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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 3, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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on twitter and facebook and instagram i would be back next week talking to a real state developer and philanthropist. thank you for watching lou dobbs is next here on foxbusiness network. have a great weekend. . >> good evening you may have noticed during all of the 21 present - - presidential hopefuls with dan - - downcast for those who want to hold the highest office in the land they are desperate and getting more so with each passing day and why is that? even the radical dems in the socialist and even the worst of the terrible 20 no more - - 21 know enough about the economy that president trump has delivered prosperity that obama said was impossible without a magic wand.
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president trump has conjured up not only prosperity but for all americans record low unemployment among blacks, hispanics the lowest for women in 66 years almost seven decades and the democrats have done everything in their power to destroy this president because he has delivered more, cap more promises, promises, achieved more and the first two years of any president republican or democrat in modern history and his approval ratings are at an all-time high. the radical democrats capitol hill or the presidential campaign trail simply have no answers and nothing to offer. the left-wing media have nothing more than the theatrics of deceit and with
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their vicious conspiracy to overthrow president trump. today he noted today even "the new york times" is reporting on what we now know, without question the greatest political scandal in american history. >> i was never happy to see for the front page of "the new york times" for the first time talking about spying and spying on my campaign. that is a big difference the what they have been covering. this is bigger than watergate as far as i am concerned. >> without a doubt. joining us tonight herman cain jack keane gordon chang and our top story tonight is the trump economy looming and by any measure our economy is roaring. the labor department ignited the stock market with the
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april unemployment rate dropping at three.6 percent. the lowest since december 1969 half a century ago 263,000 jobs added in april blowing past projections 185,000 and wall street is amazed and in the oval office the president clearly evaded with the news. >> our country is doing well. probably never as well as a has been doing economically. we are very proud of that fact we have had an economy. lou: it does have the radical dems in the national media reeling left only to their lies and denials. by way of example "the washington post" ran this headline yesterday just hours
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ahead of today's labor department report "setting a string of setbacks to the efforts to intervene in us economy"the post conjuring up that article had to ignore a mountain of positive data on the economy including first-quarter economic growth three.2 percent. last year growth rate 3 percent. speaker pelosi tried to discredit the numbers the april jobs report numbers show some promising news with the economic uncertainty with millions of hard-working americans. the prosthetic pelosi ignoring three.2 average pay increase over the past 12 months. the growth of middle-class that shrank under eight years
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under obama. americans are prospering across the board. in april female unemployment dropped a three.1 percent. that is the lowest since 1953. latina unemployment a record low for hispanics. asian americans matching a record low of two.2 percent. unemployment for iraq veterans a record low of one.7 percent. the president's performance is simply and truly the story bringing good paying jobs back to the country with the american worker prospering. and so are our families. we have herman cain former candidate for president, great to have you with us. i am delighted to see you. what do you make of these
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numbers in this economy? talking about president adding $9 trillion to the stock market. $9trillion to the stock market. $9trillion, i am glad to share these numbers with the public. the democrat denial all starts with the denial that president trump won the presidential election. that fueled the trump hate and more democrat denial and that fueled more democrat lies. they don't want to recognize those numbers because in no way want to give this president credit for having the leadership that has generated the era of prosperity that we are enjoying now. that the good news is people who support trump are not deterred and not abandoning
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ship. we must stay the course and this administration will stay the course. lou: they have already set the course. that this president has envisioned from the moment he decided to run for office that is clearly within our grasp of what he has accomplished his historic. no president in the first two years who has come close to the president's performance on economy or other achievements. looking at the denial of the radical dems. now it is clearly the point of which the president has been vindicated by the special counsel and trying to savage it was outrageous what they did. to the attorney general of the united states and preposterously doing so that
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they had not been lying to the american people about this president about collusion or obstruction or anything they could conjure up again. to a half years of lies and they try to call the attorney general and liar as they twist the truth to distort reality? . >> the democrat lying started with obama care. remember all of the promises we were made? and none of them came to fruition? second, now we know obama care is the abysmal failure. they lied about that. and now to put the blame on the president. that will not work. and then tried to demagogue and the credibility of attorney general bar is the only lie that they have left and that will not work.
