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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> called they have dimension it good to see. >> story telling. david: we wish avengers end game the best of luck, we'll watch even if christina does not believe in it we'll see you next time. elizabeth: president having to deal with hyper sonic rockets from china and russia, and russia and north korea doing deal making as full throttle dc politics on full tilt biden now running, it is not his democrat party any more, we'll show you liberal media push back against joe biden. and far left democrat platform that is unrecognizable to the man who began his career when nixon was still in office. also how biden has no discernible policies apart from this. critics saying that joe biden is a third term of obama, as president obama has not given joe biden a full endorse. >> new democrat line and
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humiliation of no collusion, trump now unfit to go govern. "wall street journal" asking others are they fit to govern. and we'll show you why union workers will not go for the hard left, if is what bernie is selling. and push back against hillary. we welcome whitewater independent council who investigated the clintons, he takes on hillary clinton for saying that mueller report is a road map to watergate style hearings and comparing it to 9/11. we'll ask him about why hillary even admits she is not best messenger on this. >> top democrat want to throw this jail white house workers who -- who is right who is wrong. bernie sanders getting heckled
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at a conference, he is doubling down on lets convicted fill opens vote while in prison before completing their sentences, bernie compares voting rights of felons in prison to votes rights of women and minority, i am elizabeth macdonald, the evening edit starts right now. elizabeth: welcome to show you are watching fox business network, north korea kim jong-un meeting with russia president vladimir putin. in first ever face-to-face meeting. vladimir putin saying kim jong-un ready to denuclearize, putin said only if north korea gets certain guarantees, after outrage, as north korea sends to u.s. a bill for care of comatose
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auto -- otto warmbier. reporter: north korea released warmbier in a coma and handed u.s. a 2 million dollar medical bill for him. arrived in pyongyang with a medical team to evaluate and bring warmbier home, washington. union refuses to comment on that, u.s. had done so for other prisoners. >> my understanding in previous instances, that there was some exchange of money, which was justified on the basis of hospital costs. reporter: source said that medical bill is still unpaid. officials say north korea, under heavy international sanctions and a stunted economy is well-known for issuin issuing bo
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foreign governments, since warmbier's return and death, president trump and kim jong-un have met twice. president said that kim told him he didn't know about it, he will take kim at his word, warmbier's family released a statement saying that kim and his evil regime are responsible for unimaginable cruelty and inhuma inhumanity. today kim traveled to russia pete with vladimir putin, putin said he will share details of their meeting with u.s. government. government. elizabeth: thank you for your report. >> vladimir putin said north korea is ready to denuclearization, but does the world believe that in joining me now one of world's leading expert on china, michael pillsbury from hudson institute, author of the hundred year war. what is your take on the medical
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bill fors on warm beer. fora warmbier. >> this outrageous, in china they sent a 1 million dollar bill for keeping as hostages air crew from the p-3 aircraft. their pilot caused to have to land in their territory. we did not pay it, there is no reason to pay this bill either. bill was not properly signed 234-forby a guy in a coma, if ag we should ask them for a bill for death of otto warmbier. this is not part of the big picture. this visit to putin is a sign of dedesperation, it sounds like
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putin did not support chairman kim. sounds like he is saying more positive things for president trump. this may be a major success for the president, but chairman kim is fighting to not denuclearize without a price being paid of some kind. elizabeth: correct me in i am wrong, north korea will only get rid of nukes, if u.s. leaves that part of the world, what is really going on with north korea. >> big news, they are calculates how much effect the sanctions had on them, some visitors and defectors said. watch the price of rice, stable, and price of gasoline getting lower. some indicators are that the sanctions are not working very well. the size of the private market north korea is increasing. so, it not havings kind of effect that i thought it would have. in terms of sort of getting chairman kim across the border to make the big decision.
