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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 7, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

10:00 pm head-to-head richard heller, one of the men survived. it's going to be bloodied wednesday. see you then. lou: good evening everybody. despite all evidence to the contrary, despite the special counsel report on russian collusion, the vindicated the president, the resistance of the radical dems to the trump presidency to evident fact and clear reality, all of that persists and the radical resistance remains the center post of democratic operating strategy tonight. the radical dems conspiracy to overthrow the president has been dealt harsh blows but it is not yet a settled matter that the conspiracy is dead and gone. the radical dems themselves have turned to useless
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investigations of baseless charges, harassment of the president, his cabinet members and we now know the obama era fbi spied on the trump campaign and attorney general, william barr, has ordered investigations into it all. the fbi director christopher wray for his part, says he's helping the attorney general find out what happened. >> he is trying to get a better understanding of the circumstances at the department and the fbi surrounding the initiation of this particular investigation. he and i have been in fairly close contact about it. we're trying to work together to help him get the understanding he needs on that subject. lou: he is a peculiar kind of deputy to say the least. one that contradicts both his boss, the attorney general and his boss, the president of the united states. and who curiously won't stand behind attorney general william
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barr's claim that spying did occur against the trump campaign. we take up the efforts to obstruct and to resist the trump presidency even in small matters such as the semantics of a word like spying. harmeet dhillon, congressman matt gaetz among our guest tonight. stocks today sold of big as both wall street and the left-wing national media renewed their focus on the china trade talks and the diminished prospects of a china trade deal. much of the business press seemed to be cheering the markets reversal. surely not! christian whiton joins us on what to expect from this weeks trade talks in venezuela, russia and around the globe. our top story tonight. we begin with a political reality that has become too obvious, too clear, to evident to simply shrug and except because that reality is too ugly, too dangerous to accept
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any longer. the radical dems have overtaken what was once the democratic party. the socialist, the left have assumed the party. they possess no restraint of their hateful politics. listen to what they have become. there is nothing democratic about them. >> we took an oath to protect and serve the constitution of the united states of america. and the way we do that is we begin impeachment proceedings now. [inaudible] >> i think it is also important that we stop seeing religion use as if god wants the political party. and if he did, cannot imagine it would be the one that is -- lou: they reject special counsel and the conclusions. they reject law, they reject democracy itself.
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>> reported to be saying it doesn't matter, the mueller case closed. case closed. as a matter of observation it does not affect the case is not closed. >> no choice but to move quickly to hold the attorney general in contempt. if he stalls or fails to negotiate in good faith. >> as members of congress we have responsibility to oversee what this white house and the administration is doing. lou: radical dem jerry nadler and his cohorts want to nullify laws and elections and the special counsel conclusions. the radical dems have reached new lows. devoid of any sense of decency, they truly become swamped creatures. joining us tonight is harmeet
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dhillon, managing partner at the dhillon law group. ignore the special counsel conclusions, ignore the law, ignore restraint, decency, civility. ignore the reality which is that william barr attorney general of the united states, he did not lie. and they know it. which makes them liars. >> absolutely. and ignores the will of the voters as well, little because that is what they are doing. not only did they vote for donald trump overall but they also do not like this impeachment talk and you know, nancy pelosi is the voice of reason amongst the democrats i think they are in real trouble. and you know, the changing of words was spying and christopher wray did today that was pretty disgraceful. the fbi has been doing this in certain periods of history. it was wrong when the fbi weapon is itself against martin
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luther king jr. and spied on him. and it is wrong when they are doing it today. this will go down as a dark period in history for the greatest law enforcement agency.lou: there are lots of ways to say this but i will just say what i feel. and that is that the fbi director is a twit.he is precious, he seems to be filled with an immense sense of self and highly flattering sense of self and to actually contradict his boss, the attorney general and the president of the united states is arrogance i do not think should be tolerated for even a minute. >> well, it is familiar to us though, right, lou? james comey, andrew mccabe -- lou: i think that's part of why i have a problem. it is all too familiar from the heads of the fbi and the justice department. >> absolutely, rod rosenstein is kind of switching sides there in the last days of his tenure but he is of the same
10:07 pm
