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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 21, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: good evening, everybody. the national security crisis at our southern border rages on. now the president's department of homeland security appears to be slow-walking its efforts to secure that border and the homeland are. tucson border patrol's chief says our broken borders encourage illegal immigration, and the entire system needs to be fixed. >> the key or the linchpin of this is to create some sort of deterrent, and that does not exist right now because we're releasing people. without detention space, there's nothing that's going to impede this flow. it's not just the border patrol, but it's i.c.e., it's ero, it's
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the immigration courts, immigration judges. the entire system needs a reboot. lou: and tonight we take a look at that crisis that's worsening daily and what's being done to stop it. congressman louie gohmert, border patrol union chief brandon judd among our guests here tonight. and rino congressman justin amash of michigan calls for the president's impeachment. and the really big question tonight is why the leaders of the gutless gop don't throw amash out of the party altogether and the caucuses as well. president trump can't count on much from the milk toast leadership of his own party. we take it all up with ed rollins here tonight and more. and tonight, the president takes his winning agenda to the battleground state of pennsylvania where these people, thousands of people, have been waiting this line for much of the day for the opportunity to see the president speak at tonight's rally. we'll be following that rally
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throughout the broadcast here tonight. we begin with the broken immigration system and a wide open border. and the president's department of homeland security doing very little that's obvious to fix it. after winning a court battle for its remain in mexico policy -- which means asylum seekers have to stay in mexico until their requests for asylum are adjudicated -- the border patrol is now releasing them into the country knowing full well most of them will never return for their court dates. meanwhile, nearly 200,000 illegal border crossers have been released into the united states since the end of december. why is dhs still sending illegal immigrants into the united states rather than back to mexico? we asked them today that very question, and we have yet to get a response. joining us tonight, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst ed rollins.
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ed, good to have you with us here. >> thank you. lou: and let's start with the obvious question, what's going on at dhs? >> i have no idea, but they ought to load these people up on buses. they're talking about taking them to florida, take them back to mexico. take them deep back close to their countries where they came from. you know, the absurdity of the whole allow them to come in and put them in a community where they're never going to come back is just like having open borders, and it just won't work. it's a great detriment to the country and to border patrol that should being helped, not hindered. lou: to see so much that seems to be in the hiatus. i mean, we've heard for some time, weeks and weeks -- >> right. lou: -- that tom homan would likely become the czar for immigration and border security, that mark morgan would take over at customs -- excuse me -- immigration and customs
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enforcement. what in the world is going on? there's, obviously, looking at articles over the weekend, "the washington post," "the daily mail," there's a lot of fighting going on in the white house that is, it has to be a annoying the president. it is obviously troublesome to everyone in this administration. >> well, the chief of staff at the white house ought to drag these people over there and say get it done. this is what the president wants, get it done and get it done quickly, or we'll get someone in there who can do it and do whatever -- lou: reminded me again who is the cheech of staff at the white house? [laughter] mick mulvaney. just kidding, mick. but this is a white house that doesn't need to be riven with this kind of political nonsense. >> no, it shouldn't. lou: i mean, you're talking about professionals who know what they're doing, who have a talent, experience and, importantly, the energy and purpose to get the job done for
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the president waiting in the wings instead of being on the line. >> this is the number one priority of the vast majority of that are going to support in the president right now, and every today that goes by e and more come in illegally e is just adding to that burden. lou: do do you get the feeling t there's some within the white house who think, for whatever reason, that this president can simply appeal to the democrats by inaction through being, changing language to softer words rather than stronger? in other words, be everything but donald trump and win away democratic votes? >> they're not going to get democrat voters. they're going to get their own voters back if they argue positions they argued before. lou: well, i think -- may i interject. >> sure. lou: i think with that they have to have action, and they've got so much real action. >> absolutely. lou: -- on border security and
