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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  May 8, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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pages in the obstruction part of the report, only suggestion lines redacted. and none of the democrats have yet taken a look at it. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. ♪ ♪ trish: let's a take a live look right now, panama city beach, florida, where any minute from now president trump is going to take to the stage is address the crowd for his make america great again rally. the president speaking to his base here tonight as the left ramps up its attacks against the president and anyone at all associated with him. democrats holding his attorney general in contempt of congress. yet another desperate attempt by the dems to change this entire narrative, because i guarantee you they know the tables are turning, and they are getting very scared, as they should be. more in just a moment. and then we have the news out of
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"the new york times," bombshell report from the president's tax returns. [inaudible] i'll tell you, it was anything but a bombshell. in some ways, he kind of knew what he was doing, right? laugh i think he told us about that on the campaign trail. we've got china, iran all testing our patience. it's another big show tonight. president trump live tonight. plus, we have the lev free or die new hampshire republican governor, retired four-star general jack keane. "trish regan primetime" begins now. ♪ ♪ trish: president trump asserting executive privilege, fighting back against democrats trying to subpoena their way into finding something, anything which they could use to try and impeach him and, well, hurt those around him because the mueller report, obviously, didn't do it.
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the democrat-controlled house judiciary committee voting just hours ago to hold attorney general bill barr in contempt of congress for not giving them the full, unredacted mueller report. but here's the thing, not a single democrat has even bothered to read a less-redacted version. shame on them. i mean, you're asking for one thing, and you haven't even bothedderred to read -- bothered to read what they gave you? doug collins is calling out in this behavior right now for what it is, a ploy if by democrats. political. >> democrats that are led by the chairman have resolved to sully bill barr's good name and reputation to accomplish two goals. first, democrats are angry the special counsel's report did not produce the material or collusion they expected to pave their path to impeaching the president. second, democrats are afraid of what the attorney general will find when he completes his ongoing review of fisa abuses of the justice department including how the russia investigation
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began. multiple news reports have suggested those conclusions could be explosive, end careers and even lead to criminal prosecution. trish: joining me the republican governor of my favorite state, live free or die, new hampshire. good to have you here on set. >> thank you. trish: we'll get to new hampshire in a moment, but let's talk about what's going on. we are waiting, of course, on the president who's going to be addressing the crowd. thousands gathering in panama city. but you get a really dangerous, i'm going to use that word, dangerous political climate right now in washington d.c. you're a governor, so i always commend governors for not getting involved in that kind of -- >> we try not to get dragged into the nonsense. trish: there's a lot of nonsense going on, and how to you see it sitting there -- hang on one second. the president is walking to the stage right now. you can see, as i said, thousands gathered there. they waited in some cases there were people that were waiting the last 12 hours to get
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tickets. so i guess the guy's packed a crowd, right, governor? >> without a doubt. i mean, i don't think i've ever seen him without a sellout crowd, lines around the corner. trish: new hampshire as well. >> especially new hampshire. he spent a lot of time up in the state. people understand what he did and, again, when he does events like this, he's talking about the economy, talking about things that matter, talking about things that people talk about in their homes, and that's why he's packing the house. he, again, pushes out the circus theatrics of washington and connects on a gut level. trish: the economy does matter and i think, ultimately, that's going to be something that helps him come 20. the democrats have missed that message repeatedly. but you see it happening in your state and in my home state. wait a second, when you look at the national economy and you see the success of the recent growth in jobs, growth in overall economic development, do you
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credit his policies -- >> without a doubt. look, the trump tax cuts really, really worked. i have the lowest unemployment rate in the country, lowest poverty rate in the country, and when you pile on what he's done with allowing folks to reinvest back into the united states, back into new hampshire and, frankly, every state, you've got to give him credit. he's earned it. the model model works. the candidates are talking about these circus theatrics in washington. that doesn't connect on a gut level. trish: they want to have a job, right? >> that's right. it's about individual freedom, money in their pocket, opportunity. that's what government is here for. it isn't to guarantee much, but opportunity of a good job, a pathway for your family, a better education. these are the things these folks need to start talking about. trish: when you think about what's going on in d.c. and the 'em peachment desire that they have, how does that play for them? given what you said? >> as the governor of new hampshire, it doesn't. there's about 22 people in new
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hampshire talking about the mueller report, and they're all running for president. [laughter] people don't care. they don't. they want to talk about things that matter to them. the 2020 candidates -- trish: the economy -- >> it is the economy. trish: let's listen in, the president of the united states addressing the people of florida. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. >> usa! usa! usa! usa! >> well, before we begin, i have to tell you, that runway is like an ice skating rink! [laughter] the first step i said, you know, this sucker is slippery! [laughter] i think it was put in by the democrats. [laughter] i don't know whoever the hell got that thing, that's a trap. i'm telling you, it's ridiculous.
