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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 9, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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talk about this. the president's son said i >> thank you. liz: from nuveen. already said everything i'm going to say. [closing bell rings] now they're trying to get him in. what does it tell but the tenor, we have four straight days of losses. we await potential tariffs. how close we are to being done listen to fox news every minute with all of this? >> we're not close according to all the way through. we have the breaking news that that but it very much smacks of will do it for the same attitude that is going "the claman countdown." on in the house which is thanks for joining us. controlled by democrats which time for "after the bell." is, that mueller is not the end connell: uber set to make it official ahead after the ipo. of anything. mueller is just the start of a that is any minute, the pricing, whole new second round. mueller instead of being the for all day stocks are red holy grail is just given us, you across the board. all three major averages ending know, more road maps. the day down. i think this is the attitude. u.s. china trade fears top of as i say, it's a surprise to see mind. the dow lower by 141 points. richard burr go down that line because, first of all, if it all it is well off the session lows. melissa: that's something. hangs on michael cohen, here is connell: that is something. good to be with you. a man who is going to federal i'm connell mcshane. melissa: i'm melissa francis prison, is in federal prison for this is "after the bell." lying to congress among other nasdaq ending in losses for the things, about this very issue. melissa: very true. so while we have you here, you fourth day in a row. have an op-ed in the "new york post" that says, the longest losing streak in two months. quote, we can only dream that it is rough out here. de blasio is coming to his
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first this is what is new at senses to run, on a 2020 run. this hour, the chinese and the united states trade delegations are sitting down face-to-face in the post-is reporting that the washington, d.c., this evening new york city mayor is planning as president trump's latest a rally outside of trump tower round of tariffs go into effect on monday night, monday sometime, to promote his take on at midnight tonight. can the two nations strike a the green new deal. deal this time around? so what do you make of this? on one hand he seems to have we're live at the u.s. trade-offs with the latest. phoned in your writing, most of plus uber is setting the share price ahead of the ipo his time in gracie mansion but he is taking time away from not tomorrow. we're waiting to see what the doing that job to go protest in ride-sharing company decides to do following a recent bumpy ride from competitor lyft. front of trump tower to talk about a green new deal he wants we'll bring you the breaking headlines the moment they cross to implement long after he is the wires. out of office? new reports revealing >> right. for bill de blasio donald trump north korea fired two is just a gift. short-range missiles. we're live at the state he is running against the department later in the hour. president because he is lousy connell: a lot going on. let's get to the trade talks mayor in new york. so he will go to pull this between the united states and china. they do resume in the next hour. stunt. the green new deal. he is trying to find a place for fox business network's edward lawrence standing by waiting for himself in the national it all to happen at the u.s. democratic conversation, looking for a lane. trade rep's office. i don't believe he is seriously edward? thinks he is going to be
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reporter: in about an hour the president but he does need a chinese delegation will be here. vice premier liu he will walk job. he is term-limited in this job. through the door next to me. and he has no future in politics they will try to work out a that anyone can detect. deal. the chinese would like to pause so he is going to try to, i tariffs on $200 billion in think, go out there, make a fool chinese goods. of himself on the national stage. meanwhile back at home, melissa president trump said xi xinping you think of all the things he sent a personal letter with a is not doing. the school system is not getting pitch. listen. >> i got a beautiful letter from better. instead he is playing all kinds president xi. let's work together. of racial quota games, trying to let's get something done but they renegotiated the deal. destroy the best schools with racial quotas. he is not attentive to the job they took, whether intellectual at hand. property theft, they took many, always the political angle. how does it sound? many parts of that deal and how does it look but never about renegotiated. what he does. you can't do that. it is always about what he says, reporter: so the president says what he believes, how he that tariffs will go from 10% to respects deeply this and that 25% on $200 billion worth of but his performance abysmal. chinese goods on friday. melissa: nothing to point to. he said the paperwork is also thank you for your time. started to basically put connell: we do have more everything else that china breaking news. imports into the united states this is uber related. under a 25% tariff. we have the price for uber on treasury secretary steve mnuchin its ipo 45 bucks a share from says the only way to pause the tariffs at this point for the our friends at dow jones,
