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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 29, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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free world, recognizes as the president of venezuela, juan guaido, is here exclusively! also tomorrow, china global teleews anchor, will be joining us live from beijing. beijing and caracas, big night! kennedy: is a big night every night here, thank you, trish! the battle between president trump and joe biden is going into overdrive. the commander-in-chief now openly questioning the intelligence of the former vp. but some said thepresident has go so far so should he backoff us an offense against the current democratic 2020 front runner ?the latest firefight started last week when the north korean state media called joe biden a fool. and an imbecile while on his weekend trip to japan the president commented on the jobs via twitter writing quote - north korea fired off some small weapons which disturbed some of my people and others
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but not me. have confidence that chairman kim will keep his promise to me and also smiled when he called a swamp man joe biden a low iq individual and worse, perhaps it is sending me a signal. and during a news conference after the president went one step further. watch. >> kim jong-un made a statement that joe biden is a low iq individual. he probably is based on his record. i think i agree with him on that. kennedy: but that rub some republicans the wrong way. including illinois congressman, adam can singer who tweeted it is morally weakened and you're taking a shot at joe biden, it's just plain wrong. and someone else tweeted donald trump to criticize joe biden, politics stops at the waters edge. it's never right to side with a murderous dictator. and the president's comments
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are beneath the dignity of the office. to be on foreign soil on memorial day and tuesday side repeated with a murderous dictator against a fellow american and former vice president, speaks for itself. and part of a pattern of embracing autocrats at the expense of our institutions whether taking put in his word at face value in helsinki were exchanging love letters with kim jong-un. but the presences i was actually sticking up for joe biden while on foreign soil. kim jong-un called him a low iq idiot! many other things. when i related the quote - is a much softer, low iq individual. who could possibly be upset with that?should the
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president leaves up or keep his foot on the gas? let's meet tonight panel to decide, an attorney and author and liberal commentator, danielle mclachlan is back. along with campus reform editor-in-chief and fox news contributor, the one and only lawrence jones. and real clear politics cofounder and executive editor, tom bevan. welcome when it all. >> good to be with you. kennedy: everyone gets sanctimonious about everyone overseas criticizing a former vice president but is it just politics now? >> it is. and certainly with this president who -- [laughter] does not seem to care much about past norms or traditions and people are quick to dig up quotes from president obama when he was overseas taking shots at competitors back in the day. if people think this is too rough, wait until he is the nominee and we get into the meat of the 2020 campaign. this will be nothing. kennedy: rental some of joe biden's fellow democrats running for president really dig in. because i don't think they've even started yet. >> he is a messy past. i would educate people that for what it's worth, saying mean
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things or some like john kerry actually trying to implement policy on the world stage when he does not have an elected office, he is not appointed by the president right now. you're right, a lot of people get sanctimonious. they take shots at each other. i don't think, and i think they are being intellectually dishonest. donald trump did not side with kim jong-un. this is the good cops, bad cops, right now. everyone knows it. at first the left criticized for being too harsh on kim and now he is cuddling with kim. kennedy: the edge of world war iii because of things he was saying and what he was sending a social media. but now it is very different and joe biden does not have a terrific past in terms of foreign policy. regardless of how you feel about him or his temperament, the obama biden administration did not do wonders for our relationship with north korea. and actually created the
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situation that this president to his credit, and i don't give him credit for a lot, has had to diffuse.>> i think obama and joe biden inherited something that frankly is going back to the clinton administration. i think is really the first time -- trying to constrain the nuclear ambitions. we've not actually ever constrained a country except for maybe iran. we can talk about the deal, we may slow them down, they give up nuclear weapons but india, pakistan, you name it, china russia, we made these countries from acquiring weapons. i know i would be in the minority, but obama was out there talking about policies. but this is a murderous dictator.kennedy: but the uk. >> the uk and allies. kennedy: in the middle of the campaign taking shots at president trump. >> we are at the beginning of a campaign. kennedy: is okay for president obama but not president trump?
