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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 10, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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her cause, do you, adam? >> the companies was funny. it was disrespectful, but it was funny. >> i don't think that's why they deleted it. >> i must say your idea of funny is not necessarily mine. >> the companies was. >> will see you next time. >> look at this. the doll rolling back. a gigantic reversal ending less than 1000 points from its all-time record high as president trump sounded optimistic. that talk for china continues. china says yes, trade talks next month in china. so near parabolic move on the downside ending the day. the wheels did not come off the stock market as the media predicted. this is wall street analysts are telling us they agree with the president, that is long past time to get tough tough with china. the trump economy going like gangbusters. a trump room giving democrats
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fits were in battleground states unemployment as at record lows. the biggest expansion u.s. history could happen as the new york times columnist says enough, democrats with the false claims. that the trump academy would crash and burn it would only benefit a few orders only obama was economy. the new york says none of this is a tenable. and democrats, you will not win 2020 on water reclaims the fall apart. we debate that. so, why in the world is 2020 democrat, elizabeth warren now campaigning that not only you didn't build that, but nobody in america succeeds on their own without the government. now, doesn't the government work for us, the taxpayers? critics now say horns all government all the time attitude is why 2020 democrats want to raise your taxes. you won't believe the brand-new tax hikes we found that the non-
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down democrats want if they win. >> america's major display forces this week stating up to the most brutal dictatorship. the messages this. it's a new day, we have eyes on you and your brutalities and threats. that stories tonight. also former fbi director, james call me admitting that peter struck and lisa page quote made us all look bad at the fbi. we debate that as comey is now feeling the heat from the inspector general of the justice department who has called me front and center in his pro. plus, house judiciary committee, democrat chair, jerry nadler, doing a 180. robert mueller not testify next week. democrats also not going to vote on holding bill barr in contempt. were going to debate that tonight. what's really behind democrats cooking up a fishing expedition into a fake constitutional crisis, tacking william barr. this is the democrats will throw
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to politics. pretend impeachment, it's really a push to try down trumps improvement rating to quote donald trump doesn't get reelected. that's a direct quote from the democrats. thanks for joining us. >> welcome to the show. you're watching foxbusiness network, where you get all your business news. keep it here in the foxbusiness network. we'll bring you the latest on a china terror fight. here's what's going on right now, vice premier lieu of china, he agrees with president trump that the delegation did have constructive discussions with the u.s. and that both sides agreed to hold more talks in beijing. that's coming up. edward is at the white house with more. >> good evening. now, seems china is on the clock. chinese trade sources are
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telling us the treasury secretary, stephen mnuchin told -- that china has three or four weeks until all of the tariffs, everything else that china imports into the united states will be under 25% tariff. the president says that's about $325 billion worth of goods. that's in addition to the 24 i% on $200 billion with the goods. everything from strawberries, plywood, inflatable rafts could be more if the terror of cost is passed on to the consumer. the vice premier told us the talks went fairly well and they would continue in the future. the administration believes they are hopeful and remaining hopeful a deal may come. the tariffs went into effect in the chinese still showed up for the talks, bringing their top negotiator. the chinese route countermeasures. in the past they targeted farmers. the president saying that the u.s. would buy more than china ever did from farmers and use it as humanitarian aid to other countries. what's happening according to the trade representative is
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china pulled back on the concessions they made in multiple sections of this agreement. the treasury secretary says this agreement was 90% done. only 10% left to negotiate. >> it looks like the hard-liners in beijing finally got a look at the whole 150 pages and they must've been quite shocked at how many concessions have been made. that seems to be what happened. >> sources says the vice premier told the u.s. delegation last night at dinner that there's nothing else he could do. it would now be up to the two world leaders to work it out. it seems the ball is in the chinese court according to the administration. >> thank you. for history reaction let's get right to trend macro, don lasko. >> china is a problem even if chuck schumer agrees with president trump, right? >> well, when you are in a war, even a trade war, even democrats will support even donald trump.
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good for you, chuck. >> what's interesting is the media clinic is say the sky is falling, were going to blow an economic circuit. what i wonder, are these dueling bloomers selling their socks when they're telling the world this? >> are you kidding? they think the american public is stupid. that doesn't mean they are stupid, right? like on election night 2016 paul was telling everybody to sell everything as soon as the result started swinging toward donald trump. he won the nobel prize in economics. i'm betting he was buying and he had all the more to buy by telling everyone else to sell. >> what's interesting, the president, the white house and trump administration playing hardball this week, seizing ships coming out of north korea, the fcc blocking china's mobile bid to operate in the u.s. for fear they're going to build out more spying techniques.
