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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  May 9, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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pages in the obstruction part of the report, only suggestion lines redacted. and none of the democrats have yet taken a look at it. thanks for being with cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. it is go time in washington as talks between the u.s. and china will resume later today. the united states ready to raise tariffs on chinese goods starting at midnight tonight if there's no deal but china is ready to retaliate if more tariffs are hitting a and who may be to blame for the standoff between the countries. start your engines, uber is gearing up for tomorrow's big ipo but with drivers he protesting across the country, is uber going to have a chance and is it worth investing in any ride share company? the feud between democrats and republicans getting more intense as house dems vote to hold
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attorney general bill barr in contempt of congress. while president trump says this will guarantee him four more years in the white house. mcdonald's is bringing you taste from around the globe. we're going to show you the new treats you're only going of to find at m mickey d's. you're going to have to act fast. it is thursday, may 9th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. lauren: here is how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. cheryl says start your engines. you i say fatten your seat belt. the volatility continues today, as do the u.s.-china trade negotiations. dow futures are down about 200 points, s&p futures down 22, nasdaq down 68. the s&p and nasdaq looking at four days of declines, a streak we have not seen since march 8th. uncertainty over trade hitting
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global markets as well. in europe, a h sea of red. french market down 1 and a quarter percent. asia, more red on the screen, pay attention to the kospi in south korea as the south korea military says north korea fired an unidentified projectile, ramping up tensions in the region. the shanghai composite down 1 point a 5%. cheryl: a -- 1.5%. cheryl: a lot of red on the screen. a lot of news is breaking. good morning, welcome to "fbn: a.m.." i'm chery cheryl casone. lauren: i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: investors are on edge right now. trade talks between the u.s. and china are going to resume today in washington and the trump administration is preparing to raise tariffs on chinese imports tomorrow. china says it is ready to strike back. lauren: they sure are. let's get the latest details from edward lawrence in washington. good morning, edward. >> reporter: good morning,
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lauren and cheryl. trade sources are saying the chinese rolled back concessions they made in almost every section of the agreement including the binding language dealing with enforcement of the trade deal with china. that's something that the u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer says has to be in the agreement. the white house says there are indications the chinese want a deal. the chinese commerce ministry spokesperson saying they will retaliate on friday if tariffs go into effect. the u.s. will raise $200 billion worth of chinese imports, going to a 25% tariff starting at 12:01 on friday morning. market experts believe this is just the president standing up for america. >> the key to this whole thing is being able to enforce a trade deal. it's not a regular trade deal. china has gone back and reneged on deals. they've backtracked and they're doing it again. what trump is doing is saying,
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listen, i'm done with the backtracking. >> reporter: the u.s. trade he representative is starting the process to put everything else china imports into the united states under a 25% tariff. >> i never believed the chinese were going to honor what they said they were going to do. this is a very major, major challenge and the president i think is correct to try to change it. but you have to come in with as much strength as possible. >> reporter: nancy pelosi is behind the president on this one issue. what happens next? starting later today, the chinese delegation will be here in washington to meet for the trade delegation meetings as well as tomorrow there will be more meetings. the treasury secretary says the only way forward is to for china to you put back the concessions they removed and negotiate on the remaining items that are left. sources say there's time for one meeting later on today, maybe
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not enough to strike a last minute deal so looks like tariffs may go into effect tomorrow. cheryl: edward, thank you very much. i'm going to learn her line now, fasten r your seat belts, folks. we're gearing up for one of the biggest initial public offerings in years. uber is set to price toward the midpoint of an expected range of $44 to $50 a share sometime today. that would value the company as high as $90 billion, but remember, that is down from as much as $120 billion that we were told last year by morgan stanley and goldman sachs. uber coming to market as drivers for the company and rifle lyft went on strike yesterday to protest wages and working conditions. the stock will trade on the new york stock exchange under the ticker symbol uber. we'll take a look at the ipo later in the show. lauren: well, it is a showdown stalemate. house democrats issuing a subpoena for the full mueller