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here is what i am saying. and this was the start of the question with tom. we have to decide like, is this the new normal? do you have a new paradigm? are we talking to each other divinely or we going to pretend to be constrained by the old because that's how we did this for a long time? >> i think that is part of the question of the other is should we?i think politics stops -- the problem people have is that it is kim jong-un. chris would say joe biden was a nonfactor when it came to the obama initiation. they did not follow a lot of his advice, both sides of the political aisle has to -- suggestiveness. it might've been a terrible phrase but -- >> they do not have a lot of sway, right? kennedy: here's the thing if you want to be vp and have gravitas do not run for president because is a
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different ballgame.politics especially present a politics is a blood sport. you're going to get dirty and i don't, i don't like people hiding behind you know former titles were gender -- if you want to get the mode you are going to get dirty.>> exactly. joe biden, he will be able to handle himself i think. he's going to take a lot of incoming especially from democrats as they dig into his record but this is the new normal. we talk a lot about this, is donald trump unique in the sense or how we sort of crossed the line that we are never going to be able to -- kennedy: that is a real good point! is he the author of all of this or symptom? of this culture? >> i think he is the king of it. the people that didn't start political careers being a fighter like him cannot get in the mud with him. if you get in the mud you look like a little markup. if you try to fight his game you will lose. what makes him different is he is authentic.this is not joe biden. he is the statesman. he is the uncle to everyone.
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kennedy: he is the middle class, he's got a lot of republicans say he's a nice guy. then they don't take it back like he did with mike pence. but there are a lot of people who actually, genuinely like him. but he does have a past that could be problematic. i'll get into that as much of the 1994 crime bill in the show. right now i want to talk about 20/20 looking promising for the president believe it or not and of course it has to do with the economy. according to steve ratner who served as economic counselor in the obama initiation, he wrote a new york times op-ed pointing out three different models that they should the president winning model is by yale professor ray fair. he claims gdp and inflation combined with incumbency are the three best predictors. all three work together. this model predicted both wins for president obama in 2008 and 2012 and with shockingly it was accurate numbers up by just tenths of a percentage point in 2016, same model was one of the
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rare outliers showing president trump winning at 54 percent. we came in around 49 percent. this summer on the model has him pegged it 56 percent. two other models give them a clear edge but one thing to note, the models do not account for voters issues with the president's personality. that is the ultimate variable. so it will president trump sale to victory in 2020? or will he set himself back with his meaningless twitter attacks? >> i want to talk about that because i think that is the critical issue. it is not how is he doing if you take his personality aside from the policy and the results, it is how much did the influence voters and is there any way of telling that? >> no there's not. and these models you're right, that's the wildcard in this with donald trump. and again, look at what the economy is, and you look at what donald trump is. his approval rating and economies over 55 percent. it is about 10 to 15 points
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lower than his regular job approval rating and part of the reason democrats don't give them credit for anything, did not like him they hated him since the day he took office. they still hate him no matter where the economy is. really had to independents feel about this? and shrinking it down further, how do independents in the states with election will be decided in ohio, michigan, pennsylvania, florida, north carolina, and the states, how do they feel about the president, has they feel about economy, -- kennedy: i think there's a choices people actually make at the last minute. and because there are so many democrats really dislike the president, one of the mistakes they make is assuming that everyone else hates him just as much. and it matters just as much but that's not the reality. and that's why with was steve ratner he is doing something
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agency because instead of saying he's the worst person in the world we have to impeach him and get them out of office now, he says no, he actually might win is a good shot here. did that do more to activate democrats? the adjustably saying we have to resist him because we don't like him. >> it should. and you know, there are structural advantages to being incumbent. there's a reason why most presidents get reelected. he sits in the oval office and he emerges from the rnc. fairly unscathed. democrats should be thinking about this because a lot of the things impossible but same like he was elected. kennedy: they think it is a foregone conclusion. >> is a bad mistake because it if they didn't vote for trump there pushing him into his arms with the policy position. i think a lot of americans are still the same way. it's the personality. because there been so many people that are on the other side of donald trump that have gotten in the mud with him as well, i believe americans become desensitized to he might
