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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 22, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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right here on the fox business network. david asman, we will see you soon, he's coming back soon. take care. elizabeth: well, it was a jump the shark moment. a defining moment in washington. that puts the breakdown in d.c. into clear focus for all the world to see. it was supposed to be a bipartisan no-brainer meeting on a 2 trillion dollars infrastructure plan, potentially, but it fell apart after five minutes because nancy pelosi claimed that president trump is involved a cover-up, without offering any proof, no explanation, no information. that happened one hour before that meeting. so the big question for democrats tonight, are you going to win in 2020 on symbolic impeachment because the republican senate will reject impeachment. you're not going to have any
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kitchen table policies enacted whatsoever. do you think voters will go for that? tonight we talk about what the president pointed out today, the dangerous precedent being set. the president warning one day you could have a democrat in the white house. and republicans controlling the house, would democrats want endless probes then? he calls it an abuse. this is a d.c. and swamp overdrive for all the world to see. house democrats also going after president trump and treasury secretary mnuchin today to release the president's tax returns. we will show you the threat even one democrat warning steve mnuchin you should seek personal legal advice. the outreach is growing over that and more. we have a growing number of states writing new laws to try to get a sitting president's state tax returns released. we will debate the big constitutional privacy fight in the making. we will explain it all. to the tensions in the middle east. watch this, iran's hard-line ayatollah for the first time publicly scolding iran's president for botching the
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nuclear deal under obama. this as the u.s. air force is flying b 52 bombers with escorts in the skies there. it is a message to iran, stop the bad behavior. just in, the pentagon weighing a request to send an additional 5,000 troops to the middle east. we're on that story. plus we will show you the major flip-flops from the likes of joe biden and democrats, flip-flopping on major policy issues affecting you and your family. we understand it is one thing for politicians in any party to change their views because they evolve over time, but it is a whole other thing to pull a total 180 especially when it is about national security. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth mcdonald. "evening edit" starts right now. welcome to the show. you are watching the fox business network. voters are basically weighing in on the fiasco of what happened
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between president trump, house speaker pelosi, and senator schumer. nancy pelosi's claim that president trump was involved in a cover-up without offering any information or proof or evidence whatsoever. accusations tantamount to a conviction. the meeting between the president and the democrats ended after five minutes. we are on capitol hill with more. chad? >> this went down pretty quickly this morning. the house democrats held a meeting to talk about options on investigations, subpoenas and even impeachment. you have to remember the house speaker pelosi is trying to have it both ways, both listen to her base but also tamp down about the conversations about impeachment because she believes it goes a little too far. she went down to the white house. the meeting ended very abruptly. no one quite knew what happened. i said to one house senior democratic aide, i said what's the story here? they said nothing good if it end that quickly. that's always a pretty bad sign. keep in mind how quickly this
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involved. pelosi and schumer and others were engaged with the administration in working out a deal with the debt ceiling. they have been talking to the treasury secretary, also a two year spending agreement. they thought they might get an agreement yesterday afternoon that didn't happen. this puts everything in jeopardy, a spending agreement, also trying to get something on infrastructure, and keep in mind, they have to keep the government open later this year. i talked to one democratic source who said, you know, they have to have some goodwill extended in the interim. the problem for democrats is that at least for today, president trump appears to have captured the narrative that he wants, that democrats are going too far, but there's an old saying here on capitol hill, if you get an agreement early, you will spend less. and it's possible if they do try to get an agreement on infrastructure and spending later this year, because of the big blow up today, house speaker
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pelosi will ask -- and president trump needs democratic votes to avoid the debt ceiling crisis later this year and keep the government open. nancy pelosi still holds a lot of the cards. elizabeth: great reporting there. the democratic base of the union worker can't be happy that that infrastructure deal fell apart. labor unions want to work on improving bridges tunnels and roads. president trump said he was looking forward to talking infrastructure today, saying let's get real. let's get things done for the american people. let's work on bringing drug prices down. you can get it done in 15 minutes the president says if you just talk about it and give us a few votes. let's bring in republican representative who serves on ways and means. great to see you, sir. thank you very much for joining us. >> always good to be with you, liz. elizabeth: who is to blame for today's collapse in talks? >> you know, obviously when you go down to the white house and you go into a meeting supposedly in good faith and yet you come out swinging and say this was a cover up and that the party, the president of the united states,
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you are accusing very malicious things. elizabeth: what was the proof nancy pelosi had of that moment that the president covered up anything? >> i totally agree with you. i have no idea where the speaker is coming from. pelosi throwing this charge out there as reckless aas she did. -- as she did. that's not productive. if you are going to have a relationship built on trust so you can get these big deals done like we do in the problem solvers caucus, it takes time, respect and honesty with each other. elizabeth: this is a defining moment. we jumped the shark today. it is for the country and the entire world to see just how ridiculous and off base and over the top the swamp is. are the republicans going to stand up and say we should sensor you pelosi for your behavior today? you can't accuse somebody of a crime without the evidence which she didn't have. >> i agree. i think she's going down a very slippery slope here. i think the american people deserve better than that. that's why i try to be a voice myself saying look i will stay in the room. i respect you.
