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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 25, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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a biggie out after the closing bell. that is amazon. expected to make $4.77 a share. it is revenues are expected to close in on $60 billion. we'll follow all that. charles payne ahead of all that. charles: thank you, neil. i'm charles payne. this is "making money." breaking now, there was devastating earnings report for one of the most important stocks in the dow, we're talking about 3m, dragging the dow deep intoed red. we'll break down all of these earnings for you. also president trump welcoming former vice president joe biden into the 2020 race as only he truly can. biden, formally announcing his candidacy today in a crowded democratic field. is the man to take on trump? or is he too mainstream for the new brand ever liberal socialists? >> we'll discuss it. charles: "avengers: endgame" already smashing records at the
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box office as theaters across the country prepare for 72 hours, round-the-clock shows. that and much more on "making money". ♪ >> >> former vice president joe biden off and running. blasting president trump as he gets set to hit the campaign trail first thing next week. will begin one of two states he calls home, all important swung state of pennsylvania. president trump welcomed quote, sleepy joe to the race, tweeting i hope he has the intelligence, long in doubt, to wage a successful primary campaign. it will be nasty. you will deal with people who truly have some very sick and demented ideas. but if you make it i will see you at the starting gate. edward lawrence in d.c. with more. edward. reporter: charles, former vice president joe biden becoming only second vice president, trying to become the second vice president to become president after a break from public office. only one to do it, president
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richard nixon. 14 vice presidents held the top job, biden took shots at president donald trump for dividing this country. biden did not lay out any of his policies. just talking in generalities. >> folks, america is an idea, a idea stronger than any armier, bigger than any ocean and who are more powerful than any tyrant. reporter: he immediate becomes the front run among the 20 people trying to win the democratic nomination. three senators endorsed biden. senator chris coons from delaware, bob casey from pennsylvania and doug jones from alabama. here is biden why his former boss has not endorsed him yet. >> i asked mr. obama not to endorse. he doesn't -- we, whoever should win the nomination should win on their own merits. welcome to delaware. reporter: a lot of establishment
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democrats cheering this announcement. listen. >> i thought it was powerful and compassionate. i think that, listen in this polarizing environment it is an incredible contrast to the president. the truth i think he is saying we have to bring people together. this is not the right way. i will show you the right way. i think it is very powerful. reporter: former vice president on a publicity tour. he got of the train at wilmington, delaware. he went to a pisa shop for lunch. it was take-out. he will have fund-raising event in philadelphia. at the senior executive vice president diversity officer for comcast, david cohen's house. as you know, comcast owns nbc. charles: joining me trump 2020 senior advisor, madison gesiotto. fox news contributor jehmu greene. your thoughts. biden made it official. >> elephant has entered the
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room. there is no doubt biden is formidable candidate. he is leading when it comes to electability when it comes to democrats. he is leading president trump by largest margin, by seven points, if you average the polls. i wonder what his platform is going to be. we saw a little sample of that. he will be running on character. he will be running on nostalgia, go back to the great obama days but i do think there are many democrats who are looking to see what his positions are, what is he bringing that is fresh to the race and not just kind of bouncing off of that shine from president obama. charles: as a democratic leader yourself, are you somewhat disappointed he didn't articulate to a degree already? >> no. i think we've got more than enough time for those ideas to come out and the reality is you're seeing the best democrats have to offer. i do wish we were seeing the
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best that republicans had to offer but they will go with president trump. i think they're with. charles: they will go with the person that the american public also picked a couple years ago. madison, i thought was problematic for me. in this video joe biden is saying that, when he saw this charlottesville video he knew the threat to this nation unlike anything he knew this lifetime. he is not a young whippersnapper. in his lifetime, we had world war ii, korean war, vietnam war, iraq war, aids fan dem i can, a that is right tied, education crisis goes on today and drug crisis as well. do you think this could be a mistake saying president trump is the greatest threat that this nation has seen in 76 years? >> yeah i think it is a mistake. his announcement today was very underwhelming. something that i think disappointed many democrats. jehmu brought up a great point what is the message going to be. what his platform will be that
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is still up in the air. something very concerning for biden's camp he is going to be far behind when it comes to small donor dollars. bernie sanders cornered the small donor market. will joe biden be age to catch up? we'll see. 20 people running on the race on democratic side. there is two races the primary, general. general more mainstream democratic audience. primary will be more to the left. biden is more mainstream than bernie sanders he may perform better in the general but may not be able to win the primary. charles: bernie has issues. i want to look from sound event he attended yesterday. jehmu, i have questions as we come out of that. >> for black women, specifically? >> sorry? >> for black women specifically. >> black women will be integral part of our campaign and what our administration is about, okay? that means -- [shouting] >> hold on. >> okay.