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this is the trump administration playing hardball. now, the media critics are saying they are ripping into trump for making all of these moves. but, isn't it true that for generations we did nothing. the u.s. sat back and did nothing and it was like the house was on fire and they were still smoking in bed down there in washington, d.c. given what china was doing. >> i don't understand how win ships violate sanctions, you have to shut them down. when a foreign country is putting spy chips in electronics and trying to get them embedded in the united states, you gotta stop it. when you get china, tied for the worlds number one economy being as protectionist as some emerging market, you gotta stop it. now, is that some kind of playing hardball? if you ask me that's just plain by the rules of baseball. so, the real question is why having all the previous administrations even played by
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the rules? they've done this down so when you finally get a president who plays by the rules he's accused of playing hardball. are you kidding? he's calling them as he sees him. >> you been so astute about was going on inside china. he made the point about fox con, maker of iphones, they build out makes so many iphones in the chinese economy cannot absorb all of that. he was in the catbird seat here? was the position in china's economy, what's going on there? >> china is extremely vulnerab vulnerable. it has been growing rapidly for 40 years. it does not know how not to grow rapidly. it has never had a recession. if you gone for 40 years without a recession that's like going 40 years without a cold. when you finally get a cold, you're going to get pneumonia and died. if john even falls into a mild recession who knows what could
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happen. who knows what could happen if apple switches more iphone production to india which is what their getting to do. what would happen if there is mass unemployment in china? they've never had that experience. were going to find out. do they have enough facial recognition cameras, can i hold this thing together words are going to be like the soviet union in 1989, you put a little pressure on them and it rakes up and they're still not returning each other's calls. >> that's interesting. reports are out that chinese manufacturing is moving towards vietnam, malaysia, and malaysia. always great with your insights. come back soon. >> know, yet from the white house and the treasury department after the house ways and means committee. the democrats issuing a subpoena to the treasury secretary, mr. mnuchin and the irs commissioner to hand over president trumps tax returns. we are staying on that story for you. let's get to jerry with the hot
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action. jerry with the latest on the markets. >> what a day in the market fell three major indexes ending in the green. the dow up 114 points the s&p 500 up to ten, the nasdaq up six. it was a turnaround for the dow, move of 550 points, that's the biggest swing since january 4. at the end of this week though, all indexes are lower, nasdaq down 3%, the worst performance, the s&p and dow both down 2%. for the dow that's the worst performance since march 8. the big news story of the day, cooper struggling with its ipo today. it is supposed to be priced at 45, came out at 42. it was a to r and 20 minute as they try to price the stock, a real nailbiter as traders washed and listen for the pricing. tonight trading lower than that. we'll be keeping an eye on and on monday. back to you. >> thank you for your report. coming up, more high drama in
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the jussie smollett scandal. you won't believe what's going on now. it involves a judge, prosecutor, and just as tran jussie smollett. we'll take you to chicago for that story. plus if you're looking for a job, this is the best jobs market in 50 years. the bad news, president trump is warning that 2020 democrats are about to wreck it all. this is going to be the longest period of economic growth but the mondale democrats are going to bullet away if they win election. that's coming up. that story is next. >> if you get a business unit build that, somebody else made that happen i don't know what's . i've done all sorts of research, read earnings reports, looked at chart patterns. i've even built my own historic trading model. and you're still not sure if you want to make the trade? exactly. sounds like a case of analysis paralysis. is there a cure? td ameritrade's trade desk. they can help gut check your strategies and answer all your toughest questions. sounds perfect.
