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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 5, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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surprised. you can follow me on instagram. chris bedford is back tomorrow night, guy benson is here and david macintosh, they named an apple after him. bye. operetta
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filled with villains and in the president's party the players are worse at times. all this as president trump prepares to honor those brave americans and allies who fought in one of our nation's most historic battles, d day. at the white house today vice president pence, secretary of state pompeo meeting with the mexican foreign minister ensuring him that president trump is sure of imposing tariffs on mexico, stop illegal immigration, secure its side of the mexico border and end their tolerance of the cartel corruption that's overtaken most
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of mentioner coand nearly the entire border between our two countries. here's what the president said he expects of any deal with mexico. >> they have their entire delegation right now going over to probably the white house location but to negotiate with our people. mexico, the drugs that are coming in, the people coming in unchecked, they're come in by the millions and they think they will stop it. i think they want to make a deal. lou: we'll find out despite border apprehensions reaching levels unseen in 13 years, the president is now meeting with even more resistance from senate republicans who seem bound and determined to undercut the president. those rinos acting more like radical dimms than members of the president's party. we take up his fight to secure the broker southern border, the
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broken immigration system and the rinos who stand in his way. we'll be joined by todd holman, ed rollins among the guests tonight. red storm rising, chinese president xi jinping in moscow meeting with russian president vladimir putin with. th.the two leaders creating an s of evil. we take up world peace, fred flights. prompting the left to avoid words whenever possible that have meaning. and to use words instead that are ambiguous and when possible meaningless, words like pro-choice, for example. the left has a list of talking points and a list of ways to
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avoid saying fetus or heartbeat. we'll have that story. and much more straight ahead here. vice president mike pence, secretary of state pompeo, acting dhs secretary today at the white house where they met with the mexican foreign minister and there they talked about the president's threat of tariffs if mexico does not step up and begin stopping illegal immigration and help secure our borders and mexico's own. jackie dean is at the white houe tonight. reporter: i want to start with tweets from the president confirming that no deal was struck today coming from the talks. donald trump saying 21 minutes ago that immigration discussions at the white house with representatives of mexico have ended for the day. progress is being made but not nearly enough. border arrests in may are at 130,000 for mexico and the
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democrats in congress refusing to budge on immigration reform. further talks with mexico will resume tomorrow and if no agreement is reached tariffs at the 5% level will begin on monday. the higher the tariffs go, the higher the number of companies that will move back to the usa. so the message was the same going into the meeting and coming out of it. it looks like there was some progress but nothing definitive. the foreign secretary of mexico holding his own press conference today after another private meeting with secretary of state moimike pompeo and he said whats discussed with r was the migration issue, not so much the tariffs. that makes sense, why there was a last-minute switch when president trump said robert lighthizer would be at the meeting, we were told he was not at the meeting and the acting dhs secretary was put in place to have these conversations. but as you mentioned, there's a
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lot of concern from washington from the democrats and the gop. the president has some support there but a lot of gop opposition as well because there are senators that are concerned, like chuck grassley, that this could threaten the passage a of usma. the talks will continue tomorrow. obviously tomorrow is thursday. still a with couple of work days away from monday when the tariffs are supposed to be imposed. but the president said he's not bluffing and that remainses clear. lou: the foreign minister of mexico playing cute, meeting with the house speaker before meeting with secretary pompeo and the white house delegation and the vice president. not a clever move on his part and not to even discuss the tariffs as of today. but talk and no action on the issues of illegal immigration. i'm sure the foreign minister used to say illegal immigration,
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not migration. i'm just joking, jackie. great job as always. >> thank you. lou: as the debate over new tariffs in mexico unfoldses in washington, president trump is overseas doing the nation's business. the president in england honoring those who stormed the beaches of normandy, traveling to ireland to meet with the prime minister. he will head to normandy tomorrow. but while the president attends to that se ceremony, that commemoration, senate republicans seem hell-bent on destroying themselves and their careers and perhaps the country. mitch mcconnell and the rest of the rino resistance leadership today again showing they have the same level of integrity and respect for the president as do the radical dimms on the left who sought to under cut him, to subvert him since day wawn o one of his pre.
