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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 9, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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early mother's day weekend to all of you. if you've got a mom, if you're gonna be a mama. follow me on twitter and instagram @kennedynation. watch clips of the show, e-mail kennedy fbn alt good night. lou: good evening, everybody. the radical dimsz dimms are thy of hate spewing mostly nastiness and nonsense almost every day. some of their leaders have warned about the prospect of a constitutional crisis almost as though that any crisis that is present wasn't of their own doing. tonight we focus on the crisis created by these radical dimms, their disregard for truth and decency, mora morality, ethics. we know now that the democratic party colluded with the special counsel to withhold the no collusion conclusion of the
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mueller report until after the 2012018 midterm elections. we know too that rinos and the u.s. senate, one of nem in particular, richard burr, chairman of the intelligence committee just issued a subpoena for president trump's son, donald jr. seeking further system on the collusion matter, even though it is now a closed matter. burr has been in the kindest interpretation of his conduct throughout a willing if not eager tool of the democrats and the ranking member mark warner. president trump addressed this today. >> i was very surprised. i saw richard burr saying there was no collusion two or three weeks ago. the mueller report came out. that's the bible. the mueller report came out. and they said he did nothing wrong. my son is a good person. my son testified for hours and hours. my son was totally exonerated by mueller. after being exonerated to now
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get a subpoena to go again and speak again. yeah, i'm pretty surprised. lou: surprised a kind word. the radical dimms, the rino republicans and the corrupt deep state won't cease their attacks against this president and his family until the conspirators, the corrupt officials of our government are brought to account. we take it all up here tonight, congressman low is gohmert, jo digenova among our guests. and the national security crisis at the border worsening. arrests of illegal immigrants in april hitting numbers not seen in more than a decade. more than 200,000 illegal immigrant family members release into the united states since october. an overwhelming majority of them will never show up for their hearings. our top story tonight, the radical dimms in meltdown. a national embarrassment.
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house judiciary chair jerry nadler warned that we were approaching a constitutional crisis. and today house speaker nancy pelosi jumped on board, no surprise there. if there is indeed a crisis it's of the dimms own making. they are the ones who have ignored federal law. they're the ones who have ignored the special counsel's special conclusion of no collusion. and as the dimms resist the president and his administration, the rino republicans and their milk toast leaders remain weak, passive seeming only to encourage the dimms. north carolina senator richard burr issuing a subpoena for donald trump jr., not even two days after senate majority leader mitch mcconnell declared the russia probe ended. now mcconnell is either in retreat or already in hiding and the rinos act as though nothing is wrong in what could be laughably referred to as the
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republican-controlled senate. >> i can understand why after the mueller investigation is over, his frustration thinking how much longer is this going to go on. that's a concern, that the committee needs to wrap up. >> i believe that senator burr has been a very good chairman, has done an excellent job conducting this investigation and has worked very closely with the ranking democrats. >> i think what it indicates is the senate intelligence committee is trying to wrap up their work, tying up as many loose ends as they can, at least trying to. i've got talked to senator burr about it but i'm hoping they can get it worked out between the committee and don jr. lou: can you believe what you just heard? republicans, rhino republicans and without the courage to speak straightforwardly or plainly. laughing all of the way are the radical dimms who mock the rino republicans and their spineless
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responses to outrage after outrage. the radical dimms pulled off the biggest political heist in our country's history, stealing the 2012018 midterm elections in the house of representatives as they do so, all the while the republican capitol hill leadership just dithering and drooling. our first guest tonight says the mueller witch hunt was an attempted coup to remove the president. joining us tonight is congressman louie gohmert. a member of influence freedom caucus. great to have you with us. your blood must be boiling as you watched all of this unfold. >> well you're a breath of fresh air hearing you. you know, lou, you're so e give equivocal. you can't make up your mind about how you feel about things. it's bad enough that this thing has gone on for two and a half years since the election, much less now we're finding out more
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and more was done before the election to try to keep donald trump from becoming president and then to remove him from office. and the fact that even after the mueller report has come out we still have republicans that are pandering to those who can't stand the president. it just goes beyond the pale. you don't find me agreeing very often with jerry nadler and speaker pelosi. but i do agree. there is definitely a constitutional crisis and it has everything to do with that attempted coup by leaders in the fbi, the doj, apparently in the intel community, some there, maybe the top people. and who knows, since we found out that president obama wanted to know everything that was going on and we heard that gee, we can thank president obama because he's the one that set this whole thing in motion, it
