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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 25, 2019 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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latest show update phone and twitter, facebook and instagram. i'll be back next week with more in-depth interviews right here on "wall street journal at large". thank you for joining us. great memorial day weekend. ♪ ♪ david: good evening, david asman sitting in for lou dobbs. we have exclusive numbers that show a dramatic shift in mexico's attitude towards fighting deadly cartels, human and drug trafficking as well as rampant levels of illegal immigration. donald trump dpe defending his attacks against nancy pelosi saying he was responding in time to their attacks on his staimed. >state ofmind. >> when you say a personal attack, didn't you hear what she
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said about me long before i went after her? did you hear? she made horrible statements. she knows they're not true. she said terrible things. i just responded in kind. look, you think nancy is the same as she was, she's not. david: major developments in attorney general bill barr's investigation into the origins to have russian probe, the president handing barr sweeping powers to declassify any intel materials he sees fit, also orders the agencies to be transparent with the attorney general leaving the deep state and radical dimms cowering with nowhere to hide. >> we're never going to recover from this at this rate until people are held accountable. the reason we're in this position is because the intelligence agencies that are supposed to be used to track down and kill bad guys, terrorists, were instead used against a u.s. president. david: joined tonight by an
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all-star line up, sidney powell, tammy bruce, pastor robert jeffers and cybersecurity expert morgan wright. we begin in washington where the president were before leaving for japan, promised to expose the origins of the russian probe and the deep state's efforts to overthrow his president. directing his attorney general to declassify information on surveillance during the between election. a move that's left the deep state and radical dimms twisting in knots to point the blame at anyone but themselves. >> it was an attempted coup or an attempted takedown of the president of the united states. it should never ever happen to anybody else. >> in describing his decision to allow attorney general william barr to use as he sees fit declassified material related to
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the russia investigation, president trump who left for japan this afternoon made his intentions clear. >> i hope he looks at the uk and i hope he looks at australia and i hope he looks at ukraine, i think he looks at everything. >> barr who has publicly stated that his belief that spying on the 2016 campaign did occur is tasked with shifting through years of material and deciding what can be viewed by the public in order to unravel a pressing political mystery. the president's declassify it all decision was revered and reviled among political faultlines with mark me dows tweeting, americans are going to learn the truth about what occurred at their justice department. while democrats like adam schiff called the president's decision an abuse of power. the president posted la r late this afternoon, a cartoon of
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deposit state operatives blaming each other for the russia probe. just the latest twist in mr. trump's frosty relationship with democrats, including nancy pelosi, who the president ridiculed highlighting a sere rice of stumbles in a press conference that she gave on wednesday on the heels of a video. that led from a searing response to pelosi's daughter who chastised the president for throwing a tantrum and trying to start a fight between himself and a single democrat. but the truth is, he's in a battle with more than just one democrat president there have today attorneys if are the president approved a court order allowing deutsch bank to hand over the comes. the congressman who you've seen a lot on television lately was
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on television when he appeared to fall ill. it looked as if he just about fainted. he took a bit of water and told reporters that he was simply dehydrated and then was feeling fine. david? david: kevin, thank you very much. joining nenow is former federal prosecutor and author sidney powell. good to see you. thanks for coming in. explain something if you can. if it's possible. democrats are talking about a coverup because of the fact that the president is declassifying intel material. how can there be a coverup and declassification at the same time? >> there can't be david. the democrat are just projecting. they've been coving everything up and now it's going to be uncovered. i imagine what they're next going to be covering up are the bills for laundry service because they're going to be needing it. the information that's going to
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be exposed is going to be devastating to them and they know it. that's why all of the finger pointing among themselves has started. it's going to get more interesting by the day. david: i don't usually like the term psychobasketball. but you use a term where you project on other symptoms that you yourself possess. it's an apt description of what's going on. particularly when you think they're the ones that want to cover up the information about the dnc and its relationship to all kinds of things that were going on that shouldn't have been going on, particularly with regard to information they were getting from russian intel, using it in the trump dossier, then feetiond it to the departmenfeeding it to thedepar. they were using it to prevent trump from getting elected and then to get him out of the office after he had been elected. and adam shift went far beyond all of this when he had the
