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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 1, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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thursday, tomorrow night on the show, mike baker and brad and the return of the rationality straight to your pocket folks. you'll be 40% richer for watching. have a good night. lou: good evening everybody. attorney general william barr on capitol hill today, for four hours the attorney general endured the predictable smears, vitriol, from the radical dems who absolutely disgraced themselves today. they misrepresented the attorney general intentionally. they called him a liar. they insulted his position. it was a magnificent performance by an extraordinary band of fools on the judiciary committee. the radical dems, and through it all, the attorney general once again exhibiting patience, intellect, integrity, slapping
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down the dems false presidential obstruction narrative, their use of the judicial process as a political weapon. >> i said that we did not believe that there was sufficient evidence to establish an obstruction offense, which is the job of the justice department, and the job of the justice department is now over. that determines whether or not there's a crime. the report is now in the hands of the american people. everyone can decide for themselves. there's an election in 18 months. that's very democratic process. but we're out of it. and we have to stop using the criminal justice process as a political weapon. lou: and also the judiciary committee as a political weapon, the radical dems in both the house and the senate doing just that. and insulting the attorney general in the house by voting, the house judiciary committee did, to have their staffers interview the attorney general for that previously scheduled hearing tomorrow.
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sources tell us now that the attorney general will not be appearing at that hearing because of the insistence of this man, jerry nadler to have staff interview him. apparently he doesn't think that the congressman, the democrats on that committee, are up to the task. sidney powell was at today's hearing. she joins us here tonight as does the hoover institute's victor davis hanson. and on the border, the crisis goes on. the border patrol apprehending what it calls the largest group of illegal immigrants in new mexico. then they apprehended hundreds more just a few hours later. and president trump working each and every day to secure that border and doing so almost alone. today he asked congress for additional funding to help end the crisis. good luck with that. this is after all a democratic congress bent on not allowing this president to win again
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before the 2020 election. tom holman, mark morgan with us tonight, the latest on the border. for the second day in a row, thousands of venezuelans in the streets trying to overthrow the maduro regime. we will have the very latest developments from venezuela. much more here tonight. we begin with breaking news. sources in the house judiciary committee telling fox news that attorney general barr will not be appearing at that hearing tomorrow. the democratic committee chair jerry nadler insisting that the attorney general be questioned by staff attorneys, rather than the congressional members of that committee. my gosh. the attorney general said no. not no thank you, just no. and for more on the hearing in the senate, we turn to chief intelligence correspondent catherine her ridge. >> we saw why mueller was concerned. >> senate committee democrats pressed attorney general william barr on the march 27th letter from special counsel mueller
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>> this letter was an extraordinary act. a career prosecutor rebuking the attorney general. >> it was a political appointee with me at the department of justice. you know, the letter's a bit -- >> the mueller letter said barr's bottom line conclusions for congress provided days earlier lacked quote context and mueller urged barr to release the report's executive summaries which barr rejected as piecemeal. the attorney general said mueller was frustrated with resulting media coverage but did not challenge the accuracy of barr's letter which mueller declined to review. >> i said bob, what's with the letter you know? why didn't you just pick up the phone and call me if there's an issue. he was very clear to me that he was not suggesting that we had misrepresented his report. >> in early april, barr also took questions on the mueller report as part of routine budget hearings. democrats said barr should have volunteered the march letter from mueller as well as their phone call. >> mr. barr, i feel your answer
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was purposely misleading. >> utah senator van hollen didn't know if bob mueller supported your conclusions but you knew. you lied. >> on discussions between president trump and then white house counsel mcgahn on removing special counsel mueller, barr said the president's actions did not constitute an obstruction offense. >> there's something very different between firing a special counsel outright, which suggests ending the investigation, and having a special counsel remove for conflict, which suggests that you're going to have another special counsel. >> barr went further saying the mueller report did not prove intent, beyond a reasonable doubt. >> if the president is being falsely accused, which the evidence now suggests, that is not a corrupt motive for replacing an independent counsel. >> three committee democrats with presidential ambitions fired off questions, two of them insisting barr should resign. >> this attorney general lacks all credibility and has i think
