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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 3, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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why can't i make love to a company that has cash flow and operating companies? reporter: closing bell rings ] because warren doesn't want to bring three does roses. can say the same thing but though. liz: that does it for us. "after the bell." connell: super mario. out in omaha. it was wow, a heck of a day, a strong -- lowest unemployment rate in the country in nearly 50 years! both fighting to have a record close on this friday. all three major averages end the day firmly in the green on signs of a booming economy. the dow up at the close here by, almost 200 points. 195 points. pretty close to the session highs. i'm connell mcshane. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." s&p 500 ending up for the first time in three sessions. nasdaq up for the first time in four sessions. you can see it there.
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looks like, did we make -- i think we barely made it on s&p, right? connell: fraction. melissa: a fraction. for the week the dow ending in the red for the second week in a row. the s&p in the green for second week in a row. as of right now, oh wait, it ticked up. looks like it will miss the regard by a fraction. tech-heavy nasdaq extending its gains for the sixth straight week. more on the big market movers but first here is what is new at this hour. a call from putin. president trump speaking to russian counterpart today on wide variety of global issues including the crisis in venezuela. we'll tell you the details of the conversation between the two world leaders. a bombshell report from the "new york times" detailing the effort to spy on the trump campaign back in 2016. how the fbi allegedly sent an investigator to meet with a member of the president's team. a black box warning.
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popular sleeping pills like ambien and lunesta are being slapped with the highest caution label by the fda. what federal health officials are saying after reviewing cases of dangerous and sometimes fatal incidents connected with these drugs. wow. connell: back to the markets today. the numbers are still settling but it looks like at least for that nasdaq composite we do indeed have a record. so let's put it all together. fox business team coverage, washington to wall street. heheedward lawrence at nation's capital, gerri willis on the floor. new york stock exchange and we start with you. >> unemployment rate of 3.6%, when boeing 747 jumbo jet made the first passenger flight with 191 people on board. that is december 1969. 263,000 jobs created in april. in that adding 33,000 jobs in construction. more than 250 construction jobs in the last 12 months, meaning
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we're building things again. wage growth at 3.2% over the last 12 months. analysts believe this shows no real inflation pressure, signaling the federal reserve might keep rates where they are. the president glowing. >> the companies are doing really well. we have the lowest unemployment rates for different groups of people, whether it is african-american, asian, hispanic, hispanic just set another all-time record for how unemployment. the household income is the highest it has ever been. reporter: democrats trying to find criticism. house speak he nancy pelosi says the april jobs report numbers show some promising news yet these gains hide the true weight of economic uncertainty felt by millions of hard-working americans. you unfortunately evidence shows most of the economic gains continuing to benefit those well off. white house economic advisor larry kudlow disagrees. >> folks are telling me it will slow down from here.
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i don't buy it. i think as the capital deepening from the business tax cuts continue you are going to see stronger growth, more capital goods, better productivity and continued increases in real wages and jobs. reporter: average monthly gains in jobs over the last year is now 213,000 per month. this week federal reserve chairman jerome powell says he sees the economy on a healthy path, adding strong fundamentals are supporting this growth. connell? connell: edward lawrence in d.c. for us. melissa: it's a record close for the nasdaq despite a strong april jobs report following the administration's tax cuts from last year. former vice president joe biden says that not all americans are feeling the benefit from the tax cuts. just the people at the top and the corporations, a claim that "washington post" gave four pinocchios too, a rating that indicates significant factual errors in his statements. michelle gerard, managing
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director, natwest markets. break down the employment report for me. we had good wage growth. >> [inaudible] melissa: there's a problem with the audio. connell: nothing gets past you. melissa: michelle, we are desperate to hear what you have to say. we'll figure out what happened there. p maybe we can re-establish the line so she doesn't sound like a robot. there is nothing wrong with robots. connell: michelle live from the midtown tunnel. another boost from the economy. we'll get back to michelle i'm sure. economic advisor larry kudlow when you heard on with stuart varney, one. things that he said was securing trade deals in addition to jobs, that might help further u.s. growth. >> these trade deals, particularly usmca i think will be very bullish for economic growth and investment. we'll see continued surge in auto workers, farming, manufacturing, so forth, so on
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but that's the sweet spot. connell: more on that with hector ba rote toe, from the -- barreto, latino coalition. attended a meeting at the white house complex i believe hector was about trade, usmca. the mexican ambassador on hand. take us inside of the meeting to give us the buzz whether or not people think this thing will get passed. what do they say? >> it was a great meeting t was very positive. we had businessmen from around the country, business leaders, also from mexico were there. everybody really wants the agreement to go through. timing is everything. a big issue when is congress going to schedule a vote? we hope congress down overly politicize this. connell: right. >> but as you know, connell, 98% of all companies in the united states that do free trade are small businesses. that is 300,000 companies. but they only represent 30% of the trade dollars. so an agreement like this especially one that focuses in on the small business piece is a great thing for the economy.
