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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 9, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: good evening, everybody. the white house now on the offensive as the unhinged, delusional and determined dems are doing everything they can to assail president trump. the house judiciary committee voting along party lines this afternoon recommending that congress hold attorney general bill barr in contempt of congress for his refusal to break the law, to follow regulations and to release grand jury information, of course. house radical dems are engaging in what is an unprecedented abuse of power and demanding, demanding that the attorney general -- the chief law enforcement officer of the
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country -- break the law. after trying to fully accommodate the judiciary committee and its rabid, radical chairman, the president today said, no more. he asserted executive privilege over material in the mueller report. however, for some radical dems their political blood lust just could not be shaked. slaked. >> is impeachment of mr. barr on the table? >> well, nothing is ever off the table the. >> congress has the inherent authority to compel witnesses to appear, to comply with subpoenas and, in fact, to find someone in contempt. >> we do have a jail down in the basement of the capitol. [laughter] but if we were arresting all of the people in the administration -- [laughter] we would have overcrowded jail situation. lou: speaker pelosi e not only talking about jailing cabinet members, but also suggesting her
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party has the ability to operate above any other branch of government. >> i think we are a superior branch, quite frankly. [applause] we have the power to make the law. lou: we'll take all of this up with ed rollins and dan bongino among our guests here tonight. also president trump's focus now on iran, forcing them to pull out of two key commitments of the obama era nuclear deal and with less than 24 hours before a new round of trade talks are scheduled to begin, there are new reports of china backtracking on their commitments to the united states. k.t. mcfarlane, foreign relations expert, professor paul brachert among our guests here tonight. the rino-led senate intelligence committee dragging out the debunked collusion conspiracy. that's right, the republican-led senate intelligence committee
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subpoenaing none other than donald trump jr. they apparently want him to answer questions about prior testimony to senate investigators related to, you guessed it, the russian collusion investigation. this is despite chairman richard burr's assertion in february that his committee had found no evidence of trump-rush aha collusion, not a scintilla. his announcement coming on the heels of a vote in the house to recommend holding attorney general bill barr in con felt of congress. -- contempt of congress. catherine herridge leads off the broadcast with the story. >> the ayes have it. >> reporter: after more than four hours of debate, house judiciary committee democrats took the first step towards holding william barr in contempt. jerry nadler said he refused to comply with a subpoena. >> no person, not the attorney
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general, not the president, can be permitted to be above the law. that is what is at a stake today. >> reporter: but republicans shot back that barr was bound by the law and could not provide grand jury material without a court order which nadler had not pursued. >> we're just manufacturing a crisis. yes, the attorney general is following the regulation. >> it's about raw partisan politics. our democrat colleagues have weapon niced our critical oversight responsibilities. >> reporter: senior justice department official said nadler turned his back on 11th9 hour talks including broad access to the records. quote, unfortunately, rather than allowing negotiations to continue, you scheduled an unnecessary contempt vote. the president has asserted executive privilege over the entirety of the subpoenaed material. the democrats' real goal is damaging the attorney general as he investigates the genesis of the fbi probe and the role of democrat-funded opposition research to secure a search
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warrant for a trump campaign aide. >> democrats are nervous bill barr's going to get to the bottom of everything. >> reporter: after the vote the justice department issued a statement calling the session, quote, political theatrics. the democratic chairman says he expects the contempt resolution to go to the house floor rapidly. lou? lou: catherine, thank you. joining us tonight, former reagan white house political director, leading republican strategist in this country and fox business political analyst, the savant himself, ed rollins. great to have you here, ed. >> thank you, sir. lou: let's start with this extraordinary spectacle in the house judiciary committee. he absolutely insisting that the attorney general break the law and comply with the wishes of the judiciary committee. >> well, i've been around the game a long time, and i've never seen anything like this. i was part of the nixson administration, and this thing pales in comparison. and i think the reality here is these democrats have nothing, they're just outrageous
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politicians that want to do everything they can to distract this president, which they can't do, from his world affairs that he has to conduct. and i think to a certain extent the american public's going to turn on them and vote them out in 18 months. lou: did congressman jim jordan, his statements today in the judiciary committee, did they resonate with you? because as he laid out what the radical dems are afraid of -- that is, the investigations that it appears, certainly from his testimony, that the attorney general has unleashed into the origins of the witch hunt as the president first called it, the mueller special counsel investigation, it looks like that's precisely what has them concerned, and their deep state allies are in deep, deep trouble. >> there's no question. what they did, the state department, justice department and fbi during the clinton and obama administrations was just outrageous. and i think to a certain extent barr's going to get to the
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bottom of it. what they're going to discover is this is a tough president who's willing to have the battle, and we have a great attorney general willing to lead the battle and point out where it should have been done two years ago, three years ago, and the reality is make sure it never happens again. the fbi was not doing its job, the state department was covering things up every day for hillary. i think at the end of the day they're fearful of that and should be. lou: and we learned through the reporting of john solomon at the hill that a memorandum by a state department employee has been sealed two weeks ago, sealed for 25 years, that was evidence of the fact that they knew of -- the fbi knew of steele's motivation in creating the phony dossier. that they then ultimately later used for a fisa spying warrant. >> well, it was a gigantic cover-up.