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i understand where you are coming from, but this type of behavior from the speaker i think was not productive in trying to get a deal done for the american people. elizabeth: it is a no-brainer bipartisan infrastructure deal. again, the democrats base of unions can't be happy with these talks. still no serious push on impeachment. they were talking impeachment without the impeachment. the mueller probe alone, subpoenas, witnesses, indictments, 500 search warrants, just look at how many times democrats have called for trump's impeachment. watch. >> i see a lot more people -- impeachable offense and would like to see an impeachment inquiry. >> there's enough here to bring an impeachment proceeding. >> the political consequences are irrelevant. we need to do what's right for the country. elizabeth: here's the thing, they are not going to do it. why? there are 31 house democrats who sit in vulnerable positions and
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seats. there are moderate democrats in districts that either trump or romney won. we only have 17 laws enacted in this congress. this might be the worse congress we have seen. >> i agree. american people deserve better than this. we need to shed the partisan politics the extreme sections of both sides that seem to be getting a lot of time in influencing the agenda in a negative way. my hope is that we don't go down the impeachment path. that is totally the wrong path substantively to go down. let's start working together to solve problems. elizabeth: going into 2020 trying to get the grassroots out over impeachment with zero policies enacted quite a striking play there by the em ds. -- democrats. the growing number of states to try to enact state laws to get a sitting president to release taxes. that's a big deal, sir. the president can say in state tax returns, you have federal information, you don't get that
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released, you can't have a federal tax information release there. this is a constitutional privacy issue at stake; right? >> it is. it also shows if you are going to put politics over protecting individuals, this is a right to privacy. this is something we're weaponizing the tax code potentially to engage in a political war. that's very dangerous. that's a very slippery slope. every individual american should be concerned if they can use it here, can they use it against your neighbor, somebody who is not even running for public office? it is a dangerous slope. we shouldn't go down this path. elizabeth: thank you for joining us. treasury secretary mnuchin, with democrats on capitol hill today, fighting with them over releasing president trump's tax returns. hillary vaughn has more. >> treasury secretary mnuchin finding out he has something in common with democrats in congress. he has not seen president trump's tax returns either. congresswoman adams pressing mnuchin over what the president is hiding. >> do you know what he is
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hiding? he doesn't want anybody to see them. >> i don't think he's hiding anything. >> okay. so you don't know? >> i don't know anything about his tax returns. >> all right. why haven't you complied with the chairman's request? >> because i think that would be unlawful. >> house financial services chairwoman maxine watters also got what she was looking for from this hearing today. mnuchin under oath saying he has not talked to the president or anyone else in the white house about handing over president trump's tax returns to congress. >> it seems to be somewhat clear that we do have the ability and the right to have that information. >> we've been advised based upon constitutional issues that it is not legal for us to pursue it. we are -- this has nothing to do with anything else. >> the democrats may not even have to go through the irs to get a sneak peek at some of trump's tax return info. fox news confirming that the new york state senate passed a new law that would allow congress to access the president's state returns. a progressive advocacy group
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that helped push the bill through the new york state assembly cheering the vote writing in a statement, quote, in order to circumvent this stonewalling, new york lawmakers are providing a new avenue for the house ways and means committee to obtain these crucial financial documents. as soon as this bill becomes law, all chairman neal will have to do is ask. that legislation is headed to new york governor andrew cuomo's desk. if he signs it, he will be making a lot of democrats here on the hill's dreams come true. liz? elizabeth: hillary, thank you very much. let's take a break for a second and talk about another fight, the fight with china, affecting american farmers. farmers are expected to meet with the president at the white house tomorrow to discuss the problem. jeff flock is here with the details and how the president may help our nation farmers. jeff? >> that's right, you know, liz, the president has acknowledged himself that farmers are taking it on the chin here. i mean, you know, steel has been helped. aluminium has been helped. manufacturing has been helped, but the retaliation by the
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chinese has hit people like lynn, your farm. president of the soybean growers association. they are tariffing your soybeans. you are getting hit hard. >> we are. we're taking a hit to our bottom lines. we hope these tariffs are going to be rescinded or a compromise so we can start raising a crop that will receive a fair price for it and hope that the trade is going to be expanded and oped back up. >> as we walk across the field here, by the way, liz, you should know, this field too wet to plant right now. farmers, they always deal with the weather, but now they are dealing with politics and trade as well. we did a survey of farmers here in illinois, just to try to take the pulse. some people said you can't criticize the president, that hurts his position. as i said, the president has acknowledged this has hurt them. here's what some of the farmers said in the survey that we asked, you know, what's your opinion? one farmer said i don't mind sacrificing if it is good for the usa.
