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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 21, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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for people get meaner and meaner and meaner, that is not who we are, be more ho thoughtful, and accepting and more open, kennedy begins now. kennedy: thank you, trish, nancy pelosi up a creek without a paddle, according to her everything is fine. >> nance? kennedy: we don't have division, beep, beep. even senior democrats are jumping on the impeachment bandwagon. reportedly clashed with member the of her party last night, now
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some are going rogue. >> i see more people that believe that an impeachable aphoneoffense has occurred. you get information they need, i think speaker pelosi is looking out for the interest of the american people for democracy, truth and rule of law. she has a different way of getting there than i do, i wish we thought similarly. kennedy: you got problems son, go stick your head back in the chicken bucket. >> impeaching without cause -- kennedy: yeah, and i'm going to use the word construed, and you know. latest push after former white
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house council don mcgahn skipped his appearance, making nadler pretty darn mad. >> when this committee issues a subpoena, the witness must show up. our subpoenas are not optional, mr. mcgahn has a legal obligation to be here, if he does not immediately correct his mistake this committee will have no choice but to enforces subpoena against him. kennedy: he will have a tickle party. how can house speaker pelosi hold democrats together? are we watching the party implode. we meet the panel, coauthor of america in the age of trump, jessica tar. and guy benson. >> brook goldstein is back.
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>> hello. kennedy: your party is falling apart. >> i guess we're done then. >> the end. >> a couple things that i have been accountin could -- thinkin, one is executive privilege. all well and good to say let's keep investigating but you will get more don mcgahns if you open the formal impeachment inquiry. other thing looking back atwater -- water gate. i am starting to understand more, i am still very scared of impeachment and implications for us politically of argument that says, when people see massive treasure trove of dirt, and levels of obstruction of justice in case to be made, american public will come around to it we
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are falling apart. kennedy: i think that american public sat through two years of special counsel investigation, and have head fruits of that labor. but it feels like, i understand that congress has questions, and that is viable. but pretending that special counsel investigation did not happen at all just seems weird. >> yeah, mueller has funeral word on under -- as final word on the underlying question. what about russia do. that verdict is clear, if democrats want to keep going and going and going, that is their business but i believe that american people are hitting the snooze button on that, polling is in 30s now support for impeachment, that is a big reason that nancy pelosi keeps begging her caucus, i know we're spun up about this in beltway, but average voters don't care. and so, i am delighted to see she said there is no division, that is like -- they are holding
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an emergency meeting tomorrow. kennedy: they are fighting. >> have feelings come out. kennedy: and you have members of caucus who are very vocally, talking about running in opposite direct of their speaker. so, steve cohen lost his mind. he said that president trump is raping the country. >> how unhinged and ridiculous, and other democratic members of congress going out with rubber chickens, this is a dog and pony show. kennedy: same guy. >> there when you go. i find democratic party very troubling, they are having a identity crisis, i don't understand nancy pelosi, on one hand she kowtows to extremists like omar, they could not pass a
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resolution on anti-semitism, yet she is passing this for radicals, just how anti-trump are you? that does not poll good. you go to average american, you into what is democratic platform that is impeach. kennedy: you have lucy mcbath in georgia from a pre-trump district, saying that last thing we need to be talking about right now. >> we all know reality of 2018 elect, we flipped 40 seats, 35 are part of the new democrat coalition, extremes are not dominating. nancy pelosi -- >> where are they on impeachment? >> it is mixed. kennedy: that is a critical bloc of freshman men and women. >> 100%, a are from intelligence communities, who would have a better understanding of what was in mueller report. than average run o of the mill. i don't know their records on this. i don't know who is for and not, i think in next few weeks, if we
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hear from robert mueller it might change things, but they are focused on reelection, we ran on healthcare not impeachment. kennedy: you are running out of time, this whole prime minister- impeachment thing mas reached fever pitched, they are at a point where it is all encompassing. >> you want to win back white house, focus. put out a good candidate, who will win. >> be realistic. >> any person who wants to be president should not talk about impeachment and making it seem like an easy and normal process, in that job they want, they can be unseated just as easily. kennedy: now justin amash is not
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calls back his calls to impeach the president, mccarthy said that republicans will make amash pay at ballot box, kev? >> justin is one person with one person, out of step with america, with actions i think st constituents will have final say. kennedy: south carolina republican senator lindsey graham agrees, claiming no republicans will follow amash's lead, but, despite comments from colleagues, president calling him a loser. gaining a premier charlie charl- challenger freedom caucus. >> amash said he not changes his mind? have you gotten pressure from republican leaders? >> no, and their pressure does not have influence on me, i am not concerned about what kevin
