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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  May 10, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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was giving them false information, was overtly political and was violating his fbi agreement, you'd think those fbi counterintelligence investigators who gave us this warrant and gave us this two-and-a-half year investigation could have figured it out before they went -- lou: and that's it for us tonight. ♪ ♪ >> a bombshell revelation tonight. top republican lawmakers say the fbi may have been warned about christopher steele's political motivation before they obtained a fisa warrant to spy on a member of trump's campaign in 2016. we have all the details. meanwhile, former if fbi director jim comey says peter strzok and lisa page's anti-trump bias hurt the agency's image. of course, this coming from the man who leaked sensitive bureau information to the media. more on that in a moment. and the main street media basically urging democrat lawmakers to put attorney general bill barr behind bars. watch. >> do you think the attorney
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general should go to jail? >> that includes arrest. and it even includes jail. >> there is, actually, a jail in the capitol. >> you don't want to throw the a.g. in cuffs though, right? >> i don't want to throw him in jail, but i'm ready to do so. david: tonight, we're exposing the liberal media's anti-trump bias. and self-proclaimed anti-semite louis farrakhan railing against jews yet again, this just days after facebook banned him from its social media platform because of his hate-filled speech. perhaps democrats can learn a two or thing from facebook. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. ♪ ♪ david: good evening, everybody. i'm david asman in for trish regan tonight. the fbi's former top lawyers speaking out, defending his agency's role in obtaining a
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surveillance warrant to spy on a member of the trump campaign during the the height of the 2016 election. the bureau obtained the warrant using information from the so-called steele dossier, a piece of opposition research that was bought and paid for by the dnc and hillary clinton. but here's the thing, the fbi never told the fisa judge who was behind that research. and james baker seems to be okay with that. listen. >> you don't want to put into a document like this gratuitous information about u.s. persons. finish you want to try to minimize it to some extent. if it's important, if the assessment is that the identity is critically important and you need it to be able either to follow the information because you can't -- you need to follow the flow -- like, you can't read it and understand it without the identity of the person, then you might put the person's name in. david: apparently, it wasn't important to mention the bias behind that warrant. and we're now learning top
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republican lawmakers are demanding answers about whether the fbi was warned about christopher steele's political bias and outright lies before they swore to his credibility before a fisa court. joining me now is a member of the house oversight committee, south carolina congressman ralph norman. congressman, great to see you. this week, these last two days we've had these extraordinary articles in "the hill" about a game-changing memo that a state department official, very high up state department official, made on october 11, 2016, where she, kathleen kavalec, said that christopher steele, after interviewing him, was a liar, he came out with bad information. and apparently, she sent a memo about this to the fbi which ten days later went before a fisa court and said that christopher steele was credible. and they swore to that. how do you deal with this? >> well, you deal with it like i think attorney general barr is going to do.
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he's going to get to the bottom of it. and, you know, it explains, david, why the democrats are apoplectic about trying to discredit the attorney general. they're trying to erase their tracks on the history of this, the dossier, the memo that you're talking about, the state department officials had where, you know, they met ten days before the fisa warrant was applied for. and then it wasn't a month before the election of donald trump. it's coming full circle, and i think it's going to come back to, once attorney general barr finishes the investigation, it's going to be complete 3600 -- 360 on how in the hoax got started and how it's backfiring on the democrats. david: for those who haven't read the article in "the hill," and, again, this all came about from a freedom of information request by david bossie's group down in washington. but just example that
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christopher steele told this woman, a very high state department official, that, in fact, there was a cabal of russian spies working out of the mission in miami, florida, trying to pay out trump officials with information. well, it turns out there is no office of the moscow embassy or any kind of diplomatic unit at all from russia in miami. so just that fact alone alert this woman that there were problems with christopher steele. she then talked to him more often about different things that turned out to be not true. she passed on this message to the fbi. should we at least be talking to this woman and find out more details about the information she had and how sincerely she tried to get the fbi interested in it? >> not only that, david, look at the letter that senator johnson and senator grassley sent to christopher wray and mike pompeo. the ten points that they mentioned in their letter was why, basically, why didn't the fbi check out the dossier that,