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lou: if you were going to savage someone accused him of lying while speaking the truth and had done everything in his power as a new attorney general to be transparent so the least redacted report from any government agency from - - in a very long time accuses him of lying? as we watch maxine waters with her nonsense. senator blumenthal continue, he is so filled with pile i don't know how they get them into the judiciary committee hearing. that is extraordinary to watch the performance work of the senator from hawaii. we watch them with the kavanaugh hearings.
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and that is much more to answer for. >> the only word that can describe their reaction is desperate. they are desperate to try to do something to discredit this president and now the attorney general. that is the only way you can explain it. but my optimism lies in the fact the american people who understand the results are in fact, staying on the trump train. lou: they reported that. with the approval rating on the economy is the highest they had ever seen. . >> they had a hard time saying that. . >> this is what they had orchestrated in this says to
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me the american people are not stupid. most of the american people and they are not gullible and the democratic strategy of lying and denying is not going to work with the american people long-term. lou: it is at an end and congressman :-colon did that with his stunt yesterday. it is great to see you we want to get some credit to "the new york times" for the first time in the very long time acknowledging and reporting reality. up next china's military is hell-bent on becoming a world power and achievement they want to achieve superiority over the us military. gordon chain joins me after the break. also president trump reeling on the deep state conspiracy.
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. >> i call it the russian hoax no collusion no obstruction a total hoax but yet i was transparent giving one. 4 million of documents i let them interview the lawyer the white house lawyer for 30 hours. think of that. $35million they spent over a period of two years. no collusion. no obstruction. lou: and the president it is pretty clear now with the radical dems object to that they cannot stand the truth and no president has been more truthful and transparent than this one. we will be right back with my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower
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lou: president trump today talked with russian president putin about a number of issues including a potential nuclear arms agreement that might be a three party agreement between the united states, russia and china.
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. >> i think we will probably start up something very shortly with russia and ourselves to star and china will be added down the road. nonproliferation, will talk about a nuclear deal of some kind. that will be a very comprehensive one. lou: with the international research institute keeps track of nuclear weapons worldwide russia has almost 7000 warheads and 6500 china has 280. joining us tonight columnist authors senior fellow, gordon great to have you here. it is an amazing number of warheads looking at the missiles between russia and the united states. there would be some comfort if we could have better relations with china and russia and the united states.
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>> it would be nice if we could but it is a militant state. the us 130 cargo plane blinded two of the pilots temporarily. when you try to blind the pilot of a plane you are intending to bring it down then you are intending to kill the crew. we also learned they cause grave injuries to our diplomats at the consulate. they are priming americans. lou: based on the attack which was injurious to the staff there. >> yes. china is an enemy. i would like to have great relations with china and we could if not run by a communist state but we are in for a long-term struggle because china made it very clear the competition from the us they do not play fair and they have not. lou: and joe biden he said
10:19 pm
china is not a competitor of the united states. one of the exclamations was come on man. he could say anything. >> that comment by itself disqualifies him as a presidential candidate. the president's first job is to protect the us against your enemies if you can identify your enemies you should not be president. that shows biden does not understand the job. >> it is interesting to watch the reactions of the president when he said good relations with russia was important. the national media what obama throughout to them and they reported back faithfully this
10:20 pm
is a great spiritual leader and the president was reaching out to iran. and what was absolutely common sense and absolutely correct in terms of policy. why in the world has there been such a tremendous reaction from the left wing media from the proposition of peace? . >> it is inexplicable. with the policies it is much too friendly with the president is trying to do. lou: weight. it turns out the democrats that were too friendly with foreign powers. for the purpose of spying on the presidential campaign or for their own opposition researc research, my god we don't need to continue that narrative any longer.