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>> were you finished with your -- >> okay. charles: there were some heckling, some folks seemed frustrated with that jehmu. of course joe biden has been around for a long time. he has gone through some things. he had some negative comments on state mandated school integration. he at one point was staunched opponent of forced busing. in the past he discovered african-american felons as predators thinks like that. where are you? i know you tried to shake up the democratic party many times and joe biden was the kind of candidate we thought a year ago we thought the party was moving toward, someone younger and perhaps someone less whoo? >> well, it is not determined where the party is moving forward. charles: is that where you wanted it to go? are you concerned with some of the bag an joe biden may have? >> look, i'm very excited about the experiences that these women are bringing to the race. i'm very excited that it is no longer remarkable to be a woman
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in the top tier of candidates. when it comes to these issues that biden is going to have to answer whether it's the ones you pointed to, anita hill, he is going to have to provide some answers to that left-wing of the democratic party that is confused about some positions he has taken. now when it comes to bernie sanders, and getting heckled yesterday i think that there is no question that the road to 2020 for democrats goes through women of color, particularly black women who are the most reliable democratic party voters. there were some candidates came prepared yesterday. they were so inspirational with their stories and their issues, the specifics. elizabeth warren, for example. kamala harris for another example. bernie sanders he treated it like a stump speech and got shown the respect that i think showed that audience because these are 20 million voters up
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for grabs, women of color in the democratic primary. charles: i don't think sanders will make that mistake again. madison, jehmu, always great talking to you ladies. i always appreciate it. >> thanks, charles. charles: the dow paring its losses. it was down almost 250 points. all of this evolving around 3m on top of the huge earnings miss. the company announced it will cut 2,000 jobs. they slashed their profit outlook for the year. as the older industrial names continue to struggle, momentum names changing society, facebooks, microsofts of the world, those stocks continue to rock, lifting nasdaq hitting an all-time high, pushing for a second record close this year. then on top of that you have the durable goods report. orders growing faster rate due to rebound in business investments. i want to bring in money map chief investment strategist keith fitz-gerald. keith, last night when you have microsoft and facebook, you
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thought that is the only thing we'll talk about. i thought maybe we would be up 200 points on the dow. instead it got clobbered out the gate. a old name, 117-year-old name, 3 m. that did it. what do you make of the industrial part of our economy? >> here's the thing, charles, you and i discussed many times there is a very real split developing between businesses that represent the manufacturing economy of 100 years ago and businesses that represent the future world we will live in. i think you see that in the way money is moving today. you know what? this is old company. slow to change. it has serious problems. we're leaving that. we're going into the facebooks and microsofts of our world. charles: meantime one name starting to come on in today's suggestion all of a sudden is boeing. we talked about it a lot. bernstein made some positive comments. the faa probably either give it a stamp of approval if not real soon on the fix, the 737 fix. is this a name people should try
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to get in before the news breaks? >> that is very tough one, charles. i'm giving a lot of thought. i think boeing's numbers really surprised me this earnings season. not because they held up but they were what they were. this company is hemorrhaging cash. it is losing money. it speaks to everything that is wrong with a a cruel accounting today. it is probably 500 stock 12 months from now, i'm concerned in face after bigger crisis we didn't see a hit. makes me wonder what is coming down the line nexter. >> we're 25% of way through earnings season. we're killing it. earnings are better but still negative number. aggregate is off 1.1, 1.2%. is this how you envisioned this and what does it say for the rest of the year? >> playing out the way i expected. growth may slow but it will not stop. the job investors have to do,
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they have to figure out which companies benefit from real growth as opposed to fabricated numbers, industrial production of the past. that is real clear dividing line, increasingly clear as we go forward. charles: keith, this earnings season i got crushed in irobot and told my subscribers sell xilinx into the close, down 20 points. so i'm breathing a sigh of relief. earnings season is the most difficult time for investors. do you have any rules, i'm up 20% before the company reports, do you take it before the earnings or you sort of brace for the news? >> well respectfully i would push back a little bit. why do you want to make that decision. if you put in trailing stop, let the markets make that decision for you, charles. if they go up higher, you know what? you raise the stops, you capture more profits. if they reverse you go lower, you're out, collect your profits think about when you get back in. my advice do exact same things you're doing ahead of earnings as you're doing rest of the
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time. mind that risk all the time. not when it is convenient. charles: keith fitz, you're the man, buddy, appreciate it. elizabeth warren trying to gain traction on the student debt plans, the new analysis, findings may actually backfire on her, especially when voters find out who will benefit the most. kohl's causing households to cheer over news they will accept amazon returns. they're leaving investors wondering, is amazon considering buying kohl's? ♪ so, jardiance asks... when it comes to type 2 diabetes, are you thinking about your heart? well, i'm managing my a1c, so i should be all set. right. actually, you're still at risk for a fatal heart attack or stroke.
