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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 25, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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cheryl: a lot of breaking news to come for mornings with maria and that starts right now. maria: hey there, ladies, jam-packed program, happy thursday, i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday april 25th, top stories right now before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. earnings in focus this morning, dow component 3m out later this hour along with southwest airlines, 737 jet to remain grounded. facebook, social media giant setting aside $5 billion for expected privacy violation fines. mark zuckerberg, travel for tesla to report, reported big loss after decline in model 3 deliveries. details on elon musk new insurance program. carlos goshn could be released from jail any moment. we are waiting for details. former nissan chief granted bail. mornings with maria begins right now.
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♪ >> market this is morning trading, take a look at market this is morning as we wait for earnings this morning which, of course, has been setting the tone in futures this morning, look like, this really a mixed opening is what we are expecting after yesterday's close which was a decline, major technology stocks reporting yesterday activity ahead of earnings this morning, facebook shares jumping in late trading yesterday after reporting positive first-quarter earnings as technology giant is also expected to face a multibillion dollar federal trade commission, dagen is looking at that this morning, dagen. dagen: good morning, maria,
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$3 billion that facebook set aside to cover federal trade commission. $3 billion is expected fine from sec over privacy violations, a multibillion dollar penalty would be the largest ever against major u.s. tech company, also the largest privacy fine in ftc history, why the fine, facebook agreed not to collect personal data and share it without user consent, this is part of the settlement with the ftc, but the agency has been looking into the cambridge analytica scandal where the data of tens of millions of users was transferred, campaign firm, data firm during 2016 presidential election. this is a sign that the case could be winding down, 3 billion, the range of expected fine was 3 to 5 billion but ftc
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has not given us any deadline. take a look at earnings, came in heir than expected although profits dropped by more than half $2.4 billion in the first quarter in part because of one-time reserve wiped out most of the income. facebook posted 15.8 billion in revenue, 26% up from year. popping in aftermarket and i quickly want to get hard rap, i will send it back and more on podcast. maria: joe biden has in fact, announced that he is running for president. he released that on twitter, former vice president tweeted this, the core values of this country are standing in the world, are very democracy, everything that has made america, america is at stake, today i'm announcing candidacy for president of the united
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states. #joe2020. joining me right now political analyst john hopkins university professor wendy, great to see you, wendy, thank you so much for joining us, your reaction, we were expecting joe biden to jump in and he has. >> he's in. i think a lot of people have been waiting for this moment especially on the democratic side and now we have the official word from him that he's in. he goes in the race leading not only trump but fellow democrats in the race. recent poll has him leading trump at 8 percentage, 42 to 34. leading when it comes to millennials at 14% when it comes to women at 22%, so this is big numbers here. i think we have to look at for iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, places where bernie sanders has stronghold in new hampshire. kamala harris has stronghold in african base in north carolina, overall what we see with the numbers alone he has a very strong chance of winning, but i will say this, this is not going to be easy run for him.
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he has to rectify issues when it comes to why did he vote to enter the iraq war, why did he vote against integrate racial equality, there are issues that joe biden has to face so this is going to be uphill battle but the numbers show if we look at the sheer demographics of this this is the leading candidate but 2020 as a whole. maria: interesting because some people in the party would say bernie sanders is leading candidate, incredible fundraiser, even president obama and michelle obama said yesterday that they are not going to vote for anybody, they are not getting behind anybody in the primary season, they say they will get to voters behind and get behind whatever candidate is. do you find that interesting that president obama is not coming out strong behind bidden. >> i-- biden. >> the overarching goal is to beat trump.
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they want the people to decide and vote with their feet and vote with their thoughts and what they are saying here, we will not back anyone up because we want to make sure when it comes to 2020, we do not have any inclination of us possibly losing, we want to make sure we win this. so even though obama called george h.w. -- joe biden his brother, it's a good approach. what we are saying here, whoever wins party nomination is who we are going to vote for. maria: yeah, i know, does biden need push from obama now to get, you know, the lead because this is a tight race, there's radical arm of the party that wants elizabeth warren, that wants bernie sanders to have big federal programs like medicare for all and the green new deal, aoc, so don't you think joe biden needs obama now and not necessarily wait until the party
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decides? >> i don't necessarily think so. i think that obama muddy waters because when obama left presidency there were some democrats who were not necessarily happy of things he left on the table and he did not complete, even though obama is party favorite, we are just trying see what each candidate can do on their own even though elizabeth warren is leading, she's one of the only few out of the 20 democrats who have hard-core policies and said this is what she's going to do. even though obama would be great at fanfare, right now we want to see what even candidate brings into the table as far as policy. maria: let me ask you about the fallout of the mueller report. hillary clinton is out with new op-ed in the washington post, mueller documented a serious crime against all americans, here how respond in it, she calls for democrats to hold off on impeachment efforts saying debate of russia sweeping systematic attack and hold
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president trump accountable for obstructing the investigation and possibly breaking breaking w has been reduce today false choice, immediate impeachment or nothing, history suggests there's a better way to thinking about choices ahead. what's your reaction especially since hillary clinton paid for dossier, was tangled up with russians to try to get dirt on donald trump. a whole investigation going on in terms of how that investigation into donald trump started, no predicate, we know that the fbi handled her with kid gloves, she really wasn't investigated over e-mail scandal. a story today that her e-mails were found in obama white house now. the fact that she's writing op-eds and out there on stage, what's your reaction, wendy in. >> i believe she's a private citizen and she has the right to do so even though she's former first lady and secretary of state, she has right to be private citizen and when it comes to mueller report, it's something that definitely impacts all of us.
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she does bring a good point whether you're on the left side or right side of the aisle, we are faced with two choices and they are not really good ones, impeachment right now or do nothing, i think there has to be a middle of the road here because what we see from the report is something good happen and at what point do we hold the president of the united states accountable for what the report says and that's what she's bringing up here. maria: we know something happened. we know that hillary clinton paid for the dossier. >> no. maria: dossier to find out this dirt on donald trump which was unverified and solicitous. >> well,i can say that russians try today interfere in democratic process in favor of donald j. trump. that's an issue that not only affects hillary clinton and donald trump, that will affect 2020, make sure that whomever goes forward in 2020 we do not
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allow a power like russia to interfere in democratic -- maria: interesting, we knew that russia was trying to meddle into the west's dealings back in 2012, 2014, why do you think president obama and hillary clinton never did anything about it? >> i think he did try to do something about it, i definitely do. i do believe that it's not something that what is finished, that's what i was saying certain people on the left side that have issues with what happened with obama and things he left on the table. but i do believe that now trump is in office that he's the president of the united states, the question is what is he currently doing about it and right now there's nothing he's doing about it and that's an issue. maria: all right, wendy, thanks very much. we will follow joe biden on twitter, he's officially in the race running for president. joining me right now on the telephone mark penn, senior adviser to the -- he was senior adviser to the clintons, the president of group, mark, good
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to have you here, what's your reaction of joe biden jumping in here? >> he's jumping in as moderate, if you look at announcement, he's not stressing medicare for all, green new deal, he's stressing concern of the middle class, concern about climate change, concern about equality, history of having been a vice president, stood side by side with president obama, so he's coming out to say, i have values, i think that -- he says trump is off in terms of the values, i'm really going to fight for the middle class and for equality, i really work for obama and he's coming in as moderate. first one that we have seen lately that's staked out the ground. maria: good point in terms of moderate point that you made
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because there's radical arm of democratic party as you know. do you think he will be able to push through and be the candidate even as you've got people like bernie sanders raising so much money and coming up with socialist programs, elizabeth warren also really radical on the left, aoc, is he going to be able to have his voice heard in a moderate way? >> well, even though he hasn't been in the race, he's been polling number 1. you know, somewhat more than a third, his constituency may not be in iowa, certainly in broad big states where democrats, you know, the north eastern states, he's got, i think, he's not going to easily win or easily beaten. there's fire and energy behind sanders, new exciting candidates, he's got a reasonable chance here, clearly on top 3 and we will see how he
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gets out of the gate but clearly staked out to me ground that's moderate, not as radical, hey, i'm alternative that will bring sensible policies that will fix the middle class, that at least gives democrats a real choice. maria: what do you think of president obama saying that he's going stay on the sidelines, he's not going to endorse anybody during primary race. you have joe biden, former vice president jumping in the race and his former partner, president obama is not going to be there to endorse him. >> well, i think like it or not, obama, he thinks that biden was a great vice president but not necessarily endorsing him as -- as the person who should be the next president and i think he's always been clear about that. i think he's -- he said he's going to kind of sit back and not take an active role in campaign, you know, that's always disappointing when you served somebody for that many
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years but there is something, history in that. remember nixon. maria: interesting, all right, mark, thanks so much, we will see you soon, mark penn, more on joe biden's entry when we come back, plus carlos goshn may be released from prison, all that next.
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maria: well, we have breaking news, it is official, joe biden has entered the 2020 presidential race, joining the conversation this morning, assistant editorial page editor at wall street journal james freeman, pwc partner mitch roschelle, your reaction, joe biden in the race. >> interesting who he is as candidate this time, does he want to show how he is, what's the point of the candidacy or is he going to stake out that moderate probusiness path that a lot of check writers in the city on the democratic side are hoping for. maria: good point, check
6:18 am
writers. >> 8 years of the obama administration, that becomes really big issue. maria: here is joe biden breaking the news. >> i believe look back but if we give donald trump 8 years in the white house forever and fundamentally alter the career of this nation, who we are and i cannot standby and watch that happen. the core values of this nation, everything that's made america, that's why to do i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states.
