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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  May 20, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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fisherman, well -- we will leave that rest to your imagination remindinger to follow me on twitter at lou dobbs like me on facebook, and instagram. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow. here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. president trump issuing a strong warning to iran saying if they want a fight, it will be the official end of their country. how the president's vowing to keep iran from getting nuclear weapons while insisting he wants to avoid war with the country. google cutting some ties with huawei as the trade war continues. president trump on what he told xi-jinping, the latest on the tariff tit-for-tat. mayor pete buttigieg pitches four new tax hikes on americans if he becomes president. the 2020 hopeful taking swipes
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at president trump and even amazon in the latest fox news town hall. and game of thrones has come to an end and some fans just can't handle it. how some are now seeking professional help and why millions are expected to be a no-show at work today. it's monday, may 20th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ashley: good morning, everybody. here's how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. by the way, lauren and cheryl are not here after the game of thrones finale. just saying. stock market futures now pointing to a slightly lower open, the dow off 32 points, about a tenth of a percent, same thing on the s&p and a third of a percent lower on the nasdaq. take a look at the price of oil. just up a little bit, up 26-cents, right at $63 a barrel. let's take a look at what's going on in asia.
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as you can see, unchanged in south korea on the kospi. the hang seng and shanghai down a half a percent but up a quarter of a percent on the nikkei. in europe, it is now about 10:0n frankfurt and as you can see, down slightly on the ftse, the cac and the dax. welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning. i'm tracee carrasco in for cheryl casone. ashley: good morning, i'm ashley webster in for lauren simonetti. tracee: president trump keeping up the pressure on iran, issuing a stern warning over the weekend. trump saying, quote, if iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of iran. never threaten the united states again. ashley: the president reiterating his resistance to go to war. >> i don't was to invade -- i don't want to invade. war hurts economies, war hurts people. i don't want to fight.
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but you do have situations like iran, you can't let them have nuclear weapons. you just can't let that happen. ashley: this comes as a rocket landed less than one mile from the u.s. embassy in baghdad's so-called green zone. iraqi officials speculating militias in support of iran were responsible. over the weekend, exxon mobil evacuated its staff from iraq, flying them to dubai, though iraq's oil minister calling that move, quote, unacceptable and unjustified. tracee: u.s. war ships being used to send china a firm message as tension between the two countries intensifies over trade talks. it's the second time this month u.s.s.pribol has been sent into the south chinese saw to challenge chinese claims on international waters. this comes after china imposed retaliatory tariff hikes. president trump told steve
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hilton tariffs are hurting china. >> countries are leaving because -- companies are leaving because of the tariffs. if there's one reason that china, you understand what i'm going to say, didn't make that deal, it's because they're hoping that in 16 months donald trump will be defeated by anyone of those democrats and they'll go back to making $500 billion a year. tracee: no additional talks between the u.s. and china have been scheduled since the last round ended on may 10th. ashley: as trade fears rise, big american companies reportedly tightened spending on factories, equipment and other capital goods. the wall street journal says the top 10 capital spenders invested $38 billion in the first quarter, down from $41 billion a year earlier. analysts say slower business spending could hurt economic growth later this year and next year. tracee: alphabet google has suspended business with huawei.
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that requires the transfer of hardware, software and technical services. reuters say huawei will lose access to updates to google's android operating systems and future versions of huawei smartphones that run on android will lose access to popular services. ashley: t-mobile and sprint are prepared to make concessions to win approval of their proposed merger. they are willing to sell boost mobile as part of the deal. they will pledge not to raise price as they build their 5g network. an official ament coul announced come as soon as this week. tracee.tracee: bayer may be hag buyer's remorse with monsanto. bayer's market capitalization has shrunk more than 40%. they bought monsanto last june.