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mccarthy edges about it. >> they are dismissing what you say, say you have always been an outlier. >> you know, he is an outlier in other ways, he is a that if he likes, that is fine. kennedy: he is out lying through both sides of his mouth. is amash trying to make headlines and a run of his own in 2020 maybe as a libertarian. he was pretty much caucus blocked by freedom caucus. >> thank you for that. i believe that play on words. i coul.i think his cleek collea. whole point is definition of impeachment and what is impeachable is up to members of congress, he is a duly elected member, i looked at his tweets, i strongly disagree about bill
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barr, i don't think that is some sort of grave sin against the party, i understand why some grow frustrated with him, i am intrigued by libertarian with presidential run rumors that would make sense. but, i don't top put motives. kennedy: according to congressman, this is about what he read in the report. >> yes. kennedy: he said it was a painful decision for him, he didn't want to have to make a statement but he felt obligated to based on what he head read. he is not seeking extra publicity. someone who did would be on every primetime show, he is uniting republicans and dividing democrats. >> i disagree with him, i don't
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think that there should be call to stick to the party platform, at all costs. kennedy: especially freedom caucus, there should be more freedom. >> in the north, i was born and raised in canada, i came here, people asked are you a registered democrat or republican? i am an issue voter, i never understood that whole party loyalty thing. decent is party of a healthy democracy, should be cone rathe- encouraged. >> what do you thing? think. >> it shows that worse side of everybody rush of republicans in share caucus with him, and have been happy colleagues with him for years, and respected his libertarian streak. and intellectual honesty, not a new thing to defend his decision, he tweets like that. kennedy: he puts every vote on facebook. >> that is disingenuous for
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people to say he votes with nancy pelosi, he votes with republicans over 70% of the ti time. kennedy: the constitution is his guide, rare i know to see someone put constitution over party. and talk so much about spending cuts and limiting the size of government. >> usually -- there is a great picture of him on capitol talking to students, and explaining to them the constitutionality of his decision, you don't see that often from lawmakers, that was exciting? here, here. all right. >> maybe not. panel is returning. however president trump calls trade fight with china's little squasquabble. china's president preparing for a long-term battle. what could it mean for you? i'll ask "the mooch," anthony scare "mooch"y is next.
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♪ ♪ every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. kennedy: president trump has been downplaying the trade war with china, some economist fear that high stake standoff could trigger a global cold war. that could have an adverse
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affect on dozens of nations that do business with two economic power houses, but china ambassador to u.s. told fox news, there is still hope. >> china remains ready to continue our talks with american colleagues. to reach a conclusion. our door is still open. kennedy: that is lovely. i don't believe a word he says, it is him for nations to give peace a chance, man, yeah. with me now skybridge capital founder anthony scaramucci. welcome back. >> great to be back. kennedy: so nice to have you. >> you don't trust them. kennedy: no, they say one thing in state run newspaper and another in a convenient marketplace like fa fox news. >> they have to get a deal, i hope rational players and minds come together, both parties would benefit from a deal, it
9:18 pm
would be good to reset the imbalances if you will, i would be surprised if there is no deal done by the end of summer. kennedy: they were so close, why did they pullback when it so far negotiated, does it show how important ip stuff is to them. >> no, i think it is more cult cultural, be with china they ar- business with kind they are chiy are traders by nature, they went to the 2 inch line then pullback and you have to applaud president for holding tough, saying we're going a government direct. kennedy: a lot of farmers will ablaapplaud the president with o birds. >> he that is happening he will get relief. the market signaling this there
9:19 pm
is a deal here, hopefully by the end was summer, if there is no deal by end of summer. kennedy: xi jinping talk about long march. >> people's trade war, trying to rally universe, we know they starved 60 million people in china 50 years ago. they don't have election, they could turn on a dime if they want to, but i don't think so. i think their long-term -- they are long-term rationalists. >> he says -- >> president is a long-term rationalist. kennedy: chinese ambassador is saying our door is still open, but at the same time they say that buz that u.s. is bullying s which is it. >> both. kennedy: are they being bullied. >> president is pushing them hard to buy more goods. close the trea trade deficit, he wants more raw material bought,
9:20 pm
more things made here in united states that would have that reduction effect. you have to applaud the president, and remember that he is trying to correct 40 years of trade imbalances, if you want to go to 70s, we were propping up china and supporting them we wanted their-against soviet union, that took on a life of its own. now today second largest economy in world. president is trying to get them into the world today, where they deserve to be, that is a fully developed nation, second largest economy in world. kennedy: fine they can have a big economy. had they are great, and open trade between nations and individuals and between companies, is fantastic. what is not good is their ip stuff, when we -- ip theft, we focus on trade deficit and take our eye off that ip theft ball displ. >ball.