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be -- maybe other politicians are showing their true colors as well. as it relates to personality at the people just getting desensitized to it.kennedy: i think you're right and i think people are no longer surprised by some of the stuff he says on twitter and when he acts up and when he impulsively reacts to people needlessly. i don't think it matters as much and it is not as shocking as it was in 2016 and that can be a problem for democrats which means they have to find a new way of tackling this president campaigning against him and i don't think they have a combo yet. everyone is beatable and they can absolutely do it. i just don't think that the person and the right strategy right now. >> they having a civil war within the democratic party right now. >> will have some more at the panel because they are getting in the jell-o ring will be exciting. and also michael wolff again, new book making wild claims about the president. i will take one of the latest i will take one of the latest allegations and the surprisi
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michael wolff is getting set to release the follow-up to the best-selling book about the trump white house. do not expect to find in the nonfiction section. a spokesperson for robert
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mueller shots on a quote - from the new book that claims the special counsel drafted a three count obstruction of justice indictment against the president before deciding to trash it. the expert of siege trump under fire appeared in the guardian today but the mueller spokesperson responded to the passage by saying quote - the documents that you described do not exist. # fake news. # talk to the hand. still expected to hit shelves june 4 but the funny attacks on the president actually help him instead with me now, wall street journal columnist and fox news contributor, bill mcgurn. it is turn to learn. this is the second time special counsel office has had to push back on claims about the investigation or the fruits of the investigation, the first was buzzfeed and on michael wolff that made up a bunch of stuff in his first book, "fire and fury". >> is the fantasy and they pay
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a price for matter what donald trump does, he's done outrageous things i think we agree. but he can always count on is upon us to do something more outrageous. kennedy: yes! >> in response. and you wonder if he is provoking it deliberately. kennedy: he benefits on all sides of the amazing thing because when donald trump is running for president, and shortly after he was elected, he said the media is going to be in my corner because they need me. the ratings have gone up so much. in the new york times is selling so many subscriptions and i think there's something to that. >> there is something to that. i don't know if you remember way back i'm a lot older than you. doonesbury is to have the sort of hippie protest character when nixon resigned he sort of like i needed nixon. [laughter] >> the purpose without his life. kennedy: they needed nixon, the needed john mitchell, they needed the man standing in his office flipping them off so they had something to protest
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against.>> exactly. and to save the world from. i think once again, donald trump benefits. it is rather amazing. kennedy: and a political scientist, ian bremmer, put out a tweet that he attributed to the present but it wasn't fun enough to be parity and not enough to be false. he said the quote - was plausible which is very strange to me.>> which means untrue. kennedy: he says that he was just putting out an experiment to see if anyone would retweet it. and others did. there were -- questionnaire plenty of trump courts you could have used that would be more outrageous. you have to make up a somewhat dull quote - to attribute to the president. kennedy: also, any time that happens, it sort of undermines the credibility of the people who are most opposed to the president. >> almost seems as it doesn't
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matter, in others, you prove your credentials to the anti-trump side the more you hate him not by whether your actual or not.kennedy: the that the rationality be something that affects us all pretty gravely. >> also the assumption that ordinary people don't see through it. i think i wonder if people know the different agenda made of quote - in the real quote - and they know, they make their judgments about the press accordingly. kennedy: i think that the president and his team are lying on that it will be people that because people are more sophisticated, more plugged in. they consume more to politics than in any other point. quickly build judgment and not everyone can give reason but one has a reason and they built up over a wall. especially the other thing the left has that he doesn't quite have our the moral pretensions that go with it. kennedy: yes. >> is a turnoff to a lot of people. kennedy: and they always taken the moral high road. >> other people make up quotes