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nerve to talk about weapon yiezing law enforcemenweaponizi. i think we can put that up there. held the intel corrupwith the ae attorney general to weaponize and politicize the nation's intel and law enforcement entities. weaponizeing law enforcement for political purposes is exactly what the democrats were doing in the runup to the election, is it not? >> exactly. and i think it's going to go back as far as -- certainly as far as 2015, maybe as far as 2012 in terms of abuses of the nsa database by the obama administration, doj, irs, fbi, all of them under president obama, which is also going to implicate mr. mueller and mr. comey and a lot of other people in these abuses. and the president -- this president has been the most
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transparent, certainly in my lifetime and in all that i've known in terms of his willingness to cooperate with the special counsel investigation, allow everyone to testify, unlimited hours, disclosing thousands, well millions of documents actually, and allowing hundreds of witnesses to testify without limit. and also this attorney general has been the most transparent in producing the mueller report with only 1.5% redacted and the democrats still haven't gone to read that. so we're dealing with the most transparent administration that i know of in my lifetime and the declassification of this material is to show the american people the truth. david: and again to use your word projection which i think is apt. the attacks on attorney general barr and his iptd, thi independs from the party that defended president obama's wingman, eric holder, his own description of
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his relationship to the president, they're condemning barr for acting like an attorney for the president when in fact their attorney general, eric holder, called himself a wing mamanof the president. >> they're terrified of being held accountable because they have not been held accountable in recent history that i can remember. that's what's going to happen now. they're facing accountability for the first time in decades. david: what specifically do you think they're going to find with regard to the fi fisa warrant. that's the most important document that needs to be declassified to understand what information was used, how it was spriebed to the fisa court and whether the fbi and those that presented it to the fisa courts, particularly the trump dossier were lying to that court about that information. >> i think there's going to be compelling evidence that they were lying to the fisa court, that there was significant evidence that was exculpatory of
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anyone involved that should have been disclosed to the fisa court and was not. george papadopoulos, the tapes and transcripts of that, for example, the information from the state department, information provided that completely destroyed kris mer steele's krezzability, all of the investigation be within the fbi that they knew that destroyed steele's credibility. i read the steele affidavit or application and there was not a single first-hand personal knowledge representation in that information. it was all such hearsay you could not attribute a single statement to it to anyone identified whatever. it wouldn't have suffice to get a warrant for a known crack house down the street, much less should have suffice to get a warrant for the most intrusive of all warrants of an american citizen in an oppositional
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campaign. it ease inconceivable that warrants were granted on the information that was submitted to the court and the fbi knew it all along and that's why it was done at the top with a small group. david: always great to see you. your book "license to lie" is one of the best, explaining a lot about the prosecution system in this country that needs to be changed. thank you for coming in. >> thank you, david. david: the left-wing media drumming up a new narrative about president trump. >> good evening. the world is learning how easy it is to get under the skin of the most powerful man on earth. >> why does nancy pelosi get under the president's skin so much. >> pelosi for some reason gets under his skin. david: a break through at the border. mexico stepping ur their efforts to combat criminals pouring into our country. we'll have all of that and more after these quick
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hours. that is by far the highest number of apprehensions by mexico. and if sustained clearly represents a brand-new anti-illegal immigrant posture by president. this is following president trump's warning this week that mexico must stop illegals before they get to the border or face tariffs on their exports to the u.s. and closure of the southern border. joining me now is tammy bruce, washington times columnist and newly announced host of the fox nation show "get tammy bruce." >> it's good that it's got my name and it's me. david: let me talk first about the freedom caucus which in the past has been in favor of the conservative candidates. one is chip roy who got in the
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way of the disaster relief bill that was going to help, $19 billion going to help people. it's been pending for months now. and the other is calling for the impeachment of the president. >> chip roy, it's interesting. this has been going on for months. it's always the last minute. let's do it at the last minute. he ran on ending business as usual. that's the sentiment over the last election. so this is going to be a vote with virtually no one present that would be a unanimous consent, no one would have to vote on not only $19 billion of taxpayer money, no debate about that, but then also did not have the money for the humanitarian crisis at the border, which we -- david: but the president himself said that could be taken up at another time. >> that wasn't the only issue. it was no one was voting, business as usual. at the last minute.