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as it turned out, was bought and paid for by the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign? and so it's, it's hypocrisy at its high. and, you know, we don't -- as the president said, this can't happen to another president. we've got to stop wiretapping innocent citizens and in particular the president of the united states just because a certain number of people did not like him, did not like his thoughts. i'm glad that they're not going to deter the attorney general, and i think he'll get to the bottom of it. david: now, james comey, clearly, if there was a memo from the state department to the fbi saying don't trust this guy and they went ahead anyway in front of a fisa court and vouched for him under oath that he was a very credible witness for their fisa warrant, shouldn't james comey have known something about that? >> absolutely. and he knows. i mean, comey's trying to cover his tracks. look at what he did over the
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last couple of days in criticizing the guy this he worked with, rod rosenstein. and as the number two guy that was over this whole department. and so i think comey is, better find him a good lawyer, because i think it's coming his way. david: yeah. well, you guys don't have control of the committee that is looking into all this or is supposed to look into all this. is in any way though that republicans in the senate, perhaps senator grassley will do this? could get this woman who wrote the memo from the state department to the fbi in front swear her in, get her in front of a committee and find out the details of exactly what happened here? >> i think's what they're going to do. and i think senator lindsey graham is going to play a big part -- david: good. >> to make sure this happens. it's all collapsing on them david, and they know it. that's why -- to criticize attorney general barr who just
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wrote a summary of a 450-page report that very few of the democrats have even read is preposterous. teafd david they refuse to go in and read it. very quickly, there is some suggestion that mr. mueller at the beginning of his investigation may have possibly actually contracted christopher steele and other people from fusion gps to do investigations for them. glenn simpson, people like that. are you looking into that or is senator grassley or someone else? >> well, i -- as you mentioned, i think the senate will. the house, urn jer arely nadler, is just not going to do it. there's no inclination. all they want to do is try to defer and deflect on the attorney general. but i think with the senate, that's our hope to get to the bottom of it. and i know lindsey graham, senator johnson, grassley, with what they've done already, they're well on the way to finding out. and they're not going to stop, because it's not fair. and for this crime to happen, it should not happen to anyone
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else. david: yeah. congressman norman, great to see you. thank you very much. have a great weekend. well, former fbi director james comey now admitting the anti-trump text messages between former officials peter strzok and lisa page made the whole agency look bad. >> do you acknowledge that this whole episode with strzok and page, that it damaged the reputation of the fbi and, perhaps, tarnished the investigation? >> definitely, yeah. very painful. it was important that it be investigated, important that there be discipline that follows it. but, yeah, it made us all look bad. david: very painful. this is spoken by the same man who helped leak bureau documents to the press. joining me now is a former fbi agent himself and former bureau spokesperson, john january rely. james comey's doing all these press gigs, town halls, painting himself like a hero. of course, the media's happy to oblige. what do you make of it? >> well, i'm glad that director comey decided to get out in
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front of this issue in just under a year and talk about, finally, how the people that he put this those positions, in fact, were actually hurting the fbi by doing things that no other agent other than these two would have possibly done. david: exactly. i mean, if he was so bothered by peter strzok, by lisa page, by mccabe, by the whole group of them, he didn't have to work with them. he was relying on these people to lead the investigations, wasn't he? >> absolutely. he empowered these people. he personally selected andy mccabe to be the assistant director. it appears that director comey now has been so distraught about this situation, he hasn't had time to look up the word spying, because he's saying spying didn't take place because there was no electronic surveillance, which is questionable. there's not a lot that that director can say that's going to undo the damage that he did, and he should leave the fbi alone. the men and women are doing a great job and continuing to do so. he was a mistake and needs to
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move on. david: what do the folks at the fbi, the folks who risk their life every day working dangerous cases and everything think about people like comey, like peter strzok who, apparently, used their positions and their power to pursue their political goals? >> it's an embarrassment. the reality is the men and women of the fbi don't have political opinions that they expression. you -- express. you keep your politics to yourself. that is inherent in being an fbi agent. for 20 years i didn't have as much as a sign in my front yard endorsing someone. you have these people decide they want to say what's best for the country. most of the fbi's had enough of it. they want to continue to do the work they do protecting the american public. david: john, i'm sure you heard me and the congressman talking about whether or not this state department official passed on a memo to the fbi before the fbi swore that christopher steele