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since then, they lost three jury trials. investors are worried the liabilities from roundup are going to rise, sending the shares into a downward spiral. ashley: president trump is signaling he is ready to make a deal on immigration, but key democrats not too eager to get on-board. meanwhile, acting dhs chief is clarifying what the administration is doing with the influx of migrants. >.tracee: griff jenkins is live in washington. we will go back to him in just a minute. but let's take a look at some other headlines making news this morning. ashley. ashley: breaking overnight, a swedish prosecutor asked that wikileaks founder julian assange be detained over an alleged rape back in 2010. he was evicted from the ecuadorian embassy last month. he is serving a 50 week sentence in the u.k. for skipping bail. if granted, the warrant would be the first step to have him
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extradited -- first step to having him extradited. the united states plans to co-host a peace to prosperity conference in bahrain in june. the goal is to encourage substantial investment in the occupied palestinian territories. government and business leaders are expected to discuss revising the gasa economy if a peace agreement can be reached. president trump has touted his plan for peace between palestinians and israeli as the deal of the century. president trump headed to pennsylvania for a great american great again tonight. he will be speaking at an a airport. the president will be stumping for republican fred keller ahead of a special house election there tomorrow. also, the president lashing out against republican congressman justin amash. the president calling him a total light weight and a loser after the michigan republican
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said trump engaged in impeachable conduct. marsh is the first republican to break with the trump on special counsel robert mueller's russia probe. and john wick has taken the box office crown from the avengers. >> i've been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. >> so far, you haven't disa appointed. ashley: he hasn't disappointed at the box office. the third installment of the john wick trilogy parabellum took in an estimated $57 million in its opening weekend, exceeding expectations and oh, yeah, avengers end game slid into second place in the fourth weekend. don't feel bad. it only made $29 million. it's now grossed $2.6 billion, second only to avatar. that's what's happening. tracee: president trump is
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signaling he is ready to make a deal on immigration. key democrats don't seem eager to get on board. the acting dhs chief is clarifying what the administration is doing with the influx of migrants. ashley: let's try this now, griff jenkins live in washington with the latest on the fight for immigration reform. >> reporter: it's monday, ashley and tracee. good morning. we have news. the administration is reversing course on a plan to ship migrants apprehended at the border, this is after an official told reporters they were looking to do that, due to oveoverwelloverwhelmed faciliti. >> it wasn't going to be an effective use of resources. we had to look at all options. we have 16,000 people custody, you've got to look at any planning factor you can. >> reporter: this is a sigh of relief for some communities. it does little to address the overall situation. on friday, the border patrol
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chief tweeted this, we've had 535,000 arrests so far this year on the southwest border with no sign of it getting better. democrat hopefuls like kirsten gillibrand is hammering away at the president's immigration plan and the handling of the border crisis. >> the truth is, president trump's immigration policy is inhumane, ineffective, and wrong. as president of the united states, i wouldn't use the detention system at all. >> reporter: the president places blame for inaction on immigration on the democrats. >> the one thing i will say n. have lousy policy and in many cases they're lousy politicians. the democrats stick together. if they decide, leadershi leadep decides they don't want to have it, we'll have continuation. >> reporter: it's clear this fight continues and that the surge continues. as for previously reported california m migrant flights,
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border patrol agents san diego confirm they're being flown from setexas to that sector currentl. it's a sho snapshot of what's becoming a problem in terms of where to yo put these people. tracee: let's take a look at futures this morning. they're starting off this morning in the red. dow futures down by 36 points, continued pressure as the trade dispute between washington and china wages on. still ahead, president trump issues a strong warning for iran, not to threaten the united states, saying that if the country wants to fight, it will be, quote, the official end of iran. will the nation blink? and one graduating class getting more than just a diploma over the weekend. details on the major investment that one donor made in their future. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ we're going to save the world
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tracee: tensions escalate between washington and tehran. the u.s. military confirming a rocket attack near the u.s. embassy in iraq's capital baghdad. the explosion did not cause any casualties.