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steele was on the payroll of the dn c and the hillary campaign. they knew that or and the reality of the fbi knew that and at the top level, basically they covered it up. and now why wray has let this thing be sealed is just beyond me. it's an outrageous indictment of him, i think. to protect the fbi again is just outrageous. we need to have a lot of sunshine on that place, and i think barr will do that. lou: and this late development. donald trump jr. being subpoenaed to appear before the senate -- the senate -- intelligence committee in violation of the agreement that existed between the committee and donald jr. what in the world? richard burr, the chairman of the committee -- a republican -- doing this to protract the collusion nonsense. >> well, first of all, there was no collusion. that was clear by evidence that
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was not found -- lou: special counsel -- >> special counsel said that. why you're going back to this again is just ridiculous. >> lou: well, burr has basically deferred to the ranking member, mark warner. and no one seems to understand why. and here he is doing it again. and, by the way, it was the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, who said we're done. >> well, they should be done. and the reality is there's nothing more to do. and i think the young man is not going to testify. basically, made that clear this afternoon. why go back up again. lou: well, i'm fascinated by why the republican party in the senate seems to be absolutely in chaos right now. >> mitch needs to get his people back in place. lou: absolutely. all right, ed, thanks so much. ed rollins. up next here, the united
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states dismissing iran's threats to withdraw from that defective iranian nuclear deal. we take that up, former deputy national security adviser k.t. mcfarlane with us here tonight. james comey struggling to define the bureau's actions against the trump campaign. it is quite a mess, and he is in quite a mess. dan bongino joins us here tonight with that and much more. stay with us, we're coming right back.
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lou: breaking news tonight, the white house has imposed new sanctions against iran's metal sectors. this in response to iran's plan to stop complying with parts of the obama err a rah nuclear deal -- era. iran says they will stop exporting excess uranium and set a 60-day deadline for new term to be negotiated before, as they have set the foundation now, they resume higher uranium enrichment. the iranian threat comes one year after president trump withdrew the united states from the agreement and restored sanctions against iran's oil and banking sectors. iran wants the u.k., germany, france, russia and china to help
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it circumvent those u.s. sanctions. well, joining us tonight, k.t. mcfarlane, former deputy national security adviser to president trump. k.t. has also served in the nixon, ford and reagan white house administrations. great to have you here. >> great to be with you. lou: let me start with iran and this sort of -- it seems on its face a sort of preposterous response that they are going to withdraw from the agreement that the united states has withdrawn from already and if they begin uranium enrichment, they're going to be in violation of a host of sanctions. >> yeah. and it's going to take them a while. i think the important thing to remember to look at when you look at all this, the iranians are hurting. their economy is hurting -- lou: because of the sanctions. >> they are absolutely getting squeezed. and trump had said when initially the obama nuclear deal was done, he said, boy, they're so silly. ing just when iran was really feeling the pinch is when the
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obama administration just sort of let up on 'em and then let the pressure off. lou: well, no one's ever claimed that the obama foreign policy made any sense -- well, i shouldn't say no one, but no one i respect has ever claimed that. [laughter] but here we are with iran making all of these nasty moves, and apparently threatening u.s. interests and u.s. allies in the region and, therefore, we are sending a -- the president has dispatched a carrier, aircraft carrier strike force as well as bomber task force to the region. your sense of what's going on here. >> okay. i think that we had to do something like that. the iranians are, whatever they're the up to in the region, we have to show a sense of force in the region. not that we want to go to war necessarily, but that we could if we needed to. but the important thing is for trump not to blink. any other president would have probably said, ooh, i'm going to be nervous about, you know,
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getting bad relations with the iranians or with the europeans, i'm going to give in. trump, if he just sticks with it, he's got the iranians right where he needs to have 'em. just keep squeezing and then they will eventually have no choice but to come around. lou: i am, as you know, a longtime critic of economic sanctions. i've never seen them work. they may affect the population of a country, they may affect at the margin its economy, but i have never seen it affect the military readiness or the equipment or forces of a country. russia is a case in point. russia, as you know, is the most deadly military rival that we could possibly engage. >> right. lou: far superior to china right now. >> right now. lou: iran is no less a threat in the region -- a regional threat, certainly.