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was a reliable witness. if he signed off, if james comey signed off on that, the fisa warrant and the swearing under oath, the swearing to a fisa court that steele was reliable knowing that he was not reliable, isn't he guilty of perjury? >> director comey needs to get an attorney better than he is, because clearly, there's going to be some issues. this is exactly why we have checks and balances of having somebody in power sign off, to insure that no one does the anything up toward. untoward. that is clearly against all rules and takes out any consciousness of trying to be unbiased. dead david and finally, john, how long is it going to take to wipe out the stain of what comey has left behind? >> you know, fortunately, there's men and women while we're sitting here working this very evening keeping this country safe. we rely on the fbi agents, they do a great job. i think the american public recognizes the fbi is noter
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comey, mccabe, strzok or page. it's men and women working every day. david: absolutely. john, great to see you. thank you very much, appreciate it. well, some democrats refusing to condemn farrakhan even after all this -- >> hitler was a very great man. the satanic jews -- [cheers and applause] you see white people deserve to die. zionist jews in key roles in the 9/11 attacks. david: well, now the nation of islam leader is doubling down, again calling jewish people satanic. the most recent time in a catholic church, no less. coming up, will democrats like maxine waters finally condemn him? hear the sound for yourself. also tonight, is the liberal media trying to suggest that attorney general barr be in jail? >> would you suggest maybe even jail time? >> could he go to jail? should he go to jail for it? >> avoiding the question about actual jail time.
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david: tonight, a guest who says the liberal media's pushing democrats to put the attorney general in jail. but first, president trump putting the chinese government on notice, imposing more tariffs today on the communist country. former trump fed pick steve moore says it is about time. he's next. ♪ ♪ all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. i'm workin♪ to make each day a little sweeter. to give every idea the perfect soundtrack.
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david: president trump refusing to budn china trade talks. no deal today after his tough u.s. tariffs went boo effect on $200 billion worth of chinese goods. that was early this morning. the president says there's no need to rush this, tweeting in part: the relationship between president xi and myself remains a very strong one, and conversations into the future will continue. in the meantime, the u.s. has imposed tariffs on china which may or may not be removed depending on what happens with respect to future negotiations. joining me now is heritage foundation chief economist steve moore. great to see you, steve. >> hi, david. david: i'm going to explain where you are, which is vegas, and it's not just because you like gambling, it's because you were there for the salt conference where all these elitist, intellectual hedge fund types get together. they must be appalled by what donald trump is doing. doesn't fit their pattern of what they're accustomed too. >> they're nervous, they're
8:19 pm
fidgety. the financial markets, people in the football markets would -- financial markets would rather have this problem go away. i think what's interesting here because i did the talk to some folks at the white house today. a few weeks ago, david, it looked like we were well on our way to getting a trade deal done with china. i think it's important for people to understand what happened here, is that they had kind of a handshake deal, so to speak, on the outlines of a deal. and for some odd, crazy reason in the last ten days or so, the chinese have pulled back from that deal. and it's kind of -- i think they've underestimated donald trump and his resolve to strike back. and trump, i think quite appropriately -- i'm, you've known me for, what, 25 years, i hate tariffs. i'm a free trade guy. but we're dealing with a new kind of trade situation, we're in a very abusive trade relationship with china. they're cheating, they're stealing, they're involved in cyber espionage against the united states, hacking into our computer systems. it's a pattern of abuse, and
8:20 pm
trump, i think, got so frustrated he threw up his hands and said, no more. we're going to impose these 25% tariffs. and this is going to do some significant damage to the chinese economy if this stands up. david: well, they've already -- just, by the way, steve, excuse me, to that point, there have been a number of articles about how the chinese right now, we have virtually no inflation. you are absolutely right, you can lower tax rates and still have no inflation, have strong growth. but they have an inflation problem, and their consumers are a hot poorer than our consumers, and they're dealing with higher inflation. if they try to retaliate with tariffs of their own on u.s. products, particularly food products, their consumers are going to revolt, right? >> you know, this is a tit for tat game that can china can't win, david. and i wouldn't be surprised if next week -- we'll see. it's very difficult to predict what president xi and the beijing government are do. and, by the way, again, i've talked to our going negotiators.
