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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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accepted me a business clas clas ticket, i'll go with them. >> that's their new tag line, boeing safer than sex. fox business alert. david: that does it for "bulls & bears." see you back here next time. liz: okay. here's the lay of the land. the prowfl trump economy is now a story playing out in key battleground states. the trump economy lifting the vote of a key group of voters. watch this. the number of blue collar women workers at a 25-year high this as consumer spending is bouncing back. the american people are feeling good. consumer sentiment at a 20-year high. republicans are saying why switch horses midstream as the media is still not getting what the 2020 story is all about. it's about joe biden versus bernie sanders. these two are about to ric rip h other apart as biden tries to secure the union vote. but the president undercutting
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joe biden tweeting out attacks on fat cat union leaders for ripping off union members of high dues and more. this as the top democrats say that the party is not opening the voters' call. they fear that the 2020 dems don't have a robust national message to beat trump. president trump will meet tomorrow with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to talk infrastructure. breaking news tonight, the democrats just might blow it. watch this, pelosi and schumer demanding a trillion dollars, the new taxes over ten years, to pay for any infrastructure deal and take on climate change. the president is moving a different direction with private tie disaition. we'll talk about that tonight. this as congress returns to work this week. democrat chairs of four house committees keeping hope alive to bring down the president. trump still says i'm not complying. and the attorney general is supposed to testify twice this week now fushing back saying no,
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i won't agree to your terms of how i'll testify. we'll show you the pushback. rosenstein appointed robert mueller and he will resign effect live may 11. beto o'rourke can't get the democratic base fired up so now he wants a 5 trillion-dollar green deal to blow on the government run overhauls of things like buildings for being unefficient. one and a half trillion dollars in new taxes for this, this as president trump can't get $5 billion to pay for the wall. and as the federal government spent a trillion of your money on empty federal buildings. i'm elizabeth mcdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪
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welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. let's begin with boeing ceo. frustrating reports, not answering questions about the software problem in the boeing 737 max jets that caused 2000 plane crashes killing 337 people. here is the ceo this afternoon at the annual meeting in chicago. watch this. >> have you considered resigning? >> i think the important thing here again is we're very focused on safety. and i can tell you both of these accidents weigh heavily on us as a company. >> were you overly confident with the pilot's abilities? >> i'll go back to my previous comment. >> would the comment have happened without it. >> it's a chain of events. there is no singular item. >> sir, could we have a few more questions. >> sure, 346 people died. can you answer a few questions about that?
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liz: critics are saying it's not good when reports have questions and appear to have more information than the ceo delivering. the stock is under pressure. dow jones reporting that the ceo ended the press conference early. jeff is in chicago with the latest. >> perhaps he would enter the democratic primary or the republican primary even. he's very good at answering questions that weren't asked. if you were expecting boeing to take responsibility for the two crashes of the 737 maxes, well you would be disappointed. and as you heard, if you were expecting him to resign whereby you would be disappointed as well. tale of two takes on these crashes, one from the cio who says he thinks everything is good, the design of the aircraft was fine and it was more likely pilot error. and then the take from the family members of those who lost their lives in the crashes. i give you two pieces of sound,
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one from mr. mulenburg and the other from the attorney representing the families of the dead in the crashes. listen. >> we've confirmed that it was designed per our standards, certified per our standards and we're confident in that process. so it operated according to those design certification standards. >> can you imagine the gall of saying that over all of these reports and obvious evidence of a defect in this aircraft. >> well, there you have both sides of the story, fair and balanced here on the fox business network, liz. still an invest to come and mr. mulenburg talking a lot about trying to get in the planes back in the air. but i'll tell you, with the kind of questions that were asked today and perhaps the lack of answers, i don't know that that's going to happen anytime soon. liz: thank you jeff. turning to congress, back at work on capitol hill today as
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top democrats now fear their party is not answering the voters' wake-up call. president trump says the answer is long time ago. it's about jobs and the economy stupid, as james carver once said. breaking news, house speaker nancy pelosi and chuck schumer set to meet with the president tomorrow. they went a trillion dollars in new taxes to pay for infrastructure deals. edward lawrence is in washington with the latest. >> republican and democratic lawmakers back in washington and apparently ready to sit in the same room as the president and talk infrastructure. tomorrow the leadership from both parties will be at the white house. this will be a good test to see if the democrats can move past the investigations and actually work on governing. for democrats it will be able to see if the president can set aside his anger on twitter or that he's shown on twit tore wortwitter towork with them. theth hass no dollar amount set aside to spend on infrastructure. they will not be hammering out a deal tomorrow.
