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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 28, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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you right here next week. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the crisis at our southern border rages on. armed cartels smuggling drugs and illegal immigrants into the united states, murders mexico soaring record levels, mexican troops intruding on american soil. president trump calling out the radical dems for doing absolutely nothing to straighten out this nation's immigration laws. >> congress must also act to fix, however, our horrible, obsolete, weak, pathetic immigration laws. their seeing the -- they're
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seeing the drugs and they're seeing the human trafficking. the human trafficking is like never before in our history. and this is a world problem, and it's happening all over the world, but for us it's through the southern border. lou: we'll have the latest on the fight for security of that southern border. former border patrol chief mark morgan joins us. and the radical dems, the deep state exposed for their three-year-long conspiracy to attack, to subvert and ultimately try to overthrow the presidency of donald trump. president trump today declared it is time to prosecute the conspirators and all who supported them. >> this has been litigated for the last two the years, almost since i got into office. now, if you want to litigate, go after the dnc, crooked hillary, the dirty cops. all of these things. that's what should be litigated, because that was a rigged system. lou: we take a look at the onlies of what is the big -- the
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origins of what is the biggest political scandal in our nation's history. tom fitton, sebastian gorka and diamond and silk as well. our top story, killings, corruption and caravans at our southern border. president trump today warned of a caravan of thousands moving through mexico now on their way to the u.s. border. and the president says he will shut down sections of the border if the mexican government fails to stop those illegal immigrants. and the president warning as well the mexican government should well understand they better not send troops across our border again and never, ever pull weapons on americans. the president tweeted in the, quote: mexico's soldiers recently pulled guns on our national guard soldiers, probably as a diversionary tactic for drug smugglers on the border. better not happen again. we are now sending armed
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soldiers to the border. mexico is not doing nearly enough in apprehending and returning. joining us now, mark morgan, former u.s. border patrol chief under president obama. mark, great to have you with us. i guess the first question has to be these troops along the border, their commanders sending them out on supposedly surveillance with one m-9 .9 mm pistol between them. what kind of madness is that? they don't understand the cartels control the border? >> i think we just learned a good lesson that the border patrol agents have known for a decade. that's exactly what happened. and the president was pot on, hugh. -- spot on, lou. there's so much corruption on the mexican side, both mexican law enforcement and mexican military. they are absolutely being paid by the cartels to be used as listening posts, observation posts and distractions.
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this isn't anything new for the border patrol. they're encountered this -- they've encountered this before. lou: they've encountered it, soldiers, the president has -- when they hear from the commander in chief that this won't happen again, the mexican government, do you think that they understand it better not happen again? >> lou, absolutely. and that's spot on. this president unequivocally, when he does that, that's why he's got the backing of the border patrol and other law enforcement entities. how powerful and strong of a message that is. he told the mexican government it better not happen again, and i tell ya, if it does, i think there's going to be ramifications, and that's why i support this president on in the issue. lou: and this president talking about sending more armed soldiers to the border, it's -- you have to question, you have to question what in the world the commanders of those soldiers were thinking in sending those people out on a surveillance mission -- any kind of
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mission -- at that corrupt border controlled by cartels. we see pictures every day if you want to pull them up of cartel members armed with semiautomatic rifles, ak-47s, ar-15s, you name it. and here is an infrared, i believe, picture of the cartels escorting a woman and and a kid across the border. i mean, and these folks are carrying heavy 762 weapons. it's the outrageous. and we've got, we've got u.s. soldiers, national guardsmen out there in the middle of nowhere with an m-9. what were they going to do, flip it back and forth to one another when they had a shot? i mean, it's just asinine that the u.s. military would have commanders that would order that and would permit it. >> well, lou, so i don't want to second guess the commanders --
