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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  May 1, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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of the rhetoric you would think that the mueller report found the opposite.lou: and of course, the radical dems want the focus on something altogethdifferent. which i also don't understand. that is it for us tonight. good night. trish: tonight, mike's list of interview with the president of the united states on the uprising in the streets of socialist venezuela. the attorney general barr refusal to attend a committee hearing and the real competition for 2020. also this evening, the man we recognize is the president of venezuela, juan guaido. he joins me live from caracas for his very first interview since launching this major uprising. and, senator marco rubio tonight, exclusively, it is our big show tonight. "trish reganprimetime" begins
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right now . here with me right now, the president of the united states. donald j trump. mr. president, welcome.>> hi, trish. trish: all of these pictures coming into us right now from venezuela. it is clearly a very fluid situation as you know. what sir, is your latest information? >> well, is a little bit more of yesterday, yesterday was rough and probably tomorrow will be very bad. and it is a terrible thing. people are starving, people are dying. there is no food, there is no water. it is just a terrible see what is going on and we are doing everything wecan do short of the ultimate . there are people that would like to have us do the ultimate.but we have a lot of
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options open. but we will look at what is going on there, it is an incredible mess. trish: that is for sure. i know you said this before and you say all options are on the table. he had the big meeting today you have all of your top people trying to go through various scenarios. trying to figure out what to do next. really, what are the options right now, mr. president? >> some of them i do not even like to mention to you because they are pretty tough. but we see what is happening with respect to the hunger. you do not see things like this anymore. and they don't want food, maduro will not accept food. i think it would be frankly, it would be better for him if he did. you people that are starving and they become desperate and you see what is happening on the streets. and the streets are very dangerous. it is very dangerous for them and frankly, everybody. everybody! and we have not seen a scene
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like this in many years. we think how wealthy this country was, trish, this was one of the wealthy countries. not just there but this was one of the wealthy countries of the world and now you look at what is going on where they don't even have food. they cannot get water. the water is filthy dirty. and people are getting sick, it is terrible. trish: it is a tragedy and it is a tragedy that is so close to home. less than four hours from miami. what do you think about nicolas maduro? >> well, he is certainly tough but i think he is losing a lot of control. he really did go out and do things, it is an extension of his previous, previous was bad. it was unacceptable. it was horrible and unacceptable. it is really a failure of socialism and i don't know, maybe this is beyond socialism but this is socialism and you see what happens. now they are talking about of
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our country. i can't believe it is real but when you hear some of the things being said, they are talking about socialism for our country. that's not going to happen. especially with how well we are doing. but maduro is, he is a tough player and is awfully tough to play when no one has food. trish: and he is still there. >> he is still there. trish: they have no food and no water. pompeo said maduro was ready to leave.he was packed up and ready to go on the tarmac but the russians stopped him. what does that say? what are the russians doing down there and how did that change things for us or escalate if you would, unfortunately. >> if that is the case, it is not acceptable. you hear a lot of different rumors. rumors that he was leaving a different way. i am hearing rumors about russia. i am hearing a lot about cuba.
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we will do a very very strong embargo and sanction on cuba. it depends on what is going to happen there. they have a lot at stake too because they're not exactly boomtown, i used to say boomtown usa but there -- trish: that will not work! >> i better not say that. [laughter] they are not a boomtown. that is for sure, they are not doing well. with the right moves, cuba could do very well. we could open it up but we are going to end up closing it up if they don't get out of venezuela. we are trying to help people, we want to deliver food and medical. there is no medical. you have children that are unbelievably sick, there is no medical. they have doctors without medicine. you know it is great people, the venezuelan people, i know a lot of people from venezuela. they are incredible people, they work so hard and to just
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-- they had the wrong form of government.they had the wrong two people and maduro has just been not doing the job. trish: ain't that the truth? i remember back before chavez, when they had a prosperous future ahead of itself and now you look at the last 20 years and how it has disintegrated. let me ask you about juan guaido. who is actually coming up a little bit later on the show tonight. he will be here and you know look, you mentioned the venezuela people and how much you like them. this is a gentle man who was clearly very, very brave. and as a walking target, frankly because nicolas maduro does not like anybody who is a threat to him. so whathappens if they do something , if they were to jail or execute, god forbid, juan guaido. the man he recognizes. >> i hope it does not happen.