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connell: does it, i think a lot of details of this got lost in translation. we talk so much about the back and forth about nafta, versus new nafta and usmca ended up being the name. as you sate as an advocate for small business, is this better than what we have now? better than nafta. if so, why? >> no doubt about it. that agreement needed to be modernized. there was no mention of the internet in the original nafta agreement. we're doing things like protecting intellectual property. and as you know, a lot of innovators are small business so that is really important. connell: yep. >> there is a real focus on the small business piece. that is where most of the jobs come from. if we can pass this agreement we could add potentially another point to our growth and we're already growing well. you talked about the job numbers. remember small businesses are the engine of america. they create almost 70% of the jobs. connell: i know. last thing, hector, the holdup here seems to be tariffs on steel and aluminum. we thought even last night the
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president was tweeting about u.s. steel an tariffs are working great essentially. chuck grassley is out there saying get rid of this, these tariffs on steel and aluminum. we get usnca passed s is that the holdup? should we get rid of the tariffs? >> holdup is in the house of representatives. they haven't even scheduled a vote. we are hearing disturbing things, we can wait. we don't think we can wait. connell: should we take off tariffs first. >> you have to delink those things. they will deal with the issues. that is something that canada wants as you know but right now let's not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. this is a good agreement. we need a vote. connell: hector, good to see you always, hector barreto with us. melissa: michelle gerard, managing director at natwest markets. i was afraid you had been automated. that would never work. >> that is my worst fear, right? so what i was just saying it was a great, i think a really great employment report in the sense
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that you have got strong job growth. every month we hear people trying to get skeptical as you said about the, about the u.s. economy. month after month we have evidence that the u.s. expansion is in fine shape. we've added on average over 200,000 jobs a month this year. at this stage of the economic cycle, i mean that is just so impressive. we're getting some job growth -- i'm sorry, some earnings growth. i disagree with the speaker, that it is only upper income earners that have benefiting. what is the real story about the employment situation things are so food, all across the earnings spectrum, we're seeing wage gains. even those with lower level of educational attainment, those with the lower earn buckets. melissa: they're rising faster than they are at the top. this is coming off a slow turn so easy to rise faster at this point. that is what we're seeing at the lower end of income. >> exactly. melissa: do you see any weak points in this report?