cloth. they are more loyal to the institution and they are to the oath that they took when they joined the institution. and it is really shameful. i hope the attorney general will now flush these people out but they are in deep so i think is a pretty huge task to do that. lou: i think it is, but i don't believe we can answer anyone better than william barr to be the attorney general. he has been so impressive. one of the things i took away with the nonsense, semantic crap spewed by the fbi director about spying and surveillance. i cheered when william barr said he would not back off his use of the word spy because it perfectly serviceable anglo-saxon word. he said what he meant. what are the problems that the swamp and the deep state, as you mentioned, what are the reasons they are having so many problems they're not used to playing spoken highly intelligent people shutting them down and in fact, cornering them in their own
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nonsense. >> well, they use these tricks with words to confuse the public and they confuse the public because they have to because americans do not want a secret police. they want a law enforcement agency and that is what fbi is supposed to be. we've seen the secret police in our country and other countries go, way into major civil rights violations. luckily this was caught fairly early on but as far as i am concerned, there is evidence this type of spying has continued to go on into the trump administration. probably happening right now. would not surprise me. lou: it would not surprise me still dismayed me that -- rank and file ages did not step forward in this entire two-year -- well, three year process, he lived much of the fbi investigation. 22 months of the special
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counsel investigation. to say this is what's going on, this is the madness there. this is the toxic political corruption that has seized this agency and department, is disappointing. equally disappointing is the democrats to continue with their mindless resistance, their ignorance is beyond imaginings. your thoughts about where this ends up with the judiciary committee and the house. by the way, a judiciary committee in the senate that has an absolutely nothing to this point. let's be fair. you have an overactive and hyperbolic political operation in the house judiciary committee and you have a basically, a do nothing but send out letters and make up soundbites for the media in the senate. >> well, focusing on the house, i think you know particularly the disgraceful conduct of jerry nadler deserve some comment. they know that a lot of the things they're asking for they
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were actually granted by the white house for example the subpoena to don mcgahn of obviously executive privilege materials. they know that if those are actually honored it would be a disaster for future presidents democrat or republican. it is a theater, need the president, he should not allow it. they should not allow that even if you wanted to allow it because he has a duty to the institution of the president, not himself. they are playing on the gullibility of the american public which is incredibly cynical to do that. more important, they are taking up space and time when it could actually be working with republicans on some areas of common interest. it is a real shame for our democracy. lou: i mean i understand that you are the farthest thing from nacve. you know, you're a very sharp attorney and a great partisan as far as i'm concerned. representing the republican party and the state of
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california. there is no opportunity here to work with what the democratic party has become. and i believe the president realizes that. i believe that the senate is beginning to realize it. even mitch mcconnell who has lived in a world of considerable fantasy when it came to what the reality that faces the swamp and washington d.c.. and of course we have not even mentioned the left-wing national media that has really betrayed the american people with their partisanship and their propaganda. your thoughts? >> as i've been saying, i think that we have to look for the 2020 election and it is really critical to been focusing on that and it will require being very aggressive on a number of different fronts making sure the president and supported get the message on a social media and at the ballot box. i think it's really where my focus will be the next 18
10:12 pm
months. lou: harmeet, great to have you on the show. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, ilhan omar says that she falls on the presidents political nemesis list. we will take up her conceited and somewhat fantastic claims. irolo joins me. plus, showdown in a slump as jerry nadler, well, he's trying to -- position everything just so so he can hold attorney general bill barr in contempt in congress but will he or won't he? we take up the radical dems and list witchhunts. congressman matt gaetz from i switched to liberty mutual, because they let me customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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congresswoman,-- freshman dimm, ilhan omar. the president has of course no shortage of nemeses. and coming close to making the cut. the woman is delusional. she is hateful as she can be. but she just has a highly
10:17 pm
inflated sense of her position. i am thinking she should probably focus more nancy pelosi who for who she truly is a nightmare. and of course the district that sent her to congress probably has to be wondering what in the world have they done. let's take a look at the list you might consider themselves nemesis of the president. that would include people like, vladimir putin, xi jinping, george soros, perhaps nancy pelosi and chuck schumer on a good day. to name a few. 12 republican senators today meeting with president trump at the white house. where the president shared his newest proposals to begin to reform our broken borders and immigration system. according to the senior administration official, president trump six priorities include, and this will take the form of legislation ultimately. the first with full discussion and debate with the republican
