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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 24, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou:>> good evening i am gregg jarrett and for lou dobbs. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer and the radical dimms right out of control. president they said is involved in a cover. nancy pelosi says the president is begging for impeachment and that he needs an intervention. the president today fighting back against the venom being spewed by pelosi and the left saying that she has lost her mind. and the dimms of the do-nothing party. we take out the radical dimms will from opposition party to
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the party of obstruction. some say evil. ed rollins, byron york, cory lewandowski all among our guests tonight. and the crisis of the southern border worsens day by day yet the permanent bureaucracy of the swamp and the leaders of the dhs slow walk all efforts to secure it. with no help from congress and will help from his own administration, the president fights on, signing in order to crack down on immigrants, excluding the welfare system. we take up the latest on the president's fight to secure the southern border with doctor sebastian gorka tonight. and as tensions rise in the middle east, president trump says he will do whatever is necessary to end iran's aggressive rhetoric. >> iran has been a very dangerous player very bad player. they are a nation of terror. and we will not put up with it. if we need it we will be there in whatever number we need. >> for -- we begin with our top
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story. president trump has had enough. he has been viciously attacked namely by nancy pelosi. their flailing knowing that the lust in their attempt to overthrow the sitting president. now acting in desperation with more the president's battle with the democratic leaders, the security chief white house correspondent, john. >> a day at the white house they were going at it all the entropy one of the famous impromptu press conferences late this afternoon, it felt like the president still had a lot to get off his chest. >> she is a mess. >> in the roosevelt room to announcing the $16 billion aid package for american farmers hit hard by the trade war with china, president trump took
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another swing at house speaker, nancy pelosi. >> crazy nancy. i will tell you what, i've been watching her. i have been watching her for a long period of time. she is not the same person. she's lost it. >> the long-running feud hit a climax yesterday when the speaker twice accused the president of a cover up. at weekly news conference today, she dribbled down. >> it is clear, it is in plain sight. it cannot be denied. obstruction of justice. yes, these could be impeachable offenses. >> pelosi and chuck schumer accused the president of throwing a temper tantrum at a white house meeting on infrastructure yesterday that he abruptly walked out of. president trump insisted they were lying and in an extraordinary move, on live television, asked his aides to back him up. >> i've seen both -- [inaudible] >> pelosi under increasing pressure from her caucus to
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begin investigation it may take us to a place that is unavoidable in terms of impeachment or not. but we are not at that place. >> pelosi also accused the president of wanting democrats to try to impeach him. 1996 law that has never really
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been enforced. the bipartisan illegal immigration reform and immigrant responsibility act signed by president clinton requires sponsors of illegal immigrants to reimburse the government for any social services used by the immigrant. including welfare and medicaid. finally enforcing the provision, the white house hopes to help ensure future immigrants can take care of themselves and not have to rely on government handouts. president trump is directing the various departments to put in place a mechanism to collect information on the use of social services. then turn that over to the treasury department to collect reimbursements. initially, the plan will only apply to future immigrants but will include people currently in the country if and when they reapply for food stamps, welfare or medicare. at the white house, john roberts, fox news. >> thank you. thank let's turn to our fox
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business analyst, ed rollins. nancy pelosi is calling into question the fitness of the president. she says his family needs to have an intervention. what do you make of that? >> i think first it is very derogatory comments. we think of intervention you thing about alcoholism and what have you. certainly present has none of that he is not a drinker and is not mentally ill. the bottom line is he's trying to do his job and he's been under scrutiny for two years. we are not finding anything and you do that he's tempted to cover things up is -- i think the name-calling has to stop. a lot of things that needs to get done. nancy represents, this figure represents one phase of the congress but not the whole a certain extent the president should not be sitting down with them anymore. my role at this point in time,
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you have an immigration bill, come see me. infrastructure bill, come see me. my job is to sign them not to write them or implement them. you figure that out your job is to do those things. my job is to do these other things. >> you have no nancy pelosi for decades.>> forever. >> pretty well. i want to play a clip and get your action. here's nancy pelosi today.>> we have -- custody of the border patrol. everyone -- started making -- sending signals to us, mexico, canada.that is not the accurate. some people call it nafta some call it nafta to -- 2.0. the three things, the three things, the three things. we are very busy people. >> last time i checked this is three, not this. it was worse yesterday.