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this just a discussion. >> we want to hear what they have to say about it and we'll react to that. but no, we're not coming in with a blueprint, no. >> both republicans and democrats have talked about wanting to fix the nation's infrastructure. ahead of the meeting, house speaker nancy pelosi and chuck schumer wrote a letter affirming their commitment to work together on fixing infrastructure in this country. the letter says that the infrastructure must be overhauled in a comprehensive way, going beyond traditional infrastructure and include broad band connections. housing fixes, money for schools and investments in clean energy to tackle climate change. mnuchin hopes that the democrats are serious about working together on this and not just making another political gain. >> this is something he very much wants to do. i hope that the democrats are sincere. this is something we need to do on a bipartisan basis. >> and the last time pelosi and schumer came to the white house
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for a meeting it was during the government shutdown. the president ended up walking out f that meeting calling it a waste of time. we'll see what happens tomorrow. liz: we'll see. hey my $5 billion wall is infrastructure, right? edward lawrence in d.c. thank you so much. the 2020 democrats missing the big picture pipt's about economic growth, job growth. democrats don't have a robust national economy message, what the insiders are saying. they're campaigning on small issues. in d.c. they're really talking about how much they hate trump and they want him out. the president weighing in on all of this at a rally on saturday. >> democrats put all of their hopes behind their collusion delusion, which has now been totally exposed to the world as a complete and total fraud. the greatest political hoax in american history, it really has been. >> this as the democrat chairs
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of four hois committees still probing the president, judiciary, oversight intelligence and ways and mens. but they're saying they don't have any accomplishment to run on in 2020. let's bring in our house committee member, he is utah congressman chris steward. dstewart.are these probes going, any traction on them? >> well, we'll see. the truth is that we know the truth. we know these accusations of collusion have had no basis in fact and some of us have known that for a year. their intention is to keep a cloud over the president, to keep accusing the president, tol through the 2020 election. and interestingly the same individuals won't call for impeachment. the reason being they know that they can't prove that the president has done anything wrong. they know they have no case they can bring before the american people. instead they'll say we'll
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continue to investigate and continue to accuse people that we know how and have known for a while that they're innocent. liz: let's move on to this. president trump is meeting tomorrow with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer on infrastructure. they want massive tax hike to pay for that. i mean this is the walter mon mondale party. how can they run on that? >> good luck with that. run on tax hikes and impeachment. that is the planning. there's good news and bad news on infrastructure. the good news is that the president wants to do a package and many republicans want to. and in the past some democrats are wanting to as well. the bad news is i don't know if they're sincere any longer. if they would keep it focused on actually improving the airports and roads, i think we could find a deal. but if they want to make it about climate change, making it about a trillion or as ms. pelosi said, maybe $2 trillion in official taxes, if they want to do it on specific jobs programs, that
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indicates that they don't want to do it. i worry about that. because i think they're so reluctant to give this president a win on virtually anything as we go into the 2020 election and i'm afraid they may sack fiez this bipartisan evidence just to give the president a win on anything. liz: to your point, even bernie sanders says focusing on that could work in the president's favor. so again the question is what is going on with the democratic party. why aren't they focusing on the issues, the kitchen table topics that the americans are talking about? >> it's a couple of things. they're frankly so vested in this story of collusion and corruption and mr. trump and his family and others around him are traitors that it's hard to walk away from that. and their base doesn't want them to walk away from that. they want them to continue. and on these other issue sus, the table top issues, they have no plan. if they had something that they could take before the american
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people and say this is what we want to do to better your lives, to make it easier for you, it would be different for them to take that. the reality is that they don't. liz: attorney general william barr is pushing back. he's supposed to testify twice this week. he's now saying i'm not going to sit for hours for questioning by you and then even more hours of questioning by your committee's lawyers when those lawyers wrote your questions for you. why do you have to put me through double grilling. is this another round of d.c. gotcha politics. are the lawyers going to try to trick barr into giving a problematic answer that they're going to stick something to him? >> maybe. mr. barr is one of the most capable intelligent men in d.c. and he's going to make the democratic members look small and small-minded and petty. that's why they want their attorney to do the questioning. the chairman of the committees don't trust their democratic members. they know mr. barr is capable of handling their questions.