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>> tariffs in this instance are hurting the chances of getting u.s. mca. >> this is going to cause increased cost for average americans. >> we would all be better off if we don't put a round of tariffs on mentio mexico. lou: the rinos and radical dimms bringing the same tune, opposing the president and his policies on illegal immigration, a secure border. it is a national emergency. and these rinos and radical dimms in effect aligning themselveses with the heads of the major mexican drug cartels who traffic and human beings, skand the cartels making billios upon billions of dollars each and every year on every ounce of drugs on every single person in the sex traffic that crosses the border and of course the
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immigration, the illegal immigration of central americans and mexicans primarily across that border. this should outrage every american. to share your outrage with the rinos and the radical dimms who are more concerned with the bottom line than u.s. security and the saichty o safety of oure want you to have an opportunity to talk to senator mitch mcconnell, the majority leader's office number is right there. we've also listed the number of his boss, to tom donahue, the bl president of the chamber of commerce representing the nation's business, big business lobby, as well as the number for the koch brothers. they backed americans for prosperity. they also are the ones calling on the senate to block the president and his border security policies and of course those tariffs because they know those tariffs will work. joining us tonight tom homan,
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former acting director of immigration and customs enforcement, fox business contribute enary great american. tom, great to have you can us. and your reaction to the reports that mexico thinks it's done quite enough and just wants to talk about what all it's currently doing, even as the number of apprehensions last month rose to 136,000, a 13-year high for the month of may. >> i saw the press, what mexico did about how many people they've removed. they've adjusted 10% of the problem. one in ten of the illegal aliens that they transitioned that they did something about. they have not done anything at an extended pace. they need to do -- we talked about this many times. the cartels -- they need to
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defend their southern border, they haven't done squat. and i'm over here talking, they're talking. i want to see actions. i want to see them doing something. enough talk. let's see what you're going to do. lou: the foreign minister looked like a fellow who thought he was too cute to be in the company of u.s. officials, blathering along, talking nonsense while people are dying every day. 70,000 people in this country die of drug overdoses, opioid drug overdoses. we are at a point where the senate undercutting this president and the chamber of commerce, the biggest business lobby in the country telling the president they're going the sue him to stop him from securing that border, we're watching the republican party itself betray this president because they know damn well that those tariffs will work against mexico and the punishment will be quick and
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their consequences that they will have to suffer will be intense. your thoughts? >> i agree with you 100%. it's disgusting that the republican senators want to cut the president off at the knees. are they paying attention to the border, what's happening? what price are they going to put on national security, public safety? it's not worrying about the lobbyists and the big companies, let's worry about the american people and protect our border. i know they know this. let me say it again. if numbers out today, 56% of border patrol agents are not on the line. there are holes on the border. if you're in the world and want to do harm to this country, you're going to enter this country the same way 20 million people have done it. you're not going to buy an airline ticket. not going to try to get a visa. you're going to use the same route, the 12 million illegal aliens used, the border is porous, open and not controlled. 40 to 60% of border patrol agents are not on the line.
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this is a national security crisis and god help us if we don't step up and do something quick lip. these republican senators and the democratic party are going to find themselves on the wrong side of history if something terrible happens to this country. lou: when i watch cornyn and grassley and the whole butch of the republican leadership -- do we have this picture of the republican leadership in the senator in i would like to show these audience. these folks who preteb pretend e leaders taking responsibility for the people who put them in washington, d.c. again, do we have that picture available? if not -- there they are. a jovial bunch, joni ernest, blunt to your right, left there, mcconnell in the middle, john thune in the back. these people are the ones selling out this president and i want every american to see just who it is that is trying to
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commit -- first of all they're committing political suicide because they are refusing to support this president. they didn't pay much attention to what happened in the november midterms last year. everyone who did not support this president lost their seat. that's why the democrats are in control. it's going to happen again. and to see these people stand up and question the president, these are the geniuses who got it in this mess, tom. these are the same people who pushed these nonsense chamber of commerce open borders, illegal immigration by any number is just fine. it's their policies that have followed and they questioned the president? it's outrageous. >> i agree with you. it's not like the democratic party isn't doing enough harm to this country. now we have a few republicans jump ogen the bandwagon. i thought about this tonight. there's a couple of things that the american people need to
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understand that the democratic leadership are not doing. they're not addressing the border. they're passing a amnesty plan right now, rewarding criminal behavior and they're doing that rather than closing the loopholes on the border. it's more important for them to give a reward program to 2.5 million people than to stop the deaths and the rapes and trying to secure the border. i think they're trying to create chaos on the border to embarrass this mt. they added language to the bill saying you can't take acts on parents with small children. they didn't put more detention beds in. more families will come. now they're passing the amnesty plan, throwing gas on the fire enticing more to come. they all started coming after the daca passed. okay. we want to be the next daca recipients. it's crazy what they're doing. they have to know what they're
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doing. there's a manufactured krieftion. they're manufacturing it to embarrass this president in 2020 saying he failed on his number one promise. lou: it is disgusting what we're watching. >> it's sickening. lou: it is terrible. and i have to say dhs right now is not responding any better under an acting secretary than it was responding under the previous now departed secretary of dhs. i hope that changes very soon. tom homan, you inspire us all. thanks for being here. we appreciate it. >> thanks for telling the truth to the american people. keep it up. lou: up next, delusional democrats, pelosi, for example, ignoring the deadly violence in mexico calling the president's tariffs dangerous territory. no no. the dangerous territory is all of mexico. the dangerous territory is right on that u.s.-mexico border. we'll have that and much more
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right after these quick messages. please stay with us.