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>> on month to month basis, i'm disappointed to see a decline in hours worked numbers. while they're adding more workers, we saw cut back in the number of hours that everybody worked. that tends to be kind of a substitution month over month to month, that can vary. but the other thing to point out i guess, while the drop in the unemployment rate is great news, it happened what we would say for the wrong reasons. we had a decline in the very volatile labor force. labor force participation rate has come off of it. so it was a bit of a mixed report but i think overall when you step back to look at the performance year-to-date, we're seeing a labor market that continues to remain very healthy. melissa: we still have that problem though, we're kind of running out of people in a lot of spots that have the right skills. that is, it's a good problem to have, in the sense that people are up off of the sidelines but we do, what's left is a bit of a mismatch. >> melissa, i'm so amazed that
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we are still able to see this, despite all of the talk about the lack of labor supply, that companies are adding over 200,000 jobs a month. melissa: amazing. >> where are they finding these workers? amazing we're not seeing more wage pressures as a result of the difficulty having to add so much to staff each month. imagine if we had a larger labor force pool how strong statistics might be. melissa: michelle thank you. >> thank you. connell: shares of weight watchers surging today. the company posted better than expected first quarter results. let's get to that with gerri willis. reporter: this is crazy. weight watchers up 13% here. they were expected to lose 26 cents a share. they lost 16 cents a share. compare it to last year they were making 56 cents a share. this company's shares are higher here doing very well indeed. the company increased the full-year guidance. good news for weight watchers
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which has been struggling. talk about beyond meats. this company went public, 163% gain on the first day. what a pop. in fact that was the best movement for a company with a market cap of at least 200 million in 20 years, 20 years. so the company is giving away free burgers at carl's jr.'s today, friday. they're also doing deals with dell taco, epic burger, bear burger. trying to give it away to get used to veggie meat. they're calling it beyond day. shares are setting a new high. good news for them. what an ipo the company gets valuation and a food company, amazing. connell: hung in there today after that ridiculous day yesterday. >> crazy. melissa: president trump and russia's vladmir putin speaking over the phone for an hour today. we're live at the white house. wonder what those two discussed? connell: a bombshell report
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surrounding the fbi and the 2016 campaign. that is rocking washington. the president called it quote, bigger than watergate. byron york from the washington campaigner joins us to respond. melissa: he says away from hyperbole, you notice that. in venezuela the opposition continues to try to out of nicolas maduro. we're taking you to the venezuelan-colombian border where thousands are fleeing the unrest. our fox reporter must be assisted by the colombian army because it isn't safe to be there alone. wow. that is all coming up. e changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today. they feel like they have to drink a lot of water. and patients that i see thatife. complain about dry mouth, medications seem to be the number one cause for dry mouth.
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connell: president trump stressing the importance of having good relations with countries like china and russia after taking a phone call with russian president vladmir putin. the president saying that he would like to see trade with russia go up while hosting the prime minister of slovakia earlier today at the white house. let's get to it all. blake burman live at the white house. blake? reporter: connell we heard from the administration including president's own secretary of state as it relates to venezuela, that the cubans and russians are unnecessarily involved inside of that country. mike pompeo the secretary of
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state said couple days ago nicolas maduro was set to leave venezuela, but it was a phone call from the russians that stopped that. i bring that up earlier today, president trump spoke on the phone with the russian president vladmir putin and seemed to suggest that putin has other intentions from what other top administration officials have been describing as it relates to venezuela. listen here. >> he is not looking at all to get involved in venezuela, other than he would like to see something positive happen for venezuela. i feel the same way. we want to get some humanitarian aid. right now people are starving. reporter: appears to be two different story lines coming from the administration as it relates to russia and its intentions inside of venezuela of the president said the phone call between him and vladmir putin lasted for about an hour or so several different topics were discussed including the mueller report says the president and white house
4:19 pm
officials. the president saying the discussion was about no collusion but that there wasn't any talk about election meddling in the 2020 election which is what the intelligence community has warned about. the president also said that they spoke about a possible arms deal, potential nuclear deal rather, that could be struck between the united states and russia, also potentially with china being a third party to that deal. connell? connell: blake burman there at the white house. reporter: thanks. melissa: bombshell report from the "new york times" revealing fbi sent an undercover investigator to meet with trump aide george papdopoulus back in 2016. let's bring in byron york, chief correspondent for the washington examiner and fox news contributor. a little more than a undercover agent as papdopoulus described last night on fox news channel, they sent an attractive woman he says to try to seduce him. you know, this was in 2016.
4:20 pm
and in the end, you know, they didn't find anything on him. what was your take on the whole story? >> sounds like a classic spying operation. remember the angry response we heard from democrats just last month when the attorney general william barr was in front of congress and said that spying did occur, even at that time we knew that the fbi had wiretapped carter page and we knew that they had used confidential informant, a man stapled stefan halper in britain against page and papdopoulus as well. now we find out that they had a secret investigator, a woman by the fake name of turk. we don't know her actual name. she was apparently send there by the fbi to gather information out of papdopoulus. he did say on tucker last night he thought she was using sex appeal to try to get information out of him.
