i wonder if he's tryg to get ahead of the issues that is plaguing him. tracee: they say it's nothing new he's coming out with, maybe getting the message out there once again. lauren: airbnb is looking to hit the big screen. tracee: airbnb reportedly looking to either get with an existing studio or create their own studio to make content like travel shows, things featuring airbnb hosts and guests and travel locations, to not only promote its platform but also promote itself as a style, travel, lifestyle brand. cheryl: i like this idea. you know why this is a good idea? with airbnb, you don't h know wt you're going to get. you open up the door and say i hope this is a nice place. tracee: they have all those
5:26 am
experiences now that they're offering, those unique things. we did a few of them, we had you could be a mermaid, all of those classes you could attend, so that might be another way to promote those experiences. lauren: it's where the millennial market is. cheryl: tracee, thank you very much. lauren: don't go anywhere. we have a lot more coming up. 300 migrants crossing the border, thousands more on the way, the shocking scene as the white house prepares a new plan to reform legal immigration. and we're learning the real reason why magic johnson abruptly left the lakers. how an e-mail mix-up sent him packing. ♪ i want to put on my, my, my, boogie shoes and boogie with you. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity
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with the north korean leader, kim jong un, and out of that meeting putin is saying there is a an open discussion on sanctions as well as denuclearization. we wanted to get you those comments. we want to get you caught up on gloglobal market action overnig. there is a search for direction as we wait for more earnings reports. intel and 3m reporting after the bell. in europe, the dax is just bearly negative, down just a point. of course, breaking overnight, deutsche bank ending merger talks with commerce bank. in asia, a headline from south korea, the kospi down half of 1%. cheryl: brand-new video showing nearly 300 migrants crossing the border, thousands more are on their way. the shocking scene playing out as the white house prepares a new plan to reform legal immigration. lauren: griff jenkins joins us from d.c. to break it down.
5:31 am
good morning, griff. >> reporter: good morning. this video was shot by border patrol agents, showing a large group of 271 migrants being apprehended. most of them are central american family units and unaccompanied children. in one of the many waves of illegal crossings in the rio grande valley sector which averages around 1100 per day in that area alone and part of the overall apprehensions which hit 418,000 last week nationwide, surpassing the entire number for 2018. president trump saying this could be fixed very quickly. >> we could solve the entire problem, i say 45 minutes, but it could go quick rer than that. quicker than that. if the democrats would agree to do certain basic, common sense things with respect to our laws. i've spoken to some recently and you might be surprised at what's going to happen.
5:32 am
but they see what's going on at the border. it's very easy to see. >> reporter: this as we learn white house senior advisor jared kushner will present the president with a comprehensive immigration plan, it will have two parts, one, border security, the other legal immigration, the latter possibly leading to an increase for u.s. based workers for highly skilled workers. another caravan is on the way, expected to be in the 10,000 range, most of them in southern mexico at the moment although some of them hopped on that train which mexicans call the beast. yesterday it was steaming north towards the u.s. at the end of the day, agents told me yesterday in texas, while they are stretched thin an over weloverwhelmed, they'll bey when this caravan arrives as well. cheryl: the big story we heard this morning, legal. thank you. lauren: the trump administration is moving forward on trade talks on a number of fronts.
