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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  FOX Business  May 11, 2019 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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that capitalism has been a successful formula for billions of people.over the last couple of centuries. that is it for us this week. next week will take our first detailed look at the 2020 presidential race. network. for all your business news, keep it on fox business. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. for far too long, communist china has been cheating the united states on trade, outright stealing u.s. technology and intellectual property. the result has been decades of trade deficits, lost jobs and losses of trillions of dollars in unrealized economic growth. president trump has made it clear the failure of previous presidents to aggressively represent u.s. interests in foreign policy and economic policy has ended. and president trump made believers out of the chinese today. he raised tariffs from 10 to 25%
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on $200 billion of chinese imports after beijing reneged on their commitments to a fair and reciprocal trade agreement. china's loss of face is global, reneging on agreed terms in the u.s./china trade relationship. the chinese delegation left washington today. they left empty handed, and they returned to a chinese economy that is weakening and a leadership that is now under increasing scrutiny all around the world. and for the first time being criticized at home. we'll take the up today's developments with dr. michael pillsbury. also uncovering the dems and deep state's efforts to overthrow president trump. the conspiracy, long and extensive. tonight we unravel the role of the clinton bought and paid for steele dossier, the role of the radical dems and the obama administration in securing surveillance warrants against the trump presidential campaign. >> andy mccabe told us when we
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deposed him that but for the dossier, they wouldn't have got the warrant. so the idea that they use it -- jim comey's own words, salacious and unverified. the director of the fbi who's been fired said it was salacious and unverified when they took it to a secret court to get a warrant to spy on carter page who was associated with the trump campaign. lou: award-winning investigative journalist, the hill's john solomon, has been breaking news on this front for months. he joins us here tonight. and a a new report tonight, the united states sending an additional warship and a patriot missile battery to the middle east. they're to join with the carrier strike group, the uss abraham lincoln. where are we headed in the middle east, and what is likely next? general jack keane with us tonight. we'll take that up. our top story tonight, president trump today did exactly what he said he would do.
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already displeased that the chinese thought they could renege on a deal with mr. trump's negotiators, that he would tolerate their conduct, president trump ordered a raise of tariffs from 10 to 25%. and he made it clear that he is pleased to rake in the tens of billions of dollars that flow into the u.s. treasury from those tariffs and that he is considering placing tariffs on another $300 billion of china goods. first steps are being taken, we understand, in precisely that direction. we turn now to edward lawrence. he has the latest at the white house. ed? >> reporter: lou, it seems that this could all come down to a phone call between president donald trump and president xi jinping of china. the administration saying they are hopeful that there could be a deal out of all of this. china's top negotiator tells us that the talks went fairly well. he also says the talks will continue at some point in the
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future, giving us a smile and a wave as he left the u.s. trade representative's office today. vice president mike pence this morning still believing a deal is possible. >> president trump said yesterday he received another good letter from president xi. he has a strong relationship. we believe a deal is possible, but what president trump has made clear is we think we're in a very strong position either way. >> reporter: president donald trump says he doesn't mind collecting the tariffs, it's 25% now on $200 billion worth of chinese goods, some 6,000 items coming into this country now. you could be paying more if the cost to have tariff is passed through for everything from airplane rubbers, to dates to plywood. going forward, the schedule is unknown. the administration starting today to also put everything else that china imports into the united states under a 25% tariff. that's some $325 billion worth of items. chinese trade sources tell us that the treasury secretary, steven mnuchin, told the vice premier that china has about 3-4 week before those tariffs hit.