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they played another clip. she cannot put a subject with a predicate in the same sentence. what's going on? >> i'm 76 years old, she's a couple years older than i am. we all age a little differently. my sense is she is a very big job i think is getting worn down. she's always very neat and proper, i think she's very inarticulate which she's never been in the past. i think in a certain extent she should step in the background and not be in front as much. she should not be the point person. >> is she speaker in name only now? actually being controlled by her own sort of radical branch of the democratic party? >> it is a split party. certainly, the young dynamic, democrats want to impeach the president do not go along with her. she is sort of the old guard and i think this is the democratic party of joe biden and everyone is way over the hill running for president. she certainly would be perceived as over the hill at this point in time is probably i would be too.
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at the end of the day my sense is that she should not be out there doing the kinds of things she is doing. she will diminish himself. >> you just a mr. comey or about 100 times more articulate than nancy pelosi will ever be in the future. she is the one who stood out in front and spoke for the entire party when they guaranteed that mueller would come up with evidence of collusion with the russians. when it didn't happen, she began to double down. and say not only is there evidence of collusion but there is, the president obstructed justice in plain sight. which is not what the mueller report foundry is certainly not with the attorney general and the deputy ag found. >> and it is the presidents prerogative to decide if he wants the white house counsel to go before committee. there are five house committees right now that one full investigations. they are all calling for impeachment without facts. and all the evidence has been gathered basically proves the opposite. then he is not guilty of
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anything. reality is, he got elected fairly and squarely, let's move on. 18 months from now there's another election. let the democrats pick from the 23 candidates, let's go at it. right now a lot to undertake. >> and she was only repeatedly condemned republicans for asking for documents from the obama white house in fast and furious and the attorney general at the time, she said it was outrageous! she is nothing but a hypocrite here. >> and again, she's not doing herself any favors. i think she is historic speaker, obviously the first woman to be speaker and reelected speaker. my sense is again, she needs to be behind the scenes, so counseling the young members, getting them in line. at the end of the day her being the public spokesman will diminish her and diminish the political process. >> time for her to say goodbye. >> behind the scenes. >> ed rollins, always great to see you. >> thank you.>> up next,
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president trump calls out the deep state for an attempt to overthrow his presidency. >> they have unsuccessfully tried to take down the wrong person. you look at call me, look at mccabe, look at probably hot people higher than that if you look at peter strzok, he talked about the insurance policy. just in case cricket hillary loses. we have an insurance policy and we'll get this guy out of office. that is what they said and that is what they meant. that is treason. >> plus, tentacles turning deadly. reaching across the country, ripping apart entire neighborhoods. we will have that and a lot more after these quick messages. i switched to liberty mutual, because they let me customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> obstructionist dimms
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planning to sue the white house of accessing the presidents tax returns. house ways and means committee chairman, richard neal says he is going to go to court to enforce the subpoena. the treasury secretary steve mnuchin claims a canoes request lacks a legitimate legislative purpose. president trump calls for the radical dimms to move on from the phony russia witchhunt. resonating all over america. take a look at this. a new cbs news poll shows 53 percent of americans want the
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dimms to drop the witchhunt and move on to other issues. 50 percent of americans say we have heard enough about the nearly two year long mueller witchhunt. join not to talk about, byron york, chief political correspondent for the washington examiner. an fox business contributor. byron, great to see you. i always read your columns purity what one a couple days ago. after the mueller report democrats are playing defense. how so? >> it really changed everything.for one reason, robert mueller was able to establish that there was a conspiracy or coordination between the president, trump campaign and russia to influence the 2016 election and without that foundation, they really not been able to get the traction they needed to impeach the president or go after the president and in other ways. everything else after that began to diminish
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insignificance. for example on that the president obstructed justice. after the rush to judgment the charges now that the president obstructed an investigation into something that the fbi or that the special prosecutor could not establish even happened. >> right. >> but is very different, when a lawyer say you can pursue obstruction without an underlying crime but politically, and an impeachment scenario when the president can say, there impeach me for obstructing an investigation and something that did not happen. >> prosecutors dropped the case if there is no underlying crime because they say to them sells what idiot would obstruct a non-crime? people just don't do does not show corrupt intent. look -- i think actually and probably one of very few people who actually read three times, the 448 page mueller report. it is painful to try to digest.