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immigration. the base will put up with a lot, but this i don't believe they'll put up with long. >> and being perfectly honest, they don't care about the immigration program in jerusalem or the peace plan or any of those kinds of things. right today they care about this president showing strength, this white house basically implementing his policies and the immigration and border security's the most important issue. lou: so where is the president right now? we're looking -- can we take a shot of the rally in pennsylvania, the people lined up here? i mean, this is, this is extraordinary. there have literally been thousands -- did i just say literally? if i'm so sick of that word. i condemn others -- [laughter] when they use cliches. i apologize, folks. but these folks are lined up, they're obviously engaged, they're excited for our president. they mean business when it comes to right now and 2020 -- >> well, this is the 12th congressional district where a member, a longtime republican
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retired. this is for an open seat tomorrow that we should win -- the. lou: tom marino. >> we should win it easily. trump was very popular in this part of the state. obviously, you see that tonight. but these are the people, these are the backbone of our wing there, and you've got to make sure that they're paid attention to. wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania which now all have record low unemployment, are the states we have to win again in order to basically be, for him to win again. lou: it is the, obviously -- and one of the things that folks will say almost immediately as i utter these words, it is early. but to see this level of interest in the president and this rally bodes nothing, to me, but terrific things for him in the weeks and months ahead to 2020 election. >> well, it's going to be a real bat. you know, biden, who lived until he was 10 years old in pennsylvania claims that as one of his own states. as i've said before -- lou: and 49 others, i'm sorry.
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>> i've never found anybody out of delaware who was for biden. he campaigned hard for hillary in a state the president won big, but it is going to be important to be there and be there many times. lou: and the president, what are the issues he has to prevail on? and by that i mean this is a man who's delivered historic, historic accomplishments and economic policy, he is delivering a foreign policy that is simultaneously clear and decisive and, by e the way, working strongly in the interests of the united states, something we hadn't had for a while. it's a modest foreign policy in point of fact, it's not an interventionist policy. >> well. it shouldn't be. we've had interventionist policies in the past, and they failed miserably. at the end of the day, promises made, promises kept. he's got a very strong economy. every day the economy gets stronger. record unemployment in states like this, and that's what he
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has to advocate and make sure happen. lou: adam schiff, we want to take up. he's out calling for impeachment along with justin amash. this amash fellow -- >> well, the sad part, a good grand rapid area of michigan which is historically a good, republican part of the country. he's a libertarian. we need to go primary him and defeat him -- lou: why isn't the republican party just throwing him the heck out? >> well, they should. this is the president's party, and the republican chances of winning the majority again are going to depend on punishing people like in this that, theree plenty of democrats that are going to argue for impeach. , you don't need your own doing that. lou: this is the president talking about justin amash earlier today. >> he's been against trump from the beginning. he probably wants to run for some other office, i don't think he'll do well. rarely e votes for republicans, he's been a loser or fur a
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long -- for a long time. and personally, you know, i think the he's not much. [laughter] lou: and here's nancy pelosi, who we might expect a warm embrace from on the issue of justin amash. here he is. >> his tweets speak to silence of the republicans in the congress of the united states, because that little tweet says look what we're not hearing from the rest of them. lou: i hope you could understand that. all i saw was and heard was nancy pelosi being nancy pelosi. your thoughts. >> my thoughts are she thinks she's got the votes for impeachment, go at it. i'm happy to have the battle, i'm sure the president is. we may lose an impeachment vote in the house with democrats, but that will be the only republican who will vote for it, and the president's not going to be impeached. let's get this stuff out of the way -- lou: you tell me one thing. it's all well and good to talk about, you know, republicans beating their chests talking about let's bring on impeachment
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and all that, the dems are going to get -- >> their clocks cleaned. lou: that's a good way of putting it. meanwhile, where in the heck is the united states senate, republican-led? why aren't their committees investigating hillary-gate, spygate, why aren't they doing everything they can to stay up at least with the relentlessness of the democrats even after almost three years of investigation by the fbi, the -- mueller's witch hunt special counsel and their ignorance proceeds without response from the republicans? it's just ignorance. i mean, it's weakness, and it's the ignorance, and i cannot imagine how you could excuse it. >> and if republicans want to hold the senate, and they have a big class up this time, they've got to start doing some things and be aggressive on the tone, just as you are. the vast majority of americans are going to vote for republican
