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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 18, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪ >> good evening everybody trump white house today on observancive slapping down congressional radical dems as they continue to carry out their campaign of harassment and obstruction on capitol hill. tonight, we look at the white house response to radical dem in deep state who are stopping at nothing. trying to subvert president and block his policy initiatives. congressman jim jordan all star attorney joe and victoria among our guests here tonight, national security crisis at our southern border raging on illegal immigrants flooding into the country and mexican drug cartel making tens of billions of dollars smuggling illegals
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and debtly drugs across the mexico border and today the white house released its new plan to secure the border to overhaul u.s. xraition policies. senator lindsey graham today also announced a new immigration plan, and rather strongly suggested his plan is in competition with the presidents. >> the who who white house's plt designed to some. this is designed -- white house plan is trying to not republican party around the security and suppression. >> senator graham well we take a look at broken immigration system the willingness of the ryan know republicans and radical dem and others to take up immigration proposals before actually securing border. we ask our guesses tonight about the chance of success for that approach. among our guests former acting i.c.e. director tom and protecting americans against
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chinese spying. the president ready to take executive action against the various actors and technology that pose a threat to our national security. we begin tonight with a radical dems endless it seems efforts to undermine president trump and a white house that is now fighting back. president trump's counsel pat today deny ited house judiciary chairman jerry knadler dmangdz for documents related to collusion investigation if you can imagine, he burned knadler with his had response to the radical dem activist. he wrote this, quote, congressional investigations are intengdzed to obtain information to aid and evaluating potential legislation. not to harass political poangtses or po pursue unauthorized duo of investigations conducted by the department of justice end quote.
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and on capitol hill today, constitutional scholar professor jonathon warned congress againsted harass hadment of attorney general william barr. in demanding he release the redacted information in the mueller report. i believe action was unfounded cannot release that information. you are head intog a world of hurt if you go to the d.c. circuit and argue that you could order bartha barr could release the information. >> are radical dem really dumb enough to take the attorney general to court? apparently, chairman knadler may well be just that dumb. we'll ask one of the republican leaders in house of representatives with us tonight. congressman jim jordan a member of the judiciary comet ranking member of the house oversight committee, cofounder of the house freedom caucus good to see
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you and you have the pleasure of sitting on that committee. >> i do. is your chairman really, really going to take this to court? >> i mean he probably will understand what the democrat chairman are doing lew you've got richard chairman had of the weigh and means committee going after the president tax returns for past several years and maxine waters and chairman cumming going after ten years of the president's business records based on the testimony of michael cohen who went to prison last week and he went to prison for lying dong chairman knadler who was telling the attorney general comply with our subpoena and if he would comply with with that subpoena he would be breaking the law. so this is how -- this is how crazy to democrats have gotten in the coordinated effort they have in attacking the president of the united states. >> as you say the coordinated effort -- i think most of us thought there was coordination as there is often amongst the committees -- even when they're going after
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just pure political purposes trying to further harass the president. now that they lost the special counsel -- but you actually are demanding that the chairman release a memorandum of understanding among those chairman certainly with maxine waters and house financial services. >> right. maxine waters chairman waters has a memorandum with chairmanship we know chairman cummings has one with chairman waters as well he entered into that without telling committee didn't tell me or republicans on committee. my guess is he probably didn't tell democrats on committee we want that information public so that american people can see again, when you put it in writing, coordinated east amongst the chairman to systemically go after the president of the united states to guy that we like the president that's what we want made public. so the courts talked about it yesterday in the court cases about the president's business
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records. we think that american people should be able to see that memorandum of understanding that we sent a letter to chairman congressman saying release that information. >> let me quote from part of it. in which -- congressman jordan says this, quote, i encourage you to release publicly your memorandum of understanding with chairman waters and any other sign or unsigned mo used that you have entered into so that the american people can understand the intent to which you and other democrat chairpersons are engaged in orchestrated effort attack the president for political gain. i, that is astonishing. do you actually expect -- a response? >> well probably not because we -- found out this not from chairman cummings but from another committee and then we went to chairman cummings we've seen a copy but encouraged them make it public. i don't know that he will. i hope he does. i mean i can't get into all of
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the details until it was made public but he talks about investigative strategy and investigative that's the word they use throughout the document. again we think that american people deserve a right to see what they're up to. >> all right, the attorney the white house attorney's response did you not think that was one of the finest crafted letter you've seen in a while? >> there have been lots of good letters from white house counsel, two week ago and this letter -- where i thought this up in committee hearing last week where he talked if they can do what we think they did to the president of the united states -- with this coordinated spying effort, if they can do it to the president, imagine what they can do to you and i lew imagine what they can do to folks to get a privilege to present that's why it is important they get to the bottom of this thing. >> and a the appointment of durham i've heard reservation from him not personally. >> i think he's a good pick. >> that's why i was going and get to that answer quickly. >> i think he is.