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another farmer saying don't use farmers as a pawn in trade, most undoubtedly will lose money and some may go out of business. yet another farmer saying i'm losing faith every day that a deal ever will be reached. are you losing faith, lynn? >> i'm very frustrated as it goes on. as it keeps going on, i'm getting very frustrated and starting to lose faith because myself and other farmers across the country are being used as pawns and unfortunately there's going to be some of us that are going to be collateral damage. you hate to see generations of farming operations that are going to close up shop. >> liz, i want to leave you with a survey of farmers in illinois. and 32% say losing confidence the deal is going to get done. 28% said they are not confident at all. and another 30% said they were. so you've got both pluses and minuses out here, but as i said, tomorrow maybe the president has at least some temporary relief for the farmers. elizabeth: jeff flock, thank you very much. coming up, the pentagon
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weighing a request to send at 5,000 troops to the middle east as american b-52 bombers were escorted by a fighter jet that took to the skies there. they are sending a clear message to iran, just as russian bombers with their own fighter escort jets flew near alaska. that story coming up. plus we'll talk more about the pelosi cover up bombshell accusation with no information, no evidence, no proof. critics say it points to the big plan for 2020, take back the white house without doing anything to fix america. instead ruin the president's approval rating by burying the president under a mountain of probes. we will debate whether that will work, coming up. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need.
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elizabeth: welcome back. you are watching the fox business network. to the stand off between the u.s. and iran. the pentagon now considering a request to send an additional 5,000 troops to the middle east and separately the associated press reporting for the very first time iran's hard-line supreme leader ayatollah publicly lectured the president, the country's moderate president and also the foreign minister who is also moderate. the hard-liner ayatollah
6:19 pm
disagreeing with the 2015 nuclear deal struck under president obama and blaming them for the deal's unravelling. joining me now is retired lieutenant general. good to see you, general. what are your thoughts on that? >> well, you know, the deployment of the forces, i just saw that before i came on. i would say that another 5,000 troops could be at the request of the central command or it could be emanate from the embassy for that matter. and i don't know if it's to shore up the u.s. interests over in iraq and syria because there are americans in both places, or whether there's some other purpose for that. i would think it's a security issue. with regards to the squabble between the ayatollah and the supreme council, that is not something new. that's been an ongoing problem for them. the same thing with ahmadinejad when he was president. the presidents rarely agree with
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the supreme counsel, so i don't see this as much of a change. elizabeth: i hear what you are saying the associated press and others reporting that it is for the first time that it broke out into the open. he publicly named them. so the splits and divisions, you're right, general, they are there. i like your take on this, general, that how yesterday's senate members met with secretary of defense shanahan and secretary of state pompeo about the next steps with iran. senator graham tweeted out this, quote, the threat streams from iran against america interests are real and severe. senator graham went on to say the trump administration has shown amazing restraint in the the face of escalating aggression from iran. there's this debate going on about whether the americans are overreaching, iranians attacks on ships, sabotaging other nation's pipelines, firing a rocket. where do you come down on this >> the intel is real. i agree with senator graham. i was over there about ten days
6:21 pm