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lou: okay -- >> when they're on the battlefield. lou: so stipulated. that is a battlefield, and it's the moronic of those commanders to put those soldiers in the harm's way like that. absolutely. now you -- so stipulated, i don't want to put you in a bad position. you fire away at whatever you want to say. >> new york i think it's well said, lou, and i understand the point. i don't disagree with that, and i hope that the rules of end gaugement are going to be looked at because this was a wake-up call. not only between the soldiers, but then the episode you just talked about where, you know, armed with ak-47s, cartel members in camouflage uniforms, that border is dangerous. it is not a safe place. and so i hope they all rethink the rules of engagement down along the southwest border for the protection of our soldiers and mers knell. -- personnel. lou: the only excuse i can think of with those commanders and the superior officers of those two soldiers is that they're watching fake news, that they're believing democrats when they
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say there's no crisis. they're, obviously, not informed on what is transpiring right before their very eyes. the cartels are clearly exploiting this opportunity. the president talking about a caravan with as many as 20,000 central american illegal immigrants headed toward the united states. the mexican government making much of having dissuaded 500 of them from continuing their journal -- journey. that leaves 19,500 more. the president has said straightforwardly to mexico stop them and stop all of them. >> that's right. and here's something i've been saying too. look, we've been giving millions of dollars to the northern triangle countries, nothing. we've been trying to get mexico to get off the sidelines and be proactive partners in this resolution, nothing has happened. congress failed to do the job, nothing has happened. so we really need to rechange our mindis set and stop --
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mindset, and we've got to take control of this, and we have got to do what we need to do. is and so when the president tells mexico you need to do your darn job to be part of the solution here or we're shutting down the border, i think he's right on, and i support him. lou: and the idea that this new president, manuel lopez obrador, just in the office less than six months, he has an opportunity to work with this president. this president has reached out to him through his emissaries and envoys. twice his -- i think, believe, don't know this for a fact -- but has intimated he thought he had a teal on this so-called return policy with the mexican government. that hasn't worked out. that means somebody is breaking their word in mexico. it also means that that opportunity for manuel lopez obrador is going to evaporate
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here quickly if he doesn't take this opportunity. the corruption that is mexico right now, most americans don't understand how per vase arive it is -- pervasive it is, how much of mexico it controls and as you were pointing out, how much of that border they control. and, by the way, the murder rate in mexico, already the murder capital of the world, mexico's homicides already this year have risen by almost 10% over last year. last year a record number of murders and killings, nearly all of them, nearly all of them as a result of cartel drug violence. you know, what are you -- what do you think the president should do, what can the united states do other than build the dad gum wall and enforce the dog gone border? >> lou, that's it. you really just summarized a very complex issue very
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succinctly there. look, we've shown the history. mexico, they ebb and flow. they have shown decade after decade they're not going to be part of the solution here, because the cartels -- make no mistake, the american people need to understand, that u.s./mexico border, the cartels own 100% of that. so unless the above of mexico can address the cartels, that problem on their side is going to exist. i think the president has to stay the course on what he's doing. he has to build the wall, get more technology, he has to the get more personnel, he has to fix the laws of the flores agreement to end catch and release, continue to drive the politicians in this country to do their job for this country. he's on the right track, he's doing the right thing, and i hope he doesn't stop. lao lou no, he -- i don't think the man's got stop in him. [laughter] mark, i thank you very much for being with us and always your insight. we appreciate it. thanks very much. >> you bet, lou. lou: still ahead, president trump touts his long list of economic achievements.
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>> stock market and our country from an economic standpoint is doing the best probably it's ever done. unemployment numbers are the best they've ever been by far. we're doing well on trade, we're doing well with china. things are going good. lou: things are going good. that is one of the president's rare understatements. we'll have much more on that, much more with diamond and silk here tonight. up next, president trump slams the radical dems and their neverwith ending effort -- never-ending efforts to end his presidency. we'll be talking about the origins of the witch hunt and corruption that pervades the fbi and the department of justice. stay with us, we'll be right back. did you know with vanishing deductible, you can earn $100 off your deductible for every year of safe driving? sing that. ♪ vanishing deductible, you can... ♪ ♪ earn $100... ♪ earn $100 off... ♪ off your deductible. ♪ deductible.