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is outrageous. and somebody, hopefully a bunch of bodies, have got to be held to account or this will not stop. i know as a former felony judge, one of the things that you consider in sentencing is the potential for discouraging future crimes. something you've got to consider here. if people don't go to prison for bringing this little experiment in self government to the brink of disaster, then we're not going to last much longer. that's serious. lou: well the republican comps, all due respect, the republican conference has a great responsibility here in permitting the democratic party and the special counsel that knew as early certainly, early
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2017, that there was no collusion, no case. >> exactly. >> and they persisted and stole and stole the 28 midterm elections in the house majority without so much as. >> i agree. lou: without so much as resistance from the leadership of the house, including paul ryan and some of the people who remain in leadership today. >> well, you've got to admire the consistency in that. we didn't hold anybody to account. we were nod allowed to hold anybody account. not lois lerner or eric holder. the only way we got a vote on holding eric holder in contempt after over 400 days of being in contempt is when speaker boehner found out, oh, we can find a vote, make ait political issue but we won't be allowed to enforce that contempt. that was real contempt. they were clearly hiding documents about fast and
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furious they still haven't given. but this is unbelievable. as i said in committee, my word, these people in the majority, including our committee chair, these folks have got to know that the contempt that they voted to hold our attorney general in actually is totally inappropriate because in the deal aoffere they offered last , they said look, if you'll go was to court antry to get a court to order, to allow the production of the grand jury material, then we'll drop the contempt. they know it's illegal for the attorney general to release this information. you got to get a court order. and yet still they voted -- you know -- lou: jerry nadler had better hope that the republicans continue decide to move forward into the courts with this
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contempt effort that's going to come to fruition. there's no court that could i guess for6e and the rec reck sit requirements of maintaining the secrecy of the grand jury documents. i mean this is just -- and nadler. >> it's outrageous. lou: he may not be a good attorney but he's an attorney and he should know that and my guess is a few republicans have reminded him. congressman kris mer wray takiny taking on his boss and the president over spying versus surveillance. your reaction and by the way his sealing a document from the state department that reveals all that they knew about the christopher steele and his nonsense fraudulent dossier that they used to get spying warrants. >> yeah, christopher wray, people had great hope for him. i was hoping he would come in
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and clean out the bad actors in the fbi. but instead what he has done has gone on and continued to perpetuate the improprieties that were started by the people before him. he, for example, not only sealing a document that showed how bad the fbi had been acting criminally, potentially, but i go back to the fact, as i asked peter strzok about it -- you remember when frank rucker came as the investigator for the intel community ig and he told you they had proof positive that hillary clinton's private server was hacked and he said something like well, you know, i remember him coming over. by the way, those records have disappeared that showed what rucker told them. but christopher wray has continued to perpetuate the lie by saying -- issuing a statement last year, well, we still have never seen anything -- any
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evidence that her server was hacked. it's because they refused to look at what the iq had. lou: always great to have you with us. we're out of time. appreciate it. >> keep firing. keep firing. lou: you do, congressman. thanks so much. up next, president trump takes on the dimms 2020 hopefuls. >> you have a choice between sleepy joe and crazy bernie. and i'll take any of them, let's just pick somebody please and let's start this thing. we have a young man buttigieg, but edge edge, they say edge edge. he's got a great chance. he'll be great. he'll be great. lou: ed rollins joins us. he'll give us his analysis of the 21 dimms who are seeking fame, fortune and of course the highest office in theland. also tonight, how much and when did president obama's
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government know about the political motives of the das stl dossier. we'll be coming right back. please stay wit
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the radical dimms endless attacks and investigations of his administration will propel him to victory in 2020. >> i mean they want to do investigations instead of investigationments. investments they want to do what they're doing which looks so foolish. and maybe i read it wrong but i think it drives us right on to victory in 2020. lou: indeed people seem to get it. another positive indicator for president trump in 2020. more women are backing president trump. according to fec data, federal election commission data, over 10,000 women donating to the president's campaign in the first quarter of the year were far more than any of the dimms 2020 candidates. the numbers show a broad appeal for the president, something he talked about last night in florida. >> the women's unemployment rate is the lowest in more than 65