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what are we to make of these sanctions and their effect. >> sanctions by themselves are, i agree with you, they take too long to be effective. but they're not done in isolation. if you look at iran, what do they need to do? they need to export oil. the price of oil has gone down because trump's allowed the fracking revolution to go forth. the price of oil is never going to get to where iran needs it -- lou: and opec keep production up. >> that's right. so as a result, iran can't count on that extra income, and trump is continuing to squeeze them. it's the same thing that reagan did to the russians to make the end of the cold war. lou: so let's look at china, also dependent on that oil. critically so. >> absolutely. lou: the president decided sunday that he had had enough of the nonsense with the chinese when they reneged on just about every major, apparently, every major agreement that had been reached in, what was it, 11 rounds of negotiations. i would have never dreamed that
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the chinese would backtrack, would renege because they are -- they have to be shame before the world community. they're losing face and we're always taught that the chinese are very, very invested in their face. and they've got egg all over it right now. your thoughts. >> i think it would be worse for them and they would lose a lot more face if they went ahead and agreed to this deal. but at the end of the day, they've got to. they need us more than we need them, and that's the bottom line. and i'll tell you one thing though, president trump when he's got an iranian crisis and a chinese crisis both in the same couple of days, it takes real guts to just look 'em down and stare 'em down and don't give in. lou: well, it takes courage, which he has -- >> plenty of. lou: -- plenty. it takes a remarkable talent and disposition and nature to handle these crises because, think about it, this president has been assailed from all quarters
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24/7 within this country by the national left-wing media, the radical dems, undergone this absurd witch hunt. the democrats have stolen an election by that fraudulent so-called russian collusion investigation. they continue unrelentingly without any intercession by wise men and women in this country who should be demanding right now better of the dems, and instead they sit back and watch it move forward. nancy pelosi who once was something of a moderate is now a radical dem herself and as well a national security expert. let's listen to the house speaker. >> i never believed that the chinese were going to honor what they said they were going to do. this is a very major, major
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challenge, and the president, i think, is correct to try to change it. but you have to come in with as much strength as possible. lou: i didn't know that i would ever hear nancy pelosi -- [laughter] actually admit that the president is doing the right thing about anything. so those were stunning words. >> and chuck schumer said more or less the same thing, so who knew that he would find allies in the democratic party -- lou: maybe that's going just a hair too far. >> yeah, they're also trying to impeach him. but good for him to stand his ground, because he knows at the end of the day they've got to get on the plane, they've got to come to negotiate, and they've got to find their way or they're dead, because their economy needs to export to us. lou: yeah. and i watched the nonsense that the unregistered foreign agents on wall street have tried to gin up about the impact of failed trade talks, should that be the
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outcome. talking the market down and cheering in the business, the national business press as well as those indexes fall and stock prices fell. as if there's an alternative market or an alternative economy anywhere in the world for foreign investment. it's just ludicrous -- >> the thing that makes me the maddest about them is there's a shortsightedness of this. if the united states doesn't take on china now, it's the best possible moment to do it. in ten years the chinese economy will be too big, we will have lost that window of opportunity. so good for trump, and i'm sorry to say that a lot of people in this country are only concerned about their narrow, short-term interests, and they're not looking at the long strategic interests of the united states. lou: you talking about wall street, the koch brothers -- >> yeah. [laughter] lou: i think we're in agreement as always. k.t -- >> thank you. lou: -- thanks so much. high times in the mile high
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city. a tight margin but voters in denver tonight approving the nation's first referendum on decriminalizing hallucinogenic mushrooms. what do you mean gateway drug when you say marijuana? oh, i guess it would have been, at least in an electoral sense. 50.6% of the 176,000 voters voted yes. 49.4% voted no. the final vote totals still must be certified by denver election officials, assuming they are not imbibing too soon. up next, a disturbing new level of arrests reported along our southern border. and james comey covering up again for his actions against the trump campaign and the presidency of donald trump. dan bongino joins us right after the break. we'll take all of that up and much more. stay with us. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need.