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and throughout objectivity and so forth. it is ridiculous. kennedy: you know james comey also has an op-ed where he was talking about the fbi was not spying on the trump campaign. they were they were essentially spying but he is just assigning a different word to her. >> not only that, james comey -- kennedy: talk about a lack of objectivity. >> the attorney general said he is looking into what was said. at the grid james hopper, and john brennan i think both called trump a russian accent or agent. implications they knew they'd seen stuff you and i -- recently james comey was on scene and they asked him do you think the russians are compromising information on trump? and he said it's possible. and i said what a dishonest answer. he could've said of course as possible it's possible i will be starting for the mets this week. kennedy: it's possible --
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>> it is possible that we are in the fbi and we are in the business of facts and evidence and after two-year investigation there is no evidence to support that. but he didn't. kennedy: the word possible and plausible. that is the lowest -- >> james comey has a different relation of truth. kennedy: andrew mccabe said the same thing. he was asked directly is trump a russian asset? rest in the ig report he lied three times, four times under oath. kennedy: and that is why he was fired. and roger stone, he was been a long time in prison. i always learn a lot with you, thank you. >> thank you.kennedy: -- led to mass incarceration and i will explain why joe biden as prime policies have been so wrong in my memo. we will do it liv ♪ ♪
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[inaudible conversation] [laughter] ♪ ♪ ♪ "i'm okay." ♪ ♪
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termites, we're on the move.24/7. roger. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. kennedy: you have heard all
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about the president going after joe biden targeting the former vp's greatest weakness. his influence in the passage of the 1994 crime bill which overloaded prisons frontera generations. as with most crime and drugs in the country in the history of this legalization legislation rather has thinly veiled racist roots. you don't believe me? listen to uncle joe biden himself back in 1993. talking about the need to dispose of entire swaths of young men. watch. >> unless we do something, about the young people, tens of thousands of them, born out of wedlock without parents, without supervision, without any structure, without any conscience developing, because they literally, they literally have not been socialized. they literally have not had an opportunity we should focus on them now. >> again, does not mean because
12:28 am
we created them. that we somehow forgive them or do not take them out of society to protect my family and yours from them. they are beyond the pale many of those people. beyond the pale. and it's a sad commentary on society. we have no choice but to take them out of society. kennedy: wow! certainly harsh and it is not tough to figure out who he wanted to take out of society for good. joe biden has been a series of recent rationalizations about the crime bill that will not take responsibility or make amends. even former president bill clinton has been overtly contrite about the unintended horrific consequences of the blanket damage 25 years later is just now being undone. joe biden says the guidelines later in 1994 only affected eight percent of the prison population which is hogwash! since states were incentivized to adopt truth in sentencing laws to get federal dollars to build more prisons to incarcerate more people for longer periods of time.
12:29 am
he also the foundation for further pasteurization of racially imbalanced policies. in sentencing in 1984 comprehensive control act, he did that with segregation -- not exactly naacp lifetime achievement award winner. that expanded penalty for drug crimes and activate a robust civil asset forfeiture program. joe biden also sponsored and correct antidrug abuse act of 1986. a famous exploited sentencing disparities between crack and cocaine. guess it was more likely to be sent to prison for life, those young people that according to joe biden has been taken out of society. three strikes and you're out. the trifecta of bad bills, they certainly do not owe you a vote now when bad policy authors like bill de blasio and kamala harris are dead set against your magnum opus. you're in deep political
12:30 am
yogurt, i'm sorry joe, that's the memo.♪ ♪ [music] president trump now claiming he's done more for criminal justice reform than any other president ever. so should he keep slamming joe biden for his role in crafting such a destructive crime policy? jeremy now editor at large, nick -- how important is this for joe biden?>> a pretty important stone to relief from the tomb. joe biden, the biggest problem is and what he was doing in the 80s and 90s, it's always talking about it now. he is still kind of talking about how marijuana shouldn't be legal. even trump is on board with that. the entire country and all of the commonwealth even there on board. kennedy: virginia and kentucky?