4:21 pm
but it is really, really hard to say that there was not spying going on for the trump campaign. melissa: so their defense at other times whether it is this or wiretap or all the different things has been, boy, they must have had really good reason for this, to go to these lengths. they definitely wait until you hear the evidence of what was going on that they were going into perform the sting operation. when you get to the bottom of "the new york times" article, in the end they never found anything on george papdopoulus. he eventually lied to investigators but he, you know, lied to the people that were entrapping him, in his mind at least. and with the president, you know they haven't found collusion there either. their response is, he didn't report when we came and or when others came and approached him. didn't report it. that is now the crime. >> yeah. they never did find anything. we knew this during the course of the mueller investigation
4:22 pm
when mueller thoroughly investigated people like michael flynn, rick gates, paul manafort, george papdopoulus, carter page and many others who if there had been a collusion operation these people certainly would have been involved. nobody, not just the president, nobody was charged in taking part in any conspiracy or coordination with russia. we knew. the attorney said was there adequate predication. melissa: probable cause. >> a basis to actually do this. he will look into that. we know what they were doing with carter page. we know what they were doing, we think, with george papadopoulos. what about paul manafort, what about michael flynn? was there other surveillance going on? clearly a lot of republicans in congress are looking into the
4:23 pm
investigation from the attorney general to tell them that. melissa: we wonder if they had a good reason to open this up and if they didn't we're all at risk. >> correct. melissa: let me get your reaction to me. new york city mayor bill de blasio expected to announce a 2020 next week according to "the new york daily news." a spokesperson for the mayor telling fox news that no decision has been made. what is your take? >> this is the campaign nobody wants. i mean, there has been talk about this for a while. there have been polls. citizens of new york don't want de blasio to run. de blasio's wife didn't want him to run. a lot of political consultants say there is no reason for him to run. if he wants to run in a progressive lane, there are people like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are already doing quite well in the progressive lane. remember about being mayor.
4:24 pm
rudy giuliani talked about running for president. now we have bill de blasio. there is something about being mayor of new york city, that makes you want to run for president. melissa: attacks on the subway are up. rapes are up. vacancies are up. tax revenue is way down because, people have left. the city he has done a great job. he should run for mayor. come join us. the water is great. >> thank you, melissa. connell: that might have been sarcastic? melissa: little bit. connell: if you have been taking pills or somebody around you, you might stick around. fda issuing a frightening warning. the details are coming up. former vice president joe biden dismissing china as competition for the u.s. now the current president has responded. what does steve forbes think about the whole thing? we'll ask him about later on in the hour. ♪
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connell: breaking news. this just in, sinclair broadcasting group confirmed widely reported, including by our own charlie gasparino way out ahead of everybody else on the story. it will buy 21 regional sports networks from disney. valued at 10.6 billion, rsns, regional sports networks, disney acquired after purchase from 21st century fox. it is official. melissa: fda warning people that take ambien and also lunesta. they report serious injuries and deaths results from serious incidents while people were on insomnia medication. let's go to deirdre bolton with details. >> we need this information. usfda requiring new, stronger warnings on certain prescription insomnia drugs. this increased warning following several reports, they are rare but they have been injuries and deaths as you alluded from
4:30 pm
various sleep behavior. sleep walking, sleep driving engaging in other activities while not fully awake. we're taking this from the fda website is unsafely using a stove and being, i think in words that are not officially on the fda page, but as people describe it, beyond groggy. so these new warnings are going to be required for drugs that are in lunesta. i will go over the brand names, such the chemical names. sonataa is another one. intermezzo is another one. a japanese con conglomerate has rights to lunesta. celebrities have talked about feeling off from ambien. roseanne barr, she implied that taking ambien caused her to write a racist tweet. she received twitter backlash.
4:31 pm
sanofi says while the drugs have side-effects racism is is not known to be one of them. elon musk, tesla ceo, opening up to the "new york times" in an interview 18 months ago, he was working 120 hours a week an relying on ambien to sleep. he said basically it was a choice, felt like between no sleep or only sleep using ambien. doctors say if you're getting fewer than 7 to 8 hours a night, you should not be using this drug. they say it can cause disorientation, depression, other cognitive side-effects, even as we recall from an investor standpoint, a lot of board members were concerned that elon musk was tweeting under the influence of am bee at night. new warnings on all the labels so people are aware. melissa: that is food piece of information, you're getting almost no sleep and using ambien when people have the most problems. >> sure thing. connell: a lot of people do that. that is important info.