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chinese to put back concessions they're reporting that. 45 bucks a share is official. they removed and go forward with for the ride-sharing company. the 10% of the agreement that is left to negotiate on. big day tomorrow when uber goes senator dick durbin from public. there you go. melissa: that was the price illinois says the president people thought would be a good needs to do this, however one, they get a pop out of the gate potentially as opposed to tariffs are a blunt instrument. what happened to lyft. >> i can tell you if you noticed connell: lesson learned maybe. the stock market response to big day tomorrow. melissa: fox holding a big this is very negative and it is investor day today highlighting what is in store for the media an indication this upheaval and company. we have all of that next. uncertainty between the united states and china is not in the best interests of the economy in the long term. reporter: we will know a little bit more later on tonight as the delegation comes in here. in about an hour u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer is not willing to go back to back then, we checked our zero times a day. renegotiate sections that times change. eyes haven't. already agreed upon. connell: you're where the action that's why there's ocuvite. screen light... will be. sunlight... longer hours... melissa: that is called eyes today are stressed! retrading. you can't do that. but ocuvite has vital nutrients major averages on the track for to help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today. the worst week of 2019. gerri willis is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. port port melissa, jittery,
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traders telling me what the trading is like. to go over the numbers, dow, s&p 500 and nasdaq on track for the worst week of the year, specifically since the weekending december 21st. you see the chart right there. that is when they tumbled more than 7%. s&p, nasdaq, on pace for longest losing streak since march. four down days here. this would be the longest streak in two months, since five days losing ending march 8th. we've had a long string of down days. s&p 500 and nasdaq on pace for the worst week since december 21st. melissa: gerri, thank you. connell: craig allen is with us, president of the u.s.-china business council, former u.s. representative to brunei and former undersecretary to the in the department of commerce. there are all the titles. craig, good to have you, especially today. we're not trying to figure out
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necessarily what happens, if something happens what would we do? you have clients associated with trade, boeing, 3m, gm, on and on, exxonmobil. what advice are you giving them tonight, what are they telling you they are prepared to do? >> thank you very much for having me on. what we know is that tariffs will go into effect as midnight tonight if there is not an agreement or a tentative agreement leading to an extension. so our companies are hoping for the best but prepared for the worst. there may be tariffs. we cannot take that off the table. we are hopeful, however, that the chinese will return to an agreement that is enforceable and has strong market response by american companies. connell: when you say prepared for the worst, some of, i talked about consumer products, others coming, people that import them, companies that do to the united states, that the prices actually
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might go up. 10% on a tariff was something that could be absorbed, many cases by companies. 25% is a different story. is that what you're hearing from some of these? >> that is absolutely the case, particularly if this moves to consumer goods. if that were to happen, and that would be a second tranche beyond midnight today, but that would require further action, but if that were to happen it, would have and inflation nary impact particularly over consumer goods which are predominantly coming from china. connell: right. we know. we buy so many of them. from the company's point of view, when they tell you they're worried it seems to me talking to some different people on this, you can work something out on tariff rates but these other thorny issues, intellectual property, access to markets, those types of things, are much larger sticking points. so are you optimistic we can actually get through on those issues and come to sort of an agreement? or did we get ahead of ourselves
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and overly optimistic here? but super poligrip gives him a tight seal. snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture. >> connell, you put your finger to help block out food particles. on the most difficult problem. so he can enjoy the game. super poligrip. those are the so-called structural issues about a level playing feel in china for american companies. i am confident that a agreement is within reach within the near term. connell: where the chinese will change their laws? that seems to be the dispute edward was talking about, u.s. said you're going back on this, retrading melissa referred to, will china change their law? >> as a former trade negotiator connell: just around the block i can tell you this can be from the white house, u.s. and chinese trade negotiations are shed to get going. complicated but the chinese top of the hour when it is indicated in many cases if not supposed to start. having a little dinner to figure all they are willing to change things out by midnight when their law. that might be complicated president trump is set to raise because it might take new legislation t might require tariffs on chinese imports at simply a change in regulation. that time. steve mnuchin, treasury it might require an order from secretary. lighthizer the trade rep are at the state council but i think the office waiting for chinese that the chinese have indicated vice premier liu he. that they are willing to do so. the vice premier would not be something come on wires of u.s.
