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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 15, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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american civil liberties and more on what will happen with immigration in the united states and have a wonderful evening everyone. kennedy begins now. kennedy: thank you, trish. threat of war going on by the date and the united states and iran on a collision course. it's been for decades in the making but will cooler heads prevail? or will our brave sons and daughters head into another potential disastrous middle east quagmire. earlier today state farm and ordered all nonessential government personnel to leave iraq immediately. we're told it's because of the quote, imminent threat, but the white house won't say what that threat is exactly. for noninterventionist that should be alarming because we all remember how the war in iraq began with bad intelligence and bad decisions. as you know, pentagon is already set up b-52 bombers to the region and the u.s. says lincoln
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aircraft carrier and its strike groups also in the area and comes days after we were told someone damaged for oil tankers in the persian gulf. reuters reporting that it was not the iranians but they gave it their blessing and the saudi's claiming the pipelines have been attacked. lawmakers argue now is the time to stand up to iran. watch. >> they are a malign influence across the world and spent hundreds of millions of dollars a year and channel them into terrorist organizations throughout the world and we cannot stand down now and we will have to manage the rest go along with it. kennedy: there are others humble sides of the aisle that they cannot rush into another potentially devastating protracted war in the middle east. >> i would urge the state department and dod to come down here and explain to us what is going on because i have no idea what the threat stream is beyond
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what i read in the paper and i think there people in my shoes that are going to support standing up to iran but we need to understand what we are doing so i would urge the ministration to come down and brief members of hundreds about the threat as they see it. >> we do not need an iraq weapons of mass to structure moment. we were falsely led into a military engagement in iraq which is one of the biggest mistakes we've had in foreign policy. kennedy: 2020 presidential parties cannot senators that he does not pushing them for a fight. >> what worries me is that the architect of the efforts right now to get us into a war in iran is the guy who was the architect and getting us into the war in iraq, that is john bolton. kennedy: it's important to remember nearly 4500 u.s. troops have died so far in the iraq war anmillions of civilian casualti. it has cost billions of taxpayer
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dollars so should the president play hardball with iran or is it best to turn down a little bit? joining the former state department advisor and also senior advisor to president trump and toward the bush is back. welcome back, christian. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: tommy about hearing about the 120,000 troop number that has been floated by nominated patrick cheney and. >> i'm hearing president trump is not fiercely considering that option right now and that of course he wants to and has ordered as officials respond to this intelligence indicating the elevated threat but the idea of a ground war or another iraq style operation in the middle east is farthest from the mind of this meditation. if push does come to shop we will play to our strengths and used enough power, naval power and airpower but even that is not priority number one. if you look today president trump tweeted about having talks
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with iran and watching them come to talk at some point. >> the iranians have signaled that they know that and it would be a bad idea for them and for the united states to get into any sort of military engagement whether short-term or long-term and i don't think we know how to have a short-term complex in the middle east and that is perhaps biggest problem and that is why your seen pushback from both sides. my question is about deterrence because demonstration is talking about that hawkish members and a show of force but what happens if the other side knows that's all it is is a show. >> more than just a show and also is a restoration of the status quo because in some respects we have an aircraft carrier in the persian gulf and number of carriers have dwindled from say 15 when ronald reagan left office to about 11 to date with had them placed elsewhere. going back to the golf is the prevailing situation and this is
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a modest show of force but something that iran should understand. they are pushed against open door for much of the history of the last 40 years since the islamic revolution and have not paid a price for killing hundreds of americans iraq in the last decade and do not pay a price for the towers and they never paid a price for taking out the black hostage when they first came to power. >> to me carter paid a price. >> with talk about the decorations and that u.s. embassies in baghdad or what are you hearing about that? what is that actual threat because that is not something that is unlikely considering the number of nonemergency personnel americans in those parts of the world. >> and also our democratic compounds are fortresses in their very much removed from something that can be accessed by ordinary iraqis. that tells me there's a threat that is not exactly specific but a general threat if you will that indicates iran through its proxies want to strike either u.s. military or manifestations
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around persian gulf or broader or broader diplomat. as a place where i ran has the most ability to act which is unfortunately inside iraq and unfortunately after all the effort we put into the country there is a desire to remove americans from harm's way and go down to essential personnel. >> it is though those neighbor have been consumed from the inside out and haul it out and then rolled has been running so much of that region and does he have the upper hand right now or does the united states and if not how we get a back? >> i don't know if there is coming back in itself lamentable situation and put a foreign service officer in charge of it as we did in the form of jerry and the de facto viceroy in iraq but i think the best thing we can do is what the president is doing which is pushing back methodically but frankly in a noninterventionist or pro- intervention way against iranian
