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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 27, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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♪ snots good evening everybody. nancy pelosi chuck schumer adam shift jerryry knadler and rest f the radical dem leading democratic party into the abyss with their course and vile politics. the dems are no longer borderline evil they've crossed that line. and a nancy pelosi senseless baseless claims today among that the president is involved in a coverup, she's consigned her party to futility and failure in 2020 but her attempts to sue the raging radical left are backfired and the political cost will be amidst. president trump has had fill of the dems attacks not only
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against him but against our constitution endless political investigations and harassment. we're joined tonight by all star lineup, attorneys victoria with, joe with us to take unthe prospects for bringing conspirators againstp the president to justice. with us as well attorney emily the dean himself ed rollins daily callers and at our southern border mexican drug cartels control both sides of that border. the cartels have killed 8500 people in mexico in the first three months of this year. up nearly 10% from last year's record number of killings. the cartels make tens of billions of dollars each year. smuggling drugs and illegal immigrants across the border how to stop them that's what i take up tonight with the former act aing director of custom enforcement tom, we begin with the radical dems every word they
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speak, every move they make is now designed to divert public attention from the tremendous legal and political jeopardy in which they find themselves. but principal product of three years of investigation of president trump has been the massive evidence of their vast conspiracy to overthrow this president.s sino number of political hearing so called investigations and hyperbolic charges against president will distract the american people from the radical dems conspiracy with the fbi and the department of justice to oust sitting president for decades that of the washington swamp have claimed that, quote, it is not the crime that the coverup that kills the politician. this time it seems that dems have been caught up in a crime wave of their own making here's the president today reminding the national left wing media that the evidence produced by
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three year of investigations points directly at the obama, fbi, and doj, dnc and a, of course, the clinton campaign. >> my way of thinking and i know a lot of you agree with me that crime was committed on the other side. this whole thing was a take down attempt at the president of the united states. >> it's the radical dems who went after a president with their fabricated evidence. fraudulent claims before fisa court judges, obama intelligence chiefs who can try schemes of entrapment directed at the trump campaign a special counsel on a partisan s mission to discover a crime. and a effort to frame a presidential candidate and then the president of the united states. and then when no crime was found, pelosi tries now to create nonsense and corruptly a claim of coverup.
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years of investigations without no crime, no collusion, no obstruction so in a final act of corruption, a desperation, there is a coverup of a crime that never was committed for which there's absolutely no evidence that absurdedly that isn't supported by special count 440 final report and final conclusions that vindicate the president of the united states. joining us tonight former reagan ?als ed rollins thank you, and this is -- extraordinary. that schumer and pelosi walk over to white house 20 minutes before accusing the president of a coverup after the special counsel has had vindicated him after which the evidence, preponderance of the evidence has been discovered thatst there a vast left wing conspiracy
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against the president of the united states. they don't want to admit to that and equally important is yesterday basically came in agreement to get even more and given them had is everything. at the end of the day president needs to be with these people if they want and infrastructure bil like basically they can pass it and he can see whether he likes it or not and job to veto it and -- >> to hell with him do business at all i think he did exactly the right thing. >>h that's what i'm saying. they have an obligation he has obligation to meet with them. their job to basically pass legislation and put a budget through and can't get a budget resolution through and they want to get a spotlight on his alleged crime and -- there aren't any. >>ic there's obstruction all rit that obstruction that of the radical dem and a left wing looneys octobering this president trying to subvert administration every turn they even conspired and i think the evidence is pretty clear that
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the preponderance of that evidence shows definitely that the dem will have a lot of explaining to do as we start to hear these inspectors general report inspector generals reports, and that of the investigations of the attorney general himself.. well we know after o all of thee two years of investigation that the crimes are not -- on this side the crimes are done on other side before the whole administration and that i think stuff gets out the better they know thatt and i think that's wy they keep probes keep probing, and equally as important that votes aren't there, that they're not going to get impeachment -- >> let's talk about that coverup because president points out his -- his has been the most transparent administration in if not all of history of this country certainly in memory. this is just exactly how the president and a his white house have cooperated with special counsel and it bears repeating because these numbers are striking.
