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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  May 11, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance," and remember -- you can't take it with you. bull "bulls & beart now. david: no deal. u.s.-china trade talks wrapping up today after two hours with no agreement in place. and tariffs on $200 billion in chinese goods now raised 25%. but take a look at the markets. all three of the major averages ending higher despite the tariffs ending the worst trading week of the year on a very high note, particularly when you think of the fact it made a 472-point comeback. that's incredible. the details coming u righ right. this is "bulls & bears." i'm david asman. joining me on the panel tonight,
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john barnett. the president's trade talks today was constructive and they will continue. let's go to edward lawrence at the white house. what are you hearing? >> yeah, the chinese delegation is on a flight on their way back to jato beijing. you see video oen the way out of the vice premier giving a smile and a wave. that's a good sign, according to some. there was no visit to the oval office for the chinese which happened the last few rounds. still the president remaining positive, tweeting out there were candid and constructive conversations adding the relationship between president xi and myself remains a strong one. he continues on another tweet saying the tariffs may or may not be removed, depending on what happens with respect to future negotiations. nothing is scheduled right now
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but experts say this is not a total breakdown. >> this is not a walkout or a breakdown of the talks. that's the good news. the bad news is obviously there were two sets of issues to be worked on. one is what the president referred to as chinese renegotiation. sometimes the word reneging has been used as well. the other set of issues is the remaining that were 90% there at one point. the remaining 10%. >> and they tell us that stee mnuchin said that china has three to four weeks before everything else that china imports into the united states is under a 25% tariff, in addition to the 25% tariffs on $200 billion worth of goods that starts right now, some 6,000 items. we're waiting for a phone call. this might all depend on the phone call between president trump and president xi jinping. thaitrade sources are telling us
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there's nothing more he can do. it would now be up to the two world leaders dvd let's bring in university of maryland professor. great to see you. if the tariffs are so bad, why did the markets turn around today? >> the tariffs are not all that bad. the tariffs are going t to havea small macro economic effect. if they were, why didn't the last rune round of tariffs sinke country. if there's a full price pass through, there won't be. never is. you usually get half of the impact, chinese suppliers cut prices, supply reactions. longer term there would be less than that. all of these tales of woe about a recession happening because of mr. trump's tariffs, these are the same guys on wall street saying that mr. trump's arrival would cause a recession. they've gotten it wrong so many
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times, these harvard trained economists who work on wall street, they're political biased and it shows up in their analysis. >> absolutely. they've already factored in these tariffs, right? so it wasn't a surprise when the market rebounded. the thing is that trump -- president trump understands that, you know what, you can't do talking all of the time. you actually have to take action. and when the chinese government took a backstep or a corporate two-step if you will, president trump -- david: a promise. >> you can't renege. you know what, president trump is practicing what i call the three f's in negotiation, being fair, friendly and firm. you have to have all three at the same time. and when your opponent looks like they're backtracking, you need to pull them back to the table. >> i agree with you. i agree with the professor. the problem is how the market looks at this, david. that's the issue. the market priced in the fact that there was going to be a
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deal and then it was shocked when there wasn't one taking a step pack back. toad it's off of the tweet. the talks are constructive and the market gues gets exielted e. the market doesn't understand what's happening. this is a long game. they panic and then they get excite canned and it's a knee jerk reaction back and forth. >> sorry. i was waiting for my friend adam to come in. peter, garry smith in florida. >> hea. >> i wholeheartedly agree with you. you took the wind out of any sails. since the tariffs went into place in january, the gdp has grown 3.2% in the last two quarters, per your point. i guess my only question is this, you would agree, though, that if we could ever come to a state where there's no tariffs at all, that would be better for