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report, hours after filing contempt charges. cheryl: there are also threats of impeachment. >> reporter: speaker pelosi routinely shot down talk of impeachment, until now, saying it's on the table. not surprisingly, at the l rally in florida last night, the president had something to say about it. >> instead of wasting time, energy, taxpayer dollars on stunts and hoaxes and witch hunts, democrats should be focused on building up our country. did you see what just happened, by the way? no collusion. no obstruction. no anything. >> reporter: this after the house judiciary committee took the first step toward holding attorney general barr in contempt, sending it to the full house for a vote and prompting the white house to invoke executive privilege for the first time. chairman jerry nadler he declaring it a constitutional crisis. >> it's an attack on the essence of our democracy and we must oppose this with every fiber of
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our being. we've talked for a long time about approaching a constitutional crisis. we are now in it. we are now in a constitutional crisis. >> reporter: republicans on the committee blasted the move as driven by politics. >> i think it's all about trying to destroy bill barr because democrats are nervouses he's going to get to the bottom of >> reporter: . >> reporter: the doj said rather than allowing negotiations to continue, chairman nadler short circuited the efforts you by proceeding with an unnecessary contempt vote. it's up to speaker pelosi on when and whether to file contempt. this is headed for the courts. lauren, cheryl. lauren: griff, thank you very much. cheryl: well, president trump held a big rally in florida and
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he slammed 2020 democratic hopefuls on the economy and on foreign policy. lauren: his rallies are exciting. we have details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning lauren and cheryl. president trump seemingly growing i'growing impatient. at a rally last night he picked on democratic candidates and pressured the left to pick one already. >> you've got real beauties. you've got a choice between sleepy joe and crazy bernie. be thto, has he fallen like a r. >> reporter: he expressed thoughts on whether pete about buttigieg about whether he could handle negotiations. >> he would be great, representing us against
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president xi of china that would be great. i want to watch that one. >> reporter: dems still battling over who is the most progressive. amy klobuchar taking the stage at a town hall wednesday in milwaukee to make her case as joe biden stopped in los angeles, promising a mores positive campaign. >> i am a proven progressive. the last time i checked, if you want to be a progressive and support progressives, then you're supposed to make progress. >> only thing i'm going to be talking about in this campaign, is not responding to the early morning tweets, just telling people who we are, why we're running. >> reporter: biden commented that he thinks this large field of democrats will thin out here pretty soon but so far, lauren and cheryl, 21 democrats are still in the race with even more sort of still hanging out on the
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fence, trying to figure out whether they're going to jump in. back to you. cheryl: thank you very much. well, it pays to be the manager of a walmart store, literally. walmart managers in this country are making an average of, get this, $175,000. lauren: nice. cheryl: a year. that's a good salary. full-time hourly workers make an average of at least $25,000, a little over $14 an hour. walmart responded to criticism that its pay is too low for those of course lower workers in the face of competition from a amazon and costco which raised their minimum wage to at least $15 an hour. walmarts is telling investors it's increasing wages in certain regions, individual stores and particular jobs, due to a tight labor market. lauren: let's get to other headlines. general motors is close to selling its plant in lordstown,
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ohio. the potential buyer is work horse, a company that sells electric cars. president trump has been pressuring gm to sell the plant. he said great news for ohio, just spoke to the ceo of gm who informed me that subject to a uaw agreement, et cetera, gm will sell their beautiful lordstown plant to work horse. gm will spend $700,000 in ohio. okay, drug makers will be required to list their selling prices in tv commercials this july. the new rule coming from health and human services. it's aimed at driving down drug costs but forcing companies to be more transparent. it applies to any drug that costs more than $35 a month. also starting in july, walmart will stop selling tobacco to anyone under the age of 21. the move comes after the food and drug administration last month asked walmart to submit a plan to end illegal tobacco
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sales to minors. president trump's vision for a space force may cost more than the defense department thought. the congressional budget office estimates the cost to be as high as $1.3 billion a year and it's startup cost could be as high as $5 billion. the trump administration has proposed creating a space force within the air force. that's what's happening now. cheryl: let's take a look at what's happening with your money this morning. we've got red arrows to show you on this thursday. trade concerns certainly still putting pressure on your markets, despite what's been a great earnings season so far. let's be honest. dow is down 183 right now, s&p us is down 20, nasdaq down 62.5. coming up, start your engines. it is go time. uber set to price today and trade tomorrow. but are these protests by drivers around the country and issues with lyft going to put a wet blanket on the big day for uber? we've got answers.
