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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 7, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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possible. but it took someone who was willing to go against, shall we say, all of the norms to really show china that we're prepared and that we do want a level playing field. kennedy: oh, democrats, please stop. stop the whining. stop the complaining. and please let go of the 2016 election. and that goes doubly for you, hillary. for the second time in as many weeks, the people have again suggested that she was the rightful winner of the dween ben election. and the russians ripped her off again. >> run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee and you can have the election stolen from you. kennedy: that's the only thing that describes it, stolen. nice coat. never mind if hillary ran an awful campaign and has blamed everything from facebook to the
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supreme court tomas doaneian content farms. but not to be outdone. look at your nance. nancy pelosi warning that president trump could steal the next presidential and congressional elections in a an interview with the "the new york times" pelosi said, we have to inoculate against that and be prepared for that. if we win by four seats, not respect the election. he would poison the public mind. challenge each of the races. say you can't seat these people, amen. but with all of the talk of thievery, the president was feeling left. first, tweeting that the president should get an extra two years on his time because of all of the time that the democrats have taken from him. and then tweeting, the greatest
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economy and first two years of any president in history, stolen two hours of my presidency collusion collusion that we will never be able to get back. when will. democrats be able to get over it. tonight's panel has something to say about it. meet the monday man panel, the host of the fifth column podcast, matt welch is here, along with real clear politics cofounder tom bevin and comedian and head writer, jimmy faye la. welcome, gentlemen. it's a great time. this is exhausting. as a libertarian you never have anyone win anything. let's be honest. give us a little bit of perspective on this back and forth, we're not going to concede an election that hasn't even been executed yet. >> this has been with us since 2000, i think. after the contests election, there was a lot of people saying that the election was stolen, period. every cycle there are book out
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right and left saying they can'y can't cheat was one a while back. the democrats and progressives do the same thing. it's like that but a lot more. hillary clinton and stacy abrams are walking around on a never ending i won tour, which is a really weird way to say that the other guy won't accept the results of the election. and then trump. kennedy: it undermines the argument. >> and then trump himself, he won. he won the presidency and yet he's say on occasion, you know what, there's the three to five million illegal alien votes that came in there miscounted against me. we are now in this world of conspiracy theory on both sides. paul james watson. and dimms are mainstreaming as part of the -- kennedy: which means they're out of ideas which is sad for them. now is the great time to have
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ideas. the entire thing is shaken up so we can start from a completely different place politically if somebody wants to grab the ideal bowl by the horns but they're not going to do it and we're going to continue to have the close elections. why is that in. >> it's a scrappy electoral ledge, right? kennedy: yes. >> we could use a thumping one way or the ore. trump with a clear victory so that no one can say the russians stole it, the chinese stole the or whatever, or a big win by the democrats so there's no possibility that trump could contest the election. because it's bad for the public, bad for public confidence. but i don't think we're going to get that. the electoral college is baked in a certain way. you've got the democrats, you have so many votes in the bank, republicans have so many votes in the bank, comes down to five to seven states that are going to be razor close, razor thin. kennedy: absolutely. >> we're headed for another hotly contested election, is
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what i feel like, especially given the choice that we're going to have to make between donald trump and whoever the democrats nominate. i think the negative partisanship rules now. you go out not to vote for you guy but the vote against the other guy. kennedy: i think you're right. that's what drives the close elections. it's not a mandate or i identify with this person. it's i hate that person so much, i'm voting for donald trump. >> it's not so much about the ideas and policies. kennedy: but it's interesting to hear nancy pelosi. >> that's the thing. kennedy: she's being codependent with hillary clinton and her victimhood. >> hillary is so funny, that clip of her saying you can run the best campaign and it can get stolen from you. it wasn't a question. they asked how are you. kennedy: everybody loves setting her up. >> they know she's going to do it. it's like a party trick. by the way, did you see her and bill, their tickets for their
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speaking tour are now selling at 50% off. kennedy: $2. >> $2 in l.a. kennedy: i saw $6 in l.a. i didn't see $2. >> things have so bad they have to share hotel rooms. she comes back and there's a sock on the door. you got to shut up and move on. it's silly. the whole thing is silly. and i think they discredited themselveses with their argument of again, you can't yell at us about accepting 2020 if you're not going to accept 2016. kennedy: and what is pelosi doing. >> slamming merlot and bashing aoc. do you know how many tweets she's typed and yot sent. kennedy: our president is sober and sent the tweets. >> you ought to see twitter typos. the one on nancy is a mess. kennedy: all right.
