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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 4, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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harmeet dhillon and he reply cal see you tomorrow. good night from new cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. right now, president trump and outgoing prime minister theresa may are hosting a breakfast round table meeting with business leaders from the united states and the u.k.. on the menu, howway, brexit and a possible trade deal. we are live in london, following the president and the protests. tech titan targeted, $130 billion in market value wiped from facebook, google parent alphabet, amazon and apple, over reports that the government could be ramping up anti-trust probes. how much trouble is ahead? 2020 democratic hopefuls have been making the rounds. one candidate noticeably missing is actually leading the pack. what joe biden's strategy means
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for the deaments democrats' chance to take over the white house. perk up coffee lovers and pour another cup or 20. details of a new study that says coffee isn't asse as bad for yor heart as you may have thought. it is tuesday, june 4th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. lauren: here is how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. u.s. stock market futures have found the green today. pay attention to the big tech giants. the nasdaq, the futures are up 37 points. yesterday, that index officially in correction territory. let's switch over to europe on this day two of president trump's state visit to the u.k. investors monitoring trade talks with great britain but also mexico and china. the shanghai composite in asia falling nearly 1% overnight. and you can see a sea of red in asia. in europe and the u.s., we're
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looking for green today. cheryl: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: we've got breaking news this morning. president trump and outgoing british prime minister theresa may are right now attending a business round table at st. james palace. lauren: let's go to lauren blanchard, she is live in london for more and the very latest. good morning to you, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. so we just saw president trump and prime minister theresa may, during those brief remarks when we heard from both leaders, theresa may thanked the president for the joh ongoing relationship between the countries. president trump said he thought they had a tremendous opportunity to make a substantial trade deal. remember, this meeting comes as theresa may is set to step down as prime minister at the end of of this week. so they will continue some ofs those trade talks with u.k. and u.s. business leaders. they'll also have a working
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lunch at downing street later on this afternoon. now, the other big thing that's been going on today here in london are protests. the president while he got the royal treatment from the royal family, not so much from some of those in london including london's mayor. today, the largest protest is expected to take plac place whei am right now. the organizers say they believe about 250,000 people will show up. so far, we're not seeing those kind of numbers. at most this morning, perhaps a couple thousand. there also will be the big trump baby blimp. you might remember that from last year, when the president made a working visit to london. that is expected to fly again over parliament square and here there is a trump robot sitting on a gold toilet. it's actually just behind me. it's kind of the crowd draw right now. it's been saying phrases like witch hunt, no collusion, and you are fake news. so the leader of the labor party
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is expected to make a statement here a little bit later on today before all of these protesters march their way down to parliament square. they can't get quite over to downing street, the london police have closed that off to anyone while those talks are taking place. expected to be a busy day here in london. lauren: busy and interesting. lauren, thank you very much. we're going to have much more on this throughout this hour and fox business will take the president's joint press conference withou with outgoinge minister theresa may this morning. cheryl: it was a tech wreck on wall street yesterday. four companies facing investigations from the federal government. and investors punished their stock. lauren: let's get details from kristina partsinevolos. >> reporter: fears of big tech scrutiny have hit wall street. the tech sector sold off on news that federal agencies that's oversee anti-trust issues and regulations will now go after specific companies. the department of justice has
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been given the green light the to open an investigation into apple, the stock closed lower for the day. further reports that the doj could open an investigation into google over its search engine and advertising division. at the moment, google controls 75% of the search engine market and officials want to know if google is using that to its advantage. this comes as e.u. trust officials fined google billions of dollars for abusing dominance in smartphones. the stock was hammered yesterday, closing at least 6% lower. it's not just google and apple. the ftc has been given jurisdiction to look into amazon as well as facebook. amazon told me they won't comment on the story. as for facebook, the ftc had been investigating them for over a year on privacy concerns. the social media company expects a fine between 3 to $5 million. but this latest possible probe could look into whether facebook
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stifles competition. it could embolder critics of facebook as well as rally bipartisan support on breaking up big tech. it could hit wall street quite hard. big tech names have been the portfolio dancer for investors in -- portfolio darlings for investors in hedge funds. there is currently no investigation but this could be seen as a warning sign for big tech. cheryl: thank you. 3 to $5 billion could be that fine, by the way. lauren: major developments on the trade front with china and mexico. mexico warning of possible retaliation to threatened u.s. tariffs over illegal immigration across the southern border as gop lawmakers discuss ways to block the tariffs. cheryl: we get the latest from hillary vaughn. hillary, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president trump ticking up tariff as a negotiating tool, turning around trade talks with china and mexico. beijing signaling they've had a change of heart and never meant
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to backtrack on negotiations. china's vice commerce secretary says we're willing to ado a cooperative -- adopt a cooperative approach to find a solution. mexico is making a 180 as well. >> he's a trade reformer. he understands since we're starting off from aussi say simr metric positions we have to -- >> reporter: fox business is told tariffs may be forcing mexico to come to the table but it's making everything on the table more expensive. >> i'm looking at the ingredients that come from mexico. i have no idea how charging me 5 or 25% more for my salad over the weekend is going to solve the southern border problem. >> reporter: mexico's foreign minister for north america saying the proposed tariffs will be magnified because a lot of the goods entering the u.s.