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the phony russia numbers, 35 plus million if we could see that full screen please. 35 million dollars spent. 2800 plus subpoenas, 675 days of investigation. 500 witness interviews and is own attorney sits down with with a special counsel for crying out loud don mcgahn for 30 hours with the investigators. what in the world -- why would anyone in national even the left wing media put up with the nonsense being spewed by nancy pelosi about a coverup? >> becoming on it face absurd. >> not only that but going to continue to repeat without qualification, without follow-up. >> and they'll investigate him until the day he goes out of office at the a end of the second term and they be happy it be but the country doesn't want this investigation and continue their -- >> my question is is, you have got i'm sorry but i've just got
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to answer this. lindsey graham -- wanting the president to go ahead to work with him on infrastructure. but do you think lindsey graham could for one week make up his mind, decide whether he's a democrat, a republican, whether he's protrump or anti-trump -- >>p hets to be -- >> what in the world is he doing? >> well in front of the camera bottomf line say something every day. in front of a camera here had. back to the point you want infrastructure you have a secretary of transportation married to mitch mcconnell sit down andur administration wantso do request infrastructure what's it.e these people today schumer walk out came today- and president supposed to tell us how to fund this thing that's not the president job to tell us how to fund this and infrastructure you tell us how you're going to fund it. they can't do that and at the end of the day you know thechght their own pet projects but they won't get them and president should basically wash his handle and say thank you so much i'll do my job conduct foreign affairs do g everything else wih bills to signn and i'll sign them. >> welcome back --
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>> i think that -- that the president, has made the that he doesn't needed democrats and he certainly doesn't need anymore of their nonsense. he's not going to win their respect, he will not win the affection of the democrats at the polls and he sure has a responsibility to his base and a to the forgotten man and woman as he acknowledged in his pennsylvania rally and by the way, the republican candidate that let me see if i can check thee margin, it was a -- let's see. yes the republican candidate the day after wins by just 36 points ladies and gentlemen. congratulations to fred otherwise -- >> member of congress would be great supporter. >> it's -- stunning stuff. so as we -- as we turn to the next step, the president of the united states haste to conduct foreign policy. he does that on his own anyway. let's see, he has to deal with
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the economy. he has single handingly rolled back regulation after regulation. it is -- when we all look at president independently october and consider what he's managed to do without the assistance of either the leadership of his own party or the democratic party certainly -- it is doubly remarkable. >> it certainly is, and country i think knows this and i thinks that's why numbers are going up. >> evil that -- the fringe left has to understand it. but never articulate it. >> and i can vote for him so move forward do the best job you can as he's been ding and get on with it so -- >> so -- at this point -- at this point do you think he's doing a pretty good y job? >> well, listen -- if he did nothing but make the economy boom and create the lowest unemployment he will make a job what he ran on.
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second he's fighting big battle on border if people want to help on border greatat but they're nt going to so-so at the end of the day he'll do what he's going to do an two major issues and i think around world he's respected at this point and time no one will mess will him so -- >> i think you know, as they all saying you can't be respected -- you better be feared. well -- >> and he's both ting that reality is -- nancy pelosi isan getting whip sawed by her own members, and you know they can't puring out what they want to do. >> i want to impeach him as a i said other night have at it but bottom line doapght have guts and waste of time and they'll lose. they'll lose. >> but if they do, margin will be greater for president trump in 2020 than without it. >> country knows there's no problems there to do it so -- >> i think it is getting pretty clears to everyone not exactly who radical m dids are now. ed rollins thank you for being here, sir. appreciate it. up up next president trump slammingng radical dem efforts o overthrow his presidency telling the dems to stop their political
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nonsense and harassment. >> i told senator schumer speaker pelosi i want to do infrastructure. i want to do it more than you want to do it. i would be really good at that. that's what i do. but you know what, you can't do it under these circumstances so get -- these phony investigations over with -- >> then i guess come on back and might have a sit-down with you. but not this time. no business as usual anymore. he's really don't you think, put up with just about enough from these people? we'll have more on the pervasive corruption of the d.c. swamp attorneys victoria tensing and joe here with us tonight, we'll have all of that much more right after a the break. please stay with us.
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take your business beyond. >> attorney general william barr blasted the unprecedented power of federal judges. barr voice grave concern over broad usese of nationwide injunctions aim ad at blocking the agenda by federal district court judges. since the president took office,
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if you will -- think about this. since he took office there have been 37 nationwide injunctions against his office. the attorney general said this, quote, one judge can in effect cancel the policy with a stroke of the pin and those judges have been doing so. by the way, of those 37 judges, 28 of them appointed by either president obama -- or 7 by bill clinton. sos that's 28 of 37. former cia director john brennan in news again, twisting facts and patience and stomachs. tweeting this, quote, i subsequently learned from the mueller report that there was a lot more evidence of collusion andon obstruction of justice thn was indicated in the misleading an high politicized barr memo your obvious fearr of congressional action is warranted in your dishonesty as
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appalling. brennan's mind -- with the claim from former director of national intelligence that's right, his colleague in the conspiracy among the obama intelligence chiefs, dni james clapper it was he said obama who was behind the investigation of the candidate and then president trump. >> with respect to the russian meddling if it weren't for president obama, we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set off a whole sequence of events which are still unforming today notably special counsel mueller investigation. president obama is responsible formu that. >> president obama -- responsible for that, sad james clapper. what to make of it joining us tonight victoria former deputy assistantto attorney for divisin of the justice department.