8:21 pm
they say the chinese don't keep their word. one day they say they'll do one thing, and the next day they say they'll do the next. it is true, the big story is this will hurt u.s. consumers and, certainly, a tariff on imported goods could mean higher prices at wal-mart and so on. but it's interesting, i was looking at the data from what happened -- remember, we had the 10% tariff on china. and it looks like the chinese producers swallowed the cost of that tariff themselves rather than raise prices here in the united states. we'll see how this tariff is -- david: well, you know, one of the things that these poobahs in, at the salt conferences, at the imf and everything that were so appalled at president trump's hardball and, of course, they've been playing softball with the chinese for decades, and the chinese have run all over us as a result of it. but they seem to have forgotten it's a communist country, and we have the rule of law. europe has the rule of law.
8:22 pm
the chinese communists don't. what is -- that's why we need to verify. and as i understand it, that was the -- >> that's the problem. david: that was the point at which they balked. because you don't believe in the rule of law, we spelled it out for them, we can't trust necessarily that you'll do what you say you're going to do, therefore, we have to verify that you're doing it, and they didn't want that at the end, right? >> you've got that exactly right, david. by the way, i'm with donald trump entirely on this. you call them a communist government, i call them totalitarian. it's a government-run system, very much a centrally-controlled economic system. and, by the way, you and i know and most people watching the show, in the long run, that model doesn't work very well. show me anywhere where that's worked. david: right. >> i think trump was right to say, look, we're going to make a deal, but we're going to have metrics, and if you don't abide by the deal, you get hammered by the tariffs. this is almost like a belligerent teenager, you know,
8:23 pm
we're dealing with here. i'm going to say this though, david: i do feel fairly -- i don't know how this is all going to go over the next month or so. you're going to see this kind of, you know, back and forth, tit for tat, but i do think by the end of this year, i feel fairly confident there will get a deal. and the reason that deal is going to be sealed is, i think, it's in both countries' interests. you just have the sense that wise men are going to prevail here. and if that happens, by the way, i think wall street kind of gets this because the market went up today -- david: i hope the people at the salt, i hope the salt intellectual elites noticed that, that the market did end on an up day. they came from a 400-point deficit. the reason i agree with you and your optimism is because we are negotiating from such a position of strength. >> that's exactly right. and by the way, david, again, i think you've got the story right. it's no coincidence that this flare-up has happened at a time
8:24 pm
when we've got record high employment, the stock market has been on a roar, you know? we've got, you know, great wage growth and great productivity. and we are, you've got it right. in this kind of situation, negotiating from a position of power. china's economy bumped up in the last quarter as well, so they're kind of feeling their oats as well. david: all right, stephen, great to talk to you. have great travels back from sin city. >> i'm a little poorer now! they'd david you've got to have a limit, i can lose $150, but you've got to have a limit. good to see you, steve, thank you. coming up, the nation of islam leader again calling jewish people satanic. coming up, a guest who is wondering why democrats are still not condemning it all. but first, is the liberal media trying to suggest attorney general barr should be in jail? >> jail time, the a.g. in cuffs.
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>> the liberal media and democrats in congress officially jumped the shark with no apparent tongue-in-cheek. attorney general william barr belongs in jail and they will do anything to put him there. listen. >> you think the attorney general should go to jail? >> each chamber has an inherent power to compel a witness to testify if that witness just refuses. and, that includes a rest. it even includes jail. >> there is actually a jail in the capital. >> how do you get this thing moving? to post fines? do you suggest with some as a jail time. >> you don't want to throw the aga cups though, right? >> i don't want to throw him in jail but i'm ready to do so smack no tongue-in-cheek there. the capital jail is long defunct. so attorney general bar cannot
8:30 pm
be held there. here with me now is trump 2020 campaign advisory board member, madison and former hill or green campaign advisor, antoine. antoine, do you believe are belongs in jail? >> i don't know. i don't want to speak against my democratic friends in the congress but i do think this is a dangerous road were you're going on by not having him show up to a hearing. what we also know sue make did you say the same thing when eric holder didn't show up when he was subpoenaed. >> i said again, this is a dangerous road were going down. if the roles were reversed the republicans would be jumping off the cliff and drawing up articles of impeachment if those at democratic case. >> madison, the roles of are ready been reversed. as i mentioned, eric holder to find subpoena. >> that's different circumstances. >> how come you can send one guy to jail and the other one you pat on the back and say it's a hero.