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both economies, correct? >> well, if we could start competing with china on a generally level playing field, they would stop all of their subsidies and stealing our intellectual property and strong-arming businesses and all of the rest of stuff. if they behave like britain instead of china we would all grow together. what really puzzles me about the chinese if they don't see that they would grow faster and benefit from a symbiotic relationship. >> a quick observation, a couple. i have been amused listening to the president accusing them of reneging on their deal points. given what we know of his history as a negotiator, he was famous for reneging on deal points and skipping the people on the other side of the table. i was listening to jackie -- the reason i paused, i'm irrelevant
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here because i agree with her 100%. everybody is bending over backwards twob on the president's side or against the president. and as jackie points out, when the market plunges there's no good explanation for that. when the market recovers on a tweet, there's no good explanation for on that it doesn't make through economic sense. david: homed on a second, professor. i have a question. we're talking about one country, the united states, that deals with the rule of law. and as much as trump's negotiating standard can be criticized, he still has to operate within the rule of law. we're dealing with another country, a communist country that doesn't have the rule of law. they can make one deal one day and contradict it 100% the next day because that's the way communist systems work, right, professor? >> absolutely. it's the way dictatorships work. and president xi has made himself into a dictator. this is like dealing with mousse
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lewith mousse leeny except we don't get the good fooded. not only do they make the deal and specify how they change the laws -- which by the way is nothing new. we had that in the wto agreement and in nafta with mexico. but there are really hard, tough enforcement provisions. so if they back pedal we can do something about it. we're at a fork in the road. either we disengage from china because competing with him as we have makes no sense. >> you know. >> hold on. >> completely impossible. >> it's not impossible. over time the investments that are in china would go to malaysia, indonesia, vietnam and so forth. at the same time we could look the other way, the symbiotic leadership irelationship in whiw
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together but we can't growing like we have. >> president obama would draw all of these red lines and he would get countries cross them and they weren't enforced as red lines. we saw it with syria. our president is trying to say, when i draw a red line, i mean it. he's trying to create a situation where these negotiations can be enforced and that it would be different in terms of what we've seen in history. no one has been drive enough really to stand up to china. david: .>> from a policy perspei agree with what you're saying. we absolutely have to achieve this. no, i agree. let's not get carried away. the deal-making president said the deadline for this deal was march 31. david: let's not say that the president of the united states is less trustworthy than the head of a communist country. come on, adam, really? >> i didn't say that. david: that's what you were
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implying. go ahead professor. >> donald trump before he became president, he did a lot of things that we don't necessarily admire. look at his behavior since he became president. he might be erratic but he's been honest with his agenda, he's been just about as straight a shooter when it comes to being president. my feeling is that's the man they're dealing with and that's the person we should evaluate because we're evaluating the trump presidency. not trump ceo of trump enterprises. >> from the beginning president trump knew it would take time saying we cannot remove the tariffs and we need to keep the pressure on. they back away from the table, we'll increase it. the president knows and understands who he's dealing with. the key is that we have to apply the pressure, continue talking,
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move forward and make sure they deliver. with the understanding that, you know what, their behavior may not change immediately. we have to have that provision in terms of making dush -- david: not only that. professor forgive me for jumping in. we're getting breaking news out of washington. he says china and the u.s. agree to hold more trade talk talks in beijing. this time they came here. apparently they're going to go -- we're going to go over there. that's got to be an encouraging sign, right? >> that's hopeful. you couldn't expect them to come here and capitulate even if it served their interests to capitulate. but now we go there and time goes by. but it's easier to make a deal there. >> the way the president -- david: i want to get back to. >> it's the art of the deal. the delicate dance back and forth, back and forth. and i think even though he said that you know the deal would be done by friday and it wasn't
