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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  May 15, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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blasio. adding to the numbers over the radical den. that is it for us tonight. thank you for being with us. congressman greene joins us. we hope you will, too. thanks thanks for being with us. >> tonight, a brand-new development and spy gate. how clinton operatives extended a giant invitation to russian president vladimir putin to interfere in our 2016 election. my exclusive intel. you need to hear it. the white house set to unveil a major plan to over how -- overhaul our immigration plan. president trump blasting the media today over what he says are lies about his team's policies in the middle east. what is really going on. retired four-star general, he is here with his exclusive intel. one ivy league professor
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claiming president trump has resemblance to adolf hitler by retreating this picture. to prove his point. the outrage and complete ignorance of his absolute knowledge coming up tonight. prime time begins right now. tonight a new twist in the spy gate story that may soon go down in history books as the biggest political scandal in american history. how do you like that. vladimir putin may have guessed how deep our deep state was. edwards noted after all was a buddy, right #vladimir putin would have wanted to expose that , the deep state, for his own political gain. let's jump back to what we already know. we know that hillary clinton
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campaign paid at d.c. law firm to file money accusing dps, the so-called investigative firm to dig up dirt in russia are now president donald trump. we also know they hired a former british spy. paying him $158,000, this now infamous dossier, that our fbi used as a reason to investigate the trump campaign. spying on innocent americans. british spy called up a whole bunch of former intel friends over there in russia to see what he could dig up. what he could find out. including some longtime former folks and others that were quite close to vladimir putin. talk about an open invitation to russia. who in the political animal is he is, just handed one big
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deficit opportunity. think about it. if he really wanted to create division in the united states of america, this was certainly a good way to do it. given the partisanship that all he was wanting, putin managed to achieve something that may have been beyond his wildest ambition. and there was the mainstream media out there helping him every step of the way. vladimir putin was able to direct whatever garbage he thought hillary clinton and u.s. intelligence agencies may want to hear about donald trump. all while simultaneously making sure that americans, no matter how this election turned out, what eventually discovered donald trump was set up by the so-called deep state. they opened our democracy right up.
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to the direct disturbance from the russians. it is like we were waving a big flag and saying, hey, come on. come and get us. what better way. think about it. injuring your opponent by using the angel method of dividing concord straight from the military strategist the art of war. chapter 1, section 23. here we go. how to how to wound your enemy. if his forces are united, separate them. that is exactly what putin and russia have done. they are not entirely to blame. i would add that we are part of that. we have allowed that. the democrats and the republicans have become so divided and so political. the mainstream media has enabled
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them to do all of that. sure, we are divided right now. forces are telling you, don't worry about the u.s. the u.s. cannot do anything. they are partly right. we are divided. hats off to the administration. they have taken on some major reforms despite all the chaos. if you asked me, vladimir putin wants us to know how deep our deep state is. the breadcrumbs, they are all there. just in case you missed any, he highlighted them when thinking in helsinki after being asked about the dossier. remember this? >> i believe russia is a democratic state and i hope we are not denying this right to your own country. >> we believe that the united states is a democracy.
