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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  May 7, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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mcgahn of obviously, executive privilege materials. they know that those were actually honored, they would be a disaster for future presidents democrat or republican. lou: that is it for us tonight. please join us tomorrow. thanks and good night from new york. trish: tonight christopher wray, head of the fbi confirming he is working with attorney general general barr to see why they had the probe in the first place. with a weapon i said to take down the trump campaign? we have new intel that suggest that peer plus major developments in venezuela for the united states removing sanctions against nicolas maduro's former intelligence chief.this is a big deal because he is publicly breaking rank from the socialist regime. what does this tell you? sanctions work. and i will tell you what is a matter of time until others
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defected from the rogue regime. it is happening. plus children from a muslim american society in philadelphia saying they would sacrifice themselves and kill themselves for the army of a lah. we have more information tonight, all of this. and nancy here at ilhan omar is saying about this disturbing video. -- gordon chang and a lot more. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. the head of the fbi, christopher wray, for the first time saying that he is working with the attorney general to determine what the heck the fbi was doing in the trump campaign
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and 2016. to the fbi spy on innocent americans?in typical d.c. fashion, the politicians are getting all bogged down. all bogged down in semantics. because apparently, it all comes down to what you actually are meaning by the definition of spying. right? knowing that the fbi got themselves a fisa warrant and a secret court to listen to the conversations of campaign aides when it was abundantly clear in that mueller report that there was no collusion with the russians. i say it is fair to ask if the fbi was in fact spying. and i use the word spying, on the aid and the trump campaign. and i use the term spying because i'm truly perplexed the fbi would treat opposition research like it is some kind of gospel. never vet it, never tell the fisa court judge that it was
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bought and paid for by hillary clinton's campaign.and yes, there is a difference between to spy and to surveilled. and that is where the democrats are so darn scared as they should be! so here we go. the definition of the verb, to spy, is to work for a government or other organization by secretly obtaining information about enemies or competitors. in other words, you do not necessarily believe anyone is doing anything bad but you want to know what they're doing and what's going on so you spy on them.if the fbi department knew that that dossier was fake and i think they did, and they misrepresented the report to a fisa court judge, then yes, they spied. compare the verb to the definition of to surveilled. which means to keep a person
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under surveillance. which brings us to surveillance. which is defined as the following. the act of carefully watching a person suspected of a crime, okay that is the nuance here. that is the nuance that senator shaheen went back and studied after being so astounded that the attorney general answered her question like this. >> you're not suggesting though that spying occurred. >> i don't well -- i guess, i think there is spying did occur. yes, i think spying did occur. trish: oh dear! she walked into this one. today she got the opportunity to redeem herself and she actually tried to use the definition to get christopher wray, the head of the fbi, to
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effectively -- watch. >> i like to follow up on the senators question about the hearing we had with attorney general bill barr. because i was very concerned by his use of the word spying. which i think is a loaded word. it conjures a criminal connotation. trish: senator, from the great state of new hampshire, you are the one introduced the word, spying! the attorney general disagreed with you.anyway, let's continue, remember, if you are spying, it is because you just want to spy. do not actually believe there is any underlying crime. watch. >> i would appreciate a yes or no question if possible. when fbi agents conduct investigations against alleged mobsters, suspected terrorists, other criminals, do you believe they are engaging in spying when they are following fbi investigative policies and procedures? >> that is not the term i would
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use. >> thank you, so -- i would say that is a note to that question. >> well, i mean look, lots of people of different colloquial phrases.i believe the fbi is engaged in investigative activity and part of investigative activity includes surveillance activity and different shapes and sizes. to me, the key question is making sure that it is done by the book. consistent with our lawful authorities.trish: okay! there you go. after all of that, sometimes it is just coming down to someone using a colloquial phrase. however, i think there is more to it. i think the attorney general knew exactly what he was saying. he knows the difference between spying and surveilling. and when he said, he is concerned that spying happened he has every reason to be concerned. our question tonight is whether or not the obama fbi department
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was most definitely listening in to a trump campaign phone call or two or three or many more. not because they believe that donald trump was an agent of russia. that was just an excuse, right? it was because they wanted to know what was going on. they did not believe there is any underlying crime, they just wanted to know what was going on. and that, if we go back to the dictionary, is the definition of spying. joining right now, strategic communications director for the trump 2020 campaign, mr. marc lotter. good to have you back. >> thank you for having me, trish. trish: we are splitting hairs at the end of the day, if you are listening in on phone conversations, you have a fisa warrant that maybe should not have got because you are using information that had never been vetted, never verified and was provided to you by opposition research for the other candidate, i don't know, i think it is spying!>> i think