8:31 pm
>> another example of the democrat showing themselves as hypocrites. we have multiple congresspeople that are still in congress today that have done a complete 180 on this. let me quote directly. you've been holding the attorney general to an impossible standard. he talks back this is in 2012 that he was only protecting documents and prohibited by law from producing. is that not the exact same thing that attorney general bar has been doing? they wanted her to camp because not because he's in contempt of congress or impede an investigation but because they're mad at the results of the mueller report and they found their next false narrative. they'll go after bar. they couldn't get trump so let's go after bar. >> madison, again, i think you're wrong on this. there was no thing that the democrats were hanging their hat on a both report other than trying to find the truth. >> you're not saying they did a 180 here antoine. answer that question. i'm curious how could you say. >> what we know from the report
8:32 pm
is that there were areas of that the report that were redacted a mueller, the special prosecutor gave an alley upon a 7-foot run to the congress saying, do your job and flush the rest of this out. >> let me just switch if i can. were talking about democrats and i want to focus on their major goal which is right now winning the election 2020. president trump is now predicting his 2020 opponent will be former vice president joe biden. he tweeted, it looks to me like is going to be sleepy creepy joe over crazy bernie and everyone else. you can't make this up. antoine, how worried should the 19 other democrats be that trump might be right? >> i don't know if they should be worried. i think they should be focused on running their campaign. i do know one thing. i think it seven times the president has tweeted something about joe biden. what we do know is that president trump is very afraid of the idea of joe biden be in
8:33 pm
the nominee so he's trying to ramp up a campaign effort on his side, as well as draw attention to what an intense general election would be like with joe biden. >> i think he's trying to win. i think he is that simple. >> i think he's afraid. >> i would fear that guy when he's trying to win. >> madison, wouldn't trump be better off against bernie then he would against biden? in that sense i agree with antoine. >> to be quite honest i think he could beat any of the candidates on the democratic side. sure, biden will probably get more votes because he's more mainstream. bernie sanders will alienate a lot but i don't know if you're watching the same dave announcement of joe biden it was terrific, completely under whelming announcement today. i was underwhelmed and shocked it was so bad. i don't think he's going to be a strong candidate or as strong as many predicted he would be i think you'll be easily beatable by president trump.
8:34 pm
>> if trump was okay and he was so solid on where he is in terms of his economy what he has accomplished, he would not have to attack joe biden. he was simply campaign and run. >> hold on. wait a minute. wait a minute. >> antoine, you don't think that the president is confident about the economy right now? >> i do not. >> what gives you that impression? did you hear the jobs numbers last week? >> listen he's not he's not confident enough to think that will get them across the finish line next year. that's why he finds himself attacking joe biden. if you and talk about the economy every poll i have seen has healthcare is the number one issue were donald trump and the republicans have failed to. >> the economy is booming by everybody standards. medicine i gave antoine the first all to be the last. >> the economy is absolutely booming. we look at the unemployment,
8:35 pm
all-time lows. a 65 year low for women. the numbers are continuing. >> he said that. >> i said she gets the last word. >> and i mean, people in this country are benefiting. people in my main state of ohio are benefiting. >> they're going to vote. >> you guys are terrific. have a wonderful weekend. thank you for being here. coming up, the nation of islam leader calling jewish people satanic. a jewish guest wondering why democrats are still not condemning the sky. new reports that russia may have had a hand in north korea's latest missile launch. russia. details, coming up next mac what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate...