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[laughter] three times! >> yes, three times. it's like having a colonoscopy without propofol. it is disorganize, chaotic, redundant, confused and contradictory. and but on my bound volume, reason mueller did not call for obstruction of justice is buried on page 333. in which it essentially says, the supreme court has ruled twice that general statutes are not applicable to the president. whenever he's exercising his constitutional duties and authorities. obstruction of justice right there that's why barr and other said sorry, no obstruction. >> they couldn't do it. also they did not have the underlying crime. again, one of the reasons -- remember the long debate about whether mueller would subpoena the president to testify in
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person. and ultimately, he did not. and was satisfied with the president offering written answers to questions. but the reason he did not press, the reason he did not push it all the way to a subpoena was one, he was afraid he was going to lose. and two, it was because he could not establish there was an underlying crime. all of our jurors prudence shows that the president is not immune to any criminal proceeding. but the criminal proceeding has to have a really good reason. to place some burden on the president. mueller cannot do it. >> you have a good observation i think in your column in which you said you know they are turning the mueller report now into a television show. as part of the t.v. show is bill barr the new punching bag? >> well, don mcgahn -- was supposed to be the star of the show. >> right! >> i think you saw this as soon as the report came out.
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even before the report came out. remember, democrats began to get a little antsy. there were that the mueller report would not give them what they wanted. >> which is true, it did not. it did not give them collusion. so now that in light of the cbs poll numbers you just read, where majority of americans wantcongress to just move on from this . quit beating on this horse. democrats are trying to figure out, how can we get their attention? this is a 448 page report. there are many people that were not read it three times or not even once. they wanted to turn into something that had little entertainment to appeared into a television show that people could watch with a witness testifying on camera. the everybody could see. they hoped don mcgahn would be that person. maybe he will still be but so far, that is not working out. >> yeah. well, the fact that i read it three times is only demonstrative of how pathetic my life is.
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>> absolutely! [laughter] good to see you, byron york, as always. >> thank you. >> deadly tornadoes touring through parts of missouri including the capital, jefferson city, late wednesday night. one tornado killing three people. leaving widespread damage. this afternoon is jefferson city tornado was rated f3 which means it is peak wind that topped out at 160 miles an hour. first responders have been searching for people, rescuing them, trapped in collapsed buildings since last night. coming up next, it is truly amazing that congress can do what congress can do when time away from washington is on the line. suddenly, they want to do something! we will have more of that after the break. with sebastian gorka, stick with sebastian gorka, stick around. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ of all the moments you share with your best friend, the greatest could be the moment you save her life.