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and bored protection, effective here unless there is progress to be made. u.s. bound car goes leaving connell: all right. so you found fairly optimistic, china by midnight tonight eastern time get out at the 10% craig, i'll put it that way. tariff right, not higher 25% we hope for the best. thank you so. rate of. >> thank you. melissa: the making of the interesting they just put that announcement out. largest ipo this year we'll you have a matter of hours to possibly see. get your boat in the water. uber is expected to announce the price per share moments from now melissa: you were showing off as it prepares for its debut on with the pronounciation. the new york stock exchange tomorrow. fox is reporting first quarter let's go to susan li with the results as a stand-alone details. reporter: the past half hour we company. let's go to jackie deangelis all have the dow jones, specifically the details. reporter: melissa investors "the wall street journal" uber will price the shares at close liked what they heard today. fox shares with trading up, to $45. that is the lower end of the almost 3% at the end of the range. that is where most investor session for particularly enthusiasm is according to volatile day for stocks. dow jones. our reporting says they may be this is coming after strong higher than that but we're still earnings report, first you awaiting official pricing at mentioned since the 21st this point in the biggest ipo in century acquisition from disney. close to half a decade. this was particularly crucial. here is something that we do earnings per share was a nine know. we know travis kalanick, the cent beat. founder of uber will be there at investors like that. the new york stock exchange they liked the fact that revenue along with his father tomorrow during the ringing of the bell
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and the first trade. was strong. at the event key executives came he won't be on the balcony. out. they had the opportunity to lay we'll see the current ceo. out their vision and what the company would look like going forward. as a footnote, fox news dara khosrowshahi. corporation is parent company of kalanick will be making some good dough. our network as well. he still has a 6 1/2% stake. there is rupert murdoch. that is worth 6 billion. he said this is a pivotal moment. it is time when there is so much garrett camp, the other cofounder has a stake of change. of course his son and ceo lachlan murdoch came out as well. he talked about the business 3 billion. ryan graves will have a big entities becoming stronger as stake. they moved forward. along with founders collective and softbank as you can see he talked about harnessing the owning 12% stake still along power of now and the ability to communicate to get closer to the with benchmark, the two largest viewer. tuneds. and digital will be a really it is interesting that the strong process as well. saudi arabia investment fund they talked about how they were bought shares. it was $48 a piece. incorporating digital properties into the future. if it doesn't go at 48, they other highlights from the earnings release, 23-cent made lose money. dividend. one of the rare individuals that investors certainly like that. it will be paid semiannually. may lose money in the listing. held by current ceo, the man guys? melissa: yaki, thank you, good brought into fix uber in 2017. stuff. connell: in terms of breaking news we've been following in dara khosrowshahi he will be regards to uber, we have there on the podium to ring that multiple reports now that the
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bell. he joined uber in 2017. ride-sharing company priced its ipo at 45 bucks a share. a surprise announcement really for those wanting to change the $45 is the nearer the lower end culture at uber going forward of the expected range but as with all the problems people saw under kalanick. melissa said maybe they're in here is the thing, guys, you the goldilocks area where they have to stomach these metrics get it right, we'll have idea and financials because we saw when it goes public, starts the loss triple in the first quarter of this year in their trading publicly tomorrow. s-1 filing. lyft is the model for this or lack of model. they say they are not sure they it is down 29% since it went will achieve postability and cash burn is still a big public. melissa: that is a rough. concern. melissa: susan, thank you. connell: uber don't become lyft. joining us, veronica dagher, host of secrets of wealthy women gerri is there, everybody is there on uber. podcast and lindsey bell. on the chinese delegation. cfra analyst. we'll look at u.s. trade rep's thanks for joining us. veronica, what do you imagine for the ipo given what happened delegation. here they come right on time. set to meet with robert to lyft in the past few days? lighthizer and steve mnuchin >> they are hoping they learned inside the building. some lessons from lyft, right? looks like they're waiting for the bankers didn't exactly get them. there they are. melissa: that is crazy. the pricing right on a lyft ipo. supposed to be at 5:00. pricing an ipo is pretty tricky. here at 4:58. you have to figure out how to 59, one minute early as they come on in. price the shares, how many to as you mentioned, these are new
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offer. it is more art than science. tariffs that are supposed to go i think going forward uber bankers understood they needed into effect. there is games manship for a to perhaps temper expectations. we saw that especially leading second. connell: do we have protesters up until tomorrow. or somebody there? they're expecting about a seems like a little yelling in 90 billion-dollar valuation give the background. i may be making too much of it. or take. we'll see if that actually happens. i think what we can learn from lighthizer and mnuchin are there at the door waiting for liu he the lyft ipo, one of the things from the lyft ipo there is a big to come up. i guess they will have dinner. difference between what the private market, how the private you wonder if there is enough time to get anything done. market values companies and how the public market values tariffs go into effect midnight companies. melissa: no, that is a good and get something done tomorrow. point. lindsey, do you think, would melissa: it is possible. uber have been better off trying they had to take a stand. to get out beef lyft? they retraded on difficult >> you know what? i think lyft is doing them a favor by being able to price elements. took out different things that already been agreed on in trade this more appropriately in the 80 to 90 billion-dollar range circles you can't do that. based on their current price cone cone no retrading. range of 44 to $50 a share. melissa: no trading. the bankers pitched this at connell: like double-dipping. $120 billion. they want to price it fairly so david: u.s. trade talks with they can get the first day pop.