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if it is a democratic state, then, the final conclusion in this institute can only be delivered i trial by the court. not by the executive, not by the law enforcement. >> okay. can you take a hint? basically challenging on what we consider democracy. full discovery and what may have led to the dossier. he knows that this will further divide us. by further dividing us he helped russia on the international state. i would only say maybe when this is all said and done, the good news is it does get exposed. it has to be exposed. we deserve answers. i'm afraid that those answers will not be very good and they will be very disheartening. they will be very difficult. we will all be very upset because we put our trust in the
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system. we had faith that the fbi and the people working with the fbi would be doing the right thing. when you learn there are fbi folks out there that will go to a judge, get a warrant to spy on an innocent american with a bunch of flimsy opposition research that we never checked, easy things things to check like michael cohen, checking the immigration system. his passport. why not take a look. why not use opposition research to get a warrant to spy on an american. i think putin is laughing all the way to the bank. joining me now is corey lewandowski. what bugged me the most is i think that hillary clinton and the dnc and the democrats that were backing her, fusion opened us up. exposed us to the russians and
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the mess that we are in now. >> trish, it is amazing when you think about what really transpired. the clinton campaign took $5 million of campaign money. individuals i gave that money, they took $5 million and gave it to the law firm so they could go create this false dossier. that is probably a campaign violation. looking at what transpired next. we now know christopher steele went to the state department and had a meeting with victorian new lent and her assistant where notes were transcribed and sent to the fbi that said christopher steele is not a credible source. he is giving us information which we know to be on factual such as go to the embassy in miami. go to the consulate in miami which we know does not even exist. the fbi did not do a simple google search on this. use that false dossier that he
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had to get out before election day. well we know that it is political. that is a crime. >> some democrats are saying all attorney general barb want to do is hurt the fbi. i would say, and i'm curious about your thoughts on this, it will kind of tear apart the fbi. causing every single american to think twice about the fbi. however, this is not attorney general may i remind you. this is the fbi. this is james comey's fault. the people that contributed to the discovery in the first place >> it is police week here in washington, d.c. the president was at the police memorial just today. reminding us of the sacrifices they make every day and every year. most of the people at the fbi
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are great americans. premier law enforcement agency of the country, if not the world they were the cobol that try to first stop donald trump from getting elected and try to have him removed from office. if that is not a crime, i don't care if you wear a badge or not. you are accountable to the people of this country. i believe that when the inspector general's report comes out in about a month, the middle of june, there will be criminal referrals for four or five individuals that will have to stand before a jury that appears and tell america why they decided to spy on us on domestic soil because they did not like our politics. >> i said this last night and i will state again. i don't care if you hate donald trump. more than anyone in the world. i don't care if you love him. i don't care if you are left,
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right, center. this is something that people should care about. the fbi thinks it is somehow able to go around and work on a different level. that is totally disturbing. it is so unethical. i am a little saddened by it. i find it really disturbing that people stoop to these kinds of levels to some debt i turn on. >> when you you are serving the american people. they abuse their badges. they abuse their guns. they abuse their privileges. when we want to go and do surveillance on individuals who we think are terrorist or operating illicitly in our country.
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we do not want them to win. that is what they have done here. this never should have happened to donald trump. this should have never happened to anyone. if this would have happened to barack obama because someone from the bush administration authorized it, those people would be called treasonous and it be in jail for the rest of their lives. >> this is not about politics. this is about what is right and what is wrong. >> too many people go to work every day to put their lives on the line. doing right by the american people. this small select group of people abuse out right. abuse their privileges. the fbi will suffer for a long time thinking they could be smarter and better than the americans that voted for president trump. >> as always, good to to see you tonight. >> a little media love. genocidal maniac.
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probably one of the most horrible people in history. adolf hitler. >> they declared us and illegal people. that is how it began. >> a return to the most disturbing elements of white supremacy. >> donald trump is right there with them. >> come on. now colleges are getting in on the act. the harvard professor is comparing trump to hitler face out. he is calling him out. also tonight, 12 hour marathon. molar report. hoping democrats do not forget to read the best part. >> deify good news in here for the president of the administration? >> the investigation did not describe that. that is a russian contacts.