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attorney general william barr, he missed this morning's deadline to turn over the unredacted mueller report to the house judiciary committee and now the dimms are threatening to throw him in jail. this is real. the committee set a vote for wednesday to figure out what should happen to barr. remember he also skipped last week's house judiciary testimony. jerry nadler is taking the case to hold him in contempt writing, the attorney general failure to comply with our subpoena after extensive accommodation efforts leave us no choice than to enforce the subpoena. the democrats are pushing robert mueller to testify may 15th, a fine idea. in a major reversal the president slamming the move saying that the democrats don't need a do-over. so will they lock barr up or can we finally move oven from this whole thing. matt, do people want to move on from the mueller report? >> absolutely. look at the polling on this. it's clear.
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americans are like yeah, you know what? trump lied his face off, also he didn't commit conspiracy or collusion and there wasn't enough on stluks t obstruction a trial. kennedy: and that leaves us where we were when the investigation started in terms of how the people feel about the president. >> yes, it leaves people in the same position. i think people will be fine to hear mueller testify or in those cases whether there's a low-temperature grilling of the administration, but there's a wishful feeling on the democrat's part, if this one thing happens, the presidency will stop. the mueller report is out. it's out. kennedy: it's not heavily redacted. by the way they talked about the it you would think it was 08% or 90% redacted. >> he made the unredacted report available. lindsey graham went and saw it, look, there eats not much in
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there. i don't know why it's redacted. >redactedit was available to hie said he read not all of it. what's going on in the house is a sham. and there's no moral high ground for the democrats. i mean after eric holder was impeached, right, in 2012, june of 2012, the obama justice department declined to enforce the subpoena against him. they're not going to lock anybody up. kennedy: they're not going to lock up the wing man. >> he said i'm still obama's wing man, still here for him. kennedy: how do they want presidents to select attorneys general from this point gaard. if they're not hand picked, whatry that? is it just the opposition party throwing the worst possible person who hates you the most as your attorney general and somehow that's going to make everything better? >> i feel this is a preemptive move. there is nothing there for them to gain in terms of mueller but they're trying to discredit him in terms of future investigations.
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kennedy: is that what it is, the ig report. >> and if they find fisa abuses, who is going to be the one leveeing out the punishment. if they can discredit him now, that would be the only motivation for doing this. they know from a polling standpoint this isn't popular. in terms of collusion, this is the old circus left town but the dog is still barking. nobody cares. >> presidential candidate will say this in the field. it doesn't come out. kennedy: and that's not to say people aren't politically engaged because they're more politically engaged than ever. i think that's a fantastic thing. one of my politics pointed out politics is the new water cooler comments. there is a lot of stake for people in the early voting. >> when you think of the investigation, i think that horse got screwed. he should have won the derby.
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kennedy: can't unscrew a horse. >> this looks like an offensive move by the democrats but it's a defensive move. they're trying to reinforce the barricades when attorney general barr gets to the bottom of what went on with the fisa abuse and the way this whole thing started. kennedy: adam schiff is going to have a lot to answer for because he wanted to keep the fisa warrants secret and redacted, but he's also the one talking about collusion, i've seen it. >> he's completely overpromised. a year ago it was the republicans overpromising, i'm going to put rod rosenstein in contempt. now the democrats are back pedaling quickly. kennedy: i don't understand how they're so illogical. they've seen the failure and they're repeating it. we have much more with the panel coming up. it's monday man panel continues. and i have to ask buck sexton, are we heading to war with iran?
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cancel the summer rental in tehran. the white house has sent the abraham lincoln aircraft carrier to the persian gulf to what they're calling troubling escalations and warning from iran. israeli intelligence agencies passed along word that acran was looking to strike. secretary of state mike pompeo says that's not going to fly. >> we will hold the iranians accountable for attacks on american interest. and the fact that if those actions took place but some third-party proxies, a malitia group or hezbollah, we'll hold iranian leadership accountable for that kp the military buildup comes after this weekend's fiery missile exchange between the israelis and the palestinians.