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who else could he be? there is the moment. beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. ♪ ♪ every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. lou: the president of the koch brothers backed americans for prosperity, tom phillips praising the rino senators who yesterday announced their
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opposition to the president's plan to secure the southern border to impose tariffs on mexico if they don't stop the illegal immigration approaching our border with mexico if they do not stop those breaches in security. phillips telling cbs news quote -- i love this. i just love this. you're going to love it. it is worrisome with this relationship that we have with mexico with these tariffs. we hope it's just rhetoric. we do. but it's worrisome given the track record over the last two years. me's worried, is it, about mexico. maybe he should worry about the 70,000 americans dying of drug overdoses, most of those from the drugs that are being brought across the border by the cartels with whom the koch brothers have aligned themselves, as has nancy pelosi, chuck schumer and, oh yes, majority leader mitch
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mcconnell and the republican leadership in the senate. house peeker pelosi today suggested that president trump is treating mexico like an enemy. listen to her. >> i think that this is dangerous territory. this is not the way to treat a friend. lou: well let's see how we should treat a friend. as you look there, the little green areas, those are the areas of mexico where the mexican government says it's in control. the red and the yellow spots, it's in dispute. the yellow ones. the red, you'll notice, it's just red and yellow at the top of mexico there as you approach the border, nearly 80% of the inhabited regions in mexico are under the influence or control of the drug cartels. more than 132,000 illegal immigrants apprehended in may along the 2,000-mile-long border with motion co.
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mexico's southern border by the way is less than 700 miles long. it would be much easier to secure for mexico, don't you think, and don't you think that 30-some-odds murders a year and the just extraordinary violence that is visited upon mexico by the drug cartels should be a matter of concern for both the lopez observ observe dorr govers well. >> this is something to watch. pelosi is worried about the friendly nation to the south where they send us illegal immigrants by the millions, send us drugs by the tons and kill tens of thousands of americans every year. and their gangs. it is amazing to listen to this nonsense. by the way, did cbs news ask a follow-up question? did they point out a counter
10:24 pm
vailing reality? >> we've been an extraordinary friend of mexico. we have given them so much, north america free trade, what have you. rebuilt their economy. when you look at that map, nancy pelosi ought to get from san francisco and look to the bottom of her state and see where it's all red, baja, what have you, totally controlled. she ought to go down to san diego and some other almosts of it and -- lou: she ought to go without her bodyguards. >> that's southern california. san diego. imperial valley. it's astonishing to me. lou: above that border. >> the reality is that we have a serious problem. the president is trying to face it. the senators are talking about their own interest. he's talking about national interest. this is a national problem that needs solutions and the solution is building a wall, tightening the security. the democrats led by pelosi are wanting for benefits for daca
10:25 pm
and what have you. until they secure the borders, no other programs are going to get through. lou: well, the president has signed an executive order to limit illegal immigrants from being able to secure our welfare assistance. that's a step in the right direction. it's hardly enough. and schumer. and pelosi, you know, they seem to be in perfect unison with mitch mcconnell. he seems to be hell-bent on taking the leadership of the republican party in the senate, subverting the president and dooming the republican party to the loss of the senate, republican loss of control in the senate in 2020. he's committing political suicide. >> the reality is we have a big class in 2018 and we should have won ten seats instead of two or three and he ran the whole operation and we failed miserably. we have a big class of our republicans up this time, including himself, and they better be glad to support this
10:26 pm
president. lou: that's the politics of it. the policy side of it, the most important part of this is that the united states is about to -- i mean if they prevail against the president, stop him from imposing tariffs, stop him from securing the border, this nation is going to be completely overrun. >> absolutely. there's no question about that. and the politics play a role. but i think at the end of the day this president -- lou: ed rollins, great to see you. we'll be right back with much more. stay with us. it isn't getting any better in washington, but stay with us anyway. sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? uh, i'll look into it. (phone rings) lisa jones! lisa: (on phone) hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades? (nervous chuckle) lisa: and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee? ugh. schwab!