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featuring jim rogers is free but you must reserve your spot to attend. >> welcome back. we have got breaking news in the jussie smollett case. a cook county judge handing off the decision on whether to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the state attorney kim fox who let jussie smollett go. why was the hand of? why did it happen? the judges son worked for kim fox. in the meantime the empire actor, jussie smollett is off our radar ski screen. matt has the latest. >> liz, the chief judge of cook county was set to decide on
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whether to proceed with assigning a special prosecutor to investigate kim fox but then it was pointed out his son as an assistant state attorney for kim fox. a very reluctant to chief judge decided to pass this on to another veteran judge in chicago who will decide on the special prosecutor holding a hearing no week from today. the judge is this is not a recusal. he said is setting a precedent of accusing himself because of family relation. he says happens all the time. he acknowledges there's a tremendous amount of interest and agrees the court should exercise discretion. this all began when former illinois appellate justice sheila o'brien basically said not so fast it can fox and submitted a petition last month requesting an outside special prosecutor to investigate why he drops mullets charges. he also submitted questions regarding her motives. some questions, what was your
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motive when you said you recuse yourself from the jussie smollett case but still communicated with your staff and what was your motive when you received a document from one of your assistance who told you that the law of illinois or that your recruiter so would require special prosecutor and you do not comply without law? can fox has stated that a special prosecutor had only been assigned if she became sick or unable to fulfill her duties. justice o'brien said you already admitted you are unable to fulfill your duties when you recuse yourself. >> more twists and turns on the jussie smollett trauma. matt, were grateful you're on the story. thank you for that. so, if you are looking for work, this is the best job market in 50 years. the economy is soaring. president trump has ignited a blue-collar boom especially in battleground states where democrats are having fits. is the lowest blue-collar jobless rate in decades. manufacturing jobs in wages are generational highs.
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despite president trump turned in a commonly that was bedridden into a boon, democrats refused to give him credit. here's joe biden hopping on that bandwagon. >> wall street, bankers, hedge fund managers, they did not build this country. you build the country. >> let's get it straight. the middle class was built by laborers. if you contributed to the success and the enterprise you work with you have got to share in the benefits. the only people who benefit of the people who in fact are viewed as quote the job creators. lizl: that include small businesses who are entrepreneurs, a little guy and gal on main street. the spring and bill. look at what he just said about job creators. >> he's right. it's not just one person in this community. this is the democrats dilemma. the economy is good. people know it, people feel it. the job numbers, not only that
6:19 pm
is the president points out, women, latinos, these are record low unemployment rates. so what do they do? are they really going to have a message that only the people at the top benefit for the tax cuts? spent most of it's not true. >> also were seeing state tax revenues are up. everyone is happier. >> they can admit that the tax cuts work because they would be admitting they were wrong. here is the new york times calling out the democrats of the bdo for two years that the trump economy would either crash and burn or it would only benefit a few or that obama is economy, time say none of it is accountable. >> i used to work sitting right next to -- is a journal. the problem that he has, he's right, they can't deny this. they try to deny it because they want to say tax cuts just benefit the wealthy and the evidence is all around us that it doesn't. the problem is, what are they say then?
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if they follow the advice and say the economy is good, it robs them of their message. there was an old saturday night live skit with dukakis after he lost was supposed to be his election party and someone asked him, were you really going to raise taxes and he says, through the roof. then he says, what can i say, reaganomics work. this is where they are now. if they admit they it worked they deprived their class. liz: they node the dirty open secret in washington is the upper brackets get the bigger tax breaks because they pay the most in taxes. >> elizabeth warren now claiming no one in america succeeds on their own similar to her, but that's why democrats want to tax you, because the government does it for you, that's the attitude in this way of thinking. look at the taxes, taxes on banks, higher social security taxes capital gains tax, reducing the more mor mortgage
6:21 pm
interest. >> most of what the democrats propose has the word trillion in it. it means more spending. but, they never tell you how they're going to take it. >> elizabeth warren is right, people generally don't create things on their own. it doesn't mean the government, the whole community, families, all sorts of things that entrepreneurs draw on to work. >> and they never talk about the hundreds of billions of dollars in government waste and it's the regulatory effort i think has been just as good. what that does is unleash the talents of the individuals. liz: here is president obama joking about his job policies in 2014. quote, we have to move away from what my labor secretary calls train and prayed. via trained workers and hope they get a job. he made joe biden his job trainings are. they went on it for like six years. how come the 42 programs in
6:22 pm
18 billion in government cost, he said workers are not connecting to those programs. >> it's government. government picking what is going to work and what's not. the best way for an economy to create jobs. the best thing you can do for any individual is to get him or her in the workforce and have opportunities. look, it's supply and demand. if you are a worker, you want more people competing for your labor, that's how laborers go up. if there are fewer people competing for your labor, your kind of stock. >> great to see. we have our eyes on other developing stories for you tonight. if you are looking for balloons for mont to celebrate mother's day and sunday, you might want to call ahead before shopping at party city. usa today reported that party city had to even close dozens of stores. why? a global helium shortage. yes, you heard that right. a global helium shortage. in spite of that, the national
6:23 pm
retail federation says shoppers will spend a record $125 billion this mother's day. happy mother's day. also reports that kim kardashian has landed a reality show with oxygen media, telling the stories of her days of freedom campaign. it's a program helping to free inmates who are serving life sentences without parole for nonviolent, low-level drug offenses. now, kim kardashian successfully lawfully to grant alex johnson clemency and freedom for her conviction on drug offenses she says she has felt free 16 other prisoners getting their sentences commuted. plus, you can try to bend it like beckett just don't drive like the star. a london court banning him for driving for six months after he was busted for using his mobile phone while driving his bentley on the west end. to get look at this wild scene.