10:21 pm
we know the truth. the president did not collude with anyone. the truth is the democrats and the dnc worked very hard to do so. >> you see president trump's policies with moscow and beijing much more resolute and in america's interest than obama or bush or clinton. but clearly our president is doing to protect the interest of the united states and the broader international community because he creates a framework than what is better from what we had before. >> that trade delegation will be here next wednesday there is no clear indication i cannot believe the number of reports on these talks emanating from the chinese rather than the us side.
10:22 pm
there is a formidable task and the expected outcome? . >> i don't think there will be a trade deal. the reports out of beijing that they don't think they are close to a deal and the comments reflect reality it is hard for us to understand what is going on everybody says there will be a deal i think there will not. lou: giving credit to the us trade representative. he has been absolutely determined not to make public statements. that have been paul volcker -like. so good for robert light heiser the presidents man in beijing or washington. we appreciate it. check out the heart pounding the moment on video in san
10:23 pm
antonio with an off-duty police officer wasting no time rescuing this woman from her burning car. fearlessly battling to break the windshield and pulling the driver to safety. he could rescue her seconds before the tires blew up and the car went up in flames. she was taken to the hospital for injuries are minor. an extraordinary act of heroism. thank you. the radical democrats are added a dead end with their co-conspirators to overthrow the president of the united states and it is clear there will be consequences that is why you see the radical dems trying to savage the attorney general of the united states. we will have much more on that with our panel after the break. the unidentified flying object
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lou: breaking news check your blood pressure house intelligence committee nunez seeking information from us intelligence agencies about the us asset according to the mueller report lied to the fbi and tore old george papadopoulos russians had dirt on clinton to lure him to make incriminating statements concerning the trunk campaign. this coming as attorney
10:29 pm
general barr is ramping up his investigations into the origins of the russia witchhunt and the and is closing in on the radical dems who conspired to overthrow the president of the united states. that is clear. there lies and attacks have failed and now they are left with nowhere to hide and the attorney general over two days of hearings before the judiciary committee over the senate in the house have chosen the wrong man. joining us tonight managing partner at the dylan law grou group, great to have you with us and contributing writer at "the daily caller". iraq veteran and good to have you both here. let's begin with the spectacle
10:30 pm
of the radical dems of the house judiciary as they continue to insult the attorney general who was an absence from that hearing in the judiciary with a total lack of integrity and civility was present on part of the dems with the attorney general before them. >> the attorney general made the correct decision yesterday if anybody saw that spectacle of congressman :-colon eating chicken. lou: he was ignorant and a disgrace. >> anybody who testified in front of a hostile one - - hostile people they are governing us i lost a lot of respect for them that day and even more yesterday. but what can you say they want to out clown themselves and
10:31 pm
then they mock their own institution with no sense of dignity and to be fair to the attorney general this isn't about him the personal attacks were born in aimed at him but the democrats fearing the coming onslaught of negative attention. lou: they will be under investigation for lying for two and half years and conspiring. they were complicit. adam schiff was directly engaged with some of the actors in this charade and conspiracy to overthrow the president. >> to conduct the last couple years was reprehensible. nobody knew what was going on but now the report is out it is clear they were pushing the narrative and there was no evidence and the damage that is done both domestically and abroad is beyond words.
