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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  May 21, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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tomorrow. we hope you will be with us, thank you for joining us, good night from new york cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. president trump defending himself in pennsylvania, saying the trade war with china is helping the economy, especially for the battle ground state's steel industry. pluhuawei catches a brief break with the u.s. government. is it enough to t soften the blow with customers and the globe. earth to to elon. shares of tess hitting the lowest -- tesla hitting the lowest level since 2016. espn has a new way, fighting cord cutting by cutting the politics. the big changes coming to the sports network. game of thrones breaks records and the internet once again
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reacts after yet another editing miss a take. the latest product fans have found. it is tuesday, may 21st. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ashley: good morning. here's a look at how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. the u.s. stock market futures pointing slightly higher at the open. the dow up 54 points, the s&p and nasdaq up close to half a percent. oil up 10-cents at $63.20 a barrel. take a look at what's happening overnight in asia. mixed bag, the nikkei down, shanghai up, hang seng down, you get it, kospi up. over in europe, it's all green arrows, modestly so. the ftse up 36%, the cac and dax also up a quarter to half a
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percent. cheryl: never know how global markets will do in a trade war. ashley: usually not well. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone. ashley: i'm ashley webster in for lauren simonetti. cheryl: president trump said the trade war has helped the economy at a rally last night. >> we are defending our workers with tariffs and anything else that's necessary, because nobody's going to steal our businesses, nobody's going to close our factories, and nobody's going to close our plants hplants anymore. they're all coming back. we've had 101 or 102 all-time high stock markets, record stock markets. we have just about the best unemployment in history, the best for african americans and
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asians and we will make america great again. cheryl: he visited the state two days after joe biden had a rally there. in 2016, president trump narrowly defeated hillary clinton in pennsylvania. we'll have more from the president's rally a little later on in the he show. ashley: meanwhile, a former top u.s. negotiator said the u.s. and china will eventually reach a trade agreement clete williams said despite recent setbacks, trade talks have made significant progress, adding there is a strong contingent of reformers in china who want to pursue more market oriented policies. meantime, xi-jinping visited a rare earth facility in china. we get that part of the story from edward lawrence in washington. good morning, edward. >> reporter: good morning. the trade dispute escalating between the united states and china.
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the chinese president visited a rare minerals producing plant in china. experts worry this could signal the chinese may ban the exports of rare minerals to the united states. some of those are vital to low carbon technologies like in electronics and smartphones. this may be in response to the president banning technology getting into hands of huawei. there is a new executive order the president signed last week. in a statement, a google spokesperson told me we are complying with the order and reviewing the implications. for users of our services, google play and the security protections from google play protect will continue to function on existing huawei devices. a spokesman for huawei said they're collateral damage in the trade dispute. >> this is a trade war issue where the united states and china are in the middle of a trade war. the timing of the executive order whiff came out last week
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is cynical and is clearly aimed at maximizing the damage to huawei at a critical noint the trade negligence other -- point in the trade negotiations. >> reporter: the company said they will continue to build safe and sustainable software ecosystem. experts say this may slow the rollout of 5g that you hurricans trying to do worldwide. at some point, steven mnuchin told me the delegation will go to china, but nothing has been set up yet. back to you. cheryl: well, thank you, edward. more than 170 companies including nike and underarmor sent a letter to president trump asking him to reconsider the tariffs on shoes made in china, calling the decision catastrophic for consumers. ashley: there may be exemptions for a handful of companies
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related to the huawei ban. the order will give some suppliers and customers of huawei a 90 day h reprieve from wireless penalties. the u.s. issued the backlist order last week, calling huawei a threat to national security. cheryl: and then the department of homeland security reportedly is out with a warning about chinese made drones. cyber p scoop and politico are saying commercial drones from china are used to steal data or infect networks with malware. some of these drones are made by dji. the company says it gives all customers full and complete control over how their data collected, stores and trapped transmitted. ashley: president trump's top national security officials heading to capitol hill today to brief them on iran. >> we'll see what happens.