10:18 pm
conference of the senate. fully securing the border, protectingamerican wages , retaining the best and the brightest minds, unifying families, protecting labor and critical industries, preserving humanitarian values. a tall order. but it all has to begin. with a fully securing the border, of course. joining us live former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst, ed rollins. great to see you. i do not want to be distracted by the republican party or the white house or congress. i want to start with -- pete buttigieg who i think -- the media was focusing on his and as such a fresh face and he is holding forth, at every bus stop in the country. he's becoming a lot like the rest of the field of 21. he is getting a little pathetic
10:19 pm
and perhaps just a little bit ridiculous. let's -- he said that he decided he will play -- do have the soundbite so we can share that with everybody? >> targeted with a message saying that we could find greatness by just stopping the clock and turning it back. that past he has promising to return as she was never as great as advertised. i think it will tax makes a lot of sense. >> we need the federal minimum wage of $15. the so-called america first agenda. lou: he is not making sense now. and he is supposed be so articulate, so clever. america was never all as great as advertised. i mean, he is starting to sound the part of radical dem. >> he certainly not a candidate for governor or congress or
10:20 pm
anything else. the interesting thing today is anyone can get up there to say they are running and get media attention. sooner or later they'll get cast aside. but and he will too. lou: let's take a look, see where they are in the numbers. there are number of poles that are out. hill harris, morning consults, harvard harris, here we are with the dim hopefuls. and pete buttigieg is a distant third. sleepy joe biden is running 42 points ahead of mayor pete. and this is significant. >> unfortunately, we need more qualifications than just being 35 years and a citizen. i think the reality is that those front runners, joe biden or sanders, donald trump would trounce either one of them. and the rest of them don't have
10:21 pm
a chance i don't think. lou: do you think it will be a two-person race? >> i think is a two-person race. i think the reality is there too many candidates to make the kind of movement. i think they will try to jockey to stay in his own as a cancer they could be a candidate for the next president. think that joe biden will take out all of the others? or do you think he may first take himself out? >> every day he is stumbling. he is making her look like a better candidate than he is which is pretty hard to do. my sensei is why would you want to go back, what is his argument? we have bad you had better obama policy. what do you want? going back is not what the -- beto o'rourke? >> i'm not pulling for anyone. [laughter] i am a trump guy. the more they get exposure, i stayed over and over again, the stronger that donald trump get. his approval rating say, he can
10:22 pm
hold numbers that he's at today he will win easy. lou: he couldn't be in a stronger position, really in terms of the economy. he is also looking at a democratic party. as i said, it has been subsumed by the radical left, there is no doubt of it. this is permanent, this was not a transitory, temporary passing phrase for the democrats. they are now a left party. >> nancy pelosi is viewed as the centrist preachers always been a left-winger as far as i've known for 50 years.that party is so far to the left, it makes castro -- not castro from texas but castro in cuba look like a moderate. they really getting pretty up there and pretty ridiculous. lou: well, it is all coming together for the democrats if they wanted to assure defeated. seems like they are laying the foundation for it. very quickly, this business of
10:23 pm
subpoenaing the attorney general trying to hold him in contempt what is a political price for that for the democrats? >> they are violating the law, there was a long investigation of the president and he is innocent. and for them to argue let's do it again, they were doing it for two years while the mueller report was going on all kinds of committees, they look ridiculous. a sickly to say, drag everybody appear let's go all over again on cable television and watch is not going to happen. lou: 21 candidates. there was a lot when the republicans had 17 in 16 but it looks like they are running entirely different cartoon. >> we still have our incompetent mayor of new york talking about jumping in there. lou: 22 is the right number, i am pretty sure. i want to see appear. >> it's like horses in the
10:24 pm
kentucky derby. lou: ed rollins, good to have you. >> thank you. lou: a softball player at the university of texas getting the surprise of a lifetime at her final home game. >> welcoming home army sergeant -- [applause] sergeant, thank you so much for your service. lou: the college student reunited with her brother, u.s. army sergeant stationed in japan. the two had not seen each other in three years. up next, fbi director, christopher wray, on our minds tonight. he picks up for james comey where he left off. unfortunately. lying about spying on the trump campaign. we will take that up and more right after this quick break. right after this quick break. judicial watch tom i can't believe it. that we're playing "four on four" with a barbershop quartet? [quartet singing] bum bum bum bum... pass the ball... pass the rock..