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years and soon will be a record number. women, women. remember last election, he's going to do so bad with women. i did great with women. lou: joining us tonight, former reagan white house political director and fox business political analyst, ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: let's turn first to the president's assessment of the climate right now. it's mean, it's vicious, awe inspired by the radical dimms, their unl relenting of the president, his son and family. it's not going to quit. >> this is the game for the foreseeable future. the democrats were disappointed when trump won fair and square. they've done everything they can to undue his administration. every day he gets stronger and does more. my sense, i don't know what they're going do when he gets
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reelected in 18 months. but the reality is right today these charges constitutional crisis. give me a break. they haven't started the court process. we've had one severe constitutional crisis in the country and that was the civil war. these are basically guys trying to get out of their lanance do things they shouldn't do. president has hi responsibilities and they have their responsibilities. lou: let's get your rundown of the 2020 hopefuls. some of in the democratic party are saying that pete buttigieg is too low energy. i'd love it because the president is manufacturing labels for even the democratic candidates before they get to meet him. >> well you've got the old white guys, biden and bernie sanders. lou: watch this now. >> remember, if that's the two candidates the democrats are putting up, trump is the young candidate. and the vital candidate. no one has his energy. my sense is those two have
10:20 pm
name'dnameid, they're going to s players. three or four women are very significant, adopt show yet in the polls. certainly articulate in arguing their points of view. the problem is you got to go left. this is a democratic party that has to go so far to the left open give everythinandgive ever. when you have someone like brarnd whbernie sanders who hoof up with aoc to talk about banks just shows how bankrupt the party is. lou: and a p peculiar pairing at the very best. let's turn to -- speaking of pe keurpeculiar, richard burr, goig along with the fellow that seems to be the real chairman of the committee, mark warner and subpoenaing the president's son
10:21 pm
donald jr. what do you make of this? >> warper has run that committee since the beginning. they spent two years investigating. they had no know there was no collusion 18 months ago. why you're bringing young don become before the committee to get him on something he did or didn't say is beyond the pale. they've proch by the house, the senate and the justice department that there was no collusion. that's how they started this process. and why you drag him back up and put him in jeopardy. lou: i don't understand why mitch mcconnell doesn't say to the chairman of the committee end this nonsense and end it now. number two, you've been using for the tool you've been for the democratic party. and three, this is, i have said it's done, it's done. there is no room to go beyond this. end it. >> they should end it. mcconnell i heard today went to barr and said okay, you can
10:22 pm
keep moving forward. i understand why you're doing this. someone ought to explain to the american public why we're doing it. there's no sense to me. to me the game is over. there's so much that we have to do. the president has to do so much in the international arena. lou: i have to say, with great equanimity, he greats this nonsense that would drive most of us nuts. he just handles it so well. it would be a time i think that he would not be required to handle it and tell everybody to go to hell. >> i think when you're starting to get your kids dragged forward and have to spend money and all kinds of things, don is not even on government. he has to go on the offense. lou: ed rollins, great to see you, my friend. a sight to see, researchers for the institute for human and machine cognition, look at this. this video of a 343-pound human
10:23 pm
oid robot walking across a balance beam and cinder blocks. the robot is only about 50% successful most of the time. but i have to say, this is very impressive. and this robots are getting more impressive by the day, aren't they? we'll come back in just a moment. and when we do, president trump responding to north korea's latest missile launches. >> the relationship continues but we'll see what happens. i know they want to negotiate. they're talking about negotiating but i don't think they're ready to negotiating. lou: and the united states making a few things plain for kim jong-un this time. we'll tell you all about that, take it up after the break. stay with us. we'll be straight back.
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mexico defying u.s. warnings not to conduct business with chinese tell telecom giant huawei. they've been able to secure an agreement with mexico in 2017 and assuring them of work on the nation's telecommunications network. a federal grand jury has charged as well a chinese national for hacking u.s. insurance company anthem and three other u.s. businesses back in 2015. the hacker able to access personal information of nearly 80 million people. also breaking tonight, the pentagon confirms that north korea tested multiple ballistic missiles around 3:30 a.m. eastern time today. the defense department saying that the missiles made it 190 mimes int190 miles into the sea. it would behoove north korea to take a look at these launches from the u.s. military before
10:29 pm
they act again. the air force coincidentally launching a minute man intercontinental missile ten minutes later, that is ten minutes after the north koreans tested their short-range missiles. that missile landed 4200 miles into the pacific. the u.s. navy today also launching a trident 2 missile from the rhode island submarine submerged off of cap cape canav. the missile landing hundreds of miles off of the coast of africa. sort of an interesting illustration for the north koreans. there might be a message in that sh. joining us tonight, fox business national security and foreign policy and cyst dr. ferris. analyst.