6:19 am
we can't forget what happened in charlottesville. even more important, we have to remember who we are. this is america. maria: 2020 race is on, your reaction, dagen? dagen: big democratic voter described joe biden as a -- somebody thoughtful and caring, that will have to come out. also he has the ability to kind of swoop in when medicare for all is kind of the phrase of the moment which, again, eradicates private insurance in the country and come in and say i want to sure up obamacare, here are my fixes for it, it's working, this
6:20 am
is how we are going fix this, you are banned from using the word woke ever again. >> sorry. [laughter] dagen: i noticed that there was a quick clip of martin luther king in the video and i will point out that bernie sanders was booed at this she the people summit, i think it was yesterday for name-dropping martin luther king, jr., saying i marched on washington with dr. king and he got booed, it was very uncomfortable, he kept putting his finger up like that, joe biden brings in something to the democratic nomination race that other people don't have. maria: is he going to be able to push past the radical? dagen: he's not a radical, right. >> well, we will see, we will see what the biden 2020 looks like. i think he has an opportunity, but it's the question about 25 or 30% that gets in every poll of democrats, is that name id,
6:21 am
obama nos nalg -- nostalgia. maria: obama is not endorsing him, i find that odd that president obama and michelle will stay in sidelines and not get behind democratic candidate. dagen: this was something in democratic circles was known, president obama and michelle were not going to come out and endorse anybody, not until it was clear who the nominee will be. maria: short break, more on joe biden's entry to 2020 race this morning, plus carlos goshn may be released from prison this morning. we will have details when we come back, stay with us ♪ limu emu & doug what do all these people have in common, limu? [ paper rustling ]
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maria: welcome back, it is official joe biden has entered
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the 2020 presidential race, more coming up this morning, first we want to get to headlines, carlos goshn could be released from tokyo jail this morning, cheryl. cheryl: monitoring any breaking news out of japan, former nissan chairman has been granted bail for a second time after being arrested back in november on charges of financial conduct, goshn will walk out after posting that 4 and a half million dollars in bail. he continues to deny the charges against him including the latest one of breach of trust for allegedly diverting $5 million of nissan money. deutsche bank has ended merger talks with commerce bank, this morning, a deal expected as soon as friday. lack investor support, germany's largest financial institutions but all that changed today.
6:26 am
wall street journal reporting that it's expecting to reveal soon. latest companies that will make trading debut during really hot ipo market, direct listing which doesn't require raising money or using underwriters. so we will see if we get that news as well. we are watching pictures out of japan, we will bring them to you as soon as we get them. maria: a lot of excitement about that deal, so we will watch that as well, cheryl, thank you so much. a lot going on this morning certainly with biden entering the race as well as other news around -- around the mueller report, what are you following this morning, your reaction, james? >> ting biden candidacy is interesting, creates a much-up problem for trump in midwest, biden moved out of pennsylvania during eisenhower administration, if he tasked himself as speaking for blue-collar voters might create problem in midwest. dagen: you raised the issue in terms of candidates being further left, tim ryan is the
6:27 am
only one that's a real moderate. he will have to answer to the democratic primary voters on issues like he voted for the crime bill, he voted for welfare reform, he voted for repeal glass seeingle, there's a lot for them to use against him. a lot of mud to swing in his direction. maria: so many radicals in the race right now on the democratic side. >> the question is if you look at midterms suburban voters really made a difference and joe biden could very well appeal to suburban voters and some radicals probably won't. maria: short break, when we come back a lot more coming up. joe biden is in 2020 presidential race, former vice president adding his name to crowded democratic field this morning, we've got all of the rollout highlights coming up, he's calling it the values of campaign, we will bring those to you. golden arches for golden years, details of mcdonalds partnership
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maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, thursday april 25th, breaking news this morning, it is now official, joe biden has entered the 2020 presidential race. we will talk with former dnc chair donna brazile this morning about what the candidacy means to already crowded field of contenders coming up. earnings in focus, of course, 3m out with earnings in a moment along with southwest airlines whose fleet max 737 jet remains grounded. we will bring you all of those numbers and full analysis coming up. markets this morning look like this. take a look at futures, dow futures down a quarter percent and nasdaq up 14 and a half right now. yesterday markets snapped 3-day winning streak.
6:32 am
yesterday we saw the markets retreating from record highs, reversing gains, dow industrials down 59 points and s&p 500 down 6 and a half, nasdaq down 18 points. in europe this morning, here is the action right now, cat quarante in paris down 9 and a half and dax index in germany down 2 and a half points, fractional moves there but lower. in asia overnight, take a look at the numbers, japan was higher but shanghai composite in china down 2 and a half percent, that set the tone in markets, will hold race in zero until 2020, concern about slowing growth reaching 2% inflation in japan. southwest airlines is hitting the tape right now as you can see the earnings is 70 cents a share versus 61 cents a share, better than expected. revenue better than expected. ashley webster on the news, checking on earnings, ashley, over to you.
6:33 am
ashley: as you said in headline numbers, maria, 70 cents on earnings per share, 61 cents on revenue, if you like 5.15 billion, estimate was 5.12 billion. southwest says the rev impact from the grounding of those planes in addition to the government shutdown this quarter and other factors says the airline have had revenue impact of more than $200 million, so that's kind of important, those max jets account for 4% of passenger capacity as well, so those headwinds more than 200 million of those max grounding and also the government shutdown. so other than that, the headline numbers are pretty good. guidance remains in line with what they gave in last quarter, end of 2018, they say that the fuel costs also are flat, just getting 3m, maria, let me take a little bit of time to jump into
6:34 am
those. maria: i know that 3m looks like a myth, ashley, while you get numbers together. this is an important one because it's indicater of economic growth not just the u.s. but really the global story, so 3m shares right now are down fractionally, what can you tell us about the 3m quarter, ashley. ashley: 223, estimate was 249, revenue at 7.86 billion, the estimate was 8.02 billion. so miss on top to bottom line that will hurt the stock for sure, the margin of 14.4%, the consumer sales coming in at 1.2 billion, about inline, healthcare shares, covers many areas, healthcare sales, 1.54 billion which again is a little light, miss on earnings for 3m and also miss on revenue, that's going to hurt the stock. >> also talking about fiscal
6:35 am
2019 earnings at 853 to 903 on 3m, first quarter was below estimates but only a fractional loss in the stock right now. ashley: right. maria arp announcing realignment of the company from 5 to 4 business groups we will come back to you on more details on that ashley. we have breaking news this morning, we have been reporting joe biden announcing he is running for president, made announcement on youtube earlier this hour, watch. >> i believe history will look back on 4 years of this president and all he embraces and moment in time but if we give donald trump 8 years in the white house, he will forever and opportunity mentally alter the character of this nation, who we are and i cannot standby and watch that happen. the core values of this nation are standing in the world, our
6:36 am
very democracy. that's why today i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. we have a lot more coming up. we have donna brazile, stay with us for that interview. we will fake a look at earnings this morning, fisbook reporting first-quarter results, strong numbers to growth in stories, users and ads. microsoft double beat as well, late last night the company moved past a trillion dollars, third to hit valuation after apple and amazon as the numbers were better than expected, dollar a share on that was the estimate as you see the actual earnings for 1.14 a share, revenue at 30.57 billion, better than estimate, amazon releases first-quarter numbers later this afternoon and joining us right now tech research founder, lou, good to see you.
6:37 am
reaction to earnings we saw yesterday? >> start off with facebook, i'm probably the only one that's not tearing, because i don't own the stock, it's not sour grapes, we are rewarding bad behavior as dagen mentioned in the show, there's 3 billion possibly 5 billion-dollar fine that's going to be paid and investors are shrugging it off like it's no big deal. i can't get behind that as investor. maria: that's their business, dagen, they sell data to advertisers, i agree, this is the business model. is this going to be sustainable? dagen: if you dig into the actual numbers, i know that the revenue was up 26% and average daily users up 8%, virtually no
6:38 am
user growth in the u.s., canada and europe and that is 70% to have company's revenue. average revenue per user was up but if you have to look at core markets and growth there and independent research separately suggest that people are spending less time on facebook, that's a worry. by the way, the stock is up even before today, up 39% year to date. in terms of the regulatory heat, if you look overseas, it's much worse, facebook faces 10 different inquiries from primary regular, the irish data protection commission and even in australia and new zealand, they have threaten throwing facebook executives personal fines of jail because of say when the new zealand massacre was broadcast live on facebook because there's been zero responsibility in terms of preventing the horrific video from being live streamed. suicides, murders, even massacre
6:39 am
in new zealand. maria: you make a good point. europe has been so much deeper in terms of regulatory than the u.s., i don't think people want to see the u.s. be aggressive as europe has been, however, this seems like there's been a tipping point. something will get done, i don't know, will it be a break-up of some companies, will it be more regulation, what do you think? >> right now congress will spend the rest of its term fighting what we are going to do with the mueller report as opposed to getting panels to regulate an industry. maria: true too. >> beyond this congress, i think consumers, investors ought to be concerned about a big deal in privacy, more regulation, the big incumbents cutting a deal with washington, gives them protection against new competitors and i guess that's what i wonder, you look at these results and on the one hand you can say users don't care about these issues as much as reporters and regulators do or
6:40 am
do you look at these results and say, people feel like they have no choice, they need facebook, they don't have an option? >> i would say it's generation big tobacco, we are addicted to platforms whether it's for news or connection and because as consumers we are addicted to it, the advertisers are addicted to it. they can go nowhere else. it's this, it's a sad but business fundamentalists are super strong. the underlying ethics, their business is collecting data to then in turn sell it to others, that's the problem. >> isn't what the results say? >> yeah, i think we have talked, how much is too much, how much information is are we giving away, how much are we willing to give away for them to sell? dagen: issue with facebook is
6:41 am
facebook promise today stop behavior and it didn't, it keeps promising, we will are going to do better, we will do better, podcast from mark zuckerberg, now preaching about society, referred to it as today's fresh hell, the podcast from zuckerberg. by the way, when you are getting one up by the national security -- national security agency, then you have a problem. nsa has asked the white house to abandon surveillance program where they were collecting information about u.s. phone calls and text messages saying that the results, the benefits of it are outweighed by the burdens of keeping it running, when nsa is one up in facebook in terms of privacy, you a real problem. maria: good point. how about tesla? company releasing first-quarter results, another loss demand for electric car slumping, launching new insurance company as well, the stock is down this morning, what did you make of those numbers? >> listen, huge miss.
