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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 21, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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we check it, tomorrow night, ned ryun, and richard fowler battle is out, and bob barr, not to be confused with bill barr and your handle barr mustache good night. lou: good evening, everybody. the department of commerce has granted china telecom giant huawei a 90-day reprieve in order to maintain the existing networks and support customers in this country. we take that up tonight, among other things, with china expert michael pillsbury, our guest. and at our southern border, the mexican drug cartels control both sides of that border. the cartels have killed 850 people in mexico concern 8500 people in mexico in the first three months of this year, up nearly 10% from last year's record number of killings. the cartels make tens of billions of dollars each year smuggling drugs and illegal immigrants across the border.
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how to stop them, that's what i take up tonight with the former acting director immigration and customs enforcement, tom 40 match. and the weak-kneed republicans are at it again. freedom caucus member justin amash calls the president's actions impeachable, yet neither the republican congress, nor the freedom caucus kicks him out. our top story tonight, china ramping up its rhetoric as the prospects of a trade deal remain, at best, murky. chinese president xi jinping telling his country to prepare for a long battle. huawei's founder claims the united states has underestimated the telecom giant, and president trump has never underestimated the chinese. he's demanded an end to chinese theft, demanded an end to trillions of dollars over the past 30 years in trade deficits and demanded that americans remain secure from chinese
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espionage. ed lawrence with the story tonight on the emboldened chinese. >> reporter: well, lou, the chinese stepping up the rhetoric regarding a trade deal with the united states. well, today the chinese president speaking along his tour in china, talking about self-reliance. president xi jinping continuing to talk about the weaning themselves off the reliance of the united states. he is also telling his people to be prepared for what he calls the long march ahead. now, a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson says china has the determination and ability to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests but not mentioning the accusation that china steals intellectual property. speech speech tongue. >> translator: it is unscientific and unprofessional for the u.s. to simply think that it is always the one suffering losses in china/u.s. trade relations. therefore, we cannot claim absolute equality in all areas during the negotiation for a
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trade agreement. but the agreement must be two-way question lick rum, equal and mutually beneficial. >> reporter: president trump blacklisted china's largest telecommunications company, huawei, over national security concerns. the the commerce department says there will be a 90-day grace period for sales to finish and updates to happen. the ban ban includes google which operates many phones. the company announced it would restrict some of the features of the start with, first, this
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reference by xi jinping to long march in describing how they're going to compete, rival and depose the united states. >> well, the long march was a year long, it was back in 1934. the chinese communist party was almost e wiped out, and they made a huge pivot all around china before setting up a base from which after ten more years they took over the country. so the reference to chinese means huge adversity, huge punishment is coming from the great hegemon, the americans. so get ready for toughness and pain, but eventually we will take over, i think he means the
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world in this case, he doesn't mean take over china. lou: even as his envoys are saying and spokesmen from beijing to washington that the chinese are only modest aspirations -- [laughter] and they have no interest whatsoever in world dominion. >> right. lou: it's pure nonsense. [laughter] >> well, as i understand their way of expressing themselves, it'll be a big accident, lou. they have four times more people than we do, so as soon as our incomes are the same, their gdp will be four times bigger, but we will love it. it'll be this happy new world. it's, obviously, designed to make us complacent or even have divisions in our own country. but i think the president trump saw through this in his executive order just last week, may 15th, where he comes out against digital threats, he talks about sabotage and subversion in this executive order. these are really strong words coming back from president trump.