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senators are trump supporters, and they have to understand that. lou: ed rollins, appreciate it. up next, the white house blocking jerrold nadler and the radical dems' latest attempt to block the president, plus -- >> look at that tornado. >> man! lou: man! tornado alley living up to its name. more than 60 twisters over the weekend. and air force one has just land ared as we await the president's rally in pennsylvania. we'll have that, much more right after this quick break. ♪ hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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lou: president trump direct thing foe house counsel don mcgahn to skip a house judiciary committee hearing scheduled for tomorrow. the move follows a memo being released by the justice department office of legal counsel which states, quote: we provide the same answer that the department of justice has repeatedly provided for nearly five decades: congress may not constitutionally compel the president's senior advisers to testify about their official duties. end of story, end of subpoena. but you know it will go on. house intel chair adam schiff has outright lied to the
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american people now for more than two years without consequence, of course. the congressman claiming throughout that he had seen, personally, evidence of russian collusion. but never produced it, of course. now, after almost three years of investigation by the fbi, the mueller special counsel -- who found absolutely no evidence of any kind of collusion and, in point of fact, exonerated the president -- the radical dem she have is still, well, he wants to begin impeachment proceedings as a way to find that evidence, he says. you know, the evidence that he hasn't been able to produce, that he's lied about for years now about having. >> you do think there is more of a movement -- >> i think that we are seeing more members that the recognize that the administration is acting in a lawless fashion. essentially, having obstructing justice is now obstructing
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congress and our lawful function. lou: oh, my goodness. well, there's nothing lawful about those subpoenas, as the office of legal counsel pointed out today. schiff doesn't seem to be too interested in, actually the, the law or the correctness of their behavior and conduct. in point of fact, he's lied for years, so you have a pretty good mark for his character. joining us tonight is jason chaffetz. he's former republican congressman from the great state of utah, former house oversight committee chairman, best selling author, fox business contributor, great american. good to have you with us. and i know the reason you're with us is you want to watch very, very close up the rally e in pennsylvania. you're on fox business. >> yeah. lou: let's start with adam schiff, because it just amuses me to even mention his name. insisting on impeachment, justin amash, republican so-called
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pushing the same nonsense. why do the american people have to put up with these clowns? >> well, if they're so adamant about bringing it up and there's so much evidence, why don't they actually do it? i mean, you have about 60 democrats who have actually, before the mueller report even came out, piled on and said, oh, yeah, we've got to impeach the president, but they're not doing it because there is no case, there is no the underlying way to do it. and i'm surprised, you know, it shows how far, you know, "face the nation" has a fallen when every single week it seems like they put on adam schiff. he's been spewing lies for two years, and i don't know why anybody listens to him at this point because he has no case. lou: well, mitt romney -- our friend, mitt romney -- the said that little adam schiff was being courageous in his calls, said he disagreed with him though after that. what do you make of that kind of nonsense? >> well, look, each of these
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individuals in the house and senate, they're entitled to their own opinion, but they don't have many people following them. and, you know, it's just not going to go anywhere. at this point the mueller report is in the rearview mirror, there was no collusion, there was no obstruction of justice. they can keep flailing about it, but what i really think they're trying to do is distract from the idea that horowitz and durham and some of these other names within the department the of justice are actually pursuing the underlying premise, and that is going to be the real news. lou: the underlying premise is that the leadership of the obama justice department, the obama fbi and the obama intelligence community appeared to have conspired to overthrow the president of the united states. we're going to pick that up. jason, could i ask you to stay with us as we check in with the president's rally to hear a few words, if we could, from the president? >> how do you beat that? somebody's going to come and run, and they're going to say
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they're doing to do good -- in the history of this country, you just hit an all-time low. that's tough to beat. finish we've ended the last administration's eight-year war on pennsylvania energy -- [cheers and applause] and we're unleash aring clean coal and shale, and america is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas -- [cheers and applause] anywhere in the world. [cheers and applause] man, this is a lot of people. [cheers and applause] i think next time we'll just have to get a bigger happening garre. that's a big hanger, we're -- happening garre, we're going to have to get another one. [cheers and applause] >> four more years! four more years! four more years! >> thank you.