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tentacles. kennedy: and i hope because tentacles could really work into the innards of the middle east and the makings are incredibly messy i hope there are people appealing to the presidents noninterventionist site here because it could get dirty a lot sooner than it gets cleaned up and that might be - got to get people. christian, thank you. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: in the meantime trade war shows no signs of cease-fire and that could be in big trouble for nations farmers and small businesses and ultimately all of us consumers earlier today steve nugent told a probation 20 the talks will resume in the new future and that does not exactly ring with urgency in the comment, presidentially condemned u.s. tactics as quote, stupid. president trump's good buddy, senator lindsey graham, says we should not expect it to take
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down anytime soon. >> so, this is the best chance in my lifetime to get china to change their cheating ways. terrorists are tools to bring china to the table and were standing one 100% with the president. we will have short-term pain to get china to change our behavior and we don't get china to change they will destroy our economy over time. i'm one 100% with the president. kennedy: i don't like the whole economy being destroyed part, but i like the good economy private president reportedly told advisors fighting the china popular with his base for 2020 but a brand-new fox news poll found that is not exactly the case. 45% of americans say the increased tariffs hurt the economy and 34% say it helps. 11% say makes no difference. could he lose support if the trade war continues or does he have another trick up his wizard sleeve? here with me now daily or color editor-in-chief and author of the art of the donald - chris
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bedford returns. welcome back. >> good evening. kennedy: you say this war with china and re- correcting their bad course is more important to the president then the immigration issue. >> it is. if you look back . kennedy: that is quite a statement. >> he does talk a lot about immigration. the main point of his platform but if you go back decades and donald trump's interviews the united states is not getting a fair dale untreated has been number one. he's been critical of president reagan for not being hard enough on what he said was then the china japan for the last 20, 30 years he has been very focused on this writing problem with china and as a protectionist and a tariff cleaning person someone who wants to fight for american trade deals is not necessarily a free market that is been key to donald trump's character for almost the entire time in public life. >> but if he's wrong it could be
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destructive. >> it could be disruptive but he's getting money here and options for example farmers have been losing money based on his deals and farmers are a key constituent to president trump midwest is important. he looked at, for example, where biggest year of buying agriculture in the united states was $15 billion and he figures if you can raise 70 billion to 100 billion in tariff taxes he can give them and . kennedy: that is stealing money from you and me to give to them and that is wrong on all levels. china does not feel the pain and consumers feel the pain and. kennedy: the president is not being straightforward when he says those tariffs are being paid for by china. we all know that's not the case. that is what you're seeing and erosion of the good-faith numbers this whole thing and we don't know how it will end it
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has not ended yet and the talks upon a part we don't know if there's enough urgency to get those talks back online. >> we know china is basically a slave economy and exporting cheap goods under other markets and they basically copied the old british opium trade and exported across the planet undercutting jobs and if the president is able to push back and change that right now president xi is crying crocodile tears about global cooperation but never trusted in cooperati cooperation. kennedy: he doesn't cooperate with anyone. he's whining about the paris climate record in our court in the shenanigans but china and india are polluting more. we pollute less in this country and rightly so but i will tell you this a lot of not involved in manufacturing are saying switch manufacturing but it is not that easy. >> it is not that easy. we did a deep dive and how much
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more a unit it would cost to sell an iphone manufactured in the u.s. it was about $150 and that seemed like a lot of money but just the next year after that story iphone released a thousand dollar phone which is ridiculous and bought by u.s. consumers. the question is what makes the country strong and makes it good going forward? is it an abundance of cheap goods or jobs in manufacturing here? kennedy: it is both great jobs in manufacturing and cheap goods. people like saving money. they like cheap goods and going to walmart. i like going to walmart. i like going to target. i like going to the dollar tree. >> but find cheap goods with food stamps is not a great place for society to be. kennedy: i agree. that's why we need more free market economy. thank you, chris bedford. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: your genius is on it. please, don't miss maria bartiromo's interview with wilbur ross tomorrow morning at 730 a.m. eastern, they will discuss the presidents big
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executive order today on telecom. coming up, democrats now want to do the mueller and the station over. trump team says that ship has sailed. they battle over which side will come out on top. it will get loud. stay right here. ♪ will it feel like the wheend of a journey?p working, or the beginning of something even better? when you prepare for retirement with pacific life, you can create a lifelong income... so you have the freedom to keep doing whatever is most meaningful to you. a reliable income that lets you retire, without retiring from life. that's the power of pacific. ask your financial professional about pacific life today. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i was relentless first.