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remember, this is also the u.s. attorney who was investigating jim baker. former chief counsel of the fbi. now bill barr selected him to lead his investigation, and get to the bottom of the term bill barr used not the term you and i use but used four weeks in front of senate finance he talked about spying he thinks did occur he thinks there's a basis for my concern about that spying that took place, and he used a couple of terms that are really scary. unauthorized surveillance and political surveillance. he wants to get to bottom it have he selected john durham i think it is a good pick. >> as we close out here, the investigation into the investigators is now underway. the state kopght have the goen here soon enough, but -- >> i agree. but it certainly feels good to consider prospect of justice actually being done, and for these -- politically corrupt officials in justice with and a fbi and intelligence community as
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well -- now appears it feeling freald to see beginning of it. >> sure does. sure does lowing and look, i think bill barr has handled him exactly the way the american people want the attorney general and united states to operate and i think he's going to get to bottom of this to get answers that we all deserve. >> congressman jim jordan thanks so much. good it see you. >> thank you. >> up next -- turns out it is easy to negotiate with other side if you take their position. that approach, the news by senator graham and -- we'll take that up here next. stay with us. -that's how a home and auto bundle is made. [ chuckles ] so, what are some key takeaways from this commercial? did any of you hear the "bundle your home and auto" part?
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the senator, however, says his plan had will have to come with a support of open border democrats who want amnesty for doctor recipients that word again -- >> i support comprehensive immigration reform. did in the past will in the future. and i'm willing to work with democrats to do some things they want to do. >> our next guest met with senior white house officials today to talk about immigration. the national emergency at our border and he is someone who knows about borders and crises in immigration and border security tom former acting director of immigration and custom enforcement fox business contributor tom goode to see you. what do you make of the proposal at least outed by the white house to this point? >> look i was briefed as you said by senior white house officials i like it. i think it is a good starting point to have a discussion.
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what i like about it mostly like about it is number one issue on top of the list, is border security. we're talking about border infrastructure, you know, infrastructure ports of entry, across border barriers in addition to that, closing loophole that caused ka caravan and crisis to occur so i like the point on top of the list number one but look as you said with earlier in the show it takes about merit base immigration and right thing to do. nuclear family still protected children and a forget about cousins and aunts and uncles that's out but i think it has a good plan and language in there talking about humanitarian aspect where people in the world that really need our protection today really are escaping fear and a prosecution are ngt proand center rather than hundreds of thousands of fraudulent claims come across border right now. >> you know, left at least is -- what i have seen of the proposal that is number of deportation
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orders over their heads, what happens to them where interior enforcement because it seems to me that there has been a receding enforcement in all of this. >> look there shouldn't be. i've said the last couple of months we needed to do a national operation we need to seek out these family an adult who came across border illegally and demanded due process they demand to see a judge as we gave them that due process that great taxpayer expense judge said you must leave and ignored those orders and there's over well over 100,000 family unit already moved we need to seek them out detain and remove them because central america they don't see anybody coming home that's why they keep coming i did did this three and a half yearses are ago and wngt down immediately because we showed a consequence we need to have a part to do it. i read washington post story
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democrats don't like it and cost friction. i don't care. the job is -- like there isn't friction now. >> exactly called deportation officers their jobs with due process if we don't do that, there's no integrity and entire system you can hire 10,000 judges but if their decisions don't mean anything, we're just spitting our wheels open border let them all come in. >> you're exactly right and turn to senator graham proposal on same day certainly did not escape them that the white house was releasing a plan to put that into direct competition. is astonishing your thoughts about about the both the politicses of what he did and the outline that he gave us today. >> look i think with what i heard at white house was about -- youyou know about border securiy closing loophole lindsey graham went to loophole hold hoing family along to see a judge had
11:18 pm
is floor agreement to be overturned and uac trading children from central america same we treat children from new mexico and if the victim of trafficking you need to go home instead of a different process different than mexicans. he it shall he never rain on head and trying to address loopholes off the start i like this plan. i think his plan will drive numbers down on border, he wants more judges on the border again -- i think judges are great thing. ic they're going help get back log down and show american people these orders mean something and remove people based on those orders, judges are going to sit there and a issue orders that won't be followed through we need to follow through on that. >> a young five-year-old karate kid is an internet sensation after this video went viral. a little boy name is phoenix that's right, five years old --