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china set to begin at any if you get $45 a share like moment. the delegation as you can see is susan mentioned, you're likely just arriving. to see a first day pop. only seven short hours left until higher tariffs do kick in it will be tough slogging for them going forward because of on $200 billion worth of chinese their profitability. they need a clear plan to get to goods if a deal isn't reached by positive growth going forward. midnight tonight. that will be a key for the stock we'll take you live to washington for the very latest. longer term. connell: we're talking about this is "bulls & bears." tech, guys, this story is setting the relationship status glad you could join us. i'm david asman, joining me on to, it's complicated. the panel, kristina facebook's cofounder, cofounder, chris hughes wrote quite the partsinevelos, liz peek, op-ed in "the new york times" jonathan hoenig and gary today, stating, quote, mark is a kaltbaum. china's vice premier arriving kind person but i'm angry that for the 11th round of trade his focus on growth led him to talks. sacrifice security and civility the president said a deal could be possible soon. for clicks. the government must hold marketable. lindsey to mark i believe we know is mark zuckerberg. the call from mr. hughes, former harvard classmate who co-founded facebook is to break up the company. saying facebook is basically a monopoly. lindsey, do you think it is? >> i think it is not a monopoly.
4:13 pm
they have a lot of competition. every app on your phone is competing for time and attention every day along with facebook. it is very interesting timing of this op-ed given the political climate we're in right now. so i think that, look, facebook isn't going to break up. the customers are very happy. they're not calling for antitrust case. you have businesses an consumers that use the app every single day. investors are not calling for this. by the way their key competitors which would be twitter and snap are not asking for this. they're not complaining they can do business because facebook -- connell: interesting facebook's response is you don't hold a successful company accountable by breaking it up. you can see what they're angling for. funny way they're angling for more regulation because they fear this as an alternative, a breakup of the company that makes instagram, whatsapp as separate businesses. how does this play out? >> more regulation on their behalf. their initiative would be better
4:14 pm
for them, right? if you're helping shape that regulation, you can conceivably keep the little guy out of business, right? more regulation makes it harder for new companies to innovate, more new companies to break through. the fact is though, it is very unlikely with the current ftc we have, that the facebook is going to get broken up. connell: let me wrap this up right now. veronica, we have breaking news. thanks to you both. melissa: breaking news right now, white house press secretary sarah sanders tweeting moments ago that the president intends to nominate patrick shanahan as secretary of defense. shanahan has served as the acting secretary of defense since january 1st when he replaced general james mattis. he was deputy secretary of defense before that. he also went to mit. connell: worked at boeing, am i right? want to make it permanent with shanahan. escalating tension across party lines. former secretary of state john
4:15 pm
kerry firing back at president trump over the iran nuclear deal. melissa: planting a military toehold. why u.s. officials are sounding the alarm on china's ambitions in the arctic ocean. connell: your privacy at risk again. amazon is now facing new backlash, this time from concerned parents over the company's alleged spying on its smart devices. the fallout from that coming up. ♪ heading into retirement you want to follow your passions rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage, should you need it. so you can explore all the amazing things ahead.
