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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 11, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. i hope to see you right here >> good evening everybody, the white house now on the offensive as the unhinged delusional and determined dems are doing everything they can to assail president trump. the house judiciary committee voting along effort pat lines this afternoon recommending that congress hold attorney general bill barr in contempt of congress for his refusal to break the law to follow regulations and to release grand jury information, of course. house radical demss are engaging in what is unprecedented abuse of power and demanding demanding that attorney general that chief law enforcement officer of the country break the law. after trying to fully accumulate
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the judiciary committee and its radical chairman the president today said no more asserted executive pri ledge over material in mueller report, however, for some radical dems their political blood lost -- just could not be slate. >> impeachment l of mr. barr on the table -- >> well nothing is off ever off a the table. >> congress has the apparent authority to con peel witnesses to appear to subpoena and find someone many contempt to find them into custody for the subpoena. >> if you have -- no jail in the basement of the capitol but if we were arrest aing all of the people in the administration -- [laughter] we would have overcrowded jail situation. >> speaker pelosi and not only talking about jailing cabinet members, but also suggesting her party has the ability to operate
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above any other branch of government. >> i think we're superior branch quite frankly. we have the power to make the law. >> also president trump's focus now on iran. forcing them to pull out of two key commitments of the obama era nuclear deal and with less than 24 hours before a new round of trade talk are scheduled to begin. there are new reports of china, backtracking on their commitments to the united states. katy foreign relations expert professor paul among our guests here tonight. we begin with breaking news. the ryan know led senate intelligence committing drag out the debunk collusion conspiracies that's right -- the republican led senate intelligence committee subpoenaing none other than donald trump jr.. they apparently want to -- him to answer questions about
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prior testimony to senate investigates related to you guessed it the russian collusion investigation. this is despite chairman richard asering in february that his committee had found no evidence of trump/russia collusion not a announcement on heel of the house to vote bill barr in contempt of congress chief intelligence correspondent. katherine now leads off the broadcast with the story. >> have it. after more than four hour of debate democrats took first step to withholding william barr in contempt democratic chairman jerry knadler said barr refused to comply with con congressional subpoena to supply full city council report and underlying records. >> no person at the attorney general not the president can be permitted to be above the law. that is what is at stake today. but republicans shot back that
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barr was bound by law and could not provide grand jury material without a court order knadler had not pursued. manufacturing across yes attorney general is following regulation it is about raw parted disan politics our colleagues have rep weapon niced our critical responsibility. writing to the justice department official said bribe access to the records, quote, unfortunately rather than allowing negotiations to continue, scheduled unnecessary con effort vote to advise you that president asserted executive privilege over entire of the subpoena material. republicans said democrats real goal is damaging the attorney general as he investigating the genesis of fbi probe and opposin research the so-called anti-a trump dossier to secure surveillance warrant for a trump campaign aid. >> all about trying to destroy bill barr because democratses are nervous he's going to get to the bottom of everything. >> after the vote the jt department issued a statement
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calling this session, quote, political theatrics the democratic chairman said he expects the contempt resolution to go to the house floor rapidly. >> katherine thank you. katherine reporting. joining us tonight former or reagan political white house director leading republican strategist in the country and fox business political analyst, himself ed rollins great to have you here. but let's start with this extraordinary spectacle in the house judiciary committee. he -- absolutely insisting that the attorney general break the law, and comply with a wishes of the judiciary committee. >> i've been around game a long time and i lived through water gait i was part of the nixon and this pails in comparison to the days and i think this reality here is in thes have nothing. they're outrageous politicians -- that want to do everything to distract this president that which they can do from affairs to extent and turn on them and
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vote them out in 18 months. >> did congressman jim jordan, his statements today in the judiciary committee did they resonate with you because as he laid out what the radical dems are afraid of, that is the investigations that it appears certainly from his testimony that the attorney general has unleashed into the origins of the -- the witch hunt as president first called it the muellerer's special counsel investigation. if it looks like that's precisely what has been concerned and their deep state allies are in deep, deep trouble. >> there's no question what they did state department and other justice department and fbi during the clinton and obama administrations. it was just outrageous i think to a certain extend barr will get to bottom it have. this is a tough president that is willing to have the battle and we have a great attorney general as well to lead the battling and point out where it