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lou: they are. they're also apt, on point and direct. the chinese, in talking about a long march, would be correct in inferring that there will be punishment because this is an economy, as you well know, that's managed, after all. >> yes, absolutely. lou: there is a tendency in the liberal west to want to ascribe to it all of the features of a capitalist free enterprise democracy which is pure, pure nonsense again. >> well, their view is that government has to control the commanding heights, which means roughly one-half of the economy. lou: right. >> so the irony here is that china's defending that very same system they set up when they took over, which is socialism of a type even bernie sanders probably wouldn't recognize. but president trump is after that system and modifying it so it's more fair to united states. i think he's going to succeed, but it's going to be a lot of pain for china to suffer, i'm
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afraid. lou: there's also a good case to be made, is there not, that china would have suffered mightily even if there were a trade balance between the two the countries, even if china were not stealing half a trillion dollars from us every year because china's economy is subsidized, it is centralized and, in point of fact, it subsidizes immense overcapacity for which there is always only one result in any economy whether it be a capitalist economy or communist, and that's disastrous. >> right. i agree. in fact, part of the focus president trump has had in the trade talks is to try to get some of those subsidies reduced, cut back on the intellectual theft. there's a feeling, i think here in washington, lou, that china stole its way to the top, and it's just got to stop, or they're going to be double our size in economic strength.
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we just can't have that. the president said twice now, china wants to surpass america, and then he pauses -- for drama, you might say -- and he completes his thought by saying it's not going to happen on my watch. lou: it's not going to happen, and i think even shi vin ping now would take that to bank and understands that the president clearly means it -- xi jinping. as we look at the relationship between the two countries, what are the prospects, in your judgment, of reaching not a trade deal, but reaching at least coexistence that is acceptable to both can china and the united states, or is there, in your judgment, an impulse within china now that is so strong and so ripped that it means conflict assured? >> you know, up until two weeks ago i thought the former. i thought the 150-page,
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still-secret trade deal was going to solve all the key issues. and so u.s. and chinese investment and exchange of goods, exchange of services would be on the upswing, in the whole thing would have a happy ending. it's beginning to look now like the hawks have grabbed control back in beijing, and they're shifting away from this idea of a harmonious outcome. they're shifting toward or two separate systems. the editor-in-chief of global times, mr. hu, has a long tweet today saying this is all good, we're going to turn on our own efforts from now on for research and development. of course, i think he means the theft will still continue, but he wants to have a more separate, can decoupled, if you will, e chinese economy from us. it's a bad turn in chinese politics to see the hawks have this much power. lou and there's also, perhaps, a turn in this country too. rather than negotiate our security for intellectual property, our technology or
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innovation, perhaps it is well past time that the united states protect itself and secure its own properties, intellectual property in particular. do you think that's possible? >> it'd take a lot of effort, because they've gotten away with murder, as president trump says. but, lou, i hope you noticed president xi is kind of responding to your program. you've had some guests talk about sievizational challenges between -- civilizational challenges between the u.s. and china. president xi is saying it's really bad and really stupid. but the implication is he thinks chinese civilization is going to win, so we should give up now. [laughter] i wonder if he's watching your show, or. -- watching your show, lou? lou: if he is, he probably didn't like the answer i suggested, which was go to hell. [laughter] dr. michael pillsbury, thanks so much. up next, rad call the cremes -- radical dems refuse to acknowledge the cartel violence
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along our southern border. also, the left-wing national media just can't wrap their head around a no-show from the president's former attorney. >> why disrespect congress by not even showing your face? >> the democrats don't need a slam dunk, they simply need someone to put words in videotape to what is already in the four corners of the mueller report. >> congress is going to have to take this to a court and push it. >> the strategy from the white house to say no, just say no to everything, it's beginning to increase the tempers among the house democrats. >> we are headed toward a showdown -- >> i think we are close to a tipping point. >> you don't have to call it an impeachment investigation, that's what it is. lou: actually, the investigation now is an investigation of the radical dems and the deep state and their efforts to overthrow a president of the united states. we'll have all of that and much more right after these quick messages. ♪ ♪ don't tell your mother. dad, it's fine. we have allstate.