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for those of us that want transparency and for those individuals to actually do their job, that's much more in line with the conservative ideal. what justin is doing is playing politics. and doing things that certainly don't help the country and weren't based in the notion of let's get back on our feet, let's have some unity and let's move forward. his position was one to get attention. chip roy's position was one to really get to do a campaign promise and to get things bettek in the house. david: let's talk about the battle between pelosi and trump. the president was asked today why he was insulting ms. pelosi. this is after she said he needed an intervention. for those that don't know, that's what you do to drugge addicts and alcoholics and crazy people. so he was the one that was asked why he was insulting pelosi
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after she said that. what do you make of that? >> it's typical. david: even for the media it seems a lot. >> it's beyond the derangement syndrome. there is a panic that's set in because of the investigations, because of the ag's investigation, certainly the inspector general, wh horowitz's examination. everyone knows what they're going to find. nancy pelosi know what is they're going to find out, so does james comey, so does barack obama and hillary clinton. everybody knows. this is in large part a desperate effort to scream as loud as they can in the corner of the room to make you look away. that's what they've been doing for the past few months. the president, he is the president. he's had tremendous success. his approval rating is in the mid to high 40s. the american people -- no one in
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either party likes what's going on in congress. as a matter of fact, though, of course we've got usually now close to a majority arofling apg what the president is doing. he has power. you can imagine what he could. accomplish if someone like nancy pelosi was doing their job. this is about slowing the swamp, calling the swamp for what it is and having more transparency. david: and the voters come ug up will have a decision to make. the first couple years of the president you saw what he accomplished, whether it was in terms of deregulation, in terms of the tax cut, a relationship with the world in terms of dealing with our adversaries and our friends in a very strong way, a way that hadn't been done for decades. and then they can compare that to what this congress, the democrat congress has done, which is zero. a big fat goose egg. >> and that commentary from
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nancy pelosi about engaging in a coverup, that's listened to around the world. the world doesn't care what nancy pelosi is thinking. the world cares and is affected by the president of the united states. that has a negative effect on the ability of the united states and its president to not have a war break out, to get done what we need to get done and the notion of confidence here in the country. yes, the president is doing specific things but the american people are watching him deliver on promiseses. so as we know, this is about consume confidence and the sensibility from the american people about what does the future look like. the democrats seem to want to have the american people be depressed and they want the world perhaps to not take the president seriously. that's dangerous. it's going to get americans killed if a war breaks out obviously. and we need to unify, not just because, you know, lit be more comfortable but because that's what the american people want open will keep this nation safe.
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david: great to see you. coming up next, the president taking aim at the media for their coverage of his soaring economy. we'll take that up and a lot more right after a couple offfff thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
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i don't know. my poll numbers are very good. i guess we have a 48 today. we have a 51. we have very good poll numbers considering. now i have to tell you, if you people would give straight news i would be at 70. i would be maybe a 75. but you don't give straight news. you give fake news. with fake news i'm still winning the election. but if you gave serious good news the way you're supposed to, i would probably be a 70 or 75 based on the economy alone. david: president trump saying his poll numbers would be sky high if reporters focused solely on his economic numbers. his comments coming again on the heels of a recent quinnipiac
1:27 am
university poll finding 71% of voters rate the economy excellent or good. joining me now is president and ceo of walzer wolf management and fox business contributor garry. rebecca, what do you think of the president's comments. if it was a democrat president who had a 71% approval rating in terms of the economy, wouldn't that translate into a 70% approval rating for his presidency? >> it absolutely would, dave. we don't usually have such a huge disconnect between the regular numbers and the economic numbers. this is a huge gap and certainly wouldn't be happening to a democrat president. the media would be falling all over themselves to give that president credit. and obviously the opposite is true in president trump's case. david: garry, what do you think? >> part of what i do is i watch the media. it's 24/7, trump is the worst
1:28 am
thing on earth and they hardly even cover the economy. and i think you are correct on that. the numbers -- to have gdp where it is while everybody else is not doing so well, to have unemployment in the 3s is really kind of amazing at this juncture, especially ten years into an economic move. i wish the media would do a little more on it but they're focused on a lot of other things. david: one thing they're focused on in regard to the economy is giving all of the credit to president obama and joe biden, his vice president, who may well be the next democrat candidate for president. >> you know, dave, it is such a joke. and i can't wait until biden goes on the campaign trail and starts taking credit for the economy. their average g gdp was # 2.1%.