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obstruction. i say it's the enough. get back to infrastructure, get back to cutting taxes, get back to lowering truck prices. that -- drug prices. that's what, really, we should be doing. lou: and fail ifed 2016 presidential candidate hillary clinton, she has surface thed again to claim the only thing preventing an indictment against president trump is that he's this office. the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, says hillary should, well, think before she talk it is. >> there's a woman who really obstruct thed justice. the president didn't delete 33,000 e-mails. he didn't have somebody smash up telephones and wipe out a server and bleach bit it. it used to be a doj standing policy you cannot indict a clinton no matter how much evidence they destroy, no matter how often they lie and no matter that they committed perjury. you can't indict a clinton. lou: that's going to be tested,
11:17 pm
it may now appear. joining us tonight to take up that question and others, judicial watch president tom fitton. tom, great to have you with us. >> hi, lou. lou: let's start with judicial watch's discovery of clinton e-mails in the white house. how could that be? >> it's amazing. we forced this disclosure out of the fbi. look, a federal court granted judicial watch discovery in the e-mail scandal last year. one of the greatest modern offenses to government transparency, and he authorized to send written questions to the top fbi officials. he responded to us under oath in writing that they found clinton e-mails in, among other places, the executive the office of the president of the obama white house. so if you want to know why hillary clinton skated, it's because, as this evidence
11:18 pm
demonstrates sworn testimony from the fbi, it's because the obama white house and barack obama are implicated in the scandal. lou: that's the bottom line here, and that implication is going to lead us where? >> well, not only to at least a reopening of the investigation. look,. in just the last two months or so -- lou: judicial watch investigation. >> right. judicial watch has uncovered five classified e-mails among the e-mails that hillary clinton tried to delete or destroy -- lou: right. >> -- fbi notes of the sham investigation in 2016, and the notes literally say clinton cover-up operation. they're quoting her i.t. team -- lou: say that again. say that again. >> clinton cover-up operation. lou: that's extraordinary. >> so they literally -- lou: because that would be an open and shut case, right? >> well, the fbi case has
11:19 pm
evidence documenting, quote, a clinton cover-up -- and mrs. clinton is claiming president trump would have been indicted but for the fact that he's prime minister. lou: -- that he's president. lou: except that there's no crime. other than that, there would have been a problem. >> other than that. you've got this in your face evidence, and people want the know how the russia investigation began. it began with her and it was gun to protect her. it was begun to protect her. because they knew if the eye of justice focused on anything other than hillary clinton, she would have been prosecuted and a lot of other people around her including in the obama administration would have faced justice. so now that the mueller investigation and the russia hoax has been exposed as the fraud it is, now maybe justice can focus on hillary clinton. in the meantime, we have
11:20 pm
witnesses coming in being questioned under oath. it's the incredible that we're doing this and the justice department has yet to get its contact together. they -- its act together. lou, there's a lot of reform necessary to get some justice in this town. lou: are they still fighting you even after the arrival of william barr the attorney general? >> yes. lou: and have you taken that up with the attorney general's office? >> no, i have not. and, for instance, you know, we're taking the depositions of these individuals, and there are videotapes of the depositions, and the justice department has come in and said those videotapes should not be public. and that serves to protect the former obama and clinton top aides. it's the unbelievable. lou: so it sounds like someone within the justice department and the fbi, they're trying very hard to perpetuate a level of political corruption that i can't believe william barr would
11:21 pm
permit. >> well, you know, the charitable interpretation is he's only there a few months, and he's had orr things on his plate -- other things on his plate, but i suggest he focuses on being on the right side of the effort to get the truth on hillary clinton and what she was up to. lou: president trump said a very, i think, very important thing about transparency, and i want to get your judgment about it. he said that this is the most transparent administration in history. i think without question by light years it is certainly the most transparent compared to, certainly, the obama administration which was one of the least even though president obama promised his would be transparent. what is your reaction to the president's statement? >> i think at the presidential level he's absolutely right. the white house has been an open book, relatively speaking, especially with their unprecedented cooperation with the mueller witch hunt.
11:22 pm
certainly, the president's tweet over which he's criticized -- lou: criticizes candor, directness, straightforwardness and a direct statement to the american people every day. >> remarkable and historic transparency by the president. now, the president, in my view, should bring that transparency he brings to his tweets to the rest of his agencies and tell everyone, look, the cover-up for the deep state is over, it's all hands on deck in terms of getting all these documents out to those who have been investigating like judicial watch, the state department, the cia, the nsa, justice, fbi, a all of that deep state conspiracy against the president and the republic. lou: you know, and you use the word "hoax." this was an attempt to overthrow the president. on this broadcast i'm not going to use the word hoax again, because it was an effort to overthrow the president of the united states.