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neil: -- charles: elizabeth warren proposes $50,000 of student debt for those making less than $100,000 a year of the plan is getting mixed reviews. to arrest some of this 1.5 trillion in student debt for americans. if you make more than $250,000 annually you're not eligible. loan income amounts phase out as incomes continue to rise. cost of warren's plan if you include free tuition proposal will be well north of a trillion dollars. here to discuss is "fox nation"
2:18 pm
host britt mchenry. brit, this is the break everyone is looking for, at least every college kid who can't get out, can't move out of their parents homes because they're so saddled with all this debt. >> it is enticing. i paid off my student loans. we talked about this before, paid 22,000 extra in interest. it is a very expensive thing but what is comical to me, especially with elizabeth warren who currently is having issues with her fund-raising and finances for 2020 -- charles: right. >> is this embracement of conning millenials and generation z into free college. cool, you know, unicorns and rainbows are really nice, chars but that will not happen. one of the issues i wrote on among many, interest rates are way too high, more than first time purchasing a home. my other issue is that the middle class is very wide in the united states of america. so if you go to san francisco, here in new york, washington, d.c., her threshold doesn't
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really apply. charles: what about, what about the idea though that the obama administration came to the rescue of the college industry by getting rid of banks? remember when president trump, president obama said we'll get rid of the middleman, that will cut costs. instead it skyrocketed. college tuition was always an issue. it wasn't the number one debt that loaded american households. it has zoomed since he made the move. should there be more private sector solutions involved? >> absolutely. we should push trade schools. what happened in the recession in 2018, 2009, as you mentioned right under obama there was this massive push, i know, i was just graduating college, to go to graduate school. people weren't factoring how much that -- charles: to your point, there was a wink, wink, every time politician spoke at some point you may not have to pay anything. there was that insinuation. less than a minute ago i have to ask you about this williams college students, their newspaper recently endorsed racially segregated housing.
2:20 pm
in fact there is a article by campus identity politics leading to racialal segregated dorms and parties. this is with the social justice crowd this is going back to segregation. what do you think of that? >> you don't vinclusion by continuing to divide people, separate yourself, label yourself. i didn't have that situation in college. i played on the college soccer team with everybody, whether the girl was lesbian or difficult race. that never came into account of like you can't go to my party, stay on your side of the sidewalk. >> i think it is kind of nuts. brit, always good having you. appreciate it. investor cheer over facebook earnings, that people just don't care about the privacy scandals but governments do. facebook not in the clear as canada promising to take the company to court. wait until i tell you how much facebook set aside to pay privacy fines when we come back.
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charles: potential fine of 3 to five billion dollars from the federal trade commission didn't bother investors as facebook reports, reported, beat on revenue, beat on earnings, beat on users thanks to the success of its stories format and ad revenue. joining me for the first time on "making money," jackie with the facebook story. >> good afternoon. great to see you. charles: great to see you. >> this is an amazing story. you mentioned the fine. investors basically shrugging it off because the story is all about advertising right now, how they're targeting consumers based on information those users voluntarily give to them and how effective that process is. considering the fact that ad revenues were 14.9 billion for the most recent quarter, keep in mind overall revenues, just slightly higher, 15 billion.