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cross back and forth over the border several times. >> car parts often cross eight times, four times in one direction, four times 5% will compounding on itself. the effect on prices for consumers will be greater than 5%. >> reporter: while the president continues to put pressure on china and mexico, threatening to put more tariffs if they don't work out a trade deal, the president made it clear that mexico being here to negotiate is just talk and he's expecting action before he does anything with tariffs. lauren and cheryl. cheryl: thank you. we'll take a closer look at the potential impact of tariffs on the u.s. economy and businesses when walmart's ceo, doug mcmillon, joins maria bartiromo for an exclusive interview on "mornings with maria," 8:20 a.m. eastern time. lauren: let's get to some other headlines making news this morning. a long delayed $19 billion disaster aid bill is headed to president trump for his expected
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signature. the house approved the measure which provides funds for relief efforts across the nation. more than $3 billion will go toward repairing and rebuilding damaged military facilities and another $3 billion goes to farmers whose crops were destroyed by storms and floods. fed ex under fire in china. chinese officials investigating the company for mishandling packages sent by yo huawei. the packages were diverted instead of being delivered to huawei offices in asia. fed ex apologized and said they were misrouted accidentally because of changes they made to comply with the crackdown on huawei. walmart is extending college benefits to high schooler as a way to attract workers. walmart says it will offer free s.a.t. prep courses for workers in high school as well as college classes for older students. the move comes as walmart and others seek to recruit higher
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quality entry level employees in a tight labor market. meanwhile, amazon taking a shot at walmart. amazon says its free one day delivery has been added to more than 10 million items and growing. the announcement comes weeks after walmart announced it was offering next day deliver youly to online -- delivery to online shoppers but the option is available to 220,000 products in certain cities. i-hop is drifting out of the breakfast lane, sort of. it's going to be renaming hits burgers pancakes in honor of its brand-new menu offers. i-hop has been trying to pump up its burgers for a year now. thelast year they changed their name to i-hob, with a b. they decided to create a burger with a pancake in the middle. that actually looks and sounds delicious, cheryl. cheryl: let's take a look at futures. we've got an interesting trading day start going on 678. some green arrows, finally.
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the s&p is up 12 and three quarters. nasdaq up 39. big tech under siege as apple, google and facebook all face investigations by the department of justice for anti-trust claims. just how much could this cost shareholders? and you know those foreign coins you sometimes accidentally get as change or maybe you find stuff at the bottom of your suitcase after you go on vacation? now you have a reason to spend it here in the states. we've got details coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ a dollar bill is a friend of mine. ♪ we need money. ♪ we need money. ♪ talking about money, y'all. ♪ talking about money, y'all. ♪ to retirement you want to follow your passions rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage, should you need it. so you can explore all the amazing things ahead.