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across the line to make the big decision for a future open society. and dee nuclearize -- denuclearize as we tested water in beijing and russia with putin, as sanctions begin to work, he has really no choice. just a question of time, and don't forget this is when president trump warned us that obama told him, your biggest problem potentially a war is with north korea, he has done well in last two years on the north korea problem. elizabeth: michael pillsbury thank you for joining us we appreciate it. >> thank you. elizabeth: joe biden entering 2020 race, largest president at primary field in the modern political era, polls show biden entering primary with a pretty good lead, edward lawrence in washington. reporter: 14 vice presidents have successfully become president, only one was elected after a gap from being in
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political offers that president was richard nixon. joe biden right now at a fundraiser at home of a comcast executive, comcast owns nbc biden hoping to raise money from big donors, his first public appearance will be in pittsburgh, former vice president said he will talk about some of his platforms today more of a publicity tour he got off of the train in delaware ordered take out pizza. giving this message to voters. >> yes. america is coming back like we used to be, ethical, straight, tell the truth. supporting our allies, all those good things, i got to go. reporter: this is third try for former vice president, running for president, in his video announcement, posted on twitter biden did note layout any of his platted form issues but he attacked president trump as
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dividing country. >> fundamentally alter the character of this nation. who we are. and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. the core values of this nation are standing in the world, our democracy everything that made america, america is at stake, that is why today i'm announcing my candidacy for president of united states. reporter: real question are in biden, can he get small donation from democratic vote ors that have gravitated toward bernie sanders, there are now 20 democrats vying for the nomination biden may be the frontrunner but he has a lot of competition. elizabeth: thank you edward lawrence. >> joe biden is officially running for a third time, a third term of obama that is what critics say biden is in for a rude awakening, democrat party has gone further left than obama in three year's time.
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single pai pair healthcare alsok about letting terrorists and murderers vote from prison before they fulfill their full sentence, 2/3 was country does not care about single pair. ned ryun, this is legislative incompetence, the wheels are flying off with policy ideas. >> right, i don't think they realized what they are proposing is out of touch with most of mainstream america, i have been saying this for dwight a -- quite a while, in the real world people want to know are you putting more money in my paycheck. do i have a job, can i may my mortgage gang. mortgage. democrats are off on a weird
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tangent. american people have basic principles that is usually the checkbook, donald trump has been addressing those. elizabeth: the debate is, do democrats want to lose, union workers will not go for single payers, they do not want to get shoveled in same department of vehicle line around the planet. biden needs to flip back four key states that trump won, he flipped them they used to be democrat states. >> he has to win primary first, i have on tell you, i always thought the best day to run for president would be the first day, today, his pitch appears, a common sense and normalcy to a party that i think has abandoned both. the party itself has been far left. but there are real structural changes that changed since 2016.
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the dnc is not an ape an appendf clinton campaign. more personally, super delicatee rules have changed. that one of last bastions of establishment figure. elizabeth: interesting. >> i would think that bernie might have pulled it off in 2016. elizabeth: watch the tone, a big progressive group came out against joe biden. alexandria ocasio-cortez group. and rashida talib group. progressive commentator criticizing joe biden as index give of the white man's culture. they are going after biden for backing the iraq bill, 1994 crime bill, and you know, joe biden stood up for vice --
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violence against women. there are 6 women in the race, support a woman, if you want to change don't run, what is your take? >> again, i think you put a fine point on it. activist inside of democratic party are far left. grassroots activists small don donor. ien to see -- bernies people, sadly bernie inspires his people, they get fired up, i don't see who joe biden gets fired up. for small donors, i don't think that i see him appealing to far left, i think he will have a harder time than people think. elizabeth: joe biden will not get credit among progressives for pushing president obama toward gay marriage or drafting original violence against women act in 1994, watch how joe biden
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responded to our own peter deuceduceyducey. >> i asked president obama, not to endorse. he does not' to -- whoever wins this nomination should win it on their own merits. elizabeth: is that going toking fly. >> no. elizabeth: why is not obama supporting him. >> that is it, this is awkward, his vice president is run for presidency, and obama is quiet on that. typically, i think you would see a full throt ellen dor throttle. i find it awkward, this is going to be a tough ar tougher primare thought. >> democrats are trying to win 2020, they are not going to win
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with the people that i see, they are not going to win against me, only way they might luck out, is by constantly go after me on nonsense. >> i would remind people this is biden's third run,. first two from nonsense about mediocrate, then you have bernie sanders the socialist, they will have a hard time in 2020, then they have to pivot 90 days later. elizabeth: that was president trump speaking yesterday, ned ryun thank you, appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. elizabeth: coming up white house swinging back at the democrats, saying no way to your tent against stephen miller. at white house answering deemcrat subpoenas, but first
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whitewater independence council who took on the clintons for alleged corruption, took on hillary clinton for saying mueller report is a road map to impeachment and comparing it to 9/11, that story is cupping up, next. back then, we checked our zero times a day. times change. eyes haven't. that's why there's ocuvite. screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed! but ocuvite has vital nutrients to help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today.