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♪ ♪. kennedy: i believe house democrats are living in their own private idaho just when you thought the mueller port insanity was over there's been another major twist. it's basically a political twister. white house counsel i know i'm saying the wrong refused to hand over any more documents to democrats saying they don't owe anybody a do over and house judiciary committee jerry nadl nadler, that jerry is not happy. >> the white house and the famine of justice enabling the white house to try to evade all our ability to the american people and saying the president is above the law and the fact the president is a tyrant and dictator with no limit on his power. kennedy: dictator? the house until committee also subpoenaed the doj last week to turn over the fold mueller port but that deadline came and went
9:18 pm
today without a delivery, 20 house democrats this is so goofy. live public reading of the mueller report. should they instead read the writing on the wall and perhaps they should move on me american majority ceo presidential writer for george w. bush and a fox news contributor and handsome host of the richard fowler show is richard fowler but welcome back. >> good to see you, kennedy. kennedy: this is so fun but they will read the mueller report that will get them. [laughter] >> listen, i'm not sure it's the best judging of the democrats but let's take a minute to think about the politics because 18 months out from the selection in this president has an approval rating in the low 40s an all-time high for him and i think the president is an opportunity to cooperate with the house so he can in empathy and somebody from suburban voters and if he does not do that he will move this election
9:19 pm
for the president went and have the high 40s and low 50s and has no chance of getting that but cooperating and saying i'm a victim here and in some sizes and empathize with me my they are out to get there. right now he's not getting new supporters. kennedy: i'm surprised you're worried about the presidents of full numbers. >> if the election were to happen today donald trump would lose. >> i'm not worried. kennedy: there are a couple things people might be voting on other than whether or not they like the presidents personality. go ahead. >> yeah, something like the economy, jobs, wages and all that good stuff but i would with richard the recent gallup poll showed trump up by two points over where obama was at the same point in his presidency. kennedy, the thing people are talking about - richard can talk about trying to get empathy by working with house which is a total joke but let's talk of this. what happens when the horovitz report gets out in durham at the bottom of the russian conspiracy
9:20 pm
theory and people realize this was a democratic ministration that did this and obama's doj, fbi, how will that play out in the 2020 election and again, will replace joe biden - [inaudible conversations] kennedy: for the board civil libertarians they had suspicions for a long time and it will matter but for most people it will not matter at all. it's not going to move the needle. i agree with richard that there's a very - >> but kennedy, i would push back it impacted the 2018 midterms when there was the perception that somehow russian collusion was a real thing which i would argue the mueller team knew one year before that. >> no, no, no, listen - i'm glad you brought up 2018 because in 2018 donald trump lost suburban voters even though the economy was doing well which proves my point at the beginning of the segment. kennedy: actually richard, democrats won the house was because some of those moderate
9:21 pm
candidates but you think it is because of omar or alexanderia ocasio-cortez and some of the more vocal progressives in the caucus but that is not the case. >> i think it's because moderate candidates and also because if you look at the recent poll in pennsylvania it shows joe biden would beat down jump handedly in an election in pennsylvania because that's why i think . kennedy: that's what you have to do. go to the part of the country where people like you - >> and this is why he has and manage property with democrats and showing if he wants to in the general election. possible strategy. kennedy: but the election is not how today and mueller port is done so what do you think that some of those congressional democrats are looking for that robert mueller did not find? and he had access to way more than the house judiciary committee will ever have.
9:22 pm
>> they know this, kennedy. this is a great life. shift another know they have not nearly the power special counsel had and not the 35 million or 40 fbi agents specifically working for them and they know they don't have nearly the power but this is a joke. i know the dough, you know to do, richard knows it's a joke but they're hoping most of the american people don't understand it's a joke and they can continue the delusion that somehow there is collusion or conspiracy or obstruction of justice. >> but the american people know is that this reported talked about seven - [inaudible] press secretary lied to the american people about countless numbers of fbi agents who said call me should be fired. kennedy: sarah sanders is not a politician. and she apologized for it. i understand that but - [inaudible conversations] kennedy: she will not be on the ballot. people knew what they're getting with this president. like it or not, a lot of people
9:23 pm
don't but at this point more people will if the economy continues to improve and they can make more money and have more financial security for the children they will vote for donald trump i would say that argument would be true but did not hold true in 2018 because they would've voted for suburban publicans. >> he was not on the ballot. [inaudible conversations] >> it's not work for the candidate - no, it did not work in west virginia or in montana. kennedy: take me home. [laughter] what will really matter is thus up in court and that is one area where democrats will be very activated because conservatives have the majority conservative voters may be more likely were in 2016 but democrats may really want to fight like hd double hockey sticks to keep more rvg
9:24 pm
on the court. am i right, richard? >> yeah, that's another argument why they would turn to the . kennedy: i'm getting a helicopter sign. great to talk to you both. happy wednesday. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: coming up, more on 2020. little doubt our immigration system is a crisis but wait until you hear what incompetent government agency is being sent to the border to fix it. here's a hint, they wear blue uniforms and ruin almost every trip to the airport. my memo is next. stay with me. ♪ [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton.