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melissa: breaking news right now. news corp reporting third quarter results. let's go to ashley webster with the numbers. ashley: melissa, let's get to the headline numbers. earnings per share 4 cents. better than zero. they were not expecting any profit. revenue coming in 2.46 billion. estimate was 2.51. this is the past news corp, they're trying to buildout the digital side, "wall street journal," "times" of london, "new york post," the big names here. "wall street journal" added more digital subscribers, up 19% to 1.8 million. that is the good news but there are some hits here. revenues, did increase 23 million or 6% for the book publishing side of this, but revenues did decline by 3% for
4:20 pm
the digital real estate services. part of that is then the news unit, those publications i mentioned, the revenues for those down again. it has been tough, certainly with ad revenue coming in a little short but, there you have it. beat on earnings but a miss on revenues for news corp, guys. back to you. melissa: got it, ashley, thank you. connell: now to the president. this is one of those going off script event earlier in the day today. president trump delivering remarks on whole smorgasbord on topics on an event was supposed to be ending surprise medical billing. by the end you forgot about that. blake burman live in washington on details with all of thises. reporter: that one caught our attention today, president obama's last secretary of state should be prosecuted. the president responding to a question about the escalating tensions with iran by scolding john kerry. you might remember last year the former secretary of state said
4:21 pm
that he had talks with iran's foreign minister about several foreign issues. the president said that violates the logan act which says that private citizens cannot intend to change the actions of a foreign government if that government is in a dispute with the u.s. >> what i would like to see with iran, i would like to see them call me. you know, john kerry speaks to them a lot. john kerry tells them not to call. thatthat is a violation of the league began act. frankly he should be prosecuted on that. logan act. but my people don't want to do anything, only democrats do that kind of stuff, you know. if it were the opposite way they would prosecute him under the logan act. reporter: comment spokesperson for kerry with responding everything president trump said today is simply wrong and, end of story. the spokesperson goes on to say we hope the president would focus solving policy props for america instead of attacking his
4:22 pm
predecessors for theater. the last time someone indicted under the logan act, you have to go way back 1852. connell. connell: who was it? you don't have to know that. blake, thank you. melissa: not backing down, president trump surprised by the senate intel committee's move to subpoena his eldest son under the trump probe. what it could mean for the administration. michael goodwin from the "new york post" coming up. escalating tensions with north korea. the latest missile threat from the rogue regime and the potential impact on our national security. >> nobody's happy about it, but we're taking a good look, we'll see. we'll see. the relationship continues. but we'll see what happened. ♪ i'm working to keep the fire going
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a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. melissa: testing relations. south korean officials reporting that north korea has fired two short-range missiles today marking the second weapons test from the rogue regime in less
4:27 pm
than a week. joining us now to react is retired lieutenant colonel daniel davis. he is also a defense priorities military expert. thank you so much for joining us. i would add to this, we also have the development of the department of justice confiscating one of north korea's biggest cargo ships, one that was said to be circumventing sanctions walled the wise honest, which basically took machinery into the country and exported coal in exchange for it. what do you make of these developments? >> yeah, actually neither of these are surprising. neither of them actually changes the dynamics involved here. we head back as far as april 25th of this year the north korean regime put out a statement that said because of the military exercises that the united states was conducting with south korea, which they claim to be in violation of the promise trump made last june to have no more joint drills, they said they would take appropriate countermeasures. when they launched the missiles last week the mrl, multiple
4:28 pm
launched rocket systems into the south china sea and these two today they said the same thing after both, this is just a regular routine exercise, almost exactly mirroring our image, our statements on our exercises. so what they're doing, they're saying hey, you push here we push back. bottom line they actually want to talk. melissa: you get that? you get they want to talk from this? doesn't seem like the lines of communication have been that open? and also you know, we seized one of their largest cargo ships that they're using to try and get coal and out and everything they need in. >> right. that also goes to show that is not surprising because if we shut down, put all this pressure on this country, of course they will do whatever they can to try to circumvent it, try to cheat it. that is not surprising. the fact we caught it, we're doing everything we can to make sure they don't bust these things. they are definitely wanting to
4:29 pm