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it meets the textbook definition. and to go further, let's remember that in the last few days or so we saw some more text messages between peter strzok and lisa paige where they were suggesting that the cia was possibly involved. when i hear about the cia first thing i think about is spying. trish: yes because kind of like what the cia agents are.they are spies. i mean colloquial! let's be clear it is a colloquial term. when i was getting at in this definition here was that i think that shaheen, again the center from the great state of new hampshire, born and raised. she was trying to get something with the term spying. maybe she didn't quite know what she was walking into but she anticipated perhaps, spying and surveilling. but yes he said spying.we learned today, sir, that in fact this thing will get a
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whole lot bigger.listen to what christopher wray said about how he is working with the attorney general. here we go. >> i had had a number of conversations in working to help the attorney general get to the bottom of an understanding of what the circumstances surrounding the initiation of the investigation were at the department of the fbi back in 2016. trish: okay, he was to get to the bottom of things. americans want to get to the bottom of things. democrats still think there is something else to get to the bottom of. they've not figured out the new collusion is actual reality. apparently, they do not read the mueller report. that said, where is this going? where does this had? how far does it get? is the attorney general working with the fbi and inspector general to come up with something that may launch a whole other investigation? >> i think we are about to find out, trish. from what we are reading in media reports, is that the
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inspector general is expected to release his report by the end of the month, possibly. which looks into how the fbi, department of justice conducted themselves at the beginning of this investigation.and whether they were forthcoming with the fisa court. whether they were using and aware that the dossier was a sturdy opposition research paid for by hillary clinton. this is where the treachery of the democrats is going to become to bear and the american public will find out about it. trish: can i point out one thing that struck me is just outrageous? and pretty egregious. the idea that baker, who is the attorney that was supposed to present these cases on behalf of the fbi, to the fisa court. he never even bothered to check any of this but he just assumed that you know, everybody doubted their i's and crossed
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their t's. again, opposition research could have been used as a legitimate fbi, intelligence is just -- it really shows how compromise we are. don't you think? >> you are absolutely right and again, let's take this out of presidential politics. the power of the government was used to spy on an american citizen. and fbi officials or justice department officials abused their authority or misled a court to do it, that is a fundamental write-down of our rights. and it cannot be allowed to stand. trish: it can't. it is a breakdown of our rights and thank you very much. good to have you with us. >> thanks, trish. trish: videos showing muslim children calling for beheading.
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tonight, muslim americans, they say there is actually many schools just like that one that you saw that our teaching radicalism across our country. he is joining us. also former obama national security advisor susan rice calling out the president trump's foreign policy decision. specifically in venezuela. tonight the woman who is one of donald trump the original architects on the venezuela strategy is here. but first the president threatening new taxes on chinese exports after the country goes against agreements. is this the best move for the economy. eventually for the market and for the united states of america. a lot coming up. don't go anywhere.
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i put tariffs on china, they are paying is billions and billions of dollars. trish: and they may soon be paying us billions of dollars more! as we approach the final trade talks with china. it is all set to begin less than 48 hours. it is all happening as president trump threatens to raise their tariffs in a very big way. by midnight on friday, 25 percent.take that, china! red china expert and author of the coming collapse of china, gordon chang. it is good to see may people get nervous, they say this will be really hard on the economy, the market reaction today, yesterday was a little dicey as well. although we ended down just slightly. they are worried, sir, that by charging more of a tax if you would, or tariff on all of these incoming goods from china, we will have to pay more for all of that cheap stuff we like to get at walmart. and they think that will cause
8:18 pm
some kind of a hiccup in the economy. what do you say that? >> we had a great first quarter. 3.2 percent growth. the tariffs were on at that point for like seven, eight, nine, 10 months. still we are doing very well. when they studied this, the initial tariffs, china has borne about 80 percent of it. we put tariffs on the additional ones, that percentage will ship but nonetheless trish, once we've got to understand we have to protect intellectual property. the chinese are stealing it to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars a year. this will hurt us somewhat but we have to remember this is the price we pay for having our own economy and not becoming sort of a colony of china. we do not want to end up just selling them agricultural products and us buying the manufactured goods.that is a badge of colonialism. we don't want that. trish: i couldn't agree with you more.