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he's demonstrate demonstrated ts nothing to hide, no excuse for anything. he's open and transparent and yet i don't think he trusts his members, and think mean the democratic chairmen. i don't think they trust their member to spar with barr and think the attorneys might do a better job. liz: let's get to the story, your money, the markets. the s&p and nasdaq closing out the day in record terlt. territory. google parent alphabet is down 7% in after-hours traightd. jackie has more at the new york stock exchange. >> all investors focused on alphabet's earnings, the parent company of google. eps was -9d pjt 50. would have been highert not been a fine coming out of the eu because of anticompetitive practices.
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google, traffic acquisition costs, 6.8 billion lower than expected and ad revenues coming in up. a second stock to watch was disney hitting a high after a blockbuster weekend for its avengers movie. 866 million overseas. tomorrow we've got earnings from apple, the expectations are 236 on the eps and revenue of more than $57 billion. these would both be down year over year. liz: coming up, joe biden punching back at trump, pitches the middle class in his first campaign event. here's the real fight. it's biden versus bernie. they're about to tear each other apart. if the democrats don't have a unified economic message. championship defendant hawhich e
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defense, lori loughlin pleading not guilty today or is it actress felicity huffman, she's set to plead guilty. coming up, that debate.
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it's a look what your wifi can do now store. a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. the trump economy is still
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powering ahead. we're looking at the data coming in. look at this blue collar worker wages soaring higher. democratics campaigning on extraction that the government can get you to eastern more money. a number of blue collar women workers up 43% since 2000. women are now plumbers, construction workers, electricians, lumber jacks, mechanics. and a number of female cops and security workers up 40% over the last 20 years. this as the democrats are in panic mode, afraid they do not have a unified national economic message line president trump has had all along. let's bring in our editorial page writer. jillian, great to see you. when are the democrats going to answer the voters' wake up exawl on the economy. >> i feel like that's what biden is going to pennsylvania to address. you have all of these blue collar workers that in between swung for trump out of economy
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concerns. this is fundamentally an economic issue. it will be interesting to see if biden make the case to them. liz: we're talking wisconsin, ohio, pennsylvania, michigan that president trump flipped away from the democrats. joe biden was talking to the workers today. the president undercutting his message by tweets. there's a push by the republicans to get biden to swallow the hard left message. the republicans know it won't fly with voters. >> he's in between a rock and a hard place. bernie is driving the conversation. if you compare in the last two years like what a different conversation we're having on the left about policies, medicare for all, new green deal, all of these far left socialist things. biden's challenge will be able to win over the left. liz: the media is saying it's trump versus bernie or trump versus biden.