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cheryl: big tech under scrutiny. facebook, google parent alphabet, amazon and apple reportedly facing potential anti-trust investigations. our next guest says this regulation has been a long time coming. tech analyst ian wishinggrad is with us. investors are very nervous about the possibility of anti-trust investigations into all these companies. you are not surprised you by this. >> no, i think we all kind of saw this coming. they were too big and they play such a huge part in our lives, whether investigation or daily tech. everyone wants to know how to break them up, how or what does that mean or what are they doing with our stuff. i don't necessarily think
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disintermediating what's app from facebook changes things. cheryl: there's been talk about these companies are too big, they should be broken you. think about ma bell in the 1980s, same thing or different? >> here, all these services are for free. we don't feel the pain. we feel the pain on the other side in that they have data monopolies over us. hey, let me share, you make so much money off my data, let me make money over you spying on me and looking at it. cheryl: one issue is privacy. the europeans have already been all over these companies. seems like the u.s. may be a little late to the game. but the privacy story, apple yesterday at the developers conference, tim cook really took a turn for apple and basically painted his company as the
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privacy god of technology. what did you make of those comments? >> here, a few things. microsoft was the first tech company that got slammed by the government and learned you need to play nice. apple has been around long r than these guys. they knew privacy was a big thing. they made it a focal point of their company. they're getting to wave that flag. i think there's -- i think they're the least cup pal i culn all of this. cheryl: they want to take away basically the tracking of our location through our phones and also the access that apps that are on the app store are getting to us. do you think that that's possible? i hate to be doubter here. >> the thing people like to knock apple on is they police their app store really well. they charge a 30% on anything sold through their store. it's a safe environment because apple patrols it. it's one of the companies that i
5:17 am
tip my hat too and think they're the least culpable on all this. cheryl: ian, thank you very much, sir. >> thank. cheryl: lauren, over to you. lauren: coming up, let's show you the action on wall street this morning. do yodoww eeked out a gain yesterday. still ahead, president trump says the harder the brexit break, the better, the trade deal with the u.s., will his face-to-face meeting with outgoing prime minister theresa may today change his mind? jay-z has 99 problems but money isn't one of them. the hip hop star setting a new record outside of the studio. why the rapper has a new set of bragging rights. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ left, right, up, down, spin around and round.
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i would like to congratulate you on having done a fantastic job on behalf of the people of the united states and it's an honor to have worked with you. i don't know what your timing is but stick around, let's do this deal. lauren: that was president trump moments ago in london as he co-hosts a business round table with outgoing british prime minister theresa may. they will hold talks at 10 downing street in a few hours. wall street journal columnist joseph sternberg joins us now. good morning to you. they're talking about a potential trade deal between the u.k. and the u.s. what would that look like? >> well, i mean, it's too soon to say because we don't know what brexit is going to look like. that's the important thing to keep in mind as we hear all of this talk from this visit. the mood music is definitely
5:22 am
very positive. i think there are politicians on both sides of the atlantic who would want a deal like this to happen. but there are also a lot of barriers one barrier is what kind of relationship will britain have with the european union and how might that limit britain's ability to make concessions. there's the question of whether britain will be willing to do some of the things the u.s. would ask for. britain would have to open up their socia socialized nationalh service to greater competition from american companies. they would be a tough sell. they would also have to accept more american agricultural goods, including genetically modified goods they historically haven't been willing to take in. lauren: that brings us to huawei. what concessions if any do you expect great britain to make in using some of huawei's technology in their own blo ownt
5:23 am
of 5g? >> theresa may seems to be keen to assert a bit of british independence on this issue and seems to be suggesting that u.k. won't automatically follow america's lead or heed president trump's requests that britain step back from the huawei technology. that's going to be a difficult sell for britain. they are going to be more exposed to pressure from the u.s. once they can't shelter behind the e.u. and once they aren't quite so tightly aligned with other e.u. governments that also might be keen to use some of this huawei technology. i think that right now this looks like a conflict point but we can't be sure at all whether it's going to end up, the deeper into this process we get. lauren: it really is a sticky and unclear road ahead for great britain. which begs the next question. it's unusual and yes you can make the argument that president trump is an unusual president. but typically you don't see a foreign leader interfere this much in the affairs of another
5:24 am
nation. president trump outright supported borris johnson. how do you think his quote, unquote meddling in britain's affairs is affecting these discussions that they're having today? >> i think it's probably not help lful. i mean, there is a bit of a track record here. certainly president obama back before britain had their refer republicareferendum on e.u. memp tried to tip the scale in the other direction. so i mean certainly u.s. presidents do this. this is a particularly sensitive moment right here. there's a very rigorous and bruising debate going on about what the path forward should be. i think it's probably best for him to tone down some of the criticism a little bit. lauren: joseph sternberg, thank you for joining us this morning. fox business will take the president's joint press conference with outgoing prime minister theresa may at 8:45 a.m. eastern. cheryl: let's take a quick look
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at futures before we head to break. it is a tuesday and we are trading higher in the premarket. dow up 103, s&p up 11, tech heavy nasdaq which went in negative territory yesterday actually up 33 points in the premarket. still ahead, mexico, now taking the offensive in the trade battle. there is a line in the sand that the u.s. may not be willing to cross. and while the democratic presidential candidates are hitting the campaign trail, one candidate is nowhere to be seen and he's leading the pack. are the democrats still struggling with their message? that is next on "fbn: a.m." ♪ i'm a sucker for the way that you move, babe. ♪ geico makes it easy to get help when you need it.