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if they call, we'll negotiate. that's up to to them. i only want them to call if they're ready. if they're not ready, they don't have to bother. ashley: the president tweeting, iran will call us if and when they are ready. in the meantime, their economy continues to collapse, very sad for the iranian people. buiran's president said today's situation is not suitable for talks and our choice is resistance only. iranian officials say the company quadrupled their uranium enrichment capacity. lindsey graham is warning iran of an overwhelming military response if tehran continues to threaten american interests. cheryl: the t-mobile, sprint merger deal getting a boost from the federal communications commission. the s.e.c. chairman said he would back t-mobile's acquisition of sprint. t-mobile's counsels was on count down to the closing bell and he
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said he expects support from the justice department also. >> when you say you think they will approve the deal, that's the doj. >> the doj will give this a green light. they'll decide not to sue to block, absolutely. cheryl: shares of sprint jumped nearly 20% yesterday, t-mobile stock up 4%. ashley: house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler threatening to hold former white house counsel don mcgahn in contempt. >> we're going to have to hold mcgahn in contempt. then we're going to have to pass a resolution in the house, enforcing our contempt citations against barr and mcgahn and seek to enforce those subpoenas in court through the consistent settlement citation. ashley: the move comes after a lawyer for mcgahn who said he will follow president trump's directive and skip a house hearing today about the russia
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investigation. cheryl: well, democrats are getting a win in their attempts to investigate president trump's finances, a federal judge ruled that the president cannot block a subpoena from a house committee that is seeking financial records from his long-time accounting firm. the subpoena is looking for eight years of financial statements related to trump's various businesses and an attorney for the president says he is going to a appeal. ashley: congressional leaders will meet with white house officials on capitol hill today. they're set to begin talks on raising budget caps and the debt ceiling. the pentagon facing $71 billion in budget cuts next year unless lawmakers are able to cut a deal. nondefense spending will be slashed by another $55 billion. cheryl: here are some other headlines we've got making news this morning for you. just ahead of the unofficial start of grilling season, in your own backyard, vienna beef
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recalled 2,000 pounds of hot dogs because of possible metal contamination. no injuries have been reported. you are urged to discard any packages of hot dogs. dress barn is going out of business. the owner plans to shut all 650 of the women's clothing stores. this year has been a really tough year for retailers. there's been more store closings than all of 2018 and it's just may right now. well, more job cuts in the auto industry, ford says it's cutting 7,000 salaried employees or about 10% of white collar workforce. these cuts are going to save about $600 million annually for the latest company to make these deep job cuts takes overall auto industry is speeding up investment in costly technology like electric cars, self-driving cars. general motors scaling back its mam a aven -- maven car sharing
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service, shutting it down in eight cities. they've been testing new services that allow people to get around without actually owning a car. it's called uber. anyway. you may have to get to the airport extra early this summer. an airline trade group says summer air travel will hit a record this year, even with the grounding of the boeing 737 max aircraft. airlines anticipating more than 257 million passengers between june 1st and august 31st. that would be up more than 3% from last summer. the boeing 737 max is about 0.5% of the overall fleet around the world. so so much for that. ashley: pack your patience as they say and i have none. let's take a look at futures this morning, pointing modestly higher. the dow up 38 points in the premarket, up about a tenth of a percent. still ahead, tesla stock hitting the lowest point in more than a year as ceo elon musk, can he
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we feel like a football in the middle of two giants. this is a trade war issue where the united states and china are right in the middle of a trade war. the timing of the executive order, which came out last week, is cynical and is clearly aimed at maximizing the damage to huawei at a critical point in the trade negotiations. cheryl: well, critical indeed. a reprieve for huawei right now after last week's order that put the company on an export blacklist, officials say they're going to issue a temporary exception list to some of huawei's u.s. suppliers and their customers. it's a 90 day reprieve meant to keep existing networks. this is after google said they're going to cut access to some of r their features on these huawei phones that use the google operating platform. let's bring in disruptive tech research founder, lou basineste.