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you know what i'm saying, therefore, don't pay the bill, okay? [laughter] that is crazy, fellas. next time, you know, we don't want to have that. can you imagine if i went down? the press would have a field day for weeks and weeks. [laughter] they'd say he finally made a mistake, look at that, isn't that terrible? isn't that terrible? >> four more years! four more years! four more years! [cheers and applause] >> well, i just want to say, hello, panama city beach. it's a nice place -- [cheers and applause] we had some great times, do you remember, before that great election, that great, great election? '16, right? '16. and now we have '20 coming up. who would believe? november 3rd. not november 8th, it's november 3rd, and it's going to be just as special as november 8th.
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it's going to be just as special. and in certain ways -- i can't say it's more important, but it's equally as important, because we've made strides like no country has made strides. what's happened to our country -- [cheers and applause] but we had a great time, and we had some incredible rallies right here. and we're working really hard for you, and we're going to be talking about that in a little while, okay? things are going well. you got hit with a little hurricane called michael. that have not a nice hurricane, i can tell you that, but it's going well. and i'm thrilled to be here with really, truly incredible men and women of the florida panhandle -- [cheers and applause] my friends, your strength and devotion and values are what truly make america great and what make america run. you know that. [cheers and applause] you love our country, you're proud of our history, and and you always respect our great
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american flag. [cheers and applause] right? so i was last here in the immediate aftermath of hurricane michael. you remember, we came, that was pretty bad tough. and i pledged to you unwavering support and the support of our nation until you have fully recovered and rebuilt, and we will never, ever leave your side. we've already given you billions of dollars, and there's a lot more coming as you do it. [cheers and applause] and to support your recovery from hurricanes michael and irma, the federal government has committed more than $10 billion to the state of florida. it's committed. it's all committed. and rick scott and your new governor's a great governor. rick was great, ron desantis is great. [cheers and applause] so now rick has gone on to the
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senate along with marco rubio, and they're all working -- we're all working together, and things are going good for you and for our country. thank you. i love you too, thank you. [applause] not the guy, but i love him. whoever the hell you are, i love him. [laughter] and tonight i'm pleased to announce that my administration will be allocating $448 million in hud disaster recovery funds for the great people of florida. [cheers and applause] these dollars will help communities get back on their feet. we've already given you many, many millions of dollars, but these are additional monies that are coming in to help the families put their lives together. some families are still working very hard. it's been a tough one. more money is needed. i've just come from a stop at
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tindall air force base where i saw the devastating effects of that category five hurricane. category five. never heard about category fives before. category five is big stuff. tindall was scheduled, as you florida and that community because they were just devastated by hurricane michael roughly seven months ago, and it caused -- >> the administration was there for them. they were there for them. look, what you're seeing here is someone that connects with people at a gut level. it's not just about policy, it's about people that say that's a guy that gets it.
