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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 26, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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follow me on twitter and facebook and instagram i will be back next week we will have the head of the imf here on the "wall street journal" at large. thank you for joining us. . >> good evening i am david asman sitting in for lou dobbs. the trump economy is booming and outperforming the predictions of the analyst a few short weeks ago the president calls the american economy the greatest in the world. >> the economy is now the hottest anywhere on the planet earth. just this morning we learned that gdp smashed expectations with the economy growing at an annual rate of three.2 percent in the first quarter.
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always the worst quarter for whatever reason. [applause] david: the president strong economic performance coming despite the endless attacks from the left the dems in the deep-sea and the national left-wing media are hell-bent to undermine and unseating the president. the president addressing the greatest political scandal our nation has ever seen saying enough is enough. . >> total transparency with one one.4 million documents. if you can believe such a ridiculous thing. 500 people testified. eighteen people trump haters including mister mueller. with all the transparency no collusion and no obstruction now they say let's do it again. i said that's enough. we have to run a country.
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this is a pure political witchhunt. david: we take it up tonight and the red storm continues as the chinese president is seducing nations into a rogue initiative calling for more cooperation and the e.u. is ready to buy in. one asian expert joins us with the latest on that. the top story of a very busy day for the president touting the strong american economy where he addressed the national rifle association before i headed back to the white house now we turn to our chief correspondent john roberts kim jung-un throwing large bone to the nra announcing he would remove the signature from a controversial arms control deal and on the mueller report he insisted to
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overthrow the government. >> the coup did not work out so well. president trumpet drew cheers from the nra convention with that official who laid the groundwork. >> corruption at the highest level spying, surveillance trying for an overthrow and we caught them. >> a strange moment someone through a cell phone up on stage landed far from the president the man was removed from the event the secret service is investigating if he was any threat earlier he had trained on his mind meeting with the japanese prime minister they had an agreement in place to talk about more
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agricultural goods. >> ultimately to make long-term trade deal with japan. >> and with china and the president told the conference china is willing to take steps with those subsidies and practices that impedes their competition and to put in place the system for international agreements. >> making headway no question to talk about reforms more than ever before with us china relations that is not done yet. >> they will have quality time to work on japanese trade relations they will have dinner this evening to celebrate the first lady's birthday then hit the links tomorrow in northern virginia. that is always business gets done on the golf course.
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david: happy birthday mrs. president. booming with strong gdp growth despite weeks of shutdown outperforming the expectations of virtually all forecasters and then we turn and then we turn really blew away estimates with the bureau of economic analysis pointing to that number as an example of the economy is very strong. >> we are off to a very good start. if we had the previous administrations will interest rates and quantitative easing it could be fine. . >> and then congratulating the president getting ready for
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dinner tonight to celebrate the first lady's birthday. and larry kudlow says businesses are investing as long as the policies are in place the president ended the war on success to basically say keep more of what you earn. >> he does not see it recession anytime soon but that the strong fundamentals will continue to grow the economy people working here at the white house believe that expansion going through 2020 but kudlow says we are 95 percent done at 5 percent related to enforcement of the
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trade to get across that finish line but we are right there. david: the last couple of yards of the football game are the worst. kevin said the partial government shutdown cost about three tenths of one percentage point off gdp if not for that maybe it could have been three.5 percent it could have been even more of a blowout figure. >> exactly. also historically first-quarter historically is a week quarter we could be looking at a very good year. david: 19847.3 percent gdp growth rate after the reagan tax cuts. shoot for the moon for go have a good weekend at the pentagon shanahan may have a more permanent role he is expected
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to sign a request to send more troops to the southern border and bruce will - - loosened rules for interacting with illegal immigrants and smugglers. we have the details kim jung-un i am told by senior officials the president could announce patrick shanahan is the choice of the defense secretary anytime in the next four days hoping that the senate could confirm him before he travels to asia at the end of may coming just one day after the pentagon inspector general cleared the former executive from boeing of any unfair influence with regard to the former employer with business dealings in the pentagon. separately one official says the pentagon will sign off on a dhs request for 500 more
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troops sent to the border mostly cooks and drivers trying to ease existing rules that bar troops from interacting with migrants. according to a spokesperson the mission will not change but the legal authorities of those troops are tightly overseen by lawyers but the troops will not be permitted to have incidental contact with migrants. for instance if stewart one - - of serving food at a facility or transporting migrants cdp would have custody but the soldier could drive the bus. they still cannot have custody they are not entering a law enforcement role according to officials the army corps of engineers can begin replacing 26 miles of border wall in arizona coming from cdp funds not the defense budget.