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cheryl: tensions are boiling over between the trump administration a and congress. president trump asserting executive privilege to protect the mueller report from being released. let's bring in attorney deborah bloom. good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: let's talk about this. there's so many questions. we've got two issues, we've got william barr now, the house judiciary voted to hold him in contempt. the full house has to vote on it. then you've got the president exerting executive privilege over the redacted version of the mueller report. let's start with barr first. this could be unprecedented, the second time in history we could see this happen to an attorney general in this country. >> it's likely that the house will vote to move for contempt of congress. then what's going to happen is it's going to go over to the federal court, it's going to go to the federal prosecutor for d.c. to determine if they're going to move forward. it's unlikely that they -- i think it's actually unlikely, because it hasn't happened in the past that they would move forward with the attorney general. cheryl: let's go over to the
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other side of this and the mueller report. because what would it take for them -- this looks like it's going to end up in front of a judge, right, to get the full -- but if nadler went into a private room, he would have access to i believe about 98% of the mule mueller report. what do you think the judge would make of the fact that you want the 2% that the justice department is telling you is classified and should not be in front of you, how do you think a judge will react to that if it goes into the courts, this one? >> this would be a different -- what we're talking about is different here. there's so many different facets and so many different ways to try to get the information or hold somebody in contempt. for example, you can hold them in civil contempt. congress actually has the power to imprison somebody, like julian assange. what we're talking about here is that they would go to a judge who would determine if executive privilege applies or if any other type of privilege applies. i would say that they probably
5:18 am
aren't releasing 90% of the information. they're going after more information and a judge would probably order that congress has the right to see it, at least a good portion of it. cheryl: follow up on that, do you think a judge would think congress has the right to see secret grand jury testimony? a lot of that is very sensitive. sorry, but this is congress and this is people's privacy and in some cases the doj saying their lives because they testified in front of the grand jury privately. >> as a criminal defense attorney, i think you would do a tremendous job fighting this because that's exactly it. it is privileged information and what if this information gets leaked. those people have the protection of privacy and their name is not supposed to be disclosed. so it could potentially jeopardize their future. cheryl: all right. deborah, there's so many legal angles to this. we'll have to have you back because this changes every day, this story. deborah bloom, thank you very much. maybe i will be a lawyer in my next career.
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lauren, over to you. lauren: let's take a look at how your money is doing this morning. and it's going to be another tough day, another volatile day on wall street. we had the dow down 185 points a and the s&p 500 and the nasdaq not doing any better percentage wise, looking at four days of losses in a row. still ahead, we'll take you to vegas for the salt conference where li liz klaman is. and secretary of state mike pompeo is mad at britain. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪
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lauren: movers and shakers turning out for the annual salt investment conference in las vegas. cheryl: liz claman is following all the action for us. good morning, liz. >> reporter: it's day two at the tenth annual salt conference in las vegas. it's drawing a powerful crowd of business and political luminaries and big news was made today, real estate billionaire sam zell telling fox business he doesn't see an economic slowdown, growth in the u.s. is robust and the federal reserve should not cut rates. bitcoin believer mike novagr a atz told us bitcoin will go up to 10,000 and then 20,000 per bitcoin. wait until you see what is on tap for today here at the conference. angela mazillo, former of countrywide, who was considered the poster child for the subprime mortgage disaster sits down with me in his first
5:24 am
interview since the financial crisis in 2008 to give his side of the story. you can catch some of his interview on fox but wait until you see 3:00 p.m. eastern why he says he's coming out now to talk about it. he's just one of the many interviews we're getting for countdown the closing bell here. make sure to tune in, 3:00 p.m. eastern, because we have dow's andrew liveritz, we have tim draper and so much more. we'll see you at 3:00 p.m. eastern. have a good day. cheryl: liz, thank you very much. we'll be tuning in for that. let's take a look at the action on wall street before the markets open today. major red on the screen as trade tensions continue. remember, negotiations between china and the u.s. will kick off later on this afternoon. investors are still incredibly worried about the outcome and the tariffs set to take effect tonight. dow down 183, s&p down 20 and a quarter, nasdaq down 62. coming up, drivers for lyft and uber, they have been protesting
5:25 am
across the country, just as uber's getting ready to go public. the are the protests going to knock the wind out of uber's sails or a take the air out of the tires. and why the president says the dems are basically handing him the 2020 election. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ born in the usa. ♪ i was born in the usa. ♪ i was born in the usa. of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. run with us in the unstoppable john deere gator xuv835, because when others take rain checks... we take the wheel. run with us. search "john deere gator" for more. run with us.