talk. at the hanoi deal they want ad deal at time we put too much pressure on maximum, we could have deal we could have been small one going forward. we want full denuclearization before we give anything. no one will operate. if we go incremental, they will give something, we give something they move toward peace. if we get enough peace we have a chance to talk about denuclearization. we put that up front we're guaranteed failure. melissa: that has been your theory, we have to do this in stages but we can't demand full denuclearization up front but the flipside of that argument, you take any pressure off and they go you know right back to doing what they were doing or they never stop what they were doing before. they're just trying to buy time as they continue get closer to closer to nuclear weapon. that seems to the be the way it always worked in the past. >> you have got to see they have made pretty major concessions by
4:30 pm
stopping the icbm tests and nuclear tests both of which are really important if they want to develop their process. in their view they are giving something but if they need to get something in return incrementally, not until they have done everything and hope we come across. their actions, actually to the contrary they are shown willing to give things incrementally. they asked to do that, they have shown so far they're willing to. i don't think they're looking for ways to cheat. they want the sanctions lifted. the only way they get that done is if they have a deal with the united states. melissa: colonel davis. thank you for your insight. >> always my pleasure, thank you. connell: another news alert, this time on china. not about the trade talks we've been covering. a different possible threat. reports say china is making tremendous progress in the arctic and could even deploy ballistic missile submarines underneath the use of the arctic in order to potentially threaten the united states. these reports say china is attempting to expand its military reach by acquiring new
4:31 pm
land. another thing to worry about. melissa: perfect. because i wasn't worried about everything else already. let's pile more on. scrapping amazon's headquarters in long island, but just months afterward the neighborhood is seeing a big boom. connell: who would have thunk it. e-commerce giant is under fire from children's advocacy group because of a privacy violation. what parents need to know about that. coming up. ♪ the unique challenges in that sector. coming out here, seeing the infrastructure firsthand, talking with the people behind the numbers creates a different picture. once i know what a business is truly worth, we can make better informed investment decisions. that's why i go beyond the numbers. ♪
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melissa: here is a fun story. amazon might be secretly listening to your children? connell: what? melissa: a new complaint with the federal trade commission is accusing the e-commerce giant improperly storing conversations of children using its echo dot kids device. deirdre bolton is in the newsroom with all the details. this is unbelievable. reporter: it is unbelievable, melissa and according to the campaign for a commercial-free childhood says there is no equivocation. amazon is listening to your kid. in fact that organization is calling on the ftc to investigate amazon as it published the piece today, including this line, parents, not jeff bezos should be in charge of children's data. the ftc must hold amazon accountable for blatantly violating children's privacy law and putting kids at risk. it's a pretty clear position. the organization says that amazon spies on kids, via the company so-called family
4:36 pm
friendly echo dot kids devices. the devices listen when they shouldn't, keep recordings that are made even after parents try to delete them. the investigation states that amazon is violating a children online's privacy act when amazon keeps sensitive personal information from kids including their voice recordings, including their viewing, their reading, their listening and purchasing habits. part of this non-profit organization privacy release, if organizations cannot make heads or tails of amazon on line policy labyrinth how can parents consent to release of children's data. i reached out to amazon. the spokesperson said that the company complies with privacy laws and we know earlier this week a "washington post" journalist, published a deep die article, accessed all his data from echo, he found a dozen snippets of conversations that
4:37 pm
he did not authorize amazon to collect. he said he picked up parts of conversations about recipes when he was discussing things with his wife, bits of "downton abbey" they had playing in the background. more upsettingly the device recorded parts of conversations he was having with a friend in his own living room about a friend's business deal. some family conversations about medications for a family. i obviously followed up with amazon about that as bell. they told me all sounds are randomized. they're not attached to a user's identity. the company said all these bits of conversation are really used for the purposes of improving the product, improving its artificial intelligence and not to sell to another party. for the record, melissa that is actually what facebook's policy is as well. melissa: how can they say that? >> as long as they keep information to do research it is okay in a gray area as long as they're not selling it. that seems to be the legal line
4:38 pm