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>> four more years! >> thank you. thank you very much. you know, i thought that was the sun in my eyes, it's these stupid lights of these people -- i mean, what are we, what are they doing? is there the any way they can turn those lights down, folks? [cheers and applause] you got to -- you've got a thing called the sun. we like the sun better than the artificial not sun. wages are going way up, crime is going way down, and our military the is more powerful right now than ever before. [cheers and applause] and when we took over two the and a half years ago, our military was in big trouble. it was depleted, you know that. it was depleted. the equipment was old, the planes were old. we have the most beautiful fighter jets in the world being delivered now every day. [cheers and applause] every day.
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our spirit is strong. our stride is back. and our stand is clear. we are finally putting, like i said, america first. [cheers and applause] and after years of building up foreign countries, we are now building up our country. about time. [cheers and applause] with we've got the hottest economy anywhere in the world. the united states added 263,000 jobs just last -- lou: the president at a huge rally in pennsylvania. and, jason chaffetz, former congressman, former chair of the house oversight committee, is with us. a political question here, and that is we have a president who is historic just in what he has done with this economy. we've never, to my knowledge,
4:24 am
seen a president be beaten with an economy approaching anything at this level of amazing productivity, amazing economic growth, high, high employment. it is truly a remarkable performance. how strong, how strong an influence will that be in the outcome of 2020? >> well, look at the crowds that donald trump is able to attract. i recognize he's the sitting president of the united states, but there is no democrat who can even come close to having an attraction like that and create a rally and a frenzy. i mean, they're literally by the tens of thousands of people lining up to see donald trump. i think, lou, one of the keys here, and it really does matter in pennsylvania and across the northeast and the midwest as well as the rest of the country, is donald trump can strike a deal as he's taking on china. i really think that will be the
4:25 am
feather in his cap in addition to everything that's going well with the economy that's just going to be unbeatable in 2020. lou: and with that the, jason, we're going to take a quick commercial break. we'll return to you and to the president. stay with us, we're coming right back.
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lou: there's president trump, he's talking tonight at a big rally in pennsylvania. let's listen in. [cheers and applause] >> now, we know who he's voting for. [laughter] thank you very much. he said, i'm from san diego. do you believe that? he said i'm from san diego, and
4:30 am
we need that wall. and, you know, in san diego, as you know, it's going up, and now it's up. and here's what they did in california, they wanted the wall so badly, and so i did it. and i said, you know, maybe i shouldn't do it politically. let 'em ask. i did it. and now it's beautiful. people not coming in. it's beautiful. right? in san diego. and now they go out and say, we didn't want the wall in the first place -- lou: the president addressing the wall, and with us to address the wall and border security and our broken immigration system, congressman louie go merit, a member of the house -- louie louie goal earth. great to have you with us, and we appreciate, we know you've been pressed with some votes in the house, and your reaction to president's call for the wall being built, the pentagon coming up with a billion and a half extra dollars to throw into the pot for the purpose of building
4:31 am
that wall. your thoughts about border security and the crisis we face. >> well, his detractors can say what they want to, but what president trump is doing in trying to build a wall where we need it, trying to secure the border is the most single compassionate thing we can do for the people of mexico and south of mexico. the reason they're not a top ten economy is because of corruption, and that comes from the drug cartels, and that comes from the tens of billions of dollars that go flowing into the truck cartels every year -- drug cartels every year. so the president's going to make mexico a better place whether they like it or not by drying up the drug cartels. it starts with building a wall where we need it, so thank god for donald trump. lou: we need that wall in a lot of places. >> you got it. lou: we've got, basically, something like 6-700 miles of infrastructure along that almost
4:32 am
2,000-mile-long border. most people don't realize that. it is about 60% of the border, it is unpatrolled. >> yep, yep. and, you know, there's a place andy biggs, paul go start, some of us went up to in arizona where the wall looks great, the national guard put wire at the top. it's great, it's 20, 25 feet, and it goes about halfway up a hill and stops. and then there's a little barbed wire gate there that attaches with a cord that's a slip not so that the drug cartels -- slip knot so that the drug cartels can go in and out easily. and you can see the trail for miles. they're coming straight to the end of the wall, going right around it, it's insane. we've got more places we need it. thank god for president trump. lou: yep, absolutely. why aren't we watching more being done with the remain in mexico policy that was just
4:33 am
