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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  May 30, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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thank you for being with us. thanks for being with us tonight, good night from new york. trish: breaking, president trump just announcing escalating tariffs against mexico until they stop the massive flow of illegal migrants with our country. we have details. >> president hitting back at former special counsel robert mueller. blaming him for not looking into the fbi role in 2016 russia. >> why didn't he investigate strzok and page and mccabe and comey and all of the lies. and brenon and the lies and clapper in the lies. trish: new intel shows peter
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strzok -- more fallout and reacted to my interview with china global tv network's lui, xin . trish regan begins right now. trish: breaking right now, president trump saying that u.s. is prepared, is at this moment preparing to impose a 5% tariff on all goods imported from mexico. if the country does not do more to combat the migrant crisis on our southern border. tariffs to take affect june 10. if they don't act and they continue to allow this, he is going to retaliate with the
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tariffs, president is warning, they will keep going, and increasing. until the crisis is resolved, mexico said it would be a disaster. this coming season. summer. as our border patrol makes largest single apprehension, more than 1,000 illegal migrants are apprehended after crossing near el paso, joining me. house oversight committee member congressman green. >> great to be on your show. trish: tariffs. does he get the reaction he needs and wants from mexico with this threat, this economic threat that would be quite bad for their economy? >> yeah. first everyone hates tariffs. but it is a crisis at the southern border, we have to to
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something, if it is really a crisis you go to crisis measur measures. you know 100 thousand plus a month now we're on track for record year, you heard i think you announced earlier about a thousand today, out of control. we have to do something. i think of the hundreds, thousands of americans who are dying from the opioid crisis. most of the synthetic opioids are coming from across the southern border. it is time to act. trish: mexico said we'll do something. they certainly given us lip service in the past, but not really done going, the number are strikes how severe they are, it keeps growing. do we have video? the group today. 1,000 people, that is a big amount of people crossing in to
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our border in el paso, texas. you think there thing whichss -- challenges that community of el paso has or any community on the border. what about the mexican side? >> "new york times" calls this a crisis now. it's time for mexico to do its part. i know when president trump possibly mentioned possibly doing tariffs before they did work on their border in the south, hopefully this gets them going. trish: you know june 10 is just around the corner. just a few days to show willingness to step up. as you said, you know you don't like tariffs, nobody does. they are not good for us and our economy. not for their economy. but at what point do you say, come on? let me turn to another story breaking, president trump lashing out at robert mueller.
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-- leading the investigation based on concerns they had about the possibility of collusion. which was against based on christopher steele's report that was never confirmed. seems fictitious. >> they knew it was fake. trish: you know, that i think is going to be where we need to dot i's and cross t's. the president, he was not mincing words with robert mueller. >> i think mueller is a true never-trumper, he is someone that disliked donald trump, he
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is someone that did not get a job he requested that he wanted very badly, then he was appointed. and despite, that despite 40 million dollars, 18 trump haters, including people that work for hillary clinton some of the worst humans on earth, they got nothing, it is amazing. trish: all right. >> is that it is it personal? do you think mueller just didn't like him. >> i think real question is what president asked in your lead in, that is why didn't the special prosecutor go after peter strzok and all of those people who clearly did some very wrong things. it is clear that strzok violated the hatch act, he used government resources to thwart, to try to thwart a political campaign, that is a violation of the hatch act, he ought to be
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arrested and charged. used government resources to fight -- you know oppose a campaign. that is against the law. trish: peter strzok, you know certainly did not like the president. >> no. trish: it became ever evident bn him and lisa page. we are learning that the fbi never specifically warned the trump campaign about any russian out reach efforts. >> right. trish: which i find peculiar. they are warning everyone in the obama administration that at tippi top, yet never bother to tell the guy who may be compromised in this? they didn't tell th the campaign that two of its own were already under fbi investigation. and person in charge of that briefing? peter strzok. >> same guy. so the president is in a security briefing that is giving him all of the security threats,
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meanwhile they are investigating two of his people for security threats, they don't tell the president in the security threat briefing that there a security threat, they are either incredibly incompetent or intentionally trying to harm the guy. trish: a wonder which it is. this is why this is important that barr get to the bottom of it. i think that americans deserve to know. i don't think we'll like them, we'll find out there was bad stuff, this could make watergate look like you know child's play in comparison. you get all these democrats right now, a political place where you live in dc. now pushing for president to be impeached. >> nice smoke screen, that is what it is. to get everyone off this other thing, barr, i have a lot of
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confidence in attorney general, i think he will pursue this, he is a pit bull, he will get answer, we'll find ugly stuff as rocks continue to be unturned. trish: i just want honesty. >> sounds like special counsel calls for congress to pick up where he left off, that process as a name. >> the consequences hearing from him today for first time is what i think now the widely-held expectation that the democratic controlled congress will have no choice but to open an impeachment inquiry into president trump. trish: i think we'll hear this over and over against from your colleagues there in the house. democrats and also from mainstream media. does it mean actual impeachment. >> they control the house, so they can manipulate the vote in
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the house, nothing will happen in the senate. this is just a waste of the american payers tax dollars, and time of all of these committees. there is so much work that needs to be done for this country, meanwhile they have 5 different committees investigating the president, and a memorandum signed by leaders of those committee, synchronizing their affords this insane. this is legislative branch again the executive branch. >> thank you congressman green, we're so divided right now. democrat promoting far left agenda bashing our president to thenation' -- nation's youth, getting paid for it, it must become months am season. >> make no mistake we're witnesses an assault o on the re
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of law. trish: we have so-called highlights you don't want to miss, and remember how. the left wing media absolutely loved michael wolff's first unverified book. >> i read this book. >> what does this book do to president trump base. fire and fury. >> i'm glad i read it. trish: coming up, michael wolff's new book is unraveling. we have details be but first my interview with china state tv anchor lui xin making headlines in the world tonight. after this.