9:21 pm
>> also tariffs and balances. >> how do you convince american companies to go the give in. >> it is harde hard for smaller businesses. there are certain wi win -- windshields only made in china. he is paying freight. if president ratchet its up that would cripple his business. consumer is paying the tariff, law kudlow did admit that, that not great for united states chinese have a tendency to retrade at the last minute, that part of their culture. kennedy: i, agree with morgan stanley global economist said, there could be a global recession if this is pro
9:22 pm
tracked. >> i don't think that will happen. i am 30-years in market, i was 11 days in white house, anything you think can happen in market can, we're returning 12 billion. kennedy: will my candic cannabis come back. >> likely, maybe not samely level the once were, they may ce back. here is the thing. kennedy: as long as they have a great run. >> i think that president is by and large something bluster on twitter but he always acts rationally on a situation like this. >> thank you anthony scaramucci. >> prepare for anything. kennedy: i am an economic survivalist, by gum. cheer up, there is possibility of hot wate war with iran. foreign minister warns of painful consequences should we go head-to-head.
9:23 pm
secretary of state pompeo and shanahan briefing lawmakers, and saying war is not in the cards -- yet. >> our biggest focus at-this-point is to prevent iranian miscalculations. we do not want the situation to escalate. this is about to deterrents not war. we're not go going to war. this is about continuing to protect our interest in middle east, and conducting missions we're there to perform. kennedy: hmm . will they tamp down tough talk or time for me to unload my beach bungalow on strait of hormuz? joining me, mike baker, welcome back, baker. >> welcome to you, and i did not know you with a hormuz time
9:24 pm
share that is exciting. >> usually lovely this time of year, i need my own iron dome. has this rhetoric cooled over the las 24 hours? >> we are in a better spot, short. we have cooled rhetoric on our side. to -- you know as you would expect, i think that iranian leadership will follow suit shortly, this is about iranian regime feeling effects in a significant way of the economic sanctions, only reason we're seeing this bluster and some of the talk about you know their side pulling out of the 2015 agreement, is because they are at this stage, they are worried about one thing that will get regime to stand up and take notice that is the economy crumbles and population taking to streets, that is one thing they are worried about, then they lose power.
9:25 pm
all self interest, that is why -- they went to eu, they said to eu that they will pull out of 2017 agreement unless eu throws them a lifeline. relief from sanctions, they know what eu reaction, france and germany will be, they have done if, america el an merkel and mat pull out, they have so much financial incentives. they don't want to back out now. kennedy: no. talk about appeasement. like buying your kid a toy on promise he will clean his room, it will never happen. >> i do that all of the time never works, my kids have roomful of toys and they can't pick a towel off of floor. kennedy: talk about john bren b,
9:26 pm
he briefed democrats today, i don't know what security clearance he has. he does not have a lot of marbles. >> i am cop pliked o conflictedi know john brennan from years past. so admire him. kennedy: he it out of his mind. >> let me finish, i am conflicted he has gone off the rails. way he is acting is almost unprecedents with a former cia director, not the way you do things. kennedy: you pick one party? are there separate sets of facts. >> we have always prided ourselves, people talk about moral with trump administration, at cia must be awful, no, they just take their marching orders and move on. but against personnel, always
9:27 pm
prided themselves on being a political, what hurts moral with a former director, brennan, just shut your yap and enjoy retirement. kennedy: he should use my beach condo. >> yeah, you know, by the way, if with iran for a moment. just briefly, when people look at way it goes right now, we're not getting into a war with them, tamp that down, but you see, what is it about? it is about what do we want? what disudoes u.s. want and our, we want full transparency on any nuclear deal, and stop harboring and supporting terrorists. kennedy: good luck with that. >> well hezbollah or hamas. iran i can't regimiranian regimo stay in power. that is it. if you want a deal, you want to
9:28 pm
keep relations, short of you know some hot conflict. kennedy: i want hot pants during summertime, not hot conflict. >> you know what else is good, hot pockets. kennedy: heat them up, mike baker. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up. 2020 democrat continue to push socialism, and a lot of americans are snorting what they are selling, why is that? what can be done to change their minds? my memo is next. and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life.