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necessarily done, he's saying that's not how deals are done. he gets it. david: gary, go ahead. >> i want to get back to peter's point because i think we're all focusing on the wrong thing. mathematically it really doesn't matter what trump does one way or another. numbers are so small. adam, per your point, one, you're never irrelevant, my friend but two, you're completely wrong. i'm getting back to peter's point looking at the economics of the deal. 0.2%, 0.3%, it's academic. if the market sale sells off on tariff news, bye. david: vice premier said he had honest constructive discussions in the latest round of trade talks. things are looking positive. over the weekend that might be good news for the markets on mooned. meanwhile, former vice president joe biden may be trying to paint himself as a
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view of the government's role in health care while campaign in los angeles. listen. >> i think that anyone who is in a situation where they're in need of health care, regardless of whether they're documented or undocumented, we have an obligation to see -- that's why i think we need more clinics around the country. david: is jiepped sliding down the slippery slope into bernie styled socialist health care? what do you think? >> this is just another extension of the obama era. when you announce entitlement that's going to exacerbate the crisis at the border. the thing is, he's in a tough situation. i don't feel for him but he's in a tough situation. how does he fight in the democratic party that's constantly being pulled to the left, progressive left. he has to throw some red meat, perhaps a veggie patty to the
11:18 am
electorate. but the old way and the old system of doing politics with regard to these are my positions in the primary and switch in the general, that's not going to work this time around. >> it's not going to work but he does realize that the parties are so polarized and the candidates are so far left than joe biden is that he has to move that way in order to get the nomination. that's what this is about, who is going to get that nomination and he certainly wants it. the other piece of this is from a human per secretive, h perspel agree, but who is going to pay for it. that's what you said to bernie sanders or aoc. >> documented our undocumented. i thought everybody would be for that. what do you guys think in. >> i think the game plan, to be quite honest and much to my dismay is working. the left wants to become the nanny state and forever increase
11:19 am
the entitlements. that's the way you suck in the voters. look, they have to depend on the government for health care, for social security, for -- and they will widen the net larger and larger. is it working? look at the approval ratings of obamacare. the ones that make money are paying for it. but a great majority of people don't pay anything into it because they're riding on the backs of the others. are people going to be in an uproar? no. because as more and more people come to rely on and say hey, i can get my health care for free, they're going to vote for the left. i'm a per nec perfect example. when i go on medicare in a few years, i want other to pay for my health care. david: i have a completely different. >> not medicaids, medicare. david: i hav.>> i have a differt perspective. i'm going to say something cynical and make a prediction.
11:20 am
i think that we shouldn't expect to learn anything serious at all about joe biden's policies over the course of this entire campaign. david: you may be right. >> because it is that -- i use the word irrelevant before. that is irrelevant to his campaign. he had one message to sale, he's a sean mature nonsocialist. sane and mature like the president, not a socialist. but that's his platform, friends. david: i have a feeling you might be right. on the other hand i'm wondering, sometimes you make commitments on the campaign trail in order to please one group of constituents or potential constituents and you're on the record. you've made the promise. >> absolutely. >> it's a delicate dynamic. and the thing is in this modern era of politics, people hold you to your word. you can't make promises that you can't keep. and the thing is that promising,
11:21 am
using the same tactics from the obama -- david: that's why trump was so interested in building the wall. he made the promise on the campaign trail. >> and the blue collar democrats when they hear we want to give free health care to illegals and undocumented and whatever category that you name that aren't even here yet, that's not going to play. >> just for discussion, he didn't say free. he said we need more clinics. you can beat him up saying who is going to pay for it. david: hold on a second. because i've got it right here. what he said was regardless of whether they are documented or undocumented, we have an obligation to see that they're cared for but he doesn't say exactly how much care. i mean he did parse his words a little bit. >> david, that is a huge point, by the way. when he says we have an obligation, he's basically rewriting the constitution in there. because i don't think there's
11:22 am
anywhere. >> no, he's not. >> -- the government has an obligation to give health care for all. >> i have an obligation to listen to you right now because it's good manners. i'm not rewriting the constitution, gary. >> the government is not in the business of good manners. the government should stay out of the way. david: i agree with gary. when he says it's an obligation that's something that governments were established to do. that's what the konls teution is all about, establishing what governments to. >> i believe in a way that you would be comfortable. he's saying that we as a community have an obligation to solve this problem. let's talk about how. i don't think he's saying. >> that's not solving the problem. the problem is open borders that's the real problem. david: and we're going to be talking about that in an upcoming segment. i don't want to jump the gun. uber making its public debut