4:32 pm
devastation in the state of nebraska meantime. there are recovery efforts underway out there as there has been record flooding. it has saturated the state. liz claman in nebraska on the ground in omaha for berkshire hathaway meeting. we have her interview coming up with nebraska's governor. melissa: supporting the opposition, president trump making it clear that the smites will continue to stand with the people of venezuela as the crisis escalates in the region. should the u.s. military intervene? we're live in caracas next. connell: while thousands of venezuelans are protesting in the streets others are fleeing the unrest. we have the latest from that on colombia border coming up. ♪ portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees
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...ancestrydna can help her uncover her history... tell a story as unique as she is. order a kit for mom (or dad) at connell: addressing a escalating crisis president trump talking with rush pun shut vladmir putin talking about venezuela as officials outline possible military options in the country. steve harrigan is on the ground from caracas with the latest from there, steve? reporter: connell, high level meeting at pentagon, included national security advisor, secretary of state, all meeting in the secure tank room in the pentagon to discuss military options for the u.s. in venezuela. u.s. continues to stress all options are on the table. meanwhile here on the ground in caracas quiet right now, throughout the week there have been heavy skirmishes between
4:37 pm
protesters, government forces. more than 200 people have been injured. here is what some had to say what they had been through including a father who lost his son. >> translator: my son didn't last. it was 10, 15 minutes. after the shots he was taken to medics without vital signs. >> translator: with all the adrenaline i was running. shot in the arm, back and leg. >> translator: it was 62 rubber bullets. i lost sensation in my body. the bullets were in my back and arm. i was on the ground. when i was on the ground the officer started to shoot. it is not like i was shot from far or that i was running. i was on the floor and they shot me. reporter: thousands of people are coming out day after day, especially on weekends to support the embattled opposition leader one guaido, recognized as interrim president by the use and 53 other nations.
4:38 pm
guaido is calling for a new round of protests against the maduro regime beginning tomorrow morning 10:00 a.m. back to you. connell: steve harrigan live in caracas. melissa: we have rebecca heinrich from the hutson institute. she is also a national security analyst. if you look in the u.s. after all this was happening a big group went to meet in the pentagon. secretary of state mike pompeo, acting defense secretary, folks from the nsa, joint chiefs, looking at possibilities were at the same time president gets on phone of vladmir putin who is thought to be behind resist stan in venezuela. it seems like they may be trying to play good cop, bad cop. what is your take on the situation? >> we don't know everything that president trump said to putin, i hope. i expect he did tell them that that we did not tolerate russian interference in the western hemisphere which is what u.s. officials have been saying.
4:39 pm
melissa: yeah. >> even though you had maduro using military, using military vehicles to run over civilians and reis assistance of who we recognize as the legitimate president juan guaido and his people, that momentum is still with the resistance. it is still with guaido's people and that is even with maduro shutting down all social media. that the word is still spreading to continue to push out this illegitimate president. maduro. and so momentum is still there. melissa: let me ask you, how do you know the momentum is still with him? watching from here, it felt like the other day they were very close to getting rid of him. now, he seems entrenched? >> one of the indicators a navy admiral who is head of southern command, testified before congress, said people surrounding maduro are not his own military command anymore. they're cubans. because he has to rely on entrust the cubans essentially
4:40 pm
mercenaries providing security around him, tells me that the trust is cracking. he can't even trust his own venezuela military people to do that. so you have got indicators like that. you still people in the streets protesting even though all social media is being cracked down. so it is by word-of-mouth. there is this groundswell to try to get the legitimate president guaido to establish security because maduro is not able to provide security or solutions to his people. melissa: what's the difference between this situation and syria? we watched for so long assad gas and kill his people and his people tried to rise up and he is still there? >> that is such a great question. one of the thing it tells me the venezuelan people have had opportunities to, to be free. it is only been a couple of decade they have been living under this heavy-handed socialist control. so it is unlike the syrian people who have, who have been,
4:41 pm