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this is a big move by google to cut off -- these are some of the most popular apps like g-mail, google maps that will be taken away from the phones. that doesn't hurt huawei in the u.s. but it hurts them globally. >> it definitely hurts them globally. i think people don't understand that huawei is a huge smartphone maker. we don't see them in the u.s. globally, they're number two or number three. and they're becoming -- the collateral damage in the trade war, is there legitimate concerns about security, yes, but they've been singled out and google's move will make it painful for their business in the short term. cheryl: i was looking at the stocks yesterday, the big tech names we follow. there was a lot of pressure across the board. this continues to be china and the big trade issue, huawei the football in the middle now. i keep thinking about qualcomm and these are u.s. companies that are going to lose millions
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upon millions of dollars in revenue. is that acceptable? is that kind of you think baked in now? >> i think at this point it's baked in. how long have we been talking about the trade war? it's been going on for months. investors have had to adjust to the reality that these companies are in jeopardy. you see selloffs when the trade talks escalate. long term, semiconductors i think are the place to be in terms of investing. everything we do nowadays requires some sort of semiconductor. the newest biggest trends that are coming are no different, like self-driving cars, et cetera. cheryl: we can certainly hurt them as far as cutting off the equipment that they need to make -- whether it's handsets or the networks. at the same time it hurts our u.s. companies a as well and our workers. tesla, the stock is at a low.
5:18 am
analysts say they may need to go back of to the public markets for more cash. elon musk said we're going to add more video games to the cars, we're going to add fortnite to the cars. do you believe him? is he focused in the right direction right now? is he really running tesla effectively. >> a, i don't believe him as much as i didn't believe joe zuzu. b, he's not focused in the right direction. he's trying to distract people away from the he demand erosion. morgan stanley had a note out said the bear case could be tesla at $10. i don't think that's far-fetched. if we see chinese demand real ry wane, they definitely need more cash. they have 10 months more runway. if we don't see a big uptick in demand, there won't be enough cash to keep it going. i would say bankruptcy is not out of the question on the
5:19 am
horizon for tesla. it's a definite possibility if they can't get to consistent profitability. cheryl: dan ives said this company is -- the model 3, let's go back to car deliveries, even that's not working well for them. lou, great to have you. thank you, sir. >> thank you. ashley: joe zuzu, i haven't heard that name for a long time. cheryl: people are going wait a minute. ashley: president trump using his rally to push his immigration plan and of course slammed democrats over open border policies, we'll have the latest in the blame game over the growing crisis at the border. another blame game on capitol hill, why former attorney general loretta lynch is accusing former fbi director james comey of lying under oath about those hillary clinton e-mails and the investigation into them. details ahead on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ little less conversation, a little more action. ♪ all this aggravation ain't
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satisfaction in me. ♪
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sh president trump using his rally to push his immigration plan and slam democrats over open border policies, this as border agents are struggling with the growing humanitarian crisis. cheryl: griff jenkins is live in washington with a stark reminder, just how dangerous this journey north is for these migrants. >> reporter: it sure is a tragic reality of the dangers involved. another migrant child has died in the custody of border pa l troll officials, this -- patrol officials, this time a 16-year-old guatemalan boy found unresponsive during a welfare
5:24 am
check yesterday morning. cause of death is not known at this time. they issued this statement. the p men and women of the border protection are saddened by the loss of this young man and our thoughts are with the family. this as the president rallied in pennsylvania yesterday to fundamentally overhaul the nation's immigration system, making the case to shift it to an approach driven by merit, skills and education, calling out democrats for policies he says have failed. >> the democrat party, it's never been further outside from the mainstream than it is now. these people have gone nuts. democrat policieses protect smugglers, traffickers and even criminal aliens and drug dealers like you've never seen. >> reporter: meanwhile, democrats and the house oversight and reform committee blasting the administration in a letter to tsa's administrator for announcing last week that as
5:25 am
many as 400 volunteer tsa employees may be called to the border, saying they are, quote, deeply concerned that pulling those employees will weaken aviation security and increase the risk posed to americans traveling. tsa said there is no risk because it doesn't include any, quote, front line resources. ashley, cheryl. ashley: griff jenkins, thank you very much. appreciate that. cheryl: we've got a lot more coming up, folks. there's a big week coming up right now for retail earnings. trade tensions with china heating up. are retailers in for a rough ride? we'll get answers today. and graduation is a time you'll never forget, right? if you're this grad who wanted to celebrate and you made it more memorable than you probably ever wanted, you probably wish there wasn't a camera close by. the epic fail when we come back. ♪ so take the photographs and still frames in your mind. ♪ hang it on a shelf in good health and good time.