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9:33 pm
bakery. this is too true to be good, warren hating successful people. she has benefited from family usery and shady real estate deal. she wants to implement her wealth tax at gun point. valleyed over 50 million that will never pass congress. if she tried to triarc wa -- awy from guilded dead hands, it is unconstitutional. bernie sanders also wants to progressive tax to pay for his stinking medicare for all cesspool with a 70% marginal tax rate if you earn 10 million or more a year, this would explode in his face like in france they had to repeal their 75% super tax. people with money will take it
9:34 pm
elsewhere when the government gets too greedy, fingers of socialism are sticky, and billiobillionairing tell stakese new jersey to shove off for cleaner pastures like florida, that happened to dave tepor moved to sunshine state took a won million in tax revenue with him, and kamala harris wants to play robin hood, she is drunk on goblets of progressive kool aid, she thinks she would rob rich by repeals trump tax cut but that means strapping benefits enjoyed by middle class, the very people she claims to help will belowsed in the end -- they b they will d in the end that is the momentio. >> not just 2020 candidate who have been warming up to far left
9:35 pm
ideas, the american public has too, new gallup poll shows 43% of americans think that socialism would be a good thing for nation, 51% recognize that it would be a bad thing, why don't more people understand the absurdity of socialism and 2020 candidates wacky proposals? joining me, cio of kings news access management and fox news contributor, scotty martin is back, scotty, scotty, what's up. >> what's up. kennedy: there are various liberal economists even they admit there is no way even if you let's say roll back trump tax cut, and have a massive marginal tax rate that still not enough. >> it is not close. there is never a way to start off to pay for any government program. as we have seen over last few
9:36 pm
decades, but realty on socialist side, i think kamala harris may be serving flavor aid that is the cheaper version of the juice, idea is, the lure, the draw, the whole hey we'll be eating, bags of cotton candy together in strawberry fields forever, that sounds awesome until you realize the economy cost, ideas get sold to folks. kennedy: thens economy is no longer producing insulin, then what, you have a diet of cotton candy, and you are about to head to an economic coma. >> totally and orders buck its you sour power and you can't get over your sugar shock.
9:37 pm
it needs to be about people creating income and making things. they never talk about actual cost. we have everyone learned with government, whatever line they give you on cost, it is 4 or 5 times the cost. >> of course, with health care, because they never factor is in some something is free more people use it. so, what they are selling now is rate at which people consume healthealthcare in the present t you would change drastically, when there is no accountability, and you can get a surgery, government will pay for it, unless according to bernie sanders it is a nose job. i thought charles payne did a fantastic job on town hall last week, capitalism verse socialism, they deflected
9:38 pm
instantly, when asked how do you pay for it they say, what? >> true, and your comment about getting things for free is spot on. other thing people don't realize when you get stuff for free, there is a cost to it in sense of services you get. it is back to old thing, of you get what you pay for, if you get something for free, talk to anyone in socialist medicine countries, they come to the united states, canadians alone, i have been on planes with them, and taken car rides with them, god bless their souls about how they come to ar u.s. for medical pro seizure -- procedures. kennedy: they wait 4 or 5 months for a specialist, that is routine, but, i decide not to be
9:39 pm
forced to give people my stuff because you say so, how about that toug decision, scotty martn thank you. >> that was loud. >> thank you. kennedy:ler loretta 1 lore lyncg comey a big fat liar, the panel is next.