ago in iraq. i can tell you everything was unfolding while i was there. they were taking this very very seriously. the intel is absolutely what the administration is saying it is. now, i do not think that either donald trump or the iranians want to go to war. look, the iranians have everything to lose by going to war with the united states. keep in mind that the people in iran do not support their government. i talked to a guy while i was over there that lived in tehran, been there for over a dozen years, and he made it very clear, the people there don't support the government. 60% of them are under 30 years old. they don't support the government. the government has everything to lose by getting into a war that they can't win with the united states. that's not to say that it wouldn't be a problem for the u.s. as well. but i don't think the iranians want war, and i can tell you that donald trump does not want war, but what he is not going to do is stand by and let them threaten us and conduct
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stand-off attacks against american personnel and interests in the middle east. elizabeth: senator john kennedy called iran a cancer. watch. >> my personal feeling is that iran is a cancer. it's a cancer on the middle east and it's a cancer on the world. not the iranian people, but the iranian leadership. elizabeth: you know, iran was behind the covert bombings, the bombings of marines under reagan. if there was a more forceful response to iran given their past problems with iran, would iran have backed off? it looks like they are backing off pretty quickly here. there's a lot of heated rhetoric, but to your point, general, it seems like what the president is doing is working. >> he's ratcheting up the pressure on them. the sanctions are working. the sanctions have forced them into a real economic problem. they have already cut their funding to hezbollah by half. they have stopped supporting some of the militias, the shia
6:23 pm
militias in syria. they are having some very serious economic problems, and that alone, if you keep the pressure on them, that alone is going to make a huge difference in what they are going to be able to do next. elizabeth: general, thank you very much for joining us. nice to see you, sir. >> glad to be with you. elizabeth: we have more developing stories to share with you tonight. more big legal trouble for disgraced attorney michael avenatti. once a major thorn in the side of president trump. the feds charging avenatti with taking money with allegedly stealing from his most famous client, adult actress stormy daniels, allegedly swiping $300,000 stormy daniels was supposed to earn from a book deal. avenatti also indicted on previously announced charges of allegedly extorting nike to the tune of 20 million dollars. avenatti denies the charges. ice t. ripping into amazon on twitter after he said he nearly
6:24 pm
shot one of amazon home delivery drivers who wasn't wearing a uniform. that driver was making a delivery to ice t's house at night. he said amazon drivers should start wearing amazon vests or uniforms at least. an amazon spokesman didn't sound too concerned joking in a tweet back to ice t said you can track the packages on the website there. shareholders rejecting proposals to curb amazon's facial recognition service just days after san francisco moved to ban local police from using it. congress now signalling it may regulate facial recognition software over civil rights and privacy violations. currently law enforcement in oregon and florida, used amazon's technology there, called recognition. the worst measles outbreak in 25 years just got even worse. it's now spread to a 25th state. the state of maine. state officials say a child was infected was vaccinated. he's fully recovered, though. nearly 900 cases reported
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nationwide. that's measles. coming up, it's the greatest democrat flip-flop of all time. one for the record books. we will tell you what it is and what the president can do about it. plus president trump calling the democrats having shifty tactics. he warns them be careful what you wish for, you just might get a democrat president and republican controlled house one day. that's coming up. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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elizabeth: welcome back to fox business network. you are watching us delve into the biggest democrat flip-flop of all. democrats like house speaker pelosi have claimed that they want to get things done for the american people. watch this. >> this is so important. it is about commerce. it is about clean air, clean water. it's a public health issue.