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i've been watching him on the streets where people are being killed. and he is out there doing rallies, he is actually very brave in the true sense. but i been watching him and watching the moves and you know, there's a lot of spirit for him. and it is from a constitutional standpoint, the way it is supposed to be. he was elected, they should be running it. now, at least we can go in and have a little bit. maybe a lot depending on what -- the advantages they have oil. it is mortgage out to the hilt between china and russia and all of the money that has been poured in there over the years. they just sucked money out of everybody in order to get you know, it is just a terrible situation. it's like an incredible thing because every mortgage the oil, almost the maximum. we will see what happens there. you wonder what happens, it is
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called foreclosure ville usa i guess. trish: china is there and rushes there and cuba as well. >> when you think about it though, what has to be done. you really do essentially, it is called a country foreclosure. the place is so bad and so dangerous and all of the wealth, it is all mortgaged out. so something will have to be done even there. because the amount of money that is loaned for the oil, you know the loans for the oil, they do not give them any breathing room. so it is not what people think. trish: you bring up something though that -- you know by the way they are already saying this, you have ilhan omar's of the world that is saying, this is just about oil! the only reason the united states of america cares about venezuela is because they have such a massive oil supply.
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what do you say to that?>> it is wrong. and it is a humanitarian thing. when you look at what is happening, we would really like to see a successful country. we like it the way it was before this group got in there. and the predecessor, i guess they say was worse, i am not sure. maybe i think maduro is worse. trish: i don't know! flip a coin.>> i was asking somebody the other day with the great knowledge of the venezuela, who was worse. and frankly, chavez started the process and now it is really been just wiped out. the whole thing is wiped out. trish: people have no rights. i mean have high oil prices back then. >> right, i knew that as well. a lot a great venezulans, venezuela people are living in miami. this should not be happening. we will see what happens. trish: let me ask you -- >> a lot of things will be
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going on over the next week. we will see what happens. trish: you mentioned cuba which, i remember the vice president tony way back in october that he had confirmed venezuela and cuba actually funding some of the caravan groups that are coming up to our border. so that brings us back to a subject very near and dear to your heart which is the wall. you met with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer recently and there was talk of a $2 trillion infrastructure plan. which is enormous. is any of that money, mr. president, for the wall? >> well, we will not need it because we have it from other sources. we are building the wall and by next year, the end of next year, will have probably around 400 miles of wall up. we're building a lot of it now. we've given out a lot of contracts, we have a lot of contracts and we're building a lot of wall and unfortunately, you know it is a massive area that we have we are talking
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about. trish: 400 miles is not going to do it. >> nobody will do a lot of it because we are adding on to some of the things we have already renovated. we have actually done a lot of work. it would have been a lot easier if we had the money. you know, originally people were talking about 20, 25 billion. you do not need to spend that much. we have cut it down. i've got a much better wall for better money and we are getting great speed out of it too. but we have are from different sources and different parts of government including the military. the army corps of engineers has done a really good job and -- trish: i want to be clear. you are tell me this wall is happening. it is happening, aside from the $2 trillion in infrastructure, none of that money will go to the wall but you will get money from other sources. >> is being built right now. as we speak it is being built. and a lot of it, so again, if somebody were to say you cannot 400 miles, do you know what
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that is? that is a lot! we will have that done by the end of the year. next year. and we are trying to -- we are building it in big sections. sections that not necessarily the best for construction but the best for keeping the people out and keeping the drugs out. and you know, it is so bad -- trish: let me ask you something. >> go ahead. trish: when i think of conservatives and certainly you, sir, have gotten painted as wanting this wall and barrier, but you also said look, i want to roll out the red carpet for the right kind of people. we need to be bringing people here legally, the right way. how would you do that and it do you think -- i mean, immigration reform which i know is a really bipartisan issue. >> i hope so, we will be submitting something over the
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next few weeks where we have a merit-based system.we need people, look, i have companies coming back into the united states like you would not believe. you have reported it. toyota is coming in with $14 billion and many car companies are going into michigan and all of ohio and pennsylvania. north carolina, south carolina, florida. they are coming into all of the statements and tremendously! it is incredible what is happening. we need people, to be honest. trish: sure! >> we have a very low unemployment rate. the lowest rate we have had in 51 years. we will soon set the record. all of that is good but we do have to be able to power up these companies that are coming in. they are not going to be able to come in if they are not able to get people.trish: economic growth is going to open the opportunity. >> look at what happened, we just did 3.2.