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joining me now, host of the buck sexton podcast, it is buck sexton. break it down. tell me what's going on. >> it looks like the most recent rowpped of violence in gaza was due to palestinian islamic jihad. pij has closer tie to iran. and the iranians are looking to get a little bit of leverage. i mean, this is how they think of negotiating in tehran. when you add into the rockets that the u.s. believes there is some kind of attack plotting going on here against our interest, most likely in iraq or syria where the iranians have tremendous strategic depth and a lot of assets already deployed, i think the administration is taking the right approach here. they're going to draw a line in the sand, if you will. a red line. and they're going to enforce. and the red line goes like this. if people on your behalf -- and we tend to know when it's on
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their behalf -- take action against us or allies in the middle east, we're coming back with crushing force. not a slap on the hand. we're going to show the iranian regime that there will be severe consequences that's a worthwhile change from what you've seen in multiple previous administrations. kennedy: billionton talkbolton e force. and that's a really bad option. but also sanctions with actors like iran don't necessarily work. and they only punish people who are trying to make a better life, yet the governments are always able to hoard the resources for themselves and continue building weapons. what else can you do, shy of unrelenting force, that is a different tact than sanctions? >> well the hope, kennedy, is that by making a credible show of force here, sending a u.s.
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aircraft carrier is a big step in that direction. you don't have to use any force. thhundreds of thousands were killed, specifically because not just iranian-backed militias but because they created foreign penetrators, a special explosive that they honed to maim and kill our soldiers. this was ushed the bush under th administration. and they didn't really hold the iranians accountable. you look at the obama administration, kowtowing to them trying to get a nuclear deal down, also not strategically sound, never mind what they did in syria. kennedy: what is trump doing differently other than continuing with sanctions and adding more sanctions and designate theming as the terrorist group.
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>> he's going after them short of force and letting them know if it comes to force it'ses no going to be a pinprick strike. it hits hand. kennedy: what does that mean, hits hard. >> i would have to look at what they've got in the ballot of the pentagon for retaliatory measures. i've been out of the game for a little while. it would make them change their calculation. kennedy: what if their change calculation was retaliation and hundreds of thousands of americans died? >> they couldn't pull that off. and two, that would be suicidal for them. when you're talking about, for example, what the iranians are doing in a place like iraq or syria and how they could try to hit us there, keep in mind, we blew up 200 russians and the russians barely batted an eyelash over it because they have para military in force. the iranians add to their strategic depth by adding proxies. we're goings to go after the
12:21 am
proxies but we're going to lay off of the iranians. if they're involved in activities against us or allies that we don't like, we're not just going to go after the guys working with arwork with rogc. we're telling them right now, don't mess around guys. don't think you're going to get away with it because you've gotten away with it in the wars. kennedy: the threat of force doesn't always work. what else can we try? >> the answers, there's no great answers, which is the fantastic back door to all foreign policy questions. well, no one really knows how to solve this thing. but i do think the approach the administration is taking of enforcing -- they enforced the red line in syria and they want to enforce the red line here in
12:22 am
syria. are there risks? absolutely. but the flip side is they think they can get away with terrorist attacks. and that becomes the standard. hopefully this blows over. what you see with the i israelis and islamic jihads, there's a encyclical nature to this. they view it as a measure for negotiation. kennedy: we've run out of time. but next time we're going to solve the middle east problem and we will bring peace to the region. thank you, buck sexton. coming up, former colorado gov forjohn hickenlooper is trying to create buzz by claiming that he's the only democrat fighting for capitalism. that sounds great. but he's fool drivers just wont put their phones down. we need a solution. introducing... smartdogs. the first dogs trained to train humans.
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proving to the world how boring
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a crowded presidential field can be by riding the rails of moderation declaring he's going to save capitalism. yay. so how does the beer titan plan on harnessing the free market in by co constraining it. this is a party of democratic socialism whether you worship at government control, you're creating heresy. he wants to make sure we have a mandatory federal minimum wage and free public college. you know you make the economy and the country stronger by putting the whole damn thing on a keto dieter who it appears smaller forcing companies to pay everybody an hourly wage is something that sweden and finland would never do, they figure out the consequences are not worth the gesture and would tank their systems.