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compromised the american public's ability to believe that he is a purveyor of justice. >> republicans defended barr. >> you slandered this man from top to bottom. so if you want more of this, you are not going to get it. >> as they refocused on how the fbi 2016 russia investigation began. >> you previously said that you think it is possible that the federal bureau of investigations improperly spied on the trump campaign. >> the dnc and clinton campaign funded dossier researched by former british spy christopher steele and used to secure surveillance warrant for a trump campaign aide is also under scrutiny. >> how do we know that the steele dossier is not itself evidence of russian disinformation campaign? >> no, i can't state that with confidence, and that is one of the areas that i'm reviewing. >> after the hearing, senator graham told reporters that as far as he's concerned it is over but quote he will come if the
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special counsel can point to discrepancies between barr's testimony and mueller's own account. lou? lou: catherine, thank you very much. catherine herridge. joining us tonight former federal prosecutor and author sydney powell. good to have you with us. catherine herridge reporting an interesting element from senator cornyn today, and raising the possibility that this was all a russian disinformation campaign, the phony dossier, paid for as we know by the hilary clinton campaign, the democratic national committee. if that were the case, and we have been witnessing the special counsel come up with absolutely no evidence of any impropriety on the part of the trump campaign and collusion, or cooperation, or conspiracy with the russians, that means that the collusion was between the democratic party, the hillary clinton campaign and the
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russians to sow discord in this country over a period of almost two years, does it not? >> yes, but i think senator cornyn's theory lets the democrats and hilary clinton off way too light, as well as the obama administration because i think the attorney general is going to find that the spying on the trump campaign went back as early as 2015, before the campaign even started good. and all of that information is going to come out with the report from the fisa abuses and the unredaction of the decision by the fisa court that identifies the private contractors to whom comey gave illegal access to the entire nsa database. lou: in terms of the hearing today, william barr making it very clear, the attorney general making it clear to even the radical dems on the judiciary committee in the senate that the 19 pages that mueller was questioning and wanting released
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were in point of fact and to the credit of senator ted cruz, who made the point absolutely indelibly, those 19 pages were cob taned in the 448 -- contained in the 448 pages of the overall report which were out within a few weeks. it is insane what the dems were doing. >> it was absolutely insane and credibly rude and completely baseless, lou. this administration has been so transparent throughout this process to waive attorney-client privilege, to waive executive privilege. the only reason we know of all these conversations is because the president waived all the privileges so that no one should be able to claim obstruction of justice in any way, shape or form and encouraged the attorney general to be as transparent as possible and disclosing absolutely all that he could possibly disclose. none of it had to be disclosed to the public, other than the conclusion. lou: but he did. >> he did. he did. lou: that is the point here.
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that there are -- the radical dems on that committee were insulting, slandering, as the chairman lindsay graham said, this great public servant, the attorney general of the united states, and they did so for pure partisan political purposes, some of them even 2020 hopefuls. there shouldn't be much hope on their part, but nonetheless hopefuls. it was a display of ignorance, shameful. they're a disgrace to the country. >> it was. it was absolutely hideous and attorney general barr handled it all with the utmost professionalism and brilliance. he made them all look like the idiots they are. lou: did i miss something? did he look at notes? because i have to tell you, i didn't see the man pick up a note. he was speaking from his memory and his command of the material. and i'm watching the radical dems with their little, you know -- >> their speeches. lou: whatever they thought they were doing, they had notes, they
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had everything but wires from their staff to get out a question. it was quite something. >> yes, they were reading from their speeches. and he was talking facts and law from the mueller report and his own command of the legal issues and the law. lou: let's go to barr if we could. listen to the attorney general on the issue of the fisa warrants and the likelihood of further investigation. >> one of the things i want to look -- many people seem to assume that the only intelligence collection that occurred was a single confidential informant and a fisa warrant. i'd like to find out whether that is in fact true. it strikes me as a fairly anemic effort if that was the counterintelligence effort designed to stop the threat as it's being represented.