10:32 pm
. >> i have a slightly different version. what damages the house of representatives talking about her b card for the judiciary committee these are the people most inter- goal within the house and senate to our laws in judiciary system oversight of intelligence agencies and law enforcement. these are contemptible and despicable people lying and distorting playing partisan politics. apparently we understand clearly they are the target of investigations to come. >> what is bizarre in retrospect for a number of months and a year and a half there were allegations made toward the trump administration they were
10:33 pm
russian puppets and unwitting russian agents. lou: calling the president a traitor. >> and the russians engaged in a systematic operations campaign inside the united states meant to sell societal discord to make sure we don't function as a society and the democratic institutions don't function. now we know that's not the case so to continue to push the narrative afterwards carries water for putin. lou: they were colluding with foreign governments all the while their intelligence agencies, creation of the steel dossier, using fiction and fraud in order to unmask us citizens that we know now the cia and the national security division of the
10:34 pm
justice department were working hand in hand to spy on american citizens which is illegal if i have to remind anyone in the audience. . >> spy on them abroad without any evidence we will find out a lot more. there's a lot the public doesn't know african-americans will be shocked beyond how shocked we already are the attorney general seems to be disturbed and he is the right man on the job at the right time. we will see those inspector general reports and the democrats that colluded with them and with the desperation
10:35 pm
and i am praying for us for those institutions that have been so degraded by the misbehavior of these democrats. lou: i concur with abbott also i want more than anything i want the truth and consequences for these people who went after a sitting president in the united states for their own purposes and partisanship. >> i agree. that's a first part of accountability but what the president has spoken about the people with the loudest voices were members of previous administrations sitting in national seniors security positions who knew for six months these activities were taking place with no
10:36 pm
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list of more than 500 conservative news websites it labeled unreliable. there mea culpa followed a backlash pointing out the methodology was a joke use by a junkyard attack dog posing as a watchdog i hope it has learned its lesson certainly all of us who once paid attention to it have learned our lesson. president trump addressing the chaos in venezuela's call earlier with russian president putin. >> i had a good talk with president putin over an hour and we talked about many things. venezuela was one of the topics. he is not looking at all to get involved in venezuela other than he would like to see something positive happen.
10:41 pm
lou: retired four-star general our strategic analyst good to have you with us. your reaction between the call of the president putin it sound like there was a positive discussion. >> i don't doubt that that putin is lying through his teeth. here is what he is doing. he made a military investment into venezuela over 20 years with the fence systems antiaircraft systems by the thousands now in january he put 400 people in from a military private firm that he used in crimea eastern ukraine and syria the mission was to protect madero the advisors and personnel came in, uniformed people senior advisor to ensure madero stays in power putin the other day i
10:42 pm
believe talking to his advisors on a regular basis calling the shots when we were trying to get madero into an airplane am secretary pompeo did not get there because putin advisors told him to stay in place. he is lying again as he has consistently. lou: i am curious to decades going back to the clinton administration and we are putting up antiaircraft weapons and those security forces over 20 years in this president now has a situation to contend with that bush and clinton obama before he ignored? what in the hell have our intelligence agencies been doing before trump was elected?
10:43 pm
. >> putin is an opportunist and thinks strategically. lou: that sounds like a great description for any country of the world. >> he moved into ukraine with no opposition moved into syria with no opposition. he calculated he can make those moves and be successful and as a result with syria he has influence in the middle east only the united states has had now a big strategic move with venezuela he was to have influence in the western hemisphere at the expense of the united states this is very serious business. lou: i could not agree more. we are also engaged with the chinese according to the most pentagon report the assistant defense secretary said.
10:44 pm
>> china seeks to erode military advantages and seek to gain and maintain influence and with significant resourcing which translates into real capabilities. lou: i did hear the pentagon sugarcoating anything and said this is a race. >> no doubt. an adversarial relationship president teethree has clearly stated he will dominate and control the pacific asia region he is on his way to doing that and wants to replace the united states as a global leader they are the most rapidly growing military in the world with 355 combat ships today. combat ships united states navy has 350 total.