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a massive new development that could be the most meaningful change in our immigration system deemed tonight by the white house. securing the border while changing the way people illegally comment to the country. the president says we will --dash just going through the details of this as it is being presented. a lot of good stuff in here. it has not already happened. a system in the world is a merit-based system shown at we have something that puts the country front and center. our name front and center. >> sure. the trump administration and the white house trying to make a
11:19 pm
step forward to solving our immigration problem. taking a step backward with her comment today about how she is not going to allow a vote on the new nafta until labor laws are changed in mexico. if we want mexico's help on our order problem, we have to show we will deliver on a trade deal, which, today, speaker pelosi says she will not allow. you cover economics very well. you know part of it is an economic issue. we have to get this trade deal in place. >> we can get to that later. i am most concerned about all of this. this is very interesting to me. i will share with you what our current makeup of the immigration population is. merit-based immigration which is the goal of this. 12% of immigrants coming here
11:20 pm
are admitted based on employment based on their skills. 66% are admitted because of family ties. it seems to me, yes, it is all fine and good to bring your family here. the goal is to change all of this so those ratios are different going forward. you are bringing people they can add to our economy here. they will not be admitted. 33% is the goal. you change at number 233%. you make 67% of the immigration population. we need them. they have skills that we need. can you agree with that? >> a fundamental misunderstanding of what the system needs. the bill from 2013. that is a framework we need to be looking at. we need people to help. we need people to help in
11:21 pm
agriculture. >> that would be employment that is a 57% that they want. >> merit-based immigration. bringing in more competition for doctors, lawyers, engineers. having an overabundance of one person. we need people to work on the lower tiers of the economy. >> you are not disagreeing with each other. we have nurses that we ought to be bringing here if we had a merit-based system. we don't do that. that is a mistake. plenty of people in this country. i include farmworkers in there. we are not disputing any of that when you are bringing people here just because they're related to someone that lives here and now, how do we know that that relation will not come here be a total drain on the system. >> that is why we need the complete comprehensive
11:22 pm
immigration reform. something that addresses v says. >> i am telling you, if you're going to tell me that this does not make sense, it is so beyond the beyond. >> look at the 2013 bill. exactly the framework. >> i think that this goes further. this goes further. david, every other country around the world has a merit-based system. why can't we? >> to put this crisis that we have at the border in perspective, the number of immigrants will come across the border this year will be larger than the population of the district of columbia, wyoming and idaho. it would double the population in three states. more people are coming into our country. are we prepared for that? it is questionable.
11:23 pm
>> we are not. you know the answer to that. i will not do this to you now, but maybe tomorrow. rolling out the diane feinstein tape. we cannot be the welfare system for mexico. she was right then. if she would stick to the same talking points, she would be right now. guatemala or honduras or any other country, we need to consider what we have here. we need to augment and continue to make our enemy better and stronger. we have kids and they will have kids in the future is what happens. just once again, before anyone anyone misinterprets this, that is the last thing i am. we need more people here to help grow our economy. we need them coming in and the right way. coming up. harvard professor comparing president trump to adolf hitler. because, well, according to
11:24 pm
according to him, look, they have similar poses. here to give this a piece of his mind. verse, the state department is now ordering all nonemergency staff to leave iran. tensions continue growing. all the latest and all these rumors that we are hearing about the president getting some very bad recommendations and bad advice from people around him -we bought a house in a neighborhood with a lot of other young couples. then we noticed something...strange. oh, could you, uh, make me a burger? -poof -- you're a burger. [ laughter ] -everyone acts like their parents. -you have a tattoo. -yes. -fun. do you not work? -so, what kind of mower you got, seth? -i don't know. some kid comes over. we pay him to do it. -but it's not all bad. someone even showed us how we can save money
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11:29 pm
decision. the state department ordered all emergency staff to leave iraq. joining me right now for the study chairman and fox news strategic analyst good to see you, general. i have questions for you. there are a lot of people very concerned right now that the president is being forced into situations. maybe ones that he does not want to be forced into. maybe it is venezuela. speaking about not sending troops. doing as much as you can. before getting to that level. also when it comes to iran. this idea that somehow we are getting ready to commit troops as some people are rather nervous. the president says that it is not true. i would just ask you, given your background.
11:30 pm
any normal administration would have there is a big difference having plans. a lot of false reporting. having a credible threat against u.s. troops and u.s. facilities. we have seen some planning and preparation. we take a very appropriate action. assets that we had taken out. convincing the iranians not to do what they plan to do.
11:31 pm
they are trying to deter them from doing just that. clearly, the president, i believe, and people who talk to him far more than i do, i have spoken to him a couple of times on national security and foreign policy, clearly, he is very much in charge of foreign-policy and national security. he sets the strategic framework for what the country is going to do. not his advisors. they provide advice to him to be sure. business about the national security advisor that somehow he is pushing a president towards war. that is nonsense. john bolton had spoiled opinions about this before he took the job. he is acting in concert with the president's framework and clearly he is providing them
11:32 pm
options. most of the options from the military perspective are coming from the commander of central command who provides add to the pentagon. they just lay out all of the options. that does not mean that the president is going to do one of those. what those options are based on what actions the iranians do pick. >> that is the point. that is what members of the mainstream media are really missing here. you should have a plan. know all the plans. he said repeatedly, all options are on the table. i do not think this is a president that will jump to that extreme. unless he was provoked. that is why you better be ready.