12:31 am
>> yes, this is a big problem for him in that sense. because he already has an enthusiasm gap among democratic you know kind of voters and stuff like that. he doesn't have the bona fide -- to turn out large numbers of blacks and latinos that barack obama had him is a problem. when he taken mr. granite which is dangerous but he does owe people and much better explanation, he revisits and talks about there is great stuff in there. >> no, and is also lying about that. or he's misrepresenting things. i say this, i'm not a republican, not a democrat, i don't care who wins and went joe biden to do better or worse but he was the country a better explanation of what was going on and more portly, how do we write the you know how to make the course correction or how do we keep it going because this is actually somewhere that donald trump is actually right. the criminal justice reforms that he has signed on to the fact that he is willing, he
12:32 am
said he will sign a marijuana legalization bill or something that kicks it back to the state. he is actually thinking about this stuff and he's been moving in the right direction. more so than barack obama did. kennedy: and based on how obama campaign in 2008, you think naturally he would have been the criminal justice reform president. because he had a lot of power concentrated in the executive branch. he had two houses and two chambers of congress. that could have helped him but instead, went for something like obamacare but it's interesting because as i look at this, president trump came to office as a law and order guy, he made a lot of people very nervous especially when he nominated jeff sessions. to be attorney general. i almost think that he latched onto criminal justice reform is accountable to joe biden. >> and you know donald trump is not good in any of the stuff, he also has real problems partly with minority voters had
12:33 am
eight percent of the black vote which was higher than others but minuscule. anyway he has nowhere to go but up and he can talk about that and if he can bring kim kardashian and conor west out and talk about sentencing reform. kennedy: and show the people who have actually had their sentences commuted.>> the problem with donald trump is that if you go back and look at what he was saying in the 80s and 90s, he was kind of calling joe biden a worse for not being hard enough. and this is after they were found innocent and he says they were guilty of something they should still be in jail. so this is really kind of like you know once again, presidential politics reduced to the mommy versus the wolfman. kennedy: someone expressing their opinions private citizen expressing a wrong opinion and a very powerful center co-authorizing legislation running peoples lives and communities. >> and will not acknowledge and will not tell us how he's going to be doing something different, what's good about the current moment is that we are having a different
12:34 am
conversation about the drug war and about criminal justice reform. kennedy: and i did not see coming, five or 10 years ago, >> certainly not.kennedy: we have to welcome it, we have to give credit where credit is due. if joe biden wants to emerge as a full-fledged civil libertarian and god bless him. [laughter] but he did not touch my clavicle. i wish he did. thank you so much. [laughter] narrowly escape that one. amazon reportedly considering coming back to new york city! but the big apple mayor bill de blasio still refusing to help them. you may recall amazon backed out of the deal to build a new headquarters amid bad publicity of a $3 billion in tax subsidies and this time they reportedly going to be based in manhattan instead of queens. the mayor originally supported the plan for now he is bitter. he says if amazon decides and
12:35 am
-- that is their choice. doesn't surprise me at all but again they will have to do it on their own.we are very jaded. after having made a full agreement that i thought was a fair agreement and they walked away in the dead of night. no one likes me. amazon would bring billions in much-needed tax dollars to the city. why is the mayor still fighting it? joining me to discuss hedge fund manager, and fox news contributor, jonathan hoenig is back. >> good to be i couldn't hear what you're saying but i was able to be long. but the mayor said of amazon was to come they have to do it on their own. and you know what, he's right! he is absolutely right. as you know the micromanage business or to give special subsidies for certain groups and not to others. mayor di blasio, it is not that he's against cronyism but he's against cronyism for amazon. he was cronyism for his special
12:36 am
group. and in this case i think he's right. kennedy: you know what? i'm so glad that you pointed that out because when he was elected mayor, he said that he was going to get rid of the horses in central park that everyone loves. including the horses and he said he was going to do it because he's an animal lover when he is not killing hedgehogs. but really wanted to do it because some of his big political backers wanted to take control of the stables on the upper west side. where the horses are kept and that was a big no-no. >> this is not so an advocate for just low taxes and a level playing field for everyone. governor de blasio or mayor di blasio, keep in mind he announces presidential bid saying there's plenty of money out there, is just in the wrong hands. so new york has of course the highest taxes in the country. it advocated for paid vacation leave, $15 minimum wage.
12:37 am
heck, his document wanted to ban glass and steel skyscrapers. kennedy: i have to ask you, because what does he want skyscrapers to be built out of? silly putty and plexiglas? >> the real goal, the environmental of course is to get rid of skyscrapers, they are against industry at large. kennedy: will we be moles and live in holes in the ground with the rats? >> for liberals and many leftist it's about control. they want to control how the money spent and this is what is so ironic i think a lot of conservatives when it comes to this amazon issue. a lot of conservatives are saying of course we should incentivize amazon.but you're giving in on the very premise, the principle that governments role is to give special subsidies. kennedy: it's not! i agree with you but don't kick them out. it is so stupid! people want to the 25,000 jobs. people in queens were desperate for good paying jobs! and great facilities and all that amazon had promised.