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last week the u.s. ordered nonessential staff to leave the diplomatic post in iraq. joining us now, senior fellow benhem t a alablu. first, a u.s. spokesperson for the u.s. central command says the u.s. will hold iran responsible, if any such attacks are conducted by the proxy militia forces or elements of such forces. so how serious is this situation in the region right now? >> i think the situation is quite serious and it's escalating. the reason for it to spiral out of control is not as many in the u.s. may fear, it may be the u.s. not being tough enough. this is not the first time washington said that it will hold tehran accountable for not just the actions of itself but for the actions of its proxies. the way iran as proxies have fought their four decade long war against the united states is by engaging in actions short of
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actions necessitating a major response. this is iran poking a finger at the u.s. tracee: president trump said i hope not when asked if we were going to war. yesterday he said if iran wants to fight, that would be the official end of iran. never threaten the united states again. this tweet obviously marking a big shift in tone. who is going to blink first, what do you sunshine. >> well, -- think?>> i think tht iran to come back to the negotiating table. the president has deployed tough sanctions and done repositioning of u.s. military assets in the gulf. as iran threatens to grow the nuclear program, as the proxies become more unrestrained in the region, iran is trying to get the u.s. to swerve and the u.s. to blink.
5:17 am
i think this is time for the u.s. to double down and enforce the tough measures it has in place. tracee: with its top diplomat saying china opposes lateral sanctions and supports iran's efforts to safeguard they interests, how could this affect the u.s. and china relations? what do you see there? >> iran is one of many outside issues in the bilateral relationship between beijing and washington. oil sanctions is one. oil sales is one. cyber, telecommunications, there's a host of issues that keep china and america at each others throats especially during the trade war. china is likely going to try to use iran as a cardigans washington. so look for that because they both agree on the sanctions regime. they both agree it's something bad here. tracee: r all right. thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. thank you. ashley: let's take a look at the futures as we kick off the trading week, showing we will begin slightly lower, the dow off 36 points now, the s&p down
5:18 am
4, the nasdaq down 29 points and the nasdaq down nearly half a percent. coming up, presidential candidate mayor pete buttigieg laying out his plans in a fox news town hall yesterday but does he have what it as to take on president trump? plus, what he says is his biggest struggle right now. and more details coming out on that college admissions scandal, you're not going to believe what some of the students were encouraged to lie about. we'll have the details coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ ♪ i want it that way...
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ashley: despite the jam-packed field of 23 democrats running for president in 20102010 2020,r pete buttigieg says he stands alone in the race for the white house. >> there's a a lot of us running for president on the democratic side. i think it's safe to say i'm not like the others. tracee: aishah hasnie joins us with more from mayor pete's town hall. good morning. >> reporter: put geeinbuttigiegd he has work cut out for him. buttigieg told the audience abortion is, quote, a national right, declining public support on any limits to a woman's right to choose. >> i think the dialogue has got so caught up on where you draw the line that we've gotten away from the fundamental question of who gets to draw the line. and i trust women to draw the line.
5:23 am
>> reporter: mayor pete pushing for a higher tax rate for those earning the most, even taking a swipe at companies like amazon that make big profits and pay zero taxes. even though he's enjoying growing name recognition, he's not doing so well with minorities right now. he is polling at just 1% among nonwhite democratic primary voters. listen to what he said about that. >> it's why we've worked so hard to make sure that as we go into this summer, in our outreach and in our substance, that we're speaking to voters who are concerned with what the next president can do to deal with, for example, the glaring racial inequities that we see in our society. >> reporter: and if he's able to win over enough democratic primary voters to become the nominee, he said he's ready for a tough race against president trump. >> how would you handle the insults and the attacks and the tweets and all of that. >> the tweets are -- i don't
5:24 am