5:33 am
we start with japan. cheryl: we get the latest from edward lawrence. >> reporter: good morning, cheryl and lauren. movement of trade this week. first up, the japanese. prime minister shinzo abe will meet with president trump during a state visit on friday. ahead of that, more trade talks with japan starting today. the secretary of agriculture says the u.s. is working on a temporary agreement over agriculture only, to lower tariffs especially for our beef and pork industry which is squeezed out of japan by tariffs. the u.s. also working on a greater deal with japan. with china, the u.s. trade representative, robert lighthizer, will be leaving for a meeting starting next tuesday in beijing to continue the talks. then the chinese come to d.c. for talks on may 8th. the president so far happy. >> we're doing well on trade. we're doing well with china. things are going good. >> reporter: in a trade deal, the chinese asked for guaranteed access to certain markets, a spokesman for the chinese foreign minister saying all the chinese companies deserve a
5:34 am
chance at getting business in all countries including the u.s. >> we also hope that the countries concerned can provide a fair, just, and non-discream non-discriminatory business environment for chinese companies, including huawei and strive to seek mutual benefit and win results. >> reporter: the united states warned allies about allowing huawei to set up 5g networks for fear of spying. with the usmca, all that's left is to ratify in congress. we hear some grumblings that labor and environmental protections are not strong enough. the mexican ambassador to the u.s. says as far as mexico is concerned, the agreement should not be changed. checheryl: the measles outbrean the u.s. has surged to a 25-year high. 69 new cases have been reported to the cdc in just the last week. that brings the number of cases
5:35 am
to 695 across 22 states. that's the worst since 1994. highest number of outbreaks occurring right here in new york and also in washington state. well, the cast of tv's empire is asking for jussie smollett to be allowed back on the show next season. smollett's co-stars wrote a letter to to fox entertainment saying the star is fille innoced filled with integrity. well, amazon's landlord is going public. industrial warehouse manager g.l.p. is planning an ipo for its u.s. division. this company has a network of warehouses leased to amazon and several others. this would be one of the biggest real estate listing on record and that would value this company at more than $20 billion. well, san francisco is considering an ipo tax.
5:36 am
the board of supervisors debating a proposeal that would target companies preparing to go public this year, like youtubeer. the money would -- uber. the money would be used to support affordable housing for low income workers. new details emerged about magic johnson's decision to resign as president of the l.a. lakers. johnson refused to give a specific reason. new reports say it's because management sent e-mails criticizing his bad performance. the report says the e-mails were meant to be private between the lakers' owner and the general manager but the e-mail was accidentally copied to magic. that's when you say oops. lauren: and now he's out. cheryl: he said i guess i'm going to go. lauren: there was probably a little bit of a desire to return to his previous life, away from
5:37 am
the controversy. everything he said was criticized. president trump is fighting back against subpoenas coming from the democrats. what it means for the legal fight brewing in washington. alexa, can you keep a secret? why some experts say she's really not good at it. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ 24-karat magic in the air. ♪ head to toe
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lauren: president trump fighting back against the house democrats' latest attempts to investigate him and his administration. cheryl: blake berman reports on all of this from washington. >> reporter: president trump making it clear on wednesday that his administration is going to fight subpoenas coming in from democrats and the house. the president at one point saying, quote, we are fighting all subpoenas. the president contends that robert mueller's special counsel and the report that followed is all that's needed. >> they checked my financials and they checked my taxes. i assume. it was the most thorough investigation probably in the history of our country. i think i read where they interviewed 500 people. i say it's enough. get back to infrastructure, get back to cutting taxes, get back to lowering drug prices. >> reporter: a new battle broke out wednesday as well between the democratic led house oversight committee and the department of justice. doj says it will not allow john
5:41 am
gore who leads up the civil rights division to take a deposition. a spokesperson saying in keeping with long-standing department of justice l poll circumstance neither mr. governor anyone else in the department will be forced to testify in their capacity as a doj official on doj matters without doj counsel. the head of the oversight committee, elijah cummings, say they plan on trying to depose gore, writing, this is a massive, unprecedented and growing pattern of obstruction. the showdown of subpoenas from democrats within the trump administration appears to be just beginning. back to you in new york. cheryl: blake, thank you. let's bring in attorney deborah bloom to comment. this seems to be a showdown between the powers of congress and the powers of executive privilege. >> congress has limited powers. they have the power of oversight. they don't have enforcement mechanisms. if somebody refuses to comply with the subpoena, then congress
5:42 am