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elizabeth: to your money, in business world, amazon crushing it on earnings, but amazon said watch out revenue is slowing down. to jackie deangeles with details. reporter: it was a blowout report but you are right there is a little caution mixed in. we looked at revenue 59.7 billion that was a slight beat, the eps was a huge beat, they got on conference call, a couple things. first, amazon web services, this is supposed to drive growth in future, number was really strong, 7.69 billion in revenue but it was under the estimates which caused investors to pause a little bit, think about it. but still this is a stock that up about 30% year-to-date, this
6:21 pm
had an amazing run, 30 most valuable company behind microsoft behind apple. earnings show that everything is pretty much coming together for this company, a lot of people were worried it was expanding too quickly or in to areas like grocery where it maybe does not necessarily belong, but eps show its clicking and working. interesting on ad revenue side, i have been talking about ad revenue all day with respect to facebook how they do, amazon actually saw that part of its be slow a little bit, 34% revenue growth, where like last 5 quarters about 60%, there was a big drop off there other thing was operating profit margin, 7.4% for the quart, last year 3 put a percent to compare, but guidance for second quarter is have investors are weary, those are some sal salient points to k
6:22 pm
about. elizabeth: jackie deangeles thank you. >> to gerri willis at nicole atk stock exchange with other earnings reports coming out. reporter: liz a busy day on the market, dow down 134, s&p 500 down 1. nasdaq positive up 16, do you down on 3m earnings move, and microsoft move not enough to offset the draw down. nasdaq hit a new high but could not sustain this. ford beating earnings after the close. they say they or track to deliver better full year results, shares moving hire after hours. >> starbucks beating on bottom line, missing on revenue. rewarding maybe membership program rose 13%, and t-mobile reported strong customer growth,
6:23 pm
tomorrow, we have exxonmobil, chevron, a big oil day back to you. >> thank you. >> jerry wit is, w -- gerri wil. >> uber drivers kicking off what is supposed to be most exciting ipo in years with a 12 hour strike in several cities oon may 8, they are angry over what they say are bad benefits and low pays. a 12 hour strike in the cities, san diego, los angeles, chicago, minneapolis, philadelphia and washington d.c. uaw also looking to unionize uber and other ride sharing companies, game time for nfl plans, held in nashville. also starts 8 p.m. eastern. you can quhoo choose networks te
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covering it. >> things not looking hot for nba play offs, a big drop off in rating, 27 of 32 play-off gains have fallen in viewership rating, 24 falling to mullty year lows, to big blockbuster movie of the year, avengers end game it opennies to night it is expected to deliver highest grossing opening weekend in box office history. now such a hot ticket, it has been crashing internet ticket sites. thousands of movie theaters, selling out. >> coming up, independent council who probed the clinton's whitewater corruption, he is on with us, he will take on hillary clinton who argues that the mueller report is a road map to impeachment and comparing it to 9/11, and admitting maybe she is not the best messenger on this one. >> and democrat threatening to
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throw in prison white house staffers if they do not answer their subpoenas on testify. and white house threatening to impeach irs commissioner, can they do that? jason chaffetz coming up with that next. stay there. ♪ vanishing deductible, you can... ♪ ♪ earn $100... ♪ earn $100 off... ♪ off your deductible. ♪ deductible. ♪ for every year of safe driving. ♪ ♪ for every-- for every-- ♪ ♪ for every year of safe driving. ♪ what are you-- what key are you in? "e." no, no, go to "g." "g" will be too high. not for me. ♪ vanishing deductible. oh, gosh. sweet, sweet.