6:30 pm
it's about the jobs in the building the infrastructure but also the commerce it would create. elizabeth: but today nancy pelosi focused on attacking trump. >> would you believe that it's important to follow the facts? we believe that no one is above the law, including the president of the united states, and we believe that the president of the united states engaged in a cover-up. elizabeth: a defining moment happened today. we saw the greatest democrat flip-flop of all time. you're seeing a lot of empty words and empty promises and nothing gets done for america. they spend more energy and time attacking trump. meanwhile you, the voter, can mistake their empty activity and rhetoric for achievement. here's other democrats claiming they want to work with trump but then attacking him. >> we have already offered the president our proposals which sat on his desk for several weeks, but this was really, really unfortunate, and in my
6:31 pm
judgment somewhat unbecoming of a presidency. >> we should work on infrastructure in a bipartisan way. we agree. now we want to hear his ideas as to how we can fund a 21st century infrastructure plan. not a 1950's infrastructure plan. >> let's work together, but everything that you just named, whether it's looking at the corporate tax structure, whether it's looking at gas tax. elizabeth: with me now is independent women's forum's guest. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer have been around for a long time. they have been talking about fixing infrastructure for decades. they spend more time talking than getting things done. voters are saying move on, they are sick of the fighting. >> i think you have nancy pelosi in the house, had a unique
6:32 pm
opportunity to demonstrate they can govern in leadership. they are squandering that opportunity by blowing these opportunities to actually work with the white house. let's not forget, liz, last year at the end of last year, congress was able to pass bipartisan historic criminal justice reform which is a tremendous benefit to so many people who, you know, need a second chance to become a better citizens and contributing sit sents the our -- citizens in our society. now they have an opportunity to say let's get see what we can get done before the 2020 election. elizabeth: they are working for their party, not for the american people. let's show the viewers of what president trump is trying to get accomplished. i think we have a full screen that we will show you. here's what's going on, economic optimism is the best in the generation, when it came to internet era, americans view the
6:33 pm
job market at a new high. 7 in 10 americans feel good about the u.s. job market. again, optimism among the labor force at the highest since 2001, patrice? >> yeah, i mean these are hard to be able to hit back on. you are starting to see some nuance on how democrats are trying to hit the president saying you are out of touch with people who are struggling or americans that are struggling and trying to bring it down to a micro level. let's talk about the micro level, liz. let's not forget the 2017 tax cuts meant that every single family at every income level got a tax cut, bigger take-home pay so that's more money they can spend and go this memorial weekend on a get away. that's more money they can spend on soccer uniforms for their kids. that's more money for the family budget. and if they want -- wages are starting to rise. if you know you are not getting paid enough, you can actually leave your job and have confidence that you can find a new one. i think this is a way to message to voters saying hey, wait a minute. you know, look at your
6:34 pm
individual situation. is it better? and it probably is better off. there is, though, an opportunity when it comes to healthcare for conservatives to figure out how to talk about the way that a private sector is better than a public option. elizabeth: uh-huh. patrice, love having you on. come back soon. >> good to see you. elizabeth: coming up, more and more democrats throwing around the i word as the president calls it but critics say tread lightly. it could backfire on you. we will explain that. plus democrats looking through a big hole in their plan to get trump. mueller still not testifying openly before congress. no big tv spectacle for the american people. we're on that story, coming up. my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish
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>> they want to make this a big deal. whether or not they carry the big i word out, i can't imagine that, but they probably would because they do whatever they have to do. i will tell you this, there's a
6:39 pm
danger here. if some day a democrat becomes president, and you have a republican house, they can impeach him for any reason or her, any reason. we can't allow that to happen. we can't allow it to happen. elizabeth: that was president trump in his impromptu rose garden presser earlier today. this as a growing house democrats in favor of pursuing impeachment. joining me now is doug burns. there is only talk of a private hearing, not a public. >> i'm not so sure that the democrats are convinced that having mueller coming in could help them. he could turn around and say yes the attorney general did ask me if i thought anything in the summary was inaccurate and i told them no. that will really damage them. the way i looked at it is i don't think either side wants him in there. elizabeth: that's a great point. there was a theory that democrats want the national
6:40 pm
televised tv spectacle like john dean. >> i get that. at the same time, there's too many unanswered questions about this. look, once again, broken record. we have been over this hundred times. this business of obstruction of jus the way it was handled -- obstruction of justice, the way it was handled, the way he left it open for the attorney general to decide leading to the political argument, you threw it right back to the political appointee by the president has been very very toxic and everybody has gone on and on about it. but again, i don't see that mueller would necessarily shed all that much light. i myself was very surprised that he wouldn't have made the decision on obstruction. that's what he was hired for. elizabeth: 27 democrats now want to impeach -- they are talking about that. the republicans are saying okay, you are going to have a bill clinton situation on your hands. >> the bill clinton impeachment backfired. andrew johnson, bill clinton, neither one convicted in the senate. coming out of the bill clinton situation in the late 90s, everybody realized that it could as you just said liz increase
6:41 pm
the president's popularity. elizabeth: the thing is it's impeachment light. it's impeachment without the impeachment. >> i agree. elizabeth: basically they want to make like they are going to impeach him but not do it because they know they will put at risk their house control. here's the thing, they want to slam the president's approval rating with all these investigations. >> you made a key point because i was talking about this earlier today. they want, you know, get into semantics, they want to open an impeachment probe which doesn't mean it will result in actual articles of impeachment coming out of the house. if they do this probe, they are weighing behind closed doors will that help us with 2020? just to open a probe. i don't think they are ever going to return articles of impeachment. elizabeth: they want to drive the approval ratings down in 2020. >> they are focused on 2020. elizabeth: watch this about impeachment. >> if you did a secret ballot among the democratic caucus, yes or no on impeachment, what would
6:42 pm
the majority likely be? >> oh, the majority would be no. elizabeth: no. >> no, i mean, look -- elizabeth: he said no. >> we've been down this road before. i think it is crystal clear that the political wisdom is that impeachment is not a good idea. now comes the pivot, what can we get out of this without having to impeach? elizabeth: here's what they are doing now. they are going to go after hope hicks, she's communications officer for fox corporation. >> right. elizabeth: they are going after other players in the trump white house. you know, do they know in a humane sense what people have to endure when they are targeted like that? the multiple probes against trump and his family. they go after your phone, your bank records, right, doug? >> it's interesting because in real world cases very often they do exert that kind of pressure on those around the person, you know, to pressure them more.