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new york stock exchange this morning but stumbling out of the gate notching a big rare decline for high ipo. uber shares closing down 7%, lower than its $45 initial public offering price. profits remain a major concern, there are none for investors this week's looming market backdrop did not help. so what does today's performance mean for the future of a public uber. and adam, you wrote a book called "wild ride." you know all about this. >> the company's financial situation isn't what its private market investors hoped it would be. secondly, the investment bankers didn't cover themselves in glory today. they're supposed to do demand at
11:28 am
a certain price for an ipo and they were wrong. but they're human. i would argue it's a little. they raised billions of dollars yesterday and they meadz billionaires out of their founders. they have a ton of money to go do whatever it is that they want to do. but other great companies had stumbled in their ipo. facebook, for example, had a horrible ipo and went on to be one of the most valuable companies in the world still today. i'm not saying the future is rosy but i wouldn't read too much into today. >> i have to agree. it's a catch 22 of what was going to happen. and facebook is a great example. sometimes you can't tap the private market anywhere. you need to raise the funds in the public market to grow and expand your business. this is one of those byes that peoplbusinessesthat people lovet going away. people are willing to wait this out. >> well, i kind of disagree with jackie a little bit.
11:29 am
i think the service is phenomenal. they've revolutionized the whole cab, the taxi industry. and the further plans are they want to revolutionize the whole transportation industry. but here's the problem. here's why i disagree with jackie that it's not going to go away. this business model has not found a way to make money. they cannot -- even if they grow 100%, they have 100% of the riders out there, they can't make money. their business model is broken. it's a fantastic service for users. it's not a fantastic service for the uber employees and the shareholders. that's the key problem with this company. >> absolutely. when you have 70% of any market and you actually have a poor business model, losing 3 billion per year and you don't have answer answer in terms of what your real strategy is to become
11:30 am
profitable and the ceo is saying, you know what, we may never become profitable, that really doesn't bode well are if anyone who wants to buy the stock for future growth. >> they've been in this price war in the united states with lyft and everywhere else they operate they're in a price war with somebody. if those price wars decline and they start raising prices, they could -- both companies could find themselves in a position of making money. that's their hope. >> i want to jump in on the idea of profitability and where you go in the future. when you look at facebook the big issue is how are they going to monetize it. they have to make money. they did it. look at what they're doing with advertising. they're targeted, they're focused, making money. they're dealing with stumbling blocks on the privacy side but uber is going to have its stumbling blocks too, paying the drivers more and figuring out what the right model is. it's not that model. david: i'm wondering why the
11:31 am
drivers don't figure out how to do it themselves. start your own app. maybe adam, you know the answer to this. there's a low barrier to entry here if you figure out how to develop an app. get a lot of people saying you're a safe person, it's okay to be in a car with you and then you go out and do it on your own. >> there's probably not a low barrier of entry to just driving a car. collecting all of the credit cards, processing all of the credit cards, that's a little more complicated than the average driver could do on their own. >> i disagree with you, adam. that is the easy part. the software to put this together. it's the getting employees and figuring out pay. per david's point, there are already enters -- uber has an age cut jowf. cutoff.
11:32 am
there's very little barriers to entry to this market. >> again we wish them luck. they're a new business. farmers in the u.s. already suffering are now bracing for retaliation to an increase in their tariffs on chinese goods. we're on the ground with more at a hog farm right after this. this is your car. you had a good run, but it's time to sell or trade it in, and you need to know what it's worth. with truecar, just enter your license plate and see your car's value in real time. sports package and low mileage? nice. incident with a shopping cart... not so nice. sunroof? real nice. within minutes, you'll have a true cash offer and you can head to a local certified dealership to cash out or trade in. enjoy a better way to sell or trade in your car with truecar.