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former fbi agent phil mudd explaining while the dossier author christopher steele should not talk to the justice department. >> the democrats have a clock ticking. if they can't get things under way before the department of justice says here's our report on how the investigation was initiated, they're in trouble. when this thing got started about the trump campaign, it was pretty ugly and then we're off to the races. the white house will have some real ammo. lou: real ammo. looks like there's plenty of ammo. it's a question of getting it loaded. the trump campaign fighting to end a democratic national committee lawsuit that alleges the campaign conspired with russia to win the election. the trump committee using the report against the dnc stating the report debunks any such conclusion by walking through the vast evidence that his
10:32 pm
office collected and establishing that none of the evidence showed that the campaign formed any sort of agreement with russia. joining us tonight is donna bra stildonnabrazile. great to see you. >> it's ban long time but i hope all is well with you. lou: you betcha and i hope the same for you. i know up with thing. we're going to be talking about the same issues that we were talking about all those years ago. >> i remember. lou: and the first is what in the world is a democratic party think it's doing refusing to secure the nation, the nation's borders and to take control of illegal immigration. >> first of all, you know, going back to 2006 when george bush was president, 2013 when barack obama was president, democrats, especially democrats in the senate held votes, they were strong supporters of border security, advanced technology that protects the border, added
10:33 pm
more border agents to insur ense that those who were caught were apprehended. we can come up with an approach to secure mexico's southern border. as you know, one fifth of the people crossing the border are actually apprehended. but i don't paint people with a broad brush. this is going to take a little more time for the president to make sure that congress works with him and the vice president who is sitting down with mexico's officials, he's been to central america. we've got to be more aggressive in dealing with the crisis down in mexico. lou: well, here we are with a national emergency and the crisis. you mentioned 2006. 2006 and '07, the period in time in which comprehensive immigration reform it was then called the kennedy-mccain act. what blew that up was chain migration, family migration, if you wish, extended family
10:34 pm
migration, and the result is we are, according to the latest study, responsible study, somewhere between 22 and 30 million illegal immigrants in the country. we don't have any more time. and the way washington, as you well know, kills any solution is to try to make the problem ever larger. we have a security problem and we need to secure the border. do you believe that, as i do, that the democrats are going to pay a heavy price, who are the, by the way, the rino republicans going to pay a heavy price in 2020 for not securing the border. >> look, i know that immigration is a big issue, big topic of concern. many americans care about it. we're going to try on the democratic party side to get the talks back on the table. we got to have a comp hence uf approach to it, lou. we can't do a band aid and call
10:35 pm
it a wall and go home. this is a migration crisis. these are human beings running and fleeing violence. they're looking for safety. and yes, i know the drug cartels and others are smuggling. lou: you can't just say you know there's a little drugs. there's 70,000 opioid overdose deaths in this country every year because the majority of meth amethamphetamines, marijua, cocaine, heroin, fentanyl are crossing the mexican border. >> some are crossing the border in plain view. i'm not minimizing the risk. i'll not minimizing the danger. i'm saying this crisis that we're facing today is not going to get any better as long as we're just, you know, calling people names. we got to -- look, central american leaders -- lou: first one calling name by the way is the leadership of the republican senate.
10:36 pm
donna brazile, great to see you. i'm glad to see that we've reached such agreement over the years. >> you and i got to always talk. we learn from each other. lou: thanks, donna. >> thank you. lou: great to have you here. we're coming right back. let me ask you something. can the past help you write the future? can you feel calm in the eye of a storm? can you do more with less?