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should have been done two years ago, three years ago and reality is make sure it never happens again fbi was -- was not doing its job. the state department was covering thingses up every day for hillary. i think the end of the day here they're fearful of that and should be fearful of that. >> and we learn through reporting of john solomon at the hill that -- that a memorandum by a state department employee has been sealed two week ago. sealed for 25 years that was evidence of the fact that they knew of the fbi knew of steele's motivation in creating the phony dossier. that they then ultimately later used for a fisa spying warrant. >> it is gigantic cover upsteel on the payroll of the dnc and the hillary campaign. they knew that. and a the reality of the fbi knew that, and at the top level
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of the fbi, basically they covered it up and now why? ray has let this thing be sealed is just beyond me it is just -- outrageous indictment of him ink to protect the fbi again is just outrageous we need to have a lot of sunshine on that place and i think barr will do that. >> and this late development, donald trump jr. -- being subpoenaed to appear before the senate, the senate intelligence committee in violation of the agreement that the existed between the committee and donald jr. what in the world -- richard burr, the chairman of the committee a republican doing this to -- to protract the collusion nonsense. >> well first of all it was no collusion. that was clear by the evidence that it was not found. >> special counsel and why you're now going back to this again is ridiculous to a
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committee he didn't testify before. >> burr has throughout -- his has basically deferred to ranking member mark warner. in no one seems to understand why. and here he is doing it again. and by the way, it was his senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who had said we're done. >> it should be done and the reality is there's nothing more to do and i -- and i think that young man is not going to testify basically made that clear this afternoon. why go back up again? >> l well -- i'm fascinated by why the republican party in the senate seems to be -- absolutely in chaos right now. >> puts people back in place. absolutely. and all right ed rollins -- up next here the united states dismissing iran's threat to withdraw from that defective iranian nuclear deal. we take that up pormer deputy
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national security advisor a katy mcfarland with us struggling to define bureau action as against the trump campaign. it is -- it is quite a mess, and he is in quite a mess. stay with us. we're coming right back. -♪ just like any other family ♪ the house, kids, they're living the dream ♪ ♪ and here comes the wacky new maid ♪ -maid? uh, i'm not the... -♪ is she an alien, is she a spy? ♪ ♪ she's always here, someone tell us why ♪ -♪ why, oh, why -♪ she's not the maid we wanted ♪ -because i'm not the maid! -♪ but she's the maid we got -again, i'm not the maid. i protect your home and auto. -hey, campbells. who's your new maid?
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>> breaking news tonight the white house has imposed new sanctions against iran's medal sectors. this in response to iran's plan to stop complying with part of the obama era nuclear deal. iran says they will stop exporting excess yew rain yum and heavy water from nuclear program they've always said a 60 day deadline for now terms to be negotiated before as they have set the foundation now they resume higher uranium enrichment it comes one year after president trump withdrew the united states from the agreement and restored sanctions against iran oil and banking sectors. iran wants the u.k. germany, france, russia, and china to help it circumvent u.s. sanctions joining us tonight katy mcfarland former or national security to president trump katy served in the nixon
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ford reagan white house -- administrations great to have you here. >> great to be with you. >> let me start with iran and this -- it seems on fits face a preposterous response to withdraw from the agreement that the united states is withdrawn from already -- and if they begin they're in violation of a host of sanctions. >> it is going to take them a while ping the important thing to remember to look at when you look at afl this iranianss are hurting. their economy is hurting because of the sanctions. they are absolutely getting squeeze and trying to say when initially the obama nuclear deal was done, he said they're so silly but just what they have them where they want them and when it was really feeling the pinch is when the obama administration had just sort of let up on them and let pressure off. >> no one has ever claimed that foreign policy made any sense i shouldn't say no one. but no one in i respect is ever
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claimed that. above but here we are with iran making all a of the nasty moves and -- threatening u.s. allies in region and therefore we're sending president has dispatched a carrier aircraft carrier strike force as well as bomber task force to the region. >> uh-huh. your sense of what's going on here. >> okay i think that we have to do something like that. iranians are whatever they're up to in the region. we have to show that -- about a sense of force in the region not that we want to go to war necessarily but that we could if we needed to but for trump not to blink any other president would have probably said oh i'm going to be nervous about -- you know getting bad relations with iranians or with europeans. i'm going give in. trump if you just stick with it, he's got the iranians right where he needs to have them just keep squeezing and then they'll eventually have no but to come around.
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>> i am as you know -- long time critic of economic sanctions i've never seen them work. they may -- affect the population of a country. they may affect the margin, its economy but i have never seen it affect the military readiness or the equipment or forces of a country. russia is a case and point. russia is you know, it is the most deadly military rival that we could possibly engage. far spear superior to china right now. >> right now. iran is no less a threat in the region. a regional threat certainly what are we with to make of sanctions an their efnghts? >> sanctions by themselveses are i agree with with you they take too long to be effective but they're not done in isolation if you look at iran they need to export oil what happened to price of oil it has gone down.