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cheryl: let's get you caught up on global market a action. u.s.-china trade talks resume this afternoon in washington. investors are uneasy as tariffs are set to rise at midnight object chinese goods. the dow is pushing session lows in the futures market. we're down 198, 197, s&p down 21 and-a-hal21and-a-half, nasdaq da quarter. europe is no exception, take a
5:29 am
look at the ftse, cac 40 and dax a all in the red. stocks in asia, we got breaking news overnight. you want to watch the kospi. south korean military says north korea fired an unidentified projectile. that's all we know. we'll bring you updates as we get them. watching the shanghai composite in china, down 1 and-a-half percent. lauren: ipos, today is the day, ahead of uber's big public debut drivers for the company and lyft are turning off their apps in protest in major cities across the country. cheryl: we've got robert gray in san francisco, uber's h.q., with all the details. >> reporter: disruption of a different kind in san francisco, protesters outside of uber headquarters shutting down market street, a major thoroughfare that goes through the tech hub of the city. they're protesting, wanting higher wages, benefits, to be completed more like employees, less like independent contractors. we spoke to one of the
5:30 am
organizers. >> we don't believe uber will walk out here today and ask us what we want and give it to us. this is a starting point. this movement that started in san francisco and l. a a. quickly evolved into a global day of action today and so this is just the beginning. so if we don't get what we want after today, we're not going to stop. >> reporter: uber is arguing it has a tech platform that brings drivers and riders together and drivers are not employees. cheryl and lauren, back to you. cheryl: staying in san francisco and california, they want as piece of the uber ipo action it turns out. the city proposing a 1.5% payroll tax on stock-based compensation. it would be expected to generate $200 million in revenue in the first two years, used to address housing affordability, homelessness, and traffic which city legislators said tech companies helped create. the measure would be introduced this afternoon. lauren: kind of like biting the hand that feeds you. but everybody clearly wants a piece of the pie and today we're
5:31 am
going to learn how big that pie really is. uber shares will price tonight and the company will make its public debut on the new york stock exchange tomorrow. as you just saw, driver protests plus disappointing lyft earnings, is this the right time for uber to ipo. wwe bring in tech analyst, ian wishinggrad. what do you sunshine. >> i think a few things. they're fortunate that lyft went first and kind of settled and korea ated a little bit of a benchmark for where they can go so they're able to adjust their pricing because what happens to a lot of these tech ipos is they start a certain way and they seem to fall. i think uber is a better brand in general and has the clear number one market so it will come out but i think it will still settle. but overall, what's different about these ipos, these are the ones that hurt people and displace workers and show what's going to happen in the future of america, whereas pinterest and zoom conferences are just nice revenue generating business that's don't hurt other
5:32 am
economies, per se. lauren: these are disruptive businesses is what you're saying. do you think what we saw with with uber, down 27% from ipo day, do you think that serves as a proxy for what could happen to uber? >> h?>> yes, it helps benchmark. all the valuations are crazy. last time they showed goldman sachs was running around, trying to get last valuation in the private markets around $120 billion. so i think these are all kind of numbers that are all over the place, they still don't make money and as you can see, it's a race to the bottom. there's not that much loyalty and stickiness, until uber has tricks up its sleeves an gets into a ton of other verticals, that would be a special thing. right now, it's a place to get a ride and they subsidize them. lauren: what do you make of the driver protests? does that dampen enthusiasm for the stock? it seems to me that uber as wel transparent when it comes to costs, the way they figure out a driver's salary, the way they figure out different metrics of.