can hold them in contempt but they would need to go to the department of justice to actually move forward with the contempt, to have sanctions. we can see a lot of stonewalling if there's refusal to comply with the subpoenas. cheryl: one of the thing the president has been clear about on twitter and vocally as well, he wants to block all subpoenas and this as elijah cummings who is staging the fight against the white house, what about don mcgahn, former counsel. so elijah cummings i would think could go after don mcgahn who is a private citizen and have power over him. is that not the case? >> well, with mcgahn, he already gave testimony to mueller, so he can't really assert any privilege. he can't say executive privilege or torn/client privilege because he already waived those. i think with mcgahn, we will see him complying with the subpoena. cheryl: okay. now, democrats are considering fining officials that refuse to
5:43 am
testify. a fine? is a that jail? is there legal precedent or he legal power for them to do that. >> there is legal power for them to civilly fine them. they are able to say you have to pay a fine each day until the end of term of congress. i think we'll see a lot of people willing to help out, paying those fines. so there are a lot of ways for individuals to get around these subpoenas. cheryl: okay. but not jail. jail wouldn't be a possibility, right? >> jail is a possibility. the department of justice would have to move forward on that or congress could go into court another way and seek that sanction but then the judge is going to have to determine what privileges apply. this is going to be a lengthy process. cheryl: all of this kind of questions or brings into question the constitution itself. you've got three branches of government and they're supposed to be independent, working together. when you have the branches going against each other, doesn't this end up coming down to, frankly, the supreme court. could this fight go to the
5:44 am
supreme court? >> well, it could be appealed. we have to see where it ends up going. but the supreme court has issued decisions in the past that does say that congress has the power to subpoena and then they lay out the provisions that congress can follow. it's just a problem because it takes a long time, so we first have to have the issuance of the subpoenas which we see, then there's going to be either compliance or noncompliance and there will generally be an extension of time to see if there will be compliance. then there are issues of privileges, and then those be determined by a court if those privileges apply. so it's a multistep process that we're not going to see this end up in a higher court anytime soon. cheryl: maybe considering the political environment and the 2020 race coming up, that might be a good thing. deborah, thank you for the legal perspective. very helpful this morning. thank you. >> thank you. lauren: let's take a look at futures after a small setback yesterday, the averages are looking to get back to their record highs. nays dashinnasdaq tacking on 8 f
5:45 am
points. if you weren't worried before, you should be now. how smart devices that you bring into your home can be spying on you and your children. how can you protect yourself and what are the companies doing to stop the hack? keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ this is my house. ♪ these are my people. ♪ this is my town. ♪ this is our house. ♪ ain't nobody nowhere going to knock it down. ♪
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cheryl: privacy concerns and a probe by the federal trade commission, could hit facebook hard enough that the company is setting aside we learned at least $3 billion just to handle an ftc fine. still, facebook is just the face
5:49 am
of technology's privacy issues. there's other problems here, folks. lauren: then there's amazon. alexa under fire once again with experts saying the assistant could tell the wrong people where you live. joining us now, fox news headlines 24/7 host, brett larson. >> alexa, tell me where i live. and i'm apologizing to people listening to us with alexas in their house because they're now activating, waiting for a command. the alexa story continues to get interesting and also continues to be of concern for people who are concerned about privacy. cheryl: it's addresses, right? >> it's addresses. at one point it was phone numbers. it's an interesting thing to point out. amazon has come forward and said no, this information is safe, this is -- there's limited access to databases, only in certain -- look at edward snowden, what he was able to get out of the nsa as a contractor working for the government. you can only imagine what a contractor working for amazon would be able to get their hands on. we don't know where these people are when they're looking at this information. we don't know if they're up to
5:50 am
any nefarious things. all we know is they have all of our information, including addresses. cheryl: i'm using my alexa, probably they have the address, then there's the internet where you can find my address to. this other story freaks me out a little bit. these are nest cameras, owned by google and hackers are getting into this and doing some kind of sick things. >> this is disgusting. the nest camera, the story in the washington post talks about how a nest camera being used in a 3-year-old's bedroom, somebody walls able to hack into it and was streaming the audio of pornography. it was a per vert in the camera -- ca pervert in the camera. this is troubling. consumers need to be aware when putting devices in their homes, you've got to change the default settings, you've got to be more aggressive about not using the e-mail address and password you use on every other service. that was how the hackers were able to get into the camera.