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and if those socialistists loses win the fight next year, it would mean two million lost jobs almost instantly. free college is the most affordable interest out there. the group that is already the product of the failed system. the more federal dollars that fill the education silos, the more that the money goes to administrators. john hickenlooper is another anti-freedom identity crisis democrat who talks out both sides of his filthy rich mouth but his misguided policies will keep eager capitalists from following him down the yellow brick road. and that's the memo. ♪
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♪ kennedy: john hickenlooper repeatedly rejects the capitalist label. two months ago he doesn't really seem to have much faith in the free market. why is he suddenly trying to be a capitalist crusader. here with me to discuss fox business network's john stossel, the titan of liberty himself. let's talk about this. he sees that so many of his fellow candidates have gone so far left and so ultimate socialist that he's got to emerge in the middle. but is there really any room for capitalism in moderate democrat politics? >> when there are 20 candidates you would think one guy saying this is who built america, it would work. he got an op-ed in "the wall street journal" and he said for the journal he had to say i'm a capitalist. he actually was one. he started a beer company. kennedy: yes, he did.
12:30 am
>> i was excited. i saw the title and read it. it's the same, you're right, same path. kennedy: the $15 an hour minimum wage. they all say that. >> it's worse than that. we're going to reduce costs. universal health care coverage. more antitrust enforcement. like i thought he was going to say we got to fix capitalism, get rid of corporate welfare, farm subsidies, solar subsidies, handout to rich people to help fix capitalism. but by and large it works pretty well. kennedy: and he won't answer whether or not he's a capital list. but it's funny, a lot of the democrat canned dardz, kamala harris and elizabeth warren, they talk about being promarket and procapitallism but saying that capitalism the way it is doesn't work for people. there has to be equality. does there have to be equality? >> no. yes, the rich got filthy rip, up
12:31 am
200%. but poor people are up 40%. bernie sanders lies when he says the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. the poor got richer too. and the only system that works if are the majority of people is limited government. and all of these guys just keep adding to it. kennedy: and it's fun 234eu because when they talk about the tax code, all they're really doing is adding to it. they want to roll back some of the trump tax cuts. but what they want to replace it with is more taxes. >> more capital gangs tax he wants. he said one good thing, the u.s. should expand trade. he's right. trump is right. but he goes on to say but that's fair trade that benefits americans. use trade deals to enforce greenhouse gas emission targets. kennedy: yes. and again that's just more government interference which limits freedom and limits economic freedom and that limits
12:32 am
economic mobility. when will they admit that an economy is working for the middle class. if there ever was an economy in my lifetime that benefits the most people, it's the one right now. this may be a small sliver of time. this may evaporate in six or nine months. but right now shouldn't they admit that part of the policies and a lot of the effects are working for the middle class? >> e. but i disagree with you when you said we all know this makes life better and gives us fre freedom. people don't tbhoa that. kennedy: know that. kennedy: the dumb people don't know that but the smart people who watch this show, they understand that. >> both of them. kennedy: i don't care if it's two smart people and they're going to make the country better by spreading the message of liberty. i will talk to those people. >> we know what works. we know what created prosperity in america, hong kong, singapore, a few places that left people alone.
12:33 am
kennedy: and they need to do more of that because that is how freedom and that is sexy just like you john stossel. thank you, my friend. the economy is booming. unemployment at a nearly 50-year low. economic growth hit a much better than expected 3.2% in the first quarter. wages up across the country. how do 2020 democratic presidential candidate feel about the president's economy. watch. >> i love that trump is taking credit for a recovery that started under obama. but the substance of who is this economy going to work for. we had a tax plan that was all about giving the wealthiest people more of a break. >> do you give president trump the credit? >> i give our workers and our businesses the credit, jake. so i think that we have had policies in place starting with president obama that has aided that recovery. >> the economy is doing well and i'm sure i don't have to give trump any credit. he's take any credit that he
12:34 am
wants. kennedy: just like you would bernie if the economy was doing so well during your presidency. the president has claimed a lot of credit and he's probably right. will voters see right through some of these democrat claims? the man panel is back, matt welch, tom bevin and jimmy faye la. they want to give president obama credit for this economy. >> oh boy. come on. giving obama credit for the economy would be like give michelle credit for the fast food parties at the white house. something she would be in the way of. they're in a very tough position because it's hard to run obviously against a good economy. and we're in a position now where even if you get fired in this economy you get a book deal the next day that becomes an instant best seller. more copies if you happen to record your coworkers at the white house like omarosa. they're trying a fool's eaer's .