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the ball seems to be now in chinese court. lou? lou: thank you very much. ed lawrence reporting our first guest tonight says president trump's tariffs and tough negotiating position are necessary to prepare a better defense against chinese economic aggression. joining us tonight, dr. michael pillsbury, he's director of the center for chinese strategy at the hudson institute, author, trade add adviser to -- adviser to the trump administration. great to see you, mike. this is an unfortunate end. the president doesn't seem in any way annoyed or nonplussed by the recalcitrance and, in fact, the dishonorable conduct of -- and reneging on the agreed terms to this point. [laughter] >> right. yeah. i think the he was prepared for this, lou. i think he's been skeptical of the chinese all along. he doesn't see to overthrow their government or to invade them, you know, and do some kind of terrible things, but he did
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want to have just basic justice, basic honesty. and i think he got pretty angry -- lou: yeah. >> -- at the reneging. the 150-page document is super secret, almost nobody's seen it outside the few people who work on it. but i think it was pretty good, and a lot of progress had been made. but the last minute the chinese pulled a fast one on president trump, and he just called 'em on it. lou: yeah. >> so this is a lesson for a lot of people that he's really very serious about this economic aggression by china. lou: economic aggression. these deficits that we have been running for decades now, the president occasionally will reference his predecessors in the oval office -- [laughter] and you can tell that he is not pleased that chose to leave -- that they chose to leave this for him to the address. these imbalances that are plaguing not only the united states, but the global economy. it's time for balance and, by the way, this isn't just china. this president is taking on the
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european union and member states thereof. principally, for example, germany. but it's, it is stunning to me the reaction by wall street to tariffs as if they were some sort of sophomores operating in an economics class -- [laughter] at some university quite distant. i mean, it's as if they don't comprehend what these deficits mean, that they don't realize finish. >> yes. lou: -- that they cut into economic growth, that they reduce our rate of growth. >> well, as you've said many times, i think the globalists live in their own universe. and in their universe the tariffs are satanic, and as you know very well, the president today said something quite cute, i thought, about obama, that he let the chinese get away with murder. so in a way, lou, we've got to feel sorry for the chinese. they've been misled by the globalists and by president obama that this day would never
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come. but, actually, it's a great day. this is a major blow to chinese aggression. they're going to think it over now, and i think mnuchin might be right, give them 3 or 4 weeks, you know, to see the tariffs take effect, and we'll see if they come back. i don't think we should go running over to beijing ourselves. i think this 12th round of the talks should be back here in washington, d.c. again. lou: yeah. and as you know, the early reports are that that's precisely where the chinese want to have them, is in beijing -- >> yes. lou: the president's sending an interesting signal, and i'd like to get your read on this. take your time, we're in no hurry here, and he's quite pleased to have the tens of billions of dollars from tariffs. >> yes. and he's got a program to redirect billions of dollars to farmers and to anyone who's disadvantaged by this whole program. so i think he's thought it new. i think he probably -- it through. i think he probably believes he might have to go to the full
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chinese exports to america, all $500 billion at 25% before this is over. and i can tell you, lou, a lot of people misinformed china, a lot of our think tanks in washington and our professors told them, don't worry, this is just a bluff, he'll never do it. but the globalists lost today, bigtime, and i think the chinese are going to have to think this over. because the hard-line arers in beijing, as you know, they don't want this to have successful trade talks either. lou: right. they don't want to do that. and at the same time, this president has made it clear that his, what his minimums are. he's already put a floor. >> yes. lou: and also another, i think, very important for -- perhaps one of the very most important productions of this entire negotiation has been the education of the american public. they understand -- >> i totally agree. totally agree. lou: i think most folks understand wall street has an
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agenda, the business round table has an agenda, so does the chamber of horrors. and it is no the american agenda. -- not the american agenda. in the president is representing americans and america. >> i think they're stunned. if you saw jpmorgan research this afternoon, they're astonished about this. goldman sachs said there's only a 60% chance at most he'll put the tariffs on. so a lot of investment banks are just totally wrong and very embarrassed today. lou: yeah. and i want to just share with everybody this from the business round table who represents about 130 multi-nationals who have their own agenda. ceos are deeply concerned that a return to tear rough escalation with china -- tariff escalation will hurt the u.s. economy, american workers, businesses and farmers. taxes paid by u.s. consumers, manufacturers and other businesses. as i read that statement i thought, well, it should have at