10:30 pm
the missiles didn't go far but they did go into space and back on reentry making these ballistic. what in your judgment, if anything, are they trying to prove. and secondly, aren't you proud that the united states military is conducting these missile tests just within minutes of a north korean launch? >> absolutely, lou. this is called missiles diplomacy. that's what's happening at this point in time. in north koreans are showing that they can still fire missiles but they're very careful. look at the ballistics. it's about 200 miles less or more. and then look at what we have done. our administration ordered our forces to show the north koreans what is it that we can do. meaning we're very determined in responding. but beyond that, lou, i feel that there is somebody behind north korea telling them or using them in terms of other negotiations. and i feel it's china. i don't know what other experts have in mind but my feeling is
10:31 pm
that the north koreans are being used by china. lou: it seems the president is quite aware of that. he's reacted in very direct terms and with a firmness to north korea's reactions here of late, china, walking -- i mean absolutely reneging on agreements. and charging them with breaking the deal. china has lost immense space here. they have a lot of amend to make if they're ever to recover their stand in the global community. i personally don't think that they will overcome this setback very soon. your thoughts. >> look, from a philosophical perspective china is caught between two dimensions. one, it is still a communist country, a communist regime. it has limitations and it knows that even if it becomes capitalist expanding all over the world, just mentioned mexico now, it knows that any serious
10:32 pm
change inside china could cost the regime. that's why they want to flex muscles on us, put pressure on us. lou: instead of flexing muscles, they've agreed from negotiated terms. they look weak, absolutely untrust worthy and they know it. and across the country, across the globe huawei, you know, is without question a direct commercial enterprise threat to the united states and security in every nation with which we have an alliance. where is this headed, in your opinion. is trade negotiations are under way in washington, huawei, the government, u.s. government is obviously making it clear they want to push huawei completely out of any primary role with our allies. >> absolutely. i mean huawei is the example,
10:33 pm
the major company/agency of the chinese government. the chinese negotiators have felt that president trump and his administration are very serious and determined in negotiations. so they know at the end of the day if they cut a deal with this administration they may lose on the ground including huawei and others. if they don't cut a deal, they're going to feel the pressure by the united states on all four major continents. lou: and that doesn't consider the fact that china's economy is in significant decline, far from collapse but in significant decline. and again, it's very simple. the united states, our president is pursuing u.s. interests and it makes you wonder what in the dickens the presidents who immediately preceded him, what were they thinking as he has to deal with all of these challenges. great to see you, my friend. >> thank you so much, lou. lou: radical dimms like jerry
10:34 pm
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robert mueller appears before congress. president trump then highlighted some of mueller's conflicts of interest. >> and bob mueller is no friend of mine. i had conflicts with him. we had a busies peut. businesbusiness dispute.they wt friends, james comey, maybe not. you see hundreds of pictures of him and comey. and with all of that and other things, he wanted the fbi job. i don't know if anybody knows that. he was considered for the fbi job, wanted it. and a day after he didn't get it he became the special counsel. that's a conflict. lou: joining us tonight to examine much of all of this victoria toensing, former deputy attorney general for the criminal division of the justice department, attorney joe da digenova.