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that's a guy that, again, understands our frustration as americans and that's ultimately, why he's going to win in 2020. all these other candidates going ultra-left on policy, policy, policy, and they're forgetting to connect with people at that gut level. that's what this president does in just an amazing way. trish: unlike anyone else, i think, in recent history. maybe you could go back to president reagan, because i think he was looked at as someone who could really rally the troops. but this is still very different. i mean, this is very raw -- >> it's unconventional. that's okay. off script is a good thing. trish: has this changed politics forever for politicians? >> yes. trish: think about your campaign -- >> it redefines what can be successful, and you use that to win on the political side, and once you've won, you get in there and get stuff done. regulatory reform, tax cuts, trade reform. these are fundamental things that are going to change this
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country for the next 50 years. trish: china right now in flux though, the market's very, very worried, are we going to get a trade deal with china. >> of course we are. trish: i will say this, governor, no one else has really bothered to take this on, right? corporations don't like it, china doesn't like it -- >> it's that we're too afraid. this tax courage to take on, again, canada, mexico agreement which is a good agreement. congress has to get off their butts and ratify it. taking on china and taking on the europeans and the unilateral deals. it takes political courage to stand up and get this stuff done. he doesn't care about the fallout, he just cares about results. that's why he's going to win. trish: there's a rumor in my home state that they want to create an income tax -- we pride ourselves on no income tax, no sales tax. >> no income tax, no sales tax, the live free or die state -- trish: you're not going to let them do it. >> oh, gosh no. i can't wait to get home and and toe it with pride. trish: stay with us. we're going to continue watching
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here the president of the united states in panama city, florida, tonight. we're monitoring all of it. we've got a lot coming up. >> and you're saying that -- will it feel like the wheend of a journey?p working, or the beginning of something even better? when you prepare for retirement with pacific life, you can create a lifelong income... so you have the freedom to keep doing whatever is most meaningful to you. a reliable income that lets you retire, without retiring from life. that's the power of pacific. ask your financial professional about pacific life today.
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america great againrally there in panama city, florida. down in the panhandle. he was touring some of the devastation that is still quite evident after hurricane michael. billions of dollars worth of damage that was done by that hurricane about seven months ago. he did just momentarily -- well, you hear him right now, thank our military. he thanked our navy. it's all happening as people are getting increasingly worried about a different kind of war, and that's a trade war. u.s./china trade talks set to kick off in under 24 hours with china promising to retaliate if tariffs are raised by friday. now, the president is suggesting china is prepared to make certain concessions, but the president's also doubling down on his vow to raise china's tariffs if they don't make a deal. joining me now, fox news senior strategic analyst, re tired
8:19 pm
four-star general jack keane, welcome. >> good to be here, trish. trish: let me ask you about the relationship between the economy and the military and economy challenges or threats that we might have on our hands -- i'm not seaing today, i'm not saying next year. but as you fast forward five years, a decade, if china's allowed to continue sort of growing at our expense and it is at our economic expense, what happens from a military perspective? >> well, clearly, i mean, the free enterprise, capitalist system is the engine of our democracy, and it clearly is what enables us to be a global leader in the world and have the military power to enforce the values and national interests of the united states. so they're linked and they always have been linked, marley post-world war ii to the president. . -- particularly west-world war ii. trish: the reality is at one point in history we were quite isolationist, and then along
8:20 pm
came world war i and world war ii. some would argue that world war ii in various ways helped us get out of the economic slump that we were in. and it also put us on the map, sir, for decades as a hegemonic power, if you would, in the world. we've continued that. we're the world's biggest economy. if that suffers, if we are not the biggest, most powerful economy in the world, do we run the risk that, you know -- and this is a crass way to put it -- but we all wake up one day having to speak mandarin? >> there's so many risks out there, and it's not just gdp growth and where the stock market is and where unemployment and wage growth. those are all very important, but here's the other problem we're having and why i think this trade negotiation that we're in is so critical to us. because china has been stealing our intellectual property and forcing companies who who do
8:21 pm
business in china to transfer their intellectual property as a matter of course. both of those things are in this trade deal where we were trying to get china to enact laws to to vent this from happening. -- prevent this from happening. and supposedly now china has reversed course on that because they believe that's too stringent. but clearly, when you look at the technology that china has -- space-based technology, stealth technology, i could go down the let's, sophisticated missile defense -- i believe much of that was stolen from the united states. and there's a laundry list. i don't have to bore our viewers with it, it goes on and on. so that is also very important. china is the fastest growing military in the world, and they've caught us technology wise and in some areas they're going right past us. they have the largest navy in the world right now. they have 355 combat ships. combat ships alone. the united states navy's goal is
8:22 pm
350-plus ships by 2035. that is where we are. and that's why this trade negotiationnegotiation dealing with intellectual property is so much more than economics. it's national security, trish. trish: i hear ya. i mean, the idea that an american company has to surrender part of itself, you know, willingly, say, okay, you know, you can take this much and we're going to give you this intellectual property, that's messed up. and the ceos are agreeing to it because in many cases they just plain old take it. and this, to me, sir, seems like this is where you want government to step in, right? i get it, i mean, ceos want to look good for the quarter, and they want access to that billion people marketplace. right? that's what they want. but the government has to think about what's the future? what are our kids' future going to be if we don't actually intervene at some point and say, okay, china, you know, enough?