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a massive snowball fight. it broke out during the graduation proceedings. snowballs and graduation day. it was doug, wait for it, snow men cement. james comey defending his handling of the russia pro. james comey in midian for the first time that everything was perfect when it came to peter stark and lisa page texting. more on that, not. first, the trump administration stepping up with a display of military might and muscle. a major show of military force for the worst dictators after a week of escalating tensions. we will bring you the details, next. safe r. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth...
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: welcome back. we're coming into the bottom of the hour, you're watching the fox business network. the trump administration stepping up with a december play of military might -- display of military might and muscle this week to the world's worst dictators. it was also a week of escalating
6:29 pm
tensions. one of the american tests yesterday, an unarmed nuclear missile. again, not armed, it was not an armed missile. it was fired from a submarine in the atlantic off cape canaveral in the florida, landed off the coast of africa. fox news' jennifer griffin is at the pent gone with more. >> reporter: u.s. officials tell us pyongyang fired three new missiles thursday, not two as previously reported, thus breaking a year and a half moratorium on such tests. the president's nominee for defense secretary, patrick shanahan, addressed north korea's recent provocations before meeting the latvian defense minister. >> from a military standpoint, our operations, our posture will not change. we'll focus on our readiness, and i think what's been reported in terms of missiles and rockets is accurate. >> reporter: there are signs
6:30 pm
moscow is now helping north korea's missile program. russian fingerprints are all over the missiles north korea fired yesterday according to one expert. the short-range missiles look just like a weapon that that's been in russia's arsenal for a decade. what's more, the missiles can adjust their flight to get through gaps in u.s. and south korean missile defense systems, according to experts. the short-range missiles were fired from a base 50 miles northwest of north korea's capital. they traveled more than 200 miles before splashing down. north korea wasn't the only one launching missiles thursday. the uss rhode island, a ballistic missile submarine, test fired a hong-range -- long-range missile which flew roughly 7,000 mile into the southern hemisphere. pentagon officials call the timing of both launches a coincidence. the north korean missile tests coincide with the resumption of tense trade talks between the u.s. and china at the white house today.
6:31 pm
elizabeth: jennifer griffin, thank you so much. let's bring in colonel daniel davis. colonel, thank you so much for joining us, appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. elizabeth: north korea is a nightmare pariah state. the world has zero information on the full extent of north korea's brutalities. it's pretty predictable it would be shooting off missiles when the talks failed there. who's the question for you, who do you think is helping north korea now? >> well, i mean, it's pretty clear that russia has been helping them. kim jong un was just meeting with putin not long ago, but that's ongoing. it's been for quite a while, so there's nothing new with that. i think it's important to back off and take a look at how this is playing out long term, because we don't have to have this adversarial relationship with north korea. i believe there is a deal to toe had, and if we would be willing to not go after the complete denuclearization up front before we think there's going to be anything else, that's a dead -- that's just not going to happen. if we take the step by step
6:32 pm
approach, we can succeed because the north koreans want to make a deal, the south koreans want to make a deal. there is peace to be had, and if we get that, then we can talk about denuclearization later on. if we go for that up front, almost guaranteed failure. elizabeth: yeah, it's an important point. we've heard from experts that the only way north korea gets rid of all of its nukes is if the u.s. pulls out completely and entirely out of that sphere of influence. news report coming in that the acting defense secretary did approve the deployment of patriot missiles to the middle east over the iran threat, and reports that the u.s. navy commander who oversees the mideast sent an aircraft carrier into the strait of hormuz where more than a third of the world's oil tankers pass through. your take on this, sir. >> yeah. i think it's classic establishment washington thinking. we think that we have to press all the time. we have to show our military resolve all the time. and there's times when you don't need to do that.