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frankly, if we would have had the obama interest rates, they kept them very low which is not necessarily good. but if we would've had the low interest rates we could have been much higher than that , 3.2 is and where they have not hit in 14 years. trish: 3.2, i will give you that, it is pretty darn good. very low unemployment. certainly within minority communities and women as well. that is all a lot to be proud of. let me turn to the news today. my goodness, did you see this? i am sure that you did! you must have caught part of i . attorney general, william barr is not going to the house judiciary committee tomorrow. how come? >> i guess they want to see him differently than everybody else. for many years they've never done it this way. they are bringing in outside counsel or something. that is not the way, you know, you like people they are supposed to be able to do their own talking. but he did a fantastic job today i am told.
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i got to see some of it. he did a fantastic job. it is all a big hoax, this with russia. there is no collusion, no obstruction. you covered it better than almost frankly anybody. the whole thing, it is just a terrible blot on the country. and what it represents. but there was never obstruction, there was never collusion. you look at it, it is a political game. i will tell you on the other side, there is plenty to be talking about. the covered i heard, very much with peter strzok and lisa paige and the insurance policy and all of the things that happened that are so terrible, so disgusting, frankly. james comey, you look at all the democrats, they'll wanted to fire him until i fired him. chuck schumer, every one of them. i was at practically every one of them wanted him out. then as soon as he is gone, they are all holier than thou. that is such a terrible thing to do! trish: politics. >> it is terrible.
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trish: i would say to you, and thank you for the compliments. what i would say to you on that, and i think that you know me well enough by now. i want what is right, what is fair and i will continue calling you out if there's something i do not think is right. >> right. trish: but i have the entire report. i spent easter weekend, mr. president, reading every single page of that thing. my family really appreciated it. but volume 1 left me saying, what the heck did we do? and volume 2 had the same goodness, why is there a volume 2 when you discovered in volume 1 that you never had a problem. >> right.trish: now you have attorney general william barr being subjected to the politics of the moment. what do you think ultimately, is this going into 2020? >> i think people are tired of it. the big thing was collusion. because collusion is a
11:17 pm
different you say, there is no conspiracy, no crime, no anything. in fact, i guess they said the campaign repulsed efforts to come in. trish: i read that and i saw that. they could not get close to you guys. volume 1. [laughter] >> they tried to. they probably tried for her campaign too. and if you look at obama, in september, he learned a lot about things and it did not do anything. and no one likes to talk about it. it is very one-sided. but i think it is turning very quickly and a lot of things are coming out, trish, that no one thought to be possible. if you wrote this is a novel it could not sell because it would not be believable. trish: we might be looking at that i suppose. all of these calls for the attorney general, william barr, to resign. i see that and again, you mention the politics of the moment. but resignation now for the attorney general, is that what the democrats want, what is
11:18 pm
your reaction? >> i have not even heard that. it is so ridiculous, he is an outstanding man with an outstanding mind. he really performed incredibly well today is what i heard. trish: kamala harris -- >> she was probably very nasty. how about these three people running, three not doing very well but three are ready for a particular office. i think i, maybe you're talking to the person right now. you have three ofthem running against me and they are up there ranting and raving . like lunatics, frankly. and they are running and you have bill barr, highly respected, great attorney general and he has to take the abuse from people that are running for office. they don't care about this there just putting it for political points. and i really think the american people see through it so easily, trish. it is so easy to see through. trish: i think they do!
11:19 pm
americans want to know that they have a job and that their neighbors have jobs and they are going to have some kind of job in the future. that is why does come down to the economy. look at 2020 rent a 3.2 percent growth, low in employment, does that stay? and if it does, and that kind of environment, who do you want to run against? >> well, i do know what to say necessarily. i'm not sure that i care. it looks like bernie -- trish: really? i saw the tweet storms on biden this morning. >> i do not care. it just seemed to be, what happened, you know the firemen love trump, the policeman love trump. i'm in the relationship we have, look at what we've done for the military. $716 billion. it was really depleted, in trouble. so you know these people, and the firemen, the international comes out and they always do. they have for many years. but they go with joe.