11:23 pm
there's nothing benign about this and nothing trivial. i hope that the president, i hope that the attorney general start prosecuting everyone within the justice department, the fbi, the deep state, the democratic party certainly, anyone connected with that conspiracy. >> crimes were committed, lou. they targeted the president and other innocents, and these crime victims need to be vindicated through justice department prosecutions, that's for sure. this ought to be priority one for the attorney general. lou: tom fitton, as always, thank you very much. and it is the only way i know of to assure what the president wants, which is that no president ever have to contend with what he has had to contend since the day he not only was inaugurated, but for months as candidate. stay with us, we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ -keith used to be great to road-trip with.
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lou: joining me now, james freeman, assistant editor of "the wall street journal"'s editorial page, fox news contributor, great american. >> oh, thank you. lou: "the wall street journal," i want to start out with one of their stories which i think is just extraordinary, that china is exploiting u.s. satellites in order to extend their command and control and communications to their troops in the, from the south china sea to wherever they want to communicate. it's remarkable, and it's bard, that technology is barred by -- barred by u.s. law. >> right. i think this is one, i guess, effect over a couple of decades to integrate and kind of welcome china into the world economy. and i think as has increasingly been apparent over the last several years that this sort of liberalization in china ended some years ago, and we have -- lou: and, apparently, the wags at the global 1000 and the
11:29 pm
chamber of commerce missed it. >> well, it's interesting. i mean, we have in xi jinping a really old school communist thug. and i think it's taken a while for some people to recognize that. lou: yeah. you wonder why, it's fairly clear. and i just wanted to -- going to the satellite issue, the chinese have done something that i think is exemplary of their, of the panache that they bring to international relations and foreign policy. they are renting that space on our satellites because it is prescribed that they shall not be able to buy that advanced technology. and yet here we are. >> yeah. i think in terms of technology, i'm actually -- beyond this specific case, i think we can beat them in technology. i think there's a sense that they're sort of dominating all these fields. i think our model still works better, i think theirs doesn't -- lou: in no the way am i
11:30 pm
suggesting, i'm just suggesting they're sly, clever in the way in which they have exploited a loophole which is that we prevent renting that advanced technology, but we won't sell it to you. >> and, you know, huawei, which we've tried to per sways much of the -- persuade much of the world not to use, obviously, crushing it in terms of big sales around the world. so we haven't succeeded on that front. lou: speaking of succeeding, the president's succeeding, exonerated, vindicated by the mueller report. and on this broadcast we are focusing on the efforts by radical dems, the left and much of the establishment period who have tried to overthrow this president. why is there such a hesitation in the national media to acknowledge what this was, an attempt to overthrow a, the -- a duly elected president of the
11:31 pm
united states and his government? >> it's a big problem. much of the people in our industry are seeing the collusion story fall a apart and have just kind of moved right into the full embrace of the obstruction claim and continuing this kind of -- lou: this is idiotic. >> -- relentless attack on the president. he's allowed to fire people who work for hum. he runs our executive branch. but i think the markets have been providing a nice reality check, because you consume much of u.s. media, and you're told that he is a unique threat who's trashing the rule of law and constitutional norms, and then invest thers get to decide, and they are looking at the united states, and they care about the rule of law, and they're obviously not agreeing with that media analysis. you see the market -- lou: [inaudible] this kind of economic growth, this kind of appreciation in our equities markets, and we're talking $9 trillion, ladies and gentlemen. >> right. lou: this is stun thing stuff.