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with licensed agents available 24/7. it's not just easy. it's having-a-walrus-in-goal easy! roooaaaar! it's a walrus! ridiculous! yes! nice save, big guy! good job duncan! way to go! [chanting] it's not just easy. it's geico easy. oh, duncan. stay up. no sleepies. lauren: let's get you caught up on global market action overnight. investors are looking at
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comments from some fed officials suggesting that rate cuts are in the cards. with that, the dow is up 98 points. turning to europe, you have a sea of green here as well. the dax in germany gaining 0.9%, that's 100 points in the green. but there is still trade and growth concerns out there. that took down asian stocks overnight. the shanghai composite down about a full percent. cheryl: well, new overnight, a federal judge rejecting a house challenge to block border wall funding. trump administration now able to divert billions of dollars for construction. lauren: griff jenkins joins us from washington with the details on this major defeat for democrats. >> reporter: speaker pelosi can't be happy. a federal judge denied democrats who argued the l wall funding violated the appropriations clause of the constitution. a judge tossed the lawsuit, saying the house cannot co
5:30 am
conscript the judiciary in a political turf war. he says the constitution doesn't grant powers to hail the executive branch into court claiming a dilution of legislative authority. no word on whether democrats intend to appeal the ruling. the president's threat of a 5% tariffs on mexico's goods loomed in washington. mexico's ambassador to the u.s. had this to say. >> tariffs could cause financial and economic instability which means that mexico could reduce its capacity to address migration flows and to offer alternatives to the new migrants who have recently arrived in mexico. >> reporter: the stakes couldn't be higher for a border that sees $1.8 billion worth of deals traded daily. wilbur ross issuing this statement. today i met with mexico's minister of economy to discuss
5:31 am
bilateral trade and the united states' upcoming plan to tariff mexican goods at 5%. we also discussed the next steps for the u.s., mexico, canada agreement. the tariffs could take effect as soon as next monday with an additional threat of increasing it by 5% every month until it hit 25% in october. these meetings between the two countries continue today. lauren, cheryl. lauren: griff, thank you very much for that. cheryl: well, a lot of fast-moving developments on the trade front. u.s. and mexico officials meeting yesterday as the president threatened to slap tariffs on mexico unless the country cracks down on illegal immigration. china is signaling they had a change of heart, they never meant to backtrack on negotiations with the u.s. dominic, good morning. let's start with the u.s., mexico negotiations. we just heard from our reporter that wilbur ross is working with
5:32 am
mexican officials. we know they immediately flew to washington to start discussions. how optimistic are you? >> well, i hope it works out. this whole thing caught everybody by surprise. not only here in the u.s., but obviously the mexican counterparts. hopefully a resolution comes to this. i think they'll stay the 5% under the argument they're making progress. the president certainly doesn't want negative economic impact here in the states. so hopefully this will work itself out. maybe the football gets kicked down the field a little bit further. cheryl: what about usmca? we know that wilbur ross and the administration said they discussed the next steps for that but that ball lies with congress. are you optimistic there? >> not if these tariff goes in. it will be really hard for them to agree to a approve that and move forward. certainly the mexican counterparts would never agree to move that one forward. i think, again, hopefully these 5% and hopefully 10, 20% increases don't go through. things could flow through a little simpler.