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concerned about rising tariffs as tariffs on chinese go up. jeff is in illinois with the details. he's right there at a hog farm. what are the farmers telling you, jeff? reporter: they're concerned because the retaliatory tariffs that hit and that's what could be coming after the latest tariffs. the retaliatory tariffs on pork, that is to say these hogs imported into china just tills s you. >> puts us as a competitive
11:37 am
advantage. there are other countries who would like to export park and like the marketplace all to themselves. reporter: the president tweeting today, listen, tariffs are going to help and also in china because they had a big swine fever outbreak. they need your pork, don't they? >> again, there are other places they can go buy it or they may dpe side to totally upend the supply chain and invest in other countries and long term view us as an unreliable supplier and grow their own pork in brazil or mexico. that's what happens when you do these actions like tariffs unilaterally. you put us at risk. reporter: you tell the president what to do. what should president trump do if they doesn't do tariffs. we've got problems with china. >> let's not do tariffs as a first resort. there are multioptions to us
11:38 am
with others. protect our space in the chinese market. if we had ttp as a unified block to stand against chinese influence, europe, japan, let's not forget about all of the agreements -- reporter: you think there are better option thans the blunt end of a tariff? >> yes, i do. reporter: that's what the farmers think. >> all i can say is these pigs are taking a bite out of us just since this whole situation is taking a bite out of the hog farmers. david: you better get out of that pen before you don't have any toes left. thank you, jeff. the president addressing farms' concerns this morning tweeting quote we'll be agricultural products from our great farmers in laryj amounts than china did and we'll ship it over to poor and starving countries in the form of humanitarian assistant. we'll continue to negotiate with
11:39 am
china. will this help, the new idea that the president had help farmers cope with the trade victitrade scermembers of congr. >.>> you nil in fill in the hol. we'll all be better. basically you want to tax the farmers through the tariffs but then you want to help them out by buying the pork. >> gary, truly when he want to wharton economics was not on the agenda. this is the most idiotic. >> other than that you love it. >> you stole my line completely. joe biden, the whole message is i'm not a socialist like bernie sanders. now he can add to that like donald trump because donald trump wants to buy hogs from american farmers, a government
11:40 am
program to buy hogs. kind of like the new deal that paid farmers not to farm which conservatives have been complaining about for decades. i just also want to say, david, that hog farmer he belongs on television. that's what he need more of. >> the thing is, is that i'm a free market capitalist. and when you look at sound physical policy, it does work. this idea, not too sure. but you know what? the invisible hand is good when it's working. however china has been stealing from us for a long time. my father said you either pay now or more later on. in the path that we're going down, if we don't do something now we'll be paying more later on. >> i think this goes exactly along the lines of what joe biden was saying about the health care. it might help short term but it's not sustainable. so he may get points from the left because he's feeding the humanitarian crisis. but the bottom line is you need
11:41 am
to strike a deal with china. you need to figure it out and have it work so that trade will work in the proper way. and without that -- david: beyond this plan of the president i tend to agree. another problem with it -- i used to cover latin america and other poor count friday countrie u.s. rice and other products sold on the black market. corrupt politicians get it from the united states, take some for their family and sell the rest on the black market. beyond that, the fact that is the china has food inflation right now. they're running out of pigs because they had swine fever there. i know they could buy from other countries. but if this trade deal works, there's going to be an opening for hog farmers in china like we've never seen nchts . >> a big opportunity. >> john, i believe it's your first time on the show. i have to hold your feet to the
11:42 am
fire. saying that this was -- this could be good -- would you please come out and say do you think this is a good policy or an idiotic policy. in my mind there's no discussion here. it's the stupidest thing i've ever heard. david: welcome to the show, by the way. >> thanks for having me. the thing is, this is a chess match being played out in the open with no timer. right? although we wish we had a timer, right. but you know what? the person we're dancing with wants to continue the dance, wants to play the music and go as long as we can. the thing is that president trump is trying to strike that balance, a delicate balance between you know what, keeping trade talks going, making sure he applies the right amount of pressure. if we don't get it done now when we have the leverage, when will we get it done. the thing is i don't necessarily agree with this particular move. however, given the fact that
11:43 am
china is having problems right now with their food and things of that nature, specifically hogs, they are not likely to raise a tariff on something that they actually need. and president trump knows that. david: let's face it. i mean, this is a guy, we know him well enough to know that he's got a million of these ideaideas every day. this popped out in a tweet. it's probably never going to happen. thank you very much. beto o'rourke admitting there is a crisis at the border despite what he said a few months ago. but wait until you hear what he says is to blame. >> we are a country of immigrants and asylum seekers and refugees and they're the very premise of our strength, success and security. and every single run with us. in the unstoppable john deere gator™ xuv835.