6:33 pm
too much pressure is too much. look, the balance of power is overwhelmingly in our favor already. the iranians are not going to take action that they know, an unprovoked attack which they know would result in an overwhelming response from us because they have nothing to gain from that. what we need to do is just calm ourselves down and recognize we already have enough power in the region, and they are very convinced of our ability to use it if they ever do anything, so let's don't push the situation where we may cause a war that we're trying to stop. elizabeth: that aircraft carrier is not yet in the strait of hormuz, there's talk that it may go through it. iran has reacted in the past by sending a swarm of ships to harass other ships in the strait of hormuz. i mean, that could happen. but i want to get to this, sir, quickly. retired army general, general jack keane told us the different ways that iran is posing problems across the middle east. i want your reaction to what the general has to say. let's listen.
6:34 pm
>> they've got intelligence now in the public domain that iran has full intentions of attacking our forces in iraq, some 5,000 there, in syria, some 2,000 there, conducting drone attacks in the straits of hormuz and also interfering with the entrance to the suez canal at the western tip of yemen. and it's in yemen, of course, that the iranians are conducting a proxy war in that country. elizabeth: colonel, your reaction to the that. >> yeah. i think that's -- we're missing a key part of that discussion there. the idea that iran's thinking about doing all those things in an offensive way, in an unprovoked way, i think, is completely unreasonable and is wrong. because we've seen from them, they've actually said openly that if you continue to push us militarily and if you go into a war with us, then we're going to respond, and we're going to respond this some of these ways. they've actually told us some of those things. but we don't need to get into
6:35 pm
those because they know, as i mentioned, without provocation, they know that we would hammer them and destroy all of their forces. so that's only going to be in a last resort. what we need to do is back off of some of those threats, i think. elizabeth: okay. lieutenant colonel daniel davis, thank you so much for joining us. come back soon. >> always my pleasure. thank you. elizabeth: former fbi director james comey admitting that text messages between fbi lovers peter strzok and lisa page, quote, made us all look bad and that they damaged the fbi. what else did comey say? we're going to bring it to you next, stay right there. >> comey leaks and he lied. he lied in front of congress. he was sworn testimony. classify thed information. classified information. did a terrible job. everybody wanted him fired, you know, everybody. ke my bike, and. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: to the late-breaking news today from democrat house
6:40 pm
judiciary committee chair, jerry mad legislation saying that next week robert mueller will not be testifying and that the house also will not be voting on the contempt charge against attorney general william barr. in the as former fbi director james comey says this about fbi officials lisa page and peter strzok. >> definitely, yeah. very painful. it was important that it be investigated and important that there be discipline that follows it. but, yeah, it made us all look bad. peter strzok is a very talented agent. it's a personal tragedy for him, but as much as i care about individuals, i care about the institution more. it hurt the institution. elizabeth: joining me now with more is fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with the latest. >> reporter: the fisa court was not explicitly told about the connections to this anti-trump dossier, today the fbi's former top lawyer said the bureau provided the court with sufficient warning, and he
6:41 pm
defended following leads from the former british spy, christopher steele. >> we were the federal bureau of investigation, not the federal bureau of conclusions, right? and so we start investigating when you have a question to figure out what the answer is. and sometimes when -- many times, most times when you start out with something, an allegation of some sort, and you follow it, it turns out not to be what you thought it was originally. >> reporter: at that cnn town hall, the former fbi director, as you mentioned, did not defend page and strzok, and then he went on to suggest that president trump may be prosecuted on obstruction after he leaves office. >> there's lots of evidence of obstruction of justice. we're compiling it for a future prosecutor, so why engage in a really long battle over forcing him to give us answers? we'll collect this information, preserve it for the future and not waste the time with that battle. i don't know in hindsight9 whether that was the right call or not. >> reporter: after the cnn
6:42 pm
town hall, the president responded on twitter calling james comey, quote, a disgrace to the fbi. continuing that he will go down as the worst director in its long and once-proud history. in a recent interview with fox, the president went even further. >> i think that he did a terrible job. i would say he probably led some kind of an effort, the word spying has been used. he probably was one of the people leading the effort on spying. so -- >> that's a very serious charge to make. >> i know, i know. and we'll find out whether or not it was true. i think it could very well be true, but we're going to find out pretty soon. >> reporter: what got my attention is the timing and what looks to be some coordination between all of these events. we had the cnn town hall last night with the former director if then today for the first time we heard or from the former fbi's top lawyer, general counsel, james baker all being on the offensive, if you will, when it comes to the surveillance warrant application.