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ends sunday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. trish: last night i had a fascinating discussion with china global television network lui xin, she is host of a show. we come from two different perspectives, we don't agree on
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everything, but i welcome different opinions on this snow every -- this snow o show every, you hear a variety of view points, that is how we make the most informed decisions. i tell you she made good points. the developing country status, saying that you know they look at it on a per capita basis. i thought that was interesting, she made a powerful confession, i give her credit for that china does need to back off with intellectual property theft. >> i do not deny there are ip infringinfringement, copy writes or piracy or theft of commercial secrets we have to be del dealt with.
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trish: what if we said sure huawei come in but you must share the advances that you have been working on, would that be okay. >> if you pay for the use of the ip of high technology, that is fine. why not. trish: you mentioned something important, you should pay for the acquisition. >> right? you pay for the stuff. you can't just take something that not yours, she agrees with that i appreciate that, she and i agreed on something else. we should not have tariff, get rid of them. zero there are fem them, and zero for us, then you have a level playing field, our interview got hundreds of millions of streams in china, trending all day in social media, you can watch entire
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interview on fo steve hilton is here. some people were expecting wwf, they wanted a full on fight. but we had a very interesting dialogue, a discussion. and i think that is kind of american to have -- important to have sometimes in the heated moments, do you agree. >> i do agree. it was fascinating, you hardly see, that so great you got that interview. you gave it a lot of ground. other thing i thought was important area of agreement, she made a point that was right, in relation to the self interest, she said that if american companies, even though they have at times, have to deal with things like intellectual property theft, some other
11:19 pm
redirecttions from the government in china, they wanted to be there, because they see an interest for themselves in being part of that market. that is a fair point. trish: it is a fair point. and i think that this is why things are different right now, have you a president that say, wait. you know these ceos that are so interested in the quarter, in the stock price on the day-to-day basis. of course, they would like access to that tremendous marketplace. that is where you have to say wait. you may be okay with the force technology transfer, but we're not so okay with that not if the government itself can get access to that valuable information. and perhaps that is where sort of the changes right now. when you look at past administrations, right versus what the trump administration is doing. it is a very different field because you have someone saying,
11:20 pm
this does not work out so well, you may be okay with those transfers, but as a nation maybe we need to rethink it? >> that is right, you know you put your finger on something. for people like you and i, we believe in the free market, in free enterprise. we want to go with instinct of our business leaders, we generally trust them to make the right decision. there is another way of looking at it not just economic. but a strategic question, that is really about the fact that the chinese state, you touched on this at end of the conversation talk about state capitalism, the chinese state that directs their free market, it has a stated goal to topple america as world super power, it is planning on doing that, working on doing that right now through some technologies in past it has stolen. you can't just consider it a
11:21 pm
question of mask its and consumer benefit, it is strategic goes to our national security interest as well. trish: a whole other level that people have not taken into correction, perhaps -- consideration perhaps in ways they should have in last 30 years. perhaps, they should not have come up with made in china 2025, that put it out there. one thing to be working on it behind scenes but another thing to tell world, we want to dominate this. and that has left not just the u.s. but i think a lot of other countries in the world feeling somewhat fearful? >> yeah, that is right. by the way, reminds me of part of my conversation with president trump the other week, he said he told president xi .