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it is important that you answer that question because that is when it keeps coming up. to which i say look, have tremendous economic growth. you have wonderful job growth, wonderful wage growth. this is the time to do it. while we have economic leverage because let's not forget, and you know this better than anyone, it is economic warfare as far as china is concerned, right? >> china has been conducting economic warfare against us for decades. people say president trump started the trade war. no, the chinese started a trade war about two decades ago. and you know we are just responding now for the first time.for the first time we have a president who is putting american interests, american workers, american business ahead of chinese ones. unfortunately, with engagement policies going back four decades, we often had policies that elevated china above us. no more! and merely the approach has not worked. trish: it hasn't! you're talking about a billion plus people and if they are out there stealing our technology today, what would they do with it in the future?
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let's not forget, let's not kid ourselves. economic success translates to military success. a about what the united states was before world war i and world war ii, right? we were economically successful but pretty isolated until then. and then what do you know? we took on the military. we had power, with kept it but now china is out there and the institute of war came out with a piece that said look, we do not know if we would win. we do not know if we would win a war with china today if we were to engage. >> yeah, you know, in many critical areas china is ahead of us. for instance, they have deployed weapons that can shoot down satellites. we have the capability to do it but we do not have a deployed weapon. china is probably ahead of us and things like quantum computing, quantum communications, they have a whole range of missiles that we don't have, class of missiles because we were not in the inf treaty with russia. and we could not develop
8:21 pm
intermediate range cruise missiles which will be absolutelyessential . when you look at conflict in the pacific. there are a lot of areas where we are far behind the chinese right now today. trish: and we can level the playing field. a quick factoid and i know we do not import chinese cars. people do not care so much but they charged 25 percent on any of our cars going to china. guess what?2.5 percent is what we would charge them should they decide to ship one of the chinese cars over here. that is repeated throughout the economy so hey, if they charged 24 percent guess what? two can play that game, right gordon? >> actually. and by the way we do import chinese cars. there is a buick and vision made in china not in the united states anymore. so we have to know that this is going to come down the pipe. the chinese want to open market for their cars. as you say, the tariff
8:22 pm
disparity is much too great. trish: if we don't fix it now i fear we never can. gordon chang, thank you so much for coming up, can you believe this video? in the united states of america. the u.s. muslim children of philadelphia, calling for beheading. coming up, a guest who says you know what? this is not an isolated incident. there are scenes just like this one happening all over our country. but first, former obama national security advisor, susan rice, calling out the presidents policy decision specifically on venezuela. coming up next, the woman who was once donald trump the original architects on the venezuela strategy.k.t. mcfarland, she is here. look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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noso let's promote ourke 12summer travel dealrgo space on like this: surf's up. earn a fifty-dollar gift card when you stay just twice this summer. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at trish: vice president mike pence says humanitarian aid is on the way to venezuela. tonight, a country on the brink
8:27 pm
of civil war.all of this as we get exclusive access to a un operated refugee camp along the colombian venezuelan border. ellison barber is at the columbia venezuela border for us tonight with this exclusive reporting. watch. reporter: roughly 300 refugees live in these tents. 50 percent are children. dozens more arrived today. this family left for venezuela a couple months. >> we had to work very hard selling candy to make money for the bus tickets. speakers have nowhere to stay in columbia. for months the kids and her mother slept on the street. >> it was a very incredible situation because i would cry at night.i didn't want my kids to see me cry.reporter: was bad but they say life in venezuela was worse.
8:28 pm
cracks if you get sick there is no medication. and we were suffering of hunger. reporter: more often than not their days were filled with hunger and fear. was it scary? >> there is a lot of crime happening there. people want to kill and steal for food. i was in sixth grade, how can i study if i cannot eat? any second i could faint because i wasn't eating. there wasn't any light, no water. reporter: they opened this integrated assistance center two months ago. >> is a center that provides basic services for 350 people at the time. reporter: for people consider highly vulnerable. everyone gets three meals a day. for the little ones, there is an informal education center. for this girl it's great she likes school and her mother says she's exceptionally smart. when she arrived to the center -- worker say she merely sat down to play. and beat all of the adults. reporter: what you want to be when you grow up?