11:32 pm
unemployment at historic lows, and it reflects absolutely no the uncertainty in the minds of the american consumer, saver, taxpayer, the folks who make this economy work day in and day out that this president is the real deal. >> well, they're putting their money where their is, aren't they? -- their mouth is, aren't they? whether it's the investors, consumers, whether it's people spending on things they need. lou: are you as frustrated, perhaps, as the president that he's not getting the respect that he feels he deserves? >> well, he's got some rough edges, and, you know, i think in terms of his economy -- lou: are you still one of those rough edge people? what do you want, a little box up there -- >> i'd like some more presidential behavior ideally. lou: oh, my god. >> but -- lou: you can have obama, you can have bush, you can have all those presidential types who did absolutely nothing for this
11:33 pm
country. and with that, i have to say it was good to see you, mostly. [laughter] james freeman, wall street journal. up next here, the radical dems using all their energy to persecute the president, but he's having none of it. we take up the president's fight. dr. sebastian gorka, byron york join us here next. stay with us, we'll be right back. how do you gauge the greatness of an suv? is it to carry cargo...
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lou: president trump says he's unimpoliced with the radical left's cast of 2020 presidential hopefuls but even less impressed with their constant attacks on him. >> the democrats are trying to win 2020. they're not going to win with the people that i see, and they're not going to win against me. the only way they can luck out is by constantly going after me on nonsense. lou: joining us now, byron york, chief political correspondent for "the washington examiner," and fox news contributor dr. sebastian gorka, former strategist to president trump. good to have you both here. sebastian, let me start with you. you were with the president earlier this week. how, how relieved is he at the end of the witch hunt, and how angry is he and intent on bringing to justice those people
11:38 pm
who tried to overthrow his presidency? >> lou, back in may of 2017 it was just the two of us in the oval office and the president said with regards to russia, they will find nothing because there is nothing. we have to wait two years, we have to spend $35 million to have that confirmed. of course he's relieved, but if you look at what's happening with regards to impeachment, it's absolutely mind-numbing. we -- lou: you know, not even the radical dems, in my judgment, are dumb enough, dumb enough to go there. i mean, they are dim, there's no question about it, but that dumb? byron, what do you think? >> well, you know, i think with the democrats you really have tree groups right now -- three groups. you have the zealots on capitol hill who do want to impeach as soon as they can. then you have a lot of democrats, some of them very newly elected who would just
11:39 pm
kind of like to lay low, not do impeachment, not alienate a lot of their voters. and the last group is this group running for president who, i think, are -- [laughter] it's always easy to attack the president, but i believe they're becoming more and more interested in differentiating themselves from each other. so would you like to have the boston marathon bomber be able to vote in prison? i mean, they're going to start, you know, trip thing themselves up -- tripping themselves up over questions like that. lou: and tripping themselves up with these ridiculous efforts of the committee chairmen to subpoena the president of the united states, subpoenaing the president's counselor, his attorney, don mcgahn, and you've got a barrage of idiots on the air saying that he -- the president waived his executive privilege when mcbegan talked to the special counsel.
11:40 pm
seb, your thoughts. >> we used to have innocent until proven guilty, then we have pronounced guilty despite any evidence, and now the democrats have created a new standard, you're guilty despite having been proved innocent. that's the mueller report. we have the conclusion. the founder of the proto-kgb said it the best, show me the man, and i will find you the crime. the democrats are fishing, fishing, fishing until they find something that they can hoist the president on his part, but i saw the president yesterday. they do not realize that they are attempting by challenging him yet again. lou: well, i have to say again, then they're even dumber than they've acted so far with control of the house of representatives, because they just haven't been paying attention. and no matter what the old soviets said about show me the
11:41 pm
man, i'll find the crime, this ridiculous, preposterous special counsel, this attempt to overthrow the president of the united states, they didn't find a crime. period. >> on this mcgann thing, it's really quite interesting because i think if you listen to the democrats and their supporters, they want a t show. they realize -- a tv show. they realize that a 400-page report is not going to be read by a lot of viewers. they're not getting their message out as much. obviously, mueller did not find collusion, so they think that if they can just put mcgann on television, it'll be watergate all over again. so if they can put him in a witness chair, have video, television going and have him repeat the things that he said to mueller in his 30 hours of testimony, then maybe they can stir things up in a way they've not within able to do so til now. lou: well, but they also need to at least pretend they understand something about the law. and no, no one including mcg