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take your business beyond. lou: you've heard me mention from tio time just how many sad sacks make up the republican conference in the house in particular. there's no better example of late than michigan libertarian justin amash who, thirsting for media attention, decided to claim the pitiful mantel of the
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first republican to call for the impeachment of president trump. his thirst not slaked for attention, amash slurred attorney the general william barr in passing as well. so what did the mighty, if not powerful republican conference do about this in response for his act and words? they did pretty much what they the always do, very little. the caucus couldn't find sufficient outrage to do more than condemn amash, and despite calling the minority leader -- again, in passing -- a liar, amash remains in the conference and still holds a seat on the house oversight committee. incredible. or it would be if i weren't talking about the republicans. dems in disarray, however, over, my goodness, impeachment. several members of house speaker pelosi's leadership pressing her to begin an impeachment inquiry
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against president trump immediately. it's all led to pelosi calling an emergency meeting tomorrow morning to discuss a way forward. house judiciary chairman jerrold nadler reeling after former white house counsel don mcgahn defied his testimony to testify. nadler has, well, he's come up with a plan. he's issued two the new subpoenas, one for form ther white house communications director hope hicks and another for annie donaldson, chief of staff. if you can't get the boss, get the chief of staff. quite a thinker, that nadler. joining us tonight, new york post columnist, fox business contributor, pulitzer prize-winning journalist michael goodwin. good to have you here. >> thank you, lou. lou: let's start, first, with michael pillsbury talking with, i think, an ominous tone of his read of the chinese right now, that a dangers prospect is -- a dangerous prospect is, in point
10:18 pm
of fact, may be at hand. >> yeah, i was also struck by something he said within that which is that the hawks in china have a lot of power. lou: right. >> xi, although he has the job, the title and supposedly supreme leader of all things, does have to worry that he would be deposed if he goes too far in any one direction. and so those who don't want a deal with america -- according to pillsbury -- seem to be holding some of the upper cards here. lou: it's a little difficult when the communists start arising -- [laughter] against current leadership. >> he's leader for life. lou: yes. but it is a serious matter. and, of course, this is coming from not u.s. intelligence, but in point of fact, as a result of the trump trade talks and negotiations we're divining a great deal about who the chinese leadership really are and what their intentions are. >> right. i have always thought that china
10:19 pm
would not make a deal. they would never give in until the very last second because they always take the long game, and they have -- this idea of stealing american intellectual property, the transfer of knowledge and technology is very important to their view of themselves and their economy. and so i thought that they would always try to wait and wait and wait and see if they had to do that. lou: forgive me for borrowing a phrase and improving upon it, of course -- [laughter] a phrase from barack obama. he didn't -- xi didn't build it, we did. [laughter] in point of fact, everything that is the foundation of modern china is american-made and chinese-stole then in most -- stolen in most cases. >> yeah. i believe also while mueller was investigating china, north korea, other countries were
10:20 pm
waiting to see how this would all play out. and so the president now having cleared mueller, now the democrats are barking again and doing all these thing, it gives, i think, china and other countries reasons to hold back because, gee, for all they know, president trump isn't long for the job. lou: well, i think those folks are seriously underestimating president trump. >> yes. lou: i also get a kick out of the globalist elite establishment, you know, the usual suspects; the chamber of horrors, the business round table, wall street. what have they found to focus on -- and the national left-wing media -- in these trade talks in which, what does he call it, a little squabble, the president referred to it as. the very idea that they would focus on the tariffs instead of the imbalances, they would focus on the cost of a pair of nike shoes, by the way --
10:21 pm
[laughter] costs them $26 to make them in asia, but they sell them for $100 here. and they're talking about what an impingement on their model for a tariff to be put on them. this is silliness. and we're also, i think, watching the american public awaken to silliness of the global, globalist elites and their indifference to what the president is actually trying to secure which is the national interest. >> look, you and i both support a free press. but it really is outrageous to see -- lou: a free if, objective press. >> right. they're entitle to do it, but they shouldn't do it. the way that the president is derided for getting out of the iranian nuclear deal the, the way that "the new york times" writes about all the pain on farmers that the tariffs are creating. it's like whose side are you on here? lou: you know the answer. >> yeah, what's going on in those countries?