11:33 pm
>> the issue is clearly she has intelligence that says the iranians attempt to do some harm to the american facilities. what are the iranians doing here ? food shortages. power outages. it is growing. secondly, we designated designated the terrorist organization. we have shut down not all of the oil, but most of the oil. most of the chemicals. the iranians are trying to demonstrate the powers in the region, our allies that they are still a major power and they are to be counted. they want to demonstrate that by one, possibly taking some limited action against u.s. facilities and, two, making
11:34 pm
certain that our allies in the region come to the conclusion that the united states does not protect them. that is what the iranians are up to strategically. >> strategically, we need to be ready. if you read some of these reports it is completely taken i think a blown out of context in many ways. we appreciate you putting it back in perspective tonight. >> coming up, a far left harvard professor comparing president trump to a -- adolf hitler. they have similar poses and pictures. ben stein is here to react on it. first, get to this. twelve hour long public reading of the molar report. my next guest hopes they read the part that says they found no evidence of the president's
11:35 pm
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11:40 pm
trump campaign inspired or correlated with the russian government. the molar report did not establish any agreement of mung campaign officials to interfere or instruct a lawful function of a government agency. where's all that collusion? will they regret the dramatic reading? sold on amazon or something. joining me now is doug with the audio version of the mueller report. good to see you. >> good to see you, to. >> looking forward to this. >> it will be like going to the dentist. i will put it to you this way. you are brilliant and beautiful lady. i do not think i could make five minutes without falling asleep.
11:41 pm
i think it will estimate it will take more than 12 hours. i know how long it takes for me to get there one of my opening commentaries. i am betting it will take them more than 12 hours. do you think they will be comfortable reading all the parts. >> i think they will be disappointed. if bob mueller who wrote the mueller report could not find any new indictments then what are they going to find. it will not be a big audience, i don't think. getting more viewers if they read the girl with the dragon
11:42 pm
tattoo. about 400 pages. [laughter] >> a lot of people on the left don't want to hear what is in this report. there was going to be proof. more evidence. the democrats aren't looking for anything else. they move onto to volume two. volume two gets into whether there was obstruction. i think that that is what they really want to cling to despite the fact that there was no crime. what do i do about this. that is what they want to cling to, sir. i suspect that it is because they know what is coming. i think that you and i both know what is coming. just appointing the bad and looking into what they did.
11:43 pm
what they did. there could be some criminal referrals coming. >> you are absolutely right. >> this was another distraction. can't let go. can't let go of the election. can't let go of russian collusion. they are in desperate need of a john kennedy figure. getting elected in the house. what about opioids. what about the dreamers. just think of that. no one cares. they still hang onto this russian collusion and try to force us with something that we know is not true. >> i am so disheartened. i am disheartened right now because i think, i don't know, i like to see the best in everyone. it is hard for me to accept that
11:44 pm
anybody would take a bunch of opposition research. i go back to my training as a journalist. i would never take something that had not been properly presented as fact. that is essentially what the fbi did. and james baker was asked about it, he did not check it. he did not check the sources on it. you know, it was a footnote. don't you think you should that may be headlined or something. in other words, this was was not fbi research that you are basing that on, this was opposition research bot mp4 by the hillary clinton campaign. it is disturbing. >> good to see you. they thought that hillary clinton would win. nobody would ever know. >> they were wrong. very, very wrong. good to see you. colleges are now joining in
11:45 pm
tiered far left harvard professor comparing president trump to genocidal maniac, murderer, one of the most disgusting people in history, adolf hitler. how they make these comparisons is beyond me and i guarantee it is beyond ben stein, but he has choice words coming up. >> it sounds a lot like a ce the ai i want? well, insurance it's all about trust and speed. i need it to guide this analyst to customize flood coverage for this house. so that this team, can inform this couple, that their payment will arrive faster than this guy. hey. ♪ ♪ so whether i'm processing claims due to this fine gentleman... (car engine starting) or suggesting premiums for this young lady... ai can help change everything at this company.