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least been complete. they should have mentioned what it has cost this country to run 30 successive years a trade deficit that has cost us trillions in economic growth that has been eliminated by those deficits. you get the last word here, dr. michael pillsbury. >> lou, just looking ahead a month or two, the president's looking ahead decades, and he's already said several times, our goal is zero tariffs. once the chinese give up their aggression and get back to fair trade. that's what we're all trying to get done. it's a really important day for president trumped today. lou: it is. very important day for america. thank you very much, dr. michael pillsbury. mike, always great to see you, thanks so much. >> thanks, lou. thanks. lou rhode island up next, was the special counsel, the department of justice and if fbi acting in league with the democrats, the radical dems and hillary clinton in the months running up to the november '16
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lou: president trump's attorney, rudy giuliani, traveling to the
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ukraine next week, there to meet with that nation's president-elect. giuliani, along with former justice official victoria tining, investigating the origins of the russian influence in the election, also the involvement of former vice president joe biden's son and the former vice president himself -- first, in the son's case, a gas company own by a ukrainian oligarch. the millions of dollars that changed hands and for what purpose. with we now have, by the way, written proof. the united states government knew well before the fbi secured a fisa warrant to spy on the trump presidential campaign that british spy, christopher steele, had a political motive, clear and up equivocal, thanks to the reporting of our next guest here. joining us tonight, award-winning investigative journalist whose reporting has been at the forefront of spygate
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for years now, the hill's john solomon. john, great to have you with us -- >> great to be with you, lou. lou: as always, thanks for your terrific, outstanding reporting. >> thank you. lou: let's turn to, first of all, the caf lick memorandum. and what it means that that was presented to the fbi, in their possession long before carter page's fisa warrant had been approved by the court. >> yeah. it's the most incontrovertible written evidence that we've had to date that the fbi knew and should have known before it certified to a court that steele was a reliable informant with no derogatory information about him, that that, in fact, was a false statement to the fisa court. why is that? to be reliable and to have no derogatory information, you have had to give the fbi accurate --
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and the u.s. government -- accurate information. the state department memo blows a hole in one of the biggest theories he was sharing with the fbi and the state department at that moment, and that was that the russians were paying for their hacking operation out of a russian consulate in miami. guess what? the russians didn't have a consulate in miami. that's how disprovable his statement was. and the state department flagged it before sending it to the fbi. in order to be reliable, you have to be abiding by your agreement. that means you can't be leaking to the state department, and you can't be leak aring to the washington post and new york times which the state department memo captured. and i think that that is a very significant development. and third off, your motive should be to help the counterintelligence investigation. he described a very clear motive during his meeting at the state department, i have to get this information out. my client is keen to get this information out by election day. so he was driven by politics, not by the counterintelligence interests of the fbi. all of those are considered derogatory information in the intelligence world and should have been disclosed to the fisa
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court. lou: stunning that none of that happened as required. >> yeah. lou: i do want to just say i am so impressed by the former deputy assistant secretary of state, kathleen, who demonstrated, i think, extreme talent, competence and integrity. she stands apart from almost every name that surfaces -- >> yeah. lou: -- in this story that, as i said, you've been at the forefront of revealing and covering here. your thoughts about her within this. >> yeah. first, her notes are remarkably detailed and careful and precise. and so you're able to tell exactly what's going on. she writes a memo, and then she sends it to the fbi. i think you have to take a look at her boss, victoria nuland, who has said something that has rung in my ears, as soon as i
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saw it, e saw it for what it was; it was politics, electioneering, it had no role with elections officials, and if we did, we would have been violating the hatch act. if the state department figure out that christopher steele, in a 45-minute meeting, was giving them false information, was overtly political and violating an fbi agreement, you would think those counterintelligence investigators who gave us this warrant and this two-and-a-half year investigation could have figured it out before they went to the fisa court. it's remarkable for what it says about the state of the fbi at that moment. lou: the political deadline that steele not only acknowledged, but insisted be met by all parties whether at the state department, whether at the fbi, this on its face is a problem. one would think a determinant problem for anyone who came into contact with him.