12:35 am
people know they're making money. kennedy: people will sometimes spend more than they have because this is america dam him. mitt. would they be giving hillary the same credit? democrats? >> of course. the data dues support the idea, people are feeling better about their personal situations, we've seen wage growth across the board, seen manufacturing jobs increase. the argument they're trying to make, which we saw amy klobuchar make and cory booker and others, there's anxiety in the land about the cost of health care, the cost of education. i'm not sure qul that's going to sell or not because to jimmy's point, what it comes down to is are people feeling better about the economy, their personal
12:36 am
situations and are they going to believe that something if they're not feeling it in their lives. kennedy: and i have said, matt, all along that there's a way for the democrats to capitalize on economic success that they're not doing. they're leaving so much here by being distracted by investigations and by trying to constantly discredit the president. but i think there's a more positive way and they could take to people personally and make them feel good about a transition to a new way of doing it but they're not going that. >> there's a dislocation or divergence between people's sense of the economy and their sense of politics. donald trump's approval rating is up now but it's basically been -- kennedy: it's flat. people don't like him. >> et it' it's not been changedr affected. i don't think that's the driver for how people vote. >> but that's the point. part of what donald trump and bernie sanders did, they upended our politics. cory booker is right. the trend lines started here in 2009, 2010.
12:37 am
strump made them sharper by the deregulatory agenda. kennedy: i would like more people to talk about that. i would like more people to talk about the direct cause and effect, yes, of deregulation and how that works and how that impacts people's lives. because it goes to the ultimate message of what john and i were talking about limiting the size of government and seeing economic prosperity. >> mick mulvaney said last year that he credits the trump increase of economic growth to that regulatory agenda much more than anything having to do with tax cuts and that that is the first -- they've exceeded -- everybody was talking about we're stuck in 2% growth forever. >> it's frustrating that they've not out there pushing that message. this is your big hit. imagine we went to see rick springfield and he didn't sing "jesse's girl." >> crediting chinese terrorists
12:38 am
for the economic prosperity. >> he claims credit for the economy all of the i' time but t gets obscured. and trump's approval rating does not budge but his approval rating on the economy is close to 55%. people are giving him credit for the economy. kennedy: i think that is -- of the voting pie, the ratio of voters who vote on that issue, the economy, that is much more important for them than whether or not they like the president. because they can somic four more years if they think hey's a total jerk if their personal economy is doing better, the man panel is whacked up and boy before they beautiful. thank you so much. coming up with, the white house playing hard ball with china, to matt's point, threatening hundreds of billions of dollars in new traifs. will it make the economy stronger or derail the great did you know with vanishing deductible, you can earn $100 off your deductible for every year of safe driving?
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the president yesterday said he's raising tariffs on $200 billion of chinese goods after trade talks hit a snag? beijing last week. they'll go into effected a midnight on friday. trump's boards rocked wall street today. the dow started the day down 500 before recovering, closed 66 points down. steve mnuchin said the u.s. may reconsider the tariffs if they like what the chinese say during the meetings in wawr washingtons week which are back on. will the new pressure work or could tariffs grind our booming economy to a halt. joining me now, curtis ellis is here. when do the wheels fall off of
12:44 am
the wagon in terms of these intellectual property threat issues with beijing? >> it's when china reverted to form and started backtracking on all of the promises they mad. kennedy: that had been set untilled the talks. >> there were substantive issues that looked like they were settled and then the chinese started to renege and backtrack. this is what they've done in the past 30 or 40 years. make a promise and never fulfill it. they made commitments when they were brought into the world trade organization and never lived up to those commitments. they were cited for not allowing american credit card companies to sell their products in china. china said okay, we'll allow that. to this day they're still not allowed to do that. so when that happened ambassador bob lighthizer, the toughest guy on the block said enough of this already. we've. jerked around long enough. these tariffs were supposed to go into effect on january 1st.