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david: president trump calls the deep state of an overthrow of his presidency a disgrace to the country. >> what took place over the last two years and before that really is a disgrace to our country. david: joining us later in the show we have more on that but china tries to calm fears over there rogue initiative but is it all talk x we will ask gordon chang ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him.
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. >> i appreciate that russia and china i think they're wanting to help us they don't want nuclear weapons but also we are in a trade deal which by the way is going very well. david: the president boasts about trade deals and trade talks. and to say everything that should be done in a transparent way and we should have a zero tolerance for
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corruption also promising a debt sustainability framework to limit the debt traps all over the globe. columnist and author and senior fellow gordon chang, first of all, over the past decade and with that initiative with the chinese being good citizens to give $90 billion to all the members and essentially from my perspective a way to bribe government officials in foreign countries going in that than the people of those
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countries in a more desperate state than when they arrived quick. >> this is exactly what happened with the initiative since announced in 2013. but getting a one third discount and that is an issue so clearly that has happened and then to be concerned about that initiative. david: those various regions are not only in asia but latin america is involved africa and they are being very specific those that have very strategic ports looking at nicaragua. they are going after world domination more than anything else quick.
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>> when this was first announced in 2013 to connect the great cities of china's coast to europe and points in between. so now for instance the caribbean they are building the container port 55 miles from palm beach now in 2017 the digital silk road. david: this deals with t5 putting 5g through all huawei products to give china access to anything digital. >> absolutely and being at the african headquarters downloading information every night so we know they have been doing this so china would suck up all the information is in the entire world that they got their way. david: but what is extraordinary over the past three or five administrations it has got its way when nixon first opened it up.
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i'm glad he did that then we began to give them more than they deserve and they took advantage. this is the first that said no more. you cannot dominate the world it is over. is it too late are too many countries a part of this quick. >> a lot of countries will get the t what loan - - the teefive servers but it's not too late because this is a struggle that will continue what president trump has done has ended five decades that we should be supportive to the communist party of china we no longer think that way so it's important to have this policy change with the whole government approach. david: north korea i would suspect they are still shocked
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by president trump walking away from a bad deal leaving them in the lurch i think they expected him to sign on that would be a typical bad deal. he didn't so what happens next quick. >> as the officials were executed for the deal falling apart so clearly there is a problem. one of the most senior officials has been transferred out. so they were taken aback to say we will not go for a bad deal. david: so what is your take? putin was to cause trouble because he is a troublemaker. but what he said about security guarantees to be multilateral it is a real problem because they take much
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longer to negotiate. and then to give the security guarantee. david: but are we safe for now? we here are the horror stories but they were going on before we just didn't hear about them aren't we safe for now? . >> a little bit he has not made a strategic decision he is giving him too much time hoping he goes back to that policy then we will be a lot safer. david: good to see you. strangers gathering for a funeral service for a world war ii veteran passing away at the age of 97 years earlier this month leaving behind no family his wife died two years ago. one woman met him while
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meeting him at the nursery on guest nursing home and she held a funeral so people knew about his life and his service to the nation. using social media and hundreds of people came out to pay respects to a true american hero. god bless. president trump heats up the rhetoric against illegal immigration. >> ms 13 gang members come in. you don't want to meet with them but i.c.e. doesn't mind. we don't want them in our country. they are not getting into our country. and if they have in the past a lot, and then we throw them out. they are out. [applause] david: the panel will take up david: the panel will take up a crisis sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? uh, i'll look into it. (phone rings) lisa jones! lisa: (on phone) hey carl, what are you charging me
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i don't know about him. i would never say anyone is too old but they are making me look young in terms of age and energy and you know, that better than anybody. david: not bad for 72 addressing his boundless energy and how he compares with a sleepy joe biden before addressing the nra convention in indianapolis. >> i am a champion for the second amendment and so are you. it's not going anywhere. it is under assault. [applause] but not when we are here. david: the president use the speech to announce the us withdrawal from the un arms treaty something the president called badly misguided. 1300 cuban migrants rioted and escaped on foot from the mexican detention center on the southern border on
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thursday the largest mass escape in recent history 700 were recaptured or returned voluntarily but 600 are still on the run. chair of the arizona republican party and "the daily caller" editorial director. kelly this is personal you are at the border. we know the cartels control a large swath of the border we saw these photos or video of cartel members with ak-47 look-alikes ushering immigrants. if we send troops down there i'm sure they will take it as bloodiest possible putting the immigrants to use them as a shield. this could get ugly. >> exactly.