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[ engine revs ] do you think we can do this, rob? things will be tight, but we can make this work. that's great. ♪ [ laughing ] okay... here we go. now... [ gasps ] wait... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now. [ laughs ] ♪ principle. we can help you plan for that. ♪ ♪. kennedy: it is okay. order fixed even though half a million people have poured over the southern part of this fiscal year alone. the crisis is totally handled because they're sending in the tsa. [laughter] 2009 was less time over 500,000
9:29 pm
people cross the border any legal year and those were mostly muddy strapped republicans escaping into mexico on the great recession and obama administration. 10% at the tsa workforce scheduled to enter the border frenzy and its a decent idea because they can harass and annoy people back into mexico. with so many agents standing around they can form a human wall and we will say billions on construction. it's a win-win. that is desperate immigrants will be frustrated they will wish for heat and disease instead of being mindlessly bothered by bureaucratic dolts who are by and large, so bad at their jobs they have 895% failure rate a detecting weapons and contraband when tested at various checkpoints. tsa workers may be well-intentioned but they are hardly equipped to execute basic airport security theater, let
9:30 pm
alone navigate the complex cities of assessment, detention and support of the chaotic border. a better idea might be to send chrisman and women not to preen for the cameras like dc show ponies but to slap on the little blue gloves and interface with the process the downtrodden. come to think of it, subjecting the huddled masses to face time with legislators is cool and unusual punishment but much worse than getting groped at gizmo but the thought of that torture might end the crisis so congress blowhards and tsa might have to be the secret weapon to slow the flow of eager optimistic bodies and that's the memo. ♪. kennedy: president trump will be unveiling a brand-new immigration plan tomorrow. two main points will reportedly be border security and the tsa and implement teen a merit-based
9:31 pm
system and the number of highly skilled immigrants would quadruple while chain migration would be dramatically cut in the plan will not increase the overall number of immigrants reportedly will not deal with the ones already here illegally. a plan like that doesn't have any chance? let's meet the party panel from the trump 2020 advisory board where he served as a member, jason along with national press secretary and our next president or he owes me ten grand - [laughter] and wwe who is on a comedy to work right now. while the welcome, gentlemen. i will start with you. this plan has holes in it like swiss cheese style holes and are you confident - >> but the border is very - geographically. >> as you pointed out in your
9:32 pm
opening monologue we have a humanitarian crisis and we've exceeded 2009 average levels and i think it was 500,000 . kennedy: that was for the entire year. >> 1 million pounds of narcotics and about 400,000 pounds as of this weekend. kennedy: that's bad. >> we kneeled awol. we don't need tsa. we need democrats to start working with the president on this issue with the very important issue and just not dealing with it. problem is . kennedy: they think it's a band-aid but we need a congressional tourniquet. >> other than this issue every issue we have asked how do we make america safer and better but when it comes to immigration the left asks a different question how do we it's better for the immigrant was better for the country and that is the problem if we were asking the right questions we might have this issue stopped. kennedy: but those are not the right questions. glad. >> i think the thing called comprehensive immigration form
9:33 pm
that the gang of eight put up. kennedy: that's in the past and will not happen. >> now in the present fourth putting for the bill we know will not pass and designs for with his party and stephen miller who will sabotage it. this is laughable. he created manufactured crisis by trying to limit asylum-seekers by not giving . kennedy: they candidate manufactured crisis. >> we are 2,000 miles - [inaudible conversations] >> it is manufactured when you make it worse and try to hype up the fact that there's a problem we want if you have the kids and walking for three months that's a crisis. >> why would people do that? >> then you sit down in congress and figure out a plan to get good people in a keypad people out. [inaudible conversations] kennedy: that's divisive lingered. here the show would like to bring people together in a giant cultural cocktail party. let's talk about tsa.