1:21 am
he looks worse by the today and so does the fbi in nearly every way. >> yep, sadly. and that does a lot of great work for this country every day, but this was a period of time period in time where the leadership, particularly in the counterintelligence division and the deputy director and the former director, or comey and mccabe, where the fbi got hijacked for a political dirty trick, and that should concern us all. lou: concerning, too, the as we conclude here, john, is the role of christopher wray in trying to bury the memorandum. and sealing it for 25 years. your thoughts. >> yeah. originally when the state department surfaced this document in response to the foia by citizens united, the fbi tried to claim unclassified, was marked unclassified, the fbi tried to classify the memo. i objected and started to call around to the fbi and justice
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department, as did citizens united, and remarkably, they agreed it's silly to retroactively classify something that was unclassified all along. and when you see what it was they redacted, it was the most damning information to the fbi. this was not about protecting national security, it was about protecting the reputation of the fbi people who produced that fisa warrant. lou: john solomon, what a story this is and what a sorry scandal it is, in my opinion, already. the worst in this country's history. i can't wait to see the next installment, however, just to be very straightforward about it. >> thank you, sir. lou: thank you very much. john solomon. his reporting in "the hill" has been extraordinary. imagine looking -- by the way, speaking of extraordinary -- looking out your window and seeing this going on in your front yard. these aren't dancing bears, these are brawling bears caught by a man in branchville, new jersey. by the way, this is not so far from where we live.
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it shows part of the reason we love sussex county, new jersey -- [laughter] also, i guess, an element that gives pause to some. these black bears on their hind legs lunging at each other, biting, clawing and brawling. one of the folks who recorded the video says he believes the two bears were fighting over a female. that would not be unheard of. up next, a win for president trump along our southern border. also you won't believe what mitch mcconnell had to say about the subpoena of donald trump jr. byron york, betsy mccaughey join me right after the break. me right after the break. stay with us, we'll back then, we checked our zero times a day. times change. eyes haven't.
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whatcha picking up on, bud? narrator: it's a whole hidden world of wonders and the perfect place to spend time with family. what better place to let your imagination soar? experience nature and create a memory you can share. visit to find a forest or park near you. lou: breaking news tonight, the pentagon announcing it's approved a plan to spend an additional $1.5 billion to build 80 more miles of wall along our southern border. wednesday acting defense
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secretary patrick shanahan told congress the pentagon has secured enough funds to build 256 miles of border wall. shanahan will be on the border, by the way, this coming saturday. majority if leader, senator mitch mcconnell, defending rino richard burr's decision to subpoena donald trump jr. as part of his committee's investigation into the discredited claims of collusion. just listen to what the senate majority leader had to say about the rogue subpoena of the president's son. >> chairman burr's already indicated that the committee will find no conclusion -- no collusion because that'll be consistent with the mueller investigation. i think this is going to have a happy ending. i understand the president's frustration here, but i think this is just a blip. i think the case is closed. lou: and it-a happy epping -- it will have a happy ending, he
1:29 am
concluded. joining us now, byron york, fox business contributor. betsy mccaughey, former lieutenant governor of new york, great to have you with us. what in the world is mitch mcconnell doing? the president is not alone in this. republicans cannot believe -- >> right. they ought to rename that in committee. it's not the intelligence committee, not the way they're behaving right now. there's nothing intelligent about it. and they're really playing into the hands of the democrats. they're boosting the democratic false narrative that somehow the 2016 election was stolen by the russians. they're boosting it by investigating again this russian meddling -- let me just point out -- lou: the real narrative is -- >> trump won fair and square. that's the real narrative. lou: the real narrative is that the only collusion was between the russians, the democrats and the clinton campaign. >> yes. and, by the way, those russians
1:30 am
that were so-called indicted by mueller? those tweets that they sent out amounted to one-two-hundredth of 1% of the political tweets during that election. it wasn't even a whisper. lou: byron, your thoughts? >> well, i think what you're seeing here is the democrats are having a hard time letting go of the collusion thing, because i heard representative debbie wasserman schultz today said they absolutely have to get to the bottom of the russia issue. and robert mueller not to the bottom of it. he had all the powers of law enforcement -- lou: i mean -- >> unlimited budget, he had two years, and he got to the bottom of it, and they're having a hard time adjusting to the fact that he did not find the conspiracy they hoped he would find. lou: well, you know, the poor darlings. [laughter] i'm sorry they're disappointed. the president has said from the outset no collusion. he's been proved right by their own 16, 17 radical dem hound dog
1:31 am
attorneys on the special counsel's team. now, my question is do you think that even debbie wasserman schultz and some of these, you know, props of the democratic party would have the guts to go around -- we'll get to -- saying things like we'll get to the bottom of it if they didn't have a complicit and absolutely enabling left-wing media? byron? >> well, obviously, they -- the people who have kept the whole collusion story alive for all of this time has been the media, and that, you know, right after the report came out there were some critics who said, well, you know, maybe they should kind of have a bit of a reckoning now to say we were wrong. and, actually, they came out and doubled down and said they were right about everything. so you're right, i do think democrats depend on a certain amount of reflexive support in the media. lou: and jim jordan on the house
1:32 am
judiciary committee saying, straightforwardly to jerrold nadler, the only reason you guys are going through this is because you know william barr is going to be investigating every aspect of the origins of this special counsel, this false narrative as some like to say. >> that's right. lou: let me just share with everyone a quote, a full scream of the quote that geralded nadler offered up in 2016 talking about donald trump. and there it is. we cannot wait four years to vote mr. trump out of office. we must keep our eyes on two important goals; depressing trump's public support and dividing the congressional gop from him and from each other. a straightforward blueprint for exactly what the radical dems have done, and the fool rinos have allowed him to accomplish. >> that's right. and nadler keeps saying, as pelosi does, that we're in a constitutional crisis, lou.