2:26 pm
wall street is thinking facebook hit it out of the park here. that is reflected in the stock price today. what is interesting how the ad space is changing and where the growth opportunities are. on the placement side it is stories. facebook, instagram, whatsapp. 500 million daily active users. compare that to facebook itself, 1 1/2 billion active users. you can see where the opportunity is here. now facebook doesn't tell you exactly who its top 20 advertisers are but they're the big companies that are out there. you can imagine, names like starbucks, mcdonald's, ford. speculation there in terms of how that list is ranked but you get the picture. coo sheryl sandberg she said that the top 20 advertisers represented less than 20% of the company's total ad revenue. meaning that the advertiser base is now becoming more diverse compared to last year. smaller companies they're getting in on facebook ads too. here is something how ad revenue is amazing end of last year.
2:27 pm
magna advertising forecast 14% for digital ad spend in 2019. facebook will capture some of that growth but it is also heating the lunch of the competition in terms of how it is doing business as that becomes more popular. that is what is so important, charles. charles: absolutely remarkable. just when you count them down. the big story, jackie, we're okay with it. >> we are. charles: as much as people complained they're using our data, we use it, love it. >> after cambridge analytical were using it. they got every it and went back. the numbers, the proof is in the numbers. charles: great to see you. welcome to fbn. >> thank you. charles: market company of microsoft topped one trillion dollars as shares surged to record highs. they had blow out earnings, here to look at the earnings. jeremy owens and scott martin.
2:28 pm
jeremy, let me start with you. who do you think was more impressive, facebook or microsoft? >> probably facebook, because so much in their face what was going on. microsoft is a slow steady burn higher throughout the past few years throughout the one trillion mark they hit today as azure kept coming and all the other businesses kept slowly building and growing, that kept going and kept going. there has not been a real interruption in the story. facebook had a huge interruption last year and was able to come back, withstand all of that. i think that is more impressive to me from a financial standpoint, that they were able to keep those people on their platform and keep advertising them and keep making more money through all the negative news. charles: the momentum darlings, s&p puts them in different categories, consumer service, momentum names made people so much money. to jeremy's point they have gotten nicked a little bit recently.
2:29 pm
once they start moving, feels like people jump on board, no one wants to miss the ride because in the past they have been so magnificent. >> i think to jeremy's point too, charles, the exciting ride facebook has been on, depending where you got in, where you got out is really the story here, you're right, especially facebook's side. i know this being an investment advisor. we had clients that were concerned about facebook both as a stock and a platform some three months ago. to your point, the momentum starts happening, the ride starts going that is when some of those folks jump on or add. that's why i think you're seeing such a boost in the stock today. charles: jeremy, where are we looking from here? this has been a broad rally. it is astonishing how broad the rally has been. there are a lot of names up 10, 20% that typically can't carry the big time valuation metrics. we know technology can. will they start to distance themselves from the back you think going forward?
2:30 pm
>> it will be up to see. we still have a lot of earnings to go, charles. there is a lot of this season left. we're probably at the beginning of it. we have a long way to go to see how the tech ecosystem is going. i'm interested to see how the chip names come out and how they do. intel this afternoon and amd next week an nvidia beyond that. so there is a long way to go. for meese momentum stocks it is looking really good. for facebook and some others it really is. although when we get to the other side i want to see if the big institutional investors take profits and see how much they can make if they sell out. charles: some of those big institutional investors will have to get in, scott, because a lot missed this rally for a variety of reasons. of course the next big name is amazon. we'll talk about amazon more specifically later. but i do want to remind folks the last two times amazon reported the stock got hammered both times. so a lot on the line today,
2:31 pm
scott after the bell. >> yeah, there is. that is frankly expectations, charles. amazon is seen as this gargantuan company which they are that can do anything. when they disappoint or caution in guidance or what not the stock does get popped but i think aws will be really the key to the call today and what we saw from microsoft on their cloud side i think bodes well for aws. i think the stock in general is a good buy. we own it already. but i'm looking for good things after the quarter. frankly if you don't get them, you do get the pullback sometimes we see after earnings disappointments, charles, i think with these names that is your chance to jump. charles: that strategy worked over and over. jeremy, scott, thank you very much, appreciate it, guys. >> thank you, charles. charles: at the top of the hour we broke discussion about biden's entry into the presidential election. what it means for the democratic party. what would the matchup between joe biden and donald trump look like?