8:23 pm
>> yeah. and there's consensus developing not only in the united states, but also on the global scene as well. this is so many people involved in supply chain in china that those businesses are leaving. and they're leaving for the issue that we're discussing right now. china's bullying, intimidation and rules and regulations. everybody was infatuated with it many years ago because of the size and scale of that market. but given the price that has to be paid, after all, we're not dealing with a free enterprise here. we're dealing with the chinese communist party that runs china, and we always have to reminded ourselves who we really are doing business with. trish: hey, let me can ask you, are we going to get a deal? >> i suspect we will, but likely not in the next couple days. i mean, i'm sort of stunned in a sense because the chief economist and the chief negotiator is the guy that's coming to town -- i believe he's here now -- and the negotiations
8:24 pm
start up. he presented that to his leadership, the deal he thought he had, and they didn't want to go along with it. we don't know why, we can only speculate. we do know they got some pretty good gdp numbers, 6.4% this quarter, and their stock market has increased 25%. and recently, they had a conference where all of the heads of government, some 40, were in china in accordance with the belt and road initiative which is china's most significant global economic strategy. so they're probably feeling pretty good right now. trish: well, yeah. i mean, but i would just remind them -- [laughter] we are their number one customer. and if we don't buy their stuff, keane -- general keane, veryful
8:25 pm
good to see you tonight. thank you so much, sir. we are watching the president as he speaks to the crowd in panama city, florida, tonight. let's listen in. we're going to continue following. do not go anywhere. we're going straight back to florida. listen to this. [applause] >> florida's cfo, jimmy patronis. jimmy, thank you. [applause] thank you, jimmy. florida gop chair and state senator joe gruters, joe. ♪ ♪ incomparable design makes it beautiful. state of the art technology makes it brilliant.
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every day, comcast business is helping businesses big and small go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. trish: we're watching the president ofe united states there in panama city, florida, down in the panhandle. let's listen in. >> every single time, that's how they start off the conversation.