they haven't had other options in a really long time. the other thing that, the reason that it is different for the united states it is in our hemisphere. so you can see a spilling over of the negative effects if you do have maduro that clings on to power and you have chinese interference and russian interference in their own backyard. he completely collapsed his own government in just a matter of just, a few years. and so there is a lot of different things at play that makes the situation very unlike the problem in syria. melissa: rebecca heinrichs come back soon. thank you for your insight. >> thank you. connell: to people fleeing unrest. hundreds of venezuelans crossing the border into colombia. ellison barber made her way to a town and. reporter: the colombia heavens vinceian border is back through that way. we're walking through the area
4:42 pm
with members of the colombian army. they said it isn't safe. in this area a lot of venezuelaance living temporarily and illegally, a lot of them are criminals that they cycle through here quickly. they do what the colombian army called express kidnappings. if they see someone like us they see walk through here, someone they could get ransom for, they will grab you, take you into some of these houses in a back room and keep you there. make some phone calls and keep you there, in order to try to get -- get a payday. they keep people about an hour. they let them to. this is part of the situation on the border. many people flee for more opportunities because they want more food. many with the problems from venezuela come criminals. colombians say that is one issue they're dealing with. connell: ellison barber. one important part of the story. melissa: wow. not backing down. president trump firing back at joe biden's controversial comments on china. what the fallout could mean for
4:43 pm
the former vice president in the 2020 race. plus reexamining the facts. president trump's top economic advisor calling out joe biden for his false comments about trump's tax policy. steve forbes, forbes media chairman up next. patients that i see that complain about dry mouth, they feel like they have to drink a lot of water. medications seem to be the number one cause for dry mouth.
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connell: seizing on the democratic front-runner, president trump calling out former vice president joe biden about comments he made about china. the president talking in an interview with fox news's catherine herridge. >> but for somebody to be so naive and say china is not a problem, if biden actually said that, that is a very dumb statement. connell: here steve forbes, forbes media chairman. very dumb statement says the current president about the former vice president. joe biden did essentially say that, that china is not competition for us? >> well maybe he is thinking of 1972 when he went into the u.s. senate. somebody has to bring him up to date. can't be rip van winkle in this kind of environment today. connell: i heard about it. i saw it came out in iowa who was he trying to appeal to. maybe he just blurted it out? >> blurted it out. you expect something like that from somebody who is rookie. doesn't really everything you say will be held against you,
4:48 pm
and examined. he is the front-runner. you know you will have examination especially 25 opponents looking for a way to knock you down. connell: how would you articulate the relationship between the united states and china now? what is china to the u.s.? >> intense competition. connell: yes. >> strategic competitor as well. connell: that is what the pentagon says, strategic competitor. >> south china sea, that is ongoing battle. connell: are they an enemy? >> they're trying to dominate the world. connell: that makes them an enemy? >> no. we have to push back. we have to set what the rules of the game are. we need a strong presence in asia. the neighbors have been living with china several thousand years. they have no illusions what this all means. they want us there in a very strong way. behind the scenes they say don't abandon taiwan. connell: biden would know all of this. the guy has a ton of foreign policy experience. is this the joe biden who makes
4:49 pm
mistakes speaking off-the-cuff sometimes or are there bigger problems with the understanding of the current world? >> i think he is speaking off-the-cuff but he is trying to say, i'm a statesman, i'm above it all. i will not get caught up in this hyper ventilation trump administration has going with a trade war. wanted to distance himself from trump but made him look foolish. connell: especially in iowa and other states. there is another comment, we talked talked about this week. he is facing plenty of backlash for it, just a false claim, that the president's tax cuts, went quote, to the folks at top and corporations that paid no taxes. so larry kudlow had a thing or two to say about that today. >> all many times i interviewed joe biden down through the years in another tv show on another network heaven for bid i was never really able, i was never really able to convince him of the merits of the incentive model of growth why lower marginal tax rates improve
4:50 pm
growth for everybody. i think joe biden has to get his facts right. he might want to reexamine our policies. connell: one thing we will say, larry in his previous job had a terrific co-host in one of those jobs at that network. melissa: very true. connell: who is that voice? so, this is another interesting one because, again, when you say that all of it went to the top, we could look it up by the numbers. that didn't happen that way. >> that is the democrat mantra. that is went to the rich. even though the top people got hurt by the loss of their local deductions, tax local deductions. connell: right. >> that is part, mainstream -- connell: people who are not at quote, unquote top did get a break. it is proveably false. >> exactly. connell: it is more perception. he says do you feel isn't. >> one of the issues democrats feel it when you get out there, false one, fake one, that the rich don't pay their fair share. they, they are getting away with murder. connell: are they winning that argument? >> in the polls because