2:32 pm
i mean right now he is the democratic front-runner but president trump warned the primary will be tough, especially get this. you have got mayor pete surging from nowhere and others. if he can make it through that, to face president trump, what will that showdown look like? we'll does it when we come back. 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done.
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flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. ♪ charles: welcome back. it's all about earnings news today. the dow lower after disappointing results from 3m i think the worst session for them since the crash. then there are tech giants, facebook, microsoft, both rising helping the nasdaq not only stay in the green but hit an all-time high. shares of comcast are up is the company finding a way to make up for lost cable customers? comcast is focusing on broadband internet business, adding customers in the recent quarter.
2:37 pm
amazon's earnings after the bell could be the most consequential of the earnings season of the first former vice president joe biden is declaring the soul of the nation is at stake if we reelect president trump. >> we are in the battle for the soul of this nation. i believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time. but if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. charles: so most polls say biden becomes the instant front-runner perhaps sharing that space with bernie sanders he is racking up endorsements the most by any democrat thus far but 76-year-old has to prove he is not out of step with his own party. joining me to discuss, chairman of go pac, david avella. and first that music was it
2:38 pm
funeral parlor? where did film the video because it was very depressing? >> i will like the video. i think this is the goofiest presidential rollout i've seen in many years but that video caused me to pause for a moment and actually take in what he was saying. so i thought the video was quite effective. you may have not liked the style or the tone of video, but it has millions of views and is making the rounds around the country. there are a lot of people like it as well. charles: listen, if you go by the views of social media, joe biden is up there, so is sleepy joe, so is creepy joe. the world is paying attention on both sides, without a doubt, david. >> keep in mind in 2012 president obama had to come out and endorse his vice president to calm democratic jitters because joe biden's verbal gaffs had become such a focus of the campaign. and while some may say verbal gaffs, we have plenty of them in
2:39 pm
2016. the problem for biden is, he just keeps talking and he is bound to offend someone. there is no group easier to offend these days than democratic primary voters. charles: rashad, i had less issues with the video and stylelistics of the video than comments of the video to be honest with you. in his entire lifetime 76 years on the planet the president trump is greatest threat america ever faced i think is a little hyperbolic? >> it is hyper billion lib, i don't agree with him on that notion. i agree there is discussion about the soul and narrative about this country. break down something serious. joe biden, former vice president of the united states, seeking the nomination of the democratic party. he will likely win, and here's why. the overwhelming majority of u.s. vice presidents who decided to seek the nomination of their party guess what? they got it. not only is ahead of everybody in the pack by significant amount, i mean he is ahead of bernie sanders by 12 points
2:40 pm
immediately. he is also ahead of trump by eight points out the gate. that is big deal. so he is formidable candidate comeing into this election cycle. charles: david, many republicans agree with rashad. perhaps biden is the most formidable of the 20 candidates that declare so far and would give president trump the toughest go in general election. do you agree with that. >> joe biden is like elizabeth warren, their best chance would have been 2016. if joe biden wants to run being third term of president obama he should have did it when it would have been truly the third term of president obama. charles: but he is running now, if he is nominated, would he be the stiffest competition for donald trump? >> he will not their nominee. we don't know if joe biden will get 65,000 donors he needs to get in the first debate in june. 65,000 is big number have to get to. many candidates are working months to get there. the idea of joe biden as candidate has been better than
2:41 pm
reality of joe biden as presidential candidate. folks like kamala harris who will have a big advantage with california moving up to super tuesday. charles: right. >> ault impact that california has on this race, biden, again better the idea than the reality. charles: eel see. some already talking biden cam cam kamala harris ticket. thank you. "washington post" reports that the north korea billed united states $2 million for the care of otto warmbier. the country is insisting, that a u.s. official agreed to pay it before the release in 2017. unclear if the trump administration ever paid the bill. the white house telling fox business they do not comment on hostage negotiations, which is why they have been so successful during this administration. the report of course comes as kim jong-un held his first ever meeting with russian president vladmir putin today in russia.