8:30 pm
and you know it because the people of florida are truly benefiting by what we've done internationally and nationally. so thank you. [cheers and applause] and our policy can be summed up in three very simple words: jobs, jobs, jobs. [cheers and applause] the united states economy created another 260,000 jobs last month. way, way, way above what people thought. they were making predictions much lower. then the big one, they were thinking about 1%, 1.2%, maybe 1.5. and our growth number came in for the first quarter -- which is almost always the lowest quarter of the year, historically -- 3.2%, crushing expectations. [cheers and applause] a lot of surprised people. i wasn't surprised. since the election we've created nearly 6 million new jobs including more than half a
8:31 pm
million manufacturing jobs and nearly 700,000 new construction jobs. numbers that if i would have said this during the campaign, those people back there -- i call them the fakers, fake news media -- [background sounds] the fakers would have said, exaggerator, he exaggerates. they are a bunch of fakers, there's no question about it. but, you know, in six years they're all going to be out of business, folks! [cheers and applause] they're all going to be out of business. now, if we want to drive 'em crazy, i'll say in ten years, they'll go crazy. [laughter] see? he is a despot, he is a despot. [laughter] well, 10 or 14, let's see, whatever we like, right? watch, it'll be headlines tomorrow. donald trump wants the break constitution now. [laughter] unemployment just reached the
8:32 pm
lowest rate in more than 50 years. [cheers and applause] the women's unemployment rate is the lowest in more than 65 years and soon will be a record number. [cheers and applause] women, women. remember last election? oh, he's going to do so bad with women. i did great with women! [cheers and applause] we did great with women. hispanic-american unemployment just hit another brand new, all-time historicking low. [cheers and applause] african-american unemployment recently achieved the low rate in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] more people working today than ever. and likewise, hispanic-american
8:33 pm
unemployment, lowest in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] i'm going to like that on the debate stage. they'll be hitting left, right til i'll say lowest rates ever in history, highest income ever in listly for the different groups -- history. more people are working today in the united states, almost 160 million, than have ever worked in the united states before. [cheers and applause] and nearly one million more african-americans are employed today than when i took office. think of that. [cheers and applause] right? that's what it is. guy just schemed out, "14 more years." [laughter] fourteen more years! after many years of stagnation,
8:34 pm
wages are rising very fast. hasn't happened in 20 years, and they're rising fastest, which makes me feel very good, for blue collar workers. fastestest proportionally. [applause] and driving our whole agenda is a jobs boom that is historic. hasn't happened like this in many, many years, if at all. certainly during recordkeeping, has not happened like this, and it has a lot to do with the fact that we've cut more federal regulations than any president in the history of our country, so these great companies now can breathe and hire people. [cheers and applause] right? >> trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! >> thank you.
8:35 pm
and we just passed the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in american history, the largest. [cheers and applause] and we got rid of the individual mandate of obamacare, the most unpopular -- [cheers and applause] and, by the way, we would have repealed and replaced obamacare, but didn't work out. after campaigning for eight years, this particular person decided at the last moment to go no. it's all right, we'll get it anyway, doesn't matter. we'll end up getting better. we'll end up doing better. sometimes, you know, things like that happen, and you get angry, and you get a little bit sad -- [laughter] and then some of you weep. i don't weep but you don't weep too much. [laughter] i know too many of you, they never weeped in their life. they didn't weep when they were babies. but you get a little bit angry
8:36 pm
about it, and you know what you do? you go and you fight, and it ends up being better than it was in the first place. [applause] and those of you, which you love your children -- of which i would think it's probably 95% -- [laughter] to keep your family farms,,. s and small businesses in the family -- ranches and small businesses in the family, we eliminated the unfair estate tax or death tax. [cheers and applause] trish: the president touting our economy. we've got more live from florida after this. -driverless cars... -all ground personnel... ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
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8:41 pm
hamill and robert -- [inaudible] good to see you both. stephanie, lower taxes, less regulation, i don't know, not that hard. but apparently, some other folks -- namely president obama -- never could get it done. is that why we have the success we have right now economically? >> yeah. i mean, the growth is incredible. i mean, we're seeing historic lows for women when it comes to unemployment. we haven't seen those numbers sense 1953. low unemployment rate for his panics, for everyone all around. it is amazing. but then we see democrats trying to give barack obama credit for trump's economy which is just fascinating almost two and a half years in. when i do remember obama said that he couldn't provide more than 2% growth. i mean, that was, that was his -- trish: that was the new normal. i remember that. get used to it, folks, because we're not going to grow. everybody else is going to grow, we're not. robert pptillo, what do you think about the trump economy?