11:19 pm
[laughter] breaking down to tears when first he couldn't break the board with his heel but he didn't give up and kept at it and broke board as you see there finally broke it in half his classmates and trainer going wild and listened to how he handled big time interview with fox and friends this morning. >> you were trying so hard and we've all been there. where you try and you try and then you get tired and you can't do it. and then you finally did what made you keep going? >> my foot -- [laughter] >> you've got it all sorted out. what a great kid. up next john durham appointment sends deep state hack hads like clap or into a panic. >> losing sight of what was the cause of all of this. the predicate for all of this was the russians. [laughter] yeah. check -- that is exactly what they found
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>> it's really a tough situation because my son, i guess over 20 hours testifying about something that mueller said was 100% okay and now they want him to testify again. i don't know why i have no idea why. but it seem very unfair to me. >> and joining us now to take up that question and much more hair immediate dylan managing partner at the dylan law group and republican national committee woman for the state of california. it is great to have you with us let's get to the president's question. why? and we have received word they've with the committee -- worked out a deal where he will
11:25 pm
indeed appear for one to two hours, and on a narrow basis respond to questions. >> well, i can't think of a proper legislative purpose or an oversight role for the senate or the house to be asking for the questions. this -- inquiry is over the democrats need to accept and come to terms with fact that they lost and there was nothing there. and the only thing that could be gaining but hauling somebody in to retestify about something already testified about before is to trap that person with some tricky question in a perjury trap that's not a legislate function but disappointed to see majority leader mitch mcconnell going along with senator burrs abuse of this process. >> and i think -- as nearly the entire republican party i would think would wouldf not entire republican party we know there are some exceptions made for rhinos but this is obscene to watch, and to have mitch mcconnell standing there with roy blungt on one side and
11:26 pm
john barrasso the leadership of the republican party say he doesn't tell burr what to do. i said yerler in the broadcast we know it is mark juaner running entire senate committee it is sickening to watch. i just can't imagine that he's going to be helpful on issues among judges. >> right, you know what can i say in i think we've seen outer limits of what we can expect from these folks it is disaa pointing. i hope that we get past this particular episode and move on. but you know as we know lou democrats aren't willing to accept this but whole home it was to gum up the wheels of power washington and make sure that president can't get his agenda accomplished and sad to see them complicit in that goal. >> mcconnell should have been with adjunct demanding wariner
11:27 pm
testify before that committee rather than continue to run it through the -- through the just -- it is deplorable. we deplorably weak senator richard burrlet turn to bright news for the country as well as for the president here to see the investigator being investigated. the attorney general doing exactly what he promised he qowld do with the senate judiciary committee he's going after the investigators in their corrupt the corrupt origins of those witch hunt that amounted to prosecution of this president for over two years. where do they live yes i'm encouraged to see the -- the investigation started by mr. durham but on the other hand i want to put a caution out there which is that, it appears from a recent news article and, of course, we don't know how accurate this is, but it look like the initial reports coming
11:28 pm
out about this is that it is not actually going to be a full sledged criminal investigation as yet it simply going to be review of the existing evidence that's already been collected so i question if that's the role of this -- new investigation by u.s. attorney durham whether that's really just redun dangt of what the inspector general horowitz is doing and other work that's being done because without the power to subpoena, power to ask question, you know, we're really just rehashing old news and nothing is more going to happen so i hope it is not the case that this is just a to the right to make sure that something is being done quote unquote because without some prosecutions, nothing really will end up being done here. >> if there are any on this now it will not only be disappointing but destructive to the president's 2020 chances with the base. i mean this -- the president is insistent
11:29 pm
william barr as a man of great integrity and talent i don't know that the the man, durham that he's put in place but he has apparently, he has a terrific reputation. do you know him? and what do you think of him personally? professionally. >> i don't know him professionally he has oustanding reputation. and so this is no criticism of him as an individual. it is a question of what power is he being graduated and what is his brief and what is he being asked to do. now, of course, it could be case that step one is you review existing evidence determine whether you then want to bring somebody in front of a grand jury for an indictment. so hopefully that is the case this is going in phases but just sort of another inspector general backwards looking effort then it is meaningless because unless people are held accountable, i mean, thrown in prison for violating our law and abusing civil rights of american as thes, then we are going to see this repeated again and again and again and it has -- it is a disgraceful chapter in
11:30 pm