8:29 pm
>> a veterinarian. reporter: this house is 300 people at most. expect to reach capacity by thursday. right now, there are 400 people on a waiting list to try and stay, seek shelter in this area. the un says they plan to expand and double the number of tents in september. trish? trish: ellison, thank you very much. as venezuelans, they try to loosen the grip of nicolas maduro. a former advisor, susan rice, just can't help us appreciate slamming the presidents foreign policy today saying donald trump the only motivation is to get reelected. she says, his policy is simply to services domestic politics. because you know, somehow, helping people in venezuela is all about him getting reelected here in the united states.
8:30 pm
sorry, miss rice. it is a stretch, right! are the democrats the ones that want to help everybody? somehow, when is a country that the trump administration wants to help, it is no longer worthy? journeyman a former trump deputy national security adviser, one of the presidents original architects on his venezuela strategy.k.t. mcfarland. cracks good to be with you. trish: what i am amazed by is the difference in strategy and policies surrounding venezuela. given the obama administration tolerance, shall we say and some more than not for some of the socialist that venezuela as well as cuba and other places as well. but when it comes to latin america, they just look the other way. you get into the obama administration and forgive me, the trump administration dealing with this. and you said venezuela is a priority. why? >> i mean donald trump is been very clear about it.
8:31 pm
it's a priority, we looked at it right away, what can we do? humanitarian disaster, political disaster only getting worse. one of the things we realize is the most important thing is for the people in the region to solve it. we can help, we can help with sanctions, intelligence, behind the scenes. but they have to own the solution. not only the organization of american states, the countries that are affected by it but for venezuelans, they have to own it. we do not need to take over and fix things. they need to own it. it will take some time and it will take some effort probably some suffering but at the end of the day will be their nation and they will rebuild the nation. trish: i do not know if it takes that much time. i look at, they were very close. cracks very close. trish: and juan guaido, is really, looked up to and loved by the people there in venezuela. i've seen all of the internal polling in the country. and he is off the charts. then you have this bad guy,
8:32 pm
characterized in that way because he's effectively starved his population. refusing to go away. the people are marching in the streets. you know, it needs to come from within. if you ask me i look at that and i say, isn't coming from within. i mean what needs to happen now to just spur this along? >> also who is involved? pubescent 25,000 troops there who is paying for that? the russians are. they do not really want venezuela, even though they are mucking around. they have a bigger plan. they think the united states helping ukraine and donald trump has been very strong with ukraine. he's been very tough on the russians over ukraine. and russians do not want us in the neighborhood. if you don't get out of ukraine we will bother you in cuba, we will bother you in venezuela and we want to do a swap. they've overplayed their hand. trish: by the way the president has committed resources.
8:33 pm
and intends to i think stay on top of russia over there. if we look at this and we try and figure out how this all shakes out, you've got the russians propping up nicolas maduro, the cubans propping up nicolas maduro. all propped up by russia. how does this change for the people? because they are suffering.>> the changes for the reason you said. when he first looked at this two years ago there was not a popular was nicolas maduro and no one. now there is a popular uprising. it is led by a very respectable venezuelan who is taken charge. the key will be what happens to the military. what happens to the generals, the kernels, to -- trish: we sanction the heck out of them. >> that is what happened today. trish: the head of the intelligence, switch sides and one would think that one by one, as we shall then guess what? your life will get a lot easier
8:34 pm
if were able to travel out of the country and be like any normal person, then maybe more and more it will start to happen. >> and because they don't want to be the last one. they will start seeing one after the other, the last man standing supporting maduro will knock at the same deal. trish: kt thank you so much. looking into this shocking video of children calling for beheading. we have details and more information straight ahead. but first, the president, the gop tried to close the chapter on the mueller report. and tackle issues like immigration. democrats are fixated on collusion and obstruction. that is all they talk about. what about all you -- all they have accomplished. not much. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years.