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elizabeth: welcome back, you are watching the fox business network, hillary clinton said this about the mueller report, in a "washington post" op-ed. >> mueller's report is a road map to potential impeachment or not -- hillary as far to compare mueller probe on watergate, asked for a 9/11 time commission to look to president trump. let's bring in man who investigated clintons for whitewater corruption, he is robert gray. >> thank you. elizabeth: what is your reaction
6:30 pm
to this? >> she makes some fair points about the interest in having a bipartisan fair investigation. this is what we had with the mueller probe. now that is completed, the question is where do we go from here. she suggests road map to pmentd. impeachment. the real question what will real house democrats do and house judiciary committee it not clear. what their intentions are, she is make a big push in political rerealm to suggest public hearis are the answer to all this. much is a partisan political attack on suggesting that really when americans should fear is the result of supposedly the russian assault on our government is the sought that donald trump represents in her view to the on going processees
6:31 pm
of american government, this is a mixed message, using one again the other, if we were concerned about russian penetration to our electoral process, a bipartisan commission makes a lot of sense, if on other hand we're talking about is a impeachment proceeding then ve democrats ned to say that. is it really about to have public hearings just for purpose of damaging the president. >> you are not buy when she says this is about a fair probe into what happened. it would not be fair it democrats doing it. >> she talking about watergate as paradigm, right, fair, thorough, and bipartisan. much of which is was, but shic extoles virtues of american who led to who was a republican.
6:32 pm
elizabeth: should she say we'll wait for the ig probe to how on started that was started by the steel file, should she have said that, wait for the it probe for justice department on finish then do it and talk about the steel file that was paid for by her campaign and dnc. and whether it of a distraction. >> i think that letter was remarkable on what it didn't say, if it were really bipartisan, we would get into origins of steel dossier and russia collusion investigation, you know, you know for her own reasons she wants to steer a million miles away from that. elizabeth: was steel dossier a ploy to distraction from clinton foundation malfeasance.
6:33 pm
>> we don't know. elizabeth: you have studied them are in years. >> i think important fact is that clinton campaign of behind it and obama justice department was aware of that fact, somehow that particular fact did not makes this way to fisa court application, that a major problem that the attorney general signaled is a big deal and will look at. the other point if you were truly bipartisan about this, you would wait for the inspector general's report. there will be follow-up, and congressappropiacelappropriatela role to play, if you are truly interested in being fair, bipartisan and thorough, steel would be -- >> do you feel like the government or probe got to the bottom of what happened at the
6:34 pm
clinton found dane. >> i don't, it may be that the ship has passed, what is interesting is that does not appear that attorney general prepared to let go of it. second thing, i think we'll learn more than we realize when we sees inspector general report about what was tboaing on behind the scene, relative to the origins of what became russia collusion investigation. elizabeth: will you come back on the show-and-tell us about it. >> of course. elizabeth: that was terrific analysis. >> we're not far, almost mayor end of may to june we'll have benefit of that. and we'll find out whether house democrats are serious about looking into that. elizabeth: you gave great insights and perspective. >> thank you. >> mr. ray thank you, coming up, capitol hill showdown. democrat threatening to throw to prison white house workers. but white house not backing down, said who is right and
6:35 pm
wrong in this fight, later on the show bench bernd bernie sans down on little prisoners vote. we'll debate bernie is comparing voting rights of women and minorities, so the boston bomber in bernie's world is like susan b anthony, that story coming up.