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lou: a new report from customs border patrol protection show the crisis along our southern border with no signs of slowing. last month more than 109,000 illegal immigrants apprehended along the southwest border. the highest monthly arrest total since 2007. two consecutive months above 100,000. so far the border patrol has apprehended 460,000 illegal immigrants this year. illegal border crossings on pace to surpass a million before the end of the year. fired fbi director james comey sounding a lot like fellow she plantist christopher wray, today arguing on cbs about the definition -- are you ready? as if this is the point -- the definition of spying. >> the attorney general says he believed spying occurred in looking after the president's then-campaign. what do you think about that? >> i have no idea what he's talking about. the fbi doesn't spy. the fbi investigates. we investigated a very serious allegation that americans might
4:29 am
be hooked up with the russian effort to attack our democracy. the republicans need to breathe into a paper bag. lou: yeah. i think he's the one that's going to be breathing into paper bags and taking deep breaths, indeed. joining us now, former secret service dan bongino. could you believe the arrogance of that person? he doesn't realize we know what he did, and we know when he did it? >> yeah. lou, the euphemisms game, spying, surveillance, you know, unauthorized, undocumented viewing of people, whatever you want to call it, is a magic act for idiots. and comey likes to play that little game with people. everybody's called this spying, lou. spying as bill barr said appropriately is a fine english word that describes exactly what happened. and let's just with clear here, lou, the evidence is overwhelming that jim comey's a liar. they used national security letters, used foreign spies to
4:30 am
gather intelligence on trump. that's already been reported on other outlets, by the way, left-leaning outlets, right? they used a fisa court -- lou: what do you mean it's been reported on left-leaning outlets? it's been reported on this outlet -- >> i'm just talking about the foreign spies. i mean, everyone from "the new york times" on. "the guardian" and cnn have already reported a year ago on the fact that foreign spies, yes, spies, lou, were feeding information to spies in the united states about the trump people. i mean, i can pull the article up on my phone right now and show it to you. it's out there for everyone to see. not to mention one final point, they used an actual spy already reported on by "the new york times." i don't know what comey's doing. his legacy 's already a stain on the fbi. lou: [inaudible] because he's doing the same thing. >> what's that? lou: he is sitting there spewing nonsense talking about we investigate, and then you hear
4:31 am
comey parroting all he said before the committee yesterday, you know, debating the semantics, the etymology of all of this. these people are out of their minds. who do they think they're kidding? and -- [inaudible conversations] when bill barr said perfectly good anglo-saxon word, i wanted to cheer because he's speaking plainly, directly. because he has a high iq and the ability to do so. these idiots who run around spewing latin derivatives are usually just that. i won't repeat the word that i just used. >> yeah. [laughter] the shame of this whole thing, lou, and i'm with you 100%, and i'm glad you brought up christopher wray yesterday. he sold us out. there was absolutely no reason to play this game. christopher wray is one of the most powerful law enforcement officials in the cosmos. he had the ability yesterday to reestablish faith in the fbi and come out and say, listen, a very simple answer, lou. all he had to say there's an investigation going on right now
4:32 am
into spying, yes, spying. we're looking into it, and ms. shaheen, who he was talking to, the democrat senator, when i get to the bottom of it, i will be back here and happily talk about it. what does he do? i wouldn't use the word spying. they were perfectly content with using the word spying when they were talking about the patriot act with george bush. it's ridiculous. lou: so what do you think of the cadillac are memorandum at the state department and they sealed it, christopher wray took responsibility for sealing it two weeks ago, and instead of sharing the documented knowledge, firsthand, of the fact that the steele dossier had a political motivation -- oh and, yes, a deadline of november 6th i believe it was, 2016. all of this has been sealed for 25 years by that same fbi that was engaged in spying.