8:42 pm
>> i think trump is right to trumpet his role in the economy. when obama came in and had to recover from the george w. bush global depression that he put us in, he was digging out of that hole -- trish: you know what? i'm just going to stop you there, i'm going to stop you because i've been doing this a while, and i started out in finance, okay? so i know what i'm talking about. and when i tell you, you cannot blame president bush -- and if you really want to actually deliver some blame, go back to greenspan, president clinton and, you know, the glass-steagall act. and i would go back to a few others along the way including mr. frank there in massachusetts. but we're not going to play the blame game. yeah, he got a lousy economy, all the more reason it would have been great if he had put in some awesome policies. instead, he put in no policies, just an $800 billion path to no where. and we paid the price for
8:43 pm
years -- >> that's not what the math says though. trish: he has created a fantastic economy with much lower jobless rates because of good policy. >> yes. and i agree he's continued the keynesian economic policies that president obama put in place and creates government spending, making sure we have a focus on jobs. but what we need to do, the next step after this growth, we have to concentrate on making sure this money penetrate toss the bottom of the economy. we have to make -- trish: i don't think he disagrees with you on that one. stephanie, it's pretty clear -- [inaudible conversations] you hear him talk about china and the challenges that we face, that our working class faces right now because china, in his words, they're eating our lunch. joe biden disagrees. [laughter] he doesn't see it as a problem. if we don't deal with china now economically, what is the price we pay, tiffany in. >> well, exactly.
8:44 pm
this is also like a national security risk as well. he's looking at the big picture and the future and, yeah, it might be a little bit painful to pay a few extra dollars for some of our plastic goods or anything else, but at the end of the day, he's looking forward to the future and what's going to benefit our country the most. and i think he has the best intentions going into this. president trump knows what he's doing. he's a businessman, and he's looking out for the best interests of the american people. trish: robert? >> well, i think it's important with china, we have to deal with our other trade partners internationally to insure we don't cut off our nose to the spite our face. we cannot hurt our jobs industry, people who depend on that trade partnership -- trish: okay. you're interested, i get it, in the here and now. and, by the way, i don't disagree with that. we want to protect what we have, and we don't want to hurt anyone in this process. however, sir, if we don't deal with china right now, you fast
8:45 pm
forward a few more years. i'm not going to show you the growth charts now, save that for tomorrow night's show, but it's massive. and it all started under president clinton, and i'm not saying it's a partisan thing, it continued under both parties. china is massive. if you don't deal with it now, our poor kids are going to have to deal with it in a way that they won't be able to because they will not have the economic leverage that we do tonight, today, at this very moment. stephanie, robert, thank you. let's listen back in to president trump, and we've got more of it. >> look at this field. they never show it. they will show the people behind me, congratulations. [cheers and applause] they may have a lousy seat but, you know what? they'll be famous. . go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray only relieves 6 symptoms, claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more.
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trish: let's look back in in panama city beach, florida, to the president. >> thought four years would never happen, and now we're a year and a half away, less. think of it. it's in inbl, how -- incredible, how time flies. especially when, despite the obstacles and artificial things they put this their path, especially when you love what you're doing, and more importantly, i love the results of what's happening, because you hear 'em. you hear 'em. [cheers and applause] so i just announced that we'll increase tariffs in china, that
8:50 pm
we won't back down until china stops cheating our workers and stealing our jobs. and that's what's going to happen. otherwise we don't haved to do business with them. we don't have to do business. we can make the product right here if we have to like we used, to remember? like we used to. [cheers and applause] the era of economic surrender is over. the last administration also signed a disastrous trade deal with south korea. that cost our country nearly 100,000 jobs, but it was really 250,000 jobs. and if you remember, our secretary of state at the time and our president at the time said this will give 250,000 jobs, and he and she were right. except it was for south korea, not for us. [laughter] it's a loser. and we totally renegotiated the korea trade deal to restore these jobs and rescue the
8:51 pm
american auto industry, because that was going to be a tremendous -- [cheers and applause] and that deal is done. south korea. [applause] and right before i came into office, our nation was being signed up for a one-sided, single sellout like you've never seen of the american worker, and i said it's not gonna happen. the trans-pacific partnership was going to destroy our automobile industry like you've never seen before. and our automobile industry is pouring back into our country. [cheers and applause] and today, for the people of the great state of ohio, remember, you have to win the great state of ohio. boy, did we win it, we won it by, like, nine points. it's a great state. so everyone's coming back in. toyota's coming in, hyundai's coming in, many, many car companies, general motors today