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every second counts in cardiac arrest. learn hands-only cpr and be the difference for someone you love. >> will get the immigration
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money later occurring to everybody. after tigger my formers with disaster relief. if i didn't do that, i mean really is a long time, i do want to hold it longer. i will take care of the immigration later. ask the president today talking about a disaster relief bill. making its way through congress. the senate voted to pass that bill providing 19 billion in disaster aid to parts of the us. that were hit by hurricanes, flooding, earthquake, wildfire. the packages include additional funding for border security. it comes just before both chambers leave town for a week. the bill follows a decision by the pentagon to construct tents for 7500 illegal immigrants along the southern border. however, swamp moves slowly. there be another couple of weeks before location is determined for the temporary housing. how about right along the
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border, folks? a federal judge to questioning whether the house of representatives has the right to sue the president. and a lawsuit challenging the president plans to redirect federal dollars to build a wall on the southern border. the justice department attorneys arguing for over 200 years, congress and the executive branch resolve political disputes through political means. not through the courts. german, sebastian gorka. radio host, author and former strategies to president trump. great to see you. the president wants to move on an emergency declaration, redirect funds. congress passed a law a long time ago, specifically giving him the authority to do that, to redirect funds. according to his discretion. now they are suing over it and the judge of course, correctly, is saying i'm not sure you can really challenge what the
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president is doing. what do you make of it? >> i don't know who this judge is, greg, but kudos to the judge. this is absolutely right. the separation of powers is the system, the founding fathers created. they didn't say if there is a dispute just have a federal judge travel in there and make decisions on behalf of either branch. also, the power of the purse is related to missions. related to objectives. if you give the president a pot of money to do border security were to fight narco trafficking, at that point, congress is supposed to get out of the way the executive and the president gets to spend the money. and if he said look, there are terrorists, cartels using the open borders then i get to use the money you appropriated to me to fight that narco terrorists or traffickers. i think this is the kind of common sense the judge has
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shown that is far too rare in this city, greg. greg: by the way was trevor mcfadden, was the judge. donald trump appointee. and a smart guy, i must say. because the point he was trying to make is, you congress, delegated the authority to the president to do this. how can you now complain about it? >> let's talk about the original legislation. so as the judge said, in the 1970s, congress passed a national emergencies act. there have been dozens and dozens and dozens of national emergencies used, the powers have been vested in the president. he has used appeared obama declared a national emergency, greg, you know this. over the quality of drinking water in flint, michigan. i don't member the democrats saying well we need to prosecute in court because it is the rights of american citizens. there are some of these who have been in place, some of
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these national security decisions have been in place as emergencies since 1979. now it is a problem? greg, it's only a problem because donald trump is present. greg: and obama -- our child must direct us to pick that out on the world map and nobody complained. >> nobody. greg: now we've got people at the border. and let me just give you a stat. this comes from u.s. customs and border patrol. they detained i hundred and 9000 migrants in the month of april alone for the largest sense 2007. this is escalating month by month. can anybody credibly say this is not a national emergency? >> greg, when you have the former coming of obama secretary of homeland security, jay johnson on the record last
4:31 am
week saying this is a national emergency.this is a crisis. i think it is game set and match. this not about solving a problem for the democrats. this is about stymieing the key issue that built transfer the present campaign platform was built initially, on the question of immigration reform and the wall. they know that, they know this is key to his reelection and also greg, let's be honest, it is about votes. it is about illegal aliens to get to vote for democrats as they see it. and create a plantation brunette with slaves but people they think will be beholden to them because they are illegal aliens for that is why they don't want voter id, they do not want the wall. it's all about politics. it couldn't care less about the human cost. it is that creating a new political plantation for the democrats. greg: i just a minute left but my sense is that dhs is not doing his job. they are slow walking a lot of the stuff.