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beto o'rourke changed his mind and mow admits that we have a crisis at the border. but he's claiming that climate change is the source of the trouble. the 2020 hopeful saying climate change has caused the homes of many immigrants to be unlivable and that's why they're flow in here. joining us now, the national border control vice president.
11:48 am
great to see you again. beto was wrong clearly saying no problem at the border a couple of weeks ago. is he right blaming climate change for the crisis? >> i don't know how to keep a straight face on national tv with that question honestly. climate change. you know what? the winters are cold and the summers have been hot. i don't know what to say to that one. that's the most ridiculous thing. some of these people need to start really paying attention at the issue. i find it insulting that he would say that. i think that comment belongs somewhere on a comedy channel and not on someone that actually cares about what's happening on the southern border. that's the most ridiculous thing i've heard. >> what's the moral like. >> i don't know what else to say bt it. >> that's complete. i get the picture. go ahead, john. >> what's the moral like at the border dealing with, you know,
11:49 am
infectious diseases, so much going on, good news in the terms of the department of defense allocating $1.5 billion in terms of building the wall. that's good news. but how are you motivating the border patrol. >> i think we have very dedicated individuals that are out there and they care about the job that they're doing. the moral went up tremendously when president trump took over office. that's the hard truth. but you know the moral is not where it should be yet. i think it's steps that we're tackintaking to get better. obviously being overrun by illegal aliens in the country, the facilities where we're holding them, it's more and more difficult because we're over capacity. a lot of these individuals have been getting released for quite some time. that is something that is -- it's hard to swallow for a lot of these agents. and at the same time you have a lot of agents that are out there
11:50 am
patrolling areas that have to be removed from those spots because now they have to, you know, do a lot of the processing and see what's going on there and that creates gaps. so that's the scary part. it creates gaps along the border. but i think the proper steps moving forward are being looked at and taken into consideration. a lot of it has to do with allowing the agents and men and women that are out there some type of authority so they can fast-track some of the asylum claims. i believe that a lot of the asylum claims are not strew asylum claims. you asked some people and they can always seek asylum because it's too hot back in their village, i guess. >> i appreciate the work that you and the people you represent are doing. what can you tell us about the life of these migrants who obviously are facing difficult times in their lives and are far from their homes? 0 how are they doing in the detention facilities? >> well, i mean, it's going through the same process that
11:51 am
we've always gone through. but like i said, these individuals that are being detained are being well taken care of, they're medically screened, all of the proper steps are being done and in the end the problem is that, that they're being released and i think there should be a way you can fast track. everyone that i work with, all of the people, the men and women i represent, we're 100% behind immigration. the issue is we're not in favor of illegal immigration. best way -- i've said it many times before and it sounds cliche now. but it's as simple as if you come to my home, knock on my front door and i'll decide whether i want you in my house. don't break the door down or come through the window in the middle of the night when i'm not paying attention. >> let me ask you a question. if it is solvable, let's call it the border crisis, illegal immigrants coming in. >> right. >> is it primarily, in your
11:52 am
opinion, a manpower issue, is it a wall issue, or is it -- if it is both, how much, just on the manpower because you're probably closer to that, where we have to see percentage increase to really be 100% effective? >> i think it's combination of everything. it's not just one particular thing. i often tell people, you know, you can't just concentrate on one thing. the wall is tremendous because it prevents a lot of the individuals from crossing in certain areas while at the same time it's able to direct the traffic in other areas where we can effectively put manpower out there and make the detentions. but at the same time we need to start getting congress more involved with some of these laws that are there or figure out a way so you the fast track some of the asylum claims. because what it's also doing, and people don't realize this, there are people trying to enter this country legally. and they have been waiting to enter this country legally. and what happens when you have a