6:42 am
in january elon said that they were going to have small profit and they had 700 million-dollar loss, more red flags here than communist parade and they just keep coming up. this week alone we had 4 directors, you know, not standing for reelection, made some just exaggerated claims about full self-driving capabilities and now elon issued guidance yesterday that just seemed unbelievable and also i calm out of insurance industry earlier in my career, it's not an easy industry to get into, highly regulated and the fact that they will open up own insurance carrier next year is wishful thinking. more of a grab, overarching two main concerns, do they have enough cash to keep the business going and is there enough demand. maria: it's been going down this week, tough week, it's at 258.66 right now, down 2% yesterday. what do you want to do as
6:43 am
investor? >> i'm bearish, i have bankruptcy options, cheap options on likelihood that they could run out of cash and they can't get financing, i would definitely not be buying the stock, too many concerns going on right now long-term. maria: we will leave it there, lou, great to get your insight. coming up joe biden is in. the former vice president officially throwing his hat into the ring for 2020 presidential election. we've got a lot coming up on that. donna brazile joining us to discuss, plus golden or afters for the golden years, details of new partnership with aarp next
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maria: breaking news, it is official this morning, joe biden has entered the 2020 presidential race, we will have much more on that coming up throughout the morning including interview with dnc chair donna brazile, first martin shkreli moverred from new jersey to brooklyn, cheryl casone with details. cheryl: confined to a federal prison in new jersey but, yeah, he's been moved to tougher lock-up in brooklyn. don't mess with brooklyn. claims he was using a smuggled cell phone from running drug
6:48 am
company. eventually transfer to federal facility in pennsylvania, serving 7-year sentence for defrauding investors. cell phone incentives very high into the atmosphere, use to go use antennas to provide internet in remote areas throughout the world. softbank investment loan in part of long-term strategic partnership, shares for alphabet higher in fre market, parent company of google. verizon announcing plans to expand 5g high-speed internet service across the united states. they have named 20 more cities where customers will get 5g this year, the cities include atlanta, boston, cleveland, dallas and san diego, chicago and indianapolis are the first to get 5g verizon service and verizon is also announcing preorders of samsung's 5g
6:49 am
smartphone start today in the united states. we will take a closer look at all of this from verizon, maria, speaking exclusively to the president of verizon consumer group, 8:20 a.m. eastern time, some spend older years spending golf, mitch roschelle, others want to spend time at mcdonalds. teaming with aarp to provide job opportunities for old folks, cashiers to full a million jobs this summer, folks lost retirement savings in great recession. they have to work later in life. maria: wait till you hear the bail agreement for carlos goshn, it's unreal, we will have that when we come back, breaking news this morning, former vice president joe biden is officially in in 2020 presidential race, much more ahead, plus we are talking with former deny nc chair donna brazile, she's weighing in.
6:50 am
we are watching earnings, star buck, ford motor on deck today. the trump administration cracks down on iran, what investors are looking for next, back in a minute with all of that. this is the couple who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go.
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maria: welcome back, breaking news, we are waiting for the official release from prison of carlos goshn, joe biden has entered the 2020 presidential race, we will have a lot more of that coming up this morning including interview with dnc chairman donna brazile. first details about carlos goshn. he's not officially out yet but apparently as part of the bail
6:54 am
agreement, sources are telling me that he will not be able to see or communicate with his wife carol, they are telling her -- him that no phone calls, no meetings, the only time she will be able to communicate with him through lawyers or through lawyers sometimes but unable to communicate, they're suggesting that she somehow will destroy evidence. there's that in terms of the bail agreement for carlos goshn. we will let you know when that is official. earning season very strong recently, certainly better than the low expectations, amazon, ford, all set to report later today, investors are watching the price of oil and gas amid the trump administration's crack-down on iranian oil across world. joining us right now distributor president sean ohara. >> good morning. maria: has this impacted people's willingness to put money in stock? >> it's been slow in terms of
6:55 am
equities all year. i watched the valium on some of the bigger etf's as bellwether to see what's going on. that volume is about 60 to 70% of what it has been historically. we talked to some trading firms and their volume is down, so it seems to me like what's going on with this market is people are want to go see more confirmation on good news and maybe earnings quarter coming in better than what folks had expected. the next 75% of the companies in s&p, they would be happy and catalyst that will get people moving in markets in bigger way. >> we usually think of market records, market highs as going along with some sense of if not euphoria extreme bullishness, but sounds like you're not really seeing that with this
6:56 am
one? >> i don't think so, maybe because economic growth has been so slow for decade. it's been good and positive and we haven't had recession but hasn't been out of control growth, 2% growth during obama administration and maybe 3% growth or slightly higher under president trump, maybe that's what's keeping the euphoria out of this market. >> sean, we saw tech companies, facebook, microsoft beating, conglomerate, any spot in the s&p 500 that you're more word about earnings perspective? >> i think i'm more worried about individual names at this point. i think the market -- we have decouple thinking from stock market as a whole and start focusing on individual names. like, for example, you saw lamb research report. maria: texas instruments. >> there's a difference of what's going on in results. unfortunately we own lamb, we don't own ti, that's the
6:57 am
challenge for investors. maria: i'm really glad that you mentioned semiconductors. we will talk with chief investment in mayor research firm. we will be right back.
6:58 am
. . .
6:59 am
7:00 am
maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everything. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, april 25th. breaking news, joe biden entered the 2020 presidential race. we're talking to donna brazile this morning about what this means the to the already crowded field of democratic contenders this morning. earnings in focus, 3m with a miss on revenue and earnings, set to shave more than 100 points off the dow industrials. southwest says the grounding of the 737 contributed to a $200 million hit on revenue in the quarter. we are waiting on amazon and starbucks and ford, that happens after the bell tonight. we have a preview. 3m shares are down 9 and
7:01 am
two-thirds percent. a big hit on the heels of the miss. southwest airlines is up almost 3% on numbers which are better than expected, despite the hit from the 737. deutsche bank ending talks with commerce bank, the merger between the two ailing banks would have created germany's largest financial institution. markets this morning look like this. futures indicating a lower opening for the broader averages, dow industrials down 113 points as i said, largely due to 3m. s&p 500 is up, futures showing a gain there and the nasdaq futures right now up 19 points, a quarter of a percent higher on nasdaq. yesterday's markets were lower, the dow, s&p 500 and nasdaq finished down as you can see. microsoft and disney hit record highs. the dow industrials were down 59 points, s&p down 6 and-a-half and the nasdaq down 18 points at 4:00 on wall street yesterday. european indices this morning are lower. fq100 down 21 points, a third of a percent, the cac in paris down 13, dax index lower by 17. in asia overnight, mixed story there. you have the bank of japan
7:02 am
saying it's not going to ease and not going to cut right now. it's not going to raise either. the nikkei average as expected from the boj, the nikkei average was up one of half half of 1%. china, the index there down two and-a-half percent overnight. the bank of japan said it will hold rates until -- at zero until the spring of 2020. there is concern about slowing growth in japan and reaching the 2% inflation objective. resignation revelation, magic johnson reportedly resigned from the lakers after accidentally being copied on an e-mail about bad job performance. his own. all those stories coming up. joining me to break it down, dagen mcdowell, the wall street journal assistant editorial page editor, james free man, and mitch rochell. >> wouldn't be the first time somebody stumbled across an e-mail they weren't supposed to get. maria: you have to be careful
7:03 am
who you c.c. >> people are careful in my office not to copy me, because they know it would hurt my feelings. dagen: so thin-skinned. maria: joe biden is in. he will give his first interview to the view. what's that all about? >?dagen: he is going to join te view tomorrow for his first interview since announcing he's entering the presidential race. then robin roberts on tuesday will have an interview with joe and his wife, dr. jill biden. part of this is the relationship between -- megan mccain is a co-host on the view and joe biden, meg a megan tweeted on april 1st that joe biden is one of the most compassionate and decent men in american politics. he helped her through her father's cancer diagnosis. joe biden's son died of the same cancer. she said i wish there was more
7:04 am
empathy from our politicians, not less. there was a story going around yesterday that the mccain family was going to support joe biden trying to unseat president trump. cindy mccain came out on twitter yesterday and said joe biden is a wonderful man and dear friend of the mccain family, however, i have no intention of getting involved in presidential politics said cindy mccain. maria: we were expecting joe biden to enter the race and he did so on youtube. you launched the campaign like this. >> i believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embrace as an abbette abberant moment in t. if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever alter the character of this nation, who we are. i can't stand by and watch that happen. the core values of this nation are standing in -- our standing in the world, our very
7:05 am
democracy, everything that made america america is at at stake. that's why today i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. maria: joining us right now over the phone is former democratic national committee chairman, donna brazile. thanks to much for weighing in this morning. >> absolutely. look, this is a big deal. joe biden is not only a proven leader but he is someone i think that will unify many democrats, especially those who are center left. i think he will bring much needed assets to the field, but this is not going to be a cake walk, maria. he has many candidates in the race already that are raising money and building up a very big grass roots operation. so joe biden i think is talented and let's see if he can appeal to a younger generation of democrats who may not be as familiar with his record.