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lou: your thoughts? >> well, we know from comey's admissions that they opened files on four americans early on with absolutely no basis. and then we also know from peter strzok's text messages that they had lures they called them so there were more than one overseas efforts to spy on the trump campaign. lou: efforts to entrap and then spy. >> exactly, yes, they had to be in that category. i think they will find a lot more. lou: i think so too. i think it is still laughable the number of organizations, news organizations and others who were warned away from halpern because he was a valued assets and they didn't want it disclosed. nonetheless, his role has been disclosed and his name is out there and has been for who years. where we're going with this is -- well, it's fun to
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contemplate because it's going to lead back certainly to all who were orchestrating the intelligence community, the fbi and the justice department from the obama administration at the very outset. sidney powell, you get the last word and we're out of time >> the fbi was paying hundreds of thousands of dollars through the department of defense to steven halpern to try to set up general flynn and other people. lou: thank you very much, sidney powell, appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: still ahead, william barr takes those delusional radical dems to task over their phony obstruction and collusion narratives. >> i'm not trying to capture everything. i'm just trying to state the verdict. >> no, you just absolutely used the word summarized though in your letter. >> summarized the principle conclusion. >> seem to capitalize on this foreign interference. >> there's no indication that they engaged in either the
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conspiracy to act or that they engaged in any action with respect to the dissemination that was criminal. bob mueller is the equivalent of a u.s. attorney. his work concluded when he sent his report to the attorney general. at that point, it was my baby. >> you said it was your baby. what did you mean by that? >> it was my baby to decide whether or not to disclose to it the public. there were notes taken of the call. may we have those notes? >> no. >> ed rollins and the hoover institute's victor hanson among our guests tonight. up next president trump calls on congress for more help at the border. we'll take that up, right after the break. we'll be talking with former acting i.c.e. director tom homan. stay with us. we will be right back. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no...
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lou: the white house has had such good luck with the congress that they are asking congress for more money in emergency funding today to assist our troops and operations along the southern border. they are asking for 4 1/2 billion dollars. now 3.3 would go toward humanitarian assistance. 1.1 billion would be used for border operations and not a
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nickel for the wall. another 180 million dollars will go to something called mission support. i think this is entirely an academic exercise and for the life of me cannot understand why anyone is asking congress for a dime. a designated terrorist from northern ireland, you think we have problems in this country with border enforcement and our illegal -- immigration system. listen to this from northern ireland. he's to remain in america for another six months because congress and acting homeland security secretary -- mccallister is his name. he was supposed to be deported earlier today. he came to new jersey back in 1996. that's right, he's celebrating something of an anniversary, 20 years on, seeking asylum. after being released from jail for the attempted murder of british police officers in 1981. mccallister designated a terrorist by the united states government has been fighting his
10:20 pm
deportation ever since. the following members of congress have helped secure mccallister's reprieve six months at a time, senators chuck schumer, senators menendez, graham, congressman peter king, elliot ingle, bill pascrell, richard neil and chris smith and the offices of dolan as well. the former acting director of immigration and customs enforcement, fox business contributor. good to see you. >> good to see you. lou: you have quite a history with mccallister. your reaction to this farce that surrounds mccallister? >> i'm upset. look, i spent my last ten years here in i.c.e. headquarters in d.c., trying to get rid of this guy. i mean, he's a convicted terrorist. and i didn't think the united states should provide safe harbor for a terrorist even though as the congress said he's
10:21 pm
been law-abiding since he's been here. i don't care. he's a convicted terrorist. this country should not offer safe harbor for convicted terrorists. dhs was born after 9/11. our number one mission is terrorism. why would we give the guy permission to stay here? it is unbelievable, especially under this administration that we allowed this to happen. lou: as we look at this list of congressmen and senators behind him, menendez and schumer, you know, i mean, it is despicable. this is corruption. we're not certain what kind of corruption and why these elected officials are behind this. it is stunning. either the man has been improperly designated a terrorist or something is very very wrong here, and it looks like something is very very wrong. >> no, no, no, he's a terrorist. he's a convicted terrorist, i can assure you that. i read his file 100 times. i changed the policy,
10:22 pm