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why? because trump allowed fracking revolution to go forth and now the price of oil is never going to get to where iran needs, and opec -- certain production up. >> that's right so as a result iran can't count on extra income and trump is continuing to squeeze them it is same thing that reagan did to russians at the end of the cold war to make the of the cold war. >> let's look at china. also dependent on that oil. >> absolutely. critically so -- the president decided sunday that he had had enough of the nonsense with the chinese when they had gone about every major apparently every major agreement that had been reached, and what was it 11 rounds of negotiations. i would have never dreamed that the chinese would -- would backtrack would -- because they have to be shamed before their world community. they're losing face and we're
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always taught that chinese are very, very invested in their face. and they've got egg all over it right now. your thoughts? >> i think it would be worse for them and they would lose a lot more faith this they have agreed to this deal but at the end of the day they've got to. they need us measure we need them. that's the bottom line. and i'll tell you one thing, though, to be prump with an iranian crisis and a chinese crisis both in the same couple of days, it takes real guts to just look them down and stey stare them down and don't give in. >> well it takes -- it takes courage which he has plenty -- it takes a remarkable talent and disposition in nature to handle this crisis because think about it -- this president has been assailed from 24/7 within this country by national left wing media, the radical dems. undergone this absurd witch
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hunt, the democrats have stalled on election by that fraudulent so-called russian collusion investigation. they continue unrelentingly without any intersession by wise men and women in this country who should be demanding right now better of the dems and instead they sit become and watch it move forward. nancy pelosi is who once was something of a moderate is now radical dem herself and is well a natural security expert. let listen to the house speaker. >> i never believed that chinese were going honor what they said they were going to do. this is a very major, major challenge in the president i think is correct to try to change it. but you have to come in with as much strength as possible. >> i didn't know that i would
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ever hear nancy pelosi actually admit that the president is doing the right thing about anything. so those were stunning words. >> and said more or less the same thing so who knew he would find allies in democratic party but trump is -- >> that's going a hair too far. [laughter] yeah they're also trying to impeach him but good for him to stand his ground because he know it is that at the end of the day they've got to get on plane eve this to come to negotiate and they have to find their way with or they're dead because their economy needs to exfort to us. >> yeah. i watched nonsense that the -- unregistered agents try to get up about impact of fail trade talks should that be the outcome. talking to market down and sharing in business that national business press as well is those indexes fall and stock prices fell, as if there's an alternative market or an a
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alternative economy anywhere in the world for foreign investment it's just ludicrous. >>that makes me is maddest is united states doesn't take on china now, it is the best possible moment to do it and ten years the chinese economy will be too big we will have lost that window of opportunity. so good for trump and i'm sorry to say that a lot of people in this country are only concerned about their narrow short-term interest and not looking about interest in the united states. >> are you talking about wall street, with koch brothers u.s. multinationals chamber of horrors i'm -- i think -- we're in agreement as always. katy mcfarr land great to see you thank you so much. >> thank you. >> up next chris he's preying on our minds tonight he picks up where james comey left off unfortunately -- lying about spying. on the trump campaign. we'll take that up and more -- right after this quick break
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judicial watch joins us. stay with us.