our law enforcement history. >> you're not instilling great confidence in us tonight with your outlook for this -- prosecutor of this by u.s. attorney appointed by the attorney general. talk to us qhab you think is happening in the judiciary committee, the -- 21 is the date for john mcgann to testify, this is the president says if no. what is going to happen here? because i have to tell you i still have not heard of a little of a president but anyone's attorney standing up talking to the prosecutors of their client for 30 hour. >> so this is, you know, these outused theater this is a threat or or they do not expect don mcgann to come and obey that subpoena because mcgann is attorney bound not just by political but by his legal ethics and he can not testify
11:31 pm
against his clients' con sent without inquiring a potential, you know, barr trouble. so the next step up after a this one he does not testify is then we're going to be at a bit of an impasse i've heardadam shift say he's weighing things like issuing fining to witnesses from trump administration who will not show up 25,000 a day. that's about as -- likely as throwing people into the broom closet or capital jail they keep talking about it is fantasy island that's not happening they don't have authority to do that so for likely they have to get in front of a judge i think it is impasse i don't think they're able to do anything with it other than try to do fundraising and advertisements off of it. >> you know what had -- the republicans should be inventive enough to come up with aens spue to this non insteaded they watch it all wash by and more pictures of barrasso mcconnell, and blunt paying
11:32 pm
their parts as milk toast emblem of the republican party it is a pretty pathetic on pick you will you get the last word here. >> look i want to go back to the issue of the -- of the, you know, investigation that -- don is doing and i would say withhold judgment i don't think to jump to any conclusion yet. i hold out hope that he'll find his mark. >> i like the way that you're optimistic on about one hand but on the other so skeptical of the prospects on other. we're -- fact based lou. it is a experience and fact based. you've got it in which i accept both. thanks as much as always. up next new reporting on just how early the fbi actually knew about the political bias of the -- phony dossier author christopher steele. victoria, joe -- they join us on that and much more right after the break. stay with us. i can't believe it. that there's a lobster in our hot tub?
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so again, using "para", you're talking about something that is for someone. ♪ pretty good. could listening to audible inspire you to start something new? download audible and listen for a change. >> attorney general william barr today having some fun get nancy pelosi on side of an event held in washington, d.c., the attorney general approach, the speaker of the house and ask her whether she had brought her hand cuffs last week, pelosi had commented on calls to arrest barteling reporters there is a jail in the basement of the capitol. new reporting from the the hills john salomon reveals the fbi knew about christopher steele's
11:37 pm
political bias at least eight days before the first carter paige fisa warrant was signed. government officials tell solomon that deputy assistance secretary say kathleen sent e-mail to fbi special agent a steven in october of 2016. he then forwarded that message to none other than peter strzok joining us tonight victoria former deputy assistant attorney general from criminal justice of the justice department joe joining us former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia founding partnerses of the delaware and law firm good to have you both with us, and great to see you again. let's start with -- first the reporting from john solomon who has been extraordinary in his reporting all of this. i'm sure you -- you will agree. there seems to be no excuse whatsoever for the fbi not, not
11:38 pm
putting that dossier into the fisa application. victoria. >> lou with similar reporting by john solomon about five or sick weeks ago he revealed that bruce other had walked across this street to the fbi and let me tell you justice department never walk across the street to the tbig and told mccabe that this dossier was suspicious and unverifiable so they had it in august, and then they had it again from -- specifically say why it was untrustworthy. my goodness. he says he could -- he says oh, the pain, russians are paying people out of their consulate with no miami consulate. a little suspicious. >> yeah. a little indeed. [laughter] joe, we were -- this business down in the nearly appointed prosecutor appointed by the attorney general, how confident are you in it and what
11:39 pm
do you think of him give us a sense. >> well, he has one of the most stellar reputations of anybody in the department of justice over thest last 30 years. he was picked by bill barr which to me is sort of the -- good housekeeping seal given buffoon running department for last two years, it is great to see an attorney general who knows how to put his pants on, the problem for bren and clapper is he's a real prosecutor he has prosecuted fbi a agent for corruption in boston and investigated the intelligence community the perfect guy at the right time and it shows just how smart bill barr is . >> and -- to add to that, he was smart not to get a special counsel. even though what might have been easier like you know just ask rod rosenstein but he kept it in house so he's ready to take the
11:40 pm
heat because in the end he's ument mat decider. >> i have not ever met william barr. but just in his appearances in the way in which he's handled himself to this point, i have to say it's great to see a person who is in charge. he was aa pointed by this president to be in charge. he clearly is, and i have to be guess unsetting joe to a lot of people at justice department still at the fbi still let alone all of those who because of their roles in what is outrageous political corruption have been dismissed from the fbi. >> here's -- here's what will barr does inside the d.o.j. building and fbi building. every one of the people now can't lie to bill barr he's been there before. he's run the place. he's a killer lawyer, he's a great lawyer. he knows where all of the bodies are buried, and one of the great
11:41 pm