congressmen used to say give him a stay and we will file a bill. when i came the i.c.e. director, killed that policy because out of 40 requests, 40 bills they said they were going to do, they never done. don't wait anymore. the letter has to come from the chairman of committee to even consider it. >> and the acting head of dhs, he says fine. what does that say about the acting director of dhs? >> i think it was a really bad decision. again, this is why homeland security formed that the terrorists attacks on our soil, we created dhs. number one mission is terrorism. they want to make everybody happy so they're coming up with a deal. there's no deal, no deal worth keeping a convicted terrorist in the united states. we're the last country that should offer safe harbor to any convicted terrorist. this is a bad decision. lou: well let's turn to other bad decisions and that is in my
10:23 pm
judgment asking congress for help when no help has been proffered of any kind. why continue this thing with the dhs asking for more help? the democrats won't even show up at the border. they have refused every request for emergency help of every form. what in the world is it going to take to get this thing resolved because i don't see a dhs by the way that's operating any differently under this acting head than the previous head of dhs under the previous head of dhs, they haven't got -- there's not an ounce of imagination, of leadership or innovation or adaptability or ingenuity. they basically are -- i mean, he goes on "60 minutes" and says there's nothing he can do. his hands are tied. >> no, first of all, forget about congress. congress isn't going to help.
10:24 pm
they haven't helped for 34 years. i spent two years going to congress trying to get them to close the loopholes. they want this president to fail. they hate this president more than they take their job of securing this country. i wake up every morning lou sorry i retired because i have the backbone to get some of this stuff done. let me tell you what needs to happen, three things, number one i.c.e. needs to do a national operation, look for final orders, that is their job. when i did it 3 1/2 years ago i got a lot of pushback from the democratic administration but i didn't care. i did it. when i did it, the numbers on the border went down. we showed a consequence. the second thing we should do is send all the immigration judges to the southwest border. forget about the backlog, let it sit there. let's deal with the people coming across, get them a quick hearing and get them out of here. last in, first out. we can do that. we don't need congress for that. finally we need dod to build temporary facilities down there, hold everyone, even if it's families, you've got 20 days, hold for 20 days. we did it for cuban migration and haiti migration and
10:25 pm
nicaragua migration. the numbers are worse than all three of those combined. why are we doing it? congress is not going to fix this congressionally. the courts aren't going to help. we need to do what we can within the operational components to keep the president's agenda. president trump is a great president. he has a great plan. you have to have the backbone in these agencies to push these things and secure the border. that is your job. he declared a national emergency. all hands should be on deck. all legal ideas should be on the table. lou: 320 more troops, cooks, attorneys and drivers to show up and help the troops on the border already. we have a national emergency and tens of thousands of illegal immigrants on the way to the border. >> the military needs to be armed to protect themselves. we see what happened to the military a couple weeks ago. lou: unfortunately. >> if it is a national guard, cross designate them as an
10:26 pm
immigration officer. when they got approached by the mexican military, i had myself in 1985 ran into mexican military patrol, i arrested them, i disarmed them. that's what should have happened. if you are going to send troops down there, have them fight in the fight. not making meals, fight in the fight. i mean, again, we need to do what we can operationally. lou: we're talking about 3 billion dollars in humanitarian assistance at the border. who the hell came up with that number? i mean who the hell came up with that number? >> you're as angry as i am. i'm telling you, i watch this show every day. i watch this parade every day. i sit there at home and even my wife says you know, why did you retire? i wish i wouldn't have because you know what? there's things going on down there. if i have to come back from retirement a second time because i have a backbone to do some of these things, i will do it. we need to be thinking out of the box. we immediate to do what we can within the legal framework. we need to stop worrying about the next media story or next job. we need to stop worrying about
10:27 pm
protesters at my house. protesters came to my house. the media attacked me. you know what? i did my job. i'm not ashamed of doing my job. we need to get this done. i respect the men and women that wear the badge and gun, but the leadership needs to step up. we need -- lou: this isn't leadership. these are people in -- living off the taxpayer with fancy jobs and automobiles. they think they're leading. they don't they they're leading. they're working on a fancy retirement and a bunch of bull. it's sickening to watch the so-called permanent bureaucrats in this government. tom homan, thanks for being here. and thanks for being who you are. appreciate it. >> and you keep fighting the fight. we need to educate the american people, lou, and you are doing a great job of that. lou: thank you, sir. we're sure trying. up next, dhs has a new plan to filter out fake families at the border. this is -- what year is this?