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8:39 pm
clear. case closed! case closed. >> case closed. case closed. trish: gosh! she just cannot let it go. for goodness sakes instead of focusing on i don't know, issues that americans care about like immigration, the economy, the crisis we are seeing every day in our southern border. by the way, republicans in the white house are trying to do, get the democrats out there continuing to talk about impeachment. listen. [inaudible] then he ignored the subpoenas of congress. it could be -- every day he is obstructing justice by saying
8:40 pm
-- he is making a case. trish: wow! think about it, this is coming from a woman that did not want to go to the impeachment pack. she's being held hostage by the left wing of the party encouraging her to do this. and you know what? it is a path to nowhere. just advice to the democrats because i like to throw out advice now and then. we did dig into this one a bit and it turns out the democratic-controlled house has passed a whopping 189 bills and resolutions so far this year. you know, post offices being named and stuff like that. but not one of them significantly tackles the issue of immigration. despite the fact that they once prepended the cared about this issue, right! they once pretended they wanted immigration reform. now, when republicans are coming to the table and saying hey, let's work on this, they are seemingly happy to just open up the border. joining a fox news contributor,
8:41 pm
deneen borelli and -- good to see you both. what is the rationale here? they can't actually tackle real issues, real problems so they go back to the political bickering which i guarantee, gets them nowhere. you have only to look at -- clinton after he was impeached to see that history could repeat itself on the other side. what has happened to wanting to tackle the issue of immigration so that people here they can have a better life in america? >> i was waiting to see nancy pelosi mouth the words, help me because she has no power whatsoever. the only power she has is the gavel at her hand and that is it. the democrats are all talk and no action. if they really wanted to do something they would have done something by now when it comes immigration peer listen, this is about the safety and security of all americans and it is a humanitarian crisis at
8:42 pm
the border as well. because women and children are being exploited. we have all kinds of drugs flooding the border. we are -- there criminal people coming across the borders as well. if they really wanted to do something would have by now but they are using issue for campaign purposes. which is really outrageous. trish: they sure are. the whole impeachment thing. and again i think is actually fake i don't think it gets you anywhere. but nonetheless, jerry nadler, they are intended to hold the attorney general in contempt because i have not gone the unredacted mueller report. and they actually have not read the redacted report. [laughter] i do not know that they will and trust members of congress with sensitive information that our intelligence professionals are saying they really should not have. >> trish, you know, i've heard this rhetoric from the gop on a regular basis. i have heard on your show. the reality of all of this is, the gop controlled all three
8:43 pm
houses for two years under trump and they didn't do anything about immigration. trish: i want to ask about the news of the day with jerry nadler. because of the unredacted report. all of congress deserves to see that. really? you have more faith than the member of congress folks i do. >> let me say this. the report completely absolves donald trump of any wrongdoing. the report says close the door and move on. it is a close case. if that is the case -- [multiple speakers] released the report unredacted. trish: you want to cover my certain intelligence professionals, really? is that the goal? [multiple speakers] guess what? i read the entire 400 and what
8:44 pm
423 pages. >> i have too. trish: volume 1 and volume 2. in volume when you're saying why was there even another volume. but i will leave that for another day. that said, i read the whole thing. members of congress were handed a less redacted version of the average american. and not one single democrat has read it. is a some kind of protest? we will not read the mueller report to give us the whole darn thing? and inevitably, it gets leaked and someone gets hurt or compromised as a result? is that what you want? >> you have to give the people what they want. our democracy was attacked. while mueller cannot find collusion i concede that. it begs more questions on the obstruction piece and it is something congress -- trish: i think -- [multiple speakers] if you do not believe what they see in the report then you better go read it again.
8:45 pm
deneen? >> the democrats were not happy with the conclusion of this report. they hung their hat on something, anything to do with russia between president trump and his campaign. a rasmussen march report reports that 61 percent want democrats in congress to move on. come back to planet earth, get out of your bubble and represent the people. [laughter] >> what do you do with the 10 instances of obstruction of justice? just walk away and close the case? trish: personally, i am out of time but i will tell you one thing. i don't understand why there was some kind of set up along the way. we talked to multiple people in this very program that said they had the fbi spying on them, trying to in some cases, frame them. what the heck was going on,
8:46 pm
scott? that is what i want to know the answer to. why are you relying on -- >> what are you doing about -- [multiple speakers] trish: i had to leave it there. thank you so much. a disturbing video, muslim kids calling for horrific acts including beheadings, torture. coming up, muslim american dr. says what you see on the screen is all over the country. and these schools are radicalizing our kids. that is rhnext. oh, could you, uh, make me a burger? -poof -- you're a burger. [ laughter ] -everyone acts like their parents. -you have a tattoo. -yes. -fun. do you not work? -so, what kind of mower you got, seth? -i don't know. some kid comes over. we pay him to do it. -but it's not all bad. someone even showed us how we can save money by bundling home and auto with progressive. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto.