12:38 am
but the government shouldn't be in the business. >> and if you want to get in a government -- is want to get them out of the business of cronyism get them out of the economy. then there's an opportunity for cronyism and those people whether be in queens or any other borough, get the jobs. >> if you like you and i the only one to believe that. and they call us crazy, yeah! [laughter] i love having you on, thanks for being here. >> thank you kennedy. kennedy: coming up, michael avenatti in court today not once but twice on charges of stealing from stormy daniels and trying to extort nike. but guess what the sleaze ball lawyer, guess who he says is really to blame? just do it! just gas. just gas. we are reaction next. don't tell your mother. dad, it's fine. we have allstate. and with claimrateguard they won't raise your rates just because of a claim. that's why you're my favorite... i know.
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president apparently is so powerful he brainwashed michael avenatti into robbing a porn star and attempting to extort a sneaker giant. so says the celebrity ambulance chaser turned msnbc hero, michael avenatti who told reporters outside a manhattan courtroom to his legal problems on the presidents fault. >> over 20 years, i represented david versus goliath across this nation. in many courthouses, just like this. i am now facing the fight of my life against the ultimate goliath. the trump administration. kennedy: michael avenatti pleaded not guilty today in two separate cases. for stealing money from stormy daniels and the other one
12:44 am
attempting to extort 25 million from nike. he is now facing a combined total of 404 years in prison. look on the bright side, he could get on 350 for good behavior. as the president behind the fall of michael avenatti? or is he just saying that to get more msnbc time? our panels back, let's start with our resident lawyer. what is he facing here? >> this is bad. this is mafia style bad.we are looking at wire fraud, there was some impersonation stormy daniels. kennedy: identity theft. >> a thing or some id case. this is not the trump administration. let's get this very clear, this is different cases, different u.s. attorneys offices. if allegations are true -- being a lawyer you have an obligation, you have obligations to your clients, selling one of them is not only to not put your funds in the same bank account but certainly not to write a letter pretended to be them and taking and
12:45 am
advance. kennedy: when he's is all the text in contract and communications come out, i will be exonerated. >> he wants. kennedy: i don't think so either! christ made a big mistake. like be a good criminal. okay? jaco after nike. [laughter] kennedy: be a good criminal. >> it's a little bit more strategic. i mean did you actually think you going to embezzle nike lawyers? i may come he is a lawyer he should know this. but again, this shows you the type of guy he is but this is really a story of the media. that is what they did they give him a platform. he showed all the signs of narcissism the entire time. but because they hated him so, donald trump so much, to give this guy a platform for years. kennedy: and they have not really given a proper -- for giving him the kind of platform they did without the necessary vetting and it wasn't difficult
12:46 am
to see that he had a pattern and a track record and some pretty shady -- >> there was some good local reporting done. i go to all the papers every single day as part of my job and i am from the original so the thing on the coffee company he was the chairman of while they were skimming payroll taxes off and to fund his lavish lifestyle, there was a lawsuit in california, his firm, his partner had accused him. there was good reporting out there that was being done that showed what a scumbag this guy was. and that he had the sketchy pass. and the media just absolutely had no interest in it. did not look into it at all and promoted him again, they saw him as the sort of savior this hero and next thing you know he is on cnn and msnbc you know hundreds of times over the course of six or eight weeks. he had hundreds of millions of dollars worth of free airtime. >> left the thing, the dishonesty of the people. they owe the viewers to say, we
12:47 am
got this wrong. it is kind of at the russia investigation. we didn't get it wrong, everyone else is wrong. but they should tell the audience look, we were not responsible, we were not good stewards of the network that you fund. kennedy: last question will have a couple of seconds. democratic candidates rent one for president are they not be scrutinized properly because they are so eager to find donald trump replacement? there are 23 of them so they will be some digging. i'm sure they will bill some of that further on as the window gets narrowed. and then people need to think about he knows one thing to think about you're going to run for president but it comes at scrutiny. kennedy: i truly think they're not applying the level of scrutiny that is necessary because at some point something will come up on one of the candidates so big and so blaring and it will be too late for these people. >> may be. and maybe there aren't enough
12:48 am
resources off the bus only the general election i think the democratic candidate, the media will take it easier on the democratic candidate certainly will not get the level -- >> all this will come out anyway. so either they get it out now or wait until the republicans -- kennedy: get it out now so it is not a surprise. nice to see you all. thank you so much. thank you so much. topical storm is next. geico makes it easy to get help when you need it. with licensed agents available 24/7. it's not just easy. it's having-a-walrus-in-goal easy! roooaaaar! it's a walrus! ridiculous! yes! nice save, big guy! good job duncan! way to go! [chanting] it's not just easy. it's geico easy. oh, duncan. stay up. no sleepies.