1:33 am
the only real constitutional crisis is that the democrats have turned the house of representatives -- a governing institution -- into is house of resistance and actually stopped this government. you might as well say it's shut down. for example, they are preventing us from solving any of the problems on the southern border legislatively. lou: you know what? i understand what you're saying. byron, you're going to get the last word here. i'm -- let's be very straightforward. two years of republican leadership under ryan was an even stronger resistance in many cases than that offered up by pelosi over the last few months. your thoughts. >> well, i think we should make sure everybody knows how unfounded this idea of a constitutional crisis is. remember that the house of representatives found eric holder, then the attorney general, in contempt in 2012, and there wasn't a lot of talk about a constitutional crisis. matter of fact, i found a hearing where holder is himself
1:34 am
said it and said, well, maybe that's a little too strong. and then before that the house of representatives had found harriet miers and josh bolton, the white house counsel and chief of staff for george w. bush, found them in contempt too, and nobody talked about a constitutional crisis. this stuff has happened periodically, and it was not and is not a constitutional crisis. lou: the crisis is a party, the democratic party, tried to overthrow a president of the united states, and they used the offices of the fbi and the justice department to try to do so. betsy mccaughey, byron york, thanks so much. >> thank you, lou. >> thank you. lou: still ahead, a liberal college student attacks a pro-life are activist. >> yeah. don't do that. lou: unbelievable. pastor jeffers joins us here tonight. much more on that. and the trump administration ramping up the pressure on iran.
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♪can't we all get along? lou: b-52 bombers a arriving in qatar in response to worsening threats by iran. we're told other b-52s also have landed at undisclosed locations in southwest asia.
1:39 am
meanwhile, the uss abraham lincoln carrier strike group and a bomber task force have passed through the suez canal as they move closer to station in the persian gulf. the pentagon also sending the uss arlington warship, a patriot surface to air missile, to join the uss lincoln strike force. joining us tonight, the retired four-star general, fox business chief strategic analyst general jack keane. general, good to see you. this is, this is an interesting situation which we don't have a clear picture of what the threat is, yet these are significant moves to, certainly, reinforce our presence in the persian gulf region. >> yeah, absolutely, lou. clearly, the fact that the pentagon the has gone out of its way to make these moves so public, to show videos of a carrier strike group going through the suez canal, not normally done, and then
1:40 am
announcing every move that we're making, what that tells you is, one, they do have credible intelligence as they have reported to us and, two, they're trying to deter iran from taking the action the pentagon believes it's aware of. and that's what the public moves are about. and, hopefully, that works. i mean, look, lou, this administration has taken the toughest stand on iran since it came into power in 1980. that's 39 years. democratic and republican administrations have refused to confront the iranians' use of proxies to gain dominance in the middle east. and where are they? lebanon, syria, encroaching israel, undermining bahrain, have greater political influence in iraq than the united states has, civil war and toppled the regime in yemen. so they are about maligned behavior and sponsoring terrorism around the world. and the other thing, lou, is when the obama administration
1:41 am
began the jcpoa, or the so-called nuke deal, we put on the table their malign behavior as a condition for the discussions. and iranians said we will not talk unless you take all of that off the table. lou: and they did. >> and we did. and john kerry did exactly that. and what this administration has done is back on the table is your malign behavior, your dominance of the middle east. that is the issue number one. and president trump does want to talk to them, but he'll only talk to them under the conditions that this trump team has established. lou: what is your sense of the threat that they are posing right now to the united states, to u.s. interests, to the interests of our allies whether that threat is in the form of malign behavior or intent from proxies, from, you know, whomever it may be sponsored by iran? >> yeah. they want to dominate and