9:34 pm
>> fantastic idea and i will do some corny joke about petting down or making the line longer because i won't do those corny jokes but it is another band-aid [laughter] >> even this week coming in i have crazy my back and he said that's okay goes through and i said it was okay to have not can you get screened and i have clear and tsa so i can imagine everyone getting through so it's a comical band-aid but the messaging needed to be better and we said he needs [inaudible] now have a second plan where you put a new coke were known cares about it and no one will buy into it and the messaging has been bad from day one the president is only positive that everyone can get behind he stepped on it by tweeting something poorly and they say
9:35 pm
now you have to oppose him for what he says or what deal he brings to the table. kennedy: people as a number money to the president and people who need healthcare and beds i'm not talking medicare for all. i'm not a commie status. let's shift. donald trump, what is known as a billionaire reality tv star before one in 2016 and now another billionaire reality tv star mark even my take on the president in 2020 as an independent and he said yesterday he's leaving the door open. it would take a perfect storm mark wahlberg to take the plunge. cuban also said that none of the two dozen democrats running right now have a chance against the president but when on to say i still think there's a real opportunity for someone who's in the middle that has charisma. and the ability to relate to both sides but is not a politician. reality is people don't trust politicians and cuban is right about what it would take 202020
9:36 pm
or is he being very optimistic? >> i think he would like to stay relevant. i respect his success and his ability are but he does not understand what trump tapped into and i think there's no chance that human could win. he's a complete joke. he endorsed hillary clinton and he also another thing - >> bring the country together. >> and he also said the economy would take on the trump but the guy is a joke. kennedy: so, the problem with most of the people running, present company excluded, as they all think they're the guy even the ladies that can be the president. >> if you look at the polling data that are candidates pulling and showing they would be beat trump and i think there's a legitimate argument to make cuban gets in the race instead of beating trump he would defy the field and be a spoiler. kennedy: and look at howard schultz. he's a tortoise we were. >> the last thing we need is a
9:37 pm
reality tv present but we need someone who's here to as policy chops. [inaudible conversations] >> god knows. kennedy: flavor of love in your? great show, what. kennedy: i'm glad you brought that up. kim kardashian is most effective person working on capitol hill. i'm not kidding but she's getting people out of prison. >> she's going to get a lot of and get more people out. i'm a huge fan. issue running? kennedy: we need to recognize the armenian genocide as a country officially. that's what we need to do. they you very much. [applause] >> i think you could get a whole shark take and every candidate. [laughter] >> i thank you have them all come on and pitch shark tank style and let them pitch it out
9:38 pm
and let them be who will be the vice president. >> it has worked well for us so far. kennedy: democrats - [inaudible conversations] >> i do think they could use an unconventional candidate but i think mark even is the wrong g guy. kennedy: still keep picking tires. my money is still on mayor pete. >> john delaney has a better shot. not going to happen. kennedy: he will be president trump am $100,000. okay. okay. you guys are glorious. what a panel. testosterone. >> if you could run on getting rid of atm fees that would be great. kennedy: coming up, capitalism versus socialism, we continue.
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♪ ♪. kennedy: every week capitalism versus socialism week but it is not just that on fbn but a battle we been fighting with cuba for 60 years and perhaps nowhere is that been more apparent than major-league baseball. cuban players getting to the majors has been difficult and dangerous since fidel castro's communist revolution. to play here in the states you had to defect breaking black-market smugglers or flimsy swimming votes. why do they risk their lives? so much better than they are there. my next guest is almost the calmest cuban baseball players of all time when he more games than any other cuban born pitcher and exiled and cut off
9:44 pm
from his family because he decided to defect and play in the u.s. for turning me tonight share a story red sox hall of fame member and author of son of havana is here. welcome. >> thank you. thank you for having me. kennedy: so great to talk to you. it's a tough story and you love baseball so much and love your family so much so how did you make that critical and difficult decision to defect in the cuba? >> i had no choice. i think what happened was in my time in 1961 when i got out and not come back for 46 years that was my only option. my dad told me you go don't worry about and when i finish in 1961 in mexico he sent me a
9:45 pm
letter that told me to come back because they will not have a profession in baseball and i have to go to nicaragua but you went back. kennedy: for your back in cuba in 2016 started to feel when he went back after all those years? >> when i come back after that? 46 years. that's a long time. i was wavering about it because a lot of my friends play together and we grew up together in the school and were like a family then they passed into the other life and maybe it happened to you too. and then it was a hard time for us and that's what i tell people you had to be a cuban to know what we had to go through. kennedy: a lot of non- cubans
9:46 pm
romanticize castro's cuba so what do you think about people like michael moore who romanticize the place that you had to leave that held those other baseball players prisoner for decades? >> you mean, everything changed now. i don't - i heard the other day that they going to have let the player come out like they used to be before castro and i don't know, i really don't want to give it too much opinion about it because i don't know what really going on. you know, i don't know if it's good for the players or not. kennedy: what do you hope happens? >> i don't know. i don't like what they do with the players now and i don't know if that will happen what they trying to do now and majorly give you permission and they can come out and then come back and
9:47 pm
see. i don't know if that will work or not with the president now they change all the stuff they change and you don't know what will happen and i hope it will be okay and i hope they are being good for whatever the players on forever because i know we have to go through a lot and i know it's not easy to get out. kennedy: it's not easy to get out and very dangerous and some people don't survive it. last question. what is better socialism or capitalism? >> i like it what i like it. what you calling a free man. that's what i like. kennedy: that's what i love to. i love freedom. >> thank you. thank you. that's what i like.