6:43 pm
and that matters because the fbi director christopher wray and the attorney general, william barr, have told congress to expect the findings on that from the inspector general either this month or next. and it's not just the fisa surveillance warrant that's under investigation, it's also leaking by senior fbi executives which the attorney general now characterizes as criminal leak investigations which suggests to me based on my experience there have been some referrals. and there may even be a third tranche simply looking at james comey's decision to leak the memos in 2017, to kick start the special counsel investigation and, of course, those memos, some of them contained classified information, liz. elizabeth wow. this story's not over. >> reporter: big one. elizabeth: thank you so much, catherine. >> you're welcome. elizabeth: one of the best journalists in the cup on intelligence. coming up, the acting defense secretary gave the go ahead for another $1.5 billion for border security just as the u.s. is about to see a record crush of illegal migrants at the
6:44 pm
border. plus, president trump, he's banging away hard at the 2020 democrat candidates. ♪ ♪ >> and you have bernie. you've got some real beauties. crazy bernie. [laughter] you have a choice between sleepy joe and crazy bernie. [laughter] and i'll take -- let's just pick somebody, please, and let's start this thing. and beto. beto, boy, has he fallen like a rock. what the hell happened to beto? ♪ ♪ all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: based on the information and reporting we're getting, the end game for democrats seems to be this: create a plunge in president trump's approval ratings down to richard nixon's levels of 25%. this as both jerry nadler and nancy pelosi said this fight over barr and mueller is a constitutional crisis. >> do you agree with chairman nadler that the country is currently in a constitutional crisis? >> yes, i do agree with chairman nadler, because the administration has decided that they are not going to honor their oaths of office. elizabeth: all right. critics say democrats are
6:49 pm
ignoring a real, not manufactured crisis at the border while cooking up a manufactured constitutional crisis because democrats still refuse to read a report with just 1 is or about 2% of redactions that are needed to protect grand jury information for robert mueller's 2800 grand jury subpoenas and probes. critics say democrats are literally asking attorney general barr to break federal law are. joining me now is former white water independent council, robert ray. great to see you. >> nice to be with you,. elizabeth: is all this just a beltway food fight? why don't the democrats read the 99% unreare contacted report? >> it's not only a food fight, but it's also a setup because chairman nadler knows that the attorney general cannot release the grand jury material which is preceasely why chairman nadler is asking for it. so that sets up that which then sets up contempt, which then sets up an argument that it's a
6:50 pm
constitutional crisis. i think david brooks got it about right today in the new york times to suggest it's a pretty thin basis to be arguing for a constitutional crisis what amounts to, essentially, procedural nonsense. elizabeth: and, you know, congress wrote grand jury 6e laws. congress -- >> that's right. elizabeth: to your point, here's david brooks. here's what he said: the disagreement is just a pretext for the media battle many democrats and trump want to have. and i'd like your reaction to this, kimberly strassel said nadler wants a fight, he wants a show. pelosi prefer toss avoid impeachment for fear of public blowback, but they desperately need to feed the angry progressive masses. >> yes. but it's also a pretext, right? what's going on here is they don't want to actually say they're conducting an impeachment proceeding because they know that the president's poll numbers continue to rise, not go down. and at the same time, they want to damage him up as if it were a presidential campaign which, of course, this little procedural
6:51 pm
nonsense in washington is sucking all the air out of the political campaign. i mean, you haven't heard anything about the presidential candidates, and you've got jim comey on cnn as if he were a presidential candidate. elizabeth: that's an interesting point. >> where really is this downing? it sounds like, we don't know, but it sounds like the democrats are backing off a bit. they're not quite jumping to contempt, they're waiting to see whether or not that's going to be a floor vote. elizabeth: barr's contempt citation is expected to end up in court entombed with the border wall funding and affordable care act. let's get to what nancy pelosi and al green are saying about impeachment, that basically they want impeachment to stop trump from getting reelected. watch this. >> we cannot accept a second term for donald trump if we are going to be faithful to our democracy and to the constitution of the united states. trump is goading us to impeach
6:52 pm