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the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through may 31st. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. kennedy: why you always call me when you high? is loretta lynch calling james comey a liar? seems like it. she testified that directed limb to call the clinton investigation a matter, not an investigation, and lynch said
9:44 pm
she did no such thing, and surprised he characterized it that way, and she didn't direct anyone to use specific phraseology. no surprise comey would have lied about anything. but is it a sign of things to come now that doj is investigating the investigators? party panel is back. i will start with you. james comey has, said several points he has real nasty dirt on loretta lynch. >> right, so interesting you read loretta lynch's denial, it was not believable, she said, i referred to it as a matter, i spoke about it maybe told him but never instructed him to, but you have former attorney general and former head of fbi pointing fingers at each other is maybe a
9:45 pm
sign they are scared. they are scared because attorney general barr investigation to will dossier. kennedy: and they are in contism, loc con-- contempt, lock them up. >> this will be a diversion, that is an attempt to undermine an american election. kennedy: they are still doing it. >> you know collusion, divert our attention away from major story,. kennedy: who is lying? >> i get sense, loretta lynch is parsing. kennedy: mincing and parsing. >> if he comes out from woods and clarifies she directed me, and she gets asked again, i get a sense he is probably right on this, one first thing i thought, what you said, he has inmated
9:46 pm
several time - intimated several times there is more he has on her, and this is probably not a fight she wants to have with him. kennedy: she got scirly. squirr. >> he always writes memos to himself. kennedy: i wish i never let bill clinton on the plane. >> that is not how i heard it. kennedy: on the tarmac. >> people heard leaked out of various, that meeting something that bill clinton wanted more than lynch. kennedy: sure, she is attorney general. >> i know that. kennedy: she has responsibility to keep him off the plane. and to report the conversation, that she did not, a reporter compared tail numbers to the plane. >> okay. i think that living in a world
9:47 pm
where we're talking about gravity of mueller report, potential impeachment investigation, and that there is this desire to turn it back around to hillary clinton e-mail server and tarmac is not working for american public, that is how i feel. kennedy: sounds like loretta lynch was acting at obamay personal attorney on this one. >> wingman, with a heads up bike barr to talk to donald trump about mueller report before he said anything. she talked about this conversation was before a investigation was launched. i not want to think that law enforcement officials at this level are liars, i understand there is a lot of finger-pointing right now. >> it does not look good. >> it does not. kennedy: not a good look.
9:48 pm
everyone should want it aired out so it does not happen again, it could be happening right now, you should be worried about relationship between trump and barr, whole thing can happen again, woo irk al. all right, thank you, brook, guy, jessica, topical storm is next, it is very topical tonight. ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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kennedy: it is tuesday, justin bieber will start selling his own deodorant this fall, you can always smoke a bowl. this is the topical storm. topic one. los angeles, cops are not afraid to shoot backward if they have to. this fellow is known as trick shot cop, famous in l.a. tor hitting shots. no look half court heave-ho brought down the house. if it were a game of hour horse, everyone would have an h. >> if this were an nba game, everyone there will can a kardashian.
9:53 pm
they success hing suggest he ney for the lakers, about time they need someone to guard people, i am kidding lebron. >> great white shark discovered in long island sound for first time in history, it has not hurt the beach yet, this fellow tagged in nova scop so scop -- n 2015, great white was spotted this morning near suffolk county long island, they have assured public that sharks swim in suffolk to raise their self esteem, tonight, shark is believed to do fine, but it may have been scared off by the
9:54 pm
parents playing annoy be baby sharshark song. >> topic 3, florida, you never take a taxi if you can take a police car instead. we have a shirt lesless barefoot man, shifted from a hiker to a lyft driver. he got caught, don't feel bad. no one was injured. many people are wondering where the cop's partner was at at the time. where was he? where was he? >> topic 4. pillsbury tur turned their cinnn
9:55 pm
rolls to cereal stuffed with icing, they are sol sold on a ld run. hit shelves this week with a heavy's cookies and cream, if you buy both boxes they will throw in a free t-shirt to wear in the pool, i am kidding, we love your man boobies. we reached out to national dentist association for come but their spokesperson was too busy buying's yacht, they are on sale this week, and people are already racing to the stofer too get them, i don't have man boobs
9:56 pm
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we check it, tomorrow night, ned ryun, and richard fowler battle is out, and bob barr, not to be confused with bill barr and your handle barr mustache good night. lou: good evening, everybody. the department of commerce has granted china telecom giant huawei a 90-day reprieve in order to maintain the existing networks and support customers in this country. we take that up tonight, among other things, with china expert michael pillsbury, our guest. and at our southern border, the mexican drug cartels control both sides of that border. the cartels have killed 850 people in mexico concern 8500 people in mexico in the first three months of this year, up nearly 10% from last year's record number of killings. the cartels make tens of billions of dollars each year


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