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the store i have is bernie versus biden. there are 40 house democrats who won, moderate democrats that won when trump and romney won. brarnldbernie sanders let's pute off of their private insurance. >> i was interested to see that this is going to be something that's going to cost the middle class. i would be hammering him on that. but i think biden is dealing with a challenge, a very long record, sanders doesn't have as controversial of a record. and it's going to be difficult for him to differentiate himself and also not make this an apology jor. is left is more sensitive than ever before. and if you're running against trump, the risk is you'll come down looking weak. liz: we've got 2020 democrats saying that joe biden should
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apologize for anita hill. >> it was intresessin interestig that play out. he was kind of in control of the situation. is there are so many ways that he's between a rock and a hard place. he's going to get no grace from the left and trump is not going to let up. i think it's a difficult situation for him to handle. liz: getting back to bernie ripping into biden, there's been leaks. sewe see the headlines on that. but is biden going to hammer back on bernie about the health care for all. critics calling him bread line bernie. he's going to put people on the food line. >> he try to pitch this is democratic socialism but all of his advisers are as hard left as you can. i was laughing, one of his advisers saying he doesn't like
6:23 pm
thanksgiving because it's a celebrating of flesh eating because it's going to affect climate change. liz: who talks like that? here's the other issue, too. the question is this. would biden come up and say would you rather have -- he is not going to say this but the question is would you rather have bernie sanders figure out how to fix what's going on in the health care system or have jay my diamond, jeff bezos with a consortium of how to do health insurance. >> i think biden has to come. with solutions and taking firm stances. but the left is not going to relent on this. biden is marketing himself as the guy that can beat trump. one of the things that's really appealing about him is his electability. but if you've got the hard left out there hammering him on medicare for all and he's not coming up with anything, it's going to be -- i think he's got the trickiest walk in this --
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liz: is bide ingoing to hammer bernie on medicare for all. the fight to watch. we're keeping a close eye on several other developing tories fotorestories for you this hour. the measles outbreak just got worse. the cdc says it's recorded 78 new cases just over the past week. bringing the total nationwide this year to 704 measles cases. that's a 25-year high. measles are now in 22 states. now this outbreak has got folks so nervous it even sparked fears and delays on a jetblue fight last night from the dominican republic to new york. was delayed at the terminal, quarantined temporarily but all passengers checked out. everything is fine there. at any moment we're expecting the governor's response to drug lord guzman's demand for a new trial. he's claiming that jurors improperly followed media
6:25 pm
coverage during his brooklyn tral. el chapo was convicted of murder, conspiracy and drug trafficking in february. burger king is taking its fake hamburger, the impossible whopper nationwide. burger king successfully tried it out for a month in st. louis, missouri. it's a plant-based burger in every burger king restaurant by the end of if year. >> it could be any day that megan markle will give birth. the kensington palace remains tightlipped on the due date. but media reports indicate it could be the last few days of this month or the first few days of may. a royal baby on the way. prosecutor kim foxx now hit with a subpoena over why her office dropped all 16 counts against the actor. that story coming up. plus, countering the russian
6:26 pm
threat, general jack keane joins us with a preview of his testimony this week before congress on just what lads mere putin has in store for america and the world at large. that story next. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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liz: welcome back. you're watching the fox business network. we're coming into the bottom of the hour. new developments in the massive college admissions cheating scandal. 17 defendants including lori loughlin and her fashion designer husband, officially filed their pleas in their cases. fox news rick leventhal is here with more detail. >> good evening, liz. there was a hearing this morning, pretty routine and there will be many more in the days and weeks ahead. two basic groups of defendants. those admitting guilt and those fighting the charges. 19 parents entered not guilty