him. >> i'm concerned that if we don't impeach this president, he will get reelected. we must impeach this president. if we don't, it's not the soul of the nation that will be at risk only, it is the soul of the congress that's at risk. elizabeth: and watch this: jerry nadler back in 2016 said, quote, with we cannot wait four years to vote trump out of office. we've got to keep important goals in mind, depressing his public support and dividing the congressional gop from the him and from each other. that's jerry nadler. >> what does that tell you? that tells you the president was right all along. the president has said from the outset really what this is about, all this talk, is this is an effort by house democrats and democrats in general to dirty up the president in connection with the re-election campaign. and, look, the american people aren't stupid. they're watching what's going on here, and they're saying to themselves, you know, are the democrats really serious? and is it really a constitutional crisis or isn't
6:53 pm
it? and it sounds like they've smelled out a rat here and that the president is, in fact, correct. so we ought to get on the with the business of an election campaign. elizabeth: i'm so sorry we ran out of time. will you come back? >> i will. elizabeth: coming up, the pentagon approving another $1.5 billion for the border wall and border security. we've got that story for you next. ♪ ♪ because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence. morning. what are you doing? isn't it obvious? nah. we're delivering live market coverage and offering expert
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: all right. the pentagon approving a plan to
6:57 pm
spend $1.5 billion to build 80 more miles of wall along the u.s./mexico border, shifting the money away from afghan initiatives in the afghanistan. border patrol says record-breaking numbers of illegals at the border. let's bring in conservative commentator and author kristin tate. kristin, this is going to be a fight now that they've redirected this money, right? >> it probably will, but the money could not have come at a better time. these record-breaking figures of illegal immigrants coming across the border are becoming the new norm. we're kind of becoming desensitized to this. i mean, consider that over the last 19 months 1.7% of guatemala's entire population came across our southern border. and that's in addition to the 800,000 guatemalans who are already here, most of whom are here illegally. and you know, liz are, i grew up in new hampshire. up in new england these debates about immigration always seemed sort of ideological and detached
6:58 pm
from everyday american life. but down here in texas where i am now, you can really see the impacts of this border crisis firsthand -- elizabeth: what are you seeing? >> the public schools are being kind of overflooded with foreign students and then blue collar workers are seeing their wages forced down. and then, of course, you hear about the crime element. that's something that a lot of media outlets don't necessarily want to report. but especially in sanctuary cities, there have been a number of crimes committed by the illegal immigrant population as well. so these are real-life problems especially for southern states that are on the border. elizabeth: well, now the apprehensions are hitting levels potentially lasting since 2006. -- last seen since 2006. this is not a manufactured crisis, the critics say. >> oh, absolutely not. and i've spent a lot of time down in mcallen and laredo, u.s. cities right there on the border. all you've got to do is park your car on high ground, and you can see waves of people just coming across the border.
6:59 pm
and what's really interesting, liz, is that these people who are coming across, they're not trying, most of them are not trying to evade law enforcement. they're actually seeking out border patrol agents because they know that if they do seek out border patrol agents and request asylum, there's a very good chance they will be released while they wait for their immigration court date. elizabeth: defacto catch and release. it's unfair to the border cities. yuma, arizona, had an emergency problem that mission because it's in -- proclamation because it's in crisis. they're swamped at the border, right? >> yeah. and, again, it's hard for people innocence the north of the country to understand what's really going on. 60% of the people coming across the border are non-mexican, and because they're coming in from non-contiguous countries, law enforcement can't just turn them back and send them back to their countries of origin. they have to put them through the process. and because dhs facilities have become so overrun, a lot of these people just get released,
7:00 pm
often without tracking devices or even temporary detention. elizabeth: kristin tate, great to see you. thank you for coming on. and thank you so much for having us in your homes. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. for all your business news, keep it on fox business. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. for far too long, communist china has been cheating the united states on trade, outright stealing u.s. technology and intellectual property. the result has been decades of trade deficits, lost jobs and losses of trillions of dollars in unrealized economic growth. president trump has made it clear the failure of previous presidents to aggressively represent u.s. interests in foreign policy and economic policy has ended. and president trump made believers out of the chinese today. he raised tariffs from 10


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