5:33 am
it feels like we don't have all the information we might want as investors trying to value this company. >> you're not wrong. i think this is a situation where there's a huge p.r. situation, but ultimately the businesses below them, they have to navigate it and shrug a little bit. the business is made to treat people like know a m like nomad. lauren: we're looking at protests from long island city to philadelphia. ian, thank you very much. it's going to be an exciting day, an exciting morning. cheryl: they're going to have to report eventually. in case you missed it, despite the dire forecasts, earnings have come in pretty strong. 90% of s&p 500 companies reported results. among companies reporting today we've got news corporation, cardinal health and keurig, dr. pepper. three quarters have beaten earnings estimates, earnings up 1.7% from a year ago and that is
5:34 am
well ahead of forecasts for a 2.3% decline. let's bring in jonas max ferris, a fox business contributor. jonas, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: let's talk about this. what happened to the big horrible earnings reporting season we were supposed to get? >> interest rates didn't go up any higher, that's what happened in all likelihood. it was supposed to be pretty bad so it's better than it was supposed to be. investors are optimistic. we have low rates so we're not going to cause a he recession with high interest rates. that is making investors more or less comfortable, that's why we recovered much of the losses from last year. there's other issues like trade and stuff that's a drag. current corporate earnings are good, very good. cheryl: again, we really a across the board as we got into this, we were expecting a rough go of it. you mentioned china and trade. those negotiations certainly have been causing a lot of market volatility today. we did hear from disney last night. i want to get into the numbers
5:35 am
with you, because disney's got four components they report on, they've got movies, they've got tv, they've got now the disney streaming and then the theme parks. what was the highlight from disney? >> everywhere where they don't come up against google and facebook they do really well. there's no google shaking them down at the theme park. they can charge a lot for that. they don't have to give a cut to somebody. that's where they do really well. the closer they get to the world that's controlled by google and facebook, like their vice investment or web-based entertainment, that's a problem area. they wrote that down to almost nothing. thats was supposed to be a hot property. a lot of blogs are worthless, a lot of non content that you can control. looking forward in the company, they're worried about the services they'll do to compete with nenetflix. it's an expensive area to compete with netflix and hbo and everybody else. cheryl: i'm glad you brought up that point because of the money
5:36 am
they're investing in the streaming service. one of the things-obviously, the avengers wasn't part of the report. next report, watch out. but they did say that -- bob iger said this on the call. they're going to stream exclusively on disney plus on december 11th the ne new avenges movie, the one that just came out. looks like they'll pull hard core their content from other platforms. that's a pretty competitive strike. >> it's also very dangerous. i believe they're like 20% of netflix's content was disney properties. they're going to pull that, i think they have pulled a lot of it. that's a revenue model. they were selling expensive content to a company and now they're turning into a cost, basically. they have to produce more content and hope they can sell it in these app sales, not to give too much of their money to someone else. no one knows where that's going to go. they have a lot of content, it
5:37 am
should work out. not everybody will have their streaming service. cheryl: that's a good point, jonas. thank you for being on. really great to have you. thank you. lauren: here is some other headlines making news this morning. breaking news this morning, south korea's military is reporting north korea has fired an unidentified projectile. information very limited at this time. it appears this was fired from north korea's western area. it would be north korea's second launch in just five days time. experts say the missile resembled a russian weapon. north korea calling this a regular and defensive military exercise. that is a quote. mike pompeo warning great britain it needs the to change its attitude towards china and telecom company huawei. pompeo delivering the tough message after britain agreed to allow huawei to build parts of its 5g network. the u.s. says it could be a vehicle for espionage. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg will soon have to answer
5:38 am
questions about fake news in canada. the canadian parliament is about to issue subpoenas to zuckerberg and coo cheryl sandburg, demanding they testify on the problem. canadian officials say the subpoenas are necessary because zuckerberg ignored a previous invitation to attend. the subpoenas can only be enforced if the facebook exec the testifies are in canada. this, the maker of pam, the cooking spray, is being sued. eight burn victims say they were severely injured when the cans exploded in their kitchens. the plaintiffs say large can sprays have a faulty vent system. the p company says they no longer use that system. eight burn vic. cheryl: i was using that yesterday. lauren: sorry. careful. cheryl: we're hitting session lows on dow futures right now. we're down 205 overnight. s&p is down 22 and three quarters, nasdaq down 71 and
5:39 am
three quarters. this is about china, this is about trade talks and this is about tariffs. coming up, we're going to take you live to milwaukee where presidential candidate say you my klobuchar just finished up that town hall with fox news last night. we've got the hits, the misses from the big event last night. and candy crash at the heart of a new bill hitting the senate. yeah, crash. why one lawmaker is calling it and games like it -- it's crush, i'm kidding -- abusive. lauren: i've never played. have you? cheryl: i crashed when i tried, basically. so that's the joke. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ baby, you broke my heart up. ♪
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cheryl: democratic presidential hopeful amy klobuchar participating in a town hall with fox news last night. lauren: hillary vaughn is live in milwaukee with the details. hillary, how exciting, or not, was the town hall last night? [ laughter ] >> reporter: there weren't too many fireworks. that is amy klobuchar's tactic. she is painting herself as a common sense democrat that can win over conservatives, she also has to win over progressives in her party. she doesn't support free college.