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joe digenova founding partners of the digenova and tensing law firm great to have you both here. let me ask you first -- to react to the statement by the former dni, about james clapper which seems to be straightforwardly evidence of the -- the former president's involvement in this witch hunt. victoria. >> if president obama were so good why didn't he stop it? now let me see what are we talking about this involvement? a few hundred thousand dollars worth of ads and hacking into the computer account of the dnc allegedly because we really don't knoww because they never turned their computers over to the fbi. this is this big -- about this little thing that didn't do anything to affect a the elections. i mean, it is really pathetic the messaging, though, by the democrats is always so good that
4:20 am
they have it out that 40 some% of the american people they that russians got into a ballot machine and change them. >> well, it was -- two and a half years of nonsense, joe, and the attorney general is really making an interesting point now talking about specifically district court judges and what is, obviously, a concerted effort obama appointed clinton appoint judges to block his agenda and a frustrate his administration. >> contrary to what chief justice says there really are democratic and republican judges, and they're showing it. this use of nationwide injunctions 30, a huge number of them president trump took office are demonstration of the political nature of the modern judiciary, and attorney general barr has it right. the supreme court needs to stop this and first available phase department of jt is going to try
4:21 am
to do so this is outrageous just think about it a single federal judge in hawaii or san francisco or some place else can stop the execution of a federal law or federal policy all over the united states. unelected judge that's before it ever get to circuit court or supreme court. it is supreme court has to stop this. >> lou we doesn't learn this in law school i want you to know this when joe and i were district judge ruled something circuit court rule something, it just pertains to area that that court happens, and so this is a very new -- new concept and let me tell you why this is important and why bill barr is so concerned about it. because we, we learned in law school that these cases are supposed to what they call percolate up so that different judge and different courts look at them and decide issues and that's when they're ready for the supreme court to review and
4:22 am
by having one judge able to do this, and have an emergency then in the supreme court has to look at it, you have no percolation. >> i want to turn to -- to the attorney general and his investigation of the investigators, and he seems to be signaling things here whether it be his concern about judges frustrating the executive branch, district court judge and his victoria laid out once they were constrained no longer so -- itit looks like attorney general is taking on the system itself. that is part of now if all of the evidence produced by special counsel and fbi investigations leaves usel with clear the clear impression that there was a wide conspiracy but it was on the left, and it was with the very -- investigators themselves with the doj, and the fbi who
4:23 am
conspired to overthrow president who conspired to frame the candidate and the president. it's stunning the horizon of challenges the attorney general faces to remove corruption from the legalal judicial system. >> well, lou, he's the right guy to do it and he said something in the interview with bill the other day that was very important. he said the one with of the meetings that really bothers him is the january 6th, 2017 intelligence briefing of the president elect by comey brennan and a clapper. >> that's when james comey did famous blackmail with alone with the president about the salacious a details of the faild dossier. the reason he's focused on that because that is the beginning of the post election over
4:24 am
conspiracy against the president of the united states. and barr know it and he's going to deconstruct that meeting because the day before that meeting there was a meeting in the white house with president obama and vice president biden, and brennan and clapper and comey to discuss the january 6th briefing of the president incoming president this is just the beginning of the tearing down off the walls of corruption that comey brennan and clapper were in charge of. >> victoria joe delaware genera appreciate it as always up next dangerous cartels running ram pangt on southern border creating a lawless zone of crime that extends throughout the nation of mexico . we take it up after the break former acting i.c.e. director tom joins us next. ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go.