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jinping for a three-day state visit. the relationship between the two leaders growing to the moint where putin said the alliance has reached an unprecedented level. cause for concern for the united states. hyper sonic weapons. after leading the way in this field for decades, the united states is now well behind china and russia in their development of missiles. they've invested heavily, have the chinese and russians, in hyper sonic technology in recent years. the acting director of isis security and investigations with a new warning about foreign students in this country. saying that the likes of iran, russia and china are using visiting students to steal military and high-tech secrets from universities and research centers. pay mazingly more than 2.1 million visa applications screened last year. foreign students in this countre how many of those were stopped
10:41 pm
in their tracks. 9,000. 9,000 out of 2.1 million. unbelievable. joining us tonight k.t. mcfarland, former deputy national security adviser to president trump. also serve in the nixon, ford, reagan white houses, fred fleitz. good to have you here. let's start with mexico and this extraordinary meeting today led by the vice president and the secretary of state with the foreign minister of mexico. and they didn't even, according to the foreign minister of neck mexico, even discuss tariffs which was supposed to be the arch concern of the senator rinos and mexico. >> they have cut the knees off of trump's negotiating position. trump has it right where he wants it. he's got the mexicans, they're nervous about the tariffs. me could have a deal in a couple
10:42 pm
of days where he wants it because the senate -- lou: who do you blame? >> i blame the republicans and the democrats. i blame the democrats for not giving trump a dime to build the wall. and i blame the senate republicans for undercutting trump's negotiating position. lou: this is a clear national security issue. i love this response from donna brazile. bless her heart. we had the same conversation 20 years ago. and the democratic position hasn't changed. this is a national security issue. you don't blow it up into a comprehensive immigration reform package. you deal first with border security and you stop the threat. your thoughts on where we are in this mess with mexico. >> it's an extremely serious national security issue, 140,000 illegal migrants came across the border last month. lou: apprehended. >> apprehended. that's right. 32% increase over the month before. and the largest number of migrants in seven years. mexico knows it's a problem and
10:43 pm
they are afraid of what president trump will do. and what k.t. said is exactly right. the gesh yairts in congress seem to be cutting off what the president could accomplish here. lou: what you make of the foreign minister coming to this country and meeting with the speaker of the house, slapping the fas o face of the secretaryf state, the president of the united states, the vice president. who in the hell does that. >> he would he would be received. he knew if mexico wants a better negotiating position, go to the congress. go to the republicans in the senate who are cutting trump's knees often and then trying to have take that to the negotiating position. trump has it right where he wants it. a new and a halfty agreement, a new trade agreement between the united states, ca canada and m
10:44 pm
mexico. lou: and chuck schumer saying that he's bluffing. >> the mexicans do not think that trump is bluffing. that's why the foreign minister rushed up to washington. lou: let's turn to xi jinping and vladimir peut n putin in mo. the dragon and the bear, i assume. that are in a tight formidable alliance now both by the way, not coincidentally, showing up their hyper sonic missiles in the days leading up to this. that wasn't a coincidence. this is the 29th time these two leaders have met and they're long collaborated to undermine u.s. influence, undermine american dominance. lou: hugh worriehow worried shod americans be. >> they're meeting because they're worried that the traditional ways they've restrained american power is not available to them under this president. this president is doing things with iran and north korea and
10:45 pm
venezuela and trade that the russians and the chinese cannot counter through normal methods. lou: russia withdraws support from maduro. what do you make of it? >> we're going to get maduro out of there. lou: what motivated putin? >> they wanted trade, venezuela for ukraine and they're not going to get the trade. >> maduro's days are numbered. it's going to be bloodier, take a longer period of time. i think he will be out of there but i don't want the american people to think this will be easy. lou: thank you both. appreciate it. good to see you. an aires cue gone, well, gone awry to say the least in phoenix, arizona. 74-year-old woman walke locked e a gurney suspended -- look at
10:46 pm
that. that's incredible. and she is being spun at the same tempo as the rotors for crying out loud as she's lift into the rescue helicopter. the woman had fallen during a hike in the phoenix mountain preserve. officials say air turbulence caused the spin, a line that was supposed to stop that from occurring didn't. it is, as they described it, it is a known problem. if that's a known problem, they should have had a known solution. this is just outrageous to think what this poor woman was going through. the spin eventually slowed, the woman was put safely in an ambulance. she suffered no further injuries other than, get ready for this, a little dizziness and some nausea. one would imagine so. new numbers show great news for trump and his bid for 2020 reelection. we'll have that and much more right after this quick break. stay with us.