1:29 am
president trump hit it right out of the gate. the fastest weaj growth in ten years, the lowest unemployment in the african-american latino communities a. and the latino participation rate has been going up when it was decreasing in president obama's administration. trying to convince them that the economy is bad or if it's good because of the obama administration is just laughable. david: vice president biden, gary, has a record of his own with regard to the obama administration. remember recovery summer in 2010? he went out there and said the obama so-called stimulus program was going to create 500,000 jobs. it ended up in those months of 2010 created less than 200,000 jobs for the entire month
1:30 am
period. he was a little far off. >> and they said a lot of the money was going to shovel ready infrastructure jobs and we know what got shoveled. the other part of the equation, it was like the seventh year of obama's administration, they were blaming bush for why their economy was not above par in the seventh year. the enemy of biden right now is success of the economy. the enemy of the media is success of the economy. so their job is to stay away from it or talk it down or talk about everything else and we know what all that is between mueller and everything else under the sun. david: rebecca, i have a feeling. he can't get much a out of this congress. i don't think they want to give him anything. but the one thing he could get is a deal with china. there are a lot of problems before we reach any kind of deal, but if there is one before the election, i think in that
1:31 am
case the market just goes sky high, adop don't you? >> absolutely, dave. these last couple of weeks, pressure since may 10th since we realized this is not going the way we expected and if we get a deal with china, it would be a god send. i absolutely think the disparity between the approval ratingance the economic approval ratings with shorten. there are a lot of reports coming out saying your prices are going to go up $800 because of the tariffs. comie that doesn't want to be china anymore. they don't want to be the low cost supplier and low cost wage manufacturer. they want to become america. they want the go high-tech, become expensive. we've got to work this out now because we're right now funding them to take over and become the economic super power of the world. david: good to see you both. have a great memorial day weekend. the painful task of cleanup and
1:32 am
assessing what can be salvaged taking up much of the holiday weekend for those affected by powerful tornadoes and tornadoes. large portions of the country are facing extreme weather over the next couple of days. army corps of engineers saying it's very concerned about the plains states, the mississippi river hitting a flood stage of 38 feet. heat records could potentially be shattered from alabama to virginia. president trump's cramdown on huawei and the chinese telecom's giant's new plan to create a smart system. is the company digging its own grave? we'll take it up with cyber expert morgan w ♪ ♪
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by the trump administration, huawei now says it could have its own operating system for smartphones and laptops ready for use in china by this fall. if true, it would put the chinese company in direct competition with everyone. the west could no no longer loot china as a low wage. great to see you in person. >> great to be here. david: i just came back from europe last night, as a matter of fact. huawei is all over. you see posters all over europe.
1:37 am
but the question is, they're going to have to have their own operating system now that google android is out of reach because google said they're not going to provide huawei with the operating system. can they do it? >> no. an dried as 80% of the market. nokia tried it. they a ear out of business. microsoft tried it. they're out of business. they're digging their own grave. look, that's only one aspect of huawei but if their phone business goes away, the army got away wit from them. the fact that others have tried and they're not doing it anymore, you're not going to unseat google and apple in this business. david: and despite the fact they've been spending a lot of publicscy all over europe, there are ar certain countries, japand the uk, they're turning away from huawei. they're essentially getting away from huawei itself.
1:38 am
they don't want to take the chance that china and huawei and zte are going to be developing their own successful operating systems. >> well i don't think it will be successful, like i said. this is a rout to 0 bliffia oblr them. our allies ought to be united behind us, secretary pompeii said anything that goes over huawei equipment you can guarantee is going to make its way back to some state security or some chinese intelligence organization at some point in time. david: one of the problems is that their 5g research is further down the line than we are. they are -- i'm told they have ten times the number of 5g cell sites than we do. how do we compete with that? >> it's hard to compete with somebody that gives you a blank check to do the this. they undersell a lot of these folks. you got to remember, a lot of the technology that huawei
1:39 am
builds relies on chips and technology from the u.s. with qualcomm out of the picture, other folks out of the picture, that's going to hurt them. but the initial times, you have to do trials first. you're going to see the hockey stick go up for them and then it's going to drop off because there's no support for them. they might have backing from the chinese government but until people really start buying and now with the alliance with the uk and japan, all of these countries opening up investigations, this is going to be a fast stop. david: i wonder if we could use that to our advantage. we can see what they do that' successful and not successful and learn from their mistakes and successes in terms of really formulating our own 5g program. is that possible? >> you know, it all goes back to the economics np is one of the reasons when president trump came out with the order banning stuff he had to rescind that.