11:42 pm
ahn waived their right to the executive privilege by testifying to, as alex vogel of the vogel group said today on fox, by testifying to another executive branch member, i.e., the special counsel and the attorney general. byron york, sebastian gorka, thank you both for being with us. great to see you. we'll be right back. so with xfinity mobile
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♪ lou: house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff still failing in his efforts to in any way reasonably deal with the president on the issue of collusion. he keeps making bizarre comparisons between russian meddling, the trump campaign and watergate. he is particularly challenged. the dem congressman fails to recognize robert mueller's conclusion that neither the president nor his campaign staff, nor any american -- remember that expression? -- nor any american coordinatedded with russia. also ignoring the fact that the russians wanted bernie sanderses to win in 2016. schiff also failed to mention it was the president obama's administration that ignored all
11:47 pm
signs of russian interference in our elections and without consequence. red storm rising. a form ther state department employee with top secret clearance has pled guilty to conspiring with two foreign agents of china. candice marie claire born lied to law enforcement are about her contacts with those chinese agents. they gave her thousands of dollars in gifts in exchange for internal u.s. state department documents. she was arrested in march of 2017. she'll be sentenced this july. she faces up to five years in prison. spain's foreign minister today praising china and its belt and road initiative and then going on to say this, quote: the belt and road is proof that the china is no longer considering itself a net receiver and starts considering itself a contributor to the world. and this is something that spain welcomes.
11:48 pm
what spain is really welcoming is all that money that the chinese have given them. we see on the news throughout, we have a follow-up to that rabbit rumble in orlando that we first showed you last night. it turns out the bunny brawler has quite a rap sheet. antoine mcdonald arrested in delaware, new jersey, florida. police in south brunswick, new jersey, are even looking at mcdonald for the extradition for suspected role in a car burglary last year. well, that story has another connection to the news. the radical dems' 2020 hopefuls say they want to allow criminals -- that is, felons such as the rabbit rumbler -- to vote in our elections. >> believe that people with
11:49 pm
felony records should be allowed to vote while in prison. does this mean that you would support enfranchising people like the boston marathon bomber? the. >> i think the right to vote is inherent in our democracy. yes, even for terrible people. >> i think we should have that conversation. >> okay. all right. >> should people convicted of sexual assault, the boston marathon bomber, should they be able to vote? >> while incarcerated? >> yes. >> no, i don't think so. lou: still ahead, president trump standing strong against the radical dems' never ending harassment and attempted sub discretion. dr. sebastian gosh da, or byron york among our guests. up next, president trump takes on the open quaint crisis. >> we're all americans. we are all one family, and we know that we are the strongest when no one is left behind. my administration is committed to insuring that every citizen can live with dignity and
11:50 pm
purpose and proudly pursue the american dream. lou: we'll have that, much more right after the break. social media stars diamond and silk with us tonight. we'll be right back, stay with us. - there are tens if not hundreds of thousands
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of jews in israel and the former soviet union who are not going to be able to celebrate the passover. - without our help. - there is an emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union.
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in the former soviet union. just $25 provides one elderly holocaust survivor with a special emergency food package. call right now. - please call the number on your screen now. - what i pray is that you won't turn your eyes but you will look at their suffering and your heart will be changed. - we pray that god will move upon your heart to act right now and send an emergency gift of just $25 so that we can help more frail and lonely elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union before it's too late. lou: headlines we're looking at tonight, president trump in atlanta today headlining a summit on the opiate crisis, focusing on stemming the they wouldly flow of drugs into
11:54 pm
this -- the deadly flow of drugs into this country. >> my administration has also embarked on an unprecedented effort to shutdown online criminal networks, crack down on illegal international shipments and stop the deadly flow of drug into our country. in the past two years, customs and border protections ease juries at -- seizures at the southern border are up 45% and going up much higher. lou: as mark morgan pointed occupant on this broadcast at the top, the border is corrupt and corrupt on both sides, and the cartels control that border. opioids responsible for 47,600 overdose deaths in 2017 alone. the latest numbers, that's nearly 68%, by the way, of all overdose deaths in the country. pennsylvania's favorite son joe biden apparently set to announce his candidacy tomorrow online, if that makes a difference.