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>> yeah. no worries, lou. christopher wray said we could see the memo in 2041. i could be dead by then, god forbid. 2041. the memo, so the audience totally understands and completely gets what this is, this is proof positive that the united states government knew christopher steele's information used to spy on donald trump was political information. it was not legitimate intelligence. they knew it before the fisa was issued. and now lisa page's testimony, the fbi lawyer who was working on this, makes a world of sense when she seems genuinely surprised under oath in congress that the same source they were using, steele, was also reporting to places like the state department and, i believe, to the cia too. john brennan was the puppet master of this whole thing, and i believe he played the fbi for fools, and comey bought into it. lou: you know, and i haven't ruled out a strong role for the british government yet either. and my guess is you haven't
4:34 am
either. >> no, lou, but that's not even in dispute. i don't know why -- why would you even rule that out? "the guardian" and cnn of all places have already reported on this. you know, the fact that the british fed intel to the united states government about the trump team is not in dispute. i don't even know why this is controversial. cnn -- [inaudible conversations] lou: just wanted to see you go bananas. >> yes, you got me to go bananas. [laughter] it drives me crazy e when hosts, you know, out there who are afraid to touch this stuff. it's already been reported on that the british intel spied on trump. this is not controversial. you got me good on that one, well done. lou: i thought i was disguising my quivering, trembling hands -- >> i'm glad it's still early and i don't have to go to bed after that. i'm all excited now. [laughter] lou: keep it there. i'm glad you took it personally. that 25 years under seal, you'll make it, dan, you'll make it. no problem.
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>> yeah, i hope so. lou: appreciate it. dan bongino, always good to see you. up next, president trump says trade talks with china are threatened by comments like this one from joe biden. >> china is going to eat our lunch? come on, man. they're not bad folks, folks. but guess what? they're not competition for us. lou: wow. we'll take that up next. professor paul brockett of yale joins us. let's take a look, panama city beach, florida, president trump about 30 minutes away from taking the stage at a rally in front of thousands -- no, tens of thousands. we have much more. stay with us when we come back. ♪
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call the poison help line! poisonings can happen at the home... on the job... or in the great outdoors. call the poison help line first to speak with medical professionals who can give you free, personal advice, anytime. save the number save a life! lou: three sources now say the chinee backtracked on almost all aspects of the u.s./china trade deal. president trump today tweeted this: the reason for the china pullback and attempted renegotiation of the trade deal is the sincere hope that they will be able to negotiate with joe biden or one of the very weak democrats and thereby continue to rip off the united states, $500 billion a year for years to come. the u.s. trade representative, robert lighthizer, officially filed notice today in the federal register to raise tariffs at 12:01 a.m. friday
4:40 am
morning from 10 to 25% on $200 billion of chinese goods imported into this country. the latest round of u.s./china trade talks will resume -- or at least i should say are scheduled to resume -- in washington tomorrow. joining us tonight professor paul bracket, professor of political science and business at yale university, great american. paul, good to see you. >> good to be here. lou: this is, to me, an interesting aspect, first of all, that the chinese made this decision just when it looked like there was an opportunity for a deal to renege and, globally, they have to be seen as losing face in this. they look weak, they look untrustworthy -- >> right. lou: -- and in desperate trouble. >> so two issues that come from this. number one, why did they change the deal at the last minute.