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this is a crisis at the border not just the border states but a 50 state border crisis. it is an invasion also humanitarian crisis it is not manufactured. up close and personal. over 103,000 people try to come into our country in the last month alone. this year 361,000 people came here illegally compared to 396,000 in the last fiscal year. it is a crisis and escalating congress has to get to work to secure the border and build the wall with the necessary resources on the border. david: what burns me is democrats want to portray themselves as a party of compassion they care but yet they are unwillingness to even acknowledge there is a problem has led to a situation where
10:29 pm
children's lives could be on the line and caught in the crossfire. nothing compassionate about tha that. >>, child trafficking do we have to endure or how many drugs come across how many opioids come across how many jobs and wages need to be in peril? in the uncontrolled way? it is clear we have to get the border under control looking at over 1 million from central america this year alone we don't have the facilities or the manpower to take them on. we need an orderly system and congress to act but they are refusing in sitting on their hands especially democrats who would rather see this continue. david: what will happen? will democrats wait until something bad happens then blame it on the president? but they have no legislative record at all since i took
10:30 pm
over the house they have to engage somehow because they look so bad to deny there was any problem for a year and a half when we could have done something. >> i hope they come to the table to put people above politics. i hope they love our country and our safety more than they hate the president. congressman andy biggs just brought a delegation to the border invited democrats and they refused. they do not want this president to get a win they will sacrifice american safety sadly and we have to change course. david: american safety, el salvador safety whoever tries to get in. they have ak-47s for a reason they don't plan to be the victims. the victims are those caught in the middle. these numbers are extraordinary.
10:31 pm
how do the socialist part one - - policies of the democrats get anywhere when they see how well we are doing with capitalist policies? . >> how do you run against this economy? it is broken for you but the idea is typically the president helping the working class that is happening wages are rising. which is a very rare thing to happen since the seventies. gdp rises above 3 percent he promised the number and it is they are. not even the fiercest partisan can say this president has done anything poor for the economy is only positive during his administration. david: but bernie still says no matter how good and strong it is doing no matter how many jobs still income inequality and such a problem we have to
10:32 pm
make everybody poor to redistribute the wealth even if some do well with inequality. that makes no sense. david: none whatsoever. . >> and that unemployment is down. they have a choice between the president to keep america great for all of the radical leftist democrats who want to have equal misery across the board and destroy the american economy. anywhere socialism has been tried it equals misery with income equality but it is very low income capitalism makes that rise. david: have a wonderful weekend. dead the violence in sri lanka putting the spotlight with attacks against christianity
10:33 pm
we will take that up. but president trump continues to stymie the attempts to subpoena members of the administration. >> there has never been a president that has been more transparent than me. transparent than me. david: we hav 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ )
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david: headlines former cia director brendan responding to the president's accusation he was part of the coup against his presidency. >> i welcome any type of continued investigation in terms of what we did during that period of time we were in the government. i testified before congress and i will do it again absolutely. david: attorney general rosenstein attacking the obama administration former director comey for failing to address russia hacking long before president trump was president. >> some critical decisions about the russian investigation were made before i got there the previous administration chose not to publicize the full story about russian computer hack years and how they related to the strategy to undermine. david: now democrats are in the house are refusing to honor subpoenas jerry conley
10:38 pm
warning incarceration is on the table. joining me now is managing partner from the dylan law group and rnc committeewoman. democrats are demanding meetings with the trump administration without lawyers present. remember how many they provided for clinton when she was under investigation? this is a spanish inquisition trying to trap people instead of figuring out what happened. >> sometimes it's hard to expose somebody but they have their bias and dishonesty in full view. the department of justice protocol under history and tradition if you call a doj official to testify about testifying regarding the job with mister gore heading up the office of civil rights you
10:39 pm
allow them to have a lawyer for the purpose to object to questions that could get into attorney-client or executive or other religion would be malpractice to allow him to testify without that. congress tries to insist they testify without the protection they are entitled to his outrageous. david: have we forgotten eric holder refusing to obey his subpoena? he did not come he ignored nothing happened. do you really think they have the nerve to try to jail trump officials for not answering? . >> what is disappointing is i hope they know they cannot do these things they claim that they can do. in the 18 hundreds officials were jailed until they started to file the ritz and to say there is no due process.