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>> there's little doubt that the radical dems of business round
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table wall street that chamber of commerce or if you prefer and the koch brothers have conspired to block prumple's every effort to balance trade to end enormous trade are deficits particularly with china and establishment fighting trump agenda every turn and nowhere with more money and more energy than at our southern border. president trump's close aferredzs are i'm told working to rest control of the southern border from the powerful drug cartels. that are deciding who and how many people are allowed to cross the u.s.-mexican border. and cartels decide how many tons, pounds and owns and dose of debtly drugs are smuggling into the u.s. in consequence, those mexican drug cartels are deciding how many americans will die from overdoses. sources tell me that white house is urgently considering many approaches and options among
4:30 am
them significant strengthening of immigration and custom enforcement to begin close coordination with state and local law enforcement and bringing criminal illegal immigrants oversays illegal immigrants under final court order removed from united states and vigorously enforce remain in mexico policy namely assuring that so-called asylum seekers remain in mexico or other third party nations until their claims are adjudicated in the united states. 0% by the way of those claim historically judged to be invalid or outright fraudulent. joining us tonight a man with more than 3 decades of experience and securing our border and protecting lives of citizens and communities former acting director of immigration and customs enforcement fox business contradict tore tom joins us tonight. tom, good to have you here. this -- this is a moment in history that appear we're going to watch a president of the united states
4:31 am
decide on this security of the border and what to do against the some would say corrupt mexican government that is also a under the sway of those drug cartels that are controlling that southern border. said many times in the show we have a great president i've worked for six of them this president is not only talk the talk but walk the walk and taking this sign. if it's -- if he can work this he will secure this border at all cost and if he's already taking executive actions he's already -- declared national emergency, but we need to support his effort from within which mean we talk many time you just mentioned -- we need to round up those we need to locate those who have had their due process got a fine order remove them we need to show country there's a consequence to enter illegally you can't commit immigration fraud and expect to stay and wait for next amnesty and next daca we have to take actions needs to be across the nation
4:32 am
and we need to pull other federal agencies in to put a huge dengt in this. we need to send a strong message to central america if you want to spend your life savings to come into the country to commit immigration fraud to go home that come get it but i think if we do this i did it three and a half years ago it works and i'm going to keep pushing that until it happens. >> with all of your experience, do you at this point find it stunning that the radical dems that democratic party rhinos in the republican party, the global elites, the establishment, can't wrap their heads around this certainen knowledge that border is controlled by cartels that they're runs who are deciding and profiting from the -- illegal immigrant that they're smuggling across the border. the deadly drugs they're smuggling across the borders. stop the cartels, you stop drugs and illegal immigrants crossing border. j criminal cartels control everything that happens on northern border of mexico.
4:33 am
there's not one ounce of from across that border and one person who cross that border with a blessing and paying off, about playing the -- plaza fees that call them taxes to cartels operate with those areas. and that's why i've said for -- for a long time this is -- isn't just about illegal immigration. this is a national security crisis because the cartels are pushed large groups of familieses from one area at the border so they can move their drug and bad people people that don't want to be arrested by border patrol through areas helping and happen hadding for a while so -- what concerns me is who was entered this country illegally taking advantage of the crisis on the border for instance, if you want to do harm to this country, if you are a terrorist, now is -- you know, take advantage of the same system that 12 million people entered e law schoolly and go through database check and come to an airport or go through port of entry. no you're going to take advantage of the crieses is on border where 40% of boater patrol assets are not working line and enter that way that scares hell out of me. >> and -- i think it scares hell out of
4:34 am
most of us frankly. let me -- turn to the president -- who tweeted this out and put it up for audience to see the president said this, mexico's attitude is that people from other country including mexico should is have right to flow into the united states and that u.s. taxpayers should be responsible for the tremendous cost associated with illegal immigration. mexico is wrong and i will soon be giving a response. your thoughts about the president's tweet? >> i think it is drawing down gauntlet i think he's a bulldog and people aren't going to beat him down but he'll keep doing for what he knows is right he's doing job as president of the united states he wants to secure this border, he wants to protect american and no one will stop hill from doing it. ninth circuit is trying, you know, the mgo and democrat
4:35 am
leadership is trying and they want to secure this border but he's not going to give up so him throwing gauntlet down to mexico is right to do and operating with that in mexico. what are they doing about it? it is against a law of mexico to traffic women an children but one-third of the women are coming across mexico are being sexually assaulted by cartels so what is it going to disimagine cartel and shut them down because if you shut them down you shut the -- the national emergency down because nothing happens while the cartels -- so they're operating and mexico hasn't done anything because -- law enforcement is under payroll. some of the military is under payroll lengted official on payroll, so ting that president needs to step it up. with mexico and put him on notice. we can sending 8 down there, and show them how to dismantle these organizations we can look at payments billions of dollars year by illegal group working here illegally sending back to mexico that's a big part of the gdp and the president needs to hold mexico accountable because
4:36 am
that i lawless and they're efnghted on national security. president tweeted soon getting a response. up next california -- is speaking about spending billions of dollars for health care. for guess who -- oh, no. not the citizens of the united states. but illegal immigrants, states republican national committee woman dylan joins us next.