5:33 am
cheryl: let's move to china and the united states. a lot of rhetoric is being thrown around. we're waiting to find out when the next round of negotiations at the table are going to be, hopefully in beijing. now the chinese seem to be changing their tune and saying it was the u.s. that was at fault for the breakdown. what do you make of it? >> mutually assured destruction. i talked about this in the past. the u.s. and china have got to come away from this beating each other up argument and really come back to the table. it helps no one. doesn't help the u.s. economy, doesn't help the chinese economy. hopefully cooler heads will prevail. as i said in the past, this will take a lot longer than anybody ever expected. expect this one to drag out a while longer. cheryl: we're going to hear from federal reserve chairman jerome powell today. we'll see if he addresses the trade war. we should say federal reserve chief bullard said the fed may have to cut rates based on what's happening with china and also the lack of inflation that he's seeing. do you agree with that?
5:34 am
>> my god, look. six months ago they raised interest rates and they were talking about two to three increases in interest rates this year. now they've spun completely around, 180 degrees. they're talking about rate cuts. clearly, the bond market is pricing in two rate cuts the balance of this year. hard to believe they could see two. if the tariffs went into effect, china, mexico, slow down in the economy, they would have to cut one more time. cheryl: that would hurt the u.s. economy in your opinion? >> it has to. just focusing on the mexican ones, u.s. consumer, u.s. companies would take the brunt of it in the short run, mexico in the long run. it would hurt the economy. cheryl: dominic, thanks for getting up early. >> have a great day. lauren: let's turn to 2020 as democratic nominees rubbed elbows at a convention over the weekend in l california. formervice president joe biden e to be found. while the candidates took swipes at biden for skipping the event, maybe they need to change more
5:35 am
attention. check out this poll from the hill. it shows that biden is holding a nearly 20 point lead over the rest of the pack, despite making the least number of campaign appearances to date. so has the public already chosen their candidate? let's bring in washington examiner reporter emily larsen. you have an interesting take on this, that the boos that were received over the weekend in california could help them in their bid for the democratic nomination because it gets them in the conversation in a pretty crowded field. >> yes, certainly. john delaney and john hickenlooper took swipes at socialism and medicare for all, positioning themselves as the more moderate candidates in a field that has gone very left. and with joe biden absent from the cal california convention it gave them an opportunity to present themselves as a moderate alternative. they've been struggling with name recognition and have not been in the conversation. even though they provoked boos and got criticism. but it did get them in the
5:36 am
conversation and got them more views and people talking about them more which is something that joe biden doesn't have to worry about with very high name recognition, which is contributing to his lead in the pollless. lauren: does the party have a messaging problem? take a listen here to bill marr. >> i want democrats to memorize these two words. message discipline. you're afraid that being on message makes you look to much like a politician? let me tell you something, the millennial vote will not be won through tweeting or emojis or calling your budget plan fire. they can smell desperation through their phones. so just cut the crap and just do you. lauren: what is the message from democrats, though, emily? >> well, i think it depends on the candidate. certainly you have more progressive candidates like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren who are advocating for social change, changes, very big
5:37 am
structural changes in the economy and in the system such as elizabeth warren's plan to impose a wealth tax. but for candidates like joe biden, the message is more, look, i have a whole bunch of experience, i know what i'm doing, i'm an alternative to donald trump and i will bring that to the white house if you elect me. so it depends on the candidate. and that's going to be a major question that candidates and voters are going to have to answer to as we move forward in this process and with debates, what message resonates most with voters. lauren: do you think most of the country or most democrats are kind of whereb where bides over here or do you think they're on the left, on the outskirts where many of the candidates running for president are finding themselves because they're trying to compete with the radicals in the party? >> well, certainly the progressive wing of the party is very energetic. that's why you see so many people such as at the california
5:38 am