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>> i think there was spying that did occur. i think spy dog occur the question whether it was predicated and i'm not suggesting wasn't adequately but i need to egg employer that. >> attorney general william barr asserting there that spying did -- indeed occur. against the 2016 trump presidential campaign. is that apparently the thinking of the christopher wray, listen to what he constructed saying this today before the the senate appropriations committee. >> when fbi agent as conduct investigations against alleged mobsters, suspected terrorists, other criminals, do you believe that they're engaging in spying when they're followinging in thive policies and procedures? >> well that's not the term i would use. they're lot of people with
7:28 pm
different phrases i believe that the fbi is engaged in investigative afnght and part includes violation activity of different shape and sizes and to me the key question is -- making sure that it is done by the book. just jr. reference spying among other definitions to watch secretely usually for hostile purposes to watch secretly as a spy. even former director of national intelligence director james clapper admits that the fbi's actions against the presidential campaign do, in fact, meet the definition spying and it took him a while to come to that conclusion perhaps ray will be next in line to do so. joining us tonight judicial watch president tom at this, tos is -- you have had some of the busiest years of your career i know. they're not letting up, are
7:29 pm
they? tomorrow -- the judiciary committee and house prepares for a contempt vote against the william barr the attorney general contempt of congress. this is on its face madness and mindless your thoughts? >> well the attorney general has been remarkably transparent with the mueller report, and so he's going to be found in contempt of congress by the house over an argument over whether documents that he's legally prohibited from giving them should be released anyway contrary to federal law something to put him in jail and others in jail so they were released inappropriately. it show you this is just another abusive of power in a long series of abuses of power by democrats that began during obama administration continues through muller investigation operation, and now baton has been passed to jerry knadler to
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d.o.j. to continue to abuse power to harass president trump. it's -- , of course, you know it is a nice distraction from fact that democratic national committee democratic party apparatus has been caught using donor dollars to collude with the russian intelligence to attack a dmes pick political opponent. >> but that attention they can't escape ultimately -- well the lawmen can't be distracted i believe that ought to be the case. >> and in this instance too with knadler, the -- where should the white house go with this? where should attorney general go with this? the logical first impression that seems to me is go to court. and end this nonsense. you go to court over dmment and subpoena fights whether they are abusive or not and seek protection from court from having to aseed to them. or if their documents you want
7:31 pm
to withheld under court protection and make the argument of the court and i think there's a strong argument that can't be overcome without congress literally changing a law. to withhold grand jury material, you know, we always a want to see grand jury material at judicial watch under the freedom acts but we can't and you have to change law to fix it if indeed it needs to be fixed to fix it but it is a distraction from for instance as you point out at the top of this segment the fbi has no leadership. >> it's -- it's stunning to watch and to listen to that. >> there set that issue there. the fbi at the same time right now, that fbi director is running an agency who thinks -- no text message own should be subject to freedom of information act. protecting the same gang that tried to employee the president on illegal cue. >> so the president -- again, being harass ad by
7:32 pm
judiciary committee and rad cam dems that make up now the democratic party what was the democratic party, they are to -- what should white house do they're saying no. and it is so refreshing to hear the attorney general to hear the white house counsel say no. the president to say no. but where and how is this resolved in your judgment most likely resolved? >> well in a sensible world there will be a negotiation that would allow that -- >> we can rule that one out. but -- what would happen is the would have to authorize litigation against the justice department or against the attorney general to force compliance, and that litigation takes years. the fast and furious litigation it only resulted in document produced to congress, for instance, that was the contempt litigation of eric holder after judicial watch filed a foil lawsuit to get the document separately. >> that it took and they're
7:33 pm
still fighting in fast and furious political -- >> what you're saying is that we have reached a point in this republic where a clearly unlawful pursuit of the subpoena against the attorney general of the united states results in years of litigation without resolution until every -- every issue simply dissipates with time and becomes settle dust in history. >> it's the attack strike that is ji to harass and it is not about attorney general and he's to know this isn't about him it's about trying to destroy president trump. and through assault on his attorney general for upholding rule of law, he released a massive amount of information and i reviewed the document, that's the material -- and this is -- there's so much legal around this thing it is -- infear rating. as long as president trump is president, his opposition will
7:34 pm
use every tool and misuse every tool available to it to make a life miserable. and i can imagine this president say staying on defense my feeling is he'll go on the offense. thank you so much tom as always a. tom judicial watch. thank you, sir. up next, about donald trump says trade talks with china are threatened by comments by this one from joe biden. china is going to lunch come on man they're not bad votes folk but guess what they're not -- they're not -- competition for us. with that next and paul brackett of yale joins us. drive safely.. . with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost.