10:39 pm
folks great to see you. and let's start with the most recent reporting, john solomon in "the hill" giving us a date certain that the special counsel knew that there were problems with the so-called trump dossier, the fraudulent dossier. and then we have sort of the suspicious sealing of that document just a couple of weeks ago by kris me christopher wraye fbi. your reaction to both. >> hey, lou. that was retroactive classify classification which is so rare. in other words when everything was hit the fan, all of the sudden the fbi decided they were going to hide this memo. this is why the memo was important pipt was written by a deputy assistant secretary. she said -- wrote to the fbi what her meeting was with
10:40 pm
christopher steele. and believe me, it was not good. she evaluated him immediately and said that he was political and untrust worthy. and we can name all of the different things she spelled out for him, including that michael cohen was in prague, that there were russians paying people to hack computers in the united states and they were being paid out of the russian consulate in miami. but there's no russian consulate in miami. so she -- the state department, i mean of all people, figured out that he was a fraud antold d the fbi. lou: and joe, with the knowledge that there was not a collusion case, why would a special counsel not have said something well in advance of the 2018 midterms. isn't there a responsibility to do so since that was his principle charge? your thoughts. >> absolutely, lou.
10:41 pm
robert mueller's performance in this has been a disgrace. he has besmirched the reputation of the department yet again. and the reason is, when you sit down and you read the 400-plus pages of the special counsel's report, it's a adolescent, at least first-year law school and a smear job of the president of the united states. everything that's in there that has nothing to do with charging anyone should never have been in the report. it ears fairly obvious that the wiseman report as we call it was done for one reason only. to spea smear the president ando have happen what is absolutely happening right now with the nuts in the house of representative to make trouble for the president. mr. mueller should be ashamed of himself. >> lou, i would like to go back to john solomon's story. it's a really significant story
10:42 pm
that i'm sure it has legs. here's the issue. with all of this known by the fbi about how bad christopher steele was and with bruce ohr telling the fbi in august of 2016 that the fbi signed a -- lou: top doj official bruce ohr, right. >> yes. say that christopher steele was not only kred nl bu credible buy didn't have any bad information about him, nothing derogatory about him. they swore that to the fisa court. lou: so at this point it's clear, i think to most people, that the democrats stole an election through collusion with the special counsel's office. there seems to be not much room for another interpretation here. >> well, i don't think there's any doubt about that now, lou. as everything else is becoming clear about how there was a brazen plot to frame the president of the united states.
10:43 pm
it's also true that that plot included figuring out a way to harm the republicans in the 2018 election cycle and they indeed succeeded in doing so. and so that is why the democrats are doing what they're doing on the hill. they're doing that as a diversionary tactic away from the inevitable conclusions of the doj inspector general michael horowitz who has concluded that the final three pfisa extensions were illegally obtained. the only question now is whether or not the first fisa was illegally obtained. he was unaware of -- the bureau hid those memos from horowitz. as a result of that they're doing additional work on the first fisa. it may be that all four fisas will have been obtained illegally. >> chris wray is hiding jim
10:44 pm
comey's sins that's what's going on there. lou: he has, it would seem at least to me, significant liability here, legal culpability, would he not? >> are you talking about comey? lou: i'm talking actually about christopher wray. >> well christopher wray's liability is political. he's an empty suit. he came from king and spawlder in atlanta, georgia which is where sally yates went after he left. that will tell you something about king and spaulding. christopher wray has nothing going for him and he hates conflict. listen. he loves comey and mueller. he's one of their closest friends. lou: it's so insay extraordinar. and william barr standing against all of the hateful nonsense in that judiciary committee.