care. >> reporter: president trump sharing some thoughts about buttigieg on fox's the next revolution, he said mayor pete runs a city that, quote, doesn't do perfectly but when it comes to a gay candidate running for president, he's got no problem with that. >> i think it's great. i think that's something that perhaps some people will have a problem with. i have no problem with it whatsoever. i think it's good. >> reporter: yeah, plenty of campaigning still left to do before the primaries, though. president trump will hold a maga rally in pennsylvania today. bernie sanders holding a town hall with voters in montgomery, alabama. back to you. ashley: thank you very much. let's bring in washington examiner reporter emily larson now. emily, you know, mayor pete, he's very likable, unassuming. but is he really a legitimate candidate? i hate to put him down like that. when you have bernie sanders and joe biden ahead in the polls at
5:25 am
an early stage, being likable, is that enough? >> i know mayor pete's response to this is that he has more experience than the president had going into office and so i think that he thinks he definitely has the experience to be president. but you know, this is a very crowded field with, as mentioned earlier, over 20 candidates. it's a large presidental field. i think there are a lot of people who a lot of people think maybe do they really have a chance, do they really have a shot. you know, pete buttigieg is doing better in the polls than a lot of other people who you think would be better suited for the presidency and have a better shot. i think the voters are responding well to him and that's what matters. ashley: of those we know, the joe bidens, the bernie sanders, it feels like other than tax the rich, it's all about hating donald trump. that appears to be the main platform. i don't know if that's enough. >> well, certainly every single
5:26 am
candidate is running against donald trump. they're all trying to beat donald trump. joe biden is trying to paint this as him against donald trump rather than talking about other candidates or other issues in the race. what's going to be important for the candidates, since they're all against donald trump, is the democratic debates where there will be a lot of attention on them and they'll have to say what they will bring in addition to being against donald trump. ashley: well, one thing i will say, emily, is at least mayor pete had the fort at thi the foa fox news town hall. elselizabeth warren said she wouldn't appear for all the reasons she said. mayor pete said it was an opportunity to talk to people that may not listen to it and he may be able to persuade them he's a legitimate candidate with legitimate ideas. >> his strategy is to talk to
5:27 am
everybody, be everywhere, because he's not a well-known candidate. i think that in ad dig in addito standing out from the pack, this helps him because it gets more attention to him. he's breaking away from what the democratic national committee is saying about fox news and what elizabeth warren is saying about fox news, and that contrast helps him build his brand in the race. ashley: what about kamala harris saying joe biden would be happy with him to be a v.p., a running mate on the ticket. joe biden doesn't want to be vice president again, does he? he may want it the other way around but kamala harris has kind of said i'm the main candidate here, don't put me on someone else's ticket. >> i think that was a clever trick by her. she was mentioned a lot as a potential v.p. pick. this is her way of saying i'm a legitimate candidate, i have a real shot and you should treat me as such. ashley: emily, thank you for getting up with us this morning.
5:28 am
tracee: as trade tensions continue to mount with china, who will blink first and is the trade war taking the global economy hostage. and from congresswoman to wonderwoman, aoc may be a superhero in the eyes of her supporters but the creator of the superhero is saying not so fast. the showdown coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ makes me work a little bit harder. ♪ makes me that much wiser. ♪ thanks for making me a fighter. ♪ make me run a little bit faster. ♪ make my skin a little bit f thicker. ♪ a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. who used expedia to book the hotel which led to the discovery
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ashley: let's get you caught up on the global market action. u.s. stock futures as you can see pointing slightly lower, the dow off 27 points, down a tenth of a percent. in europe, same story, lots of red but nothing too dramatic. the ftse, cac and dax all down.
5:32 am
kospi unchanged. in china, the shanghai and hang seng lower by about half a percent. the nikkei up a quarter of a percent. tracee: president trump confirming the u.s. will lift steel and aluminum tariffs on canada and mexico starting today. president trump tweeting over the weekend, quote, starting monday our great farmers can begin doing business again with mexico and canada. they have both taken the tariff penalties off of your great agricultural products. please be sure you are treated fairly. any complaints should go to secretary sonny perdue. the move will make it easier for usmca which would replace nafta to be approved by the u.s., canada and mexico. ashley: president trump considering a bailout for farmers as the trade war between the u.s. and china rages on. david spunt takes a look at how trade tensions are affecting our farmers. >> reporter: this trade war does not appear to be ending any time
5:33 am