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6:40 pm
to oversight chair cummings, joining me now, former oversight committee chair, fox news contributor, jason chaffetz, who crossing the line, who is right and wrong? >> in this quest for a power grab, the democrats are overstepping the line, the president does get to enjoy executive privilege and a set of advisers around him. that are not subject to subpoenas and testimony. democrat are flailing and throwing out a lot of threats they can't keep up with, they don't give ha -- handcuffs to mf congress, to say they will throw them in jail is a joke. elizabeth: the executive privilege covered them to not testify. >> yes. elizabeth: elijah cummings saying that white house workers are putting themselves at legal
6:41 pm
risk, this is a massive unstress -- unprecedented pattern of corruption. and we have nadler and conley saying impeach. the irs come missioner for not turning over president trump's tax returns. >> well. it is a shame if you start threatening federal employees and workers to that degree, white house is offering is a senate confirmed cabinet level secretary, to come testify. that is the proper way to do it really the litmus test, if they are confirmed by senate they are fair game they should be able to testify on capitol hill, the president does have a inner circle, every other president had it, president obama used to, we tried to get to ben roa ben o get him testify, they claimed executive priv vannin privileged of that. >> and tax returns president has
6:42 pm
noin legal obligation to provide those, and the democracies are overstep their hand, saying they need all this financial information from president, which not required by law, it serves no legislative purpose, supreme court cases say that congress can go after things if it serves allege latest purpose but going after his previous tax returns does not fix that bill. elizabeth: oo -- don't americans want congress to fix the border, broken healthcare system. and job creation, look at this monmouth poll, a majority, 54% feel that congress should move on from the mueller probe. >> well, the democrat can't they have invested two years they have an insatiable desire, they resupposed outcome, and donald trump is guilty, they just can't
6:43 pm
find any facts, that is why they go to the fishing expeditions, they are trying to grab power back from white house. elizabeth: your reaction to "wall street journal" dan hen -- saying that president trump is unfit to govern and saying what about kamala harris, and o'rourke or buttigieg or bernie sanders are they fit to govern given their far left radical policies they are embracing, including sinne since -- single. payer. >> that is why the voters get to decide these things. the world is a safer place, donald trump picking the right people for the supreme court, benedict canyobond -- donald trd now by mr. mueller, free and clear, no obstruction, he is stronger politically today than ever. elizabeth: thank you jason chaffetz. >> coming up, bernie sanders
6:44 pm
feeling the burn, not in a good way, what he said that sparked off a firestorm of heckles from an angry crowd last night. >> a massachusetts judge blocked an i.c.e. officer from trying to pick up an illegal immigrant wanted on drug charges multiple times, that story is coming up next. can we talk? we used to play so beautifully together. now we can barely play anything... even cards with the girls. if you have bent fingers, and can't lay your hand flat,
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>> our campaign our administration is about. okay. that means -- hold on. >> okay. >> i date myself a little bit here but i actually was at the march on washington with dr. king in 1963. elizabeth: bernie sanders getting booed and heckled as a forum for women of color in texas last night, socialist struggling to convince them to helping minorities and under privileged. pet reesa -- patrice, your reac. >> bernie sanders in the hot seat, those black women gave it
6:49 pm
to him hard, he struggled to figure out what talking point he could hit, they were not having it. elizabeth: bernie doubled down in giving felons right to vote from prison before they finish their sentence, he compared felon voting rights to voting rights of women and minority. >> i was criticized strongly because i said that when we talk about right to vote that right should exist to people who are currently in jail. this is a right we must protect because we know the history of this country. we know that women did not have the right to vote. we know that african-americans did not have the right to vote. so my view is that not a question of if you are a good person or a bad person, you commit a crime, you pay the price, go to jail. elizabeth: boston marathon bomber has same moral
6:50 pm