11:53 am
lot of these cases that are false claims or people that are just trying to get in by any means necessary, it clogs up the immigration system and now the people that are going about it the right way, not breaking the law, they're having to suffer because of these other individuals. david: by the way, it's not said often enough but you guys save lives. thank you for saving lives. so many people that have it backwards in terms of describing the work that you do. but if it wasn't for you guys, a lot more people would be die in the desert and we thank you for the work that you do. good to see you, art. thank you for being here. appreciate it. >> thank you very having me. have a good weekend disbld unions are ticked off that delta air lines sent out flyers comparing video games to union dues. why some are calling it offensive but wait until you see the union's counter punch, if the union's counter punch, if you think this is offensive.
11:54 am
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>> delta airlines being slams for these flyers that were sent out to workers showing images of the videogame controller, a football or baseball with messages that read, what you could do with the $700 you don't spend on union dues. the afl-cio, the nations largest labor organization tweeted then deleted this in response. that's a guillotine. after they received a lot of backlash for making a guillotine
11:58 am
in reference to delta ceo, what you think about these liars? >> i think delta definitely threw the first punch there. but, the union response was not to take the high road. it also gave them an opportunity to come back and make a stronger case. but, they punch back harder with a guillotine. it doesn't really start a dialogue. >> no. sue make jackie, and don't like being on the program with you because she you're so right every time you speak. the company would be cheeky and therefore rude by saying, spend your monday on a game instead of on this thing that you think is very important. then the union responded by taking the dial to 11. it's unfortunate that's what happens with so much of our public discourse these days, i think. >> i want to make a couple points, jackie, and his many years as i have been dealing with the show without him, he has never once said, that i am right on any point.
11:59 am
>> that is not true. >> number two, who is going out figuring out how much the guillotine cost. >> we didn't even speak about that. >> i actually like the back and forth. i don't think the union of course they didn't take the high road. but i like the back-and-forth. >> it's obvious were emotions are high rationale is low, that was a poor comeback. i'm glad they deleted it, but, we know unions have been dying for decades now. so, they're frustrated. they're trying to find their way back. this is not the path forward. >> it reminds you that this was a kathy griffin who had the severed head of donald trump, there is no humor there, at least you can try to have a sense of humor, but haven't a guillotine, again, they've been trying to unionize dolts of years and to do it wholesale trade i don't think this helps
12:00 pm
her cause, do you, adam? >> the companies was funny. it was disrespectful, but it was funny. >> i don't think that's why they deleted it. >> i must say your idea of funny - [announcer] the following is a paid advertisement for the hoover smartwash. when your throw rugs need cleaning, you toss them in the washing machine, easy! if only you could do the same for your carpet. instead, here's what carpet cleaning looks like for many of us, hauling around heavy, bulky rental machines. they're a hassle. and do you really want to bring someone else's dirt into your home? and then there's all the mixing, soaking, waiting forever for your carpet to dry. no wonder we sometimes give up and call in a pro, but that's a whole other level of pain! they're all over your house, you're left with a damp carpet, and it costs a fortune! sometimes you just want to give up. now there's an entirely new way to get your carpets looking and feeling like new again.


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