2:42 pm
later in the show theaters across the united states are gearing up for 72 hours, round-the-clock showings of the "avengers: endgame." how super will the box office receipts be? every kohl's is going to accept amazon returns. that's right. every single kohl's store. what this shake up means for amazon and the brick-and-mortar rivals as the company is set to release earnings after the bell. that's next. [ telephone rings ] [ client ] - hey maya.
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charles: amazon is set to release its earnings after the bell with the street expecting the online giant to post a rise in first quarter revenue and profits of the kristina partsinevelos is live in the newsroom with the preview. >> pretty much setting it up for me it will be a bright spot for amazon however there is two conflicting outlooks. first one having being sales might start to decelerate or continue to decelerate and the second major issue is the spending. that amazon will ramp up spending. why? in 2018 they were a little bit quiet in spending but they announced they will ramp it up with infrastructure, amazon prime, whole foods, freight, you name it they are working on it. overall what we're expecting from the upcoming quarter we'll get after 4:00 p.m. earnings on
2:47 pm
your screen, that is 44% increase compared to last year. this is strong numbers. the world's largest retailer with revenue expected to be almost $60 billion. so i focused some of the bad, sales my continue to decelerate for four quarters in a row but the right spot is going to be the amazon web services. that is the other sector that in their financial statements. this is the web services, cloud computing perhaps that are offered to individuals and companies. that's expected to grow 42%. how is it continuing to grow? it is slowly stealing market share from the likes of facebook as well as alphabet. the challenges though, charles, i will end on this, the challenges we're looking at with this upcoming quarter is the fact that you have international markets that could be slightly weaker especially india given harder regulations the fact they closed the marketplace in china.
2:48 pm
the looming thing a threat for all technology is potential regulation in the future. overall the past eight quarters amazon beat earnings estimates seven times. so it could be another strong quarter. kristina, thank you very much. we appreciate it that. the other big amazon news, that kohl's will soon accept all your amazon returns. we're talking all 1100 plus stores. a retail analyst joins us, retail analyst extraordinaire. you were the first person years ago talked about the omni channel approach that every retailer will have to take. so funny because brick-and-mortar had to chase amazon. to a degree amazon is chasing brick-and-mortar. they need the physical footprints. how big of a deal is this? >> this is a big deal. amazon has been doing this for a while, it is called click and collect. they have been trying to expand the word, omni channel i don't love it, but basically they want to make sure their customer can
2:49 pm
be able to use amazon on all platforms. this is one way that they can get that customer to go in and be able to obtain their packages. you order on line. and let's say a kohl's is closer to your house versus you waiting for two days for that package to get to your house. you drive over to kohl's, pick it up, you're done. charles: the return thing is even as exciting. they will accept these items without a box, without a label. and customer brings them to kohl's, got it through amazon. we'll take it. box it up for you we'll ship it back. that right there is one of the anxieties that a few people have. man, i got something on amazon. i just don't have the time or wherewithal to send it back. >> again, another layer to amazon making it easier for that customer. and we're going to see amazon partner with a lot more stores. charles: will they take some of these over? could there be a chance now there is speck islation they will take over a kohl's, they might want the instant
2:50 pm
footprint. >> i definitely think, we saw them take over whole foods. they might want the off-line footprint. that is certainly a possibility. they're trying to expand their ability for that customer to be able to return their packages any way they possibly can. charles: less than a minute. retail sales rebounded huge. driven by internet, up 1.2% month over month. 12% year-over-year. is this whole retail question about the consumers? is that over now. last time you said the consumer was still strong? >> is there a retail apocalypse? no there is no retail apocalypse. amazon retail is 270 billion. their sales might have slipped a little bit. i think this will move forward. as the reporter said amazon web services is doing well. that is the driving force. charles: they have to grow over 40%. microsoft posted their cloud services growing 40%. >> that is what amazon is trying to take market share away from, microsoft, google, not facebook. charles: always good seeing you.
2:51 pm
thank you very much. vans of disney's "avengers: endgame," they love the movie so much, they are clamoring to see it so badly, ticket buying on ebay, right now, tickets are going for thousands of dollars right now. details how this could smash box office records and supersize disney's bottom line. that's next. ♪ delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. ni'm workin♪ to keep the fire going for another 150 years. for beauty that begins with nature. ♪ to make connections of a different kind. at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for.