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lou: joining us tonight mark morgan former u.s. border patrol chief under president obama. great to have you with us. just talking with tom homan, the man incredibly frustrated. i know you are as well. as well as millions, tens of millions of americans. it's just stunning to me that they are testing a dna program now, somebody just told the border patrol there's a dna test that they could -- i mean, it's been around for years and years. why is -- why is it only happening now? and do you believe that it's effective? >> so, lou, if you don't mind, i would like to piggyback on something real quick that tom
10:33 pm
spoke about on mccallister situation. look, i spent 20 years in an organization that the number one priority was counterterrorism. i'm frustrated with tom as well. i have a question how a known convicted terrorist and a terrorist that was participating in a plot to kill law enforcement officers, kill law enforcement officers, convicted of that, i have a lot of questions why that individual is getting support to stay in this country. i think every american should be asking why, and i'm glad you brought this up. i'm glad tom hit that hard. lou: yeah, and i'm glad you're asking the central question here, which is, we're asking, how the hell did this happen? we talk about the crisis at our border. we have a crisis in washington, d.c. that lineup of democratic senators, that lineup of democratic and republican congressmen, it is disgusting that they put their names to
10:34 pm
this. and i would just like to know how in the hell they sleep at night. >> and lou, don't forget, he originally came in to canada, where he requested asylum and was denied. then he comes to the united states as a vacationer, right, and then once he gets here, then he goes through loopholes and claims asylum. lou: you bet. we'll see what happens. we're going to keep our audience posted on every development in that case. and it's inexplicable, absolutely inexplicable. let's turn first to dna. do you believe in it? why is it takes so long to just test it? we're not even applying it as a program. >> there's a policy out there that if you are 14 years or younger, border patrol was prohibited from taking any biographical data whatsoever, so i'm glad for clearer heads to
10:35 pm
prevail. we know; right? we know the cartels are renting kids. lou, we know that. lou: this is sex trafficking. it is child trafficking. >> it is. lou: what are we supposed to do, just be blind, deaf, stupid, beyond imagination? because we're succeeding. >> we need to do exactly what tom outlined. he outlined a three-step process. he's absolutely correct on that. first of all, we need to ramp up interior enforcement. we need to do that just as he described. the second thing is we need to pour resources -- i call it port courts with a whole government approach and we expedite. we expedite the asylum process. we build facilities just as he described. right there, if we get that, we vet out the false claims and remove them immediately. you are going to see this flow go down. history shown that. if you apply consequences, the numbers go down. lou: there are no consequences right now. >> no.
10:36 pm
lou: we have seen reports that you have been considered to head immigrations customs enforcement, not to put you on the spot, would you consider it? >> first of all, that's rumors. i want to make sure everybody knows that. no one from the white house has called me, asked me, had a conversation at all at any level. but if this president asks me to come up, i would say yes in a heart beat. this isn't based on a political ideology. this is based on 30 years of law enforcement. know this border. -- i know this border. the president is doing the right thing. he's right on this issue. if he asked, i would work for him in a heart beat. lou: that is good news, and mark, we thank you very much. we appreciate it. good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: mark morgan. still ahead here tonight, socialist bernie sanders, he has a little problem with the success of the hit movie ""avengers: endgame." we will tell you about that, coming up right up. plus holier than thou,
10:37 pm
sanctimonious, james comey takes a shot at the attorney general, rod rosenstein, president trump, that's right, the dirty cop is back. victor davis hanson joins me right after the break. we will take that up and much more. stay with us.