4:41 am
i would bet overwhelmingly it has manager to do with the power play -- something to do with the power play inside the chinese government, who's in and who's out, who wants to be tougher on the americans for advancing over in the chinese government. on the issue about saving face, i want to point out that this is a global issue for china. china has had several occasions where its ambassadors have been called in, in indonesia, in malaysia and in other countries to renegotiate -- i.e., pay less money to china on the one belt infrastructure program -- lou: [inaudible] >> and china will interpret this, as you said earlier, as a question of face, that we've lost face in the world and others, even smaller problems, are taking advantage of this. they're going to be very upset. lou: yeah. and whereas indonesia, malaysia and other countries have successfully negotiated terms down more favorable to those
4:42 am
countries, all of the folks whether it's south america, central america primarily, africa, throughout asia, this is a major problem for the chinese in the belt and road. it's looking a little, looks like it might be fading a bit. >> it is. and it's a global problem. what do you do if you're china? you've to got a very complicated balancing act all over the world. not just for the united states. but look at the countries they've signed up in europe to make loans to? principally, italy. no offense to italy, but southern europe is not the dynamic part of europe. so it's the northern -- lou: it's beautiful. >> it's beautiful, great food -- [laughter] but they have allies which are not really reliable on this one belt. lou: and the issue for the united states is geopolitical, economic and military, and right now their surface fleet is
4:43 am
larger than our own, their military vastly larger. we can get into the issue of readiness, effectiveness. but they seem to be making strides at a rate that if didn't have president trump in the oval office right now, i think the race would be over perhaps even as early as now. >> that's a key change. there has been, without question in my mind and in most military analysts' who assess this, a shift against the united states for the military balance of power in the western pacific. it's not just that they have a larger set of forces like they're building five carriers now, really extraordinary. it's that they have things on land and artificially-intelligence-based guided missiles which can hit u.s. destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers. lou: the hypersonic weapons are a reality for both the chinese and the russians. >> that's absolutely true. these are weapons that travel
4:44 am
five times the speed of sound or more. no one has any defense against them. they're just too quick. and that's what i mean. this forces the united states to sort of pull back. then south korea and japan look at this and they say, hang on a minute here. so there's a real shift in the geopolitics of east asia and, indeed, the whole asian security system with india rising as a major power too. lou: and the trade talks resume tomorrow, and there is a huge, complex -- context for those talks as you've outlined, and we appreciate you being here. >> absolutely. yeah, it's a very interesting time we live in. lou: i -- yes, it is. [laughter] there we go with that old chinese proverb. >> unfortunately, yeah. lou: paul, thank you very much. appreciate it. up next, the state where i.c.e. officers could be blocked from deportation of illegal
4:45 am
criminals, illegal immigrant criminals. we take that up and much more right after this quick break with our panel. stay with us. termites, feasting on homes 24/7. we're on the move. roger.
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lou: new york governor andrew cuomo supporting legislation that would ban i.c.e. agents
4:49 am
from patrolling or even entering state courthouses without a warrant. a new york democrat says that would help only criminals and hurt communities. >> new york's already thrown them out of, i.c.e. out of the jails. so, i mean, they should be in the jails, actually, looking up the people that are, obviously, committing these crimes. do we want to import criminals in the united states? lou: well, in new york, apparently. joining us to discuss this and much more, senior policy analyst at the inch dependent women's forum -- independent women's forum. great to have you. christopher bedford, christopher, good to see you. >> good evening. lou: let's start with what is cuomo doing? what are the democrats in this country doing at the state level? they are anti-citizen, they are pro-illegal immigrant. it's stunning stuff to watch whether it's new york, california, illinois, wherever with it may be.
4:50 am
>> sanctuary cities to some of these policies, i think they're putting illegal immigrants ahead of citizen, as you recognized, but they're also trying to conflate all immigrants. i'm an immigrant. i'm a naturalizedded citizen and i'm a woman. and i am concerned when i see efforts that elevate illegal immigration and say, you know what? you can come here, enjoy all the benefits as citizens and legal residents and suffer -- lou: or in some cases, more. >> or in some cases more. and it's concerning. lou: chris, what do you think? >> i think it's pretty crazy. lacking a sense of irony here in new york to say that their courthouses and jails are not places where the law will be enforced. that's a really strange thing. [laughter] and i understand cuomo if, he's trying to say that if this frightens people out of coming there and testifying and leads to more crime in illegal communities so they're just not going to enforce the law. in reality, he's just pandering. he's going left with a lot of the democratic party, and he's
4:51 am
trying to go to his base here, and it's see-through. >> maas miss seven polling just today finds -- rasmussen polling shows three out of four americans say you should is to prove that you're here legally. lou: do you think that the republican party understands that it has to work right now, diligently, feverishly to the insure the integrity of of the 2020 election? >> i would hope they do. i think coming out of the mueller report we understand that russia did try to tamper with our elections. they did not change the result, and i think that's important to underscore. but that doesn't mean our he can tomorrow system is safe. president obama thought it was, but i think we've seen that it's not, and he didn't take those concerns seriously from russia. lou: yeah. i think patrice makes a very important point and, chris, the real intervention in our elections was by the democrats.