11:22 pm
that he was offended by made in china 2025, had would be this way of being number one and all these industries, since then, president xi has not been using it. trish: i noticed they have backed off that. that is astute of him to point that out. i think that was you know, some ways like marketing, you don't want your -- the world to know your plan. but it is a concern. what happens here? is the president able to get a trade deal done so we can have zero tariffs and protect intellectual property? >> i think he is, i think he will get it done, but i'm not sure it will happen in short-term, i think he is patient. he has shown that in context of china and also in north korea. he is not accepting any old
11:23 pm
deal, he feels he has the strong hand, and he always points to is actual day-to-day impact of the tariffs, which more threatening to china than america. you see in global companies reorganizing supply chains leaving china, relocating manufacturing to places like vietnam even here to america. that great for us, he feels he has strong hand, and he will stick out for a good deal, i think we'll get there but not quickly. trish: and painful in the interim. we have not seen it yet, you are right, china's economy has been challenged in part because of this. but anyway. you know, trade wars are never good. i hope they both can get something done, steve good to see you, thank you. >> yeah, thank you. trish: you can see steve every sunday night, 9 p.m. eastern fox news channel, hosting the next revolution. >> coming up, democrats getting paid to promote their far left
11:24 pm
agenda to our nation's youth. it is commencement season. >> a minimum wage that is a living wage, healthcare for for every american. trish: coming up, highlights. low lights? from this year's liberal commencement speeches, come on. first. dems want to abolish i.c.e. over a thousand migrants apprehended yesterday. my next guest said, if you don't believe in strong borders, you don't believe in the concept of a nation. next. >> you have to reexamine i.c.e. and the way it is administered and work it is doing. think about starting from scratch. carl, i appreciate the invite here. as my broker, what am i paying you to manage my money? it's racquetball time.
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trish: breaking. trump administration imposing a 5% tariff on any goods coming into america from mexico, starting june 10. president warns it will keep going until mexico does something to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. on heels of a record bust on our southern border, with single largest apprehension. over a thousand crossing in el paso, texas. more than doubles previous record that was last month, think about that. we have had more than 500 thousand trying to come into the country, we're seeing the numbers double? every month? even president obama said it was a crisis, joining me now, retired brigadier general,.
11:30 pm
what your reaction to this? use of tariffs, like he told me, he considers them an economic weapon, right now we're dealing with a struggle at the border. tariffs? on mexican goods? >> you know president trump always talked about mexico paying for the wall, this could parlay into that. and they could end up building the wall if they don't do something to their southern border. we have is president's brilliant move, another lever of economic power, national power we have talked about before, diplomatic information military, economic. this president is the best at using those levers to get other nations to comply with what we need to happen to serve america's best ep rest. this -- interest, this president is focused as he said he is on the border. and this is you know from 5 to
11:31 pm
10 to 15, 25%. trish: penalties. >> late right now. he will hurt them in the pocketbook. like with north korea and iran. and it is a very effective weapon in the tool kit of a president. trish: he is moving quickly. to 25%. are they going to do something? >> i believe they will, i think you know president of mexico is taking heed, and they are trying to do something to extent you can fight with the you know cartels get control of that area, this is a multilayer problem. on this side of the border, president really needs to get the wall built, and you know take the -- repatriot the illegal immigrants, and he has to get legislation changed. this is sort of like him doing an executive order the 5 to 25%
11:32 pm
tariff. but he is really got to get congress focused on this. trish: what is the risk to us, our economy is going great. really great. you know, there has been concern about trade war with china. but if you put these tariffs on mexican imports, american consumers, would pay for that, because the companies that are importing are passing it to consumers, can we handle that. >> i think so. economy has been as good as it been, if we ever are going to repair the roof, now is the time. president taking a language view with china -- long view with china and iran and mexico and illegal immigration, it falls under rubric of national security, he has talked about america first since he was on
11:33 pm
campaign trail. that truly is the lens that he looks through when he makes these decisions. trish: does it change. the behavior at the border? i think it has to be frustrating for him you see the numbers, wait, i had a solution, a plan. i wanted better security and border wall. i get democrats who won't get onboard with this, despite they have called for better border security for last couple decades, i have a great sound bite, not quit diane feinstein n 1990s, saying we can't be the welfare system for mexico. this used to be their issue, but now just because he is out in front of it, they won't do anything, you look at those numbers, to you as general what does that signify to you with a massive amount of people trying to diagra come here undocumente. >> someone spending a lifetime thinking about threats to our
11:34 pm
nation, and understanding them, have you thousands of people coming across the border illegally, embedded in those, you will have terrorists, criminals, people who try to do harm, it is verified it has happened in the caravans, we're not revealing sources and methods but we know they are. trish: you want to know who is in the country. and i don't think if anyone thought about it hard they would say, let's come up with a better system to bring people we want here, and you know, not everyone has to have a phd, we can be diverse in our selection. but let's make sure we know who we're bringing in here, not that hard, general at tha tatta. >> thank you. >> favorite time of year for left, commencement season. >> we spend too much time debating, we've been too focused on the fight, not focused enough
11:35 pm
on progress. trish: okay coming up, far left democrat promote their agenda, criticizing president trump, of course,. to all those students out there. but first liberal media darling, michael wolff's new book. is already unraveling, before the media can do the wall-to-wall coverage of it, we have all details. next. >> wait, we have a book to talk about. >> i read this book, we'll talk about it. >> i'm glad i read it. >> every hour that passes we get more from michael wolff about his time in the white house. your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. you need decision tech. if his denture can cope with... a steak. luckily for him, he uses super poligrip.