equivalents as reesa parks or suessusan b anthony. >> this is insulting, this is different from securing the right to vote that you did not have before. the women and blacks did not for fit their right to -- forfeit their right to vote. that ridiculous, this demonstrates a vote grab than it does a serious policy solution. elizabeth: even cher thinks that bernie sanders is wrong, voting is a civic duty, about having best interest was community in mind. which terrorists, murderers and rapists do not have. boston marathon bomber killed people, including a child. felfelon get to vote after theyy their price. and they have served their sentence. he said before they finish? does he' federal government to step in override what states
6:51 pm
have long settled? >> i think he does, it is important to separate those two could we're talking about people who are still behind bars, part of that punishment is the remove all of their right to vote, to restore it while you are behind bars is to negate some punishment of you have done, not just low level truth offenders, they are people like you said, rapists, bombers, they pose a serious threat to public and violated public trust, to say they should be able to vote while behind bars alongisticly -- bike logistically and moral stand point is bankrupt. elizabeth: millionaire senator bernie sanders 1 said it is immoral that members of congress and senate are millon areas, he is still collecting 26 -- from
6:52 pm
his as mayor of vermont. if he is till about tacking rich he should pay 50ers i in --nist% in his tax rate. >> i don't think he is cutting a check and sending it in or gotten rid of his accountant. i am just going to pay a flat tax. you know, he is really just exposes hypocrisy that he wants others to -- to do something with other people's money but not with his own money. we see a lot of that from the left. >> patrice come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: remember that judge we told but in massachusetts? who was accused of letting an illegal immigrant'ed on narcotic charge slip outback door to avoid i.c.e. agents that person was deported multiple times.
6:53 pm
the fed drop the hammer on the judge, that story coming up. >> and a top "new york times" columnist said yes to border wall after he visited the border, and saw the crisis first hand, that story is coming up next. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. so why accept it from your allergy pills? most pills don't finish the job because they don't relieve nasal congestion. flonase allergy relief is different. flonase relieves sneezing, itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose, plus nasal congestion, which pills don't.
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differenmassachusettsjudge, tha. is facing federal charges, including conspiracy to obstruct justice, aiding and abetting for allegedly blocking i.c.e. officers. joining me now, retired lute colonel alan west. >> we now have an example of obstruction of justice, you know you look at this activist judge, what she did, what is differene between that and mayor in oakland, who was tipping off illegal immigrants to i.c.e. raid, and people who establish the sanctuary cities and states, they are obstructing justice and in violation of the rule of law. elizabeth: we know that the illegal u immigrant that judge
6:58 pm
helped was deported twice, but the judge tried to help them,esh said -- emade i.c.e. for a third time. >> some people in united states that believe their ideology defines the law, not the rule of law. you think about in san francisco can kate steinle, a criminal illegal immigrant who was deported 4 or 5 times, yet in the murder case, lawyers and judge, they let that person off. they did not allow that judge to -- that judge did not allow evidence of prior deportation to be allowed in that court hearing. elizabeth: what is your take on new york time r opinion columni, he now says he supports the beardeborderwall.
6:59 pm
>> i am for a high wall, a big gate, a smart gate, to keep immigration going. elizabeth: your take. >> i was in mcallen sector for a couple of days last week. elizabeth: what is your take on media going down to the border and then finally saying, yes, a crisis build a wall, they only say it after they had to see the border themselves? >> yeah, that is one of sad things you get northeastern elitist this have to go down and see what people are dealing with every day. >> colonel striking, final word, is it going to change? >> i don't know if this will, when you look at 25 some odd democrat candidates out there. their idea ol ye also gee drive. elizabeth: -- idea ol yeology ds
7:00 pm
it. elizabeth: co colonel west thank you so much, thank you for watching right here on fox business network, have a good evening. >> good evening, i am david asman in for lou dobbs, national security crisis at border rain oillegal immigrants, flooding across the border each day, tens of thousands caught, and released to nation each month. armed cartels patrol and control areas on the border. and a caravan of thousands moving through mexico, those in it, intend on illegally crossing into united states. national border patrol council vice president garza said these illegal immigrants are exploiting our immigration l


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