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california lawmakers rank proposals thaldz offer government funded health care to adult illegal immigrants. governor gavin newsom is propose ling a plan to cover illegals between ages of 19 and 25 to state assembly bill covered all illegal immigrants over age of 19 living in california. that would be a 3.4 billion dollar proposal. joining me now dylan managing partner at the dylan law group rnc committee for woman for california a member of the 2020 trump advisor counsel great to have you with us. first, what in world in california -- 3.4 billion for illegal immigrants. that's -- about pretty significant price. it's huge for new governor at odds with democrat over this new
4:41 am
democrats control 75% of our legislature, and many of them are big dfnlgt advocates so they're definitely pushing for this. but difference between governor proposal 98 million dollars and 3.4 billion is huge and so you see another example of how california is prioritizing rights of people who are not here legally over those illegally. >> it is stunning. equally stunning relengtless of the dems faced with a prospect of -- attorney general william barr investigating producing evidence of all sorts of -- extraordinary espionage on part of the justice department, the fbi in the 2016 election spying on the president of the united states. spying on him as a candidate. spying on -- on him as a -- as the president they are doing their best to distract public attention from what will be the
4:42 am
soon to be released we are promised inspector general report perhaps two of them as well as, of course, the justice department investigation into the origins of it all. yes lou this is part calculated diversion of the public attention but also part attachment to the narrative that they thought was going to carry them through to 2020 and it clearly isn't so also don't forget jerry knadler has a personal long standing feud with the president or at least in his own mind he does. a president probably doesn't see it that way until now, and so disgraceful being in his league how the president -- exactly that's what i have -- meant they're not equal so one is living free and other's head. but i think that -- even bob mueller don't think this is a great idea because it is really going to shake the fragile image of hill as octave
4:43 am
which we both know is not true. >> and -- just in a mush in the republican conference sitting on the house oversight committee without any response from kevin mccarthy and member of the freedom caucus without any response from mark meadows and the caucus. condemnation when will the republican party grow a spine in the house of representatives? >> i have no answer for you there. lou. i agree that democrats are actually very is good about party glin and cracking whip and making sure everybody staying on track and republican side is much more reform and frankly you disorganized i think it is really unfortunate they're allowing this traf are city to pass naked on part of their members. >> and -- let conclude with spy gate. this is --
4:44 am
seen or read any story, read any report, heard any information from any source that would make you think there was not a -- a broad conspiracy with amongst the -- or democrats radical dems that dnc, clinton campaign -- the doj leadership, and the justice department leadership the obama administration -- intelligence community against this president as a candidate and as president of the united states? >> well i think you're right, lou various aspect of the different bodies you just mentioned probably signed on to this conspiracy at different points in time. but definitely law enforcement was involved early and often in this process and i think to this day is probably still spying on and continuing to violate the civil rights of the americans around the president and those ho support him. and frankly violating civil rights of all americans because our government has been taken away and president cannot
4:45 am
achieve his goal with the wheels and power gummed up with this nonsense and you know, civil rights violation to me is civil rights really observancive make sure this never happens again in america. baling thank you so much. >> my pleasure. up next here espn made the a discovery this is extraordinary what they have figured out. you're going to see why those media executives and espn are paid all that money. can't wait to tell you all about it. why are so many flocking to socialism if you can believe the pollings and we know we can't but we're going to talk about it anyway next. stay with us. we'll be right back after these words.
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>> espn is getting smarter and smarter, espn president jimmy patara saying sports fans have had enough of espn's politics. data shows apparently to mr. patara that viewers don't want espn pushing politics anymore. the los angeles times reports he's guiding commentators away from talking about politics on air a as well as their what social media accounts. this is an extraordinary -- media big wig like that.