11:20 pm
and the firemen and women went crazy when they saw that. absolutely crazy. because they will be voting for me. i had it the last time, the heads of the unions voted for hillary. or as we say, affectionately, crooked hillary. which turns out to be so true. but the heads of the unions went that way and the people went my way. trish: would have been a harder race if he had run against joe biden? they picked hillary who was obviously a tough but as it all turned out. >> i think that joe biden would be easier from the standpoint that you have so much dissension in the party because you will, it will make four years ago look like baby stuff. because they are looking to see what they want to do, they want to see, they want to get in! they went the radical left, they want the left movement and he probably isn't there. i think you have tremendous dissension. just like hillary did.
11:21 pm
she had tremendous dissension with the bernie people. a lot of the bernie people voted for me. you saw that, people were shocked. a lot of them voted for me. trish: why is that?>> because of trade. i think the bernie people, the one thing i do have in common with bernie his trade. because he knows that the world is ripping us off and i have stopped it. i'm in the process of stopping it. he could never do what i am doing now. now we are negotiate with china, japan, all of these countries that have just ripped off our country for years and years. we lose 68 billion with japan. lose $500 billion with china. you know, i put tariffs on china, they are paying us billions and billions of dollars. trish: i know! okay, they are negotiating. where does this go?do you think that you are able to get them to stop stealing our intellectual property? that is ours! >> sure! look, it is a very major part of our deal. trish: would you trade that with tariffs?
11:22 pm
and i know i had to let you go because you're the country to run! >> i believe in tariffs when someone is taking advantage. if i was not able to use tariffs, i found really great, very old laws that have not been used in a long time. had i not had the power of tariffs, and i can sign them myself. had i not had the power, we would not be having great deals. you see the deals were making pit including south korea. that was a deal made by hillary clinton, it was a horrible deal. she said it would produce 250,000 jobs and it did for south korea, not for us. for south korea. anyway, we work the deal and made a good deal. but without tariffs you could never have done it. they do not want the tariffs. so -- trish: you doing that with sanctions as well. which brings us full circle back to venezuela tonight we we will continue watching the chaos.we know that as you said, all options, sir, remain
11:23 pm
on the table. >> yes, all options are on the table. we want to help people. we are not interested in anything else other than helping people. trish, they are dying! they are dying! they are starving, they have no water, they have nothing! it is incredible. if you would've looked 20 years ago is easier said, 25 years ago, this was one of the wealthiest countries and now they are all dying of starvation and things that you would not even believe possible today. trish: i know, i know, let's all say a prayer. >> it is great you are reporting on it because frankly, it is not been given enough attention. your bringing it out and it is really important that you are doing that. trish: thank you for that. thank you for that, mr. president. and thank you for joining me. coming up everyone, my exclusive interview live with juan guaido, the man the free world recognizes as the president of venezuela. this is going to be his first interview since the uprising. exclusive, live from caracas
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president says he stands with his attorney general and robert mueller found no collision and no obstruction pedro not to react to the interview, fox news contributor, deneen borelli and former advisor to bill clinton, doug -- he is taking a lot of heat right now for the attorney general and him not going to the house judiciary committee meeting tomorrow. but he says it is all politics. i imagine you agree. >> i totally agree! i would tell house to watch what happened today on c-span or something. listen, what they are doing, what they're trying to do to barr is targeting him and criticize him because he works under president trump. it didn't matter what the information was that came out
11:29 pm
in the mueller report. it's not matter what the summary was that barr put out for the public to see pete all the democrats want to do is demonize and discredit anyone associated with the president. that includes bill barr. he did not suit the democrats wanted to hear. so now he is the bad guy. trish: doug, what do you think? as i told the president, read the whole thing. after getting through volume 1 i am like, why is there volume 2? because they found there was nothing there. and yet, mueller pushed and pushed and continued on this path. i guess we point they say if i did not do a crime, why they continually trying to harass, effectively, me for something that did not happen? in your view, when he says this is all politics, is he on to something? >> i think he is probably right that it is all politics there. 10 or 11 incidents of alleged
11:30 pm
or potential obstruction that deserved to be further investigated but this is not the basis for the democrats campaign.they should understand that in large measure, if they want to move, they should do what is right and which is to move on, trish. talk about the issues, not talk about impeachment. trish: i hear you. >> is more than hearing me. go back to our experience in 90 with bill clinton that you reference.we ran on a campaign of progress, not politics in the midterms. and it brought the democrats seats in the house for the midterm in a very long time in the second demonstration of a president. i want joe biden or whoever the democrat is to win.probably not bernie sanders.