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10:41 pm
fbi director, did i say fired fbi director james comey. comey in a new york times of course op-ed writing how president trump's co-ops leaders and his administration. he wrote this beauty, quote, proximity to an amoral leader reveals something depressing. i think that's at least part of what we have seen with bill barr and rod rosenstein, accomplished people lacking inner strength can't resist the compromises necessary to survive mr. trump. did he just take out rosenstein and attempt to do so with barr? my gosh. also praising the character of james mattis as he did so, the defense secretary, who refused to follow orders from the commander-in-chief -- good lord. is it end of days? i don't know. right seems wrong. up seems down. joining us tonight to straighten it all out, victor davis hanson,
10:42 pm
military historian at the hoover institution at stanford university, professor emeritus of the classics at california state university, author and national review contributor. victor, great to have you with us. help me out. what in the world are we going through right now? i watch that judiciary committee, and i really -- i expected to see snakes crawling out of the mouths of some of those senators. >> yeah, i'm not a big fan of psychobabble but i think we're watching classic projection in which one's own sins to preempt or defend themselves against charges of sinning they project their sins. james comey didn't tell the fisa court that his right to surveil carter page was based on unverified dossier. he didn't tell them it was paid for by hilary clinton which was a felony to hire a foreign national to be in a campaign.
10:43 pm
he didn't tell them that it was circular in nature, he was bringing news accounts that were based -- as evidence that were based on the dossier. he didn't tell them that christopher steele had been fired and then he lied when he said under oath that the dossier was not a primary source for that fisa warrant. he inserted some type of informant into a political campaign which was probably illegal. more importantly, out of seven memos that he leaked, three of them were probably classified. we arrest people and charge them with felonies who did that. he said under oath to a house committee that he didn't know or he couldn't remember. we would probably be indicted if we did that with the irs. if you think about omission, he was knee deep in the hilary clinton e-mails. he wrote the exoneration report of hilary clinton before he even interviewed her. he interviewed cheryl mill and he knew both of them had lied about it because they had
10:44 pm
communicated over that private home cooked server. he didn't have any criminal referrals about perjury. i guess what he's trying to do is pose some type of yoda creature where he offers words of wisdom and he projects on to others what he's done. i can't think of any figure in the history of fbi who has done more harm to the agency and more harm to the idea of the federal government than james comey because what a strange mixture to be so ethically compromised and so self-righteous at the same time. lou: yeah, it is a stunning projection, as you put it. this southern border crisis, speaking of trying to rationalize, we have a president who is trying to educate the nation, and doing so successfully. we saw the most recent "abc news/washington post poll," 17% more democrats now than in january believe there is a crisis at the border, but still
10:45 pm
we're rationalizing as a nation whether or not we have the right to defend our borders, whether we have the right to protect american citizens? we are in some sort of existential exercise that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me, where a nation has to convince itself that it's all right to exist on its own terms and to preserve its heritage, its values and its destiny. >> absolutely. i mean, we're in a multifront war lou because we have such formidable enemies. the mexican government gets 30 billion dollars, many of them subsidized by the federal government that allows people to be on public assistance and free up cash to send home. additional 30 billion to central america. we have employers who want inexpensive labor. we have the democratic party that wants to keep flipping states like california and
10:46 pm
nevada and new mexico -- we have the identity politics who feels that if they have collective constituents that don't achieve parody the moment they cross the border and they can lodge grievances against all of us. all we have on our side are the people who believe in the law. i will say we're reaching as you said an existential point that when you see people like thomas friedman basically say this can't go on, there's too many people because their own insulated lives are starting to be touched by it. they don't like it. as long as the liberal mind says i'm not subject to the consequences of my ideology, they don't care, but now they are. and they're starting to change as you pointed out. lou: victor, i wish we had much more time. come back soon, and we're going to get more and more time each time you do. we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. lou: always. victor davis hanson.
10:47 pm
by the way as he pointed out, as victor pointed out, cher and thomas friedman acknowledging we need a wall? extraordinary. it is progress. it is a beginning. on wall street, stocks today closed lower. the dow jones industrials lost 163 points. the s&p fell 22. the nasdaq fell 46 points. volume on the big board 3.6 billion shares and federal reserve chairman jerome powell today announcing that the fed is keeping interest rates unchanged and not deciding to go with president trump who has urged the fed to actually cut interest rates by a full point. and a reminder listen to my reports three times a day, coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, the radical dems vicious assault on attorney general barr. ed rollins joins me right after the break with that. much more still ahead. stay with us. sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades?