1:40 am
you cannot rip and replace a network. it's not like a car. you get in an accident and you just replace it. you don't do that with networks. huawei is being investigated for more intellectual property theft from tech companies in silicon valley. they rob it, they replicate it and then they replace people that do this. so i think once president trump laid down the gauntlet and said this far but not farther, we're going to see it, six months you're going to see huawei significantly impacted in their ability to do the 5g deals. david: to my previous point, i remember little country like finland, for example, came out with -- they held back a while and let us go through the beginning steps with the cell phones to the point where they really perfected the cell phone in a way that we hadn't. i wonder if the same thing could happen, if they get a head start on 5g, they may hit a brick wall
1:41 am
we could surpass. >> i think we've got a lot of smart people here who can build stuff. we don't have a government back account for the private sector. david: but we have competition. >> yes, we do. and that fuels things. the other thing that we have that they don't have, if you look at the way apple dominated the market, apple was never first to the market on anything. they sat back, watched what everybody did and the mistakes, when they launched the ipod it took over the world and they went from there. same thing with the e iphone and the ipad, same thing with a lot of their stuff. that's a good strategy, step back, let them make the mistakes and inertia will be overcome, get out of our way, the competition, the collaboration with other folks will help and at 1078 point we'll overtake huawei. david: very optimistic. sounds very american. thank you for being here. now to the tensions in the middle east where the u.s. is pt exed to send more troops in the
1:42 am
coming weeks. lucas tomlinson has more tonight from the pentagon. >> added fire power includes an air force fighter squadron to beef up the u.s.'s mill rare in the middle east and to send a message. more than 1500 troops will defloi the coming days. some already in the region. president trump approved the deployments. >> we're going to have sending a relatively small number of troops. we'll see what happens. it will be about 1500 people. >> pentagon officials announced today they have a high degree of confidence that islam's revolutionary guard was responsible for planting mines on four oil takers outside the persian gulf this month. it's this latest intelligence assessment prompting the additional forces.
1:43 am
senior defense officials say the moves are in response to iran's aggressive behavior and not an attempt to provoke them. the chairman disagrees, quote, adding more personnel and mission systems seems unwise and appears to be a blatant heavy handed move to escalate tensions with iran. they'll join some of the 80,000 u.s. service members already deployed to the middle east. the pentagon will not discloses where the reinforcements are heading. roughly 600 of the additional u.s. troops are already in the region, part of a missile battalion who will now be extended and not return home as planned. additional forces include combat engineers and more surveillance aircraft, unmanned drones and manned reconnaissance aircraft. the trump administration is expected to bypass congress and push billions of dollars of weapons to gulf allies, countries long at odds with
1:44 am
tehran. david: coming up next, president trump urges the radical dimms to get over their anger and come to the table. >> they're hurting our country very very badly. we could pass so many different bills right now but all they want do is investigate because they failed with robert mueller and the mueller report. david: we'll take that up more and more with pastor robert jeffers. stay with us. this is not a bed.
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parsons signing legislation banning abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy. on the same day that a lawsuit was filed by the aclu and planned parenthood in an attempt to block alabama's new law that outlaws nearly all abortions. and the deep rift between president trump and nancy pelosi continues. further exacerbated by pelosi this week holding forth on the power of prayer. >> now this time another temper tantrum -- again, i pray for the president of the united states. i wish that his family or his administration or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country. david: joining me now, robert jeffers, member of the white house faith initiative, pastor of the first baptist church of
1:49 am
dallas and a fox business contributor. pastor, what do we make of this speaker nancy pelosi praying for president trump. forgive me for being a little skeptical. >> i think there's plenty of reason to be skeptical about the prayers of saint nancy for donald trump. here's why. while the bible says pray fsh other people while sna they're attacking them is ad mere admir. when jesus was on the cross he was praying for those prosecuting him. by i guarantee you those roman soldiers were not praying for jesus as they were nailing him to a cross any more than nancy pelosi is praying for president trump while trying to destroy him. the good news is there are millions of christians who do pray for president trump every day as he undergoes the most unfair, undeserved fiercest accusations of any president in
1:50 am
history. david: pulling back a little bit, what do you make about this battle between president and nancy pelosi? of course the president was asked today whil why he was attg nancy pelosi after she was the one who talked about an intervention. >> well, that's right. and i mean, he is a counter puncher. pe has told us that from the very beginning. david: said it again today. >> he's not the turn the other cheek kind of guy. that is the president. and i don't blame him for punching back at nancy pelosi and these absurd allegations. here's the big picture, david. the president is winning. he's on the path to a massive reelection. his base is with him. he's fulfilling and exceeding every commitment that he made. david: now i want to switch the abortion which is always a stufh subject to deal with. you have two elements on far on corners of the spectrum.