7:06 am
maria: donna, let me ask you, what do you think he's talking about in the video when he says we can't have donald trump in for eight years because he will forever alter the nation. is he talking about the fact that donald trump, should he win another four years, will name more supreme court justices? >> well, that's part of the argument. but i do believe that there's a large group of people in this country,s especially in the democratic party, that believe that it's time for a different form of leadership. they believe that the president is d divisive, that he has not tried to unify the company. he is basically focused on his base and that really worked -- joe biden said -- i saw the video for the second time -- that it's time for respected leader pship on the world's stage, dignified leadership at home, time for equal rights and equal justice. this is a candidate who knows
7:07 am
his way around washington but i believe his biggest challenge is to appeal to a different generation of americans who may not be as familiar with his record. >> james free ma freeman here al street journal. wondering about the issue of climate for biden. the premise of his candidacy seems to me he can win blue collar workers in the industrial midwest. he called climate the biggest threat we face. if he goes to the green new deal where the senators running for the democratic nomination have gone, doesn't he alienate those blue collar voters? >> everyone knows that the obamaing, biden administration made a big push for the paris accord. they made a big push to make sure we had a plan to begin the transition to renewable fuel and renewable energy. so i don't think joe biden's record on climate will put him in any danger of reaching out to
7:08 am
blue collar voters in the midwest or in the sun belt. >> donna, good morning. mitch rochell. president obama referred to it as a circular firing squad. how much kevl lar is biden going to have to wear to avoid getting hit by shrapnel when the debates start. >> he's the front runner. as one of the frontrunners in the democratic party, many candidates will go after his record. they will also try to point out that the american people are not interested in a third obama, biden term. so i'm sure the vice president can handle all of the incumbents. dagen: donna, there was -- maria brought this up earlier, mike e emmanuel too. made it clear that president obama has said he doesn't plan to endorse early in the primary process if at all in the primaries. what do you make of that? seems a little bit odd. >> no, i think that's a great
7:09 am
move on his part. look, president obama along with the former first lady has spent -- they've spent a lot of time trying to encourage young people to vote. they have embarked on a campaign to help with the reapportionment and redistricting battles ahead. i think they're going to continue to enlarge the electorate and convince a new generation of americans to heed the call of leadership. maria: but i mean, the fact that it's his vice president and he's not going to be there, i mean, you've got a crowded field here, donna. it's interesting to note that he's coming out as a moderate but largely the entire field is progressive, radical in many cases. is he going to be able to break through all the radicals? >> well, the only thing radical within the democratic party or the republican party are those that sit on the sidelines and not get involved.
7:10 am
these are people who -- maria: i'm talking about bernie sanders, medicare for all, i'm talking about elizabeth warren and her wealth tax, i'm talking about aoc c and the party, talking about radical ideas comings out of the democratic party right now, donna. >> these are public policy ideas. raising the minimum wage, trying to find jobs for people who are still out there looking. i mean -- maria: i'm talking about the green new deal and medicare for all, donna. >> well, the cost of healthcare rising and more and more americans spending their disposable income on healthcare, i mean, these are issues that people would like us to talk about. i don't believe that we have all of the solutions, but you cannot allow these programs to go unaddressed. look, go bac back to joe biden. joe biden has a wonderful opportunity because he is a proven leader, because he's run twice before. he has high name recognition.
7:11 am
can you raise the money? can he pull together a coalition? can he convince a new generation of americans that he has a vision for the future? and if he can, he will become the democratic nominee. it's going to be a battle. maria: especially with bernie sanders raising all that money. bernie sanders has been very successful. >> people know bernie, they know his record they know what he stands for, they know he's an independent. he's the only self-identified democratic socialist in the race. joe biden brings a different type of leadership, a different message. again, like many of the candidates of his generation, i think there's a hunger within the democratic party for new leadership and a new vision. and that's one of his challenges. but he will bring tremendous assets to the race. dagen: donna, really quickly -- it's dagen again. bernie sanders kind of got
7:12 am
booed. he name dropped dr. martin luther king at the she, the people summit. was feeling heat from the crowd to the point where he had to hold up his finger, trying to get a word in. what does that mean? what did that say? >> it's one thing to say i marched with dr. king back in 1963 or 196 a 5 1965, whatever u marched. what are you doing now? it's an old song janet jackson performed, what have you done for us lately. what are you doing now about criminal justice reform, to bring jobs and opportunity to the inner city, what are you doing now to rebuild the middle class. maria: president trump did prison reform as well. >> well, look, president trump has challenge as well. but as you know, president trump, he was down in atlanta while burnie was in houston -- bernie was in houston. he was at an important meeting
7:13 am
on the opioid crisis, something else we have to address. maria: great to get your insights. thanks so much. >> forward to seeing you soon. maria: joe biden becoming one of 12 vice presidents to seek the white house. some have been successful, others not so much. >> for seven and-a-half years i helped the president conduct the most difficult job on earth, ronald reagan asked for and received my candor. now you must see me for what i am, the republican candidate for president of the united states. [ cheering and applause ] >> for almost eight years now i've been the partner of a leader who moved us out of the valley of recession and into the longest period of prosperity in american history. i say to you tonight, millions of americans will remember for a long time to come because of the job that's been done by president bill cline. maria: that was then vice presidents george h.w. bush
7:14 am
andalitandal gore accepting noms for president. one was successful, the other was not. today another vice president enters the race. it may not be all easy for joe biden. joining us now is presidential historian doug reed. your reaction this morning? >> well, you know, if you're betting in las vegas, 14 vice presidents have become presidents of the united states. but as you said, it's very hard, only four were elected as sitting vice presidents and only one in all of history took a sabatical like joe biden and then came back and won. so it's going to be brutal, i'll put it that way. maria: what does he need to do to break through? >>s he's go he's got to distingh himself from the others and he'll have to run in the primary, not the general. george h.w. bush 1985 started his campaign, looked like the highway was absolutely clear all
7:15 am
the way to the presidency. he had money, name recognition but almost didn't make it. maria: doug, it's great to get your insights, thank you. doug reed. coming up next, merger collapse, deutsche bank ending talks with commerce bank. we've got the details after this. -driverless cars... -all ground personnel... ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. no matter what you trade, at fidelity the introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough.
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that's gonna be run wita good one., ♪ (playing) did you know that nationwide has customized small business insurance? huh-uh. maybe that's a song. yeah, maybe. (peyton) did you know nationwide is
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america's #1 provider of pet insurance, farms, and ranches? now that's a song. yeah, maybe. oh, that's gold right there. did you know that nationwide has an interactive retirement planner? (music stops) are we there yet? ♪ (nationwide jingle) maria: welcome back. we've got braining news this morning. it's official, joe biden entered the 2020 presidential race. we've got more coming up throughout the morning to look at that. first, deutsche bank and commerce bank scrap merger talks. cheryl casone with details there. cheryl: the deutsche bank, commerce bank deal was expected to be announced as soon as tomorrow. wall street journal is reporting the agreement lacked investor support and faced stiff opposition from labor unions. the merger would have created germany's largest financial institution. it is no more. the measles outbreak in the u.s. surging to a 25-year high. 69 new cases reported.
7:19 am
the cdc says this brings the number of cases to 695 across 22 states. this is the worst tally sinc sie 1994. the highest number is in new york and washington state. well, amazon's alexa under fire again over privacy worries. workers at the company can reportedly use location data to find user's home addresses through alexa. no inches p dent incidents haved so far, but amazon says access to internal tools is highly controlled and only granted to a limited number of employees who acquire the tools to train. amazon will report the latest earnings after the bell today. ahead of all that, in the premarket the stock is up a little more than 1%. maria: james, what do you think about that? >> this measles outbreak is just
7:20 am
-- it's tragic. it is -- people believing junk science, you've got to vaccinate. this is a disease that was eradicated years ago. now it's back in the united states. it can be fatal and it also destroys the immune system so that kids who get it can be vulnerable to other illnesses. maria: there's a lot of misinformation about vaccines. that's the issue here. >> yeah. these objections, they're not really religious objections in many cases. but i think people have unfortunately -- i guess they're not believing medical authorities for some reason. they're getting bad information from celebrities who made this kind of a campaign. you got to vaccinate. dagen: but the problem is, this misinformation campaign by celebrities and the like has been going on for years about vaccinations and now you see the results of basically preaching these individuals with a little bit of name recognition,
7:21 am
preaching magic at people and preaching lies and now it's kind of gotten away from the entire nation. maria: we've got to jump. biden's white house bid is up next. the former vice president adding his name to the crowded democratic field. plus magic johnson's shocking exit from the lakers, reportedly he wasp copied accidentally on an e-mail about his bad performance. back in a minute. 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday.