things is what victoria said he didn't appoint a special counsel this is his case durham work for him. personally -- i have every confident that if there are cases to be made against brennan, clapper comey all of the other thug who debased intelligence community, the fbi, and a department of justice, those cases will be made. >> you might have noticed that southern district of new york is not held anymore press conferences since bill barr became attorney general. not out there trying to embarrass the president of the yiet with that silly from michael cohen which wasn't even a crime. >> right. right, and -- of course, the silly rad cam dems who were trying to play on that. are looking a little more -- i think anxious every day that they -- [laughter] participate in that fraud. let listen to john brennan if i may get your professional views
11:42 pm
as to what you hear. this is the former cia director and a cnn commentator i should pingt out john brennan. it went through a rigorous due process it was approved by fisa court it went through all of those steps and now they look back at it in 2020 are they going to find there was something that should have been so differently whatever they might but i think that's what they're trying to do is to uncover something that they will misrepresent as being part of this deep state effort to try to undermine donald trump's election. >> your reaction? rk lou if you have been interviewing brennan your question would have been but what is the fisa court qowf liked to mr. brennan? but, of course, nobody at that place ever qowld ask something like that and he doesn't do that. >> you know brennan is -- when you wach him you're
11:43 pm
watching man who is slowly he's -- he's into a blather and he keeps talking about all of these things that, remember how they all that there was any spying at all. now all of a sudden everything was done by the book. you can't have it both way. and i just love the fact that brennan and clapper are now saying that it was all comey's idea to put the dossier in the national assessment. he did it and comey say it was brennan's idea so you know how you resolve these type of conflict you put all of the people in a grand jury with with mr. durham asking them all of the questions. poor john brennan right where he belongs he needs a lawyer and he works for cnn. [laughter] >> well said, and -- and a mr. brennan, turns out accurate about about one thing he said. he said when all of this exploded and he saw no way to run are, and was absolutely cornered he said i must have had
11:44 pm
bad information. he didn't go on to say he was the author of that bad information. >> precisely. precisely. bad dates -- victoria, joe thank you very much. appreciate it. >> you bet. up next president trump take another step to protect american technology from the likes of huawei and people's liberation army. we'll have that and much more please stay with us. ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> breaking news trump signed executive order executive order declared national emergency to protect u.s. communications networks. the move gives the federal government broad powers to bar companies from doing business with foreign supply rs that are a risk to national security including chinese firm huawei the commerce department will issue regulations over the next 150 days. also tonight, the trump administration suspended all flights between united states and venn sway will, siting increased political tension. the announcement come on same day state department ordered all nonessential personnel out of the u.s. embassy and iraq over fears of a possible attack by iranian forces or proxies. breaking news tonight, alabama governor kay ivy signed
11:49 pm
strictest abortion bills in the law this evening. the law will likely be challenged it could lead all a the way to the u.s. supreme court and number of babies fell to a 32-year low. 3.79 million babies born last year at 2% decline from a year ago and overall rate of abortion has fallen to lowest levels since roe b. wade the institute finds more than 42 million abortions performed between 1983 and 2014. the most recent statistics available. the tsa plan to send hundreds of volunteers to beef up security along the u.s.-mexico border. upwards of 400 officials ranging from air marshals to law enforcement officer as, members of special operations teams, going to the border to help manage the escalating illegal
11:50 pm
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11:54 pm
course, i.c.e. says illegals would pay a texas woman outside of houston operating out of her house for marriage licenses and whatever benefits she could scare up some paying as much as 70,000, of course, they never intended to live together or -- actually be in a marriage with their fraudulent spouses. joining us tonight is john barb u.s. attorney for the western district of texas, and it is great to have you with us, john. >> thank you, lou. the story that are coming to us now from the border, the surge that is is extraordinary in -- in the number of people, and the new ways in which they are defrauding the custom and a border protection and citizenship and immigration services, it is astonish particularly, the cry asylum. >> that's absolutely right, lou, i hope your viewers i'm sure they do understand the nature of
11:55 pm
the crisis we have right now. we have so many families flooding across the border all over the southern border that it is pulling border patrol resources out of the field to take care of these family and you know, that's a humanitarian imperative we have to take care of the families we have to take care of little babies. but what that means is that there's fewer people in the field to actually interdict drug traffickers gang members, all sorts of violent criminals now come into the country more easily it is a huge, huge problem and people aren't paying enough attention to it. >> and tom, the former acting immigration customs enforcement director, here calling last night calling for an a absolute quick turn arngd moving immigration judges to the border, instead of sitting far away from the problem. getting out there and start turning those cases around immediately. irrespective of the back log just move in and get it done. how helpful do you think that would be?