6:31 pm
pleas including lori loughlin and her husband who waived their right not to appear. they're facing conspiracy to commit mail fraud and money laundering. the second added after some parents negotiated plea deals but loughlin and the others did not. loughlin and her husband paid half a million dollars to fake their daughters way into usc. the celebrity cup sl fighting back. we questioned the government's ed before they file any substantive motions in the case. the morning the judge ordered prosecutors to turn over their materials by the end of may. and then you have actress felicity huffman expected to plead guilty to paying 15 grand to improve her daughter's s.a.t. scores facing a likely sentence of four to 10 months behind bars which she could serve this year meaning she could be out of jail before the case is resolved for the others. he says her daughter knew
6:32 pm
nothing of the actions. but one of loughlin's daughters may face criminal charges since they posed for pictures pretending to be rowers. we asked prosecutors about that that morning and they couldn't confirm it. liz: thank you so much. let's get to who has the better strategy. do you plead guilty or not guilty here. joining me now, former federal prosecutor andrew. let's set the scene here. felicity huffman pleaded guilty to paying 15,000 dollars in bribes. loughlin and her husband not guilty, half a million there. who's got the better strategy? >> well it's really like comparing apples and orange. they're different cases and that's because the value of the fraud puts them in such different categories when you start to analyze the federal sentencing guidelines. ms. huffman is likely not going to face any actual time behind bars. even if she has some time it's going to be minimal. on the other side a 500,000
6:33 pm
dollars frad case, that's going to put you behind bars likely up to a couple of years. it's really different. the only real thing that either side can be fighting in it is a very specific technical issue and i guess at this moint, given the amount of jail time ms. luf lynn is lookinms. loughlin is ls worth fighting. liz: they're arguing they didn't know the rules, didn't know they were breaking the law. we'll stay on that story. switching gears to the jussie smollett case. a retired judge is saying kim foxx, you got to appear in court. we need to get you into a hearing over your decision to let jussie smollett goes with no charges for allegedly scaijing his own hate crime. what do you think about this? the judge wants a smecial counsel to look into fox and her handling of this case. >> this is one of three separate lawsuits that resenlly out thert
6:34 pm
there looking into the background of all of this. this is a lawsuit that's important to move forward because it's trying to protect the chicago criminal system against corruption, something unfortunately there's a long history of in the judicial system. the judge is trying to have a special counsel appointed to slook into what ms. foxx did in dropping the charges, was it appropriate, was it something that she needs to be held accountable for. it's a strong and good move going on right disblu. liz: thanks for coming in. coming up, several county prosecutors in massachusetts now trying to sue i.c.e. to block i.c.e. from trying to pick up illegal immigrants in courthouses. this after the feds charged a local judge last week for letting one criminal illegal, he was wanted on multiple drug charges, had been deported multiple times, that judge let that individual slip out the back door of her courthouse. we're on that story for you. plus later in the show,
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liz: fib director christopher wray warning russia is continuing to meddle in u.s. elections effectively say 2016 was just a test drive. let's bring in our fox news strategic analyst, retired general jack keane. you're going to be testifying for the house foreign affairs on wednesday. can you give us a preview? >> i can't get details of that because that would be unfair to them. in a general sense, in countering russia's resurgence certainly, the national defense strategy as well as the national security strategy identified the fact that we're in a big power competition this time with russia and china.