9:48 pm
>> [inaudible]. kennedy: beautiful book. son of havana thank you for your story and all you have done for this country and bands of baseball everywhere. thank you, louis. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: tomorrow foxbusiness will hold a fresh tunnel capitalism for socialism 2:00 p.m. eastern 11:00 a.m. in the west and that is being moderated by charles payne, a live audience and i'll be heart of the panel and this entire town hall will re- air in place of this show tonight at 9:00 p.m. only on fbn. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed.
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kennedy: florida police arrested a teenage man who's playing basketball in the nude. according to the arrest report he had his vicious package. [laughter] put on pants. this is a topical storm. i told you it's winners and losers week all week long. he began in california where pet rescues are falling fast. oh god. this kat got stuck in a tree and firefighters decided to save it because they do not realize it was a kat. such dumb animals. following the line hit the
9:53 pm
street and why show your appreciation when you show your butt instead. that's how i was raised. firefighters posted video to warn the public to keep your i on their part. but if were honest, cats aren't pets. they are hostages wishing you are dead so they could eat your face. see a therapist. topic number two. new york knicks did not win last night and be a lottery and as crazy as it sounds some of their fans have not gotten used to losing. so weird. >> [bleep]. [bleep]. kennedy: this fella had the camera rolling as he thought he would cora topic dirty by his reaction but it would've been the first time he ever scored in the not the only story making headlines in the apple. just fired their general manager
9:54 pm
after this morning's practice. it's a shocking story because most people do not know the jets practice. topic number three, new survey claims long islanders have the least sexy accent in america but if you ask a long island or they will tell you [inaudible] new jersey voted second-worst accident which explains why the jersey shore guys are always hitting on women in bars the play loud music. alaska is home of the bad accident and we won't name names but it rhymes with sarah palin. voters are turned down or turn down the volume on the california valley accent made popular like by people like paris hilton.
9:55 pm
here is where it gets weird. boston was voted the second sexiest accident in the country. texas was voted number one. it has many people claiming russian interference of how it was decided that new yorkers were not thrilled with the results. i want vietnamese soup for dinner. nick fans there's always next year. topic number four, minnesota minnesota man was picked up for having a skeleton in his car he could drive in the carpool lane. the man couldn't he did not know it was illegal to use a clinton in the carpool lane. cops told him to bone up on the traffic code. skeleton does not have a name
9:56 pm
but even though he was old and reeked of alcohol the cops are calling hit nancy pelosi. this has our hero raising jail time but the good news is he ship plenty of time because according to a reasonable yet a very unattractive accent. we'll be right back. ♪ electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪
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great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at kennedy: thank you for watching the show tonight. tomorrow night and ibm catch the reairing of the foxbusiness town
10:00 pm
hall special. capitalism versus socialism. i will be a part of the big panel and i hope you can to interpret the entire event will be moderated by the brilliant charles payne live at 2:00 p.m. eastern, 11:00 a.m. in the west, can't wait to see them but i'll be on the couch tomorrow. good night. ♪ ♪. lou: good evening everyone the trump white house today on the offensive siding down congressional radical dems as they continue to carry out their campaign and obstruction on capitol hill. tonight we look at the white house response to the radical dems in the deep date who are stopping at nothing trying to subvert the president and block his policy initiatives. jeff jordan and victoria tensing them a guest tonight, the national security crisis other southern border region on,


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