upheld by the 9th circuit court of appeals, paving the way for the president to go ahead? >> yep. well, there was a shocker, wasn't it? even the 9th circuit court of appeals said, you know, that may be a good idea. we need to do more, but the congress doesn't -- especially the house -- doesn't want to give him any help in securing the border and making sure that people stay in mexico. but, you know, the policies the president lined out last week in the rose garden were right on track. and i'm hoping that one other that we can do is have immigration judges move right to border. somebody has an asylum claim, we're not going to give them four years to make that, come back and make that claim and 90% of the time don't come back. you usher them right into the tent with the immigration judge,
4:34 am
make your pitch. 90% of them are not approved, and we send them right back, and we don't have to take care of them for years in this country with the health care and food stamps and all the other things. lou: right. congressman, we're just about out of time. justin amash, i've just got to ask you, a member of the freedom caucus, as you are. why in the world doesn't mark meadows, the chair of the caucus, why doesn't kevin mccarthy who pointed out today that amash votes with pelosi more than with him, as he put it, why don't you throw the fella out of the conference? i mean, this is the kind of nonsense, it seems to me, that produced a paul ryan, that produced a conference that was embarrassed by the fact they kept him as speaker nine months after he resigned? >> yeah. it -- look, justin has been a fighter when it came to abuses of the fisa court and too much power, and i was so pleased to
4:35 am
have him there. i don't understand how he could end up now in the most abusive situation, the most numerous abuses in one case against the president of the united states, the fisa courts, you know, and it kills me too that people are talking about obstruction -- the. lou: congressman, i just asked you a question, i'm sorry, i just -- the we're out of time. >> i know. it gets me frustrated because it's the wrong thing -- lou: should he be thrown out or not? >> we're going to talk about that tonight. lou: okay. [laughter] >> okay. lou: i appreciate it. thanks so much, congressman. we're going to have much more for you from pennsylvania where the president is talking to thousands and thousands of his supporters, supporting republican congressional candidate fred keller up there right now. stay with us, we're coming right back with much more.
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lou: the president tonight in the critical battleground swing state of pennsylvania. here's the president. >> we, i, we ran one time and we're 1-0, but it was for the big one. now we're going to have a second time -- [cheers and applause] we're going to have another one. and then we'll drive them crazy! ready? [cheers and applause]
4:40 am
and maybe if we really like it a lot and if things keep going like they're going, we'll go and we'll do what we have to do. we'll do a three and a four and a five. they'll have tomorrow, we knew -- i don't want to say it. [laughter] no, we're going to have another one with, and it's going to be great. and, you know, one of the things we're talking about, the greatest probably i think political slogan of all time is what you have on your heads, make america great again. [cheers and applause] but now our military is so powerful, we're taking on countries in trade that the democrats -- and republicans -- didn't do anything about, in all fairness. for years and years, china -- and so many countries. i don't want to embarrass because, frankly, a lot of them are great people, but they don't understand how they got away with it either. we have to make a decision soon,
4:41 am
do we keep our logo, do we keep our slogan make america great again, or it's very risky, changing the most successful slogan -- has to be. they think that was one to have greatest elections of all time. and now we're taking the slogan or the logo from that election and possibly changing it. but we've had a 101 or 102 all-time high stock markets, record stock markets. we have just about the best unemployment in history, including the absolute best for african-american, asian, as you know, and hispanic. so we have all of these records that we've been setting, our military's strong, our second amendment is good, everything's good. so do we make it make america great again -- and we're going to go with cheers here one way or the other -- or do we we make it keep america great? because you have some -- look --
4:42 am
lou: joining us now, the president of the national border patrol council, brandon judd. brandon, the president talking about the wall, talking about the economy. he's getting a lot of momentum on the funding of that wall. your thoughts tonight about where we stand in securing the border and where we stand in terms of fixing this immigration system. >> well, i think it's interesting that the president is on the right side of the three major issues that the american public wants to see. they want to see health care, they want to see the economy, and they want to see immigration. immigration is always in the top three issues that are on the minds of the american people. and if you look at what the president's trying to accomplish with immigration, he's going in the right direction. unfortunately, he doesn't have congress on his side, so he's using the authorities that he needs to have. you talked earlier about the migrant protection program and why hasn't than been expanded. lou: right. >> the reason is because the mexican government, frankly, is
4:43 am