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11:40 pm
people he had information about. the subjects, right? he was writing about, he never bothered to contact them, and say, hey, is this true? he relied on other people's information about the main subjects and put it in a book. yet he is out there criticizing members of trump team nonstop in his latest anti-trump book for their manipulation of the truth? here is a good one. do you want to know his defense, difference between a an institutional reporter and a noninstitutional reporter, i don't have to ask the silly questions. excuse me, sir. woe, those silly questions. mike? they are difference between serious journalism and ser seris
11:41 pm
gossip, gossip, that can be dangerous, that is what you are peddling? you hit man? joining me right now liberal columnist adam epstein. and marc lotter. you know, i am discouraged right now, i feel like, this is the environment, "new jersey now" in which we live -- right now in which we live, then you read volume one of mueller report, there was no collusion. then now you have journalists. this is just most egregious example that happens to in news today, there are plenty out there making stuff up, publishing it, whether a booker on on-line article, it is irresponsible. damaging. your thoughts?
11:42 pm
>> well, -- subject of michael wolff, i think that interview he gave to "new york times" is very telling and damaging. i can't disagree with you, to make up our own definition of a reporter does not make sense to me, also at least with fire and fury he had access to his subject that would be key. in the journalistic efoes of how we do things, i think it is that poorly sourced if it is just a hit job, i am not interested. trish: there are probably people out there saying, hey, you know, you are using my name in this story, that is not true. marc. politics is a lousy business, isn't it? the media, all of it. the idea that people can just say things then it gets marketed as strug truth -- truth, what
11:43 pm
happened in. >> later, michael wolff said his only loyalty was to the truth as he sees it. michael wolff to journalism what michael avenatti is to legal profession, they are both embarrassments. we need to aim high or, that turn away from, that as this book is launched, i hope serious journalists even those filled with trump derangement syndrome think about what they are doing. don't give him your air time to spread the nonsense that you know is poorly sourced, if sourced at all. trish: it is wild. market economics, people want to buy it because they want to read a good story. he could put together a story. that is struggle that we're in.
11:44 pm
where is the accountability? >> i think that there -- this his redefining truth in journalism, in an era, say to you both, i think that trump does nothing but play fast and loose with truth, having someone do a journalistic take down with him not true compounds the problem, i am not into presidential hit job books. and there was a book the obamas for "new york times," i thought it was poorly sources and unreliable. so, you know, i'm not really on the hit job chain. and i am not giving u michael wolff -- i cannot do anything to support what he said, i think, it does undermine good journalism. trish: you have to have a good thick tough skin, i guess in politics these days, good to see you, adam, marc. >> robert mueller's probe is
11:45 pm
over, but one hollywood liberal is not having this. still clinging on, coming up. you will not believe what robert de niro is asking for. >> but first, favorite time of year for liberal politicians because they make money for going out and preaching far left agenda to the impressionable college students, good times, we have highlights. they are kind of funny, watch. >> make no mistake, we're witnessing an assault on the rule of law and the foundation of our democracy. -and we welcome back gary, who's already won three cars, two motorcycles, a boat, and an r.v. i would not want to pay that insurance bill. [ ding ] -oh, i have progressive, so i just bundled everything with my home insurance. saved me a ton of money. -love you, gary! -you don't have to buzz in. it's not a question, gary. on march 1, 1810 -- [ ding ] -frédéric chopin. -collapsing in 226 -- [ ding ] -the colossus of rhodes. -[ sighs ] louise dustmann -- [ ding ] -brahms' "lullaby," or "wiegenlied."