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8:40 pm
course, venezuela. russian cuba continue to support nicholas maduro while the u.s. and the rest of the free world support juan guido. now, new reports that russia may have had to hand in north korea's latest missile launch. this is the second in less than a week. joining me now, doug and army intel veteran, brett. brett, is russia playing with fire? it certainly seems that we. >> well, it's really for venezuela. the fact is, maduro is a puppet of russia. and other powers like iran that is basically promoting brutality in the region for years now. president putin wants another syria and our backyard which is the reason he has been supporting the maduro regime in the first place. the fact is, their involvement is only going to get increasingly worse in my opinion. if you remember correctly, one of the reasons a few dictatorships during the herbst were able to survive was the fact that russia supported syria and president to side. that's the same thing they're
8:41 pm
trying to do in venezuela. they want to pulled his drinks behind the scenes to undergrowth democracy because they see the survival of the maduro regime paramount to their influence in south america. >> the difference between syria and venezuela is venezuela is in our hemisphere. russia has this history, going way back even before the soviet union come of overextending itself at times. then, gets his fingers chopped off once a dozen has to pull back for a couple of decades. do you get the sense, doug that we have reach that point where they have overextended themselves? going to syria, venezuela or even north korea, now? >> and we have a north craft carrier headed towards the streets of -- there are a lot of balls in the air right now. to give you an idea of russia, been all across russia. when you stand in moscow you are closer to new york city then you are to -- russia. that's how vast it is.
8:42 pm
you hit the nail on the head when you said they can easily become overextended. they are going to have to make some quick decisions. with donald trump, you don't have a hawk, you have someone with restraint who wants to pull out of a lot of these places, but he is not going to tolerate russian troops on the ground and venezuela. >> brick, apparently it was the russians i talked maduro out of leaving. that's why he's still there. that's why the change of government did not happen. how do we force the russians out? clearly they are there and causing mischief and they are upsetting our standing in our own hemisphere. how do we get the russians out of venezuela? >> right, so the u.s. intelligence community by the way, is very well aware of russia's capabilities and what they're doing behind the scenes. i think it's at the point where we could no longer sit on the sidelines. i think that's the reason why pompeii was heading to russia to make it clear that we cannot sit
8:43 pm
on the sidelines. what we need in my opinion is covert action. we don't need military troops on the ground, we need to help guido basically elevate the brutality of the maduro regime and go after some internal elements that are on the side of maduro. that means providing him with the same things we might provide some allies which is intelligence information on maduro is movements, setting up logistical supplies to get humanitarian aid that's being blocked. but, i think we need to step up our covert action and help out guido like we would another ally. >> let me be clear. are you suggesting we do something similar to what happened in nicaragua were in the 80s where we actually help the contras defeat the sandinistas get them out of power? proportionally there back in power now but we got them out successfully in the '90s. >> rate. well, maybe not necessarily at that level but we need to help guido anywhere he needs assistance. we need to elevate the brutality
8:44 pm
on the world stage of the maduro stage. this is one of the biggest humanitarian crisis of the time p. people can get food or water. our intelligence community have the ability to do something about this. i think they need to do whatever they can. >> doug, there is something called the monroe doctrine. we are going way back but reagan invoked the doctrine back in the 80s. is it time for the president to be enunciated and say, look, this is our home is for your. them monroe doctrine was never repealed, is time to put it into a fact. >> that it's a good point. it's the most enduring foreign policy position and all of american history. it has been invoked again and again. just stay out of the western hemisphere. you have heard secretary pompeo saying we don't want anybody there, not the cubans americans, russians, we want the venezuelans to make their own decision. that would be popular in latin
8:45 pm
america. i think the president is going to pick up the monro doctrine again and this is the time to do it. we have a good president. he has a focus on latin america that no president has had in my lifetime. this is the time to do it. he is the guy a negotiator to be able to do it. >> 60 or 70 years the communists have been in power and cuba. it would be great to get them out. great to see you both. thank you very much. coming up, putin taken a spell on the ice. a dog plane janke. you won't believe the crazy video people watch on the internet. first, democrats still refuse and condemn the nation leaders calling nation leaders satanic in the catholic church. here the revolting clip yourself, right after this limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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>> i don't have no army.i just . and, i'm here to separate the good jews from the satanic choose. this is just the beginning banning me from a social platform. >> talk about satanic. that is just the latest grossly