5:43 am
she doesn't support medicare for awful she sayall. she says it's more important to make progress instead of promising things you can't pay for. >> progressives should support me because i am a proven progressive. the last time i checked -- [ applause ] >> the last time i checked, if you want to be a progressive and support progressives, then you're supposed to make progress, all right? and that is what i have done. that is what i have done my whole life. >> reporter: klobuchar shied yod away from talking about her fellow democrat candidates in the field. she focused on president trump and down-played the president's economic success. >> this all didn't just happen when donald trump got elected. this started a few years ago, when we got on a better track and it happened because of some incredible businesses. >> you don't think president trump had anything to do with the accelerated -- >> i go to the tax bill, though.
5:44 am
there's some things in that bill that i would keep. when you look at what happened with the corporate tax rate, i would have brought it down. >> reporter: the senator is from the state next door, she thinks thats wisconsin is her path to victory in the general election if she were the nominee. we'll have to wait and see if she gets there. lauren and cheryl. lauren: thank you he very much. president trump also speaking yesterday. he was slamming his major 2020 democratic rivals at a big florida rally last night. his 39th rally in that state. >> we have a choice between sleepy joe and crazy bernie. and i'll take anyone, let's pick somebody, please, and let's start this thing. lauren: so the attack dog is attacking. did he spare anybody last night, anders? >> he did not. i think he identified the three people he want to go after the most are bernie sanders, joe
5:45 am
biden and pete buttigieg. he said he wasn't tough enough to deal with china. lauren: let's play it, ander. >> reporter: all right. >> they want to do what they're doing which looks so foolish and maybe i read it wrong, but i think it drives us right onto victory in 2020 because people get it. he's got a great chance, doesn't he, he'll be great, he'll be great. representing us against president xi of china. that will be great. that will be great. i want to be in that room, i want to watch that one. lauren: it's the second part of that anders. is donald trump threatened by mayor pete buttigieg and should he did? be? >> reporter: i don't think he is. there's joe biden and bernie sanders and whoever wins in the mottly crew of other people involved.
5:46 am
president trump is saying i think it will be buttigieg who comes out on top from that group. lauren: .lauren: what do knowt alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> she is looking to have legislation go through congress that involves credit card companies and banks. we don't know the specifics beyond that at this point. she tweeted yesterday, saying it would keep coins in americans' pock he et ceterapockets, whichg these socialist members of congress saying we're going to keep coins in your pocket, not going to tax you more. she said it's radical. we'll have to see what happens later on to. lauren:to that.lauren: is thats trying to hit income inequality whenever they can.
5:47 am
>> it's one of the issues. they talk about income inequality in america. this is one of the things they hit on. this is one way to go after the issue and also not talk about taxes necessarily. i think it's a dent mov prudentn their part. lauren: thank you very much. >> >> reporter: thanks for having me. cheryl: let's take a look at futures. we have a selloff to tell you about, we're hitting session lows in the futures market, the dow is down 214, s&p down 23 and he three quarters, nasdaq down 74. this is about china and the u.s. and trade, a lot of l volatility in the markets this week in general. still ahead, alexa, what are you recording? you won't believe what alexa has been up to in your living room. and have you even been to a mcdonald'mcmcdonald's in sydneyr madrid? if the answer is no, sit here, because you may just get your chance. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ well, well, you.