corrupt. the mexican government has to agree to take these people back into mexico, and they're not doing it. and so the president is going to put the requisite pressure on the mexican government to force them to do their part in helping us secure our borders. and, again, we have to have that. we never -- we didn't the have that under the obama administration in eight years, under the obama administration, he never lifted a finger to try to help the border patrol agents to secure the border. this president is, in fact, trying to do that. lou: and this, right now the idea that we're basically being confronted by thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants, most of whom are seeking in one form or the other asylum, we have deportation removal orders for, what, a million others in the united states, and we just aren't seeing anything happen on
4:44 am
interior enforcement as there is surge after surge on our southern border. >> well, our main problem is, is we have too many the people in dhs that are holdovers from the obama administration. mark kerkorian said it the best when he was talking about what's happening in dhs. there's very few people in the department that actually support the president and his vision in trying to get what's done. they want the status quo because the status quo keeps them in their positions where they need to be. that's the swamp, and that's the swamp that needs to be drained. and, frankly, it's in one of the departments that is the most important to prime president, ad that's in immigration. we've got to drain that swamp. lou: immigration, citizenship and immigration services, huge problems. immigration and customs enforcement, i.c.e., mark morgan. the president says he's his man. we haven't seen any movement by
4:45 am
kevin mcaleenan, the acting dhs secretary. what's going on there and why isn't more happening? why isn't he on the job, on the line? >> he's got to step up and do the a better job. he needs to move mark morgan in. that's part of draining the swamp, bringing in the outside that isn't the status quo, the regular thinkers. you've got to do operations within the interior of the country. i mean, we even saw that, again, although obama didn't do a whole heck of a lot, we saw that anytime that he did interior enforcements, we saw numbers on the border drop. we've got of to have that interior enforcement. we've got to take a holistic approach to immigration and, frankly, we're not seeing it with dhs -- the. lou: what is this, is this just politics? is it in the white house? >> it is politics. lou: is it everywhere? >> it's not -- look at the advisers that he has around him on immigration. he's got some very good advisers in the white house. the problem is, is he's getting
4:46 am
the pushback from the department. it's not at the white house, it's at the department level. that's where the pushback is coming back from, and that's where we have to take a look at. that's where the mark morgans of the world, the tom homans of the world can step in and do the right thing if we can get tom in there as the immigration czar. of we've got the make those changes. we have to have some outside-minded people coming in and cleaning up dhs. lou: and you mentioned interior enforcement with mark mo began and tom homan -- morgan and tom homan, obviously, discussions about becoming immigration czar, border security czar. >> yes. lou: as you say, these are critical, critical appointments. get 'em in the fight, as the saying goes. >> and that's what we want to see, we want to see them there. the department of homeland security is such a big department, it's so far reaching whereas we have to focus on the things that are most important. and, frankly, the most critical
4:47 am
thing that is facing the department of homeland security is illegal immigration. we have to have people step up. we have to have people that are willing to put their own interests behind themselves. if you're going to take a political appointee job, do the job that the president is asking you to do. you're not there for popularity, you're there to do his bidding, his job, and we're not seeing that. lou: brandon judd, thanks for being with us, as always. we appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: we'll continue our coverage of the president's rally in pennsylvania right after these quick messages. the president talking about the best economy, well, as he puts it, almost ever. certainly in the first two and a half years of an administration, historic. we continue. stay with us, we'll be right stay with us, we'll be right ♪ ♪
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lou: there's president trump talkingt biden at his rally in pennsylvania. let's listen in. >> i mean others too. it's a shame. but we're straightening it out. it's not easy. it's not easy, because we have a lot of assaults from within. but we're straightening it out, and it's getting done. and you see what's going with
4:52 am
china. we're taking in, we will soon be taking in over $100 billion in tariffs. remember this, they subsidize their product. people are moving from china now to go to areas that aren't tariffed. we're going to build places in pennsylvania and others rather than -- like the old days. remember the old days? we actually made our own product, okay? [applause] we made our own product. very expensive for china. they're not happy, but that's okay. it'll all work out. foreign countries liked it much better when they could push us around, rip us off and make us pay for the privilege of handing over our jobs and handing over our wealth. eight long years ago if you remember, i said -- lou: there we are. the president makes, creates a terrific economic story.