in the fea the near future. we do know conversations continue. president trump and his team not backing down from their demands and chai niece officials not give -- chinese officials not givenning into -- giving into the demands. many farmers are waiting out the trade war, many trying to run a business. >> farmers that grow soybeans are facing the possibility of not making money. i'll be renegotiating rent, trying to lower the cost of production. >> reporter: president trump said he's considering a bailout for farmers, checks that would go into the mail to help those farmers through this difficult time with china. some farmers say they'll gladly take the money, others don't want it. pat toomey, a republican who sometimes breaks with president trump, says he's against the bailout but he's in favor of the president's approach to china. here he is on fox news sunday earlier this morning. >> if in the end we end up with
5:34 am
an agreement that gives us a meaningful reform of china's most egregious behavior, we might look back and say this was worth the price that we're paying. >> reporter: toomey said we might look back and say this was r worth it. we don't know how long this stalemate between the united states and china could continue. i want to point out this fox news poll, high lighting the trade war with china, what does the public have to say. 36% of those polled say they believe the tariffs helps the economy. president trump and xi-jinping expected to meet next month at the g-20 summit in japan, perhaps a chance to strike a deal. tracee: the trump administration keeping the pressure on china as trade talks with the country stalls. senator mitt romney endorsing president trump's tariffs on beijing. >> we're the ones that pay the tariffs, the chinese don't write checks to the american treasury. as we buy product, we pay for
5:35 am
the cost of the tariff. that's real. but it's a sacrifice i think which is essential to keep china from continuing to kill our jobs and kill our businesses that employ people. tracee: eric bunn, senior economist joins us now. first off, do you agree with what senator romney says? >> i do. i think that there is to a certain extent short-term pain that has to be dealt with in order to achieve long-term gain in terms of restructuring the relationship between the u.s. and china. tracee: so where are we at right now with those trade talks since they fell apart washington back on may 10th. will the u.s. and china come face-to-face at the g-2520 summt next month? >> it's my understanding the white house has designs to meet with the chinese negotiators relatively soon. i have yet to read about any scheduled meeting. the president will be in japan shortly, as will xi-jinping.
5:36 am
i'm sure they'll meet to discuss some of this. in terms of launching a formal trade negotiation once again, i think we'll have to wait and see when that occurs. tracee: on friday the white house lifted tariffs o -- metal imports on canada and mexico. what's your take with that move? >> i think this move gives the white house a little more wiggle room with respect to its broader trade policy. the chinese are going to impose counter veiling duties on the tariffs that the u.s. recently announced. by pushing back on the auto tariffs, by reducing or eliminating the tariffs on steel and aluminum, it takes the pressure off of some of the u.s. businesses and manufacturers which are expecting to possibly get hit harder by chinese tariffs in the future. tracee: what do you see right now as the path to a trade deal with china? >> i think we're probably going to have to wait and see how the chinese economy performs over
5:37 am
the next three to five months. if things continue to weaken, domestically within china, they're going to have to be a little bit more willing to deal be some of the demands the white house has been pushing forward. tracee: eric, thank you very much for joining us. >> my pleasure. ashley: some other news now. a lack of enthusiasm from some big name investors playing a part in spoiling uber's stock bay due. the wall street journal reports some pre-ipo shareholders like blackrock and tiger global management took a pass on buying more shares in the listing and instead tried to sell stock before or as part of the initial public offering. meanwhile, the washington post is reporting that parties, the day uber went public, got so out of hand that one was shut down and another employee was forced to resign after a drunken outburst. tracee: here are other headlines making news this morning. meat for your summer barbecue could get more expensive. an outbreak of swine fever
5:38 am
decimated china's hog stock. there would be less neat the u.s. market, cause -- less meat in the u.s. market causing prices to rise. arnold schwarzenegger says he won't press charges against a man accused of assaulting him over the weekend. this video went viral of the former california governor at an event in south africa, when a man rushed and drop-kicked him from behind. he wasn't hurt but appeared briefly startled as security personnel rushed the suspect. d.c. comics unhappy about a d.c. politician being shown as a superhero. the company issuing a cease and desist letter over a new book featuring congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. d.c. claims the depick shun of aoc is too similar to the character, wonderwoman.