11:31 pm
probably not elizabeth warren. but a capitalist democrat if there would be one. i want them to win. trish: unfortunately for you -- [multiple speakers] >> it will hurt, rest assured. trish: it's very important points but in the rabid, crazy, political environment we are in right now where you have kamala harris, just calling for the resignation of the attorney general based on what we saw today. how are they ever going to get to second base? how will they ever figured a way out of this thing and maybe actually put up a candidate who has a shot? you heard the president talk about joe biden. that might have been a candidate that would have given him a run for his money. as opposed to hillary. >> and by the way, great interview with president trump, trish, great job! i think the democrats are just playing their own game. they are playing their own game and they are not even listening
11:32 pm
to their the president said, americans are tired of the investigations, tired of the name-calling. we want to know what their policies are.their policies are more bigger government, more spending, plans like the green new deal which is a job killer. the radical crazy ideas that they are putting forth, are not what the americans really want to see or witness under the democrats. they're concerned about jobs and the economy and -- trish: i hear you. we have only to look to venezuela. and doug wrote a book on this year's ago saying this is really the threat. unfortunately right now doug, you are right. socialism, the creeping effect of socialism and free stuff will always come back to haunt you at some point. nothing is free of his essay in life. and the political situation deteriorates. doug schoen, deneen borelli, thank you so much! coming up, my exclusive
11:33 pm
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situation is very fluid right now on the ground of venezuela. violence breaking out across the country. today as the socialist dictato , nicolas maduro, hangs onto power there by a thread. they opened fire on protesters with rubber bullets, tear gas, and water cannons. joining me right now, in an exclusive interview, his first since the uprising live from was venezuela tonight, the man that they recognize as the president, juan guaido. good to have you back.
11:38 pm
>> good evening, thank you for having me. trish: the last couple of days has been quite something. but nicolas maduro is still in the presidential palace tonight. i would ask, did you accomplish what you wanted? >> without a doubt it is the goal to live in freedom and in democracy. it has been very hard, sacrifice -- people have died and others were injured.
11:39 pm
in the country they were put to test more than 190 protests throughout venezuela. saying that we want freedom. armed forces followed civic protest. we are supporting them. it is time to abandon the dictator to join venezuela this is much closer. one of the goals in venezuela today, the dictator continues to use power in venezuela but it is not going to stop the people. trish: there are concerns now over a possible civil war. a civil war possibly occurring in venezuela. do you think that could happen?
11:40 pm
we have lost our video that is coming to us of senor guaido. is that correct? i'm going to wait for juan guaido to come back to us. doug, i will go to fremont because as you watch the pictures, which have been coming in over the last couple of days in venezuela and we see juan guaido there, risking his own life to try and lead the people to some kind of freedom. what is it that when he -- what is it we can do to help this along? we are offering a lot of moral support. but nicolas maduro will not take it. he will not take the food, the water, supplies as the
11:41 pm
president said -- >> you and i talked about this, i believe that we need a multinational force to provide humanitarian aid that is assisted by but not limited to, all military to insist that babies do not die, the children get food to eat. and adults are able to take care of their families in venezuela. we need to tell the russians to get out, leave. trish: i understand, stay with me. i think that juan guaido might like what you are saying. he is back in the conversation with us right now live from caracas. i will ask you, sir, if nicolas maduro will not go, how does this not descend into a civil war? >> as i was saying, trish, a few years ago we could have
11:42 pm
done it. today it is not the case. today between 91 and 95 percent population wants change. today they do not have the support of the armed forces. not only yesterday also, in the past two months they have shown they are not happywith the regime. no one is going to join maduro . he does not have standing. when the country is going through, people donot have enough food , that there is no enough supplies. he needs to resort to cuban forces to supply to the armed forces to generate fear and persecution in the armed forces but he is not going to achieve this. trish: secretary pompeo told me that russia -- the secretary
11:43 pm
was tony there are russian military forces. i asked how do you deal with that, the russians? okay, i apologize, there's another problem with the audio coming to us from venezuela. again, we been watching all of this unfold over the last couple of days and the last couple of months. he's back with us and i would just say he is the greatest man. you know what? r, you are a courageous man. but maduro, maduro most likely wants you dead. is the freedom of venezuela that important that you would
11:44 pm
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we are trying to reconnect live to caracas with juan guaido. the man the united states recognizes as the president of venezuela. we've had a spotty connection which we lost but it came back and right before commercial and it just went out again! stay tuned, we have an important question to ask him which is, how is he doing through all of this? given that maduro wants him assassinated. is he really willing to take on that kind of risk? but a great movement, doug
11:49 pm
shown, i-- is this the man for the moment in venezuela? >> i think so. i think that there is a quiet dignity about him. he was making i thought, an extraordinary important point which is that there is no support left for nicolas maduro.except the russians and the cubans and the venezuelan military. and already we have seen the military splinter. trish: doug, hold that thought! because caracas is back online and i am joined by the man who r guaido. there are people out there, well, maduro, that likely want you assassinated or dead. is the freedom of venezuela that important to you?