4:53 am
actually the, it's an education, i think, for many americans talking about the reality of outsourcing, of international trade deficits and what he's doing to change all of that, balanced trade. to take that up, jason chaffetz still with us, former republican congressman from utah, former house oversight chairman, author, fox business contributor, and former chair of the republican party, amy tarkanian. thanks, jason, for staying with us. the president talking about china, amy. your thoughts on how successful his negotiations have been to this point and your reaction to his efforts to balance trade with what has been a chronic, chronic trade deficit with china. >> it's fantastic. and this is something that i think most americans have been waiting for, for a president who is strong and courageous and not
4:54 am
allowing other countries like china to continue to take advantage of us like they have for so long. it's a joke when you see that joe biden's slogan is unity, and he's wishful thinking -- [laughter] in saying that by unifying, it will beat out anger. well, you know what helped us get president trump? was the anger and disappointment in the obama/biden administration. so i'm very excited that we're going to keep that slogan, either make america great again or, like president trump suggested, keep america great. i'm all for it. lou: have you got a choice, jason, between the two? you know, i kind of like where we are right now. everything is booming perfectly. keep america great again might, certainly, work. >> yeah, i like keep america great. and i love the president's comments, because, lou, this is where donald trump is the best. and it cuts to bone against the democrats. those blue collar workers, those union workers this in
4:55 am
pennsylvania -- there in the pennsylvania, they've got to know that compared to obama/biden, donald trump's actually been in there fighting, rolling up his sleeves and taking the fight to china. that's a winning message in pennsylvania and across the cup. lou: and the economy, how important is it -- well, you know what? we've got about 30 seconds. what i'm going to do the, jason and amy, is say thank you both. i wish we had more time, but the president has -- we can't blame him. [laughter] >> thanks, lou. lou: it may be my own doggone fault. jason chaffetz, amy tarkanian, we appreciate
4:56 am
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4:59 am
lou: thousands of pennsylvaniaians, at the trump rally tonight. a key battle ground state. pennsylvania, president highlighting importance of butte--border security. >> it would be good if we sat down for 15 minutes, we could stop up that border, the laws and judges are against us it is actually incredible. but we'll win, we're winning now. but it is should not be hard, it should be really easy. lou: and this is the president, live speaking to working men and women about the in pennsylvania, about the rejuvenation of this workforce. that is it for us tonight, thank you for being with us, ha --
5:00 am
tomorrow. we hope you will be with us, thank you for joining us, good night from new york cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. president trump defending himself in pennsylvania, saying the trade war with china is helping the economy, especially for the battle ground state's steel industry. pluhuawei catches a brief break with the u.s. government. is it enough to t soften the blow with customers and the globe. earth to to elon. shares of tess hitting the lowest -- tesla hitting the lowest level since 2016. espn has a new way, fighting cord cutting by cutting the politics. the big changes coming to the sports network. game of thrones breaks records


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