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cheryl: let's get you caught up on global market action. trade still the lead story, for global investors and here in the u.s. we have reversal of fortune, the dow is up 89 in the premarket, s&p up 11 and-a-half, nasdaq up 47. taking a look at oil, obviously as the iran-u.s. tension story continues, we've got a little bit of a loss, two cents at oil, something to watch. as far as asian stocks overnight, kind of a mixed bag. this is kind of a mellow trading session for say sharks considering the other days we've had, the nikkei and hang seng slightly lower, kospi and shanghai slightly green. in europe, green arrows across the board in europe. ashley. ashley: now this, morgan stanley out with a warning on the u.s.-china trade war. an analyst warning, quote, if
5:30 am
talks stall, no deal is agreed upon and the u.s. imposes 25% tariffs on the remaining $300 billion of imports from china, we see the global economy heading towards recession. doug flynn, certified financial planner and co-founder of flynn capital management joins us now. great to see you, phil. we have a prediction of a global recession if nothing gets done, if we continue to be stalled with china in this trade dispute. what are your thoughts on that, phil? are we headed to recession in that scenario? >> maybe globally they're talking, in the u.s. definitely not. this is probably a 0.6% hit to our gdp at this point even if all tariffs are on. ashley: that's it. >> that's it. it won't head the u.s. into a recession. it may turn different parts of the world into a negative. the definition of recession is two negligence tip quarter nega.
5:31 am
this isn't happening in the u.s. anytime soon. ashley: dug doug, doug, i thd you phil. >> worries. ashley: the longer this goes on, the more companies hold back on capital expenditures. i feel like a lot of these companies won't do anything until this gets resolved. surely the impact is greater than 0.6%. >> we're talking about $100 billion of costs to a $14 trillion economy. that is not enough to change the entire picture of the united states. will certain parts of the economy be impacted? absolutely. supply chains will be impacted. a lot of people made decisions to stay with china when for years and years there were better and cheaper options to move to, whether it be vietnam or india or other places. that can still happen. china has to be careful here. while this is certainly important and it's -- china represents less than 1% of our exports, we're almost a 5% of
5:32 am
their exports. so they have more to lose than we do. and there are certain companies that are absolutely going to get hit here. not the big picture, it's not enough to change the dynamic u.s. economy that we have going on. that's going to continue. ashley: in an investor point of view, how do you play this? seems like markets can take a big leg down or they could come back again. how do you play this? >> so i think people are looking at the china -- looking at china as the reason or the tariffs the reason why the market is l volatility. when you spring back 20% up after being down 20%, the end of last year, a little fallback to a 5% or 10% is not an unreasonable expectation. on average, we have three to four, 5% drops in a year. we haven't had one yet. i wouldn't be convinced a that coming down 5 to 10% is attributable to this. have you to take the long view. that's what trump is taking, is the long view.
5:33 am
in the end, do you end up better off? i think we do. that's the problem, you have to just work through it in the short run. that's the tough part. people aren't used to that. ashley: we have to get to the finish line. doug flynn, thank you so much, doug. appreciate your time. cheryl: all right. ubs out with a warning about the impact of the trade war for retailers for the company. they say we think it could accelerate pressure on the company's profit margins to the point where major store closures become a real possibility. let's bring in the managing director of the retail group. major footwear companies wrote a letter to the united states government, saying this is going to impact our bottom line. how bad is this going to get? >> not as bad as ubs sounds, cheryl. to doug flynn's impression points brought up a minute ago with you and ashley webster, this is really de minimis.