1:42 am
control the region of the middle east. and they've had a fair amount of success in achieving that for the reasons i said, because no one's ever confronted them. and they, clearly, want to encroach on the security and sovereignty of israel. they have got, lou, in lebanon 130,000 rockets and mess sills all from iran -- missiles all from iran in lebanon, one reason only: to fire those on israel. they've got tens of thousands in gaza. lou: i have a question. why in the world aren't those rockets, missiles eliminated? >> well, i'll tell you the truth, israel has struck those rockets and missiles, particularly -- they arrive at the da a maas cuts airport, they've knocked out a warehouse right there at that international airport when they tried to move them into syria. israel's conducted over a hundred strikes in the last year and a half to two years inside
1:43 am
syria against iran placing, trying to establish bases or bringing military capability that would encroach on israel. lou: and how much of this is a signal that is sending in the strength group, bolstering it with the bomber task forces, additional ships? how much of this is a signal also to our allies in europe about where we're headed, what we will expect in the way of cooperation when it comes to the threat posed by iran? >> well, i think anytime you're showing resolve against an adversary, it has ramifications around the world. just as we have seen in the previous administration we showed so much incredible weakness in backing away from our adversaries that they've been emboldened. and that's one of the reasons why we have so many problems that we're challenged with by -- today. and i think that the threat that iran is presenting that has not been revealed to us in specificity deals with, likely,
1:44 am
u.s. bases and facilities that are in the region, and iran can access readily with drones or with rockets or with pt boats, etc. and i think the intelligence is probably pretty good. lou: yeah. and, very quickly, did -- were you pleased to see a minute man missile launch within ten minutes of north korea, a tridecent missile -- trident missile fired from one of our submarines traveling some 7,000 miles? what was your reaction when you saw that there was a response now to north korea's nonsense? [laughter] >> well, it was stunning in terms of the coincidence. two long-range missiles, one land-based, as you suggested, another submerged submarine flying incredible distances. those are top of the line capabilities that the united states has, and they were certainly seen by the world and noted by our adversaries once
1:45 am
again as a reminder of what we really have in our arsenal. lou: perhaps china was even paying attention. who knows? >> oh, you betcha, lou. lou: general jack keane, always good seeing you. breaking news, more unprecedented harassment of the trump administration by the radical, nonsensical, absurd dems in congress. house ways and means chairman richard neal subpoenaing treasury secretary steven mnuchin and the irs commissioner, charles roedick, for refusing to produce the president's tax returns. no word yet from treasury as to how they will respond. the last time they didn't respond well at all in the denying the committee's request. but we'll see, because you never know. we'll just wait on that development. up next, just why did the radical dems allow an anti-israel imam to deliver a prayer in front of congress?
1:46 am
we take that up with pastor robert jeffers when we continue. stay with us.
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[inaudible conversations] >> don't do that, please. >> [bleep] >> please.
1:50 am
>> you're a terrible person. >> stop. lou: a stunning attack by a left-wing student at the university of north carolina-chapel on a pro-life activist. the up provoked attack came after the student said she was triggered by images of aborted children. the woman who attached -- who launched that assault was arrested and is expected in court next month. the pro-abortion argument being led off with fists. unbelievable. a muslim imam known for his anti-israel remarks invited by the radical left to deliver the opening prayer thursday at the house of representatives. imam omar assume man has said, quote, funding israel is like sending money to the kkk. to take all of this up, joining us tonight is pastor robert jeffers and, pastor, great to have you with us.