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lauren: a new bill introduced in the house calling games like candy crush abusive. cheryl: brett larson joins us from fox news headlines, 24/7 with all the details. abusive? >> reporter: it is abusive, it's addictive, gets you to start playing it and you're like oh, man i need five more moves. this is where the bill comes into play. you know when you're playing and you need five more moves to win the round. lauren: i don't play. >> reporter: you can pay 99-cents to keep playing or buy a bundle of extra lives. sense senator josh hallly introg the legislation to put a stop to
5:52 am
that. they call them bundles, loop bundles and things like that. so i understand it. i don't actually play candy crush as we were discussing in the break. i play the family guy version where you line up drinks. cheryl: i want to play that one. >> reporter: there's a luscious bundle, talking about candy crush, it's $150. you can spend spend $150 on a e game to buy extra moves. you can get the soda crushers and the stars that play the different colors. you're looking at me like you never played the game before. cheryl: i want to get to the second story. we've been hearing reports of amazon employees listening to alexa's recordings but the recording part is the big story, right? >> the recordings are always there. the reason they're there is they listen to them to see what it is that you asked alexa and what alexa did. the thing we're learning now is those recordings, you can actually hear them. they're in your settings if you go into the alexa app, there's a
5:53 am
settings menu where you can find recordings and you can hear what your alexa has been recording of you.'s fascinating. you would be di surprised. lauren: what did you find? >> my dog's name is dex, so you can hear that. you hear snippets of conversation, you'll hear stuff where you thought i didn't hear the chime she was listening to moment you catome. you can turn it off. this is a strange time in artificial intelligence. it's best to stay ahead of this stuff. cheryl: brett larson, thank you so much. really fascinating. lauren: you just creeped me out with that story. cheryl: you can catch brett, all of the creepiness -- i'm kidding. i love you. you can catch brett on fox news headline, 24/7, sirius xm channel 115. some people are into that. lauren: you're still invited back next week. coming up, we have a new study for you, reveals the secrets
5:54 am
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lauren: new study shows why mill -- millennial love which credit cards. >> new according to millennials are attracted to cards with travel benefits, 36% of millennials, types of credit cards, 11%, they are the ones going after with 0% interest rate, no x amount, the older generations, that's what they are looking for in credit cards not so much benefits. millennials love to travel, that's what's important to them,
5:58 am
not so much paying debt. cheryl: 18% apr. [laughter] cheryl: mcdonalds. interesting, mcdonalds around the world, they are bringing the menu, international menus to the u.s. tracee: if you're curious as to what they serve mcdonalds in another country then now is your chance to try out some of the things so starting on june 5th, locations across the country, they'll be brig international items to the menu, they are on the screen, waffle, mcflurry from the netherlands, bacon burger. that's from spain. chicken sandwich from canada. bacon fries, rather. cheryl: thank you very much, they look awesome. lauren: so does this, looks
5:59 am
awesome. lauren: i'm sure we have a picture of your husband rodrigo as well. tracee: there he is my husband, rodrigo, we had the perfect weather in southern california. it can be tricky in the month of may, so we had sunshine and warm temperatures and it was just a beautiful celebration with friends and family from all over the world, from all over the country, so we felt so loved and special and it really was amazing. cheryl: fox colleagues were there. carley shimkus able to attend. made the trip out for you. tracee: everyone was okay, we had a few wedding crashers from the hotel. cheryl: people crashed your
6:00 am
wedding? tracee: we took care of that but that was fun. everything went smoothly, perfect. i want to do it all over again. cheryl: welcome back. trace -- tracee: thank you so much. cheryl: dow right now is 203, barely off the session lows for the dow in the premarket, s&p is down 22 and a quarter, nasdaq down 70. obviously this is about trade. lauren: we will watch the 10-year, oil, see where this selloff is going and with that, we say mornings with maria, maria bartiromo. maria: thanks for joining us, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, china trade turmoil once again impacting markets, negotiations into the u.s. and china are resuming today in washington, president trump on talks last night at rally in


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