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thrones" fans have signed a petition to stop the show runners for the next star wars film. as petitions go this truly is virgin territory. [laughter] inflate your date! because this is the topical storm. topic number one. ned stark tonight in great britain were things of gone downhill since theresa may resigned. and this is why you can't give a whole country free healthcare. people don't know how to act. they cheese rolling event takes place every year in this town in england. we like to show this is a reminder that just because someone has a british accent doesn't mean they are intelligent. this year was won by canadian. yeah, he will spend the next
12:53 am
year apologize for being a bad guest. according to race rules, the winner is also entitled to give himself any cheese related title he or she wants. and after watching this video i decided, on the morning marscapone or the dope of danish blue. okay.i apologize those were harsh. the yak asked of jarlsberg. now key west florida where park ranger took a floating holiday. yep, the scooters -- this combines two things flow readings are greater. building weird contraptions and drinking beer. contestants are tasked with making a vote out of two by fours and duct tape which is also how every date on craigslist personals begins. someone is trying to destroy evidence. this year featured 23 vessels and 15 sank. although the weird thing is if you google sinking ships, every
12:54 am
stories about michael avenatti. i am david, your goliath. topic number three. a louisiana woman is accused of assaulting her wife. afterlife accidentally put marijuana in the washing machine. the judge set bail at $25,000 and if you think that is high, you haven't seen the suspect. 30-year-old ashley, she looks older than 30! allegedly herself several times with an attached event post at the filing of the her weed went through the wash. apparently this was not the type of hydro she was looking for and they were unable to hash things out. that would be bob marley started wailing away. they say perkins was so high she claimed eric swalwell would win the presidency.although good news is, it does set her up for an insanity defense for the trial date has not been set for that pot smoking -- because prosecutors have been unable to
12:55 am
find a jury of her peers. apparently they are all home watching netflix and playing video games. topic number four. ihop rightfully mocked lester to for temporarily changing the name to ihob which stood for international house of bad gimmicks. they enjoy the summer smacked him so much they are doing it again. this time around the letter p will have a new meaning.if only they put this much effort into the food. marketing nerds, look at that! i like to point out lester's temporary change to international house of burgers led to a 224 percent increase in hamburger sales meeting they probably went from selling 10 to 25 per year. come on man! a bunch of people rains. no one goes to ihop for the name. they go probably for the dependably mediocre breakfast. mostly to feel better about their own drinking problems after seeing all the people passed out in the booths. in any event, the company will
12:56 am
announce what the p stands for on june 3. you down with opp? you know me. and if you show up you get a freeroll. they go! i would like to point out this is much healthier than going to -and we welcome back gary, who's already won three cars, two motorcycles, a boat, and an r.v. i would not want to pay that insurance bill. [ ding ] -oh, i have progressive, so i just bundled everything with my home insurance. saved me a ton of money. -love you, gary! -you don't have to buzz in. it's not a question, gary. on march 1, 1810 -- [ ding ] -frédéric chopin. -collapsing in 226 -- [ ding ] -the colossus of rhodes. -[ sighs ] louise dustmann -- [ ding ] -brahms' "lullaby," or "wiegenlied." -when will it end? [ ding ] -not today, ron. -when will it end? [ ding ] back then, we checked our zero times a day. times change. eyes haven't. that's why there's ocuvite. screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed! but ocuvite has vital nutrients to help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today.
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