4:51 pm
republicans being stupid party don't know how to counteract it. when you have 70% tax rate the top 1% paid 18%. it is friday, using numbers, top 1% paid 18% of the federal income taxes. today the top 1% at 37% rate are paying 40%. 18 to 40. they are paying more. arguing about reform of social security payroll taxes, but income tax, demonstrably half the population doesn't pay income tax. connell: even i followed that. simple enough. but it down necessarily sell all the time. i've always tried to figure out why. >> one of the things he has got to do is project himself as an informed optimist. he says america's best days are ahead. start putting out proposals that underline that. connell: you're talking about -- >> joe biden. connell: oh, okay. >> he is coming across as a guy just like all the others saying the world is coming to an end, trump is terrible, the devil. all that kind of thing. but he hasn't put anything out
4:52 pm
there. i have a better vision. here is the substance for it. he hasn't done it. if he goes in the debate in june without something to put on the table that says i've been around a longer time, that will not sell with that party. connell: maybe somebody starts catching up with him at polls. >> we will see if he is up to it. connell: have a great weaken. >> thank you. connell: steve forbes. melissa. melissa: billionaire warren buffett bringing investors to omaha for the berkshire hathaway shareholders meeting. our very own liz claman is bringing us his latest comments. she is speaking with a nebraska governor, following devastating flooding in that state. we've got all of that, hopefully some see's candy coming up next.
4:53 pm
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davidburger king is taking on te mcdonald's happy meal. with a fresh line of human
4:57 pm
emotions. happy is not one of them. the new item dubbed real meal, and a variety of meals, blue and salty because no one is happy all the time according to the fast food chains. the mood is to help in the campaign health awareness month which kicked off in may. but i think it's just a slam on mcdonald's. >> caller: of course, that's why we like it. it is that time of year again, let's spend the weekend with worn buffet. holding the annual shareholder meeting in omaha and she talks with article of omaha as well as the governor of nebraska. which is just been inundated with floodwaters. such a story, liz what is the latest? reporter: we showed you just coming in to the segment about the flooded missouri river and we will get to the governor in just a moment and what he said. it is stunning and most people's
4:58 pm
lifetime they have never seen this kind of flooding in nebraska. speaking of flooding, people have flooded in here all day at the arena where tomorrow, charlie munger and warren buffett will take to the state. this is not even the day of the shareholder meeting. this is fruit of the loom which berkshire hathaway and were about to have owned for many years. they will do millions of dollars of business from selling everything from t-shirts to billy bars which bob that owns as well. $1000 invested in 199065 when he took control of berkshire hathaway, it would be worth $60 million. speaking of cash, i am always interested to know what the cash pile counts into a berkshire hathaway in this meeting and that is what i was able to ask warren and charlie when i caught up with them unexpectedly just a couple of hours ago. listen,. >> it's about the same -- it's
4:59 pm
pretty close. it goes up 100 million a day, a business day. reporter: can you imagine if your bank account fluctuated $100 million a day. they have 112 billion in cash, tomorrow we will find out what they're spending it on. let's listen to what he had to say about the current situation of nebraska flooding. >> this is been the most widespread natural disaster in the u.s. history. at one point, are 10000 miles of highways a third of them were shut down, we still have about 12 the bridge is down, 1100 miles of highway to fix, hundreds without their homes, and damage to pastors and farmland that is covered with sand and silk up to 5 feet deep. really it's a worry about the corn planted because they were supposed to play a month ago. we will be watching no.
5:00 pm
china is the biggest second treaty partner behind canada. tomorrow, park your business, park your computers, phones, whatever on facebook so you can see what we're doing. >> thank you. >> we have the lowest unemployment rates for different groups of people whether it's african-american, asian, hispanic, hispanic just hit another all-time record for low unemployment. the household income it is the highest it has ever been. our country is doing well. never probably has done as well as it's doing right now economically. >> the president celebrating a blockbuster with 260-2000 new jobs added in the month of april. easily surpassing expectations. and that falls to the lowest level in 50 years and the trip economy seems to


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