6:43 pm
you're hitting the key point honestly which they have pivoted into all of these investigations of trump. i don't want it to sound like a political sound bite, but at the same time, to investigate him a decade before he came into office, before he was in the white house, is that really legitimate congressional oversight? that's debatable. elizabeth: what do you think? >> i think it is a stretch to say that it is honestly. i mean, you know, what's the argument? that what he did -- i mean, think of the issue about 1989 in atlantic city and all of that, how are you arguing that that's legislative matter? that's a tough argument. elizabeth: for nancy pelosi to say a cover-up, with no proof, nothing, the theory, speculation, it is accusation tantamount to a conviction. the theory is that the russians talked to president trump when he was citizen trump. >> they throw around these terms. those of us in federal criminal
6:44 pm
law, you can't just throw around these terms, you know, cover-up this, i'm a purist. if there's oefd -- if there's evidence of it, show it to me. i will look at it. elizabeth: thank you. >> my pleasure. elizabeth: joe biden was against sanctuary cities back in 07. he's not the only democrat flip-flopping. we will tell you who the rest are. that's coming up. we humans are strange creatures. other species avoid pain and struggle. we actually... seek it out. other species do difficult things because they have to. we do difficult things. because we like to. we think it's... fun. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger built for the strangest of all creatures.
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>> i voted numerous times when i was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. >> those who enter our country legally and those who employ them -- those who enter our country illegally and those who employ them disrespect the law. we cannot allow people to pour into the u.s. undetected, undocumented and unchecked. >> all of us agree we need to have comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform. that can only begin with strong border control. we must have that. we must control our borders.
6:49 pm
elizabeth: flip-flopping democrats sounding just like president trump. we understand people's views evolve over time. republicans flip-flop all the time. but this is extreme. it is about national security. just last decade democrats wants 50 billion dollars to construct and maintain hundreds of miles of barriers. the trump administration says no, bloomberg got it wrong. the claim was they built less than 2 miles of border wall but the president and the white house is saying no it is nearly 120 miles of border wall that have been fixed and renovated. let's bring in boston herald radio host. quite the floip flip-flops here from the democrats. >> absolutely. going back to 2006, so many of them supported the secure fences act, whether that's obama, biden, hilary clinton, schumer or moving forward to prior to the trump administration, they all supported securing the border, strong -- you know, securing the border and strong
6:50 pm
immigration reform. but yet as soon as president trump gets in office, now suddenly they are against it. i mean voters see this is all political. these are just partisans pushing, trying to resist and obstruct the trump administration and they are putting our national security at risk. elizabeth: we have got more video just resurfacing as chuck schumer. listen to this flip-flop. >> we let cross the border millions who take jobs away from american workers. we catch someone crossing the border, prosecute them and deport them. we are solving the crime and punishing the criminal. one of the most effective things we do on the border is turn people back. we don't catch them after they cross the border. they get up to the board, we find them and say go home. elizabeth: let's listen now to joe biden flip-flopping. joe biden during a 2007 democratic primary debate did not like sanctuary cities at all. watch. >> i would like the hear from senator bidened
6:51 pm
. -- biden. would you allow the cities to ignore the federal law? >> the reason they ignore the federal law is the fact there is no funding at the federal level to provide the kind of enforcement at the federal level you need. part of the problem is you have to have a federal government that can enforce laws. this administration has been fundamentally derelict in not funding any of the requirements that are needed to even enforce the existing law. >> would you allow those cities to ignore the federal law? >> no. elizabeth: did you hear that, adriana? >> yeah, hypocrisy is just incredible. you know, when barack obama deported, you know, over 2 million illegals, no democrat accused him of, you know, trying to keep america white or being a racist, but as soon as president trump gets in office, they make those types of accusations an make him sound cruel because he's upholding the rule of law at the border. it is such hypocrisy. these democrats are committing, you know, mal practice because they are putting partisan politics before national security. elizabeth: listen to democrat adam schiff's flip-flop.