convention booing hickenlooper and delaney when they criticized criticizediscriticizedsocialism. there are a lot of moderates who aren't necessarily showing up to the events and not showing up to the rally for far left candidates which is why i think you see joe biden maintaining his lead in the polls. there are a lot of he'ser of esy older voters who are more moderate and are looking for a candidate who can carry it forward. lauren: seems like the lead is on cruise control. the he debates could change things. emily larsen, thank you so much. cheryl: taking a look at futures on this tuesday morning. right now you've got green arrows across the screen, dow up 93 in the premarket, nasdaq up 32 and a quarter. still ahead, seems some members of congress just don't want if russia investigation to end. why democrats are still going after attorney general bill barr. and more protests ready to erupt across the streets of london. we are live with the very latest
5:39 am
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...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. cheryl: got a fox news alert for you. live look to london, crews are preparing the trump baby blimp ahead of the protests today. there are thousands of pro and
5:42 am
anti-trump demonstrators expected to demonstrate across the city. lauren: benjamin hall joins us. the protesters are beginning to gather. >> reporter: yesterday was about pomp and pageant t' pageant ry. today may be about the protests. president trump will be meeting with theresa may in a couple of hours. not only if that are protesting, -- it's not only the people that are blo protesting today. today also the politicians will be protesting. some say it's an opportunity to stand in som l in solidarity. after a perfectly executed first day, there has been widespread
5:43 am
praise of the president from the government. the foreign secretary saying this. >> i actually agree with him, that it's totally inappropriate for the labor party to be boycotting this incredibly important visit. this is the president of the united states. >> reporter: so the organizer are hoping for around 250,000 people. the crowds are starting to build. we'll see if they reach that number. the weather's turning so we'll see if the rain keeps some people away. there are signs and posters from a variety of people supporting pro palestinian causes, climate change causes. that gives a sense of the people who are protesting here. we'll see if they manage to shut down parts of london. back to you. lauren: thank you very much. certainly sounds loud there. fox business will take the president's joint press conference with theresa may later this morning, 8:45 a.m. eastern. cheryl: here are other headlines making news this morning. a troubling report about youtube.
5:44 am
the ne times new york times is g that youtube's recommendation system is pushing videos he featuring children to predators. youtube which is owned by google says it's taking steps to eliminate that problem like reducing the recommendations, also says they updated policies to prevent minors from live streaming unless they're accompanied by an adult. contempt charges could come down for attorney general bill barr and former white house lawyer, don mcgahn. congress is set to vote next week after both men ignored subpoenas related to the russia investigation. democrats will also hold a first hearing on the mule r report on monday without the former special counsel. paul manafort set to be transferred to one of the worst prisons in the country, rikers island. a source tells fox news it could happen as early as thursday. it has housed some of the most high profile violent criminals in new york. he is serving four years for tax
5:45 am
and bank fraud. he will be held solitary confinement for his own protection. jay-z has become the first hip hop artist to rack up a $1 billion fortune. the artist has made investments in real estate, art, businesses in brooklyn he was a drug dealer before creating his own label. mcdonald's giving you a chance to get rid o foreign coins you'e been saving. the chain will accept foreign currency in exchange for four international items, it will only be for four hours on thursday to get people to try their new menu items. lauren: there's a sea of green on wall street. all three major averages not as high as we were when we started the show, still up between a third and a half of 1%. still ahead, i'll take nice try for $1,000, alex.
5:46 am
we have details on james holzhauer's final jeopardy game. and why the st. louis blues are singing this classic, coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ gloria. ♪ gloria. ♪ i think they got your number. ♪ galor gloria. ♪ i think they got the alias. i'm working to make each day a little sweeter. ♪
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lauren: a bit of sports history was made last night. cheryl: jared max, a first for st. louis. jared: the blues had never won a stanley cup final game in front of their hometown crowd. game four, the teams were tied
5:50 am
mid-period. st. louis goes in front, they had an empty net goal and win, 4-2. stanley cup final is tied two apiece. they are singing "gloria," a tradition outside in st. louis. it has become the st. louis blues tradition, singing this song. bruins will host game five on thursday, maybe without the captain. he took a puck to the face last night in the second period, bloody, dental work along with stitches. came back to play for a little bit but then he was done for the night. apparently tom brady's personal brand is not enough. he wants to trademark the term, tom terrific. yes. tom terrific. the nickname by which hall of fame baseball pitcher tom seever was destowed, another reason for new yorkers to not be fans.