4:52 am
they stole, they stole the midterm elections. it's now clear. as a result of the investigation of robert mueller and his 17 angry democrats. what that has revealed is that they knew there was no collusion and did not tell the american people about it months in advance of that midterm election. >> and that's one of the big fibs here. the russians aren't even really accused of actually tampering with the election as much as trying to influence it. foreign countries, especially russia, has have been trying to influence american politics almost a century ago. this is a long, long time coming. they've always tried to impact who they thought would be elected in the u.s. that doesn't undermine our system of democracy because we have checks and balances. the democrats, no matter what republicans try to do or anyone tries to do to safeguard the election, this is something they're holding on to. basically, truthers at this point to try and undermine what the republican authority is.
4:53 am
lou: why aren't the republicans -- well, i know why the national left-wing media isn't. but this should be a matter of daily statement that the radical dems stole the election through the good offices of robert mueller and the independent counsel. the special counsel, i should say. and there's no controversy about it. there's no outrage about it. but it's staring everybody in the face. robert mueller knew there was no collusion. and yet not a soul seems to be willing to stand up and say the democrats stole the midterm election. >> well, i think they're concerned. i think they don't want the kind of blowback of having an investigation into the investigation could have -- lou: well, i sure hope that they get -- they better learn that it's time for blowback, as you put it, because this is a damn war. >> well, you know, i think the american people deserve to understand exactly why there was an investigation to begin with. where was the source of this information. was it -- we know, we understand how it was paid for, we know what campaign it came from. but who was involved, what
4:54 am
administration officials were, previous administration officials were involved. i think americans do want to understand that. again, i think there's some hesitancy and worry that another investigation could, you know, people would be fatigued with it. lou: chris, you get the last word. >> i think the democrats would be wise to move on from this issue because that's not what they got sent here to do, and a lot of the country is much more interested in the economy and jobs and security. lou: we've got that. we've got that though. >> we do. lou: thank you, mr. president. >> yes. lou: thank you, mr. president. now let's go get the s.o.b.s who started the witch hunt. christopher bedford -- you didn't like that, did you, chris? >> no, i did. [laughter] lou: patrice, thank you very much. >> thank you. lou: appreciate it. up next, more on today's exercise in anti-trump vitriol by the radical, desperate dems. oh, the poor darlings. we'll have that and much more right after these quick messages. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ lou: on wall street today, stocks closing mixed. basically flat. the dow up 2 points, the s&p lost a 5, the nasdaq down 20. volume on the big board, 3.4 billion shares. a reminder, listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the saw salem radio network. radical dems unhinged. it's -- what a spectacle put on by the house judiciary committee dems voting today along party
4:59 am
lines in that committee to recommend holding attorney general bill barr in contempt of congress. of course, the full congress will have to decide that with their vote. congressman jim jordan talking about the motives behind jelled nadler's -- gerald nadler's hearing. >> bill barr's following the law and what's his reward? democrats are going to hold him in contempt. i don't think today's actually about getting information, i don't think it's about getting the unredacted mueller report. i don't think last week's hearing was actually about having staff question the attorney general. i think it's all about trying to destroy bill barr because democrats are nervous he's going to get to the bottom of everything. he's going to find out how and why this investigation started in the first place. lou: and president trump is moments away from taking the stage at a rally in panama city beach, florida. by the way, congressman jordan, just by way of putting that in context, the mueller report, 182
5:00 am
pages in the obstruction part of the report, only suggestion lines redacted. and none of the democrats have yet taken a look at it. thanks for being with cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. it is go time in washington as talks between the u.s. and china will resume later today. the united states ready to raise tariffs on chinese goods starting at midnight tonight if there's no deal but china is ready to retaliate if more tariffs are hitting a and who may be to blame for the standoff between the countries. start your engines, uber is gearing up for tomorrow's big ipo but with drivers he protesting across the country, is uber going to have a chance and is it worth investing in any ride share company? the feud between democrats and republicans getting more intense as house dems vote to


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