6:52 pm
here's the flip-flop. he demanded a crackdown on border problems in 2011 i believe. check me on that, team. he said basically drugs and guns are pouring over the border. there's illegal trafficking guns and drugs. adam schiff says it is a serious national security and public safety threat and now he's basically going after president trump for the same thing. adriana? >> that's right. just a few months ago, he claimed adam schiff that, you know, trump is manufacturing the border crisis when every american knows that's not true. i mean, the customs agents on the ground, the i.c.e. agents, they know it is a real crisis. our border is being flooded by 5,000 illegal immigrants a day. and so now he's totally flip-flopping when even jeh johnson's barack obama's head of dhs acknowledges there's a crisis of the border. elizabeth: the equivalent of he
6:53 pm
said orlando at the border. that's jeh johnson. thanks for joining us. >> glad to be here. elizabeth: the democrats say if it takes a subpoena to get mueller to come forward, they said they will get a subpoena ready for robert mueller. that debate is next. something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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6:57 pm
goings on under the obama administration when it comes to how it conducted the trump-russia probe. with us now, former federal pros courted jim trusty. here's one thing that's really weird that's going on. basically we're seeing, let's go to the bruce ohr question. bruce ohr met with the state department official and said basically, listen, we want to get this thing moving, we want to get it going on what's going on with trump-russia. that e-mail just surfaced. what' your take on that? >> there are a couple of competing things in my mind. the first is that praws was the director of the organized crime drug enforcement task force. his area of responsibility. and that's typically a funding mechanism for narcotics wire traps but he was trying to expand it into international organized a crime. for bruce to be focusing on this, this is not a surprise to people around the department at that point. the problem is the lack of an
6:58 pm
easy explanation for sitting down with the commission spy christopher steele. the informant had been fired, bruce would not there's no legitimate reason to sit down with this guy. and i can't think of a particularly helpful organization oexplanationof why. i think the christopher steele relationship is problematic. liz: judicial watch says the document during the obama administration, the former attorney general bruce ohr in an e-mail exchange with a state department official talked about trump and russia and the steele dossier and bruce ohr e-mailing, quote, i hope we can get something going here. why does he hope he can get something going there. >> i can't crawl inside his head and give greater context than what little we know from the outside. these are the types of fair questions that john durham is going to try to answer, what was going on, what was motivated doj
6:59 pm
in terms of their behavior and the use of the russian dossier. liz: do you think there's deep state bias against president trump? do you think there's bias prior to him winning the investigation separate from the russia probe, do you think there's bias at the doj against him in. >> i worked the doj for a long time. i'm not going to make a blanket statement that everyone there is part of a deep state. but what i would say is there's enough smoke here that we have to explore the fire. no matter the politics. the lead investigator and lisa page are exchanging hateful e-mail messages about trump. that shouldn't happen. those people shouldn't be in positions to at least allow the possibility of bias toin fect the whole process. so a lot of people, mccabe, comey, page, strzok, a lot of questions have to be answered about how this thing got start started.
7:00 pm
liz: thank you for joining us. and thank you for having us in your homes and thank you for watching. "lou dobbs" is next right here on the fox business network. have a good night. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, adam schiff, jerry nadler and the rest of the radical dimms leading the democratic party into the abyss with their coaster and vile politics. the dimms are no longer borderline evil. they've crossed that line. and with nancy pelosi's senseless baseless claims among which that the president is involved in a coverup, she's consigned her party to futility and failure in 2020. but her attempts to soothe the raging radical left have backfired and the political cost will be immense.


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