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occur. yes, i think spying data corporate question is whether it will be predicated. adequately predicated. i'm not suggesting it was not adequately predicated but i need to explore that. lou: attorney general william barr asserting there that spying did occur against the 2016 trump presidential campaign. it apparently isn't the thinking of the fbi director, christopher wray. listen to what he constructed saying this today before the senate appropriations committee. >> and fbi agents conduct investigations against the lynch mobsters suspected terrorists, other criminals, do you believe that they are engaging in spying when they're following fbi investigative policies and procedures? >> well, that is not the term i would use. a lot of people have different colloquial phrases.i believe
10:30 pm
the fbi engage in investigative activity and part of that includes surveillance activity and different shapes and sizes and to me the key question is making sure that it is done by the book. lou: just for reference, merriam-webster dictionary defines spying to watch secretly usually for hostile purposes to watch secretly as a spy. even former director of national intelligence director james klapper admits that the fbi actions against the presidential campaign do in fact meet the definition of spying. it took him a while to come to that conclusion.perhaps christopher wray will be next in line to do super generous night judicial watch president, tom fitton. tom, this is, you've had some of the busiest years of your career i know. and they are not letting up, are they? tomorrow the judiciary committee and the house prepares for a contempt vote
10:31 pm
against the, william barr, the attorney general. contempt of congress. this is on its face, madness and mindless. your thoughts? >> well, the attorney general has been remarkably transparent with the mueller report.and so he is going to be found in contempt of congress by the house over an argument over whether documents that he is legally prohibited from giving them should be released anyway, contrary to federal law. something that could put him in jail and others in jail if they were released inappropriately. it shows you this is just another long series of abuse of power by the democrats that began during the obama administration. continue through the mueller fbi operation. and now the baton has been passed to jerry nadler, doj to continue to abuse power to harass president trump.
10:32 pm
and of course, it is a nice distraction from the fact that the democratic national committee, democrat apparatus has been caught using donor dollars to collude with russian intelligence to attack a domestic political opponent. lou: the attention they cannot escape ultimately. >> they cannot be distracted i believe it ought to be the case. lou: in this instance too with nadler, where should the white house go with this?where should the attentional -- attorney general go with this? to me, go to court and end the nonsense. >> typically you go to court over documents fights and subpoena fights with the subpoenas are abusive or not. you can seek protection from the court from having to cede to them. of the documents you want withheld you can make the argument to the court. i think there's been a strong
10:33 pm
argument that can't be overcome without congress literally changing the law to withhold grand jury material. you know, we always want to see grand jury material in judicial watch under the freedom of information act but we can't because the lord does not allow us to do a pretty have to change a lot to fix it. if indeed it needs to be fixed in this regard. it is a fundamental distraction from the fact for instance as you point out, at the top of the segment, the fbi has no leadership. lou: it is stunning to watch and to listen to. >> that is the issue there. the fbi at the same time right now, that fbi director is running agency with thanks no text message of its own should be subject to the freedom of information act. protecting the same gang that tried to overthrow the president through an illegal coup. lou: the president, again, being harassed by the judiciary committee. and the radical dems that make up now the democratic party. what was the democratic party.
10:34 pm
what should the white house do? they are saying no and it is refreshing to hear the attorney general, to hear the white house counsel say, no. the president to say, no. but where and how is this resolved in your judgment? the most likely result. >> in a sensible world, there will be a negotiation that would allow -- lou: we can ruled that one out! >> congress would have to authorize litigation against the justice department or against the attorney general to force compliance and that litigation takes years. the fast and furious litigation, it only resulted in documents being produced to congress francis, that was the litigation of eric holder. after judicial watch filed a lawsuit to get the documents separately. they are still fighting. lou: you're saying we reached a point in this republic where a
10:35 pm
clearly unlawful pursuit of a subpoena against the attorney general of the united states, results in years of litigation without resolution until every issue simply dissipates with time and becomes settled just in history. >> is a strategy to harass and it is not about the attorney general and he knows this is not about him. it is about trying to destroy president trump. thethrough an assault on his attorney general. i reviewed the documents. -- lou: there is so much legal mumbo-jumbo it's infuriating. >> as long as president trump is president, his opposition will use every tool and miss use every tool available to it to make his life miserable.