5:51 am
tom seever left the public spotlight as he battles dementia. tom brady wants to sell clothing with this tom terrific. clothing and trading cards juju smith went to a high school prom with a student who direct messaged him because the prom lost his date. look at that, anthony molinara is the lucky recipient and juju smitsmith wearing matching velvt suits. lauren: did they go shopping together too? jared: you look for de details, there's not too much out there. tim tebow started this a while back, a different kind of tradition. as sure as the sun rising, we figured it would be, every day but last night it finally happened. watch this. >> emma, it's up to you. if you came up with the correct response, you're going to be the
5:52 am
new jeopardy champion. did you? you did. what did you wager? oh, gosh, $20,000. what a payday. $46,801. what a game. oh, my god. we're going to say by good-bye o james too. jared: james holzhauer's amazing run is over. he ends just shy of beating ken jennings record? james holzhauer finishes $56,000 off the possible record of ken jennings. i can't believe it happened. lauren: so close. jared, thank you very much. of course, you can catch jared's sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7 on sirius xm channel 115. cheryl: coming up, social media up in arms over this photo. was president trump and queen elizabeth's greeting yesterday a bit too casual? we're going to let you be the judge. and how much coffee is too much? you're not going to believe how
5:53 am
many cups of joe a new study says you can drink in a day. it's all coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪
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♪ ♪ >> the internet is upset because they think the president and the queen may have been too casual yesterday. lauren: tracee is that too casual. tracee: did president trump fist bump queen elizabeth yesterday? from the angle it does look like the president maybe fist-bumping the queen. however, if you look closely awkward handshake, you can see her fingertips which is pretty standard and the president when you look at his size compares to her he overtowers her and overtakes her hand. it was just awkward handshake, not a fist bump, he did follow pratt call by making sure she extended her hand first. >> he did vow. he's 6-foot 3.
5:57 am
he did the best he could. >> he did. lauren: a lot to remember when it comes to properties for things like this. >> yes. tracee: british foundation, one cup, your arteries are not as risk as stiffening or harming heart, that's what was found. coffee does not need a warning label. you remember last year when state judge there said that coffee needed a warning label for causing cancer because of the carcinogenic chemical that forms when you're brewing coffee. >> i'm curious about 25 cups affects your blood pressure. that's another day. new contest, you can actually
5:58 am
make big bucks? tracee: yes, if you ever go to touch-screen machines, if you come up with a perfect creation, coca-cola will give you $10,000 for secret recipe. you having to twitter, post the recipe of your creative drink and you can use $10,000, use the #make your mix contest, you have until june 30. i don't think you can use alcohol, does not come from the touch screen machine. sorry. cheryl: like 25 cups of coffee. i retweeted it on twitter, my words were, we both drink a lot of coffee.
5:59 am
lauren: you feel it's too much, but hey, 25. >> the british heart foundation sates go ahead, drink up. cheryl: tracee, thank you very much, appreciate it. real quick before we go to maria, 10 downing street. we are, of course, awaiting for the arrival of president trump and theresa may, they will be holding joint press conference later today, live pictures on fox news. lauren: we hear the president is 20, 30 minutes away from 10 downing as we do expect the meeting and the press conference cheryl: they will tour the churchill war room. that's very interesting. lauren: so much history, mornings with maria starts now. maria: good morning, everyone, happy tuesday, i'm maria bartiromo, tuesday june 4th, top stories before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. breaking news this morning, president trump says historic uk visit day 2, the president heads
6:00 am
the to downing street where he addressed making trade deal with the uk. >> we will have a very substantial trade deal. it would be a fair deal and i think that this is something that we both want to do and we want to do and we will get it done. maria: later this morning the president and prime minister theresa may will hold joint news conference and bring that to you live stay with us. breaking news, crisis at the border, shots fired overnight at california port of entry, plus court ruling rejicting -- rejecting house democrats bid to block border wall funding. putting pressure on major names on tech sector, nasdaq sliding to correction territory this morning. major outage, mornings with maria begins right now


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