11:55 pm
he's going to visit pittsburgh on monday, i guess it is. he will be coinciding pennsylvania's unemployment report. by the way, the unemployment rate in pennsylvania, the favorite son will have a little headwind, it appears, in pennsylvania if he ends up being the nominee, because president trump has, well, he's managed to get the unemployment rate there down to 3.9%. that's the lowest unemployment rate on record for the state of pennsylvania. and, by the way, the name is president trump. if joining us tonight, social media superstars, president trump's most loyal supporters, diamond and civil, host of the fox nation show named, you got it, diamond and civil. diamond and silk, great to have you with us. great to see you, ladies. >> thank you for having us. of. lou: let me start with, what have you got, tomorrow 20 candidates for the democratic
11:56 pm
party running against this president who's done more in just over two years than bush in eight and obama in eight, that's 16 years of do nothing against two years of historic performance. your thoughts. >> well, you're absolutely right. >> yes. >> you know, and a lot of these people, even congress and the senate, if they haven't done anything while they were in congress and the senate, then we know that they're not going to do anything for our country. we already have a president. his name is donald j. trump. he has unemployment atal all-time low, ownership among latinos at an all-time high. that's who we want leading the country. >> that's right. >> a man that, listen, up like the joe bidens, they don't take action. they go missing in action. >> that's right. >> we can't even find them. and they will say and do anything he was to get a vote. >> and there's no way that
11:57 pm
barack hussein obama can take credit for this economy because he the one said you have to wave a magic wand so, get what in we waved the magic wand, we got can president trump, and he cut the red tape. >> wow. [laughter] lou: you know, i want to get back to that magic wand in just a minute. rabbi abraham coomer blasting the -- cooper blasting "the new york times" and congresswoman omar for claiming jesus was palestinian, not jewish, accusing the times as well of fake news. your reaction. >> you know, omar and her ideology, i just -- i have a problem, and i'm a person of color, so i don't want people to think that i'm being racist towards omar. but i have a people and their ideology and trying to push it off on other people, and they're acting as if they hate the country. yet they my grated to this country. omar needs to check herself, and she really needs to watch the
11:58 pm
rhetoric that comes from her mouth, because it offends americans, and it causes americans to react and respond. >> that's right. lou: well, i have a problem because she's outright anti'em tick. but other than that, you know, she seems to be off to just a horrible start in congress for the reasons you suggest. you mentioned the obama magic wand. so i've got an idea for you tonight, and i want to see if you can to that. could you put up the video of diamond and silk's online store here? because i've got this great idea, and i'm going to, i want to propose it to you free of charge. but i'm thinking of the obama magic wand -- [laughter] that you could put in there with all of the merchandise, all of the great merchandise. you know, it would just be, well, what do you think of that idea? >> i think that's a good idea. lou: okay, well -- >> we'll have trump right on the wand. lou: to get to the store, we go
11:59 pm
to diamond and silk, is it inc? >> it's diamond and, and don't forget, we have our chitchat tour that's coming up for alabama may the 8th. -- 18th. chitchat to get your tickets. lou: so let's go back to the store again -- i don't mean literally, but let me just ask you something about the store, because i was just thinking, you know, for lou dobbs tonight watchers, i'm just thinking this. maybe a little discount. what do you think? can you work that out? [laughter] >> oh, yeah, we can do that. lou: all right! we'll be, i'll be -- you know, i'm a heck of a negotiator. i didn't get the amount, the discount or anything else, but anyway, we've got the idea. it's great to see you guys, and it's diamond and we appreciate it, as always, and check out diamond and silk's chitchat tour if you will.
12:00 am
their next stop is may 18th in the mobile, alabama. diamond and silk, great to see you, thank you very much. see you tomorrow. good night. (announcer) the following is a paid advertisement for time life's music collection. the '60s was a decade of change, of new hopes and dreams, new attitudes, and a decade where love and romance were expressed in many new and different ways. (the beach boys) ♪ wouldn't it be nice if we were older ♪ ♪ then we wouldn't have to wait so long ♪ (the guess who) ♪ these eyes (mellow music) ♪ cry every night for you ♪ children behave ♪ that's what they say when we're together ♪ (announcer) it was led by a generation filled with energy, vision, and desire.


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