6:40 pm
although russia is not the soviet union, none the less it is formidable and comes at a time after 17 years of 9/11 wars and budget reductions when the united states military capability, liz, has eroded rather significantly. so the credibility of our deterrence therefore has also eroded. and that is somewhat alarming. and something we truly have to fix. liz: general, let's switch gears to another security issue. here's president trump telling fox business' maria bartiromo that the border crisis could be fixed in 15 minutes if the democrats would give republicans the votes. let's watch. >> we have a system that has 900,000 cases behind it. in other words, they have a court which needs to hear 900,000 cases. how ridiculous is this. this has been building up for
6:41 pm
many years. and it's just a system that congress can fix, maria, and they don't get off their ass. and it's the democrats that could solve it so quickly because we're going to have all of the infrastructure soon, i'll have the wall up. i mean by the end of next year most of the wall is going to be up. liz: general, your reaction to that. and also, is mexico doing enough? >> that's a great point. certainly my reaction to that is i agree with the president, that we need congressional law to remove the loopholes providing the incentives that we've been discussing for months for these people from the northern triangle, honduras, el salvador and guatemala to come. if they corm because the country is contiguous to the united states, we could return them immediately. but because they're from a country not contiguous to the united states we cannot return them. and then when they overwhelm us
6:42 pm
and we can't hold them all, all we're doing is releasing them, thousands coming every year, over 100,000 a month. as to mexico, a lot more can be done. got the get the federal police on the southern border to have a closed border so everybody processing through a legitimately entering a country. they're not doing that. secondly, they've stopped some caravans in transit but what they need to do is put a full court press on that, as well as the cartels and the transnationals that are involved in bringing these caravans. and they've got to get their police efforts involved in that. u bbut i think the cia has to gt involved, the federal bureau of investigation has to be involved in helping them stop this. much as we did in colombia, very successfully with the ger ril will movement, the instability y
6:43 pm
in there. much more we can do with mexico and they can do themselves. liz: do you approve troops at the border. >> i always have from the beginning. i know that puts me at odds with some of my military peers but i believe there's a national security and sovereignty issue at the border and it's appropriate for the department of homeland security, who is overwhelmed, to ask for additional resources to help them. it's something that we've done in the historical past when we have a unique problem we're facing right now. it's a modest commitment by anybody's definition of a force that comes close to 2 million people in terms of what we're putting at the border and a $700 billion operating budget. so yes, if they feel they need those people to help them in the capacity that they're going to
6:44 pm
provide, transportation et cetera to do that, won't be involved in law enforcement, i do think that's a meaningful contribution that should be done. liz: quick take on massachusetts driblghdistrict attorneys, filia lawsuit. your quick reaction? >> for the life of me, i don't understand how authorities would willingly break the law. i mean here are people who have committed crimes and i should b. should be notified that they have them in custody for having committed the crime. if found guilty and punished, they should be deported by i.c.e. the fact that eats not taking place is an absurdity. liz: thank you for jury service to our country. beto o'rourke thinks he can win in 2020 with $1.5 trillion in tax hikes for his new climate change deal he wants for the
6:45 pm
country. we'll debate that coming up. ♪
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i'm gonna tell you that was the best $150 i ever spent in my life. life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. amazon, the darling of d.c. for his ownership of the "washington post." he's now getting blasted because amazon is being accused of
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mistreating its most important assets, its warehouse workers. here's what's going on. labor unions say amazon's plans for one-day shipping could put a strain on the workers already struggling to keep up the pace at the scernt. they process up to 300 orders an hour. five orders a minute. let's bring in the heritage foundation. it's striking that a liberal icon is getting criticized for mistreating its workers. >> bezos has an obligation to make sure his workers are operating under safe and fair working conditions. but that said, i think there's a lot of fearmongering happening here from the unions. the unions want to represent amazon workers. they in the united states are not represented right now. and what is lost in this is that amazon actually announced this one-day shipping is $800 million investment. it's not that they're going to
6:50 pm
expect their employee to work double overtime to make this magically happen. they're investing a lot of money on this and i'm sure this was a long drawn out plan. liz: we get it that people don't have to take the job. we understand that unions want to unionize amazon and they've been wanting to unionize whole foods. there's a reality happening inside the warehouses. jeff bezos company vz people fainting on the job, passing out, working breakneck speed, standing forking ten hours a day, not allowed to talk and can barely take bathroom breaks and that they treat their robots better. >> that criticism is fair. the workers should keep going to the media and if there are grounds for it, file lawsuits. liz: when is the washington post going to report it. >> bezos owns the washington post so that's difficult. but the "the new york times" has done expo says on the workers
6:51 pm
conditions. so certainly amazon has an obligation as one of the nation's most profitable and biggest companies employing americans, they have an obligation to treat their workers fairly pap and if they're not doing that, we as consumers should demand better. ultimately we're responsible as people using their services. liz: great to see you, kelsey. we had aoc's knew green deal. this time beto o'rourke is trying to fire up the base. makes so mention of stopping the world's greatest polluters china and india. we're taking that on next.