5:34 am
let's ask ourselves the question of how did the production get china in the first place when phil knight, nike as well as walmart, warren buffet, fruit of the loom, moved the manufacturing from 100 years of footwear and textiles in the u.s. to the people's republic of china. as doug pointed out, it could be moved to other countries in south asia. it could be on-shored with robotics, machineization and technology, slowly but surely with the supply chain in the u.s. and -- cheryl: i need to push back. it's not what we're fighting with them -- we're not fighting over footwear with them. fighting about internet protocol, the theft of our technology, the forced transfers, the lack of investment. it's other things that we're arguing about. for the retailers' point it would make sense for them to leave operations in china, i would think, take the tariff fight out of this, look forward and maybe look to a day we have
5:35 am
an agreement, then would you tell retailers to leave their businesses in china? >> we would tell the retailers a combination of the two, can keep businesses in the people's republic of china, hedge the bets, as doug referenced, put them in other continents and countries, including the americas, because at the end of every fiscal year the cost of manufacturing is just a penny on the dollar for the footwear. a lot of it is marketing, gross profit margin, et cetera. but the cost of the raw materials with cotton being at historic lows, crop year over crop year, other costs of goods being at historic lows, the cost of making footwear is somewhat of a red herring, there's overcapacity in the u.s., the way there's overcapacity in retail and it will balance out.
5:36 am
cheryl: home depot, tjx, auto zone, j jc penney, all these companies will be reporting before the bell. what are you expecting? >> pick the winners, the companies run by women will do the best. carol at tjx, as well as coles,e kohl's, costco, walmart, the ones with he solar, they're the winners and profitable sales growth because shoppers switch to the environmentally responsible stores. cheryl: interesting. a lot of good points made this morning. thank you for being here. we'll have all the earnings -- ashley well officer wilashley we earnings this morning. ashley: mcdonald's cooks and cashiers are planning a press conference outside the company's chicago headquarters. they say they will announce a
5:37 am
significant development in the fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage. the union backing the wage said others will protest on thursday. cory cooker, jay insly, bernie sanders planning on joining the protests. jeff flock will be reporting from mcdonald's chicago head quarters throughout the day on the developments there. no one better than jeff flock. cheryl: here you go. well, here are other headlines making news this morning. president trump says that a new healthcare plan is on the way. the president telling a local tv station after his pennsylvania rally he will unveil a plan in the next four weeks. didn't give any details. he did say pre-existing conditions will be covered. former attorney general lore he rest take lynch claims she never told james comey to call the
5:38 am
hillary clinton. e-mail probe a matter instead of an investigation. >> we were get fog a place where the attorney general and i would have to talk about it, a and i wondered if she would authorize us to confirm we had an investigation. she said yes, but don't call it that, but call it a matter. cheryl: lynch says hes mischaracterized her statement, according to a newly lee lease d transcript of lynch's testimony. attorneattorney general williamr said he is protecting the presidency, not president trump. he said his role is to support executive power. barr has come under criticism, saying he is acting more like the president's personal lawyer than the nation's top law enforcement officer. the eifel tower has now he reopened, after a man scaled the
5:39 am
landmark, causing a six hour panic. police convinced him to surrender as he was approaching the peak of the nearly 1100-foot structure. more than 2500 visitors had to be evacuated. they were happy. it is unclear how the climber managed to get past security or why he decided to climb the eifel tower in the first place. and then there is this. a a texas college student did a back flip at his graduation. it didn't go so well. he's getting an f-frayed forgrat landing. >> [ indiscernible ] cheryl: oh, ouch. one more time. he hit his neck. ashley: he could have done some serious damage. cheryl: he fell on his neck after he flipped on stage and he got up, he smiled. ashley: he has no idea where he is. cheryl: he got his diploma. oh, when you're young you can survive falls like that. ashley: i'm sure for one second
5:40 am
that felt like it was a good idea. it wasn't. coming up, tornadoes sweeping through the u.s. with millions facing flash floods from texas to missouri. we're live on the ground next with what's to come. and color him berry, berry relieved. while the reigning jeopardy champ keeps his streak going, he saved tom brady from doing something he's never done before. we have more coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪
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cheryl: powerful tornadoes ripping through oklahoma and texas, paving a path of destruction overnight. two funnel clouds forming at the same time, look at this picture. this is crazy. this is over oklahoma. millions of americans are bracing for more severe weather right now. ashley: aishah hasnie joins us from oklahoma city. she was going do come to us earlier but bad weather had to delay the report. >> reporter: there's a lightning storm that got so dangerous, we had to hide out in the car. sorry about that. you might catch it behind me. it's been scaring us every so often. that is the scary part, also is the flash flood warning that we're dealing with here in oklahoma city. it is dangerous for anyone trying to get out there and drive right now, especially in the dark. i want to show you what's happening behind me.