12:45 am
we put them off until march 1st. we delayed them yet again and the chinese are stringing us along. they have a new tough customer to deal with now, his name is donald j. trump. kennedy: and he is far less predictable than past presidents. one of the issues is compliance. china is saying, hey, man, if we comply you've got to lift the tariffs right away. they need the economic boost. >> they need the money, need the cash. they're spending money like drunken sailors trying to rope countries in around the world on these infrastructure projects that are disguised military projects, ports, broad band which is cyber espionage, all kinds of things like that all under the belt and road initiative. they need hard cash. they need our money. kennedy: will it work? they want to save face and the chinese state run media is saying that china will not have a gun held to our head, will not
12:46 am
agree to these terms. what gets them back to the table and gets the tariffs lift snd. >> a dose of reality when they realize that they need our money. their economy is falling apart. they've been propped up by selling them to the u.s. consumer market. and our transfer of wealth to them through the consumer market as well as through the wholesale theft is what's propped up the po taltotalitarian va regime. kennedy: they can't steal our stuff. that is so critically important, the i.t. theft. i'm glad that this administration isn't bending on that one. we'll see what happens. thank you so much. top cam storm is next. top cam storm is next. can you believe it?
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security has withdrawn his horse from the preakness following saturday's disqualification in the kentucky derby. if you still want to see him, you could always visit michael cohen. this is the topical storm. tonight we begin in canada where
12:51 am
tourism went way up but now it's falling fast. oh, no, the uconn strikers, the world's tallest roller coaster, more like a dive bar. everyone is covered in puke by the end of the night. skip the hour wait and get the same feeling feeght a funnel byl cake. how can men in their 50s wear daisy dukes. why are they making big johnson t-shirts in 2019. the most startling details of the striker this costs $25 million, making it the most expensive nose dive since the clinton campaign. topic number two, nancy is like yeah, he's not ev even going to concede. a couple went to a cabin in tennessee this weekend and the
12:52 am
rates were cheap. seems as though they've hit a bear market. yeah. they're so cute. this is why you got to clarify what the letters stand for when you rent an ai airbnb. a couple headed to the volunteer state on a yoga retreat. the good news is they did meet a yogi just not the kind they expected. the couple was shocked to see it because what kind of psychowould sent in a rental hot t tub. apparently nod one told them what goes on in those things. oh no. smoky the bear is going to be fighting two types of fires if they didn't get a tetanus shot. the woman who took the picture said it didn't look all that scary close up. her funeral will be held this thursday. i'm kidding. he's originally a chicago bear. they never kill anyone. that's sad.
12:53 am
topic number three. well, we've finally figured out why "game of thrones" characters are so violent. turns out they're monsters until they get their morning coffee. the producers are catching a lot of heat after the starbucks coffee cup was in the shot. it's easy to see why the crew of 600 people could miss this because they only had two and a half years to produce the season. we're assuming the coffee belonged to alanister because the other members of the team can't afford starbucks. the internet is up in arms over the cup of chaos and scientists even have a word for people studying what this might mean in future episodes. they're called dorks. if you think this is bad, you should see what some left in the
12:54 am
king's hot tub. it's a floaty. after all of those lattes he drunk. topic number four, my favorite part of the storm is mugshot monday. and this week's winner is a utah woman, not florida, she got arrested for public nudity at a local shopping center. or as he calls it, a strip mall. 24-year-old katelyn adderley allegedly got neighboringened outside of a verizon store because her boyfriend didn't want to be with her anymore. i can't see why. seems like a nice stable girl, spontaneous too. a judge set the bill a bail at . she's done at the prison where she spent time with sowm of the toughest criminals, cow tippers,
12:55 am
jaywalkers and a guy caught chaighcheating at chutes and la. topic number five, taco bell unveiled a new line of summer swag that includes an inflatable pool float. that means their food won't be the only thing causing bubbles in the water this summer. yep. the burrito barons are selling a host of branded blink, bathing suits, t-shirts and beach umbrellas. it doesn't say what they're made from because if it's like their menu expect 26 products made with four ingredients. anyone who likes taco bell, they're not going to be wearing anything but a t-shirt this
12:56 am
summer. the fashion is only on sale for a limited time only which makes sense because their food is only in your body for a limited time only. all right. you got the scoop. and we'll be right -and we welcome back gary, who's already won three cars, two motorcycles, a boat, and an r.v. i would not want to pay that insurance bill. [ ding ] -oh, i have progressive, so i just bundled everything with my home insurance. saved me a ton of money. -love you, gary! -you don't have to buzz in. it's not a question, gary. on march 1, 1810 -- [ ding ] -frédéric chopin. -collapsing in 226 -- [ ding ] -the colossus of rhodes. -[ sighs ] louise dustmann -- [ ding ] -brahms' "lullaby," or "wiegenlied." -when will it end? [ ding ] -not today, ron.
12:57 am
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