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a famous harvard lawyer, scholar comparing the president of the united states to adolf hitler and a retreat showing president trump adolf hitler side-by-side the professor right that the president and the man responsible for the genocide of over 6 million people has both physical and behavioral resemblances. joining me right now is economist ben stein ben, how is that okay? >> i am not a psychiatrist or medical doctor. as a person who has seen a lot of other people, i would say down and officially signed
11:50 pm
saying i am insane. what he is saying is crazy. where the death camps. where's the anti-semitism. the most pro- jewish and least racist president there has ever been. to say he physically resembled him is just crazy. it must be confusing at off hitler who was a large man like trumpets. a tiny little figure of a guy a size zero or something like that a very small guy. >> we don't even need to go there. this is so preposterous and so messed up is it not insulting
11:51 pm
that the media can just kick off all these accusations? somehow this president is akin to hitler when we know the math destruction and murder that hitler committed? how does that make you feel? >> it is incredibly maddening. unbelievably maddening. they are the left there are people that really are like hitler like mindoro and venezuela. he is a madman trying to whip up people to commit murder and commit barbaric acts against their fellow citizens. we do not have anything like that in president trump nobody seems to ever remember mr. trump has jewish grandchildren. mr. trump has a jewish daughter. jewish son-in-law. >> it is about somehow labeling
11:52 pm
people. i think what they are missing is that he is trying to actually do some things that would be an important policy wise to help our country. as far as immigration goes, what the plan is and it is pretty darn good. they want more people to come here. they want people that have skills that we need to come here we should welcome people to this country the right way. that is racist and adolf hitler like to say we want people to come here the right way. >> that apply for visas, residency status, follow, follow the law there is no idea to
11:53 pm
complete adolf hitler the worst murder of of time this jovial person donald trump it is just absolutely insane. they say the meanest things that they can say about someone. whatever happened, especially college campus, whatever happened to open this and intellectual diversity? if you are a true intellect, you are a harvard law professor, i would think you would be a little bit of an intellect. one at ub a little more open-minded? would you be that closed? >> a little bit more honest a little bit more rigorous the man on the moon there is no
11:54 pm
comparison whatsoever here. the most insulting comparison in the world. a few crazy people. >> and economist, which you are. also an amazing actor. you also are trained lawyers. very quickly. are we going to learn about the fbi? >> i think the bar stuff is going somewhere grave it is going somewhere incredibly great it will uncover the fact on the election and the will of the american people and destroy the constitution probably the best thing that any attorney general has ever done stein, thank you so much. i think you got a phone call there. [laughter]
11:55 pm
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flonase. still nervous about buying uh-oh, la new house.meone's is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years. what are you doing? big steve? thanks, man. there he is. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and renters insurance. trish: what jared kushner is working on who are you trying to fool? immigration has not been over visa point system but about securing the border and number two what you're doing with the people there and jared kushner sticking his head in the sand and looking like we're doing something not doing it but that
11:59 pm
is a joke but jared kushner doing will get flushed on the toilet by talk radio at about two seconds. they should quit wasting their time. trish: she really does not like jared kushner. it's amazing and it's not been unveiled and yet what do you know, liberal media is already ripping it apart because that's what they do. the plan i should point out does address border security so she doesn't know what she's talking about but it does not stop her, right? my lord. tomorrow will be all over this, i promise. immigration story front and center we have steve helton and britt mchenry and many others coming up and before we go i have a special programming note, catch a special town hall on capitalism for socialism and you know where i come out. tomorrow with charles payne at 2:00 p.m. eastern but turn right back in because we have a lot to continue discussing. more on our and what the heck went down in our fbi with this fisa warrant, total abuse of
12:00 am
american civil liberties and more on what will happen with immigration in the united states and have a wonderful evening everyone. kennedy begins now. kennedy: thank you, trish. threat of war going on by the date and the united states and iran on a collision course. it's been for decades in the making but will cooler heads prevail? or will our brave sons and daughters head into another potential disastrous middle east quagmire. earlier today state farm and ordered all nonessential government personnel to leave iraq immediately. we're told it's because of the quote, imminent threat, but the white house won't say what that threat is exactly. for noninterventionist that should be alarming because we all remember how the war in iraq began with bad intelligence and bad decisions. as you know, pentagon is already set up b-52 bombers to


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