10:22 pm
>> obama operation brought to you by the dnc. thank you, new york times, washington post. jeff bezos, great investment. good work. [laughter] >> and the migrants. we're supposed to care more for the migrants than we are for the american -- lou: legal migrants or illegal? the illegal, by the way, should be thrilled. they're getting more benefits, in many cases, than destitute americans. we're looking at 70,000 people homeless in los angeles, once the jewel of the west coast, and san francisco. >> it's unbelievable. lou: also jewel of the west coast. i'll have to include, now, seattle. [laughter] but the reality is that we have huge problems in this country, and we have what should be lawmakers with great policy thoughts about how to deal with this, communities that should be reacting to that kind of environment right now. instead, they create more of it. it's insane.
10:23 pm
>> well, and where's the compassion for the americans? i mean, all this great -- lou: the citizenry? >> yeah, that's right. and, look, this is very much why donald trump won in 2016. the same dynamics of people putting other countries first, international agreements, illegal immigration, all of that ahead of the american workers. lou: the president promised yesterday in pennsylvania that there'd be no more forgotten men and women in this country who elected him in 2016. but you get the feeling that there is an -- in the president could never do enough for the vicious, distraught radical dems and the left in this country. look what he's achieved. he's a historic president just in terms of his accomplishments in less than two and a half years, and they continue this evil,, venomous attack on him,
10:24 pm
unrelenting, as they try to avoid consequences for their efforts to overthrow him. >> yeah. lou: it's going to be quite a, quite an upcoming few months. >> right after the mueller report came out, someone did a funny e thing on twitter about, oh, look, the democrats moving the goalpost. it was a picture of, like, a football team moving the goalpost. that's what the democrats have been doing ever since the end of mueller, try to change the dynamics of the argument. lou: sounds like the cartoonist had an opportunity to use a different narrative. >> there was a moment. [laughter] lou: michael goodwin, appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: a north carolina company fighting fines and a haut for flying -- lawsuit for flying a huge american flag, of all things. camping world flying a 40x80-foot flag outside its statesville location in honor of our military service members, our veterans. the city says the company is, by
10:25 pm
golly, violating a citywide ordnance, saying that flag is too big. i love government at work, don't you? the company now faces a $50-a-day fine dating back to october. that would be retroactive, wouldn't it? the ceo says he doesn't care if the fine is $500 a day, that flag will still fly and, by golly, we will still salute you. thanks so much. up next, powerful storms slamming the heartland. dozens of tornadoes and flash floods. california, it's thinking about spending billions of dollars for health care for, guess who? oh, no, not the citizens of the united states, but illegal immigrants. the state's republican national committeewoman harmeet dhillon
10:26 pm
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lou: california lawmakers weighing proposals that would offer government-funded health care to adult illegal immigrants. governor gavin newsom is proposing a $98 million a year plan to cover illegals between the ages of 19-25. the state assembly's bill would cover all illegal immigrants over the age of 19 living in california. that would be a $3.4 billion proposal. special counsel robert mueller reportedly reluctant to testify publicly at the house judiciary committee. mueller's team reportedly doesn't want him to appear political. [laughter] how are they going to stop that? house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler has threat thenned to subpoena mueller -- threatened to subpoena mueller if he refuses to testify. these are the same dems who just gave mueller a hug and a kiss with every word up until his decision to exonerate the president. joining me now, harmeet dhillon, managing partner at the dhillon
10:31 pm
law group, rnc committeewoman for california, a member of the 2020 trump advisory council. great to have you with us. what in the world in california, $3.4 billion for illegal immigrants? that's a pretty significant price. >> it's huge. it's going to really knock a big hole in the budget of the new governor, and he's actually at odds with the democrats over this. the democrats control 75% of our legislature, and many of them are big advocates for illegal aliens, so they theme as a future pool of voters, so they're definitely pushing for this. the difference between the governor's proposal which is only $98 million and $3.4 billion is huge, so you see another example of how california is prioritizing the rights of people who are not here legally over those who are here legally. lou: it's stunning, it truly is. equally stunning, the relentlessness of the dems. faced with the prospect of -- well, the attorney general,
10:32 pm
william barr, investigating and pollution evidence of all sorts of extraordinary espionage on the part of the justice department, the fbi in the 2016 elections, spying on the president of the united states, spying on him as a candidate, spying on him as a, as the president. they are doing their best to distract public attention from what will be the soon to be released, we are promised, inspector general report. perhaps two of them. as well as, of course, the justice department investigation if into the origins of it all. >> yes. lou, this is part calculated diversion of the public's attention but also part attachment to narrative that they thought was going to carry them through to 2020, and it clearly isn't. and also don't forget jerry nadler has a personal, longstanding feud with the president, or at least in his own mind he does.