11:56 pm
it would be hugely for processing asylum claims right now only 13% of people that show up at the border and claim asylum actually win that claim at the end of the day. but because we have with an eight or 900 thousand case back log making claim guarantees opportunity to live and work in the united states outside of tension for years that is what we call pull factor to come to border cross it illegally and make asylum claim because they know if claim has no merit they can be there for years at the core of the immigration system right now, and lou just to be very clear who you know who that hurts the most -- it is legitimate asylum seekers because now they have to wait for years until they can get certainty that they can stay here. >> and -- and this is relatively -- easily fixed as tom points out. this just is a matter of willpower within the permanent
11:57 pm
bureaucracy and this business in new mexico with governor there she pulled a -- she pulled the guard off the line. check points are no more there i'm not sure if was she was paid off but i do know this that means cartels are controlling both sides of the new mexico, mexico border as a result. what can we do about that? >> well that check point issue is a big problem that's the same exact problem that we were talking about which was had border patrol agent and officers are pulled out of the field they're closing down check points because they have to care for the influx of families. so what we need more than anything is one asylum reform process those claim a lot quicker grant good claims reject bad claim but we need more physical infrastructure and communication technology down at the border i hear these so-called expert say the wall doesn't work. if you go out to talk to any border patrol agent in the field, he or she will tell you if we have a wall near an urban center, that make a huge difference for us because,
11:58 pm
illegal immigrants kangt just walk into a city walk with around city or go into less populated area and any border patrol agent will tell you we need more physical barriers down at the boaferred. >> has been telling country that it was over -- almost three years now, it is three years now. we need that border the border patrol are ones that relied on for that wall for counsel and right now we can't -- we can't get enough manpower to proceed with a remain in mexico -- policy that would leave those those folk in mexico with a ninth circuit court victory we don't have leadership to move the border patrol in that direction. >> that's right lou, and thank god for that victory in the 9th circuit so many other policies that would make a real dent in
11:59 pm
this immigration policy have immigration problem have been enjoined by single judge sitting somewhere and join nationwide and at least for the time being the ninth circuit put back that weight in mexico policy but as you said getting policy back in place legally is one step but we need resources to implement that policy. >> of course we didn't get to the issue of imper your enforcement which is also part of this solution. john bsh appreciate it. come back soon. somebody may be investing in a bigger boat whale watcher finding himself in exactly that's right you just saw it. watch this incredible. capturing this amazing moment. >> oh -- is that not incredible? what ten, 15 feet away from that boat humpback whale that's many monterey, bay cray missed fishing boat by that much. the photographer said if he were fisherman, well --
12:00 am
we will leave that rest to your imagination remindinger to follow me on twitter at lou dobbs like me on facebook, and instagram. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow. tonight as the attorney general investigates the investigators we're learning of new information that shows the length to which the obama intelligence community holdovers were actually doing it all in an attempt to possibly force the president to resign. this is information that was never bothered to verify. congressman ralph norman is here with reaction to that in just moments. meanwhile, the former media mogul just pardoned by president trump slamming our intel intelligence agencies saying they were weaponized for


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