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>> we're witnesses an assault on the rule of law, and the foundation of our democracy. >> america is our constitution, or system of checks and balances. our freedom contained in bill of rights much of which is under assault today, america is a nation of immigrants, unless you were blessed to be born native metropolitan. >american. >> power and privilege will continue to accumulate more power and privilege. trish: okay. you know what time of year it is. high profile democrats using
11:50 pm
college commencement addresses as platform for political posturing, and they get paid. on other hand, president trump he used to stage used stage to honor graduating cadets today at u.s. air force academy, to honor them. >> graduating cadet, nick was first person from any service act dam tacademy to win collegen derby, get up here, nick, come here. [applause] you have all been pulling for one of your classmates who bravely fought his battle with cancer. >> thank you. [applause] trish: really nice to see in colorado today, better than the
11:51 pm
this going to sound cruel but the really nasal tone we heard from that commencement speech earlier, joining me, fox nation host, brit mchenry, and cabot phillips, you see a difference there, before anything gets up in arms about me and her voice. i just think that she could benefit from a little i don't know, el -- lessons there it is different. i am off topic, getting in trouble. anyway. brett, what is going on, commencement season, big paychecks a chance to campaign. >> to your point with nancy pelosi, comments, i'll say it, i think it should be more alarming to her people are confusing a video of her speaker slowed down by 75% thinking particular be real in that you know --
11:52 pm
thinking it could be real, this is nancy pelosi we see, i don't think that wrong to say. but, i think a great opportunity for conservatives to use as well. i'm not hating on using commencement speeches platforms to speak your message to have freedom of speech, but you can't police it in the way that democrats do, i am sure you get more feedback from our other guest, i read, that respec repot people believe 41% think that hate speech should not be allowed. well, what is the line, i wonder who regulates that, that is where it getting muddy and conservative get stifled but democrats don't. trish: cabot, sometimes it seems unfair. it did not sound like her, it distracted me. cabot, you know, it seems to me that as i watch members of the
11:53 pm
left hit so hard on you know oh, my gash, you are actually in favor of any of trump policies, anything that he is doing, somehow you are either ignor igt or a bigot or a racist, you name it. ththe act -- adjectives go, that iis an unfair position to put people. i question how angry some people on the left are getting, if you are not tolerating diversity, and intellectual diversity what is ge going on. >> it seems that the anger was misplaced, this i is an -- commencement address. only life lesson they got was to be a narcissist. this is supposed to be about college graduates, we have covered universities have one
11:54 pm
option who they can bring for the speech, if they dare bring a conservative, there will be riots and protests, if they bring a liberal of year, soons are so used to hearing same idea and talking points, they are tolerant. trish: i don't know how conservative so badly lost that war, for left to take over sort of the freedom of thought, like you have to think this way or else. that is not healthy, it is is not. on university campus, you know, if there is one place you should be able to engage in freedom of ideas, it should be in college. quickly your reaction, brit, hillary clinton and chelsea, a company pursuing film. >> clinton want more money, what point will hillary clinton just relax? and accept the defeat she had in 2016? she will not go quietly to the night, i think only way to
11:55 pm
combat this is for a conservative to make their own documentaries, netflix is not giving them one they gave aoc, and barack obama, and michelle. trish: cabot? >> i want to know who was looking at hollywood, looking at entertainment media said we need more liberal contend. this is -- is a waste of time and money. >> same person booking orourke to be speaker. >> good to see you, thank you. >> robert mueller's russia probe is over, but one hollywood liberal is not having it, you won't believe what robert de niro is ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years.
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in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes... ...fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect... is bone and muscle ache. ask your doctor... ...about neulasta onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. trish: robert mueller russia probe is over, but not according to robert de niro. >> have united to sign a statement to help americans understand what is in the mueller report, conclusion should trouble us. >> we believe there is more than enough evidence to indict president trump for felony counts of obstruction of justice. >> of obstruction of justice of obstruction of justice. >> all in the report. >> you should read it for yourself. >> in words of mueller report, no person is above the law. >> here we go. but do you know what is
12:00 am
unfortunate, there a lottery need to do as a country, instead of focusing on things, like trade, important economic issues. we'll get stuck with that, right, kennedy begins now. kennedy: thank you. >> breaking news on immigration president threatening mexico with tariffs unless the illegal immigration stops. tariffs could cripple mexico economy if they don't play ball, it comes one day after we're told largest single group crosses sort ern border to u.s. the president tweeted, on june 10 united states will impose a 5% tariff on all goods coming into from mexico until such time as illegal migrants coming through mexico to our country stop. -- statement by the white house


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