10:33 pm
the president probably doesn't see it that way until now. lou: the president probably doesn't see him as being in his league, is how the president -- >> exactly. that's what i meant. they're not equals, and so one is living rent-free in the other's head. i think, you know, even bob mueller's team -- who are all partisans, as far as i can tell -- the don't think this is a great idea because it's going to shake the fragile image of him as objective, which we both know is not true. lou: and justin ahash in the republican conference sitting on the house oversight committee without any response from kevin mccarthy and member of the freedom caucus without any response from mark meadows and the caucus, a condemnation. doesn't -- when will the republican party grow a spine in the house of representatives? >> i have no answer for you there, lou. i agree that the democrats are
10:34 pm
actually very good about party discipline and cracking the whip and making sure everybody stays on track the, and the republican side is much more free form and, frankly, you know, disorganized. and i think it's really unfortunate that they're allowing this travel the city to pass -- travesty of this naked opportunism on the part of one of their members. lou: and let's conclude with spygate. this is -- are you, have you seen to this point, read any story, read any report, heard any information from any source that would make you think there was not a broad conspiracy amongst the democrats, the radical dems, the dnc, the chipton campaign -- clinton campaign, the doj leadership and the justice department leadership, the obama administration and intelligence community against this president as a candidate and as president of the united states? >> well, i think you're right,
10:35 pm
lou, various aspects of the different bodies you just mentioned probably signed on to this conspiracy at different points in time, but definitely law enforcement was involved early and often in this process. and i think to this day is probably still spying on and continuing to violate the civil rights of the americans around the president and those who support him. and, frankly, violating the civil rights of all americans, because our government has effectively been taken away, and the president cannot achieve his goals with the wheels of power gummed up with this nonsense. and, you know, the civil rights violations to me as a civil rights lawyer are really offensive, and we need to make sure this never happens again in america. lou: harmeet dhillon, thanks so much. >> my pleasure. lou: up next, dangerous cartels running rampant on our southern border, creating a lawless zone of crime that extends throughout the nation of mexico. we take it up after the break. former acting i.c.e. director former acting i.c.e. director tom homan joins us next. carl, i appreciate the invite here. as my broker, what am i paying you to manage my money?
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10:40 pm
immigration role at the county of homeland security. the specifics remain under discussion, apparently. there's little doubt that the radical dems, the business round table the, wall street, the chamber of commerce -- or horrors, if you prefer -- and the koch brothers have conspired to block trump's every effort to balance trade, end enormous trade deficits. the globalist elites and the establishment fighting the trump agenda at every turn and nowhere with more money and more energy than at our southern border. president trump's close advisers are, i'm told the, working to wrest control from the powerful drug cartels that are deciding who and how many people are allowed to cross the u.s./mexican border. and the cartels, of course, decide how many tons, how many pounds, how many ounces and doses of deadly drugs are smuggled into the united states. in consequence, those mexican drug cartels are deciding how
10:41 pm
many americans will die from overdoses. sources tell me the white house is urgently considering many approaches and options, and among them significant strengthening of immigration and customs enforcement to begin close coordination with state and local law enforcement in bringing criminal illegal immigrants, visa overstayers and illegal immigrants under final court order to be the removed from the united states and to vigorously enforce the remain in mexico policy, namely insuring that so-called a asylum seekers remain in mexico or other third party nations until their claims are adjudicated in the united states. 90%, by the way, of those claims historically have been judged to be invalid or outright fraudulent. joining us tonight, a man with more than three decades of experience in securing our border and protecting the lives of citizens and communities, former acting director of immigration and customs enforcement, fox business contributor tom homan joins us tonight. tom, good to have you here.