4:50 am
grasp a new reality and new "gallup poll" piengdz more americans are embracing socialism if you can believe those polls 43% say socialism would be a good thing for the united states. 51% say it would be a bad thing. gallop noted in 1942 a roper fortune survey powngtd only 25% back then called it a good thing. a north carolina company fighting fines and lawsuit for flying a huge american flag of all things. camping world flying a 40 by 80 foot flag outside its statesville location. in honor of our military service members are veterans. the city says it that company is by gomly violating city wide ordinance saying that flag is too big. i love government at work don't you? the company now facing a $50 a day fine dating back to october. that would be retroactive
4:51 am
wouldn't it? ceo marcus says he doesn't care if the fine is 500 a day -- that flag will still fly and by golly we will still salute you. thanks so much. up next, more illegal trouble tonight for creepy porn lawyer michael avenatti take that up and more and christopher bedford join us. stay with us. we'll be hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> michael avenatti today was indicted in two separate cases alleging he bsh defrauded porn star stormy daniel also try ared to extort millions of dollars nike. he's got a broad portfolio there doesn't he? according to one of the indictments avenatti forged daniel signature on letter he used that to steal nearly 300,000 dollars it is alleged from her book advance avenatti then used that money to pay for luxury cars, hogses, travel pence you know the usual and other indictment claims avenatti threatened to go potential with claims that he was high school basketball stars and it is great to have you both here. >> thanks for having us.
4:56 am
a delight indeed. let's start with -- the president demanding an end toto the phony investigation ort oleast there will be an end to business as usual until those things are wrapped up your reaction to the president saying he's had a goal. >> probably reflecting what we all feel that infrastructure is bipartisan. shannonu says that earlier befoe he was president i i interviewed him when he was campaigning and he said infrastructure is what i know, it is what i'm passionate about it is democrat that are hand stringing issue not allowing there to be anything -- >> builders and developers in entire country. but -- you know, pelosi and schumer trying to play their game and as if they could walk into the white house 20 minutes after she said there's a coverup of a crime never committed and obstruction of justice for a crime that was never committed -- this is become absolutely venal. it is beyond disgusting
4:57 am
reprehensible yet the national left wing media won't call a single one of these in thes out. s>> you step back five years yu wouldn't believe the position of the democrats are taking right now. we have president trump saying i want to h pull back from middle east wars although able to with iran and president trump says i want to pull trillions of dollars into u.s. infrastructure, saying i want to use tariffs to protect u.s. industry. and democrats pull back from all of those which are traditional old school working class democratic positions they pull back from all ofse that they're just left with social justice warrior fighting trump on alleged russia collusion. that's not -- >> don't forget very important consideration of illegal immigrants, of course, and they're transported -- >> of foreign countries. well the fact that they're willing to sabotage their own interest because they don't want to give an inch to president trump. it is not in their best interest. >> how muchit they fear this is all tont me, an expression of their fear of this president who by the way they look at these uponny balloonny polls about his
4:58 am
approval rating, we're looking at historic, historic levels. low. levels of -- hispanic and african-american unemployment, i mean, this is -- you know everyone i asked president obama what he was going to do for, quote, his people, this president is showing president obama what he should have done. >> and i'm interested to see that after this happened after this rose garden speech a lot of my sources in white house were excited they said he's not going to take this these negotiations are funny this was a fiery speech but someone in the white house close to president quickly within minutes started liking to liberal press and saying, we don't know why he did this no one knows what's beginning on this was a really silly thing he was being brash. that was the president i would be very interesting in finding out who that ranking official is. j you know what, this president is demonstrating, though, i think emily something else following your point. and that is is it really dupght matter what the d hell one of these function would be aids to
4:59 am
the president is saying. there's nothing more than -- i'm trying to think of a word that's -- that would trivialize without being obscene.o but -- the reality is he doesn't need them. and -- it doesn't matter how much they contort what is happening in pl speech or remark to schumer or plea see this president established himself well and beyond that which is unique i believe inqu presidential histo. >> yes ab and it is that he sets his position and doesn't wafer with from thatt and you mentiond moment ago that democrats fear that about him. they also fear that inevitable results of the inspector generals investigation and multitude of the investigation so they keep moving ball to what's important. exactly. it's not a good idea to run for reelection on disliking president you need to have an idea that people believe in. >> i think ith. is a terrific ia actually. [laughter] >> i want them to -- employ that strategy everywhere
5:00 am
they possibly can. j i think they will. thanks so much. appreciate it. thank you. thanks for being with us see you tomorrow. and good night from new york. rip next. paul:. no one is above the l, including the president of the united states and we believe that the president of the united states is engaged in a coverup. >> i don't do coverups. you probably can't go down two tracks. you can go down the investigation track and you can go down the investment track or the track of let's get things done for the american people. paul: welcome to "the journal editorial report." i'm paul gigot. tensions between president trump and democrats in congress reaching a boiling point this week with nancy pelosi accusing the president of engaging in a coverup as some in her pa party push the speaker toward opening


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