10:45 pm
>> yep. lou: it is painful to watch and for him to put up with it -- by the way, i know now, after watching him in just a couple of hearings, it's pretty clear why they wanted the house judiciary committee wanted their attorneys on staff to question him rather than risk their own public image. they wouldn't have done well. >> well, bill barr is a great attorney, a great man and the president made a fabulous choice. >> absolutely. victoria thanks so much. joe, thank you. we appreciate, as always, your time. good to have you here. >> thank you. lou: thank you. the left-wing national media ignoring key political biases of the two school shooters in high lands ranch, colorado. why haven't we learned more from the national left-wing media. the shooters have been identified as 16-year-old alec mckinney, a transgender boy
10:46 pm
and 18-year-old devin erickson. but the left-wing media not reporting erickson's anti-trump, anti-christian and proobama beliefs at a vigil of the student who were murdered for trying to stop the shooting. classmates walked out of the assembly. asemiably. they felt that the democratic lawmakers who had been in to address the vigil, including 2020 candidate michael bennett, politicized it with more calls for gun control as they left that assembly, many of the students were chanting "mental health, mental health ." up next, the dimms focus on attacking president trump as the crisis on the southern border rages. we take that up right after the break. sebastian gorka with
10:47 pm
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casebastian gorka, great americ. good to see you. my goodness, you didn't have to dress up just for us tonight. >> you're the only person i would leave a gala on capitol
10:51 pm
hill in defense of the constitution for. this is for you, lou. lou: thank you very much i'm deeply in your debt and if i say say, you look splendid. richard burr makes so sense to me. mark warner -- he's been the ranking democratic member of senate intelligence. warner's tool throughout. at what point does mitch mcconnell find enough of a spine to say it's over, it's over fool. >> yeah, the key question here, lou, i had a guest on my show on america fist today who raised the question -- lou: the show name is what, i'm sorry. >> "america first." the key question is it is not feasible, not imaginable that the republican chairman of that committee subpoenas the president's son without mitch mcconnell knowing. if that's the case, we are in
10:52 pm
more dire straits than we imagined. he testified, donald jr. testified for 20 hours. that's almost twice what hillary clinton did after our ambassador and two americans were killed in benghazi and now he's been subpoenaed again. lou: there is a little manner, too, of the mueller report. it's concluded. the collusion is there's no collusion. what is this about and why is mitch mcconnell permitting it? i am so sick and tired of watching the milquetoast rino republican senators whether they're in leadership or amongst the tepid little followers of those leaders just simply going their own way as if the party didn't mean anything, as if they don't have the support or shouldn't be supporting the president of the united states who is the leader of that party, for crying out loud. and who, by the way, was elected by the american people. >> as a conservative, born as a
10:53 pm
conservative, grew up under margaret thatcher, look at ronald reagan as a hero, the idea for two years you can count on the fingers of both hands the people who have the letter r behind their name on tap toll hill who stood behind president trump is an utter indictment of the republican party. the fact that these individuals haven't realized what happens when they don't support the president, they book not footnotes in history, they become irrelevant in political life. mitch mcconnell needs to stand up for president trump. lou: come tillis, one of those milquetoast rino republicans i'm talking about, today stood up against mcconnell and burr. i'd like to share with the audience, if we can have the full screen, of what he said. he said, i agree with leader mcconnell. this case is closed.
10:54 pm
the mueller report cleared donald trump jr. and he's already spent 27 hours testifying before congress. dips havdimszdimms have made its all about politics. time to move on and focus on issues that mat tore american. meanwhile the majority leader had to agree to do that and shame on mitch mcconnell. >> we have some people in the house of representatives, the freedom caucus who support the president, who represent their constituencies. pretty much everybody else is a member of the cowards caucus. the idea that the democratic party, speaker of the house and others are talking about jailing the attorney general, jailing the secretary of the treasury simply because he works for donald trump and then the republicans -- lou: and they think they're being cute. >> and they laugh about it. and then what's the republican response, subpoena the president's son. it's an outrage. lou: it's going to -- i think it's a very predictable result
10:55 pm
and i think the president is right about the outcome of the vote in 2020. dr. sebastian gorka, as always. great to see you. thanks for leaving the gala for just a while. >> thank you, lou. lou: good to see you. up next, the radical dimms level of anti-trump venom, it's boundless. boundless. we'll have much more all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. ifor another 150 years. the fire going
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closed lower. dow down 129 points but it had been down for more machine that. nasdaq down 33. volume on the big board 3.6 billion shares. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. radical dimms warning about the prospects of a constitutional crisis. congressman lewis gohmert said there is a crisis. it was the radical dimms attempted overthrow of president trump. >> there is definitely a constitutional crisis. and it has everything to do with the attempted coup by leaders in the fbi, the doj, apparently in the intel community, some there. maybe the top people. and who knows since we found out that president obama wanted to know everything that was going
11:00 pm
on. lou: congressman louie gohmert. that's it for us tonight. tomorrow john solomon and michael pillsbury among our guests. thanks for joining us and good night from m m m m new york. ♪ trish: first i was collusion, then obstruction and now we're apparently in a constitutional crisis. the left decembe desperately tro change the narrative as this becomes increasingly evident that you know what, the tables have turned on them. we've learned that the inspector general is looking into a piece of opposition research, yeah, the one paid for by the dnc and hillary clinton campaign was used as evidence to spy on the trump campaign. new intel on that just second away. and president trump vowing to stay tough on china as critics warn raising tariffs on chinese goods is om going to hurt america.
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