5:44 am
we're in the middle of a neighborhood. you can see, it looks like a river in the road and if you zoom in, in the background you see what looks like somebody lost a paddle boat and probably not going to be able to use it ever again. this is a flooding situation that people are going to be waking up to. they also don't have power right now. there's a couple different places we saw that don't have power. but this is the brunt of it in oklahoma city. you could say they really dodged a bullet here. two hours west of here, a tornado hit the small town of mangum. local reports say twister hit a house and took off the roof of an apartment complex. we have an up-close look of that twister. check out this incredible video of twin funnel clouds north of oklahoma city in a town called cresent. that would be a sight to see. that would be really terrifying. take a look at this massive twister touching down in west
5:45 am
texas, hitting near odessa and midland, marking the start of severe weather season in several states. torrential rain pounding tulsa, oklahoma, causing severe flooding there as well. millions of americans -- oh, we got the lightning back out here live. let's bring you back out here live and see if we can catch some of it. it is crazy scary. thankfully, we haven't heard of anybody injured, no serious injuries but right now i believe parts of oklahoma city, there's the thunder, still under a tornado watch. so we're not out of the woods yet so we're going to stay here live, sometimes hide in the car but we'll bring you the very latest. cheryl: when i was a kid in texas we had tornadoes and we would have to all cover up, i was about 8 years old. it sounds like a train coming, if you hear a train coming, go hid. >> reporter: run. got it. cheryl: be careful. >> reporter: got it, good tip.
5:46 am
cheryl: we've got janice dean in the fox weather center with more. janice. janice: good morning, cheryl and ashley. yes, at least a does n reports f tornadoings stretching from texas and missouri. we have ongoing tornado watches, meaning conditions are favorable for tornadoes, not only throughout the morning, but into the a afternoon and the evening. so the threat continues for the next six to 12 hours. there's your severe storm threat as we go throughout the day today, from texas all the way up towards illinois and into the evening hours as well. not only the threat for strong to severe storms, but flooding. that actually might be the bigger story. we have flash flood warnings posted for much of oklahoma, up towards kansas and missouri and then behind this it's cold enough for big-time snow over the rockies. as i mentioned, flood advisories, flood warnings posted for much of oklahoma, in towards kansas and missouri, up
5:47 am
towards illinois and down the mississippi river valley. all eyes will be on the central u.s. for the potential of severe storms. we'll see a lot of snow for the rockies, if you can believe it. he very warm for the sout south. tropical season doesn't begin until june 1st but we have a subtropical storm, its name is andrea. it's not going to affect the u.s., but bermuda could get soaked in the next couple days. ashley: thank you very much. from tornadoes and hurricane season right around the corner. cheryl: she just brought up the hurricanes. ashley: still ahead, bigs big changes coming to espn. as and the nfl looking for a new way to treat players' pain, how the league could soon be turning to pot. details next on "fbn: a.m." ♪ that's just something they snow. they he know. ♪ they know, they know, they
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ashley: the golden state warriors have done it again. jared max here with sports. hey, jared. jared: boy, they are a he pretty good team, force? huh. they became the first team in 53 years to advance to the nba finals in five straight seasons. portland led by as many as 17. but they only scored 16 in the last quarter. warriors forced overtime. went on to win by a basket, 119-117. the warriors sweep portland, the first team in nba playoffs to have two teammates score triple doubles in the same game. golden state does it all without he three stars including kevin durant and, hey, how about coach
5:52 am