1:51 am
one, that what's happening in alabama and other states, how far left planned parenthood and other state governments, in particular new york and others, that have essentially legalized abortion to the point of birth itself. where do you think this gets resolved if at all. i mentioned the aclu lawsuit in alabama. >> look, i think all of these states are passed these bills knowing full well that they're going to be overturned by a lower court. lower courts have to do that because of the roe and casey precedent. but the goal is to get them before eventually the supreme court. and i think the goal is either the spngt upon hearing his cases will either overturn roe and casey or more likely they'll chip away at roe and casey and diminish the number of horrendous abortions taking place in this country and that will be a big win for conservatives and a bigger win
1:52 am
for those who value life. david: it's not just the number of abortions. it's also the type of adivorces that are now being legalized all over the country, at the same time that you have states like alabama going for and getting close to outlawing abortions outright completely. i'm just wondering, is something going to break? is what new york did, for example, so extreme that there's going to be a backlash from the voters themselves. >> i think there is going to be a backlash. and david, if you will remember, it was that third presidential debate that then mr. trump had with hillary clinton in which he eviscerated her even this issue of abortion showing there is no time limit, that she would probabilitprohibit an aboxer. abortion. and i think that was the tipping point that put evangelicals solidly in president trump's catch and they continued to
1:53 am
remain there. nobody wants the barbaric late term apportions expect the democrats. david: and i'm just wondering among democrats, there is, i believe, a growing revulsion on the part of some when they think of the consequences of the late-term abortions, no? >> if you frame the question in the right way, yes. because when you show them that they have no limits on abortion as it is right now and you have that governor of virginia saying even after the baby is born he's open to having it killed, for people most logical people that's a bridge too far. david: pastor, it is memorial day weekend. and you know, there's a lot to be celebrated about the people, the men and women in uniform right now who are risking their lives every day to protect the rest of us, protect the freedoms that we have. but again, i always -- i hesitate to say happy memorial day because it is a day for remembrance and particular
1:54 am
remembrance and a memorial to those who passe passed away as a result of defending the country. your thoughts on this memorial day weekend. >> this sunday in our church we'll take a moment and we will remember those who have given their lives for our country. we'll play taps and have a prayer for the family left behind. jesus said no man have a greater love than this than he lay down his life for his friends. we're grateful for the men and women who laid down their lives to make our freedom possible and that's something that all americans can agree on. david: i would like to leave on that vote. pastor robert jeffers, great to see you. have a great memorial day weekend. more on the growing feud between president trump and nancy pelosi. stay with us. we're coming right back. ♪ [laughter] ♪
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i thought he was with you? no jack! (sfx: piano plays "twinkle twinkle little star" tommy? (sfx: audience laughing)
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don't stop. keep playing. (sfx: pianist playing masterful duet) here we go here's the fun part points. triple-a predicting 34 million americans on the long holiday weekend. they have reports three times per day coast to coast on the salem radio network.
1:59 am
president trump traveled to japan for a four day stay visit before reporting about nancy pelosi's latest attacks. >> i think nancy pelosi is not helping the country. the democrats are obstructionist. we could pass so many different bills right now but they want to investigate because they failed with robert muller and the muller report. they would like a do over of the muller report. it doesn't work that way. breaking news out of mexico. they are combatting correspond d illegal immigration. a clear shift in policy following president trump's warning to act or face tariffs. that's it for us tonight, lou is back on tuesday. a reminder you can catch my own show bulls and bears weeknights
2:00 am
at 5:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. say a prayer for those severing in the military for us. thank you for joining us. enjoy the holiday wee >> 100,000 creepy crawlers... >> spiders that'll cover your whole face. >> all collected from the far reaches of the world. >> wait. is it alive? >> talk about a bug's life. >> walt disney went into the museum and wanted to buy the collection. >> but there's a bigger story behind this bizarre bequest. >> that was an interesting and eye-opening experience all of its own. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪ >> i'm jamie colby, and right now i'm driving on the outskirts of coloradng


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