11:50 pm
>> yes, trish. a few years ago we decided to give our lives to service to our country from the foundation of our party. there is no doubt, there is no more value than freedom. the risk is there in our country. to perpetuate that and take the opportunities. trish: is a message for us to hear in the united states?
11:51 pm
>> as you know, many years, i was one of the -- we were one of the main exporters of oil in the world. with very prosperous commercial lines with the united states. today unfortunately, they run away from the regime and the regime destroyed our oil company and our opportunities a long way back. the opportunities for progress and growth. we want to maintain the best relations with the united states. and the trumpadministration , to thank them for the determination to defend democracy inour region . it is very important, the people of the united states are following what is going on and
11:52 pm
they have been very empathetic with what is going on in our country. we continue forward and we know we have the support of the united states and the international community. trish: i have to remember to ask these questions in english too. as i jump into speaking spanish talking to you. how is your wife, how is your daughter right now?>> very worried of course, with all of these risks and the possibilit . the family is the very first one of concern in the struggle for democracy but they are also very committed. they are determined, they are very firm. we know we are fighting together for the future of my baby, not only her, but all the rest, the other children in venezuela. trish: [speaking in spanish]
11:53 pm
where are they right now, in venezuela? >> we have a forum and we can talk about the situation in venezuela, they invited us to tell what is going on in venezuela so it is traveling to this very important form that will take place on saturday in the united states. trish: are you going to leave the country again at all? perhaps come to the united states at some point? >> we have had very important commitments at the moment, our agenda is very tight in venezuela. and very hard because of the risk of going to jail and being imprisoned. besides all of the death threats but we are focused on what we have called operation freedom. to put an end to this
11:54 pm
presidency that maduro is currently hold. trish: how long is it going to take? it has already been months, really, years. have you tried to change the situation there, -- >> it is very -- for all of the viewers, why? because we remain united and the armed forces are listening to us. the message of union, progress. it was very clear yesterday in the city of caracas. as long as we are united, we are very close to achieving our freedom. i would like to tell you a specific date or a specific time but we are working on this transitional process of
11:55 pm
democracy. it is taking time but we have the support of the international community, part of the constitution and the people, we are close to achieving this goal as a country. trish: wow. it is amazing to see the bravery of yourself and your family and all of the people that are fighting for freedom. i think there's amessage here for every single american tonight, that freedom is very fragile. your shown us that . you are fighting and willing to risk your life. [speaking in spanish] >> thank you, trish. democracy is always at stake. institutions are always at stake and as citizens we need to protect them. trish: it is true. thank you. my thanks to president guaido, my thanks to president guaido, we have my experience with usaa
11:56 pm
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you get instagram at trish underscore regan. l see you tomorrow night live at 8:00 p.m. good night from dallas, texas. "kennedy" beginning right now. jamie: thank you trish. sorry democrat you blew it. the partisan nonsense about the mueller report is just not working. attorney hilliard entered william barr has decided to skip and can you blame him. will democrats subpoena the nation's top format question what i think they will. the senate judiciary committee they claim to want answers as to why barr chose not to charge the president with obstruction and the ag ask and then answer the question many of us have been wondering. watch. >> how do we get to the point where the evidence


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