7:22 am
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maria: welcome back. earnings in focus this morning, facebook reporting first quarter results, beating on earnings per share and revenue. the company attributing the strong numbers to growth in stories users and ads. the stock is up almost 9% right now. microsoft posted a double beat last night as well, moving past a trillion dollar market value. the market cap above a trillion
7:25 am
dollars with the most recent move up, up 5% this morning. this is a third of these major tech companies to hit the l valuation of a trillion dollars after apple and amazon. amazon releasing hits first quarter numbers later this afternoon, right after the close. joining us right nows is apple co-ceo, alex moez and joining us right now, alex, good to see you. >> good morning. maria: thanks for joining us. first, assess the field for us in terms of these tech companies. what was your reaction to all the earnings that we saw? >> we're really just getting started with big tech. these tech monopolies like microsoft and facebook, they beat earnings and that's just the beginning and i predict that amazon is also going to beat. maria: we were talking earlier. the business model of selling data to advertising companies, this breach of privacy that we see over and over again, is this a sustainable business model? do you want to own a stock if you see this kind of pressure on the company's business model? >> privacy actually helps them and supports them to have a more dominant role if we look at
7:26 am
gdpr, what they've done to facebook and google in the e.u. >> are they able to grow users and do they need users to grow and do privacy concerns stunt user growth? >> privacy concerns get the legislation going, actually prevents the competition from facebook and google, from competing with them. so gdpr put rules and fines into place and facebook and google are in the best position to comply with those rules, post gdpr, facebook and google have a more dominant share of digital advertising as a result. >> the fundamentals of their business may not be changing but they're freezings out competition. dagen: until elizabeth warren comes along and breaks the company up. maria: she breaks them up. dagen: exactly. >> the theory is they're dominant monopolies and there's not a march he get place competitor -- marketplace competitor able to displace them. i think that's your view as well. >> that's really the vulnerability, to your point, is
7:27 am
really the anti-trust regulation that these businesses are monopolies, but the question is, how do they compete with their supply and that's where they get into trouble. how are they regulating supply? how are they regulating the sellers on amazon or the content creators on facebook or twitter. that's really where they're vulnerable. >> you look at the history of tech. aol was thought to dominate online consumer activity. yahoo at one time dominating the search business. competition tends to come out of nowhere more quickly than we expect. >> there is a lot of competition amongst the big tech monopolies. maria: not for google, they have 90% market share in search. >> google absolutely has a monopoly on search. they have a monopoly on content. if you look in youtube. and they're just getting started. there's huge growth in front of these companies. maria: you're saying it's 70%, not 90%. >> they will report under 70%. if you look internationally it's
7:28 am
always over 70%. >> maria: they don't want to show it's dominant. >> that would create problems. when it comes to their suppliers, that's really where this can be a problem for them, especially as we look towards, say, the elections next year. maria: tell us what apple co does. >> it helps traditional incumbents say i need to compete against big tech, big tech has new business models, i should build or buy this new business model because this is the future state of my industry. >> you help an old analog business become more digital. >> yes, by essentially reinventing themselves. amazon, facebook, microsoft, google, they have the new business model. why aren't the companies trying to adopt the new as opposed to new tech trying to go into the old. dagen: like geo tagging, mcdonald's app with your location on, you drive by mcdonald's, it will let you
7:29 am
know, we'll have your favorite quarter pounder with cheese and large fry ready for you, you can hit a button, order it and pull through the drew an drive-throud thehave it ready for you. that's traditional business doing something right. >> that's the golden arches in golden years i was hoping for. maria: not the aarp. dagen: you want the drone delivering your food to you. which by the way, that wing, that division of google, got that approval in blacksburg, virginia and they're working with the community to figure out what they can deliver in this rural area of virginia, what they might want. that opens the door to something all together different in this country. >> i think we'll see later today amazon also beat earnings. i actually don't think they're just going to beat earnings this quarter, they're probably going to beat earnings next quarter and probably the quarter thereafter. we're in the beginning phase of
7:30 am
seeing how the big tech monopolies are getting into their strides. maria: what's the biggest growth story within this space right now. >> i think amazon. in the past year they turned on the revenues from advertising on the marketplace, but they have multiple other platform businesses coming behind that. b2b distribution is three times the size of consumer retail, 6 to 8 trillion-dollar market. this is just in the united states, 2.5 trillion is in the u.s. consumer retail. b2b distribution is two to three times the size. they have $10 billion in gmz. they have so many things that the core monopoly marketplace is throwing off a lot of cash for these other things that are rising fast as well. maria: you're expecting a really good quarter from amazon. >> i think amazon is going to do very well. maria: we'll leave it there. good to see you. thanks so much. breaking news, joe biden officially enters the 2020 race. we are bringing the latest on
7:31 am
the entry and what it means for the field. and north korean leader kim jong un and russian president vladimir putin meet face-to-face for the first time, the details, next. ♪ let's get it started. ♪ let's get it started in here. ♪ let's get it started. ♪ let's get it started in here. ♪ let's get it started. ♪ let's get it started in here.e
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, april 25th. joe biden entered the 2020 presidential race officially. former trump campaign foreign policy affairs expert waleed ferris is with us. he'll weigh in coming up. earnings a focus for wall street. 3m had a miss on revenue and earnings, the stock is down 8% right now. that is set to shave about 100 1 point off of the dow jones industrial average. southwest had a double beat on
7:35 am
earnings and revenue. tonight we're hearing from amazon, ford motor and starbucks after the bell. amazon could be a market mover for tech. we'll preview that coming up. markets are feeling the heat of 3m, look at the dow industrials right now, down 93 points. we are expecting a lower opening for the dow as futures will indicate because of 3m. s&p futures are up almost 1 point, the nasdaq futures right now up 18 points, that's a quarter of a percent. after yesterday's close where the s&p and nasdaq at one point in the session hit record highs, but then retreated by the close. the dow industrials down 59 points, s&p 500 down 6 and-a-half and nasdaq down 18 points at the close. in europe the indices are lower across the board. the cac in paris down 13 and the dax index in germany down 15 points right now. in asia overnight, the big news was the gdp in south korea, it was weaker than expected. as you can see. the korean kospi index was down
7:36 am
one-half a percent. japan was up a half a percent, the bank of japan said it is keeping extremely low interest rates where they are until at least the spring of 2020, pretty much expected that the boj wasn't going to do anything. we have streaming wars that viewers love watching reruns on netflix. but some popular shows could be pulled. which of your favorite shows could go away and not be on netflix. we'll tell you. resignation revelations, magic johnson reportedly resigning from the lakers after accidentally being copied on an e-mail about his bad job performance. all those stories coming up. breaking news of the morning, that is joe biden made it official, entering the 2020 presidential race. joining an already crowded democratic field. joining us right now is former trump campaign foreign policy advisor, walleed ferris. thanks for weighing in here. >> thank you for having. maria: your reaction to joe biden. >> well, that was expected by most observers, the most senior
7:37 am
politician in the democratic party, the former vice president is in the best position in view of his advisors and the supporters to be the leading candidate of that field. maria: how significant a challenge is this to donald trump? >> probably this is the best shot that the democratic party would have, because biden is experienced. he was for eight years in the white house and all is going to rest now with his team, who is he going to have as a teammate, who is going to be the vice presidental candidate would be the bigger question. >> james freeman here with the wall street journal. how would a biden foreign policy differ from the trump foreign policy. >> it will be completely different. it will be a return to the obama administration policies, including let's begin with iran deal, a return to the iran deal, a different policy with china. i am not sure what they're going to do with north korea, now that chairman kim is meeting with
7:38 am
putin. that's changing a lot of the chess game going on. we're going to see a very clear difference between a biden plat form and a trump platform. >> good morning, mitch rochell. you mentioned the china deal and we talked about on the air china slow-playing the trump administration in hopes that he doesn't win re-election and they don't have to sort of make the deal that's on the table. how do you think china would potentially handicap a biden administration and how could that influence potentially the remainder of the trump first term from a negotiating with china perspective? >> your angle is very interesting. it applies not only to china but to iran and many other players who are under pressure by the trump administration. chinas is the biggest actor under pressure to get a new deal in terms of finances, in terms of economy. and china is playing all the cards including as i said earlier, chairman kim now meeting with president putin. i believe china is behind that. so that it's not dealing with
7:39 am
this issue and now it's opening a new chapter so far that president putin will be the one who will bring back kim to the table of negotiations. so i believe as you said that the next year and-a-half are going to be attempts by many international players to gain time, hoping that there will be no second presidency for president trump. dagen: it's dagen mcdowell. the meeting between vladimir putin and kim jong un, how is that not a black eye for the trump administration and what's been going on with our two less than successful summits with north korea? >> i think chairman kim meeting with putin is in preparation and repositioning to speak with our president, with president trump. that's what he's trying to do. chapter one failed. i mean, it all began when kim fired those missiles, expecting that as was the case before, a trump administration is going to go and negotiate and accept some sort of aid. it did not work.
7:40 am
president trump tweeted first and sent task forces. north korean leaders ran to china and china said you have to talk to the united states. he was gratified that he had been at the high visibility. when the time came and trump asked him to deliver on nukes, he couldn't. now he's going to putin. and putin, it's very good for him because he's going to reposition himself to speak with president trump after two years of impossibility. maria: then there's china. the white house announcing the u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer and steven mnuchin are headed back to beijing next week. they'll go on the 30 to resume talks. first, your thoughts on that. are we going to see a deal? and what do you think biden's policy platform will be? will he take on china the way the president has? >> he is going in my view to be tougher on china but in reality they're going to negotiate with china from a weaker position. the trump administration is stronger in terms of narrative
7:41 am
but they will try to cut a deal with china and china understands that now they have two partners that they're going to be dealing with, a sitting president and a strong candidate. maria: yeah. do you think biden has articulated his strategy yet? what is it? i mean, or is it -- is it going to be anything more than take down trump? >> it's going to be first of all a strong primary. he's going to distinguish himself on foreign policy from everybody else. he's going to say i've been president for eight years, i know better on china, iran, russia, everything else, to win that first battle. the second battle he's going to say, well, look, trump has not given any results in terms of negotiating with china, what is the result, negotiating with kim, what is the result, what is he doing on iran. these would be the criticisms that will be used by vice president -- former vice president biden against our president now. maria: that makes a lot of sense. great to have your sight. thanks so much -- your insight. thanks so much. joe biden adding his name to the
7:42 am
crowded democratic field. we'll bring you the latest on the entry with analysis. magic johnson's shocking exit from the lakers explained. he was reportedly p copied on e-mails about his bad job performance, that story coming up. heading into retirement you want to follow your passions rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage, should you need it. so you can explore all the amazing things ahead. talk to your advisor about brighthouse smartcare. brighthouse financial. build for what's ahead℠
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maria: welcome back. breaking news, it is official this morning, joe biden entered the 2020 presidential race.
7:46 am
we have more coming up on that throughout the morning. first, bayer facing a showdown. cheryl: i've got corporate wars going this morning. bayer shares are rising overseas, better than expected results, give giving that compaa breach respite ahead of a shareholder meeting. investors are growing impatient with the company's legal problems in the united states. the company reported an above expected rise in adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization and sales, driven by the integration of monsanto which it acquired for $63 billion last year. expect fireworks there. okay, venmo gaining popularity. more than 40 million people use the mobile payment app over the past 12 months. that is more users than top u.s. banks have on their apps like bank of america, even wells fargo.