where we are now, state of play. back to you. melissa: i was saying that is exactly what facebook said. they never sold it but turns out they traded it for other things of value. these things -- give this for my kids as a gift. i have taken them out. i hide them. anytime they have them, they plug them in. we take them out, they're way down in the basement. unless they're watching now. which case i'm throwing them out when i get home. deirdre, thank you. connell: i'm sorry about that present. another amazon story for you right now. you remember long island city, right? it is actually we're told seeing a boom after amazon pulled out and didn't go forward with the headquarters plans in new york amid backlash from local activists. what is behind that? eric joins us a retail reporter. erica we wend out did the whole show from there. people were worried about jobs not coming. but then like any other
4:39 pm
self-respecting of the media we forgot it, never went back. you did. you followed up. you found a pretty good story. tell us about it. >> yeah i went to long island city i asked a couple real estate developers what is going on now. turns out that all glass city building that was set to be the first part of amazon's expanse into queens has already been grabbed up. almost half of it, one of the biggest tenants a big health care company from st. louis. we have to be clear, 25,000 jobs are not coming in one pop like they would with amazon. connell: exactly. that is a good point. not as if because some companies are moving in there it replaces everything but it is an interesting story because it is almost i think you wrote about it this way almost amazon anointed long island city, you're a cool place and maybe other companies picked up on that? >> absolutely. long island city was rising. there are not that many
4:40 pm
neighborhoods outside of manhattan that can absorb big companies and satellite offices. amazon solidly put it on the map. i is a big deal successful tech company. other companies think they might be on to something. they might want to move in to grab all the research they did. connell: are they getting incentives? that is the big deal with amazon? some of these other ones? >> i'm still digging into that right now but there are some incentive packages to move into long island the state offers. one offers $3,000 per employee per year, not for creating jobs just relocating to the area. long island city remains undeveloped, so close, so successful by transit, a lot of companies might want to do there but the state still thinks it needs to incentivize companies to move there. connell: is there any pushback from local politicians screaming about amazon or are they going away. >> i asked one of the vocal
4:41 pm
opponents if it is smaller businesses they are doing what they should be. centene is a big companies. connell: some are big companies. and some are start-ups. right? some are smaller. >> some are startups. some small ecosystem. some will be big. the bottom line changes activists were pushing against will happen. it won't be as big or fast as amazon but it will happen. connell: good story. shows you the value following up. thanks for coming on with us. melissa: china trade talks beginning in moments. let's go back to edward lawrence with an update. reporter: we're starting to see the movement from the secret service, closing off the area, getting cars ready for the delegation to arrive. we expect them to arrive 15, 20 minutes for the delegation talk. it will be interesting to see how the greeting goes. in times past when they rifed here, a handshake and smiles from the chinese side.
4:42 pm
we'll see what the demeanor is this time around. back to you, melissa. melissa: very interesting. keep us up to date, edward. thank you. connell: he is a body expert language, edward lawrence. he is all over that. top of the hour. they have until midnight. melissa: yeah. connell: other news, shocked and surprised the president addressing intel committee's decision to subpoena his son, don, jr. we'll bring you his comments. plus is mayor of new york city bill de blasio saying no to a possible presidential run? michael goodwin from the "new york post" says we can only hope he is. goodwin is next. ♪ when you pay attention big things happen.ngs. horizons expand. you make bigger plans. set higher goals. the new 2019 ram heavy duty
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4:46 pm
>> i was very surprised to see my son. my son is a very good person. works very hard. the last thing he needs is washington, d.c. i think i would rather not ever be involved. to go again and speak again after close to 20 hours of telling everybody that would listen about a nothing meeting? yeah, i'm pretty surprised. melissa: donald trump hitting back after democrats subpoenaed his son over -- actually a republican head of that committee that did that over a
4:47 pm
trump meeting at trump tower that the committee already looked at with a fine tooth couple. michael goodwin. we made a little mistake there. more compelling the head of that committee is a republican. what do you make of that? >> well, melissa, that is why the president is surprised. i think a lot of people are surprised, myself included, that richard burr, the senator from north carolina, head of that committee along with mark warner from virginia, warner is the ranking democrat, and they have made a, sort of fetish out of announcing that they are in bipartisan lockstep all of the way. nonetheless it is a majority republican committee. melissa: yeah. >> so to have don, jr. subpoenaed, apparently declined to come voluntarily. that is one report i read. melissa: yeah. >> it is somewhat after mystery, why they would do this what they were looking for. if it was something significant mueller himself would have made more of a big deal out of it.
4:48 pm
melissa: they tried this, the explanation we heard so far they want to go back over territory that michael cohen opened up. that the original testimony according to reports from don, jr. didn't match. michael cohen said, no, he was much more involved in the trump tower in russia that he led on. they had been in negotiationso
4:49 pm
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