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we lost. all of us. we lost friends. we lost family. we lost part of ourselves. this is the fight of our lives. >> this is going to work. >> i know it is because i don't know what i'm going to do if it doesn't. charles: the most anticipated film in the marvel franchise history, "avengers: endgame" hits theaters tonight. amc is adding a record number of showings to keep up with demand. the film already racked up more advance ticket sales than any title in history and get this. in china alone, it broke opening day records, $107 million. the movie is expected to score the biggest global box office of all time, $900 million. joining me to discuss, fox
2:56 pm
entertainment host. >> that's making money, charles payne. that's making a lot of money. charles: they got a lot of stars, too. they have to split up a lot of that money, too. >> a lot of big salaries. there's a reason why they are calling it "endgame" because did any probab disney probably can't afford it anymore. charles: we have seen them reboot franchises with new stars. can you imagine how much everyone there is asking for? >> all the writers and all the stars, all that. charles: the whole fresh crew of people who are doing tv series now. >> that's the way to do it. robert downey jr. started this journey, where was he in his career? charles: this is like the third rebound at this point. he brought something to that ironman character, though, a sort of -- i don't know if sophistication is the word. it wasn't cartoony anymore. is that the difference? >> the difference is they are smarter, the stories are richer and the characters are more
2:57 pm
developed. a lot of that is to kevin fagey, the president of marvel at disney, he sort of guided this whole franchise with a clear creative direction which is the big difference from warner brothers. with their superhero movies they have been all over the place. charles: it's sort of eclectic. i was always more of a marvel person anyway. bring batman over, though. it really is amazing. we are looking at the movie history and you wonder how, because up until this point, the box office this year has been abysmal. >> that is key. set the scene. box office is down 16% from last year, worst box office since 2011. will this start to turn things around? hollywood is hoping so. this movie could pull in over $1 billion globally. charles: last year or the year before with "black panther,"
2:58 pm
abysmal, it was down, people don't go to theaters anymore, and all of a sudden that movie came out -- >> off to the races. huge box office. it was a good movie. that's sort of the problem to date. the movies haven't been that great so far. there hasn't been a lot of show me something new, tell me something i haven't seen before. it's all been sort of retreads. charles: this is your bailiwick. >> is it? okay. charles: i don't think movies have been that good for a long time, honestly. i think the marketing has been good but i think hollywood just relied so much on the prequell, the sequel, the remake, then they touch things. don't touch "mary poppins." >> i saw it the other day. it was awful. i couldn't get through it. franchises are what sells. they want a guaranteed built-in audience and that's what they have with marvel and dc universe movies and "star wars." charles: i think they started to really go to that well too often, the last couple offerings weren't that good, and didn't do that well. >> i was just having this
2:59 pm
conversation in the hallway. the movies have gotten so heavy. the last "avengers" movie was so heavy. that's been the problem with some of these movies. they take themselves too seriously. charles: where is all of this going? we were told there would be no movie theaters but now they have widened the seats, they bring you food. there's a resurgence. are we looking at more golden years ahead for hollywood? >> i think so. content is king. if you build it, they will come. if movies are good, people will show up. "black panther" was original. it was a great movie. i take umbrage with your statement. last year was probably one of the best at the movies in a very long time. charles: it started off slow. >> but the quality -- charles: you know all the executives over there. there's one remake, if you can please ask them never to do it, "car wash." don't remake it. that's all i'm asking. if you ever hear something through the grapevine they are going to remake "car wash"
3:00 pm
please talk to these folks. >> i will put the call in just for you. charles: you are going to check out the movie tonight? >> i won't be dressing up, though. just saying. charles: liz claman, it's an interesting market as we go through the last hour. liz: not as interesting at "avengers: endgame." i saw it. >> claman! liz: right? i saw it. bring kleenex. that's the only spoiler i will give. it's a tearjerker. it is a huge deal. charles, what's $4 billion among friends, right? >> divvy it up. no big deal. liz: for our friends at microsoft, it is the difference that could mean a brand new page in the history books. it's also very much what's behind the nasdaq's fresh all-time record you're seeing right now. the nasdaq is comfortably above 8120 with an hour to go to the close. that is exactly where we need to close at or above.


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