8:52 pm
just announced three big plants, 450 workers, 700 million. but the big announcement is in lordstown, ohio, they're going to be selling that plant to workhorse, it's called. they make electric trucks. because the enemy, with all of the companies pouring into michigan, all of the companies pouring into florida, north carolina, south carolina, ohio, everywhere, with all of these companies, they kept hitting me with lordstown because general motors closed it -- well, they did the right thing. they sold it to a company that's going to do a great job with that beautiful plant -- trish: the president of the united states talks about the economy. you can just see how he kind of lights up when he starts getting into the nitty-gritty of what's going on when it comes to economic policy. joining me now as he watches all of this, charlie kirk. charlie, i mean, i hear it in
8:53 pm
his voice. the minute he turns to the economy, he's home, right? he los this stuff -- loves this stuff, he gets this stuff, and he lights up the room and that crowd with his excitement about economics! which as an economics journalist, i kind of like. i knew that at some point we'd be saying or watching him say look at that gdp. your thoughts. >> totally. and, look, this is where he's at his strongest. and by every objective measure, the country is in a better place today than it was the day that he got inaugurated. gdp growth, unemployment, the trade deals. it's really phenomenal he's been able to do. this is going to to be an economy that's going to be almost impossible to beat heading into 2020. and as you to said, the era of economic surrender is over. and you were so brilliant in your point. we do not use this economic leverage, this economic engine that we have right now to hold china in check, my if generation, 20, 30, 50, 60 years
8:54 pm
later is going to have to pay the price for that. china wants nothing more than supremacy on the world stage. they have a plan to go about it, and the only thing preventing them is president trump being tough on china. my message to him is keep going, we are behind you. it is a pro-worker, pro-american policy. trish: charlie, you think about china, they're planning for the next hundred years. they've got a long-term plan. we're lucky if we can do four, eight best case scenario if you get two termas president. so if you don't address it and they're planning for a hundred years out, if you don't take this on now, you run the risk as i said earlier -- and i'm sure somebody's not going to like this -- but we're all going to have to learn up to speak mandarin. i'm a linguist who speaks a lot of language, but that's going to be the expectation, the rumor. because we will need that as americans to survive if they are running the world economically speaking, right? >> without a doubt.
8:55 pm
and i do want to make another point about the president reciting all these amazing accomplishments. isn't it amazing how many wins and victories he has, that sometimes we even forget about? even me, i'm a huge supporter of the president, and i voice my support every single day. oh, yeah, you know what? he did renegotiate that deal with south korea. he did open up thes for coal and natural -- the markets for coal and natural gas in southeast asia. it's amazing the amount of victories that don't get reported in the daily news cycle. and it's so disappointing to see even senate republicans continue this demagoguery, trying to bring back this russia hoax when we have the best economy, honestly, in american history in juxtaposition with the rest of the world in immediate i don't carelity, if not recession. immediate i don'tlity. trish: the campaign for the left right now is to basically say our economy's no good, we need
8:56 pm
more government when it's actually understood economics they get what the president has done is just get out of the way, let it do its work itself. thank you, charlie. we're back after this. from th? did any of you hear the "bundle your home and auto" part? -i like that, just not when it comes out of her mouth. -yeah, as a mother, i wouldn't want my kids to see that. -good mom. -to see -- wait. i'm sorry. what? -don't kids see enough violence as it is? -i've seen violence. -maybe we turn the word "bundle" into a character, like mr. bundles. -top o' the bundle to you. [ laughter ] bundle, bundle, bundle. -my kids would love that. -yeah.
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9:00 pm
he is excited by being there, we have never seen anything like this. now i've been alive. we are going to continue talking about him in this country, tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. eastern. "kennedy" is next. kennedy: thank you trish, it's a political standoff which we have not seen in about a generation. the white house invoking executive privilege to block the release of the full mueller report. it comes the same day democrats wanted to hold. william barr in contempt, calling it a cost intentional crisis in trying to take it out the way to this report. coming from panama city, florida. president trump's is all a bunch of nonsense. >> almost $40 million, 20 tom peters, democrats, called him angry democrats. after two years not seen a


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