10:36 pm
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10:40 pm
several in critical condition. the douglas county sheriff's office saying, two shooters walked into the school, opened fire on students into classrooms. both suspected gunmen in custody. the deputies say there are no other suspects. joining us tonight, congressman matt gaetz, member of the house judiciary and armed services committees. it is great to see you, congressman. let's start with your colleague, representative ilhan omar. she has decided to inflate herself beyond -- beyond fantasy. to be the president's great nemesis. she is left out nancy pelosi, certainly as the person for whom she is principally a nightmare. hasn't she? >> yeah i would say ilhan omar has ruffled a lot of feathers within her own democratic caucus. it's a sign the democratic party is moving away from any
10:41 pm
attempt to connect to the middle of the country or just the regular working americans who believe that we are at our best when we are -- i feel there are some in the radical left that don't always aspire for the same outcomes for our country to be a strong and prosperous and to lead the world in a way that promotes the values that have been successful for all humans have the success to have freedom. lou: the democratic party is unrecognizable to most of us over the course of our lives. and it has become a very dangerous party. it is anti-israel, many of its membersanti-somatic . this is truly disturbing. was it influence in washington and in the institution itself? >> we see in congress that for
10:42 pm
example, israel, you mentioned used to be a bipartisan issue. it used to be an issue that would reunite republicans and democrats. now you start to see the democratic party motivated by the radical left of their base. turning their backs to israel. even giving a voice to some of the tropes that legitimize attacks and we have to do our part as a country put out frankly this returns to a bipartisan issue. lou: you can give that hope appeared the radical dems, they have departed.they are no longer a party. >> it is such a shame. look at the tactics the radical left is using in the house judiciary committee. literally trying to force the attorney general of the united states to break the law. i think one of the reasons my colleagues from the judiciary committee and the radical left want to held bill barr in contempt is because they want to intimidate him. they do not want to get to the bottom a spy gate. they do not want to expose all
10:43 pm
of the things that have happened.lou: there will be no other expeditionfor the reckless and vicious so-called questioning in the attorney general . in the hearing. >> do think the american people see that, lou? lou: no question. >> is not really about holding him in contempt, it is not about his unwillingness to appear. they believe he will go after klapper and brennan and comey and their trying to run interference for the people that were trying to disrupt the trump presidency. lou: none of the people in the house of representatives including adam schiff were mark warner in the senate, there are a lot of democrats representing states and constituencies that are in real trouble here. in my opinion. i want to turn to the judiciary and why i don't see the republican party again. i see the party saying passive without an offensive strategy. to oppose the likes of the radical dems like nadler.
10:44 pm
adam schiff, you all have got to do better than you did the last two years by going on the offensive against what has become a contemptible radical dim party. >> you seen jim jordan and myself and andy biggs fight members of both parties when they tried to stand the way of accountability. we had tough words for paul ryan and others when they block our efforts to issue the subpoenas to get to the bottom of how this corrupt investigation began. but now we all know how it began. we know it was a lying former agent of british intelligence who is using information polluted by russians, funded by democrats to destabilize american democracy and there's a bunch of people in washington d.c. -- lou: what can you do to stop this. why be even in the room with these people? why not go against this nonsense? >> here's the thing.
10:45 pm
they are growling and showing their teeth but they are not going to bite. they will continue to have hearings and charades but at the end of the day they are trying to persuade the american people that donald trump is a bad man. because he can't persuade the american people that he has instituted bad policies. the reason i will be in the room and the way i will fight back is to show people are living better lives as a result of donald trump and the worst that we can have in this country is acceptance of allowing the highest levels of the department of justice and the fbi to succumb to politics. dirty politics that frankly was anti-american on the part of the democrats and the russians that they worked with. lou: is already too late, congressman. the fbi and the justice department remain in the grip of toxic political corruption and i believe only the attorney general -- i believe only this attorney general with great energy and focus and commitment, can clean it up and
10:46 pm
that he must bear congressman matt gaetz, i understand you will be with the president tomorrow as he visits northern florida. have a great trip with the president. that is a great big old airplane you will be on. >> we love the president in north florida. i will give him your best. lou: please do, as always. thank you very much, appreciate it, congressman matt gaetz, one of the good guys. up next, president trump firm arm reaching a fair trade deal with china. we take up today's developments. national security expert, christian whiton joins -that's how a home and auto bundle is made. [ chuckles ] so, what are some key takeaways from this commercial? did any of you hear the "bundle your home and auto" part? -i like that, just not when it comes out of her mouth. -yeah, as a mother, i wouldn't want my kids to see that. -good mom. -to see -- wait. i'm sorry. what? -don't kids see enough violence as it is? -i've seen violence. -maybe we turn the word "bundle" into a character, like mr. bundles. -top o' the bundle to you. [ laughter ] bundle, bundle, bundle.
10:47 pm
-my kids would love that. -yeah. lou: breaking news tonight.