4:32 am
what do you think? >> the swamp is deep. the swamp is wide and i have to remind everybody, 2+ years is not a long time in d.c. when it comes to undoing 30 or 40 years of swamp building. the people, i saw it in the white house looking for the president. -- working for the present. also people trying to say, i am a bureaucrat, presidents come and go i know better. the deep state is there still and it has to be drained. but it's okay we have another six years. [laughter] greg: okay. we'll wait and see about that. sebastian gorka, thank you. take a look at this. a robot dog built by the italian institute of technology with the ability to pull a three ton plane nearly 33 feet, a four foot four inch long dog wears 187 pounds per 1/7 of the plain engineers hope one day,
4:33 am
the robot will be used for disaster relief efforts. still to come, the president taking yet another jab at nancy pelosi over her lack of understanding of a new trade deal. >> a brand-new us-mexico canada agreement that many are supporting i must say. they told us they are supporting it regardless of leadership. i do think nancy pulse understands the deal. it's too complicated but it is not a complicated deal. greg: plus iran's military says, their hands are on the trigger. we will have the latest u.s. reaction with national security
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♪another summer day is come and gone away♪ ♪in paris and rome but i want to go home♪ ♪oh i miss you, you know ♪let me go home ♪it will all be alright ♪i'll be home tonight ♪i'm comin back home greg: here is a report
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surfacing that senator dianne feinstein recently met with iranian foreign minister, feinstein office says the dinner was actually arranged in consultation with the state department but guess what? the secretary state, mike pompeo blasted feinstein and john kerry for engaging iran. with the us considering sending troops to the middle east to deal with the iranian threat acting defense secretary, patrick shanahan today, however, denying reports of how many troops may be sent. >> i want to make a couple of comments about the process.
4:38 am
there is no 10,000, there is no 5000. that is not accurate. what we are focused on right now is, protection of the middle east. as soon as a change, i promise i will give you an update but those numbers -- greg: gemini we have fred fleitz, national security expert and president of the center for security policy. fred, always good to see you. >> good to see you. greg: i do want to ask about iran. is this a situation that can be solved through diplomacy? or not? >> greg, let's start by saying something that you and i know very well. donald trump was elected president to get us out of was not start new ones. he'll use military force to defend u.s. interest but wants to have diplomacy with iran. but it's hard for the president
4:39 am
to start policy with dianne feinstein and john kerry meeting with iranian officials telling them not to deal and to try to wait out the ministration. you are an attorney if you know what the logan act is and you know all of these fraudulent -- greg: which was in progress i think this is act as illegitimate. frankly, if there is a violation of this act, people that are not u.s. foreign policy officials undermining u.s. foreign policy, these are good examples of it. greg: certainly, with respect to kerry because you private citizen. dianne feinstein would be questionable. i want to play a clip of mike pompeo. and get your reaction. here it is. >> that there is real, it's credible. without giving specifics you can be sure the president will ensure that we have all the resources necessary to respond in the event the islamic -- decide to attack americans or american interests.this is an important mission. 40 years of terror coming out of it the republic of iran and the president is determined to
4:40 am
change the course of the regime. greg: if the president were to send troops to the middle east, an additional number of troops in addition to those that are already there, with that send the appropriate message or does something else need to happen? >> i think we are already sending an appropriate message. i believe any number of the troops that the president says the region would be defensive in nature to protect against iranian attacks. the president is being blamed because iran is threatening violence because he withdrew from this nuclear deal. and sanctions. we do not stain agreements because the other party threatens to attack us and blow up americans. that is a reason to get out of an agreement. and another reason why i'm so proud of the president for withdrawing from this argument iran nuclear deal. greg: all right. let me switch topics now to trade negotiations with china. and here is what the president said about huawei, the big telecom company in china.
4:41 am
>> huawei is something very dangerous. look at what they've done from a security standpoint, from a military standpoint it's very dangerous. it is possible that huawei even would be included in some kind of a trade deal. if we made a deal, i can imagine huawei being possibly included in some form of or some part of a trade deal. >> we need strict enforcement of huawei no longer being able to purchase or deal with american companies. right? >> huawei is a dangerous company. is acting on behalf of the chinese intelligence. trying to set up a global intelligence network to steal data. not just from governments but from individuals. what you are hearing from the president here is a mark of how he is a master negotiator. he is in a very good position negotiating with china because our economy is humming.theirs is in bad shape and he is trying to pressure them right now to break the deadlock and start talking. greg: is the u.s. china trade war far from being resolved?