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horses now say that chinese backtracked on almost all aspects of the u.s. china trade deal. president trump today tweeted this. quote, the reason for the china pullback attempted renegotiation of the trade deal is that sincere hope that they will be able to negotiate with joe biden or one of the very weak democrats and their might continue to ripoff the united states 500 a billion for years to come the u.s. trade remittive robert lighthizer officially file notice today in the federal register to raise tariffs at 1201 a.m. friday morning from 10 to 25% on 200 billion dollars of
7:39 pm
chinese goods imported into the country. the latest round of u.s. china trade talks will resume or at least i should say are scheduled to resume in washington tomorrow. joining us tonight professor paul a member of the counsel and foreign relations -- paul good to see you. this is to be an interesting aspect first of all that the chinese made this decision just when it looked like there was an opportunity for a deal. and globally but they have to be seen as losing face in this, they look weak. they look untrustworthy, and in desperate trouble so two issues that come from this number one why change a deal at the last minute? i would bet overwhelmingly it has something to do with a power play inside the chinese
7:40 pm
government who is in and who's out. who want to be tougher on americans for advancing over in the chinese government. well the issue about saving face i would point out a global issue for china. china had several occasions where it is em bass doors have been called in in indonesia in malaysia, and in other countries to renegotiate i.e. pay less money to china on the one belt infrastructure program because -- because and china will interpret this as you said earlier at the question of face that we've lost face in the world and others even smaller powers not the united states or taking advantage of this and they're going to be very upset. >> and where is indonesia malaysia as you say and other countries have successfully -- negotiated terms down of more favorable for those countries of all of the folks whether it is south america, central america, primarily --
7:41 pm
africa throughout asia. this is a -- a major problem for the chinese and the road is looking a little like it might be fading a bit. it is, and it is a global problem just what do you do if you're trying -- you have a very complicated balancing act all over the world. not just with the united states. but look at the country's they've signed up in europe principally italy. no offense to italy. but southern europe is not die ma'amic part of europe so northern hand -- it is beautiful. it is beautiful, with great food -- but they have allies not reliable on this one, and -- the the issue for the united states is geopolitical economic and military and right now they're surfacely is larger than our own and their military vastly larger we can get into
7:42 pm
the issue of readiness effectiveness, about but they seem to be making strides that are -- that if we didn't have president trump frankly in the oval office right now, i think the race would be over perhaps even as early as now. >> that's a key change. there has been without question in my mind in most military analysts who is assess this is a shift against united states in military balance of power in the western pacific. not just that they have a larger set of rs or toes like building five carriers now really extraordinary. is that they have things on land and artificially intelligence based guided missiles which can hit u.s. destroy rs, cruisers and aircraft carrier. hypersonic weapons are a reality for both chinese and russians. that's absolutely true, and these are weapons that travel five times the speed of sound or more. no one has any defensive against
7:43 pm
them they're just too quick, and that's what i mean. this ises forces of the united states to sort of pull back and -- south korea said hang on there's a real shift in the geopolitic of east asia and indeed the whole asian security system with india rising as a major power too, and the trade talks -- resume tomorrow and there is a huge complex context for those talks. as you've outis lined we appreciate you being here. >> very interesting time we live in. >> all right -- [laughter] yes it is there we go with that. that will be chinese -- unfortunately. paul thank you very much. appreciate it. stay with us. seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell.
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a new report from custom border patrol protection show the crisis along our southern border with no signs of slowing last month more 109,000 illegal apprehended monthly highest total since 2007 two consecutive months above 100,000 so far the border patrol as apprehended 460,000 illegal immigrant this year. illegal border crossings on to
7:48 pm
surpass a million before the end of the year. fired fbi director james comey sounding like fellow christopher wray today arguing on cbs about definition are you ready as if this is the point the definition of spying. >> attorney general says he believes spying occurred in looking out for the president's then campaign what do you think about that? >> i have no idea what he's talking about. the fbi doesn't spy. the fbi investigates. we investigated a very serious allegation that american might be hooked up with russian effort to attack our democracy and republican need to breathe into a paper bag. >> yeah i think he's one that's going to be breathing into paper bags and -- taking deep breaths indeed. up next more than two yearses after the fact hillary clinton has a new reason -- why she lost to president trump in 2016. you may have read all of her books you may have heard all of her excuses we have a new one to add to the list.
7:49 pm
we take it up and more after a the break. we'll be talking with former white house chief strategist steve bannon. stay with us. let's see, aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. patients that i see about dry mouth. they feel that they have to drink a lot of water. medications seem to be the number one cause for dry mouth.
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failed presidential candidate hillary clinton continue her complaint in wine tour unable to apparently let golf her loss to prumple in 2016. >> as i've been telling candidates who have cool to see me, you can run the best campaign. you can even become the nominee. and you can have the election stolen from you. [applause] i think she was channeling i'm not mistaken bernie sanders, who she stole that election did she not? clinton comments in inglewood, california, coming in front of a crowd that paid as little as are you ready for this? $2 a seat. now -- the two folks you sit there they're worth over 100 million maybe 200 million and they want somebody's $2 to have an evening. that's -- astonishing. joining us tonight steve bannon former white house chief strategist former senior counselor to president trump.