1:51 am
your thoughts about what are we -- [laughter] i don't quite understand how this kind of conduct is being embraced or tolerated on our universities, physical violence. it's, to me -- your thoughts? >> well, it's a growing trend on campuses to try to silence conservative voices. and, lou, this is the hypocrisy of liberalism. those who cry loudest for tolerance are usually the most intolerant people in the world when it comes to ideas with which they disagree. and, you know, in the young woman who committed the attack, she says she was triggered by pictures of aborted fetuses9 that the pro-life group had put up. wait a minute, triggered by science? i thought this was a group that believed in science -- lou: that's an interesting -- >> she was confronted with the -- yeah, this is not just a biological blob, this is a human being that is being murdered.
1:52 am
well, to kind of quote jack nicholson from a few good men, they can't handle the truth. they freak out at the truth, the liberals do, and is so they want to silence the truth. lou: and she made a case, really, for the people who are pro-life, who are anti-abortion. she said she's triggered by those images. i guess that everyone who is pro-life and anti-abortion if then should say they are triggered by those very same images and end the discussion. >> well, and, lou, there's something wrong with people who aren't triggered by those horrible images of babies being murdered. and, look, joe biden is about wrong on every issue, but one thing he's right about is when he says this next election is going to be a battle for the soul of america. but that battle isn't going to be over some contrived conspiracy about the charlottesville comments, it's going to be over the protection of the unborn and the democrats
1:53 am
are on the losing side of that battle. lou: do you think the house of representatives would bring in a rabbi to condemn islam for a prayer? >> not on your life. and, look, the fact that they would bring in this israel-hating imam just further cements the democrats' well-deserved reputation as a party of anti-semitism. time after time that it bash israel, they bash the jewish people. and compare that to president trump and what he's done in standing with the jewish people, protecting israel. why, just this week we're celebrating the one-year anniversary of the opening of the embassy in jerusalem. three other presidents promised to do it, only donald j. trump could do it. and, lou, this is going to to me the choice very simple in 2020. if you hate israel, vote democrat. if you love israel, vote donald j. trump. it is the that simple.
1:54 am
lou: pastor, it is always great to have you with us. we thank you so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: and have a great weekend. stay with us,
1:55 am
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♪find out what it means to me♪ ♪r-e-s-p-e-c-t ♪take care. tcb, oh ♪(sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me)♪ ♪a little respect lou: on wall street today, quite a session. a 450-point rebound in the dow jones industrials. all of the talk of trading, the trade talks, creating a lot of
1:58 am
consternation among some investors. the result, the dow up 114 points at the end. the s&p is up 11, the nasdaq gaining 6. volume on the big board, 3.5 billion shares. looking like just about the average for the week. and for the week stocks did end lower, the dow and s&p lost about 2%, the nasdaq down 3%. crude oil closing flat. gold and silver also flat on the day. all of the action over in equities, and amazon ceo jeff bezos unveiled his new spacecraft that he says will return humans to the moon by 2024. i assume he meant if americans. i would guess that -- the because americans are the only ones that have been this. i think he might have taken note of that. but maybe he's just being p.c., you know how p.c. bezos is. i read all about it. bezos says his blue moon lander could carry 2-4 passengers.
1:59 am
a reminder, listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. new developments in the case of hate -- jussie smollett, a cook county judge, are you ready for in this? that judge has handed off the decision on whether to assign a special prosecutor to investigate illinois' state attorney kim fox's handling of the smollett case. that decision after we learned that the judge's son works for her. now, they didn't do anything for weeks, and now they're not doing anything either. he's just simply going to wait and see if somebody else gets appointed. shocking revelations tonight about the deep state's conspiracy to overthrow the president. award-winning investigative journalist john solomon with these thoughts. >> if the state department figure out that christopher steele, in a 45-minute meeting,
2:00 am
was giving them false information, was overtly political and was violating his fbi agreement, you'd think those fbi counterintelligence investigators who gave us this warrant and gave us this tw ♪ >> a farmer with an unusual hobby hands down a humongous collection to his family. >> anybody that collects 150 tractors -- doesn't that make you eccentric? ♪ >> he spent a lifetime, and a pretty penny, amassing it. >> definitely a method to grandpa's madness. >> is it a treasure trove of valuable americana? >> it was almost out of control maybe you would say. >> or a herd of white elephants? >> dad, are you ever gonna stop? you know, for one thing, you're running out of room. where are you going to put them all? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪ >> i'm jamie colby, and i'm just


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