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lou: joining us tonight former reagan white house political director, leading republican strategist in the entire country, fox business political analyst, ed rollins. ed, that barr hearing was something. the radical dems absolutely shameless, ignorant.
10:52 pm
there aren't enough words -- >> when the junior senator from hawaii, hirono, opens up by calling him a liar saying you should resign, doesn't give him 30 seconds to answer a question that she can't ask, they are making statements. there's no civility. here's a man who is obviously up there trying to explain why he did the things he did and didn't get a chance. among the democrats, he certainly made his own case very well. lou: let's watch two of the brighter radical dems and a snippet of their performances today, blumenthal and hirono. here they are. >> -- agile in your responses to questions here. but i think history will judge you harshly. >> now the american people know that you are no different from rudy giuliani or kellyanne conway or any of the other people who sacrificed their once decent reputation for the liar who sits in the oval office.
10:53 pm
lou: those are the two i was thinking of when i thought about snakes coming out of their mouths. they are so abhorrent. the words fail me. >> she's disgraceful. every time -- we saw in the kavanaugh, the same way. blumenthal can't remember when he was in the marine corps whether he was in vietnam or whether he was in washington, d.c. he sits up there and pontificates. they all pontificate. lou: that's pontificating? that's just ignorance. that's just pure raw ignorance. and they are a disgrace to the nation. i mean, absolutely a disgrace to the senate, the the nation themselves. >> the only thing that's good about it is when the country gets to see them, which they do, these hearings -- lou: i have seen enough of them. i think most americans have as well. ted cruz today, good for the senator because he took apart the radical dems in a very brief
10:54 pm
amount of time. here he is dealing with their complaint against william barr that he didn't do what robert mueller wanted and release 19 pages that would give context to the mueller witch hunt, the stupidity of that to begin with. mueller by the way fits into every one of those descriptors. this is senator cruz telling the democrats exactly what they are. here we go. >> you initially when you received the mueller report, released to congress and the public, a four-page summary of the conclusions. then on march 27th, mr. mueller asks you to release an additional 19 pages, the introduction and summary that he had drafted but you did not release those 19 pages at that time, instead a couple weeks later, you released 448 pages, the entire report, which includes those 19 pages. if this is their whole argument,
10:55 pm
they ain't got nothing. lou: they ain't got nothing, but their ignorance and their venom. >> what i'm pleased is that barr is not going to put himself through this humiliation again tomorrow. so we will have a long ways to go here but the bottom line today is he testified effectively, i thought, and i get more impressed of him by the way. lou: absolutely. he was brilliant. he didn't use notes. he knew what he was talking about. there wasn't a single member of that committee, radical dems that knew what he or she was talking about, and it was very clear. ed, always great to have you. ed rollins. we're coming right back. stay with us. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands?
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. lou: attorney general william barr today said radical dems straight during the judiciary hearing blasting a false russian collision narrative for the past two years. >> how did we get to the point here where the evidence is now that the president was falsely accused of colluding with the russians. and accused of being treasonous and accused of being a russian agent and evidence now is that it was without a basis. and two years of his administration have been dominated by the allegations that have now been proven false. and you know, to listen to some
11:00 pm
of the rhetoric you would think that the mueller report found the opposite.lou: and of course, the radical dems want the focus on something altogethdifferent. which i also don't understand. that is it for us tonight. good night. trish: tonight, mike's list of interview with the president of the united states on the uprising in the streets of socialist venezuela. the attorney general barr refusal to attend a committee hearing and the real competition for 2020. also this evening, the man we recognize is the president of venezuela, juan guaido. he joins me live from caracas for his very first interview since launching this major uprising. and, senator marco rubio tonight, exclusively, it is our big show tonight. "trish reganprimetime" begins


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