10:42 pm
this is a moment in history where, it appears, we're going to watch a president of the united states decide on the security of the border and what to do the against the intransigent and some would say corrupt mexican government that is also under the sway of those drug cartels that are controlling that southern border. >> yeah, and look, i've said it many times on this show, we've got a great president. i've worked for six of them. this president not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. he's taking his time. if he can work this, he will secure this border at all costs. look, he's already taken executive actions, he's already declared a national emergency. but we need to support his efforts from within which means we've talked many times, you just mentioned we need to round up those, we need to locate those who haved had their due process, got a final order and remove them. we need to show these the countries there's a deterrence
10:43 pm
to come to this cup illegally. cow -- country illegally. you can't await the next amnesty or daca. it needs to be across the nation, and we need to pull other federal agencies in so we can put a huge dent in this. we need to send a strong message to central america. if you want to spend your life savings to this country only to go home, then come get it. i did it three and a half years ago, it works. i'm going to keep pushing that until it happens. lou: with all of your experience, do you at this point find it stunning that the radical dems, the democratic party, rinos and the republican party, the global elites, the the establishment ct wrap their heads around the certain knowledge that that border is controlled by the cartels, that they're the ones who are deciding and profiting from the illegal immigrants that they're smuggling across the border, the deadly drugs they're smuggling across the border?
10:44 pm
stop the cartels, you stop those drugs and those the illegal immigrants crossing the border. >> the criminal cartels control everything that happens on the northern border of mexico. there isn't one ounce of drugs coming across that border, one person that crosses that border without the blessing and the paying off, the plaza fees they call them -- taxes to cartels that operate in those areas. that's why i've said for a long time this isn't just about illegal immigration. this is a national security crisis because the cartels have pushed large groups of families through one area of the border so they can move their drugs and people that don't want to be arrested by border patrol to other areas. it's happening, and it's been happening for a while. what concerns me is who is entering this country illegally that's taking advantage of the crisises on the border? if you are a terrorist, are you going to take advantage of the same system that 12 million people are entering illegally or come through an airport and go through a port of entry?
10:45 pm
no. you take advantage of the crisis on the border where 40% of border patrol assets are not working the line and entering that way. that's what scares the hell out of me. lou: most of us, frankly. let me turn to the president who tweeted this out today, and i'd like to put it up, if we can, for the audience to see. the president said this: mexico's attitude is that people from other cups, including mexico -- countries, including mexico, should have the right the flow into the united states and that u.s. taxpayers should be responsible for the tremendous costs associated with illegal immigration. mexico is wrong, and i will soon be giving a response. your thoughts about the president's tweet. >> i think he's throwing down the gauntlet9. again, i think this president -- look, he's a bulldog. people aren't going to beat him down. they attack him every day, but he's going to keep going for what he knows is right. he's doing his job as the
10:46 pm
president of the united states. he wants to secure this border, he wants to protect americans, and no one's going to stop him. the ninth circuit's trying, the ngos are trying, the democrat leadership because they hate this president more than they want to secure this border, but he's not going to give up. him throwing the gauntlet down in mexico is the right thing to do. as we just discussed, the criminal cartels are operating with impunity in mexico. it's the against the law in mexico to traffic in women and children, but one-third of the women coming across are being sexually assaulted by the cartels. what has the government in mexico done to dismantle these cartels, because if you shut them down, you shut the national emergency down because nothing happens without the cartels. so they're operating with impunity? mexico hasn't done anything because law enforcement's on their payroll, some of the military, elected officials. so i think the president needs to step it up and out put them on notice. we just sent hsi down there and show them how to dismantle these organizations.