5:51 am
on the flip side, for nest and for google -- they have been upfront saying we've given customers the tools they need. they need to be more aggressive with privacy policy and privacy settings. lauren: i always said, as you invite these products into your home, this stuff could happen. >> you're inviting people into your home when you do this. lauren: thank you very much. you can catch brett larson on fox news headlines, 24/7, sirius xm, channel 115. cheryl: former vice president joe biden at any moment expected to throw his hat into the 2020 ring. can you make a dent as the 20th candidate. what it means for the rat race r the white house. stay with us. "fbn: a.m." will be right back with all the breaking news. ♪ your passions rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care.
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>> breaking news this morning, former vice president joe biden expected to launch presidential campaign early this morning at any moment. he is expected to announce his third white house bid by video from the website. then he's scheduled to make first public appearance as candidate in monday and that's in pittsburgh. lauren: joining us robin byro and ted harvey, gentlemen, thanks for joining us as we
5:55 am
await official announcement, any moment, any minute. robin, is biden the candidate that can defeat president trump? robin? cheryl: i think robin is having technical issues. let's go to ted harvey. there's a question whether biden is too centrist for a democratic party that seems to be going far left and you to point to bernie sanders when you answer that question, whether or not biden and sanders will cancel each other out, is room for kamala harris? >> well, i don't think so, the left of the field are pretty radical leftists, supported the single-payer healthcare, they supported the green new deal. radical policies that won't fly in middle america and biden is coming forward as the only centrist. i think the others will divide up their vote and biden has true path for victory in democrat
5:56 am
primary, when he goes up against trump who has been vindicated from the collusion story that democrats have been returning in 2 years and you see stock market about to break records, that's a pretty tough road to hoe. lauren: his stance on abortion, that often waffles, he voted for the invasion of the iraq war, he voted for the 1994 crime bill. these are issues that the energy in the party, the more far left democrats might be against. does that hurt biden more than it helps him? >> well, he does have a long history that includes being the vice president for 8 years, he has name recognition that no other democrat out there has. that's going to benefit him in the primary but, again, i think
5:57 am
it's going to be a tough road to hoe on an incumbent president. cheryl: yeah, robin, i know we have you back, it's about the money, right? there's a report that on conference call last night joe biden actually talked about the issue of fundraising and he said the money is important, we will be judged by what we can do in first 24 hours, first week. matters because beto o'rourke pulled more than $6 million in first 24 hours, robin, how crucial is for booeden -- biden? >> it's absolutely necessary. but i'm more concerned about whether or not he can energize the youth vote because that's going to be most -- it's going to be completely dependent upon
5:58 am
that, in 2016, 40.9% of voters, can joe biden deliver a vote to get people to polls? lauren: you don't think he can build on that support, do you? >> that's my concern, i have heard that from my colleagues on my side of the aisle that they are worried this look his peak day and the message may diminish because of the crowded field, because bernie sanders supporters are galvanized, that's kind of the way i see this rolling out to be honest. >> ted, what about the accusation that is have been made against biden in recent weeks about inappropriate touching, several women coming out saying they felt
5:59 am
uncomfortable with the vice president, now former vice president, is that going to be a problem for him? >> well, i think it should be. i've been talking about this issue for years and the democrat party did nothing to tell him, this is a creepy thing that you're doing, you need to control yourself. the democrats did nothing to stop him and now they have probably their nominee i believe and it's going to be an issue moving forward in this era of the me too movement. lauren: ted, who do you think president trump is most word about? >> i don't think trump is word about anybody in this field. i think that you are going to have a 78-year-old biden and like robin was saying, he won't be able to energize the african-american base, hispanic base, the youth base. lauren: but he could get union base, struggling american working class that's what president trump got back in 2016. gentlemen, sorry for interrupting but we do have to end it there.
6:00 am
cheryl: a lot of breaking news to come for mornings with maria and that starts right now. maria: hey there, ladies, jam-packed program, happy thursday, i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday april 25th, top stories right now before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. earnings in focus this morning, dow component 3m out later this hour along with southwest airlines, 737 jet to remain grounded. facebook, social media giant setting aside $5 billion for expected privacy violation fines. mark zuckerberg, travel for tesla to report, reported big loss after decline in model 3 deliveries. details on elon musk new insurance program. carlos goshn could be released from jail any moment. we are waiting for details. former nissan chief granted bail. mornings with maria begins right now


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