7:47 am
total payments on venmo jumped by more than 70% to $21 billion in the first quarter. now, pa pay pal released the des as part of the quarterly earnings that came in after the bell. post earnings, pay pal is up almost 2% as you can see on your screen. another stock to watch could be netflix. they might have to say good-bye to some of their most popular shows. wall street journal is reporting that as companies like warner media and nbc universal are looking to start their own streaming services, they're going to want their programs back and one of them, yes, you can see it on your screen is friends, one of the most popular hits on netflix, believe it or not. the office, another show, people love to stream on netflix. netflix slightly higher in the premarket. don't take my friends away. maria: that's a big deal. they're paying all this money and investing so many billions in original content but people want things like -- cheryl: they want friends, the old good stuff. maria: what do you think about
7:48 am
that? >> now there's multiple platforms you can stream on, content is key but forcing people to have multiple subscriptions so they can get all of the content that they want, so you can't get some of the hbo content on this platform. you have to also subscribe to them. i think that's going to be the way the game is played. you'll have to have multiple monthly bills to get all the content you want. dagen: hbo now is going to have problems with game of thrones going away. the deadwood movie comes out i think next month. after that, then what? nothing. not paying for that. >> curb. dagen: curb your enthusiasm. that's really worth whatever b b ajillion dollars a year. maria: when they lose the more important things, will you pay up for that. dagen: i don't watch friends or office reruns. maria: you want original content. dagen: i don't watch friends. i lived in new york city for 25 years. i know of no apartment that
7:49 am
looks like that. >> no coffee shop looks like that. dagen: exactly. the office, it's about the original office, not the american version. maria: what were you going to say? >> netflix has been spending a lot of money to develop new content. i think they're still not quite there. this is what it suggests to me, that they still need m to buy rights to hollywood creation as opposed to new stuff. there is a good documentary if you get a chance, battered bastards of baseball, about the actor kurt russell and his dad creating a minor league baseball team in the '70s. fascinating story. maria: kurt russell has been doing a lot. >> it's an amazing story, an american entrepreneurial story of a guy kind of challenging the baseball establishment. maria: all right. we've got a recommendation. dagen: there's nobody more awesome than goldie hawn and kurt russell. maria: they're awesome. magic johnson's shocking exit from the lakers explained, he was reportedly copied on e-mails
7:50 am
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maria: welcome back. so we've been telling you all morning an e-mail mistake may have led to magic johnson resigning from the lakers. jared max with details in sports. jared: according to an nba analyst, magic johnson's resignation may have been sparked by something that magic read. he says to his understanding, magic was c.c.ed or c.c.ed on e-mails between the lakers owner and the lakers g.m., e-mails
7:54 am
that said they were critical of the lakers legend who didn't get defended. have you been watching the nba playoffs? of the first 32 games, 27 have drawn lower tv ratings than one year ago, 24 with multiyear lows. last night, the clippers upset the warriors despite 45 points from kevin durant. they force game six in l.a. the winner will face the rockets. tonight is the first round of the nfl draft. kyler murray figures to be the number one selection. he gave up a baseball career to play with the nfl. the arizona cardinals have the first pick, then the 49ers, and giants pick sixth. pizza hut an nfl draft sponsor, offering 50% off pizza through saturday, april 27th. once the first draft pick gets
7:55 am
made, have you to go to pizza hut social media and you get the special code that's needed for the half price pizza. did you watch he jeopardy last night. sports better james holhouser did it today. >> you add $73,000 today. it's only 73,621 and now a 15 day total of a million 135,000, $175. jared: jared: he saluted his favorite team. he is on the way to blowing awaken jennings' record. >> did they know magic had seen the e-mail? jared: i think we'll find out more and more about this. we might need an investigation and a whole report to find out. >> seems like a tough business. most businesses if this happened it would be we're so sorry, we
7:56 am
didn't mean it, please stay. jared: magic i think he thought he had jeanie bus on his side. dagen: jeanie hired magic johnson who he called her brother, that's how close they were. it was magic johnson that hired rob polinka, kobe bryant's former agent who was, well, laughed at by many people in terms of some of the things he said and some of the player decisions that he made. so -- jared: small, small, world. small business. maria: you have to be careful when you're e-mailing. dagen: don't do business with your family is what i would say. jared: nfl draft fun to watch. the most over-hyped he event in sports. tom brady was the sixth round draft pick. it's just to see who's going in. it's fun. maria: it's funny to see how the nfl does it versus fox or -- i mean, when you look at the nfl
7:57 am
draft on the nfl network, it's exactly like the bomb and circumstance that you would see in the major networks. i think it's interesting what the nfl network is doing. jared: what's bigger than the nfl. maria: catch jared's sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7 or sirius xm channel 115. we'll be right back. 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ )
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>> welcome back good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. thursday april 25 breaking news this morning joe biden entered 2020 presidential race what candidacy means to crowded field of if democratic contenders, earnings in focus 3m had a miss in conditionl revenue down sharply pushing dow industrials lower, 3m down 8 1/2%,southwest surging a double beat on earnings revenue up two and third% on southwest, later we hear from amazon ford motor starbucks after the bell tonight markets mixed dow futures lower because of 3m dow expected
8:01 am
down 90 points start of trading, all of which is abe tributed to 3m, s&p futures up 2 points nasdaq futures up 23 points, yesterday, markets lower to look at yesterday's close, when dow industrials gave up 59 points quarter of one percent s&p 500 down 61/2 nasdaq yesterday down 18 points 4:00 on wall street ebb european indices lower ft 100 down 38 points cac quarante in paris down u dukes index down 11 as well in asia overnight, the big news was the bank of japan meeting, and weaker than expected gdp, out of south korea a decline one half of a percent as you can see see secretary shanahan has been cleared the pentagon watchdog agency clearing acting defense secretary of wrongdoing after allegations he favored former employer boeing, carlos ghosn would be released from jail any minute granted bail the
8:02 am
strict restrictions he faces upon release coming up merger breakdown deutsche bank ending talks with consumers bank merge would have created germany's largest financial institution coming up this thursday morning joining me to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell, wrot assistant editorial editor james freeman pi. w.c. partner mitch roschelle. >> you couldn't have more breaking news although in next hour you never know. maria: yeah. >> just amazing the slow growth around the world we've talked a lot about europe now south korea, underperforming, canada is weak but u.s., looks like we will find out gdp report tomorrow, better than expected growth a strong dollar u.s. remains kind of this island of vitality in the world. maria: true. dagen: how long before conversation concerning shift back to a fed that to raise interest rates right now you see one that is pausing. and that is one concern that a
8:03 am
lot of people raised is like when do we start wringinghands about a hawkish fed show a. >> federal reserve fomc wednesday, may 1, by the way, if china talks are resuming when mnuchin lighthizer go to beijing 30th that is also happening next week, you've got u.s. jobs' report coming out, for the month of april at end next week, on friday and, of course, oh you also have china purchasing managers indices for april coming out next week on 30th a lot happening in the week ahead he will give information on all above, we are covering breaking news former vice president joe biden making it official he is running for president blake burman live at the white house this morning with reaction, more details blake, good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as well just might be is where last democrat to jump into race polls show for the moment he is front-runner in democratic primary joe biden announcing earlier this
8:04 am
morning, his reason i for president in a video that he released, in which he focused on the august 207 he protests in chav locharlottesville singling out part of president'sish in response when president said there were very fine people on both sides. >> those words the president of the united states, assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those were courage to stand against it at that moment i knew the threat to this nation was unlike any i had ever seen in my lifetime. >> the democrats 2016 nom me hillary rodham clinton writing in if "washington post" op-ed a democrats should not necessarily immediately rush to judgment rights congress should hold substantive hearings that build on mueller report fill in gaps not jump
8:05 am
extra it up to or down vote on impeachment, in 1998 republican-led house rushed to judgment, that was a mistake then, and would be a mistake now clinton says there should be a bipartisan independent commission to study election interference to study pro tech elections much like there was a bipartisan independent commission that was set up after 911. >> thank you blake burman at the white house the president just tweeted, on mueller investigation here is what president trump said as has been incorrectly reported by fang news media i never told then white house counsel mcgahn to fire robert mueller even though i had legal right to do so if i wanted to pfeifer mueller i didn't need mcgahn to do it i could have done it mils mueller was not fired was allowed to finish work what i am others say was illegal investigation there was no crime, headed by a trump hater highly being convicted group of 18 very
8:06 am
angry democrats drain the swamp the daley caller editor in chief christopher bedford. >> thanks for having me. >> your reaction to biden entering. >> seems a little bit of -- there was a lot of talk what was coming was it pennsylvania live inventory the original video was changed leaks this early in campaign should serve to get people excited not serve to set expectations, when you don't meet biden clear front-runner people say once a view of him left won't like him they've had a view for 8 years a popular larry figure in democratic party hasn't won before on national stage if he can raise money get ahead of betos, buddha judges all o here people bernie main one main xr competitor if he can raise money not be embarrassed. >> rhetoric from left has many leaping more left than when
8:07 am
they ran for offices, do you think biden can sort of drag the party more to the center in this process or do you think the noise from left is just going to be unquicken ofble. >> i think in a primary unquelchble, can probably shift more to center a lot of voters are freshmen class are, but in the primaries never the time to take on, the -- the most active in your base, that is what he is up against. maria: you know nancy pelosi this is her pick. dagen: but the thing is the people who are the most vocal in the media are left wing liberals, people on twitter and on social media. if you look at a democratic base based on some polling half of those individuals identify them as conservative democrats, so again he appeals to he appeals to that and coming into this may be pure name recognition, with a
8:08 am
6.3-point lead over bernie sanders and realclearpolitics average of pols. >> media hut finger hard on scale for this who is buddha judge a make-believe media candidate getting stories out who is this guy we know who it is because you invented him. >> picking winners and losers, every single day. maria: i want to know still why obama and michelle are saying we're going to sit it out we're not getting behind a candidate. this is his vice president, president obama is saying i don't know who i am voting for. >> i don't think they are typical democratic politics not like clinton politics of machine obama has a vision how he wants to see america, and what a lot of people call radical democrats nowadays moved further left than his, and joe biden is not the exemplar of that. >> not at this point.