5:39 am
there was more than cheating on the sat and faking athletic credentials in the college admissions scam. the mastermind behind the scandal advised wealthy clients to falsely claim their children were minorities. william singer told several parents that not claiming minority status could put them at a, quote, competitive disadvantage. singer pled guilty for his role in the scam and is awaiting sentencing. this year's graduating class at moorehouse college received an amazing gift. the keynote speakerrer announced he would pay off the college debt of every graduate in the class. the college says the value of the gift is about $40 million. the exact figure is being negotiated. the donation covers the student loans for about 400 graduates and that's what's happening now. what a graduation gift. ashley: what a gift. guess what, he's going to be
5:40 am
invited back next year. millions of americans under threat of severe weather as powerful spring storms move across the central u.s. take a look at this damage, yikes, dozens of tornadoes touching down in southern states including oklahoma and texas. heavy rain also expected to cause flash flooding in the region. tracee: tracee: senior meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox weather center with the latest. janice: good morning. a very severe weather outbreak is likely today across texas and oklahoma, hundreds reports of severe weather within the last 72 hours. there is a high risk ya for risr parts of texas and oklahoma. there will be tornado watches throughout the day today and overnight. the storm prediction center says this is where they think the ingredients will come together for violent tornadoes, possibly
5:41 am
deadly tornadoes. tomorrow the risk diminishes a little bit. we will see the risk for strong storms throughout the evening and into tomorrow. so here's what you need to know. tornado preparedness watches, be alert and aware of conditions, warning, seek shelter immediately. stay away from windows and keep your noaa weather radios on in case the power goes off. it's rare to see the high risk. i need everyone in the zone to be aware and listen to your local forecast. ashley: thank you, janice. dangerous situations, pay attention to the warnings. still ahead, mayor pete buttigieg laying out his plans for 2020. there was a lot of talk about taxes. so will it cost him the ticket? we'll get into that. plus, brooks koepka nearly blows a historic seven stroke lead being he hung on to win his
5:42 am
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we really do need to entertain ideas like i would say a fairer -- which means higher -- marginal income tax rate on
5:45 am
those erk thearnings the most, e wealth tax, perhaps a financial transactions tax that tax these millisecond differences in computer trades. >> how would you handle the insults and attacks and the tweets and all of that. >> the tweets are -- i don't care. [ laughter ] there's a special value to generational change at a moment like this, because we're not just living through another election. i believe we're living through one of those transitions between moments in american history, as consequential as the one that brought us the new deal or the dawn of the reagan era. ashley: fairer tax means higher tax, i think it means lower tax. in pete buttigieg's world fairer taxes means higher taxes. he was taking on president trump during a fox news town hall last night. does he have the right stuff?
5:46 am
let's ask david nelson. it's a common theme, tax the wealthy, tax everything to do with wall street, that will help us pay down the budget and everything else. how feasible and how successful would that be? >> it is certainly feasible but successful? i don't think so. that's been the rhetoric from the democratic side of the aisle for a long time. more important than what your neighbor is paying in terms of a marginal rate is the job and prospects for a better job. that's what the administration has been about. we've seen that play out in wages of. if you want to do something about taxes, go to the heart of the tax code. the tax code is a mess. it's 77,000 pages long. most of those pages are dedicated to how to avoid paying taxes in the first place. ashley: i want to talk about the markets, it's a very volatile time right now, headline driven. the earnings season seems to go on and on. we have the retailers.
5:47 am
what's the psyche of the consumer right now? >> we have all the usual suspects. lowe's and best buy this week, i want to see what the supply chains look like, what is the rhetoric regarding china but also on wednesday we have the fomc minutes and right now you've got 50% of the economists predicting you'll have a rate cut between now and december, an important dynamic. ashley: should we have a rate cut? >> the yield curve right now almost demands a rate cut and i can't make an argument for the market being cheap right now but we saw last year, that was a policy mistake. they reversed course. that's the good news. the other dynamic i would like to see, what is friday going to look like. we're coming into a long holiday weekend. how much risk on assets, how many will cash in on friday. ashley: what are your telling your clients right now? there's a lot of money on the sidelines. we talk about it all the time. are you encouraging them to get in, and where? >> it's tough for me as a
5:48 am
strategist. the market is confused. one of the things that concerns me is that the defensive stocks, utilities, staples, real estate, they're the best performers in the last month. markets don't go higher on those shares. they go higher on cyclicals and technology. ashley: you're being conservative, is that true? >> i'm fully invested on the equities side of the market. our tactical strategies have a fair amount of cash. ashley: david nelson, thank you for being here. by the way, david was in the turtles. you played guitar in the turtles. thank you so much. tracee: a real rock star. action at nascar this weekend on and off the track. why one driver had some serious road rage. and details coming out on -- look at that. china's social credit system, is the country taking a page from jurogeorgeorwell.