10:45 pm
lou: you ever stop to think where we would be if we elected hillary clinton? that is impossible to imagine. >> why the defense buildup is more critical than the reagan build up if you consider what russia and china are up to. >> i absolutely agree i hope anyone who just heard what you said takes that to the bank. we appreciate it. good talking to you. you will not believe what the philadelphia schoolchildren were caught saying on video. that and much more when we continue. continue. you will not believe this. sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? uh, i'll look into it. (phone rings) lisa jones! lisa: (on phone) hey carl, what are you charging me
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lou: disturbing new video of muslim children in philadelphia saying they would sacrifice themselves and kill for the army of allah. from the muslim american society the young girls can clearly be heard to say they will defend the land of divine guidance to sacrifice our
10:50 pm
souls we will chop off their heads. with the rise of anti- semitism robert jeffries a member of the faith initiative in fox business contributor. your reaction to that deeply troubling video quick. >> let's make it very clear the majority of muslims are peaceful but even just 5 percent embrace radical islam is 75 million radical muslims wanting to exterminate every jew, every christian in the world today. and we have got to be aware of that and the whole issue is the democrats are dead wrong in fighting with the palestinians god says the land
10:51 pm
belongs to the jewish people to be on the wrong side of the jewish people is on the wrong side of god himself. lou: a new study talking about religious persecution the new report adds christians are the most persecuted group around the world in fact, the persecution of christians is at near genocide levels. >> it is real and horrific. other faith groups are also persecuted but giants have a giant x on their back up and tell the time a president trump it was politically incorrect to talk about that you could talk about every other group except christians but remember obama told us we had to get off of our high horse and not worry about those that were being beheaded for grit was ludicrous and thank god literally we have a president who recognizes the
10:52 pm
persecution going on among christians of all groups he and secretary pompeo and vice president pence are intent on doing something about it. lou: you are with them national prayer day while capturing everyone's hearts with his remarks your thoughts on the rabbi and his courage that day and the courage of the woman who died and who was shot? she took a bullet to keep the rabbi from doing so. >> the president called the rabbi to the stage and he talked about staring evil in the face. having part of his hand blown off. he got home and was weeping uncontrollably when the telephone rang and he picked up the phone and it was president trump. what was to be a one minute talk turned into a 25 minute
10:53 pm
talk and he thinks the president for his compassion and he was the first person who led him on the road to healing. i am 63 years old i have never heard of our faith affirming speech that i heard yesterday for president trump talking about the power of prayer and the power of christ and for religious freedom in the sanctity of life one of the great ironies of history is when people look back they will say after eight years under obama and his policies a secular real estate tycoon named trump to turn the nation back to god to implement policies that honor god instead of blast them like barack obama. lou: you can bring it. we appreciate you bringing it as you always do.
10:54 pm
pastor jeffers we appreciate it. >> god bless you. >> god bless you after drafting new guidelines for pilots to report ufos the navy is keeping all of that information now private and away from the prying eyes of the taxpayers i guess. navy spokesperson tells "the washington post" reporting on ufos is falling underprivileged and classified information. so my question tonight what is there to hide? we will do our part as best we can. what do they have to hide? we will talk about that. president trump says the white house has lost its patient's with the radical dems who have become extraordinarily desperate as they tried to escape justice. we will have more on that when we will have more on that when all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios.
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♪ ♪ lou: stocks closed higher today. the dow jones industrials up almost 200 points, up 197. the s&p up 28, the nasdaq up 127. the fourth record close of the year. volume on the big board, 3.3 billion shares, $9 trillion added to the market since president trump was elected, if you're keeping track, and we do. crude oil closing flat to just under $62 a barrel. gold up nearly a percent, silver
10:59 pm
up 2%, and to listen to my reports on radio three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. desperate dem judiciary chairman jerrold nadler baldly threatening contempt proceedings against attorney general william barr unless he, by gosh, responds to nadler's final, he says, final ultimatum. i think there have been seven of them so far. attorney march mid dillon -- march immediate dillon talked about how, well, the tides may finally be turning. >> in the coming weeks we're going to see, i think, three different inspector general reports come out on different topics, and they're going to directly implicate not just the top tier of the fbi and, you know, the rotten apples -- not all of them, just the rotten apples there -- but also the democrats who colluded with them, have tried to frame them, their anger and their irrational
11:00 pm
explosions of vitriol over the last couple of days. lou: and that's it for us tonight. it's been quite a week, hasn't it? diamond and silk, former acting i.c.e. director tom guests monday. we thank you for being with us. have a great weekend, good night. trish: tonight, a new turn in spygate. why the case against obama's justice department is growing. i've got exclusive intel for you in just moments. and chaos in venezuela with bullets flying across the border with colombia. uncertainty other what next steps to take. a man who has helped rebuild the economies of some of the worst hell holes on earth says he knows how to restore freedom in venezuela without using our military. he's going to explain in just moments. plus, california is trying to kick president trump off the 2020 state -- we're going to tell you about the plan


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