8:09 am
>> has to say something. >> just wonder you see criticizing their buddha judge is that economy southbend not knight of walker or -- i mean, let's say he is presiding over one of the top five economies in north central indiana some would say that is reason enough to run for president. >> as dog catcher could run for president. >> quite frankly a reality show star did, so -- be clear about that you joke about -- we have major i will tell you this i have had private conversations about mayor pete he has major game not manufactured by media it is who he is his and mayor pete and his basically communications manager they know how to use -- his communications. maria: is former eliot
8:10 am
spitzer are. dagen: they know how to use social media, i will say that. >> the first time i ever heard his name, was in an article saying yes he is running. then we heard more and more and more ginned up speaks languages learners languages to read books a great mayor not nearly at level previous people who have run successful campaigns for president to all points when he reaches 10 points about nationally i am losing a steak byrne bet. >>. dagen: his democratic opponents spending money he apparently trying to dying up dirt on him you joke about mooir pete publicly privately same stuff people said about president trump, president trump where they dismissived him dismissed him dismissed him. >> he was but, again, i think that millennial voters have a
8:11 am
-- connections with people via social media that anybody over the age of -- even in my age bracket over age 40 don't understand because they are not paying attention. maria: i just. >> about -- >> i caution democrats not to rule out the mayor of fort wayne that is growing population a little bit faster than southbend. >> i got to get your take you want to respond. >> i agree. >> deals in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal washington examiner among others reporting that a former fbi official says cachet of clinton e-mails discovered in obama white house justice department looking into possible misconduct by obama administration about officials under miling 2016 campaign we know lindsey graham, william barr about of coursig looking at origins of investigation into there didn't do anything vest hillary clinton e-mails disappeared now found in obama white house, reaction?
8:12 am
>> we had some indication that the president had been when he was in office, eagle bahe maili back-and-forth from private server not paying attention spokesman said we have absolute coffer maiconfirmation fbi had to dig up e-mails a long list clinton aides tech aids to about white house secret service, so one of these is not like other things would i like to see how many e-mails there were hard to find what is in them. maria: i don't think there is willingness to go here. >> there is none. >> amazing how huge stories huge government stories and somehow the president -- just kind of this figure off stage, making occasional cameo appearance same with fbi investigation of the trump campaign, are we going to learn -- >> and you have written about
8:13 am
this james written about this it is time to hear from obama administration. where did the direction where did directive come from was it obama white house to investigate donald trump? and spy on his campaign during 2016 election. >> imagine if president obama was helpful full as joe biden as he was to hillary clinton i've never seen president -- >> imagine i have never heard of a president did so much to stabtage incoming managers as president obama did party politics at play i am wondering in lindsey graham is able to get to bottom of where this investigation started who is implicated in it we know den nunes sent over 8 criminal referrals apparently expecting once ig report comes out there will be more cell referrals. >> will fall on bill barr attorney general to act on criminal referrals yes is targeted by left. maria: exactly right thank you so much, coming up
8:14 am
earnings season in full swing 3m southwest comcast reporting this morning 3m down 8% on track to cut about 112 points from dow industrials opening bell that is why dow is negative right now march durable goods out in 20 minutes' time a window how economy is doing looking for increase 8/10 of a percent on durable goods for the month of march, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ i switched to liberty mutual,
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maria: jam-packed day gerri willis floor of new york stock exchange with details 3m a mark this morning. >> that is right, maria. 3m, double miss for that company lowered 2019 forecast eps the.23 versus expectations 2.49 revenue 7.86 billion to shave a hundred points off dow at open, southwest earnings
8:18 am
much better double beat 2.23 adjusted eps expectations very different indeed, 70 cents a share versus 61 apologies there, what is interesting better quarter despite grounding 10,000737 max flights big quarter for them up premarket, amazon after bell expecting very big quarter for amazon, with earnings 4.92 a share all about cloud services facebook double beat up after-hours up now 8.5%, they set aside 3 billion dollars to pay federal trade commission, microsoft double beat up 5% strong cloud revenue quoting tesla big miss, the stock down three quarters of a percent this morning back to you. maria: gerri thank you so much gerri willis verizon announcement on 5g revolution next, we've got, the numbers for you, economists looking
8:19 am
for 8/10 of a percent spree of there. back in a minute. ♪ ♪ was ahead of its time. still, we never stopped making it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better.
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buddhist. maria: breaking news from vice president joe biden about about initially entering 2020 presidential race first 5g revolution verizon announcing 20 cities across u.s. will get 5g ultra wide band network this year atlanta boston detroit washington, d.c., preorders for samsung al,y 5g kicking off a fox business exclusive president ronan,
8:23 am
great to see you thanks very much for joining us. >> good morning, maria. . >> we are talking about 5ging implications there, first do you think that we are going to see the 5g network materialize this year because i know there is a lot of conversation about it but so far, we haven't really seen you know, details of evidence that in fact this is happening, that soon. >> maria we've already launched first two cities last week in minneapolis, chicago and this morning announced next 20, what is part of a commitment to make sure that at least 13 major cities across u.s. have 5g experience 5g is really already arrived in u.s. today also announcing we've got a great knew samsung s10, 5g smartphone more will be able to enjoy amazing 5g experience world's best smartphone. >> what kind of changes we will see as a result of 5 dp what does that mean to people with this phone? >> so i think couple things first thing to say is that
8:24 am
this phone will also make the most of the u.s. best 4 did gl.t. whenever you are you will get benefit of increasing number of cities, that have 5g when you think about 5g i would say moving to real time, it is about real-time finger streaming video gaming an individual being able to trade on smartphone sfast one of those wall street traders you talk to living live in real time. >> good morning thanks for the shout-out. >> but one of the things interesting about 5g does enable the internet of things iot to take place there are concerns about date privacy are you doing anything to guard against data privacy in 5g rollout. >> first thing to understand actually your cellular network most secure way to transfer
8:25 am
data so from a point of view we start from great position the technology sports that, we are very conscious verizon committed to makeing sure that we recognize it is our consumer's data should only be used in the way they consent to use it so we are absolutely building in security right at the core, and the more of your traffic that goes over wireless network the more secure your data is. maria: let me just break in and tell you we have breaking news right now, president trump just tweeted on joe biden entering presidential race the president just said welcome to the race sleepy joe i only hope you have intelligence long in doubt to wage a successful primary campaign it will be nasty you will be dealing with people truly have very sick demented ideas if you make it i will see you at the starting gate, wow writes president trump this morning about joe biden, entering the race. before we get back to ronan your reaction here. dagen: one of vice president
8:26 am
biden's hurdles to not seem sleepy, and meaning, not seem like his heart isn't in it. and that i think that with remember, low energy jeb, jeb bush acted like he didn't want to be there did not have energy for the long haul, i think vice president biden has to fight that -- >> by end of four years right biden will be 80. dagen: not talking about age. maria: i am wondering if that is what president is trying to suggest the president is -- dagen: close enough in age that wouldn't be throwing stones about -- energy. maria: president trump has -- dagen: right but more i think do you want this, do you want to do this do you have it in your heart. maria: ronan thanks so much, sir. >>
8:27 am
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maria: good thursday morning. i'm maria bartiromo. thanks for joining us we are
8:30 am
awaiting march durable goods orders breaking news this morning, the expectation is up 8/10 of a percent president trump tweet that he welcomes sleepy joe biden to 2020 presidential race, dr. jill biden tweeting excited and proud husband running for president 3m a miss. durable-goods orders are 2.7% gain this is much better than expectation was 8/10 of a percent a gain 2.7% for the month of march durable goods let's look at markets see if any change, 3m, is the earnings story of the morning it was a miss on revenue and earnings set to cut 100 points off dow jones industrial average opening of trading auz see dow down 71 points going to see a negative opening from the broader averages despite that march durable goods orders much better than expected up 2.7% estimate of 8/10 of a percent big items
8:31 am
refrigerators, to last several years, durable goods orders good indicator of broad economic strength earnings, of course, later amazon ford motor starbucks after the bell markets ploer as a result of 3m nasdaq s&p higher nasdaq futures gain of 28 points one-third of a percent s&p 500 up two points dow down 77 in europe largely a lower day, as you see across the board. ft 100 down 4 points two-thirds of a percent cac quarante in paris down 11 a quarter of a percent dax down 12 1/2 points fractional loss there as well asia overnight big stories bank of japan meeting south korea gdp we saw, a decline in gdp was weaker than expected, and that pressured markets as you see big hit was in china, shanghai composite down 2 1/2% joining me right now is chief
8:32 am
investment strategist michael great to see you. >> thank you for having me here. >> as you so much joining us durable goods orders out getting earnings from first quarter, how would you characterize backdrop for investing go macrofirst. >> broad economy very well we are very focused on leading economic indicators, like k-- he consumer confidence housing confidence those last year or so have weakened, so leading indicators beginning to decline, foreshadoweding showdown economic indicators in earnings beginning to see play out our concern back half of this year there will be a growth scare foreshadowed by webbing lease in current leading indicators. >> you guys have been so great in terms of identifying the strength that we're seeing a very good backdrop, and you know nancy lazar, one of the founders of the company, has been you know, even in face of criticism about the fed, things are going to you know
8:33 am
tumble because of europe and china, she has stayed firm in that things are very strong but your call is that in the second half, could weaken a bit where does that keep from weakness. >> sure, again leading indicators like kmi's earnings visions expectations starting to slow unique about this market rally is that it is all p-es expectation, and hope, that things are going to get better has been reduction of the fidelity coming out of tightening story it has been market friendly gobble economy potentially signs of bottoming like we've seen in china we think looking back at past fed tightening cycles all economic weakness in earnings particularly comes after fed's last rate hike while talking about fed being done out of the way reality is we are till digesting what the fed has done two and a half, at least years going to hang with us for another 12 months or so we think there could be disappointment in the back
8:34 am
half of the year. >> do you think the federal reserve raises rates. >> no, no, we don't think fed will raise rates again. so we do think bond he yields as markets begin to realize that, we will see bond yields come back down 10 year for example but really not just fed that raises rates causes a tightsening cycle, we are now seeing banks begin to tighten lending standards n often happens in wake of a fed tightening cycle. >> capex property strong more important indicators you look at capex particularly into it technology r and d quite strong. >> the growth in i.t., just u.s. having especially market having benefit you mentioned the nasdaq up today dow down story pretty much the relative out performances of nasdaq story all year u.s. markets have so mitch growth and stability in those tech about