steve kerr, five seasons on the job, five trips to the finals. wow, what a start. nine days we have to wait for the finals. the nfl and its players association have agreed to cooperate in a study of how marijuana could be used to treat pain, as opposed to opioids, which players complained about for years because of the addiction that comes with it. austrian formula one driver nikki lauda died. 70 years old. surrounded by his family. question. do you like politics mixed into sports? espn has been no stranger to it. not so much anymore. why? well, the espn president tells the l.a. times without question our data tells us our fans do not want us to cover politics. he says i really believe some of our talent was confused on what was expected of them. if you fast forward to today, i don't believe they are confused. cheryl: i have so much to say about that. jared: confused, uh huh.
5:53 am
now that the teachers tournament is over, james holhouscr, added $89,000 last night to his total. $89,000. 1.7 plus million. cheryl: what about the tom brady thing. jared: he has never eaten a strawberry in his life. he sent out a tweet saying if holhouser loses, he will eat a strawberry. ashley: he hasn't lived. strawberries are lovely. jared, great stuff. you can catch jared's sports reports on fox news headlines, 24/7 on sirius xm channel 115. maria115.cheryl: you take youre everywhere, even where you probably shouldn't. is your little phone actually spying on you? and the show may be over but the stories keep coming. how game of thrones is still shocking and angerre angering is
5:54 am
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♪ cheryl: you ever noticed criepy coincidence that you're catered to what you need for? >> is it creepy or coincidence. a lot of times going to vacation in hawaii and next thing you know my phone listening or spying, according to one tech expert, really it's not listening, it's not eavesdropping but it is spying on you. i don't know if that's any better. things that you have searched for or shopped for, taking all of that, they've got database, behavioral data and patterns and based on that, that is how they are able to tailor those ads just for you.
5:58 am
>> cheryl: i shop way too much. i was going to miss all the game of thrones stories but there's more. tracee: yes, yes. a lot more, we did see that in china viewers there were not able to see the finale of game of thrones, not streamed there, that's because it streamed on tents and video, because of trade tensions of the u.s. they decided not to move forward with that and hbo spokesperson said we had no problem streaming, they were using that in a way to maybe punish the people in china, i don't know. yes, they've taken it back far. record number of viewers that tuned in, 19.3. you don't factor the people that will be watching after the fact
5:59 am
who might be streaming it, catching up on hand. that number definitely could go up. cheryl: everybody on like myself keep spoiling it for viewers, just fyi. i heard there was more product placement issues at the finale. tracee: a lot of issues, two water bottles that were placed next to a seat. you have to look behind the foot. this comes just weeks after we saw a starbucks cup, so some people on social media say, have there been the products placements during the entire series that we just didn't know about, should we go back the show to see if there were water bottles or coffee cups, they just got louisianay this last season. no, we are not going to watch the rest of it.
6:00 am
[laughter] >> they are complaining, signing petitions which is ridiculous, tv show, just want to be clear here. i wonder what hbo is doing afterwards. tracee: they are already have prequels. set thousands of years before game of thrones, it will lead to the story. we will get more information. cheryl: interesting. all right, tracee, thank you, that is it for me and fbn:am, we are sending it over to mornings with maria starting right now. maria: good morning to you, happy tuesday, thanks for joining, i'm maria bartiromo, it is tuesday may 21st, top stories right now just before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, retail earnings this morning kicking to


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