7:54 pm
he is a great american, and it is good to see you. thanks for having me, lewlet start with -- i mean let's ignore clinton shall we? can we do that? >> easy to do. let's start with this president -- >> the grip -- two buckses a throw. >> cheap any place. >> got it. this president standing up today and saying to -- to xi jinping that you know, you can do whatever you wish but there will be con consequence withs this is the man we elected period. this is a great president. >> i think you compare and contrast hillary clinton to trump i have today what's rest of the trump presidency listen he's president of the united states because of the rejection of working class people in middle class people about manage decline of our country at the hands of people like hillary clinton the clinton negotiable initiative you know, the whole
7:55 pm
clinton apparatus, these globalists and elitist are comfortable with manage decline particularly the rise of china and donald trump confronted that particularly in upper mud west. this is the reason he won states like pennsylvania. ohio, michigan, and west ohio pe understand the advance the factory went to china. the jobs went to china, and the opioids came in so i think trump understands terrorists are more than taxes they're about self-empowerment of the working class today he said, if president xi and the chinese apparatus which continue usually clinton bush, or obama -- the permanent class the tap along on every deal they've had. trump said i'm not doing this you cannot retrade this and hitch with a tariff and a i think this is a very good big week in american economic history. >> i couldn't agree with you more. and to think that the opposition that this president has faced of
7:56 pm
the -- of the unregistered foreign agents that are represented on wall street, that koch brotherses that chamber of horror are business round table and view multinational and their lobbyists. the idea that this president has to contend with them while he's also negotiating with xi jinping and his adversaries. it's stunning that a president has had to face this kind of opposition. this kind of disloyalty, and active conspiracy to overthrow his presidency. >> let's leave aside nullification project for a second and talk about china and china the resisting is from the i.r. department is wall street the investor relation of party the lobbyist of corporate america and the pressure on president trump is going to be relepghtless like a fear project in brexit project fear if you don't actually get a deal that
7:57 pm
is just about buying soybean you have a collapse what of the stock market and economic cat if i president trump stood up against that. president trump says no. this is an economic war. we're going to have fund mental structural change in the state capitollism that china has. china has a system of state capitalism we have to get change on force technology transfer and intellectual property these are deep issues here's the reason why this broke down this week they have to bell a week with ago and 40 countries there. they say we're doing fine do we need americans? all a of the sudden saying we put it out to the public to see the chinese public this isn't against the chinese president but assisting chinese people this is against a radical chinese communist party, an i have to tell you. there areers on wall street and corporate america should be ashamed to the pressure they put on the president of the united states over the weekend he said
7:58 pm
no way and today he hit the bid. >> there are so many of the elites in this country that political elites -- business elites who should be ashamed of -- of themselves. because in betraying president trump they've betrayed their country and they continue they persist, and to watch what the dems are doing on capitol hill, but nonsense of even thinking of holding attorney general william barr in contempt, this president is under assault still by the deep state, the radical dem, and, of course, the unbelievably petty and persistent establishment of both parties. >> here's the decision mainstream media what i call nullification project i don't call it deep state it is in your grill it is in your face. it is not deep. i mean they're right there. and i think this project that russia things side show to side show. the beating heart of the problem
7:59 pm
we have in the united states is this geostrategic struggle we have with this radical that chinese come into the party and position with china in century donald trump has understand that you've talked about this for 20 or 30 years. trump has been a follower of yours and donald trump came in with set ideas and that is what he can go up to midwest and they say i understand what that guy is saying and hillary clinton never went there and never mentioned it because she's a globalist. >> you've got this thing reversed i'm a follower of president trump. and yet you have been talking about this for a long time. you've been on this -- >> an old saying talk is cheap what this president is is he's taking it extraordinary and pressure in his head. the pressure he's had and i think that's what i tweaked other day here's the key thing that chinese have done what they've always tone to american presidents and he said no way. you're not going to retrade us and this is out in the open here come the tariffs. here come the tariffs, and here comes america.
8:00 pm
thanks. steve bannon great to see you come back on. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you, sir mr. bannon that's it for us tonight thanks for being with us. good night from new york. ♪ went -- lou: and that's it for us tonight. ♪ ♪ >> a bombshell revelation tonight. top republican lawmakers say the fbi may have been warned about christopher steele's political motivation before they obtained a fisa warrant to spy on a member of trump's campaign in 2016. we have all the details. if fbi director jim comey says peter strzok and lisa page's anti-trump bias hurt the agency's image. of course, this coming from the man who leaked sensitive bureau information to the media. more on that in a moment. and the main street media basically urging democrat lawmakers to put attorney general bill barr behind bars. watch. >> do you think


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