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a new poll and that poll shows more and more americans now expect president trump to be reelected, to win a second term. these new polls find 54% of
10:51 pm
americans say the president will be reelected in 2020, only 41% expect him to lose. the results nearly the opposite of the december poll that found 43% believe the president would win, 51% said he would lose. and by the way, president trump's numbers and the odds on his reelection based on these numbers much better than president obama's at the same point in his first term. joining us now, patrice, senior policy analyst at the independent women's forum. and it is great to have you with us. patrice, help us out here. >> thank you. lou: we're watching the republicans undercut the president on tariffs and the national security issue, this national emergency that we're in as we're watching an influx of illegal immigrants that we haven't experienced in over 13 years. your reaction about which is a greater problem, the rino senators in the senate on the
10:52 pm
radical dimms in the house and the senate. >> well i would say the latter first. i think the democrats have stalled at every effort, any attempt to try to reconcile and deal with the crisis at the border. when it was advantageous to talk about separating children from their families, they give it full attention. now that you actually have, you know, over 144,000 people crossing illegally and being captured, no one seems to care. nor do they care about the children being rented, used as family units and then shipped back to mentio mexico to bring r group here illegally. when it comes to conservatives and republicans in the senate, i hope they take seriously the national sovereignty, the national interest in securing the border. i do understand the economic impact of a good trade deal with mexico. but i also recognize that, you know, what is good trade if we also don't have a secure border.
10:53 pm
lou: it's unbelievable that theo obvious to everyone, whether democrat, independent or a republican. and the democrats, i can't imagine what they're going to run on in 2020. and i'm absolutely serious. let's show some pictures. i mean, we're talking about 50,000 homeless in los angeles, 12% increase. do we have pictures of these homeless who are on the streets of l.a. and for whom the local officials and local government are doing nothing. it goes on and on. we're looking at every kind of disease. >> yes. lou: these pour people are living in squaller in the number two city in america. your thoughts about -- and these cities, city after city facing these issues.
10:54 pm
they're all run by democrats. >> well, it's stunning, number one. i mean, we're talking about medieval diseases coming back, tutuberculosis, typhoid. and you have rodent infestations, running from syringes and needles in the streets. unacceptable. and interestingly you've got democrats in charge and their idea has been to throw money at homelessness. unfortunately that doesn't work when the primary problem for a number of problem who are on the streets is either drug problems or mental illness. you can put nem this temporary housing or shelters and they don't want to stay there for their security or they're not able to obtain an affordable housing unit. let's talk about the underlying issues around mental illness, the instability, the drug problems and then let's talk about why it's so expensive to live and work in california.
10:55 pm
well, overtime regulations, mandated paid leave, increased minimum wage hitting $15 an hour. lou: by the way, illegal immigrants are overwhelming the state and its services, hospitals, medical care, the schools are being overwhelmed. none of it is a prospect for a bright future for the state of california and its citizens, unfortunately. great to see you. thanks for being here. >> thank you. lou: come back soon. up next, the president with a powerful remembrance of d-day. that and more right after this quick get it! get that butterfly! you know those butterflies aren't actually in the room? hey, that baker lady's on tv again. she's not a baker. she wears that apron to sell insurance. nobody knows why. she's the progressive insurance lady. they cover pets if your owner gets into a car accident.
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lou: president trump began the day on the southeastern coast of england delivering a prayer delivered by franklin d. roosevelt as he joined presidents and world leaders in marking the 75th anniversary of d-day. they struggled to preserve our republic, our religion and our civilization and set free a suffering humanity. lou: the president will be in normandy to meet with french president macron and attend
11:00 pm
a ---day commemoration. that's it for us. please join us, good night from new york. trish: border apprehends skyrocketing as border and customs says it has reached a full-blown emergency. brand-new emergency shows 1,000 central american migrants crossing into mexico on their way to our border tonight. a new poll reveals what americans are saying is the biggest problem in our country. the shocking top concern coming up. retired four-star general jack


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