10:40 pm
that has not been done in a very long time for a very rare occasion congress is trying to do this was also thrown out of court one was ultimately convicted of something else and and gore such. they failed. good luck is all for the camera but they cannot jail any top official it's not happening. david: turning to rosenstein now he's beginning to talk about obama administration there is a lot going on they didn't talk about and they kept under the rug i believe they said they would talk privately about the issue to mister putin but making a big stink because they did not want to embarrass him.
10:41 pm
. >> many things are interesting about the episode yesterday speaking to a private group openly criticizing the obama administration that many americans don't know the absolutely the administration was aware of attempted hacking and what other governments have tried to do before every election but they didn't take any action now nobody talks about it. but rosenstein is under attack from both sides including republicans for the allegations he wanted to wear a wire and appointing comey in the first place he is under a lot of attacks he's trying to change the subject may be. david: but the core fact the witchhunt, as much as has been accomplished by the trumpet
10:42 pm
ministration imagine if every day did not have to deal with this. the monkey on the back which is robert mueller. it was in order to find out what the russians were doing because the obama administration knew what they were doing. >> also the fact the russians appear to accomplish their goal of that was to disrupt the government they did that with the approval of a prior government that did not do his job to protect the american people. david: the goal of the russian investigation from the get-go was not to figure out what the russians were doing but clearly to bring down the trumpet ministration or even before to keep him out of the white house. >> right. back to brennan and the earlier point, in my opinion
10:43 pm
the word coup is absolutely the correct word. an attempted coup over the duly elected president it failed now the rats are scampering away with the sunlight being shown on that. david: have a wonderful weekend. thank you. president trump using faith as the basis for protecting the nation. >> to god is our witness we swear today we will defend our rights and safeguard our freedoms, uphold our herridge and protect our constitution. and we will make america stronger powder safer and greater than ever ever ever before. david: we will take that up david: we will take that up after carl, i appreciate the invite here. as my broker, what am i paying you to manage my money? it's racquetball time. (thumps) ugh! carl, does your firm offer a satisfaction guarantee? like schwab does. guarantee? (splash)
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. >> we know faith and family of our government and bureaucracy is the center of american life. and above all else we know this. in america, we don't worship government. we worship god. david: the importance of faith front and center in the president's address to the nra but around the country places of worship are under attack in pennsylvania a federal investigation underway with
10:48 pm
two fires at the pentecostal church of bethlehem. the first fire early tuesday was determined to be arson and overseas over sri lanka with the terrorist suspects linked to the easter sunday bombings gunfire erupted while they were conducting a raid on a bomb factory and isis flag and uniforms similar to warren by the attackers on easter sunday. the islamic state claimed responsibility for those attacks killing over 250 people. member of the faith initiative pastor of the first baptist church in dallas i can attest a good man thank you for being here. >> thank you. david: let's talk about the words of the president we don't worship government we worship god was right to the heart of what a lot of
10:49 pm
conservatives think is the bases for their faith as well. >> exactly. he said the same thing at a rally we had at the kennedy center at a religious liberty rally he was the guest speaker. it got the biggest applause of the entire evening. he is the most faith friendly president in history. and after two years of the witchhunt and attempted coup his approval rating has not changed among evangelicals over 70 percent they believe in this president i will be at the white house on thursday with other leaders with the president to acknowledge the national day of prayer but we are there to show our support for this president and what he has done for the christian faith. david: talk is cheap some conservative presidents have had great admiration for who
10:50 pm