8:35 am
sectors we continue to like u.s. equity markets even though generally more expensive there is a reason more expensive they have that sustainable growth whereas countries like europe, and emerging markets have much more cyclicality in them. >> let's talk about call semicon duckors some people questioning whether it is strong because they had indications the industry wasn't as strong as people thought you wrote a report on semiconductors tell me about that. >> specific talking about lumber prices, that was not directly related to semiconductors a good time real time leading indicator u.s. economic activity with semiconductors when i talked about early p-es driving market higher for semis, p.e. of semi group up 45% you have
8:36 am
seen semiconductors valuations go from 5, 6-year lows, to 10-year highs last four months called kind of a rags to riches story so valuation story for semis is gone fundamentals not proving t.i. said in earnings report only in second quarter of slowdown typical in semi space lasts four to five quarters consistent with view broadly earnings slowing will continue slowing not pick up. servers expecting sharp pickup in earnings expectations right now. >> do you want to sell semis. >> we would fade semiconductors various cycle groups autos i think housing benefited from big drop in interest rates, i think we have gotten the max benefit if you will from drop in rates, interest rates continue falling from here, or if fed gets more dovish we don't think something that will support equity market will likely happen because of a disappointment in economic
8:37 am
activity. >> people will basically view the federal reserve lowered rates as indication things are slow. >> if fed were to cut rates not our near team are view something bad likely happened markets likely lower ahead that have we think a high boar for fed to lower rates today. >> tell me about commodities part this report on timber lumber, what is that telling snus. >> sure we look at lumber prices a he phenomenal has phenomenal fit with as leading indicator of earnings growth, pmi's something we focus on, as another measure leading indicator lumber prize down 60% year-over-year one biggest drops actually going back to early 90s, so historically that is a good foreshadowing of about the continuing weakness in leading indicators would portend further downward revisions for sneerngs would that indicate weak necessities in however, sector. >> it could. >> construction. >> absolutely. >> and there are other
8:38 am
indicators like that iron, ore you point to for further indication. >> lumber prize more cons dent indicator we try to figure out where earnings momentum in economy is going where you want to be positioned we look at things that lead like, industrial production report like we got for the durables report we got day that is tells me monetary policy fed raised rates they are done kind of like a big meal you don't get that stomachache till an hour after you have eaten that meal fed kind of stopped eating if you will, we still think there is a -- a stomachache if you will for the economy next couple quarters. >> quick in terms of that slowdown you are expecting second half of the year, will the markets take a que from that do you want to buy stocks or do you want to sell given the fact that you are expecting backdrop to weaken. >> sure markets gone with up entirely p.e. expansion a function of reducing the risks around the fed, tariffs the dollar now beginning to move
8:39 am
up again that could become a risk the global slowdown we think will continue, into the end of this year so fees aren't going to help anymore you are back to earnings we think earnings are going to disappoint i think the market is for the year is about as high as it is going to get, could go higher a little bit sure would i have be moving more into groups that are beneficiaries of slowdown or appointment such as staples utes health care, high quality tech growth names do better than other cyclical names. >> thank you so much, cornerstone macro. >> the retail giant reporting after closings will be stuart varney will weigh weigh in, dplafrmo meets camping a look into business glamping, let's you experience great outdoors without the work back in a minute with that, stay with us. ♪ i love you baby, and i need
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brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage, should you need it. so you can explore all the amazing things ahead. talk to your advisor about brighthouse smartcare. brighthouse financial. build for what's ahead℠ maria: big business of amazon retail giant reporting earnings after the bell joining me host of "varney & company" stuart. >> i wonder if amazon will take que from mike sought and facebook this morning are zooming after very positive earnings reports yesterday now i am not leading anybody on
8:44 am
here. i am suggesting though that if amazon comes out you with blowout earnings, they could be headed very sharply higher just like microsoft and facebook. i've got a caveat here, though one of the reasons microsoft is up sharply that their cloud business performed so very well. up 73% as i am reading the numbers. amazon is big in the cloud business as well they are a direct competitor with microsoft for the cloud industry so to speak, if microsoft is doing so well, does that mean that amazon is not doing so well in the cloud? if that is the case, then the stock probably won't zoom as much as it might other things being the same, so i am really looking forward to seeing what happens this afternoon, if indication is i am looking onboard up at 19.22 i wonder if a blowout report doing well in cloud do they hit 2000
8:45 am
dollars today or tomorrow morning? which is it i am just wondering just saying. maria: can you believe stock price 1900 dollars. >> has been above 2000 before looks set to get back to that. maria: i wonder why they don't split it. >>ive i never understood that i don't know look at google 1200 dollars a share back in the day, you know 10 years ago, you split when you got to about 80, 90 a hundred dollars a share kind of normal berkshire hathaway stood out went to 40,000 or something. >> incredible, and let's not forget where google went public 75? i think 75 dollars public offering didn't use banks traditional the way regular ipos are done here at 1273. >> i cannot understand why they don't split just don't get that. >> good point i know you have a lot more 15 mints see you to want of the her a "varney & company" top of the hour every day 9:00 a.m. earning after
8:46 am
"mornings with maria" stay with us for that, first deutsche bank deutsche bank chachg american. >> deutsche bank commerzbank deal announcement expected as soon as tomorrow "the wall street journal" reported it will lacks investor sport faced opposition from labor unions merger would have crowded germany's largest financial institution. >>? out of japan carlos ghosn could be released from tokyo jail today the former nissan chairman has been granted bail for a second time, after being, he arrested back in november, on charges of financial misconduct now he continues to deny all charges against him including the latest concerning breach of trust foorlgdly diverting 5 million dollars in nissan money sources telling maria bartiromo once ghosn is released he won't be able to see or communicate with his wife carole part of bail agreement, when you spoke with
8:47 am
carole ghosn she told you husband in peer health. >> concert lovers to mark national concert week quite a deal, selling tickets for just 20 bucks, the bar dwayne good more than 2800 concerts across the country, the tickets go on sale get ready wednesday, may 1. all right coming up gone glamping a look into big business of luxury camping how to make you have a camper coming up next. ♪
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maria: -- welcome back coming from outside plaza fox the woods will never be the same a new high end camping experience provided by brooklyn based terra glamping, joining me ceo cofounder great to have you thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> brooklyn -- love the idea of this glamping glamorous camping, correct. >> and we're brooklyn based where you think all outdoor companies are from we provide, luxury glamping for in a hotel setting office or special event around the country. >> very cool, this tent is so beautiful. let's go in take a look at featuring we've got here. >> hello there, wow tell me
8:52 am
about this. >> so these are sleeping tents that we have in glamping hotels, all of the tents have mattresses beautiful bedding on them so you can sleep outdoors you can have that fresh air wafting through, comfortable, without bumps, we have everything you need from you know face wash, and sunscreen to cell phone charges books like a hotel room, right inside here. >> very cool i actually i needed this when i stayed overnight in sahara desert frooefrgz what about the temperature when p i was in a tent it was so cold i had to wear three or four layers there is some kind of heating mechanism in here. >> the incredibly warm will heat up to your body temperature it might then we have down come for theers on top we have people say i am going to be freezing go with
8:53 am
layers strip it off middle of the night bed are incredibly sfwhoorm what is benefit of glamping versus canaling tell me about that benefit being outdoors benefit of just connecting from the crazy -- we are always on phones, you know at work, this way we can be in nature you don't have to lose creature comforts a lot of people, a lot of people don't want to be outdoors this is a great way, to open it up to so many more people. >> you are opening it up this summer, you've got plans to be out in new york, tell me about that. >> 30 sent in east ham ton on gardner's base looking on water the harbor, and we have sleeping tents we have dining tent lounge tents we have kayaks, paddle boards. >> how much that is experience to get in this tent east ham
8:54 am
ton a weekend in the summer. >> -- east ham ton starts 300 a night for this room, and we can two might minimum camp fire gourmet every night. >> what is representation so far? >> representation has been great it is -- a trend i think that is kind going to come more main strooel in fis five years it is more and more companies coming out people understanding don't have to explain glamping anymore to people. >> the weather is nice, you won't be that cold, like airbnb in a tent. >> check it out, we will be right back, stay with us.
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♪ maria: welcome back. we're coming to you from outside the plaza. thanks for coming out this morning. great to see everybody. let's get final thoughts from our all-star panel. how did you guys like the glamorous tent? over to you, mitch. final thought. >> i did like the glamorous tent. durable goods orders came out at 2.7%, way ahead of expectations. tomorrow we have gdp which could also exceed expectations. maybe the rumors of the demise of the u.s. economy were greatly exaggerated and we are starting off to a good start in 2019. maria: i have to agree with that. james, what do you say? >> american exceptionalism. so far, kind of cool. we look forward to tomorrow. i like glamping as well. i have a feeling mrs. freedman would especially like glamping. maria: dagen?
8:59 am
>> my favorite story out this morning, i just saw this on axios, this is of course given that vice president joe biden is now officially running for the democratic nomination, former democratic senators heidi heitkamp and joe donnelly have a plan to teach 2020 candidates how to talk to a trump voter. how to talk to rural voters. these two individuals, heitkamp and joe donnelly, couldn't even hold their senate seats in their own states but they are going to tell other candidates how to win over voters. that was the biggest belly laugh for me all morning so far. maria: unbelievable. great analysis, as always. great to see you guys. thanks for joining us. it's been a show of breaking news throughout the morning. have a great day, everybody. a big hello to stuart varney as we toss over to him. over to you, stu. stuart: maria, thank you very much indeed. we will take it and say good morning to you and all of our viewers in the background there, and good morning to everyone. here's the headline.
9:00 am
the big tech rally remains alive and well, and yes, it's running strong. look at this. item one is microsoft, now valued at over $1 trillion. look at that. the stock is taking off, up nearly 5%, six bucks. it's reached $131 a share. sales up 14%, profits through the roof again and almost alone among the tech companies, microsoft has no reputational risk. watch it go. item two, facebook, gaining active daily users. 1.56 billion of them in total now. how's that for a company that's under attack for messing with your privacy? the stock is bursting out of the blocks, closing in on $200 a share. item three, amazon. they report at 4:00 eastern this afternoon but even in advance of that, the stock's powering ahead and getting pretty close to $2,000 a share. amazon following microsoft and facebook. investors clearly bullish on big tech.


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