10:47 pm
remittance payments, billions of dollars a year being sent back to mexico, that's a big part of the gdp. the president needs to hold mexico accountable because they're lawless, and they're affecting our national security. lou: and as the president just tweeted, he will soon be giving his response. tom homan, as always, good to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you. lou: on wall street today, the dow up almost 200 points, the s&p up 24, the nasdaq up 83. volume on the big board, 3.1 billion shares. and a reminder, listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next here, espn, they've made a discovery. it's extraordinary, what they have figured out. you're going to see why those media executives at espn are paid all that money. can't wait to tell you all about it. and why are so many young people flocking towards socialism? if you can believe the polls, and we know we can't, but we're
10:48 pm
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10:52 pm
poll techs -- politics. today to -- data shows him that viewers don't want espn pushing politics anymore. the los angeles times reports he is guiding commentators away from if talking about politics on air as well as their social media accounts. isn't it extraordinary when -- [laughter] a media big wig like that grasps a new reality? and a new gallup poll finds more americans are embracing socialism, if you can believe these polls. 43% say socialism would be ad good thing for the united states. 51% say it would be a bad thing. gallup noted in 1942 a roper fortune survey found only 25 back then called it a good thing. well, joining us now, charlie hurt, washington times opinion editor, fox business contributor. charlie, great to have you with us, and i've got to ask you, first, about espn making that
10:53 pm
incredible -- they've had an epiphany. >> a discovery. lou: they don't think that sports guys should be talking about the politics. [laughter] >> yeah. i think we call that a firm grasp of the obvious. the funny thing the here is that they needed some experts to tell them that. i mean, it is incredible, the degree to which these people in whether it's the news business, the sports business, they've allowed politics to infest every corner of people's lives. of course they're sick and tired of it. they don't want to hear any of this nonsense. and, of course, here in washington who's the only politician that we've seen over the last few years who just, at a a gut level, understands that? and, you know, when the nfl players started taking a knee and trying to politicize the football games, only donald trump looked at this and said, get out of here, knock this stuff off, we don't want this. lou: and it took him a while,
10:54 pm
but listen, they eventually did. >> yeah. lou: the dems, they're the insisting on impeachment, it seems, nadler and schiff and the boys and girls of the radical dems. pelosi is going nuts, apparently. reports are that she is doing everything that she can to contend with the uproar yous calls -- uproarious calls from the extreme left. they're going to have an emergency meeting, an emergency caucus meeting tomorrow. what do you think happen? >> i don't know, but prior to this it was pretty clear that nancy pelosi realized what a disaster impeachment would be for democrats. but, you know, the old adage a, you know, you say something enough and loud enough and long enough, and eventually a lot of people will start the believing it. and the worry here is that you have all of these delusional democrats who are still talking about all this nonsense.
10:55 pm
of course, the american people have tune thed out a long time -- tuned out a long time ago. they're not paying attention to any of this nonsense. but when they do tune back in to 2020 election, if democrats are on the heels of some sort of impeachment trial over what has been completely e proved to be a complete fraud, i think that they will pay a heavy, heavy price for it. and, of course, the country pays a heavy price for it because we have actual the, real problems that we need to be dealing with that they're refusing to deal with. you know, the only meeting we ought to have the on capitol hill, we ought9 to send about 500 shrinks up there to evaluate these people. the lexus es. every curve, every innovation, every feeling. a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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ugh. schwab! lisa: oh right, i'm calling schwab. thanks, carl! wait, lisa! lisa... are you getting low costs backed by a satisfaction guarantee? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. lou: chinese president xi jinping escalating his rhetoric, saying that china is now embarking on a new long march. talking about this dangerous turn. >> beginning to look like the haws havthe --hawks have grabben beijing, shifting away today two separate systems. mr. hu has a tweet saying this is good we're going to turn on our own efforts from now on for research and development. lou: but still steal a lot of
11:00 pm
american stuff, that is it for us tonight. join us tomorrow. thank you for being with us, good night from new york. trish: rises. >geopoliticaltensions in all coe world. yet. candidates believe that climate change is the biggest risk to the united states. >> they are running like they are running for student council president, they are not talking about china or iran or venezuela. this is a dangerous world. this is like 1930s to a degree, we're going to a dark valley again tough individuals, a lot of as president trump calls them bad


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