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children performing disturbing skit at the muslim american society in philadelphia. children calling for horrific acts including beheadings and torture. the muslim american society in philadelphia posted this video to their facebook page. they have since removed and the national an organization has issued an apology saying that chapter rented the space out to some quote - group. but one individual, has been silent to the whole controversy. someone who is not usually that
8:51 pm
silent. congresswoman, ilhan omar. an outspoken advocate to the muslim american society. very controversial group. we have contacted her office. nothing. joining me right now american islamic forum for democracy, good to see you, doctor. are you surprised by ilhan omar? she is very vocal stuff but when this happens, crickets! >> it will be crickets because that is her constituency. that is where she got her start. it is basically where she was trained and operated. they had a school near a district called tiza that by the way the aclu shut it down because it was preventing, forcing kids rather to pray, to participate in religious jihad activity. so if the aclu gets to school to shut down because it is
8:52 pm
violating separation of church and state or mosque and state, it tells you how radical they are. mas has been proven by the chicago tribune in the 2004, they did a circle the secret of muslim brotherhood across the united states and said 35 chapters operate using the same goal by, the cams constitutional rules of the muslim brotherhood of egypt. it will expose in a four part series still in the chicago tribune site. and mas has never had a response to it. trish: a couple of things. i want to get back to ilhan omar and what kind of school or society she may have been associated with. let's go first to the mas having chapters all of the country. you said you have concerns that this is not an isolated incident? what we saw, because it is pretty bad! >> what is pretty bad absolutely! and the reason it was exposed is because you heard kids talking about chopping off heads and doing things that are beyond grotesque and barbaric.
8:53 pm
but before and after that, the thing that was practiced, it was rehearsed, it was scripted. the parents watched it and posted the video and cheered on in the school. so this is not a one off. it's not just one skit that went bad. they talked about renting the space. this is the mas they share spaces with mosques and schools that they cofounded and they co-mingle with. that is how they operate. this is sort of a dismissal that does not pass the smell test, if you will. and the ideology, what they want to do is say that the militant part is what's the problem. no! the nonviolence is muslim is him, the supremacy of some of his alarmism. president macron yesterday frese we have a problem with the muslim publisher france which is separatist and it did not share our ideas critical to political islam. this is what i've been fighting an organization. and they been fighting. america can use this as a teaching moment to say is not just one kid.
8:54 pm
one group of kids. it is a lot of the schools are teaching kids to not believe in this country and to have ideas that are supremacist. trish: somehow you are not allowed to say that, you're not allowed to criticize. ilhan omar, not a lot to criticize the islamic state. but you are a religious man that practice islam. what you are talking about is two different things. there is a politicized version of it. watch does not like the united states and israel and it teaches the hate you saw the kids saying. and then there is the actual faith. so if you do not call it out, if the islamic community itself is, ilhan omar, if she doesn't have the decency to call out that kind of junk, then what future does the islamic community have in the united states of america? >> exactly per the philadelphia commission i'm sure will begin the process but we need a national commission on radical islam. we need to upload your muslim community.
8:55 pm
and we muslims, we are in the second day of ramadan, where fasting and looking internally how to repair ourselves. if we start to look at issues intently with top flow we will realize we can operationalize a freethinking islam that will help fix a lot of the radicalization problems from iran to saudi arabia and elsewhere. we need to stop pushing this under the rug and america needs to begin to have as the president called for in his campaign, a commission on radical islam and many congress men and women are talking to me saying that they are ready to start doing this federally. not necessarily restricting freedoms but to begin to shed the light. trish: i know you are, doctor zuhdi jasser. thank you for that. coming up, should there be military intervention in venezuela? might take when we come back. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. no matter what you trade, at fidelity if ywhen you brush or floss, you don't have to choose between healthy gums and strong teeth.
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pretty good. could listening to audible inspire you to start something new? download audible and listen for a change. trish asked on twitter, do believe we should get our military in venezuela? continue to rise up the debt, how would you handle this? >> thank you for asking. i'm with you. i don't like using our military. i believe you can engage in a lot of economic force there because they'd rather save
9:00 pm
$lives. i think we are seeing proof tonight that sanctions are working. don't forget, ahead of the intelligence division with nicholas, just switched sides. he couldn't stand the sanctions, more on that. >> thank you. the case is closed. the mueller report is finished. no collusion. not enough evidence of obstruction and now it's time for them to move on. that's the board from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who suggested democrats are living in a parallel universe. >> we can finally and this groundhog day. stop relitigating to a half-year-old election results and move forward. for the american people. special counsel signing is clear.


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