4:42 am
>> you know, i don't know how close it is to be resolved. you know basically look like we were close to a deal and the chinese sent the deal back with all kinds of changes taking back things that they had agreed to. and i think the figure like previous u.s. administrations, we were so desperate for an agreement we were just going along with it. but this president doesn't do that. he was a great deal with china and he said no, sorry, you're not going to go back on things you agree to. i think my standing firm and letting china know that we are really serious about this. even if it causes some short-term harm to the economy the chance of a deal i think are increasing. greg: a sign of a good leader who does not capitulate. if it is not a good deal you walk away. fred fleitz, great to see you as always. thank you. >> thank you. greg: the president once said you will win so much you will get tired of winning. that holds true for d3 football conference. the past 11 years the university of st. thomas
4:43 am
football team has gone 118 -- and six of this is they were undefeated in conference play. apparently too dominant for the athletic conference. they are now involuntarily removing them at the end of the 2021 season. they're getting punished for being too good. go figure that one.coming up next, blue states still acting like sore losers hoping to get rid of the electoral college. we will have that and much more after the break with cory after the break with cory
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gregg: nevada will become the 15th democratic leaning state trying to ditch the electoral college. the nevada senate passing a national popular vote bill on tuesday. if signed into law, that would join 14 states in their efforts to grant their states electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote in presidential elections. breaking news, the trip economy continues to boom. jobless claims drop into a near 50 year low. last week to 211,000.
4:48 am
numbers on the heels of a recent university poll which found 71 percent of voters with the economy excellent or good. that is the highest rated attitude toward the economy and almost 18 years. what an encouragement. german former trump campaign manager and author, cory lewandowski. before we talk about the economy, want to get your reaction to this movement. this was so predictable. you know, throughout the electoral college which was intended to give greater voice to rural and smaller states. but, why do get the sense that the shoe were on the other foot they would be with the virtues in these democratic states? >> you and i both know the democrats cannot win they change the rules. and so what we have now seen is once again, they have said that donald trump was the disruptor
4:49 am
in chief in washington. but look at what the democrats are trying to do. they're trying to completely upend the way we've elected presidents.basically since george washington. they want to change the system because they can't win under the system that is in place now. so let's change the rules. this is like saying if you're a football fan, the court about the thrust of the most yards, wins the game, that is not the rules. you have to win electoral votes. by doing that it puts every state at an advantage to go and have these candidates campaign there. the goal is not to get the most number of votes. if that is the case then new york and california as we know would have a disproportionate advantage for the democrat . that is why they want to change the rules because they cannot beat donald trump under the rules they have now. gregg: what happens in the near future, let's say, if a republican wins the popular vote. in a democrat wins the electoral vote. i'm sorry i thought -- they
4:50 am
would inevitably say, you know, look, we cannot change the system now. it's been working for 200 years. >> gregg, of course they would! when they win they don't want to change the rules. when they lose they want to change the rules. sin in congress now with tax returns. it is a historical precedent! there are so many things that they want to change the rules for because it only benefits them. this is one of those but the american people are very smart. we know that the politics of new york and california will represent middle america. they do not represent the people in wisconsin. and ohio and iowa and the place where donald trump won. so in order for democrats to try and win they want to change the rules. it won't work for them. gregg: the circle of the economy now. this has to be certainly, in my lifetime, the greatest level of full employment in america. how much credit does the president deserve?