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10:50 pm
janice and his vice premier to washington for trade talks before president trump raises tariffs friday on $200 billion of chinese exports. that could take place friday morning. the vice premier will be in d.c. for the 11th round of trade talks thursday and friday. they are scheduled for. president trump is also threatened to impose a 24 percent tariff on an additional $325 billion of chinese goods. covering just about all of china's exports to the united states. if a deal is not reached by
10:51 pm
friday. joining us tonight, christian whiton, senior fellow at the center for the national interest former state department senior advisor and the trumpet and george w. bush administrations and great to have you with us. in your judgment, the prospects look indeed, diminished tonight. as i said, what is your expectation? >> i think you're right that it is diminished. it is diminished because the chinese have basically backpedaled. it was always the big question of whether they would comply with any agreement.they have a habit of signing things and then not complying with any of them big or small promises to not militarize, not to cyber attack, promised to respect that hong kong economy. usually they wait to sign something but they were breaking this before they even signed it according to the u.s. representative lighthizer. so the president reacted and said we will continue talks but
10:52 pm
we will cut through this and we'll have higher terrace because it seems to be the only thing that really gets the chinese attention. lou: attorneys who were supposedly so sensitive to the idea of losing face, are losing face as a result of their absolute horrible conduct. in reneging on earlier commitments and agreements. it is a global loss of face. what is the consequence in your judgment? >> the consequence is really on their side. we have so much leverage here. it is just bewildering that the chinese government and xi jinping only recently crowned himself emperor, haven't figured this out. we import $550 billion worth of goods from china. those are lester's numbers. willie asbury one 20 billion+ economies much bigger. we could go to zero experts. i don't think we will but you will not cause us that much harm where will cause huge harm for china and also and have economic pain that calls into
10:53 pm
question the legitimacy of the communist party of the chinese communist party government. really, the president has the cards in this situation and is playing them well. lou: there is no question i would think in the minds of xi jinping and the vice premier that they put themselves in a bad way because their economy is cratering right now. it is a serviceable word as i can find. it is a mess. and this will create a bigger mess. it gives a greater opportunity to the u.s. economy to further develop additional supply chains around the globe. let's turn quickly, if we may, to the carrier strike group that is heading toward the persian gulf. that strike group also a bomber task force. moving into the middle east, directly in response to threats
10:54 pm
from iran. give us your take, your thoughts? >> address remain a little bit unspecific was reportedly intelligence passed to us, media reports from israeli and it could be a direct action that the iranians are planning in response to higher essentially the embargo on the export of oil. the sanctions on the export of oil. but as far as who would do this, with is the iranians are the revolutionary guard or the other instrumentalities like hezbollah or hamas striking israel. it seems to be unclear. the ministration may know and is being tightlipped but certainly if you are a commander head of stargel command will be more comfortable with the carrier group, anywhere without that. a good show of force.lou: very quickly, we are out of time, venezuela, tough going there right now. >> yeah, vice president mike pence did a great thing today which was to come, there were
10:55 pm
two things. a general who switched to the good guys, switched over from nicolas maduro to juan guaido. we took him off of the sanctions list and locked up his assets. we sent a warning to the court, the supreme court in venezuela. they seemed to be siding with nicolas maduro. lou: christian, thank you for joining us.christian hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ nueven if you try to eat well,. you might fall short in key nutrients. get more by adding one a day. it's the #1 multivitamin uniquely designed for men and women. one serving, once a day. one a day. and done. [spanish recording] so again, using "para", you're talking about something that is for someone.
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10:59 pm
stocks closing and the dow sold off 473 points. the s&p 48 points lower. nasdaq down 160 points. volume on the big board up a 3.7 billion shares per the most prosperous economy in the world. for a session. crude oil closing flat over $61 and barrel. gold and silver closing flat peerless is my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the sale and radio network. and house judiciary committee chairman, nadler, tonight says he's moving ahead with a vote told attorney general william barr in contempt of congress. attorney harmeet dhillon, blasted his tactics. being employed by the radical dems. >> disgraceful conduct of jerry nadler deserve some comment. they know that a lot of the things they're asking for they were granted by the white house. for example the subpoena to don
11:00 pm
mcgahn of obviously, executive privilege materials. they know that those were actually honored, they would be a disaster for future presidents democrat or republican. lou: that is it for us tonight. please join us tomorrow. thanks and good night from new york. trish: tonight christopher wray, head of the fbi confirming he is working with attorney general general barr to see why they had the probe in the first place. with a weapon i said to take down the trump campaign? we have new intel that suggest that peer plus major developments in venezuela for the united states removing sanctions against nicolas maduro's former intelligence chief.this is a big deal because he is publicly breaking rank from the socialist regime. what does this tell you? sanctions work. and i will tell you


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