8:50 pm
outrageous and extremely anti- somatic comments made by nation of islam leader, lewis -- days after facebook banned him because of his dangerous hate field speech pray this has not stopped some prominent democrats and cozying up to him. joining me now as nature and ascent former white house advisor under president clinton and not a fan, and doug shown. even barack obama was photographed with fair can at one time. >> they tried to photoshop it out and they didn't. the point is, doesn't the democratic party, as a whole have to take a stand and say, we just will never associate with this man. >> yes, of course. but also i would go a step further. i would say, the democrats have to explicitly and unabashedly reject anti-semitism in all forms, add to it they did a couple months ago when they formed they condemned all forms
8:51 pm
of racism and oppression. there is anti-semitism. it's in my party, it's a cancer, it has to be taken out. >> nature, some people point to ilhan omar as part of the problem. she of course is a member of the house for an affair committee. very unusual and important to be on an important committee like that as a freshman congressperson. but, to people like vice president pence and others say she does not deserve that position. let me play sound bite from president get your reaction. >> ilhan omar has made statements of anti- somatic comments, statements against our most cherished ally, israel, it ought to be ejected by every american. people in minnesota will decide whether not she remains in congress but congresswoman ilhan omar has no right being on that
8:52 pm
committee. >> your people did not even know this, but i have joined and i am part of the board serve on the board and part of the leadership of an organization called ilhan omar most we are putting pressure. we agree completely with what the vice president said. it's not for us to decide that congresswoman ilhan omar must leave, but it is a national security threat to have this lady that is not only spewed anti-semitism, but anti- americanism, as well. for her to be able to have access to sensitive national security material is a threat to all americans. that's why we are putting pressure, we are in fact i didn't even know the vice president said something that echoed what we have been working on for some time. i'm probably going to seek a
8:53 pm
meeting with vice president pence to discuss this organization cut. it is a real serious crisis to have her on that committee that has access to sensitive national security information. >> particularly if she's going to share that information with her enemies. the fact is she came out with the tweet about five days ago about gaza. she said how many more protesters must be shot, rockets must be fired and little kids must be killed before the violence cycle ends. the status quo vacuum patient and humanitarian crisis is unsustainable. well, she is implying that israel is occupying gaza. in fact, gaza is not occupied by israel. gaza is controlled by a terrorist organization called hamas. >> that is absolutely right. what that terrorist doing, davin lodging missiles, increasingly with greater frequency, into
8:54 pm
israel. look nature is exactly right. this woman should be of the committee and people of goodwill, democrats and republicans should oppose her in the next primary and general election should she be the democratic candidate will. >> shouldn't you at least, nature of your member of the foreign affairs committee, know that gaza is not occupied by these? it's either willful ignorance or she's flat out lying. >> david, it is willful ignorance and is not just omar. i so applaud doug's courage. i wish there were more democrats out there, those who are praying for joe biden to get the nomination believe somehow that he will fill that void but there are so few out there that at least publicly have the courage of doug to challenge anti-semitism poison. this anti- somatic poison, and
8:55 pm
-- within the democratic party. it's not just omar. the biggest stars of the democratic party are a kasi ocasio-cortez, khalid ben omar. they are the driving force of the democratic party. the neo- nihilism is a cancer on the party. i'm a partisan conservative. but i want a healthy democratic party. >> so does the partisan democrat, and he has always been consistent and honest in that regard. we thank you, doug. >> thank you, david. great to see you as well. so, what is putin taken a spell on the ice and a dog playing janke have in common? they are the best viral clips of the week. you don't want to miss them, after a short break. stay tuned ♪ now...
8:56 pm
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9:00 pm
goal? and will be back on monday but you can watch me every weeknight at 5 pm eastern time right here on fox business. "bulls and bears". we have a full time and you will too. maria bartiromo, "wall street" is next. maria: happy weekend everybody welcome to the program. the week that was. i am a real -- maria bartiromo. we have a special guest and then later on we are talking skills training with john sexton to talk about the growing challenge for families. and this week uber had as much anticipated ipo. they began trading on friday. that was on the low end of the


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