4:51 am
>> candidly, he deserves all the credit. look, the president has been three big numbers on the board. three, three, three. three percent growth in gdp, three percent unemployment which is unheard of. and three percent real wage growth is what the president has put on the board. that is in addition to 7 million new jobs is created which is because of two important factors. number one the tax cuts. they give individuals businesses more money back in her pocket. number two, and it really doesn't get enough credit for what the president has done. the deregulation environment he has put in place. the cutting of red tape from the overzealous bureaucrats in washington who were regularly people out of business. by taking the burden off of their next they feel option to reinvest the money to make capitol investments. that is what spurring the economy to grow. with more people working today than ever in the history of our country. we are at full employment. do not forget, the geniuses
4:52 am
told us the present put a 1.2 on the board in the first quarter. he put a 3.2 on the board and it was a blip in most of the media outlets because they don't want to give him the credit he deserves. gregg: i could have sworn obama said it could never happen. a pipe dream. i want to get over to what nancy pelosi said today that she questioned the presidents mental fitness. saying that he needed an intervention. what do you make of that? >> can you imagine, for one second if that was a republican question nancy pelosi is mental fitness? the way she slurs and repeats herself. they would be called racist, misogynist, xenophobic and every other word possible. when it comes to donald trump everyone looks the other way. it's okay because he's the punching bad everyone is allowed to make fun of and go after with no recourse. it is so shameful for the president tried to negotiate in good faith. transportation infrastructure spending bill. $2 trillion piece of legislation.
4:53 am
but he is not going to do while they're trying to continuously attack him. the real investigation you knows better than anyone because you wrote a great book about it. it is now over to the democrats did not get what they wanted to they want to continue these discussions about looking at his taxes. looking at banking records. all things that don't matter. the fact was, there was only one campaign that paid the russians and christopher steele to produce a false dossier. and it was a hillary clinton campaign. everything else is a distraction for the president wants to get infrastructure spending done but he can't do with dishonest democrats because they don't come to the table in a fair manner. gregg: the destruction as you call it, i think is driven by fear. they fear was about to happen for the inspector general report is going to come out. i suspect it will be devastating about corruption in the obama administration. under his leadership at the fbi and department of justice. how they used their positions in law enforcement to target
4:54 am
americans for political reason , which is a clear abuse of power and a myriad of other crimes. lying to a fisa court which would not only be perjury, but obstruction of justice as well. and i think they fear what bill barr is doing, investigating the investigators. what do you think? >> they should be fearful. i will tell you why. the person was gotten a pass on this offer is joe biden. because i believe that the investigation which was launched, came from somewhere inside the white house. the green light klapper, comey and brandonãbrennan. they notify the fbi there was no credibility but it continued. because it came from the highest levels of the government and joe biden has
4:55 am
not answered what he knew and when he knew it about how the investigation began. when attorney general bar and mr. horwitz release the report in approximately one month, i think we'll see additional criminal referrals with mccain getting one, comey one, peter strzok, lisa paige, baker, possibly bruce or at other people we have not have as household names appear they will have criminal referrals. i think what we'll see, gregg, march or april of next year, james comey, and mccabe, peter strzok, lisa paige will be on trial for the crimes they committed against the fourth amendment. gregg: brennan and klapper as well. we have to wrap it up. heartbreak. cory lewandowski.
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gregg: president trump rolling out a $16 billion aid program also taking time to debunk the bony narrative with dim leaders pelosi and schumer. >> i walked out i was so calm. you also me and it said a news conference i was extremely calm. i was probably even more so in that room. i walked into the cabinet room, you had the group. crying chuck, crazy nancy. i will tell you what. i've been watching her. i've been watching her for a long period of time. she's not the same person, she
5:00 am
lost it. gregg: the president and the first lady making a surprise trip to arlington national cemetery to honor military had it memorably. they will travel for a four-day state visit cheryl: breaking news right now, u.k. prime minister theresa may expected to resign at any minute. we are awaiting a news conference. she is expected to announce her exit strategy and a date. we'll you bring that to you live as it happens in london from 10 downing. a crazy day on capitol hill yesterday, president trump and nancy pelosi trading barbs after their failed infrastructure meeting against the backdrop of a new $16 billion aid package for america's farmers. the president ordering the full declassification of documents relatrelated to the spying of hs 2016 campaign. we're live in washington. if you're planning on road tripping this memorial day weekend, you're going to need


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