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6:56 pm
more taxes does nothing to stop china and india and their pollution. let's bring in our guest in for his take on this. don, your reaction? >> first of all, take a pledge with me, liz. we must not cater to this man by using his name. his name is robert francis o'rourke. liz: let's not what we're debating. let's talk about the deal. >> the deal is as phony as his nickname. go to his campaign website, suffer like i did. read the whole darn thing. it is agony. first of all, i don't know what he says in his campaign speech. he admits he's going to raise taxes. you don't find that in his written proposal. he's going to adjust the tax code. okay? going to raise 5 trillion dollars? you're going to raise everybody's taxes until their head caves in. this is such a holy crusade why not just say that. why not just say this is war, this is sacrifice, everybody needs to have a 70% tax rate.
6:57 pm
you can't say that. liz: the issue is too, i mean, don they have taken taxpayers money and blow it on things like empty federal office buildings that litter the landscape. for example, about infrastructure, margaret thatcher always said regular people take the roads or the trains or buses and politicians keep talking about infrastructure. you know what i mean, don? >> you know, wouldn't it be nice if the politicians talk about infrastructure actually give you infrastructure? you know what beto o'rourke is talking about with his 5 trillion dollars? by the way, i estimate that if he performs about like i think he's going to perform in the democratic primaries, that's going to be about 30 billion dollars per delegate, and he's still not going to win. he's going to put 20% of that -- 20% of 5 trillion, which is 1 trillion and reinvest it in climate science research. so that means there's one profession that will be sure to vote for him, climate scientists. so whatever it is he says about the climate, you can say that
6:58 pm
97% of scientists will agree because he's put them on the government payroll. liz: it is amazing president trump can't get 5 or 6 billion dollars for a border wall and they are talking about raising taxes. do you know what i mean? >> as long as pelosi controls the house of representatives, trump isn't going to get anything. right? they are not going to give him any form of victory no matter how it might even help the democrats. it might help america. it could cure cancer. as long as it helps donald trump, it ain't going to happen. you know that. liz: again and again i keep saying this stat come up, don, in my research, beto wants to spend 1 1/2 trillion in tax dollars, again and again, i keep seeing empty federal office buildings literally littering the landscape. i mean they keep wanting to take the hard-earned money from people for an ambiguous new deal to stop climate change with no details on what they are going to do with it; right? >> the only thing worse than an
6:59 pm
empty federal office building is a full federal office building all right? because it's full of these people who are plotting your destruction and mine. so let's say thank you on that one and move on. liz: there was always that joke you can throw a bowling ball down a federal office building and not hit anybody or shoot an arrow and not hit anybody. >> works for me. liz: quick take on modern reelections, incumbent presidents don't lose when the economy is good. they lose when the economy is bad. there have been five incumbents who have lost because the economy was bad, including george h. w. going back i think to taft; right? >> there's been no first term incumbent who has lost in forever since jimmy carter because november of 1980 was practically a depression. so it is the economy, stupid. and the way the trump economy is going, he's going to win by a land side. liz: come back soon. >> thank you. liz: we're always happy to debate policy. don't like to make it personal. don luskin is terrific, though. thank you very much for having us in your home. lou dobbs is next on fox
7:00 pm
business network. have a good evening. >> good evening everybody. i'm david asman if for lou dobbs. the national security crisis at our southern border worsening by the day. top officials confirming that smugglers and the cartels know that u.s. immigration laws are weak, so they exploit them. the mexican side of the border is controlled by these dangerous thugs, yet the radical dems ignoring the crisis calling for open borders. president trump's say the left immigration agenda endangers our nation. >> nothing is more dangerous than the democrats crazy immigration agenda. their entire party has been taken over by far left


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