talk but don't carry through whether legislation or executive orders. talking to the sisters for what he has done to support their case and the judges put in power to overturn cases clearly against religious freedom, he walks the walk. >> he does. the most pro-life, pro- religious liberty pro- conservative judiciary of any president. as a real estate guy he is very transactional the commitments that he made to evangelicals checking them off one by one exceeding expectations. david: are you surprised? there are others who were open how important god was to them being president but are you surprised at how much he has
10:51 pm
done? . >> i'm not quite have known him for three years i was one of the first evangelical supporters i knew from the first time i met him he could be trusted to do what he said he would do. that's why i say he will win with a larger margin of evangelical supporters in 2020 and 2016 not running on promises made that promises kept that's a powerful thing to run on. david: his chief opponent is joe biden who says 2020 is a battle for the soul of the nation. that is undefined what he means do you find it too much ambiguity there? . >> no. he made that in charlottesville tells you all you need to know. i agree with biden it is a battle for the soul of the nation but not over the phony
10:52 pm
controversy biden has manufactured over the charlottesville comments over the barbaric practice of late-term abortion that biden and every democrat that is racist i visited with the president after charlottesville i knew exactly what he meant. glued one - - sing good people. david: he singled out them to be condemned to several times in the speech the white nationalist are to be condemned but some people who were there because of the statues peacefully wanting them to stay in some who were against the statues peacefully. there was that duality that apparently is too complex for the press. so now switching to christians being killed it is also the
10:53 pm
born in record numbers the number of christians killed, 345 every month worldwide. 4136 christians killed and 2018 looking like the number will increase in 2019. it does show there is a war on christians. we hear about is homophobia , but in human terms is a risk much greater for christians? . >> it is. sri lanka was a horrible tragedy but also a bad trip down memory lane as we remembered obama and hillary clinton not only unable to name the perpetrators radical islamic terrorist but not even the victims who were christians worshiping god. the reason trump has been so successful is he named it for what it was.
10:54 pm
now he can virtually decimate isis is to the importance to name the perpetrators against christians and jews. david: the charges are ridiculous because there are thousands of islamic lives have been saved that this war on christianity has to and great to see you pastor. thanks for being here. david: the president highlights spying and corruption inside the highest levels of government. >> corruption at the highest level is a disgrace. spying, surveillance, trying for an overthrow and we caught them. we caught them. [applause] david: we will have more from david: we will have more from the president 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres.
10:55 pm
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speak to another record setting day on wall street. stocks closed with 80 and the hit record close of the second temperature. density of 14 in the nasdaq gained. while on the big board, three-point to million shares. the dow closed flattening the week in the s&p of over 8%.
10:59 pm
a reminder to listen to lou's report three times today close to coat on the assailant network. president trump addressing some of the 80000 people gathered for the national rifle association annual meeting in indianapolis announcing he will withdraw from the un arms trade treaty. >> under my administration we will never surrender american sovereignty to anyone. [applause] >> we will never allow bureaucrats to triple on your second amendment freedom. david: the president also holding a series of meetings with japanese prime minister today as the u.s. and japan attempt to reach an agricultural trade deal. trump tomorrow will play a round of golf before heading to green bay, wisconsin where he holds another huge rally. that is it for us tonight. have a wonderful weekend. border patrol union brandon judd
11:00 pm
and tom pittenger among our guest on monday. it will be a busy day and we hope you can join us. reminder to catch my show weeknights at 5:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. six for joining us. trish: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein claiming the obama administration and james comey in his first public comment since bill bar for the similar report he is dead on with his remarks. i've set the record straight tonight. president trump calling out them for continuing their desperate search. >> democrats are obsessed delusions and witchhunts. that is what they want to do. or we can play the game just as well or better than they do.


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