5:49 am
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tracee: what an unexpectedly wild final round at the pga championship. ashley: indeed. was brooks koepka going to blow it? it want an easy layup after all. he hung in there. jared: dewey almost beat truman. wow. brooks koepka, the only questions entering the final round were this. how many shots would brooks win by and who would come in second place. well, final round of the british -- we're not there yet. the pga championship.
5:53 am
koepka bogied the 11th, 12t 12th, 13th and 14th holes while dustin johnson was closer than he appeared. he got within one shots. they were chanting d.j., d.j., koepka heard it and it motivated him, he said. he did not shoot over par again. he finished two better than johnson. brooks was here. en grave it in the trophy. koepka the only golfer to win back to back championships. he takes over the world number one ranking, $1.98 million, fourth major win in 18 months. how's everything with brooks' girlfriend? before the final round, she went to kiss him. oh, here we go. she goes for the kiss l. he shuns her. tracee: he was busy.
5:54 am
jared:.jared: you didn't need a body language expert to see this one. all was good in the end. ashley: why the rebuff? why did he rebuff her. jared: focus. tracee: he was in the zone. jared: we were talking about the turtles. the birds. a time to embrace, a time to refrain from embracing. ashley: a poet. jared: it's in buy. tracee: you can catch jared's sports reports on sirius xm 115th. ashley: from slow internet to embarrassing ring tones, you won't believe some of the punishments the chinese government can inflict under its social credit system. and the sun is shining on the world where game of thrones is over. get over it. whether you loved it or hated it, how you can deal with it, freight ahead on "fbn: a.m.."
5:55 am
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yet 1 in 6 children in the us struggle with hunger. help end childhood hunger near you. learn how at thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy? ashley: this is a fascinating, somewhat disturbing story. china revealing it rates its citizens on its daily behavior. the system is designed to create a culture of sincerity that will restore social trust. as of march, 1 13.5 million peoe
5:58 am
in china have been classified as untrustworthy. it can affect what kind of travel you can book, what kind of job you can get, even how fast your internet is. there are reports that the government can put an embarrassing ring tone on your phone. in response, china's global times saying the system is, quote, beyond the understanding of western cultures and that is true. tracee: interesting. well, game of thrones is over and some people just can't handle it. so much so that the website is offering counseling sessions to help fans move on. not only is the series ending, causing headaches, but season 8 is angering fans. we told you about a petition to redo the entire season last week and now that petition has reached over 1 million signatures. as if that wasn't enough, more than 10 million people are expected to call in sick to work
5:59 am
today, following the series finale. i'm sure if people do actually show up to work, they may not be as productive, maybe they show up late. ashley: that's true. i want to point out, lauren and cheryl are apparently so distraught, they couldn't make it in this morning. the final season was $15 million per episode, that worked out to $90 million. hbo said it's not going to happen. tracee: a lot of actors were offended that fans didn't like the ending, they were appalled that fans would want them to redo it. ashley: do you watch it. tracee: i do not, know. ashley: neither do i. tracee: we're probably the only two. ashley: i got through season three and said i'm kind of bored with it now. i know that's -- if you didn't make it into work today. shame on you. let's go over to maria for maria in the morning. good morning to you. maria: thank you so much.
6:00 am
good morning, everyone. happy monday, i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, may 20th. your top stories right now, just before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. rising tensions with iran, president trump warning iran to never threaten the united states again. we have the very latest. china trait turmoil, the president says tariffs are causing companies to move out of china. this as reports companies are pulling back on spending this morning. meanwhile, no new talks between the u.s. and china have been scheduled so far. the impact on markets coming up. retailers in focus this morning, major retailers reporting this week including nordstrom, lowe's, kohl's, home depot. investors are looking for news oon the impact of tariff. vineyard vines selling out quickly, shoppers paying a premium to grab up those goods. "mornings with maria" begins right now.


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